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My Morgan is better than your Morgan~


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I dunno what manakete had to do with this...

But I just thought... her hair looks a lot like Nowi's hair colour. It doesn't really look like Tiki's that much....

Unless I'm misunderstanding how hair colour works? x3

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and you only had to marry a 10-year-old to get her

People are still hung up on this? Gee, I thought it would have died down but nope.

In other news Kellam/Cherche is adorable.

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I, for one, found Nowi's appearance and characterization distinctly less disconcerting after actually playing FE13.

ANYWAY nothing beats cherche!morgan except captain morgan

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Umm... guys? I think something went wrong with my Morgan...


Oh wait, it's okay.

For a moment, I thought I forgot to pass down Galeforce.

your morgan is perfectly right

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The way you talk that way about one of my waifus leaves me wroth, to say the least

Darnit man why did you have to link that gif. xD

Dat guy.

Gosh I remember this interview like it was yesterday omg.

Brb going to watch Brazilian real life police shows for unintended hilarity nostalgia.

It's even more morbidly hilarious when you find that some channels think it's a bright idea to show them at around noon-1PM when you're having lunch yeah.

Also uh morgan.

I have a Gaius!Morgan and he holds my love. But not as much as Gaius.

Cool Tiki!Morgan I guess.

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