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One of my long time dreams has been to make a fire emblem fates musical. Not like, a whole directed thing, but at least come up with some fan songs for characters and major plot points since I love writing music. I'm thinking it would potentially have 5 songs for each branching path.

So far my main concepts have been centered around a song ab the nohr siblings hiding Krakenburg's dark secrets from Corrin (the game's intro), and a song about Elise wanting to be seen as more than just the younger, useless sister. But idk, it's still very much in the "floating around my brain aimelessly" stages. If I ever go through with it I will update it here. 

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Something that I didn't really give a name to as it's basically a personal mod, hasn't been released and likely won't be released in it's current form as it has been merged with other mods for my personal use. For now I'll call it 'Equalizer' because that's essentially what it does. Here's a brief description:

Game: FE14 (Current working merge is Fates, but I'm planning to do a clean re-build for both Fates and If).

Affected elements: Item/Weapon rebalance, minor stat rebalance.

Overall goal: Streamlining the present content, reworking all weak/useless/joke items, weapons and characters into competitive alternatives, "nerfing" bread and butter OP items, weapons and characters by enhancing niche UP ones.

Known caveats: Power creep, "solvable" gameplay where once a straight upgrade is acquired, straight downgrades are no longer useful (sidegrades do not count).

Balance: Up to interpretation. Aside from playing FE13 and FE14 and finishing both on Normal Classic (F14 BR and Rev on Hard as well) I'm no series veteran and fail to do the number crunching like some of the more experienced players. This project is essentially a casual thing, done by someone who has little experience in the game series and is likely to desecrate the spirit and the balance of the hardcore player, but make things more enjoyable and easier to handle for the casual player.

TL;DR: This is going to be EXTREMELY cursed for most of you.

Let's begin.

1. Basic Weapons

These follow a very simple formula:

- All weapons will have their might increment from Bronze/Brass all the way to silver in a similar fashion. (Swords/Katanas: 3, 6 , 9, 12. Naginatas: 4, 7, 10, 13. Lances: 5, 8, 11, 14. Clubs: 6, 9, 12, 15. Axes 7, 10, 13, 16).
- All weapons have their hit% (accuracy) decrease by 10 with each rank as follows: Swords/Katanas start at 100 at bronze, are 60 at silver. Lances/Nagis start at 90, end at 50. Axes/Clubs start at 80, end at 40.
- All weapons have decreasing bonuses to avoid %, starting at +10 avoid at bronze/brass and iron, ending at -10 avoid at silver. Bronze/brass also gets a +10 dodge bonus (critical avoid).
- All basic weapons are raised in price considerably, but are always available in infinite amounts at all shop ranks. Prices are essentially doubled, meaning that Bronzes now cost 1k each, irons 2k each, steels 4k each, silvers 8k each. Ghostly Gold isn't taken into account when setting these prices.
- Nohr weapons don't have any extra gimmicks and are as-is.
- Hoshido weapons retain some of their specific bonuses as in the vanilla game (For instance, Katanas grant Spd+2, Def/Res - 1)

2. Basic 1-2 Weapons

These are the formerly enemy exclusive 1-2 versions of basic weapons, such as Kukris, Javelins (not the player available ones), Star-axes, Kattis, Nageyaris and Maces.

- All "basic" 1-2 weapons have the exact same stats of their 1-range counterparts, minus one tier of might. So for instance, an Iron Kukri will do the damage of a Bronze Sword (3 mt), while having the same bonus as an iron sword (+10 avoid, 90 hit, no dodge bonus). Essentially, all the throwable weapons do one tier less damage, while not having the bonuses that a lower tier weapon would normally give.
- All "basic" 1-2 weapons start at 2 weapons per shop. Upgraded to 4 at tier 2 shop. Upgraded to infinite at tier 3 shop.
- All "basic" 1-2 weapons cost 1.25x the price of their 1 range counterpart. So a Silver kukri will cost 8000 + 2000 = 10000 gold.

3. Sidegrade 1-2 Weapons

These are what were formerly 1-2 and 2 range melee weapons. Those are essentially alternatives to the Iron and Steel 'basic' 1-2s above. They'll do more damage, but don't get an avoid bonus and are slightly weak to follow ups. Silver 1-2 weapons above are still a straight upgrade to these.

- All Sidegrade 1-2 weapons are now properly 1-2. The formerly 2 range only weapons like the Wakizashi are now 1-2 for example.
- Sidegrade tier 1 weapons are D-rank and cost the same amount of money as a "basic" 1-2 iron weapon (A javelin would thus cost 2500 gold)
- Sidegrade tier 2 weapons are C-rank and cost the same amount of money as a "basic" 1-2 steel weapon (A spear would thus cost 5000 gold)
- Sidegrades ignore the avoidance bonuses granted to the 'basic' 1-2 weapons (a hand axe doesn't give +10 avo like an iron star axe does)
- Sidegrades ignore the mt maluses granted to the 'basic' 1-2 weapons (a spear does the same amount of damage as a steel lance, 11)
- Sidegrades have innate maluses to speed on enemy turn, making them weak to follow ups (-3 spd on enemy turn)

4. Ranged Weapons

These are no longer part of the same triangle as the melee weapons, meaning that Swords > Axes > Lances > Swords now has a neutral relationship with Tomes > Bows > Daggers > Tomes.

- All ranged weapons have their might increments in 2s as opposed to 3s. Otherwise the system is similar to the melee weapons above.
- Bows range now default to 2 - 3 as opposed to 2. (Advance Wars artillery style).
- Shortbows (formerly enemy only 1-2 bows) range now defaults to 1-2 and they're now available to the player through shops in the same way and for the same pricing philosophy as the above 'basic' 1-2 melee weapons.

5. Magic Weapons

All magic weapons are now 1-2 range, always (except bows/yumi which are now 1-3).

- All magic weapons are still C-ranked, but have the maluses of Silver weapons (-10 hit/-10 avoid chance when compared to steel physical counterparts.
- All magic weapons are comparable to iron weapons in their damage.

6. Specialist Weapons

Most of these have been reworked into D or C rank weapons. There's a few trends here:

- Defensive weapon. Typically C ranked, these are the Guard Naginata, Nohrian Sword, Sunrise Katana. These have damage comparable to their Iron Counterparts, while having an additional -10 avoid malus like silver weapons do, in exchange granting + 3 Def/Res.
- Slayer weapon. Typically D ranked, their stats ignore the usual avoid/hit bonuses/maluses that the regular weapons get. Their damage is in-line with Steel ranked weapons, but slayer means they usually do Iron levels of damage. Using them against targets which aren't their purpose basically means that you're losing the innate Iron bonuses as compared to an iron weapon.
- Blessed weapon. Typically C ranked, these weapons have innate trouble doubling (-5 spd on player turn). Aside from being effective against monsters, these weapons have a miracle effect (chance to survive lethal hit) as well as health regeneration on turns passed. The rest of their stats is in line with steel weapons.
- Raider weapon. E-ranked, these weapons are an alternative to bronze/brass ones, sacrificing the usual Bronze/Brass defensive bonuses (+10 dodge, +10 avoid) for offensive bonuses (+3 spd on player turn, +10 hit compared to bronze/brass).

New specialist weapons have been created out of formerly joke/useless weapons. Those are too many to list but here are some examples:

- Sacrificial Dagger: Is now a magical weapon sold in Nohr shops (Felicia deserves some love), ranked at C-rank. It sacrifices defense (-3 Def/Res) and accuracy (Silver tier accuracy, -10 compared to Steel) in exchange for magical type damage and the ability to drain health on hit.
- Hexlock Spear: Nohr weapon designed to fight mages. 1-2 range, D ranked. Comparable to the above slayer weapons while doing less damage than they do (due to being 1-2).
- Hairpin: Hoshido weapon designed for female ninja-tanking (Kagero deserves some love as well). Comparable to the defensive weapons above. Does even less damage (brass equivalent) but has built in health regeneration on turns passed.
- Bone axe: Is now a blessed weapon equivalent, since axes didn't have one of these.
- Iago's Tome (Renamed to Macbeth), C-rank has a might of 3, a range of 1-3, debuffs enemies on hit, is dark-magic)

7. Personal Weapons

These are now almost always Steel equivalent. Only one of those weapons is available per shop, regardless of tier. All of them have been substantially buffed to be as good as their regular steel counterparts, while keeping their own unique advantages. All have been reworked, so I'll just give a couple examples.

- Selena's Blade "A spiteful sword", compared to a regular steel sword, has -10 avoid, +5 hit, +5 crit.
- Rinkah's Club "A zealous club", compared to a regular steel club, has -10 hit +3 spd on player turn.
- Grima's Truth "A tome to end all", S-ranked, stats are identical to Awakening's Grima's truth except that range is now 1-3 while mt is 10. Is a reworked copy of Ginuggagap with some new effects (Original Ginnugagap is still there)
- Joyeuse "A blade that rends space-time", S-ranked, 10 mt, range 1-3. Is a reworked copy of Ragnell, equippable on everyone.

8. Character Classes

Fates' tense, more stat intensive playstyle has been reverted to Awakening's. For now the changes re relatively minimal: All non-promoted classes now cap their HP at 60, while all promoted classes cap at 80 (aside from berzerker who gets 100). Eventually all the other stat caps and grows will be brought closer to their Awakening counterparts, as well. Though this is something I haven't fully decided on yet.

Another effort that I'm currently undertaking is equalizing all classes' bases, grows and caps in terms of raw numbers as much as possible. Currently the weaker classes are planned to have roughly the same about of overall base points, growth points and cap points as top of the line ones, with DLC classes being the notable exception (witch, ballistician) due to how much absolute carnage those already are.

9. Character Growths

All character specific growths that were below 5% in any given stat, are now brought up to 5%. All classes that had growths below 5% in any given stat, are now brought up to 5%. All characters now join at level 1. Pre-promoted characters now join at level 1, with 0 internal levels. Enemies are given a 5% buff to all growth chances across the board to compensate. All Classes can now reach S-rank in all weapons available to them.

10. General Weapon Changes

- No weapons will self-debuff now.
- All weapons can double and activate skills now.
- In general, aside from the above outlined hit/avoid/speed maluses, there are no downsides to using any weapon.
- Dual weapons no longer get innate bonuses to dodge/hit. Their stats are also slightly inferior to basic steels.


That's about all I feel like typing for now, as this already took me a while to write down. I doubt many will be interested in such a project, if anyone at all. That being said, if I do get some interest towards it, I'll post a release eventually. Despite already having a working version, I won't be releasing that one as it's merged with many other mods (many of which aren't mine) and as such can not be freely distributed.

Considering I'm re-building my mods for FE If, if I ever release this to the public, I'll likely release both a Fates (NA) and If (JP) version.

That is all.

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