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Your favorite Gen 6 Pokemon?


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I don't think I've seen a thread on this yet, surprisingly. :P

We didn't get a whole lot of new Pokemon this time, but we still got a decent amount, so which is/are your favorite? I'm stuck between Pyroar and Sylveon. I'm not a cat person in general, but lions I find cool, and Pyroar, especially the female, is just awesome, plus Fire type. :D

Sylveon is just friggin adorable and I love how I managed to guess its type correctly from the moment I first saw it. I thought "OMG, I bet that thing is Fairy type! My prediction's gonna be true!" because a long time ago, I predicted the Fairy type would eventually show up in the series. I mean, we've gotten several fairy-inspired Pokemon, so yeah. For Sylveon, my bet was on Fairy, if not Normal.

I also really like Fennekin, Litleo, the Fletchling line, Swirlix and Slurpuff (cute cotton candy fairies!), Xerneas, Pumpkaboo (but not Gourgeist, this thing is hideous, imo), Honedge and Aegislash (but not Doublade, that thing is just lame and lazy for an evolution), Amaura and Aurorus, Tyrunt and Tyrantrum, aaaand... That's all I can think of for the moment. The rest I'm pretty much neutral on, except for a few.

Imo, gen 6 made up for gen 4's lack of Fire types and gen 5's godawful ones (I only liked Victini, Reshiram, and Chandelure). I love them all this time and put them all on my team. :D

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Fletchling. Cutest thing ever. I remember going into my ultimate fangirlish squee mode when I saw it for the first time. Oh, and its evolutions are also kinda cool.

My favourite mega evo are *drummroll* Mawile :3

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Aegislash, Talonflame and Noivern are great, too - I like all 3, but the first two are overcentralizing (not op imo) and the special flying moves ruin Noivern for me. Avalugg is also interesting, but Dragalge's unique typing and style win me over.

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Sylveon, Xerneas, Yveltal, Noivern, Aurorus, Tyrantrum, Dedenne (sooooo cute!) and Floette (I feel sad that I have to evolve it into Florges; Floette is so much cuter).

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All of the Pokemon on one of my in-game teams are my favorite, including previous forms:









Other than these, I also like Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist and Clauncher/Clawitzer. Everything else I'm neutral to.

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(but not Doublade, that thing is just lame and lazy for an evolution)

How is this any worse than Dodrio, Magneton, Dugtrio, or hell, Electrode? Personally, I like Doublade. Dual-wielding ghost swords, c'mon.

Hard to really decide my favorite. I like a lot of 'em, to be honest. Kinda stuck between Tyrantrum and Noivern. A t-rex and a bat wyvern? Yes pls.

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Dio's tier list of how awesome Generation 6 Pokémon are :


Tyrantrum - fucking T. Rex

Greninja - every type starter ever

Barbaracle - high five

Clawitzer - the bro pincer

Hawlucha - amazingly completes the national Pokémon of North America along with Bibarel and Braviary


Volcanion - it looks weird but the typing is promising and the concept is nice

Goodra - hentai Dragonite

Trevenant - ghost treant stampede

Yveltal - too bad it still doesn't have a very strong dark attack

Chenaught - it's immune to EXPLOSIOOOOOOOONS

Avalugg - ICE THWOMP

Aegislash - cool concept and typing


Noivern - it's Crobat with a typing that shouldn't be used ever again


Hoopa - you'd think they would've come up with that typing back in Generation 1

Talonflame - stupid ability, it's still a regional bird

Zygarde - why 600 bst, but ecodragon sounds cool

Klefki - it's evil but at least it doesn't have Recover like Sableye

Dragalge - sweet typing and look, weird stats


Malamar - evolution is stupid, but the design is fun


Delphox - i want a fire fighting type starter next generation

Xerneas - giant pixie roadkill

Gogoat - after Sawsbuck he doesn't feel too inspired

Slurpuff - hot slurpuff on vanilluxe action IN MAH BELLEH

Gourgeist - the pumpkin alone would've been cool, but the parasite inside brings it down

Meowstic - really olympia?

Heliolisk - it's a cool electric type, but there's better

Pyroar - pretty sweet design but its stats and abilities fuck it over

Aurorus - an aurorus walked into a bar and fainted


Vivillon - this is the only new bug type after Generation "hey let's make bugs awesome!" ?

Florges - y u no grass fairy

Carbink - defense is boring

Diancie - ugh

Sylveon - we already have special tank eevees

Aromatisse - no

Furfrou - to be fair, Dandy Furfrou would be top tier if it could maintain the hat and had ok stats

Dedenne - get out

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Competitively it's Aegislash, who's just so much fun to use.

Design wise its Tyrantrum because how the hell could it not be Tyrantrum?

Clawitzer gets an honorable mention for going beyond the impossible.

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Fletchling. Cutest thing ever. I remember going into my ultimate fangirlish squee mode when I saw it for the first time. Oh, and its evolutions are also kinda cool.

Wee, yeah once I saw Fletchling I instantly thought that I must have it XD

And then I got Fletchinder and thought "WHAT I don't want to evolve this this is beautiful ;A;" Soooooooo she's still a Fletchinder~ (And since I don't play competitively that works out just fine for me)

I haven't used many of the new pokemon yet though, but so far I really like Chesnaught! Once I find out what to do to trade the pokemon in my current file I'll start a new file to try Fennekin next because FOXES

Oh and at some point I want to be able to get a Dragalge, I need to get somebody with Y D=

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Hawlucha with a close second to Tyrantrum and otherwise essentially no competition. Not that I don't like other 6 gen Pokemon but these are the only ones that shout favorite to me.

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This is just that pokemon in particular, I don't like any full evolution line

In descending order:







Slurpuff (I know, but I like it for whatever reason)




Honorable mentions to talonflame because oh my gosh he looks almost awesome, and also tyrantrum, dumb reasoning, but I hate his name. Greninja's cool and all (and damn tough to beat sometimes) but his tongue scarf, just eck

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Let's see... (Whether through looks, stats, or otherwise)(These include their entire lines)(Also I don't particularly have favorites, so these are just guys I really like)

Chesnaught (the first two forms grew on me after a while, mainly through seeing their in-game models)







Barbaracle (Binacle grew on me really fast)



Dedenne (purely on looks though)





And conversely (and for fun), the ones I don't really like that much...

Delphox (just Delphox though)





Zygarde (by far, my least favorite Kalosian pokemon. Mainly because it freaks me the heck out.)

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Hmm... I can think of a fair few that I actually like.

Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja (really started to grow on me quite quickly, now it's my favourite of the starters)




Pancham/Pangoro (found a shiny one first time I encountered it)


Helioptile/Heliolisk (I like the little dance Heliolisk does in Pokemon Amie)

Skiddo/Gogoat (I'm on a goat, motherfucker)

Fennekin/Braixen (I don't really like Delphox's design)




Volcanion (finally, a water/fire type! Been wanting that type combo for a very long time.)

Conversely, these are the one that I really don't like:

Xerneas (horns are so massive, it looks ridiculous)

Swirlix/Slurpuff (who the fuck thought that a fairy floss and a cake pokemon were good ideas?)

Spritzee/Aromatisse (designs look really crappy)

Dedenne (ANOTHER fucking electric rat?)

Klefki (a keyring Pokemon... seriously?)

All of the mega evolutions.

All of the others I feel really meh about. I'm just disappointed that there was only 70-ish new Pokemon.

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Oh yeah, to list the few Pokemon I don't like:

Gourgeist (I just think it looks really stupid compared to Pumpkaboo. I was hoping more for the pumpkin's face to be the Pokemon's face and with some creepy vines coming out of it that would be used as limbs)

Doublade (I dislike it for the same reason I dislike Pokemon such as Dugtrio. Lazy ass evolution design)

Greninja (A frog with its tongue wrapped around its neck like a scarf? Seriously? That's just disgusting. It should've stayed with the white foamy stuffl like Froakie and Frogadier had)

Chesnaught/Quilladin (these two just look utterly stupid, imo)

Klefki (a Pokemon based on keys? Really?)

The rest I'm neutral on.

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Male Meowstick is high on my favourites list as well. It just looks adorable. I'm not much of a fan of the female one though.

As for the rest I like Dragalge, Delphox, Tyrantrum, Noivern and Helioptile and Pancham.

I'm not a fan of Braixen though. It looks a little bit too girly. Talonflame annoys me more because I see its ugly face a lot and that my team lacks a counter to him. I'm not really a fan of rock type.

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