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Twitch Plays Pokemon thread


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What the hell. Did this actually start at the beginning? I can't imagine it having actually got very far with all those inputs.

Yes it did. There weren't that many people watching in the beginning, so they actually managed to get stuff done. Still, it's been up for 4 days and they're still on the 4th gym.

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You should've seen em try and cut the tree down in front of Erika's gym. Glad to see they finally got past it. Although, I can't even fathom how they'll get the surf HM in the Safari zone.

Oh my god, I forgot about that.

I think it's literally impossible.

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I love the fact that they are currently throwing away all their items.

It's twitch, the chat trolls are power tripping too hard for their own good.

Everyone I know who remarked on this thought it would end getting Surf from Safari Zone... clearly, they were mistaken. Despite that, I don't think they've got a chance of getting much farther; even if they manage to get through 8 gyms, Victory Road will be the end of them.

To be fair, they're doing better than I did when I was young...

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