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I had the worst dream


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I had to.................... choose Harken over Karel

because of a FE draft

and I was so horrified that I actually came here and posted screenshots and about cried or something. and it got SO bad that I hacked FE7 all by myself just to change Harken's description to this specifically:

"WARNING: incredibly awful"

and changed his name to "Ak" for some reason.

I guess the FE draft was a do or die one for some reason. like, I had to do it or someone would murder me or something?? everyone participating in the draft had to do it under this rule. it was weird and one of the first people in the draft picked Karel just to mess with me and I got stuck with Harken

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you are a great man for saying this

who needs a brave sword when you have Karel


i thought i was alone in this for the longest time

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Harken has a Brave Sword therefore he is better. Also Hard mode bonuses

you forget that i am not a tryhard Edited by Quote
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Didn't know in the first place, but Karel is okay. I just think Guy is a better Karel.

I like Harken more than Karel, but this is factually wrong.

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Refa are u just tryin to antagonize me at this point

The next time I play mafia with you I will kill you n1

How do you like THAT

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