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Scribbles winners, their prizes and final thoughts!

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Final Thoughts and the Future

First of all, a big thank you to everyone who entered! There were so many incredible submissions from a variety of media and from all skill levels. There wasn't a single submission submitted that wasn't a joy for me to see; the SF community is immensely talented, and you guys showed up to prove it. The original idea behind the event was to come up with something we could do that could both show appreciation for our creative community and allow us the opportunity to show it directly, because we'd not been very involved in the past. On all fronts, it's been a massive success, and I've been happy to talk with all of you for the past couple of months! It's been a positive experience for everyone involved, and we'd be pleased to do it again.

I'll be making a feedback thread some time soon, so if you have any suggestions or something you'd like to see happen for the next event, make sure you let us know there! Feel free to use this thread to chat, congratulate one another or give people your thanks! If you're a participant in the event, definitely feel free to find your submission thread and post any links to places someone might like to follow you, such as your DA/tumblr/whatever else you use!

In any case, without further ado:

The Winners!

1) Grima Sculpture by roymbrog at 71 votes - Fire Emblem Fates LE and Fire Emblem Anthology
2) Awakening by AthenaWyrm at 61 votes - Dark Dragon, Mystery of the Emblem, Custom Box/Manual and Fire Emblem Anthology
3) Battlefield by Vigamox at 44 votes - Fire Emblem Anthology
4) Origami Grima by Rocket2Jupiter at 43 votes - Fire Emblem Anthology
5) Alluring Blossoms by hypherr at 38 votes - Fire Emblem Anthology
6) Fire Emblem by carefreejules at 30 votes - Fire Emblem Anthology
7) Meteor Strike by Thor Odinson at 22 votes - Fire Emblem Anthology
8) Behind Her Mask by Hakuramen at 20 votes - Fire Emblem Anthology
8) Heroines by Pikachu955 at 20 votes - Fire Emblem Anthology
8) Sack Aqua by Himagurumi at 20 votes - Fire Emblem Anthology

Runner Ups

11) Do the Gods Listen when we Pray? by Kakeyo with 19 votes
11) Light Inheritor by LetsJam with 19 votes
13) FE6 25th Anniversary GBASP Paint by Birdsgoboom with 18 votes
14) Blazing Sword by Mew with 17 votes
14) Harem by Reiyson with 17 votes
14) Into Peril by zeziamsdemon with 17 votes
14) Paladin Cosplay by Mabrchan88 with 17 votes

The Raffle

Amiibo Roll 1: 61. Sunwoo (Chose Marth Amiibo)

Amiibo Roll 2: 121. Squidchan0 (Ike Amiibo)

* If you already have the Amiibo or don't want it and would like a reroll, just let me know. You're free to give them to someone else as well, just let me know before they're sent.

I will be PMing all of our prize winners and getting the information necessary to send the prizes, so if you're in the top 10 or are a raffle winner and receiving a physical prize, make sure you check your PMs! Any personal information, as stated in the original SFS thread, will be removed from the PMs by me when we can confirm that you've received them. I'll make sure you know exactly who on our staff will be shipping your prize, and will be overseeing every transaction myself to reassure users.

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ALL participants received forum badges. If you're new to forums, here are instructions on how to use them:

1. Click your name in the upper right and select "My Settings".

2. Scroll down the page until you see the "SFS 2015" drop down list. These badges are the ones you earned for participating in the event, with Pixel Marth being the permanent exclusive.

3. Select your badge and click "save changes". SFS2015 badges have priority, so if you'd like to switch back to a regular badge, simply deselect the Scribbles badge in the drop down list.

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Oh, and congratulations to the winners, too. Kinda bummed that there were some people that couldn't make it due to time constraints. If another one is hosted, think we'll break 200 entries?

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Congratulations to the winners. Everyone who won was entirely deserving of a prize.

This has been a wonderful competition and it has been a pleasure to see all the wonderful art, stories, and other works submitted. It's amazing how many talent people are here!

I'd also like to thank everyone who read, enjoyed and voted for my story (Everything Went Dark: White Rabbits, White Lies) - it means a lot to me and while I'm ecstatic that you liked it enough to vote it into the final round, I'm just happy enough people read and enjoyed it!

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Congrats to all the winners and thanks to all the participants for making this an amazing (and stressful xD) competition. ;w; I'm very honored to have even placed and thank everyone who took a peek at my entry and voted for it. Special thanks to the hosts of the event for putting this all together. You worked tirelessly to make this event a real success. Thanks for allowing us to be able to share and experience something we all enjoy.

I will definitely stick around for future competitions and to hopefully mingle more with you all. : ) Again, great job everyone and thank you!

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Whoa, Battlefield ended up taking over Origami Grima in the end, that number 3 spot was a tight race. I'm glad Awakening and the Grima sculpture were the grand prize winners, they totally deserve it. And grats to everyone who made it to the top.

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Thank you so much to everyone who supported my piece, thank you everyone who entered (you really made this competition great!) and a special thank you to all who pitched in to put together this contest!

It has been an honor to showcase my work alongside other talented and creative minds and I hope next year it will be even better!

Congratulations to all the winners!!!! :D

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Congratulation comes first! It's glad to see that the winners get what they truly deserved for all the hard work! And the forum staff, too, for light up the whole community!

Oh, if you're done with the Hall of Fame, when shall the "Hall of Shame" be posted - A.K.A good works that did not make it?

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Hey look, there is no story in the final.

In all seriouness, congrats to the winners and to everyone.

Next year will be even better (I'm really feeling it).

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I think you'd find the creator of Behind Her Mask would consider it as much of a written submission as anything else :P:.

Doesn't count, the submission is in the draw section xD.

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Well, it is too bad that i did not make it into the finals. On the other hand though, I'm just glad that I had participated in this contest.

Anyone who's listed as winners here, congratulations! Whoever gets to have the Fire Emblem Fates game as their prize, have fun playing it. :):

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Grats roy on making that amazing sculpture, you totally deserved this victory c:

And congrats everybody that followed, because all of your submissions were so great~!

And finally, congrats to all the participants~ I hope you all enjoyed this contest!!

And also thanks for those who supported my entry ^o^ I'm glad you enjoyed it.

This contest has definitely motivated me to try to be more creative because man my drawing involved like zero creativity meanwhile there were some incredible and super creative entries this round!! Fancy cape effects!!!!! Trees growing out of heads!!!!! So cool!! (and also I'm motivated to get better at making backgrounds, this was the first time I added a non-solid colour background to a drawing x3)

i drew anna btw

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First: Congratulations to the winners! Second: Drat, I didn't win the amiibo XD

There were a lot of really great submissions, so much more than I had thought. I really underestimated the talent on here, but know I know for next time. So watch out people!

This was a lot of fun and I'm happy I could be a part of it. I'm excited to see what all of us, myself included, bring to the table next time!

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Would have been nice to see Aqua's Song some music in the top 15, but meh . . .

Congratulations to everyone who won some prizes! This was quite a beautiful contest and the talent here was incredible. :) And thanks to the staff for hosting it. Dang, that was fun.

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Oh my goodness! ;o;

Thank you everyone who voted, and thank you staff for hosting this. It was a lot of fun! Congratulations too to all the winners and participants, there were so many amazing entries and you all should be proud.

and also since linking stuff was mentioned, here's my art blog

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Kinda sad to not see music entries in the top 15 because I LOVED Fire Emblem Medley and Aqua Song's New Arrangement , but this was still quite the contest! The outcome of this was somewhat different from what I imagined (and some entires seemed to shine more near the end)!

Either way, congrats to the winners and everyone who made it to the finals!

This was fun and also a way for me to see how much room for improvement in my drawing skills. I drew my entry in about a week, but I still think I did pretty good in a short time span!

You guys better watch out though, because I'll be back better than before next time...count on it!

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