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Do you take down Ike in Part III; Chapter 13

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I never try (too busy trying to spread exp) but I know i easily could(another reason i dont bother trying) if i wanted to. Its easy because most 3rd tier units>Ike(before class change).

This would only have been a challenge if they threw skrimir and tibarn in the mix or if ike was mid lvl vanguard, locked with Ragnell and not sleep prone. D:

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Except that if you're playing the game normally, and playing blind, you'll be lucky if ANY of the dawn brigade are able to fight anyone... much less tier 3. I got really lucky with Nolan and paragon on 3-6, and was able to give him most of my bexp and a master crown.  All that for ONE tier 3. The kind of cheesing and grinding to get MULTIPLE tier 3's, nvm ALL, is staggering. Besides Nolan, my highest level is 8, tier 2. 

And how in the hell does anyone have a tier 3 Fiona? I couldn't even get her to survive long enough to level up, much less promote; much less promote TWICE. She is a rescue bot, or on the bench, and that's all she'll ever be. Seriously, this reasoning is not plausible for anyone but veterans of the game, that squeeze every drop of exp out of every battle. 

For MOST players, everyone in the DB is like lv 3-8 on tier 2 (except Fiona, who is still tier 1, unless given HEAVY favoritism). They can barely survive 1 or 2 regular laguz, much less a lv 20 Ike. I just wanted to see if beating him was possible, I guess the answer is no (unless you spend hours grinding somehow). 

If that's how you play, you do you, that's cool. But for your average new player, all that grinding isn't plausible, much less fun. 

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