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Favorite Critical Hit Quote ?


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I have a couple of ones in this order how I like them

"War is HECK!"-Kiragi

"I am stunning... you are dead" - Forrest

" I am done with this." - Forrest

"Can't run, can't hide." Forrest

" I doubt you're ready for me"- Forrest

Now I am sorry but Forrest's quotes are one of the best in all fates his voice is so serious and intimidating for a guy who looks like a cute girl. If I meant him in real life and he said those things especially the "Can't run, can't hide" I would just drop dead to be honest.

"Ready for this ?"- Shiro

"I want your skull for a trophy!"- Rhajat

"You have breathed your last" Ryoma and retainers

You're right where I want you" Xander and retainers

"No more Mr.Nice Guy!"-Kiragi

"Your time is at an end" Hayato

"Take this maiden seriously" Ophelia Dusk 2K16

"I make my own fate"Corry

"This ends now" Male Kana{Because the voice cracks}


" An encore ? If you insist ! " -Shigure

" Get out of my way..." - Dwyer

"Say goodbye"- Keaton

"My diagnosis ? You're done !"- Midori

"You can't hide from me" Leo and retainers

" I won't lose" - Hinoka and retainers

"Smiile, you're dead" Soleil

"Time to play " Camilla and retainers

"I am feeling lucky."-Percy

What are yours ?

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I always thought Ryoma's "You deserve worse!" was an awesome quote. The voice actor did a fantastic job which really brings it to life.
"Fall so that others may live!" - Silas; It fits his character well, and is a pretty powerful line.

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Voice cracking Kana


All of Forrest's quotes



All of Mitama's quotes



Oh and all of Ophelia's too



"No surrender!"-Avatar



"I make my own Fate!"-Avatar



"For Nohr!"-Avatar



"You are about to be served!"-Jacob



"You're just a stain!"-Felicia



"I can do this! :D" -Mozu aka the best character ever



"Allow me..."-Pineapple senpai



"I'm sorry about this!"-No you're not... Oh I mean Sakura



"You are SO last season"-Oboro






"Your fate is sealed!"-Orochi



"You're going down, scumbag!"-Elise



"Stop staring at me.."-The most adorable Laslow



"Abyssal Body Blow!"-The great Odin!



"Oh~ Yes~"-Niles...



"You asked for it!"-Effie



"Good night lost child!"-Nyx



"This show...Is over!"-Shigure~



"Get out of my way..."-Dwyer






"My diagnosis? Your done!"-Midori-chan



"Ewheehehehehe~"-Just like daddy~



"I always play with my food..."-Velouria



"Super Sidekick Slam!"-Percy



"Smile, you're dead!"-Soliel



"I spy a corpse..."-Nina



"Service...With a smile!"-Flora!


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"G'bye." - Hayato

"My heart is singing." - Azura

"Shall we dance?" - Laslow

"Time to take out the trash!" - Jakob

"Say goodbye to your intestines!" - Peri

"I hate to do this." - Takumi

"Let's get wild!" - Hinata

"Take your medicine!" - Midori

"...Bad news." - Saizo

"You're a bad influence!"- Elise

"You've been naughty!" - Camilla

"I don't wanna die!" - Ignatius

"I'm bored now!" - Setsuna

"You smell like a goat!" - Mozu

"You're nobody!" - Charlotte

"I'm gonna get Nohrian on your butt!" - Scarlet

"Ooh! Pinata!" - Asugi

"Slashing more than prices!" - Anna

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Note: Some characters may not be named correctly.

Any of Owain's, but specifically, "You can't hide from me!" I know it's his shared quote, but it just sounds so good with him.

Any of Niles', but specifically, "Ooooooh~ yes!" For obvious reasons.

Any of Chrom's, but specifically, "Ougi!" "You die, NOW!"

Any of Ophelia's, but specifically, "Take this maiden seriously!" Her ooc voice is heavenly.

Any of Jakob's, but specifically, "Time to take out the trash!" Puns.

Any of Nanako's, but specifically, "You smell like a goat!" and "You reap what you sow!"

Any of Oboro's, but specifically, "You are SO last season!" and, "You're gonna need stitches!"

Any of Pineapple's, but specifically, "Die already!"

Any of Rinkah's, but specifically, "I'll burn you to ash!" Puns.

Any of Lissa's. but specifically, "You're going DOWN, scumbag!"

Any of Robin!Severa's, but specifically, "Loseeer!" and, "So annoying!"

And of Kiragi's, but specifically, "War is HECK!"

Any of Mitama's, but specifically, "The pen is mightiest of all!"

Any fo Rhajat's, but specifically, "I want your skull for a trophy!"

Any of Forrest's, but specifically, "I'm stunning, you're dead."

Any of Pit's, but specifically, "I'm feelin' lucky!"

Any of Nina's, but specifically, "I spy a corpse."

Any of Izana's, but specifically, "And now, I rage!"

Any of Anna's, but specifically, "Chaa-ching!" Not as good as Awakening's, but still great.

Charlotte's, "I'm gonna tear you in half!" "You disgust me!" and, "You're nobody!"

Crimson's, "You went and got me mad!" "Time to show off!" and, "I'm gonna get Nohrian on your butt." ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Felicia's, "You're just a STAIN!" and, "I'm gonna break you!" I'd assume she's talking to her chores.

Hayato's, "Ha ha ha ha!" and, "Goodbye."

Sakura's, "I-it's all me!" and, "Here goes nothing!"

Kaden's, "Beautiful AND deadly!" and, "He-heh-hu-haha-ha-hahahaha!"

Inigo's, "Stop staring at me!" and, "Shall we dance?"

Snake's, "Finishing the mission!" and, "You won't survive this!"

Sluggabed's, "I just wanna go home..." and, "You've got a lot'a nerve..."

Flora's, "Freeze!" and, "Service with a smile!" Puns.

Soleil's, "Smile! You're dead."

Dark Pit's, "Fall so that others may live!" It's just a good quote in general.

Kagero's, "This won't miss!" I just find it funny.

As ironic as it is, Azama's, "I won't lose!" It's ironic because I hate him. But I don't hate Matthew Mercer.

Setsuna's, "There we go~" Since that's how I feel when she crits.

Hana's, "I've got this!"

Subaki's, "It's all me!"

Squall's, "I will erase you!"

Henry's, "I'm feeling stabby!"

Selkie's, "Rwa ha ha ha!"

Gunter's, "I will have my revenge!"

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"For Nohr!" ~Corrin

"You're going DOWN, scumbag!" ~Elise

"I'm stunning, YOU'RE dead!" ~Forrest

"You deserve WORSE!" ~Ryoma
"You die, NOW!" ~Ryoma

"You're right where I want you!" ~Xander

"My heart is singing!" ~Azura"

"Time to take out the trash!" ~Jakob
"You're about to be served!" ~Jakob

"*cackle*" ~Rhajat
"I want your skull as a trophy!" ~Rhajat

"...Goodbye." ~Hayato

"I will ERASE you!" ~Leo
"OHHHHHH, YESSSS~!" ~Niles (how could I forget this one, wow)
...and pretty much all of Charlotte's.

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Bc I feel like compiling a huge list, here are my favourites for all of the characters:


"I make my own fate."


"Time for your final bow."


"You're just a stain!"


"You are about to be served!"


"Fall so that others may live!"


"The pain will pass!"


"You reap what you sow."


"It's your time to die."


"You have breathed your last!"


"You're not ready for this."


"I hate to do this!"


"I-it's all me!"




"You're already dead!"


"The time for mercy has passed!"


"See ya~!"


"Let's get wild!"


"You're gonna need stitches!"


"With all my strength!"


"Shall we end this?"


"Your time is at an end!"


The creepy laugh.


"Your fate is sealed!"


"You'll be cinders!"


"What was your exit strategy?"


"I will extinguish you!"


"I'm gonna get Nohrian on your butt!"


"Begone, wretch!"


"Sweet dreams."


"I will erase you!"


"You're goin' down, scumbag!"


"You're not going to like this."


"I'm feelin' stabby!"


"Time to play!"


"Finishing the mission."


"Eldritch Smackdown!"


"You can't hide from me!"


"Time to say goodbye!"


"Beware my fists of justice!"


"Good night, lost child!"


"I'm gonna tear you in half!"


"You don't scare me!"


"This is the last thing you'll see."


"Service with a smile!"


"I will have my revenge!"


"Prepare to be judged!"


"You are not worthy."


"Business is booming!"

Both Kanas

"I won't surrender!"


"An encore? If you insist!"


"I just wanna go home!"


"I have no choice."


"My diagnosis? You're done!"


"Any last words?"


"War is heck!"


"This is gonna be tasty!"


"My bite is worse than my bark!"


"Prepare for oblivion."


"The pen is mightiest of all!"


"I'd run if I were you!"


"Hope you like Hell!"


"Out of my sight!"


"I'm stunning, you're dead."


"I will not live in fear!"


"A-hunting I will go..."


"Bombastic Beatdown Blow!"


"Take this maiden seriously!"


"Smile, you're dead!"


"I spy a corpse."


"Fate has brought us here!"


"No holding back!"


"Time to tip the scales!"


"I say when it ends!"

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All of Leo's quotes are fantastic and have godly delivery. "I will erase you!" Is a contender for best crit quote in the game.

Hell yes.

My favorites:

- All of Leo's quotes

- All of Forrest's quotes

- All of Laslow's quotes

- All of Jakob's quotes

- All of Oboro's quotes

- All of Camilla's quotes

- All of Odin's quotes

- All of Shigure's quotes

- Takumi's "Oh, that's IT!"

- Saizo's "... Die."

- Kagero's "You're already dead!"

- Hayato's "... Goodbye! :)"

- Rinkah's "Yer TOAST!"

- Elise's "You're going DOWN, scumbag!" (first time I heard it I jumped, I didn't expect something like that to come out of her).

- Kiragi's "No more Mr.NiceGuy!"

- Soliel's "Smile!... You're dead."

- Yukimura's "What was your exit strategy?" (though I wish it could've been rephrased to "Was that your exit strategy?"

- Flora's "Service with a smile!"

- Fuga's "Prepare for oblivion."

- Azura's "My heart is singing." and "Time for your final bow."

- Corrin's "I make my own fate!"

[spoiler=What I wish were critical quotes]These aren't in the actual game, but I want them to be XD

- "Looks like you're in a pickle!" ~Hisame

- "I'm feeling lucky!" ~Arthur (but he then misses)

- "I fight for my friends :)." ~Ike

- Japanese critical quotes.... ~Marth (or a different English voice actor)"

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All of Arthur's, but especially, "Yerrr outta luck, friend!"

All of Elise's, but especially "You're going down, scumbag!" and "Buh-BYE!"

Saizo's "Bad news."

Jakob's "You are about to be SERVED!"

All of Odin's lines, of course

Niles's "Ohhhhh, yes!" and "You can't hide from me!"

Silas's "I will protect my friends!" and "Fall so that others may live!"

Azura's "My heart is singing" and "Time for your final bow" are beautifully delivered, though I've never heard them in game due to Azura not being exactly a frontline character....

The one quote that's shared between exactly 3 characters that aren't a royal-and-retainers triplet:

Felicia's "Here goes NOTHING~"

Sakura's "Here goes nothing :O"


Some sound even better in certain situations:

Keaton's "Hunting party!" or "Just in time for dinner!" when caused by a Sol trigger (Keaton feasts on the enemy to restore health?)

Sophie's "GOOD.....NIGHT!" when caused by a Luna trigger

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"I will erase you!"

The intensity of the delivery sells it.

This one, Leo sounds... cool

Kaden and Selkie's crazy laught too, and Takumi & cia "Oh, That's it!!"

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paired up xander and ryoma on rev, both critting:

"for the glory of hoshido" "for the glory of nohr" lol.

"d-don't move"-Cherry Blossom imoto

"No more holding back"-Cinnamon roll imoto with retainers

"I won't surrender!"- cornball dragon AKA MU. even better is... "akenimenai!", the japanese version of said quote.

"I will ERASE you!"-inside out collar aka tomato bro

"Die already!"-broken blame sniper bro

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