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Okay, let's get back on track!! Let's start this of RIGHT!



Chapter 9:

Okay, despite that one failure..... let's give this a go!



Here we are saying hi to dad. Let's not tell him that we slaughtered the Ice Tribe;;



Goddammit i can't ever rest


Oh snap, I'm guessing she wants to become a BERSERKER!?


omg.... it's her


So this is the plan!! On turn 1, Betr Azura will get to Nyx along with Jakob while the rest attack the guards at the entrance of this fort. Effie and Odin go guard stance to lure out that one archer, and then we strike all these other lancers with Elise. She'll be just right outside of that top archer's range so we're good~




After that, we just barged in and started calling this fort our home!! Haitaka the boss uses rally defense to power up those archers.... Guess we'll go magic~


Effie and Odin can take care of that!!


Sorry but you're coming with us like it or not.


Aww yea!



So this map was fairly easy~ Azura activated the dragon vein at the back which lowered everyone's health to 0!! So nice! Then we just picked them off one by one!!


OH NO!! I didn't expect this!! Reinforcements everywhere >_<

I had Azura pair up with Ophelia so she can tank the archers right next to them. Luckily, Ophelia is fast enough to double them so we defeated one!!

The rest took out the rest of the lancers at the top, leaving only two myrmidons and two archers left!





That was a pretty simple map actually!! We got two more units and some nice level ups! I think that last paralogue really buffed up our team!!


oh no


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I'll be taking a quick break for the weekend!! I'm pretty busy for the next two days I'm sorry! I'll resume this on Monday!! See you then~




Silas is sweating because I talk to myself

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Here we go!

Chapter 10:


I'm ready (to die)


So this was my initial setup.... Ophelia, Jakob, and Betr Azura guard the center right area while Odin uses the ballistaes. Nyx and Silas handled the top left while Elise and Azura handle the top right...... spoiler alert this setup FAILED MISERABLY....

Like on the top right, archers and lancers will come at you, so why is Elise manning that post!? So many axe users;; I need more weapon type advantage!!


You can see my defense are already breaking goddam... Elise and Azura had to retreat so the archers got to the right ballistae.... AND THEN THE FLIERS ARE COMING ING OH DAM......


It's so hard! They're closing in on me!


This is when I restarted u_u


Alright!! Time to go again!! This time Effie and Silas will man the top right ballistae! Tomes beat Bows!!

Nyx and Jakob now man the top left station and the rest are in the center!

Before then, Odin Ophelia and Betr Azura take over the center right while Elise and Betr Azura go straight to the left house!!

Selena and Beruka, as soon as they enter the fray, will relieve Ophelia of duty and guard us from the onslaught of fighters!!


Sorry Beruka!!


See!! It's working this time!!


I won't forget you Selena! We need to be besties right after this!!


Ahh Odin <3 I love this!


Turn 8

Camilla pairs up with Ophelia and take out any paired enemies and ninjas!! We don't want them to waste too much of our time!! Elise and Betr Azura are still together as well as Selena and Beruka!! We need to close the gap immediately or else we'll be swarmed!


Turn 9

So many fliers;; Hinata just sprang forward and I don't think it's wise to retreat right now considering there are too many units.. SO I HAD BETR AZURA USE HER DRAGONSTONE!! I was super lucky! No screenies sorry >_<


If both attacks hit, Odin would've died again.... i'm so happy he's still alive!!


Turn 10

omg They're SO CLOSE!! Oboro on the right has seal strength with her which is scary..... IF EFFIE WERE A KNIGHT!! Fortunately it has no effect on her! I had to bring Camilla all the way to the right to take care of the Sky Knights. Azura refreshed so she can fly everywhere after killing that one weak fighter and give Ophelia to Jakob. Ophelia and Odin then defeated that sky knight and other fighter on the left! Nice!!


Final Turn! (Turn 11)

They aren't even fighting anymore, they're just zipping past us and going straight for the green tiles... BIG MISTAKE!!

We simply sweeped them up and cleared the away! Made sure no fliers were near the archer! It was all pretty simple........ except.......


Azura died...... I'm sorry Ercdouken



We did it yay~

..... so I'm still on lunatic/classic mode and I really did not want to do that chapter again.... I was planning on using her as a merchant after we marry Kaze but.... I DON'T KNOW

Do you guys want me to revive Azura???? by switching to casual mode??

OKAY GUYS!! Sorry for the wait!! Should I switch to casual mode to revive that one fallen unit? Or should we forge on?? I'll give until tomorrow to make a decision! Thank you guys for your support too!


I'm already begging for death take me now

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Switching to Casual revives units??

Well then.

Yup! I did it right after my last classic run and it was weird seeingall these units i sacrificed again.

No. You are better and will always be better. You should've reset when she died.

Thank you i am better than her!! I AM BETR AZURA AFTER ALL!! Alright we're moving on! Edited by ChocolaChao
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