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Started clearing out some CQs since I now have my MLB DMG CE.

1. Touta's rerun was handled the same way I did it last time, with solo Scathach. Took me a bit again to figure things out, with the slight RNG not really helping matters.
-- Honestly, I didn't care much for this CQ. I get the mechanics of the rotating debuffs, but I guess I just didn't find it fun.

2. 300's rerun was handled by Artoria and friends, with Lancelot acting as backup. The run went rather smoothly and was relatively enjoyable.

3. Izo's fight continued to be a pain, and this time I simply said screw it and used Command Seals to charge NP for Melt (which I forgot he had NP resistance), as well as refilling her HP. This time I had Herc in the backline instead of using Summer BB and simply always ended with an Arts card.
-- I tried a charm composition of sorts featuring Kama and Euryale, but it did not go well and took too long to even take down the first bar. The NP Resistance is something that slipped my mind when making the team.

I have yet to do the other CQs and will get around to them later.

* * * * * EDIT * * * * *

Welp, been looking a bit at the new JP Updates and they are expanding the Support List.
-- Specifically, you can now have up the 3 different sets of Supports active for Normal and Event nodes, so instead of the current 9 (one of each class), it goes up to 27 (3 of each class).
-- At least, this is what I'm understanding from what I've been reading.
== https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/pk6wsh/new_support_list/

Time to start re-evaluating my own support list since I have more options...

* * * * * EDIT 2 * * * * *

Alrighty, got my supports down. Placed within the spoiler since this post is lengthy enough already, with some stuff being repeats.
-- Hopefully the Summer Part II servants in JP don't mess with my setups too much...


-- Valkyries (One of my favorite servants in the game, and placing her in the All Slot allows me to place Eresh in Team 1, alongside Ishtar. It helps that my Valkyrie CE will be something else than farming, although I doubt they will be picked often.)
-- Artoria Caster, Merlin (I don't have these two yet, but if I do get them they are likely to be tossed in the All Slot as additional caster supports. Although, if I end up getting an Illya and/or Miyu, I'll need to figure out my slots again.)

-- Artoria (Buster AoE Servant for farming and already built.)
-- Lancelot (Currently NP3 and is serving as my primary ST Saber. However, not sure if I want to end up raising him in case I get a different ST Saber that I want to raise.)
-- Salter (I love Saber Alter and she serves as my secondary AoE Saber. However, her niche is already filled by classic Artoria, so I'm not sure if she's worth a slot.)

-- Ishtar (Another of my favorites, Ishtar is simple to use and deals ton of damage. She is currently on her way to becoming 2000/2000.)
-- Kuro (Chloe von Einsbern, or Kuro, serves as my ST Archer. The 50% charge, ability to potentially loop, and her NP bypassing Evasion is great.)
-- ??? (I don't know what to place on the third slot. EMIYA for crits, EMIYA Alter for potential loops, or Nobu for anti-divine work. I could get someone else later to fill the slot as well.)

-- Eresh (Everyone has an Eresh, and I do too! My Valkyries were moved to the all slot to make room for Eresh, and after recognizing how useful her utility is I may build my Eresh to be more of a support instead of DPS.)
-- Scathach (Serving as my ST Lancer, she does amazing work even at NP1 due to her damage and stun. I hope to raise her NP levels despite her being limited, but other priorities come first.)
-- Fairy Lancelot (Something in the future, but I love her design and gameplay from what I have seen. Hopefully I'll be able to roll her when the time comes.)

-- Georgios
(He remains in his rightful place on my support list, never being chosen but present for those who want a tank.)
-- Rider Alter (Maid Artoria Alter, I figured she can serve as my ST Rider for supports even though Kintoki Rider exists.)
-- Santa Alter (One of my starter servants who helped me immensely in my early days of FGO. I keep her around due to her higher than average NP multiplier for farming purposes.)

-- Waver (Standard all-rounder and outfitted with Command Codes, my Waver is good to go.)
-- Skadi (I need to get a Skadi of my own to open up Quick Looping options, as the more options there are, the better it is.)
-- Tamamo (She is given her trusty Caster slot for those who need a Tamamo Caster in their lives, drowning in the sea of other support casters.)

-- MHX (Still debating if I want to invest in MHX or not. Her design is cool and skills are okay after her buffs, but there still just seems to be better options...)
-- Scathach Assassin (My AoE Assassin who is already grailed to 90. The ability to ignore invincibility is niche for farming, but can be useful.)
-- Koyanskaya (Her skills are too good to pass up, and it's another Tamamo. I was seemingly attuned to the Tamamos, having Caster at NP2 and Cat being my starting 4-star.)

-- Heracles (Herc Insurance saves runs. While it is not as flexible as Cu Alter Insurance, Herc Insurance tends to be on the cheaper side allowing for a better frontline.)
-- Morgan (She seems to be an interesting servant for farming purposes, even though I have plenty of options already. Lore would be nice though.)
-- Tamamo Cat (An odd option for AoE Berserker, but she's here to be alongside the Tamamos. If that doesn't work out, she may be replaced with someone else, like Nightingale.)

-- Summer BB (Faceless Moon and NP Drain on her NP is useful as a support, and I like BB as a character. While some may prefer DPS Summer BB, mine is more support.)
-- Melt (My ST Alter Ego, although I feel Alter Egos may not be in high demand due to the multipliers and other options. Still, Melt was great in her event and she serves as my anti-assassin servant.)
-- MHXX (Unsure about this one, she was mainly placed here since she is a Foreigner and complements MHX fairly well. Someone else may take the slot instead.)

* * * * *

Now, the main thing I need to do is start thinking about Command Codes for everybody, as well as how exactly I'm going to distribute Grails now since the Support List has expanded.


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Did some of the new Gilfest CQs. They were either easier than the reruns or else bringing another damage dealer with the event CE just makes things a lot simpler when going in blind. The gorgon sisters one took either 2 or 3 attempts but I think I managed the other two or three CQs I did today in a single try.


3x support list is nice since it's easier to grab the support caster you want, and it'll probably let you ''reuse" the same CE three times, meaning you can have important CEs in different servants for your support list, which should also be a nice QoL change.

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I can't beat the Achilles CQ, it's too RNG heavy due to needing tons of crits and being forced to run Herc/Friend AA/Friend Cu Alter or bust is not really fun. I ended up wasting all my command seals on that one in vain, so I'll wait until they recharge before I try with Roma.

I wonder if NA will get the support list improvement earlier. It'd certainly come in handy to easily have access to Castoria/Skadi/Merlin/Tamamo without needing to refresh a lot for the latter two. It'll also be nice to make the ALL slot into a waifu showcase rather than a second caster slot.

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Okay so I looked on the wiki since on my first attempt of the Achilles CQ he tried to duel Waver (who got bodied in a single turn by Achilles' regular attacks, obviously), but it didn't happen in my next attempt with a different team.

And supposedly the requirements are:
Will attempt to duel a servant in your frontline. Will only duel Male or Genderless servants, with their class being non-caster and assaain. If team has no servant that fits the criteria, he will charge NP to full every turn until he has a duel partner.


How are you even supposed to find these requirements? And Waver is a Caster anyway. Plus Merlin was in my original lineup, and he survived after Waver died. But Achilles didn't try to duel Merlin at all.


Anyway, I'm just going to pretend Achilles using his NP every turn is how his CQ is meant to be played. (Shouldn't be too hard to deal with considering Kama kind of owns him despite the Charm resist.)

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Turns out Stheno was the answer to deal with Achilles. His disgusting crits mean little when she erases his buffs as soon as he gets them and then he's dealing 0 dmg to her 1/3rd of the time (1/3rd is the duel and the other third is him being charm-locked by Stheno). 

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Never bothered figuring out how Achilles duel works, so the CQ ended up a giant grind.



Took me 2.5 hours to play this CQ. 3 attempts total, 1st try went blind and Achilles rolled my whole team, second try had BB with Prisma Cosmos and I figured out about 1 million damage in that Merlin needs Prisma Cosmos, not BB, and I shuffled the frontline to be Jeanne/Merlin/Kama rather than Jeanne/BB/Kama.


The only duel I saw was the very first attempt where Waver died the same turn as the duel, so I couldn't even read the debuff text.

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Looks like my phone is getting up there in age as it is prone to freezing (graphics lock up but the music still plays), so I guess there will be no efficient lotto farming for me in the foreseeable future. // I was hoping to get my Shop Currency farm out of the way before tackling the CQ, then I would transition into lotto tickets.

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The fact that I can't bring my best ST saber (Nero Bride) to the last CQ is kind of depressing... (She's 2000/2000 Fou'd and level 100, and I can't use her because she's Roman.)


Also I have no idea why I brought Gilgamesh as my main damage dealer on my first attempt for that. 2nd attempt ended with 700k hp left, and the main reason seemed to be the fact I didn't have enough sustain, so hopefully a Artoria/Jeanne/Merlin frontline would beat it on my third.

Edit: Fight took a while (1 hour or so)? But went pretty smoothly.

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Worked my way through the original CQs.

4. Jaguar CQ: Did the same strat as last year (Normal Cu and Cu Alter), but it required several attempts due to RNG and figuring out the proper kill order.

5. Pawn Shop CQ: Not sure how this went smoothly the first time around, as I had some difficulty in the rerun despite using the same setup of Rider Kintoki. Maybe I had better RNG and/or slightly better strategy...

6. MHXA CQ: Failed my first attempt as I went all the way to the end before breaking her first bar. In hindsight, having the snacks around to take up actions is better, and on average one snack is taken down per turn anyways, simulating one turn passing of Hyper MHXA. I was two turns away from victory, as Herc Insurance got targeted down early.
-- On my second attempt the plan was to wait until the stun/charm snacks came around, then to burst down the first bar. The first one came around and was wasted on the first bar. Herc was focused down while in a group, wasting his Bond CE guts. I lost this run.
-- Gonna try again with a different setup, and then hopefully move onto the new CQs before stuff expires.
== EDIT: Managed to clear with a different team setup (BB, Waver, Tamamo // Support Cu Alter, Mash, Herc Insurance). Still cut it close near the end, but Cu Alter and Herc remained standing.

7. Original Finale CQ: Smooth sailing with the Cu Alter Support setup, same as last year.
* * * * * * * * * *
In other news, I actually managed to get some decent lotto farming in despite the freeze issues. So far I managed to open around 80 boxes and leveled up all of my Servants.
-- I'm debating if I want to farm further for materials, but transforming Gold Embers into Mana Prisms seems a bit of a waste.

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Only managed to get up to 65 boxes due to some RL issues. It's a shame because I would've loved some extra Hero's Proof because Zerkersashi ate my stash. 

EXP wise I finally levelled all my old welfares (sans Shuten to take advantage of the 2x EXP she'll get on the rerun) and only have some summer servants and the 3 stars without an interlude. 

Summer Kama on JP is looking REAL nice, but 2023 looks like a rough year to pull with all the great servants it has released. Oh well, right now I need to worry on how my luck will fare next month (Space Ishtar vs 90 sq) and leave the future banner worries to 2023 Alexmender.

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Worked my way through the other CQs before they expired.

ROMA CQ: Tried a Bedi composition based off of a guide, but mine was NP3 and the guide was NP5. It may also have some RNG involved, and I made a miscalculation where ROMA had an one invul left on the turn I needed to burst.
-- I went in with my Artoria, Waver, and Support Merlin based off a similar team in the comments of the guide. It went much more smoothly even though it took longer.

Achilles CQ: Followed a guide and went old-school buff-stacking on Herc. It worked effortlessly (Herc, Waver, Support Merlin).

Eli's CQ: This ended up being a slog. The mechanics were interesting at first, but then it devolved into Eli soloing the Dragon with its ever-increasing DEF stacks. Somehow, Eli managed to pull off a victory at the last possible moment.
-- I have a feeling this CQ is a breeze for those who have a Merlin of their own. I ran Summer BB to lock in Eli's cards while the rest were heals and debuff clears. (On a side note, it's a sad day when a 3-star servant outperforms a 4-star welfare...)

Clown's CQ: Went with a Rider Ishtar comp based off of a guide. After dealing with RNG screwing me over, I finally managed to clear the CQ. I may have enjoyed the quest a little more if I wasn't pressed for time.

Eric's CQ: Tried a Kuro setup, but she didn't have enough DPS to take down Eric and he eventually overwhelmed my party. There was one attempt where Eric had a single point of HP left, but he had that 100% DMG Resist and I couldn't get past it...
-- Then I went Kintoki Rider and he carried me to victory.

In the end I decided to skip on the "Gorgon Sisters" and "Napoleon & Pals" CQs, mostly because of the time factor. I was rushing through the CQs then needed to do other stuff, and when I had free time again, I decided it was not worth the hassle and stress to finish them before they expired.
-- In terms of boxes, I opened up 93 despite having freezing issues. All servants I have are leveled and I have like 800 Gold Embers stored away (600 in Second Archive, and 200+ in Presents).

* * * * *

In terms of future Servants, Summer Kama definitely looks interesting, although Space Ishtar is on the horizon and she fulfills a similar role (Avenger Loop Servant).While I would love both, at the moment I need to be focused on getting Skadi for Quick Loop compositions. 

At least NA 2022 looks relatively smooth sailing for me, save for the release of Artoria Caster. While there are servants I would like to have and potentially raising the NP levels of Servants I already own, I am relatively content with my roster.
-- 2023 though will hit hard with Muramasa, Artoria Caster (again), Morgan, Fairy Lancelot, Caren, Koyanskaya... // If I had to pick one, it'll probably be Fae Lancelot. Koyanskaya I can get from a support list if necessary, although having one of my own would be nice. The others are just a nice bonus for me.

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Summer Kama just casually has 7 passives. Her third skill is interesting in that you really want to have either cooldown reduction or run two of her in a team to take full advantage of it, because otherwise her damage up buff falls off right when you get the maximum number of stacks on the enemy, assuming I'm reading her skill correctly.

The extra damage vs. charmed is a little unfortunate since her AoE charm also has her NP damage up, so if you use her charm to have the NP damage up for 3 waves you'd end up using the Charm on the 1st and probably easiest wave to kill. Her NP should hit like a truck, though, since it's a 1.5x multiplier even at overcharge 1 and she's only like 30 Atk less than Jeanne Alter.

I was planning to get NP 2 Space Ishtar but given Kama's existence I'm not too sure anymore.

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I wonder if I had any troubles with the raid last year. This time it's a breeze thanks to Kama one shotting the boss 100% of the time. 

It's a bit annoying that the raid started right in the middle of the week rather than the weekend, but oh well. I'll try to get as many eggs from this as I can. 

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The re-run event seemed to go much more smoothly this year, although that is likely due to having the CEs from last year.
-- Raid Setup is Caster!Shuten and Rider!Kintoki with supports. This is the same setup I used previously if I recall correctly. I'm unsure if I have a one-shot setup, but I'm too lazy to figure one out at the moment.
-- Managed to get 96 Raids in from using up most of my Bronze and Silver Apples. I've cleared the point ladder, but can still use some shop currency to buy the stuff that unlocks when the raid concludes.
-- At the moment I'll probably ride out the rest of the event using natural AP, doing the Raid while it is active and then moving to the regular nodes for their mats.

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I'm personally trying to do the event on natural AP (ate like 8 bronze apples only, IRRC). Lots of QP from gilfest and I don't really urgently need any materials, so I'm trying to hoard apples. I'll probably end up eating some apples to clear the shop later, but we'll see.

Point ladder is only halfway done so Kama only does a bit more than 1 million fully buffed (although I can probably double that if I run Plugsuit and a more serious comp), but as long as I run Kama the raid is easy enough that I don't care too much. Too lazy to math out whether I should run 1 damage CE or 2 (or 0, but I'm not gonna run 0 damage CEs for the raid...) to reach the point ladder around the time I'm finished farming, so I'm running 2 damage CEs for now.

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Man is it just me, or are the egg drops really stingy? I’ve done this raid 250+ times but I’ve only gotten 40 eggs out of the whole thing. I wasn’t expecting to be swimming in them given that the rate are relatively lowish but damn. I can’t tell if I’m having terrible luck or this is par for the course.

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Ended up clearing shop a lot easier than I expected, but that's mostly because I don't want like 50% of the shop. (Don't even need hearts at this point since I killed Barbados so much and ended up with 200+.)

Just farming eggs in main story free quests now.

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The fabled Saber Wars II has finally been announced. The event is likely starting either Friday or Monday of next week. Kinda hoping it's on Monday to get a chance of using the November tickets on the Space Ishtar banner. 


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OG Artoria increases Artorium drop but she isn't a bonus unit for damage or bond purposes, according to FGO wiki.


I don't think I'll be rolling on the pre-release banner (which should be MHX) or the craft essence banner. The craft essence banner is pretty much a worse story banner that---I assume---can't even get story locked servants. If the banner boosted 5* CE odds it might be slightly interesting, but I doubt it will.

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Huh... apparently the level up dialogue will always be the current ascension, even if you selected a different picture to display. So it'll play the voice of the current ascension with a different picture for the servant if you level up after changing the servant's picture.

Rolls were pretty good. Wanted to get MLB 5* CE but the rolls said it wasn't happening. NP 2 Ishtar was nice, though.

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I only got the 5* CE and like 4 copies of the four star one from 120 sq and 10 tickets. I had to pay the price for that NP2 Summer Musashi in 60 quartz, so I already had the feeling this banner was going to be a miss. 

I do know that S.Ishtar is the better servant overall because she can do those fancy loops during irregular nodes, but Musashi should be more than good enough for Castoria looping for the next 2 years outside of said nodes.

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Decided to go for NP2 Space Ishtar, even with Skadi on the horizon. Spent 210 Quartz, got...
-- NP2 Space Ishtar
-- NP2 Calamity Jane 
-- Fionn
-- +1 Valkyrie (NP3 now)
-- +1 Kerry (NP 3 now)
-- 3 5-Star Event CEs
-- 7 4-Star Event CEs
-- 6 3-Star Event CEs

Used up almost all of my Quartz and Fragments, so I'll need to get some more before Skadi hits.
-- I'm tempted to turn the extra copy of Calamity Jane into a Rare Prism, as I don't think I need extra NP copies of Servants I don't use/favor. I'll still keep the NP1 for collection purposes though (says the guy who got rid of Drake for emergency Rare Prisms and NP2 D'Eon).

Sadly I don't have enough mats to max ascension S!Ishtar because I don't have the Blood Tears. I doubt I'll be able to max her skills, so its back to farming mats for me.

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The fact that there's no eggs in the shop is a shame (especially considering Ishtar needs like 50 of them...), but at least the best node drops eggs, so that's nice.

Ate like a golden apple's worth of bronze apples, I believe, but it seems like I'm on track to clearing everything with natural AP aside from that.

And wow, new Elizabeth has a 4cd NP Gauge skill. Which is, admittedly, usually 5 cd due to the demerit, but you could maybe run the self cleanse command code for her. Probably not worth using someone else's skill to cleanse it, though.

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Playing through the event casually and am loving it thus far (just finished the Queens story arc).
-- Man, I remember hearing about how people did not like Saber Wars II. I guess people expected another Halloween event at the time instead, but I'm loving the event and don't mind it replacing Halloween for a year. (I suppose it helps that I am indifferent to Liz, who tends to be the star of the Halloween events.)

My Space Ishtar is stuck at Level 70, but once I progress far enough with the missions I should get the Blood Tearstones she needs for ascension. I just hope I have enough mats to finish ascending her to 90...
-- As for skills, I'm bottlenecked by feathers. Everything else looked good when I raised her first skill up to 9.

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