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Japanese blog on findings from FE2, FE3, FE5 and Berwick Saga data

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So I stumbled on this blog by accident while searching for Berwick Saga stuff


It seems to have detailed analyses based data in these games

The most interesting seems to be the posts on Thracia's AI routines(!) and really arcane Gaiden stuff (things like map spawn probabilities, summoning routines, etc.)

Also it has a few stuff on unused map illustrations and data for Berwick Saga as well


Stuff like this would be interesting to have translated, though I'm not sure whether it would garner interest tbh

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There's a lot of interesting things buried in here. All this data on the older FE's internals is a nice read (even if Google mangles it.) FE3 having some hidden debug menus was probably the most interesting find of the lot. Certainly a spiffier battle test compared to its FE1 equivalent.

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There is quite a bit of technical language used here, and so plenty of terms I would be unfamiliar with in English xD...as well as the fact I didn't play some of those games. Perhaps if I get time later on I can look into it.

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