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Time to vent out any salt from bad Hero Fest pulls

Now that we're on our second Hero Fest, here's a fun little distraction/topic to speculate possible combinations for the next Hero Fest. Now that we have a second one, there is now a pattern that we can discern for Hero Fest type banners:

1. Heroes that are normally hard to get and are locked into 5 star

2. Hero Fest acts as a support banner for newcomers to give them good units

3. Heroes have a fair amount of popularity (Ike) or are popular based on their skill (Genny)

4. There is one Hero for each orb colour


So what would your Hero Fest banner look like and why? Mine would be:

Red - Celica

Blue - Linde

Green - Minerva

Colorless - Jaffar

Good red mages are hard to get since the good ones are usually 5 star rarity (or Tharja who's still not common), and Celica would ride off the relevancy of the Shadows of Valentia game (and it helps she's pretty popular and is a female magical Lord).

Since we had dancers in the previous Hero Fests (Lance Azura and Dragon Ninian), I feel it would be a Blue Tome's turn and Linde is a very good choice since she's hard to get and is one of the best glass cannon mages. Repeating her again would be good since the last banners she was on were right next to each other, so this is a good chance to get her.

As for Green, there's not much choice left for 5 star only green units since Hector has been done. There's Sonya, but I didn't want the banner to be mostly mages, so Minerva was a good pick. Great weapon, nice in-demand skills with Life and Death and also has Ward Fliers unique to her for Flier teams. As a unit, she's very fast and can hit hard with her weapon which also has a nice effect.

The last one may be a strange choice, but I think Jaffar could be a suitable colorless representative. Although I could've picked Elise (Live to Serve 3 fodder or hard hitting healer for horse teams), colorless already had a bow user and a staff user, so I feel daggers should get 1 representative at least once. Also it stops the banner from being all girls if you care about gender balance I guess. If anything, Life and Death is great skill to inherit so that would be a reason to pull for him- although I realise with Minerva in the banner, this is already 2/3 of the Life and Death banner going on now. But hey, this is better since it's 5% chance AND you can pull for green or colorless if the other colour orb doesn't show up!

What would your banners be?

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2 minutes ago, mcsilas said:

Goad Fliers

Palla has Goad Fliers.  Minerva is Ward Fliers.


Anyway, I'd say Celica (relevancy + one of the best Red mages in the game)/Ephraim (Good -blade support like his sister with decent tanking abilities to take hits for those squishy blade mages)/Minerva (Really not a lot of 5* only greens yeah)/Elise (Still won't come home, also best offensive healer in the game currently)

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1 minute ago, Glaceon Mage said:

Palla has Goad Fliers.  Minerva is Ward Fliers.

Woops, yeah I had the right skill and effect in mind but I keep messing up the actual name between those two.

Yeah Ephraim is a good choice, too! Strange how he's only 5 star while Eirika can be 4 star


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If it were up to me, I would probably pick...

  1. Red: Katarina
  2. Blue: Hinoka
  3. Green: Minerva
  4. Colorless: ...Probably Faye or Elise.

Katarina is a solid mage that also happens to come with Swift Sparrow. That, and I have something of a Katarina bias (which is probably pretty obvious). Hinoka('s currently exclusive C Skill) is a staple for flier teams, and is a strong Lance user to boot. Minerva because Minerva, it's also fitting to have at least one other flier on a banner that has Hinoka on it. Faye/Elise was just my bias talking because I couldn't think of anyone better.

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Mage theme: Katarina, Linde, Sonya, Jaffar (fodder for the other three)

Movement theme: Hinoka, Minerva, Leo, Elise

Support theme: Lucina, Ephraim, Mist, and a new green unit (Hector, Julia, Minerva, and Sonya are the only unlimited 5* exclusive green right now).

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My Hero Fest banner? Ryoma, Hector, Azura, Takumi. Waitwhatdoyoumeanthatalreadyexists?


Red: Katarina (Essentially Tharja but more focused on RES than HP or DEF, Katarina also has some unique skills to pass on to others. There's Rauðrowl+, Swift Sparrow, and Atk Ploy.)
Green: Camilla (A decent unit, but comes with amazing skills. Brave Axe+, Draconic Aura, Darting Blow, and Savage Blow. She breaks the rules since she is pullable as a 4-star unit, but I'm sure her popularity can make her an exception to the rule.)
Blue: Delthea (A solid unit on her own, she also provides Death Blow and Drive Atk. Probably the best unit "out of the box," vanilla wise.)
Gray: Jaffar (He is the Angel of Death and is a solid debuffer + chip unit. He also has Life and Death as well as Threaten SPD to pass on for Skill Inheritance.)

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Mine have already been mentioned, but I'll say them:

Red: Celica - She's probably one of the best red mages in the game, and that's always useful for newcomers and oldtimers alike.

Blue - Hinoka - She's not been on many banners and she has a very important C skill, as well as being fairly useful herself.

Green - Minerva - Works well with the others. Life and Death 3. Very good unit overall.

Colourless - Jaffar - Mostly because I want to pull him xD I can see arguments for Elise as well.

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I have no idea about meta stuff, so this is just what seems nice to me:

Blue: Hinoka or Ephraim. I haven't seen a banner with them in some time (and I never saw a banner with Ephraim, but it might have been done before. He's popular, and with the new SS banner, it'd make sense for him to appear next).

Red: Corrin/Ryoma (due to popularity + usefulness)

Green: Nino (I'd vote for Julia, but she's already there. Sonya too, for the same reason)

Colorless: Kagero (usefulness).


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Since GHB Repeats left out Xander and Camus (for whatever reason o.o) I think those Units will become Banner Units.

The Next Hero-Banner will prolly consist of:

Xander (Red, with Distant Counter)
Camus (Blue, with Distant Counter)
Kagero (Neutral, the unit that pwns Infantery Units)
As for the Green Unit, i have no Idea, prolly Sonya, she is a Force as a Green Unit and has a good Kit without SI

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