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My Hero Academia Mafia - Game Over


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1. As the host, I have the ability to add, remove or modify these rules at any time. If a change is made, an announcement will be made in the game thread.
2. This game is NOC. Communicate in the game thread only, unless a host specifically tells you otherwise.
3. You may not speak during the night phase unless a host specifically tells you otherwise.
4. You may not speak to dead players. Do not speak to non-players who aren't listed as hosts/IOs.
5. Taking screenshots or quoting outside communications with the host, real or forged, will result in an instant modkill. This applies to Role PMs, night results and any other form of communication. 
6. Do not edit your posts. If you somehow slip up with this, contact me immediately and tell me what you changed.
7. If you are modkilled by any fault of your own, you lose. 
8. If you attempt to gain an advantage for your faction through your modkill, measures will be taken to prevent this from happening.
9. If you don't post for 24 hours, you will be prodded. After several prods I will attempt to sub you out or modkill you if that isn't possible. Please inform me ahead of time if you are going to be absent.
10. Be civil. If you feel as though things are getting out of hand, please contact me and I will handle the situation if necessary.

1. This game starts on Day 1.
2. Day 1 will last 72 hours, and Day 2 and onward will be 48 hours, while nights last for 24 hours. These may be bent slightly for the sake of host convenience.
3. The player with the most votes at the end of the phase will be lynched. 1/3rd of the votes (rounded up) are required to lynch. 2/3rd of the votes (rounded down) hammers and ends phase early. Ties lead to a No Lynch. 
4. No Lynch is a valid vote target. If two day phases end in No Lynch, the game will end in Universal Loss.
5. *YLO will not be announced.
6. You will be informed if you successfully targeted a player, and you will be informed if your action was redirected, and you will learn who your new target was. 
7. To vote, use the following format: ##Vote: <USER> and to unvote use ##Unvote.
8. If 1/3 of the the living players ##Vote: Extension during a Day phase other than Day 1, the phase will be extended by 24 hours. This can only be done once.
9. Mafia members can communicate over Discord while they are alive. After they are dead, they cannot contribute to the discussion.
10. This game is cardflip, meaning that when a player dies, all that will be posted in the game thread will be their character, role and alignment (along with a pretty picture).

Setup Information:
1. There are 17 players in this game. All of them are on the playerlist.
2. There are only two alignments in this game, the Town and the Mafia.
3. There are 13 townies. The Town win condition is as follows: "You win when the Mafia have been eliminated and at least one member of the Town remains alive." 
4. There are 4 mafia members. The Mafia win condition is as follows: "You win when the Mafia have achieved parity with the Town or nothing can prevent the same from happening."
5. There is at least one Town Vanilla in the game.
6. The safeclaim characters for Mafia members have been selected through RNG. Character claims have no bearing on alignment.
7. This is not a bastard game. Everything happens for a reason.
8. For anyone who cares about Manga spoilers, Role PMs will not reference any events that take place after midway through Season 3 (Episode 50)

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Top Posters In This Topic

Living Players (7): 
- Alette
- Athena_57
- Bartozio
- dyachei
[formerly Tuvy2]
- Flee Feet!
- Snike
[formerly Omega.]
- WeaponsofMassConstruction [formerly Killthestory > Orihime]

Deceased (10):
- Tuvy (Kurogiri, Mafia Odd Night Rolecop, was Lynched Day 1!)
- Refa (Eijiro Kirishima, Town Vanilla, was Killed Night 1!)

- Corrobin (Mina Ashido, Town Vanilla was Lynched Day 2!)
- fairyjigglypuff (Izuku Midoriya, Town Doctor was Killed Night 2!)
- weinerboy (Koji Koda, Town Vanilla was Killed Night 2!)
- Mackc2 (Denki Kaminari, Town Night 4 Vigilante was Lynched Day 3!)
- BBM (Mineta Minoru, Town Vanilla was Killed Night 3!)
- Vi-astra (Ochaco Uraraka, Town Night 3 Vigilante was Killed Night 3!)

- Magnificence Incarnate (Momo Yaoyorozu, Town Jack of all Trades was Lynched Day 4!)
- Shinori (Hanta Sero,Town  Vanilla was Killed Night 4!)

Important Links:

Day 1 End / Night 1 End
Day 2 End / Night 2 End
Day 3 End / Night 3 End
Day 4 End 

Edited by SB.
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Seventeen students of Class 1-A were informed that they were going to be spending the day at a new training facility (the others had unfortunately contracted a severe case of SB-doesn't-want-to-host-a-20p-itis and were tragically bedridden). 

After they arrived, they were each handed an envelope (with strict instructions not to share the contents, under threat of detention) and met by the pro hero Sborge. His Quirk, for the uneducated, is getting bad level ups in HaruFE. Wasting no time, he began to explain the task.

"The scenario is as follows: you are heroes on a rescue mission, but you have reason to believe that you have saboteurs in your midst. You have all been given an envelope with an 'alignment' card in it. The majority of you will act as heroes in the Town faction, but there are four Mafia members who will play the role of villains. Each faction wins by eliminating the other faction by any means necessary - so long as those means involve a nice ethical noose if you're a townie."

"That doesn't sound very ethical all!" cried one of the students in protest. 

"Well, I don't have time to write any better flavour." SB shrugged, ignoring the looks of bewilderment on the class' faces. "It's time for you to get to work!"

It is now Day 1! Day 1 ends in 72 hours.  With 17 alive, it takes 6 to lynch and 11 to hammer.

Edited by SB.
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  • charlie_ changed the title to My Hero Academia Mafia - Day 1

Here to vote Ref-

25 minutes ago, SB. said:

Living Players (17):
- Alette
- Athena_57
- Bartozio
- Sunwoo (Boron)
- Corrobin
- fairyjigglypuff
- Flee Feet!
- Mackc2
- Magnificence Incarnate (Marth)
- Omega. (Yoloswag)
- Orihime (Claire)
- RADicate
- Shinori
- Tuvy
- Tuvy2
- Vi-astra (Via)
- weinerboy


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1 minute ago, weinerboy said:

lol if u guys wanna bully claire Just type like this no sentence breaks it's not hard Btw im not from this site you're all peons to me i love aizen and want him to stab me

I'm not bullying claire at all. Just showing her my love.

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