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What is your favorite animal?


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aka the animal I'd look into getting if I were a supervillain.

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Just now, AnonymousSpeed said:


Ey, that's my culture's national animal! You have good taste.

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4 hours ago, AnonymousSpeed said:


No, the vancouver Canucks culture's national animal is an L, as in loss

Catalan. Catalonia's a part of spain, but is its own culture-Sort of like the Basques and Galicians. Their national (Or cultural, I guess) animal is the mule, because they're stubborn, a trait which I inherited in full!

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I did not inherit a train in full.
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Oh this is an easy one. Vultures are at the very top of my list.

Axolotls coming at a close second.

And cats come third.

Honorable mention goes to Blue Jays.

I just love animals.

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