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2021 Valentine's Day Speculation Banner Thread

King Marth 64

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1 minute ago, Diovani Bressan said:

Hmm... I was right about the Fatal Smoke's description. That will be an interesting, and annoying, skill.


And another thing that influenced us to see a ship between Líf and Thrasir, their alternative older versions, is that Thrasir only have Líf, and vice versa. Once enemies, now became the only real ally each other can have. When everyone but them died in their world, they were the only one there to confort each other. All that experience made them develop a strong bond, which is common that it could evolve into something else.

For the Alfonse and Veronica we know... I don't see anything so far that could give us a hint. Or at least I don't remember anything related. So maybe, because the way their world is, a relationship between Alfonse and Veronica may not be a thing.

To be fair, for me, it's very convenient that all that "I hear voices that tells me to kill" stuff suddently disappeated. Like, it's not even mentioned in previous Books. We all know that Bruno is searching for something to help that, but he's been searching for a cure for Veronica's problem... that didn't appeared since Book 1. It's kinda looks like Veronica already is cured.

Yeah, they kind of swept Veronica's issues under the rug. You're right about this Veronica and Alfonse being different people with different experiences from the Lif and Thrasir versions, but even so, there's been some development. For example, towards the end of book 4, the one who initially spoke out about hoping Alfonse wasn't actually dead was Veronica, and she was very concerned about that. That said, that was part of Kiran's dream (though, what with Peony showing up at the end of the book to visit Sharena, they were probably all actually there (minus Alfonse) so that could have actually been her reacting), so... Their relationship really began softening in book 2, when Veronica was saved by Askr. Then, in book 3, Veronica stopped being quite so harsh toward Askr/Alfonse, and began working alongside him. In book 4, besides the part I already talked about, there was the time when they were looking for Mirabilis, and Alfonse and Veronica got to talking a bit while Peony and Sharena goofed off elsewhere. So, it looks like their relationship is slowly developing over the course of the books (but mostly with Veronica having a crush on Alfonse. I think Alfonse is oblivious to her feelings and just focused on defeating whatever world-ending monster they happen to be facing at the time. He may even only want friendship from her; hard to say at this point. Alfonse is a very practical guy.)

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