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  1. I'm not exactly against it, I would just ignore it like I did in Fates. Unless it's like Thracia, then I'm absolutely against it, that's part of what I hate about Thracia. Even a more refined version of Fates' capturing I would probably pass on, it's just not my thing. But as long as it is easy to ignore, I don't mind it being there.
  2. Oh dang it, I forgot about that. I predicted Myrrh because: We're expecting Wind and Wind is her affinity in Sacred Stones. We're expecting female. We just got a special Sacred Stones banner without her (not always relevant to an upcoming legendary but sometimes is). It's been a long time since we got a Sacred Stones legendary (Oct 2018). She could theoretically be any color. I won't back out of my prediction now but that certainly makes me less confident.
  3. I like Byleth the most. She felt the most to me like an actual avatar and also had the most justification for being an avatar, among other things.
  4. Form skills as seals is nice. There's too much competition for them to be useful in the A slot but as seals they could be pretty useful.
  5. I'm just happy we have a word for speed-based damage reduction now: Dodge.
  6. No Silksong 0/10. But really Ender Lilies is the only one that really caught my eye. The clock ticks even when you're not playing. The game has been on Steam for over a year now.
  7. You might like PoR more, but as far as what changes a remaster might entail - upscaled graphics and general QoL improvements, but no major story or gameplay changes - PoR definitely needs more.
  8. Despite not putting much stock in the rumors myself, I don't actually think this means much. Thanibomb could have information and be willing to start dropping subtle hints, but not yet be willing to tell any news sites "Yeah, I'm leaking remakes" just yet. As I recall she did a similar thing with the Three Houses leaks where she made some comments that, in hindsight, were pretty informed before she started actually leaking information.
  9. Remasters would make a lot more sense than full-on remakes. Both games could use some touching up (especially PoR), but no more. As for the potential of the rumors, a lot of that speculation is reaching pretty hard. If it happens, cool, but I'm not holding my breath.
  10. Smash Sisters! (This also happens to be my most-wanted list) 2B from Nier: Automata Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong Hornet from Hollow Knight Amaterasu from Okami Urbosa from The Legend of Zelda Smh, doesn't even have Red from Transistor.
  11. I mean...that's just fiction in general. That first paragraph could describe 99% of stories that have ever existed, in any medium. People don't want to see the bad guy win in the end. Even stories which seem to feature a "bad guy wins" plot usually have some sort of eventual turnaround. So, to answer the title question: Never. At least not as a full campaign. And I don't see anything wrong with that.
  12. Wrys was definitely a meme before Heroes, though.
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