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  1. I actually laughed when I saw Forrest's kit. Poor guy.
  2. Kind of funny how the list leads has more women than men on it. They're really stretching it with some of those. Ryoma would make a lot of sense tbh, not sure why he isn't there but Julia and Ninian are. And of course, the Three Houses leads. A new Fates banner and still no Mozu...I cry. But finally we get an actually really good summoning update with the free 5* choice. When I first saw that counter I figured it would be for a guaranteed 5*, but wasn't expecting you'd actually get to just choose. That filter is very nice. Unsurprisingly, this FEH Channel was much better received than the previous one.
  3. Kinda seems like an early April Fool's. Really pointless FEH Channel otherwise.
  4. They said they wanted to, not that they definitely would, and that was also before 3H was such a huge success. Just sayin'. I want Tellius and Elibe myself.
  5. Possible, but don't be surprised if it ends up being Three Houses Warriors like Persona 5 Scramble, maybe with a bonus character or two thrown in.
  6. I alluded to this earlier, but you have improved. I've been seeing your posts for a long time, after all. Fair enough. Just don't forget that sometimes friends need to call each other out.
  7. It's about how you say things. People don't have a hate-boner for Anacybele, but she's the one who gets people on her case for a reason, and that reason is that she's bad at saying these things in ways that won't get on people's nerves. Imagine if she'd instead said something like, "Not sure who this is. Gonna keep saving for Ashera or Ashunera." She'd get across who she'd rather have in a way that wouldn't look dismissive.
  8. If that was all she'd said I wouldn't have responded to her in the first place. She went out of her way to express disappointment that it isn't a character she wants, a character who would have been the third mythic from that continent while Bramimond is the first from Elibe. While I'll at least say her response is better than it would have been in the past, it was still pretty tone-deaf and selfish, and it's an attitude people are too used to seeing from her and are annoyed by. If she can't say a thing without getting this, it's because people are sick of it.
  9. Well that just takes away all my excitement for the character.
  10. Oh wow yeah, I didn't notice that. The fourth one is Roy.
  11. Ooh, that's an interesting one. Why four voices, though? Yeah, too bad we didn't get a third Tellius Mythic while some continents are still waiting for one.
  12. Stay away from people. Seriously. I work at an "essential" store (maybe 10% of our stock is essential) and we're getting more people than ever. They're completely ignoring warnings and instead just treating the situation like a staycation and buying whatever random bullshit they can at the stores that are still open. People suck.
  13. That's not necessarily a good thing. No, for the most part it just means you're forced to drag around extra units for no good reason. There are better ways to create such risks. I say that's what makes it a terrible mechanic, and maybe the worst ever created in the series. Why shouldn't I be allowed to use the same units every time? There are much better ways to discourage low-manning than straight up forcing the player out of the characters they like. Dismounting isn't a bad idea on its own, but the way it was implemented means you have maps where every damn unit in your army has to use a sword to fight. This coupled with the way capture and weapon acquisition works in the game creates endless frustration. However, once again, there are better potential ways to balance mounted units, should such a thing even be necessary in the first place.
  14. The first fighter pass was planned alongside the base game, which is why no one was "upgraded" from there; no reason to make a Piranha Plant spirit when they know they're adding it as a playable fighter. Fighter Pass 2 was not planned with the base game, and I find it highly doubtful they'd restrict themselves based on anything like spirits or assist trophies in the base game, though any spirit events with new spirits that have happened in the last year or so such as Astral Chain and Resident Evil very likely won't get playable fighters, seeing as Three Houses didn't get spirits until Byleth was added.
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