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  1. Gonna keep voting for Anna (Awakening) even though I don't expect her to do nearly as well this year on account of the alt she got. There's no one I desperately want to see win (or lose).
  2. Priscilla is top tier in any relevant context I can think of. She's the only mounted staff user in the game, a pretty important function by itself, and her early join ensures you can get the most out of her. And yeah, I like her. She's one of the few I got 5* +10 in Heroes, anyway.
  3. I've seen people in various places complaining that they were lied to because apparently we were told everyone in the fighter's pass would be from a new series. I thought people had eventually realized that Reggie said new to the series, not from new series, but I guess I overestimated the internet.
  4. Yeah, exactly, "a thing." She's the alternate, the extra, the "here, now stop complaining." What do you see on the character selection screen? Male Byleth. How will people continue to talk about the character? He/him. Female Byleth might not even get an amiibo. Pft. Laughable. This only applies for Warriors, and even that screwed it up in the end. What you say is false, and if you believe it, you're not paying proper attention. "General consensus" means nothing if it's not reflected, and I still see male Corrin's dumb face on the selection screen.
  5. Sigh... Yet another male-default avatar character. I'm losing track at this point. And yet the character doesn't even look very unique. Everything I saw basically looked like slower versions of things other characters already do. Oh well.
  6. What is this "most" of the cast? Not many characters actually have a reliable down throw -> air attack in Ultimate. You're just upset because 70+ characters weren't all made to your exact specifications.
  7. The YouTube video description. Go to the first post, view the video on YouTube, read the description.
  8. Not sure if this has been posted yet, but the video description has a correction: "The description for "Mirage Longbow" is incorrect in this video. The following is correct: "Effective against flying foes. Grants Spd+3. If unit's Spd is greater than foe's Spd, foe cannot counterattack."" The video says the foe cannot make a follow-up attack instead of cannot counterattack, which makes a lot more sense. What stood out more to me though is that the correction used "is greater than" rather ">."
  9. Incidentally, this is the reason I skipped TMS and why I ultimately don't care one bit about this banner...but I would have at least liked a character with some character to be the freebie.
  10. I remember, and I'm not saying it's impossible, but that was years ago. For a while now the banner colors have been much more balanced. There's also only three and banners have consistently had four for over a year now. I guess they could throw the mom in, though.
  11. I wouldn't mind Warriors getting in (I'm not gunning for them, but I'd rather them than TMS), but I suspect they may be left out because the only characters from that game that aren't already in Heroes are all sword users. He's the freebie.
  12. They just had to make Itsuki the freebie.
  13. This, and also: Mai was never going to be playable. Sakurai likely didn't want to bother with the hassle of including her just so she could be a background character. If Sakurai wants to include 2B as playable, he'll make that extra effort. He already did with Bayonetta.
  14. Meh. Even if 2B got in first there's a laundry list of characters I'd rather see than Akira Howard, but I guess they'd be okay. On the other hand, the woman who strips to attack is already playable. If a NieR Automata character gets in, it will be 2B or both 2B and 9S as an echo of her.
  15. I would be legit upset if Astral Chain got a fighter in Smash over 2B. The game's reasonably fun, but it's far from Platinum's best outing. A spirit event is good enough.
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