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  1. I don't see what's so bad about Marianne getting Blutgang. Braves have usually been this sort of alt-canon thing. Year 1 was entirely like that (Lyn, Ike, and Lucina used their canon alternate weapons, Roy his only canon weapon + horse), year 2 was largely like that, year 3 was a mixed bag, and year 4 was just boring. With base Marianne as infantry blue tome, brave Marianne being sword cavalry with Blutgang is exactly what I would want to see, especially considering she likely isn't in the running for a legendary. Gatekeeper is in an interesting place. He likely would never have gotten in at all without this, but after reaching #1 they kind of have to use him again somewhere. However, I could see them opting to consider Bravekeeper the "base" Gatekeeper, which would reasonably justify making him infantry or armored lance. For Marth, I really hope he's not a sword, and I don't expect him to be. Yeah, Alm got a sword, but his legendary was a bow, while Marth's legendary is already a sword. I don't have any idea what they'll actually do with him, though.
  2. Elimine, the one whose only artwork showed up in a game that is otherwise completely unrelated to Fire Emblem (Mario Kart: Double Dash).
  3. Already beat Abyssal LOL. 7 minutes after launch.
  4. But "Ullr" is an actual god from Norse mythology. "Ulir" is nothing (at least that might be relevant to FEH). If the latter is her "official" name in Japanese it just means they got the romanization wrong.
  5. Some people are definitely mad about having so many OC mythics, regardless of whether or not they "deserve" it. Well, mythics didn't exist for book 2, and legendaries had many more main series candidates to fill the slots. They probably didn't plan on having so many OC mythics until book 4, considering book 3 only gave us 3 (aside from freebie Eir).
  6. By the way, the name has two L's, no I.
  7. Yep, totally called this one. ...Said absolutely no one. Cool to see another lore mythic, though.
  8. That didn't always exist and it doesn't change anything in this case anyway.
  9. You don't play any of Fates for the story. The story is trash in all 3 routes. If you're only going to play one route, go with Conquest. Even Fates haters tend to agree it has great gameplay, and the three different difficulty options are very well-balanced, offering exactly what they say at a good curve. There is, however, a potential argument for Revelation. It is considered the canon route and you can recruit almost everyone from the other two routes, so you do have a lot more options as far as who you want to use and you get all their supports as well. The game itself suggests you play Revelation after the other two routes, and while I understand why, I don't think it matters that much; it's not a sequel, it's its own story, it just reveals things that are only hinted at in the other routes, but the story is so trash anyway that I honestly recommend you don't consider story at all when making your decision. The big problem with Revelation is that its gameplay design is often very questionable, with multiple maps just being really poorly planned out. Birthright is good for what it is, and if you ever feel like playing more Fates I say go for it, but I would never recommend it to someone who only plans to play one route unless it's going to be their first FE experience.
  10. A little bit off-topic, but making every free unit weak is, in actuality, bad for business. Whales keep the game running, but communities keep the whales around. If free players have nothing to play with, they'll leave, and whales won't continue to pay for a dead game.
  11. Leila is genuinely more memorable than half the series' playable casts. Just because a character never becomes playable doesn't make them a nobody.
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