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  1. Ugh, they were supposed to go back to doing two remixes this time, but it's just Roy. Are they really planning to give us just 6 (or 8 if they continue to make Feb a remix month) remixes per year? Well, looking forward to Fjorm and Mordecai. I use Fjorm all the time in Astra and I have a +10 Mordecai that is mainly used for Pawns of Loki. Fjorm is probably getting a worthless combat refine, though. I feel like the best I can hope for with her is to make the Isolation condition a basic unit's HP > foe's HP instead of +3.
  2. But there are likely others who don't, so maaaaybe change that title to something less spoilery.
  3. Okay, and? Localization doesn't have to start at a specific point. If they want their Chinese offices to work on the game, they're going to have a Chinese version of the game.
  4. ^ There's no good reason to think a screenshot of an older build couldn't be in Chinese.
  5. I wanted to see the full roster before making any guesses on this topic. The only 3H characters left off the base roster I could possibly see being paid DLC are Anna and Judith...and Judith is a bit of a stretch. All the other characters appear to have been low priority because they just weren't popular or important enough, so they wouldn't make any sense as paid DLC. It's possible they just weren't finished in time for the game's release and will be added for free soon, though. The roster is so huge as-is that I question if we'll even get character DLC at all. If we do, it actually wouldn't surprise me to see the likes of Lyn, Lucina, Ike, Roy, etc. Might as well include the fan-favorites if they're going to branch out of Fodlan, right? And it would technically allow them to fulfill their desire to add Ike and Roy to the next FE Warriors like they said after the last one. Actually, it would be pretty cool if they just added every FEH CYL winner. It would be a surefire way to satisfy the highest amount of people and would represent every continent. Well, except Aytolis. Too bad for them. But I think it's more likely for the DLC focus to be new classes and scenarios, and maybe other small things like costumes. Since they already made the awful decision to keep gender locks on classes, maybe they'll fill out the class list with new (and gender-neutral) classes that allow characters access to weapon types they didn't have, like War Cleric so women can use gauntlets. It would actually be funny in a way if they let the Ashen Wolves be base game but held off their classes for DLC.
  6. See this is why we need to stop using numbers for this series. People can't even decide if this is FE17 or FE18. EDit: From the Famiboards link: Three Houses hard mode wasn't hard lol.
  7. You got examples of this? Why is the FE subreddit doing nothing about this if it's such a potential risk? And you can't say it's because they don't believe it's real, because even the slightest chance of it being real would be enough to take the precaution in the face of such a risk. I mean, there is straight up a Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit, how is that a thing at all? Same with Discord, except in their case it's typically much harder to track down where a leak like this might have come from to begin with, making the task more effort than it's worth. You're the one who sounds desperate to me. Skepticism is fine, but you're going out of your way to make reasons why you think it's fake, and they're all flimsy. It sounds like you just don't want it to be real. For the record, I don't care one way or another if it's real. Also @Robert Stewart is correct in that Nintendo might not want to take them down because doing so would just confirm that they're real and bring more attention to it via Streisand Effect.
  8. Nintendo can't take down just anything. They can hit YouTube videos, but these leaks aren't originating on YouTube. 4chan, Discord, and Reddit aren't places Nintendo can just waltz in and delete stuff from. This also isn't Smash Bros. Nintendo doesn't go after every single leak for every release they have. A Fire Emblem leak is probably pretty low priority for them.
  9. I don't fully get this part myself, but there are a lot of employees between IS and Koei Tecmo, so multiple titles could be getting worked on at once. I literally explained in the post you quoted why this could be the case.
  10. Star Fox 2 was a 100% completed game and didn't release for 20 years. The game supposedly being held back is just not a reason at all to not believe the leak. And the reason is right in front of us; they don't want it to cannibalize Three Hopes. Interest in a Fodlan Warriors will be much, much lower if some other FE game in a new continent comes out in the meantime. Nintendo is not some small indie studio who will release their game as soon as it's finished. They have schedules and huge marketing campaigns. If a game needs to be held back for a year to be properly marketed and fit into their release schedule, that's what they'll do.
  11. I never understood why this was so strange to people. She won him the throne. She's his general. She trusts him. When he gives her orders she follows them, even if she doesn't understand them, because she trusts that his decisions are made in the best interest of Daein. And hey, she was technically right about that.
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