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  1. The primary issue I see with this is that Harken comes as an enemy while Karel comes as an NPC, the latter of which is much more likely to be recruitable and can actually help a player clear the map even before being recruited. I remember back when my brother was first playing the game he was having a ton of trouble getting past Harken because he had no idea he could recruit the guy. You say it's clear how to recruit him, but that only matters if the player considers that an option in the first place, and the less-experienced players who are theoretically more likely to get Harken to appear are less likely to realize that at all. And, of course, merely recruiting him is harder than recruiting Karel, whom you can just safely waltz up to. My theory is that there wasn't nearly this much thought put into it. They probably considered the two to be relatively even. They come at the same level, one has better Str and durability, the other better Spd and high crit. The developers don't have the same idea of unit balance as we do.
  2. At this point ignore anyone who's not promoted (except Laura, since you'll want healing). Probably hold onto BEXP. You should just bring everyone that isn't being ignored (assuming you take the above advice). The only specific skill advice I'd give is to remove Wildheart from Volug so he can use the full transformation, which makes a huge difference in his combat. The Physic and Beastkiller will be nice to have (you'll be fighting a lot of beasts), and you can get the axes if you think either Jill or Nolan or both aren't doing too well without the extra power. Jill is largely considered the best Beorc unit by the later chapters. You can just use both her and Haar. Nolan can certainly be good, especially if he's as blessed as you say. You should never be worried about using multiple units from the same class, especially axe users, unless you just have a particular preference for team variety, but at that point it's only that, preference. If you're playing to beat the game, team variety is a useless metric, so use the same class over and over again if the units are good. How are you enjoying the game?
  3. I mean I've never had any issue recruiting Geitz in HHM but I guess that sucks for you. In fact I typically find the actual recruitment part, getting Dart to talk to him, to be more difficult than raising the lords if Dart is untrained.
  4. If you used Volug enough in part 1 to get him close to or reach S rank strike, he'll continue to be good. The hawks from PoR, Janaff and Ulki, are pretty good right out the gate for most of the rest of the game. A couple others you'll get in part 4 are quite good, though by then you're less likely to actually need Olivi Grass. Ranulf has good stats, but cats have the worst gauge, so there would be a lot of managing there. Up to you. The rest are probably not worth trying on a first run of the game.
  5. Shinon was pretty far down in the CYL 3 rankings, he was 86th overall and the 10th highest male that wasn't in the game at the time. The only thing that would have made him "considered" for the banner is that enough more popular characters were added in other ways, which really does bring into question the need for a Farfetched banner. Even Jill was ranked 52nd, which is lower than any previous Farfetched addition. She did better in CYL 4, though. (Shinon also technically ranked better in CYL 4, but had fewer votes)
  6. Agreed. Mythics actually have significantly fewer candidates than legendaries. Pretty much anyone can be a legendary, they could get away with a legendary Tharja if they really wanted to, but only very specific characters can be mythics. Plus, three of the current Heroes mythics didn't even take up mythic "slots" in the first place (Eir, Peony, Mirabilis), so it's not like we missed out on non-Heroes mythics for them.
  7. Some of these are pretty incredible: Hubert x Dedue is the worst ship Heroes ruined Seteth Scarlet being shipped with Arthur is actually terrible because it normalizes slavery Alm is a bottom (Totally true in my run of SoV, Celica was unstoppable while Alm was just okay)
  8. Almost certainly supposed to be Tatiana.
  9. The amiibo and Warriors appearances (and amiibo-based appearances) are directly based on Smash itself, so those aren't really separate reasons. Not that I mind Robin being male default, or at least I wouldn't if even just one of Corrin or Byleth were female-default, since Robin is the one that makes the most sense to be male-default. Marketing and presumed male players. Nothing more.
  10. While I do strongly dislike M Corrin, that's not it. I play female both in the games they come from and in Smash and it's discouraging to constantly see the male pushed as the "main" one.
  11. Haven't posted here in a while. Mostly lost interest in Smash since not a single newcomer has been someone I was really wanting. Funny to see that people here seemed to be expecting Spring Man as the Arms rep. I was absolutely expecting Min Min, and elsewhere it seemed like people were expecting her, too. Twintelle was who I would have wanted most from Arms, but Min Min was second. She's also the most exciting newcomer for me, and I haven't played Arms. But I've always wanted someone who's not the protagonist/mascot of a series to be the first rep in Smash. It's hard for me to even look at the Smash roster anymore with three male-default Fire Emblem avatars. I know that might seem strange to some, but it's important to me and it just really saddens me. I think I could still come back to the game if 2B and/or Dixie Kong were to be added, but I have little hope for either, and I also don't expect any kind of unexpected surprise that would please me.
  12. Phantom Res and Hone Dragons. Talk about unexpected. It doesn't specify in combat, so it should, especially since there's extremely little use for it otherwise. Pegasus Flight is the only one I can think of that applies in combat.
  13. She's not used in many GHB videos because unlike Ike, Fjorm, Eir, etc. not everyone will get her since you can still choose one of the other three. When it comes to Abyssal maps and the like, though, Brave Micaiah does see use in video guides, while the other options largely do not. And her skill set being so novel is a lot of why, tbh. Alm and Eliwood are great for what they are but ultimately still just typical combat units while Camilla is just worse than Veronica in most scenarios. Anyway, I really just mean to say that Brave Micaiah is definitely a good unit to have who fills a pretty rare niche.
  14. Not sure where you heard this. Micaiah was the popular pick for the CYL3 freebie.
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