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  1. Literally none of the characters I wanted got in, so my list is exactly the same as it was when the game was announced. My top wants were 2B, Dixie Kong, and Anna. I didn't go as far as a top 10 but I don't think any of the Ultimate newcomers would have been on it. In the end, though, I see it as a bit of a blessing in disguise. Ultimate is my least-played Smash game, mostly for reasons unrelated to the newcomers, so not getting anyone I wanted made it easier to just leave the game behind.
  2. Look, I'm not against the idea of the TT storyline or Nifl and Muspell existing, I'm only saying that the idea that they "needed" to exist because of the TT storyline is poor logic since we've had years of TT stories without needing to have new OCs. The main story books are a completely separate matter.
  3. We didn't need the TT storyline in the first place. All the FE lords with dead parents would like to have a word with you. Alfonse shouldn't exist anyway. For the record, I don't actually have any issue with the above-mentioned characters, though the concept of characters existing for the sole purpose of developing someone else is a sign of poor writing.
  4. You have a better shot at getting a specific character you want on a normal focus than you do on a legendary/mythic banner, actually. The fewer focus characters, the better. Also, being normal pool means they can be blessed, allowing them to be used in any season of Arena/AR and receive relevant bonuses. And I'll take anything that doesn't continue to bloat the mythic pool with more FEH OCs.
  5. While not on the "main" path, you actually can get them earlier, and this is probably intended considering there are tougher shinespark puzzles for basic expansions in the game: This is likely an intentional reference/carry-over from Fusion. Others include "Wide Beam" (Spazer in other games) and Ice Missiles.
  6. Out of Gallia had Lethe as the only female, with Ranulf, Mordecai, and Caineghis on the banner and Haar GHB.
  7. A New Heroes banner literally titled "New Heroes."...and Fjorm. Fjorm: Ice Ascendant is about what I expected, except for the part where she has just Ice Mirror I and no other non-weapon Prf. It's funny how her base kit effectively gives her special cooldown -3 but her special is only 2 cooldown. I have no responsibility or association with ascended florets. The name similarity is a coincidence. Time for +Atk/+Spd F!Edelgard.
  8. Not the person you were asking, but: Agon Wastes, Torvus Bog, Sanctuary Fortress. Yes, that was from memory. What was nice about the Prime game names was that they actually told you something about the area, which made them more memorable. "Norfair" means nothing on its own, but "Torvus Bog" tells you it's a bog. Both versions of Metroid 2 have uses for power bombs against the Metroid Queen, and a few fights in the Prime games also have uses for them (Omega Pirate and Emperor Ing at least).
  9. Oh, that's what those were. I actually got two ??? items and never figured out what they were, but that makes sense.
  10. That's a pretty perfect way to put it. I got lost for a few minutes early in the game when I didn't know this, but once I realized that I never got lost, because even when the game guided me to a previous area, I just looked at the map and there would always be a nearby spot where I could use my most recent power-up, and that would be the way forward. Apparently there are actually some intended (and some probably not intended) sequence breaks, but they seem too abstract for most new players to find. It's a little disappointing, but I guess with this basically being the series' revival they didn't want to lose players who get frustrated at finding themselves getting lost. And/or maybe I've just been spoiled by non-linear gems like Hollow Knight and Rabi-Ribi. I definitely liked the game, but I'm not really sure what specifically to say about it. It's just...a Metroid game. My first run time was 6:59:11. I've gone back and gotten 100% on that file and plan to play hard mode and unlock everything in the gallery.
  11. There's no way Fjorm: Ice Ascendant comes with Darting Stance and Chill Def when we can summon her. I also expect her to end up with Ice Mirror II, and I wouldn't be surprised if she switches out Armored Stride for a Far Save, as that ranged NCD makes her a premier Far Saver. A little unfortunate that she's green with all the Duo Lifs running around, but if she also comes with a way to auto-charge Ice Mirror II even that probably won't be too big a deal.
  12. Movement is not a combat stat and therefore not properly comparable. Defense is lower on average, yet many of these units are still very good, because having a high Defense stat isn't important. The idea that it's lower because it's more valuable makes no sense to me. A unit with high enough Str, Skl, Spd, and Lck can render Def (and Res) completely worthless, but the same doesn't go in the other direction; no matter how much Def you have, you still want the offensive stats, because offense is key to winning in Fire Emblem. I will add the caveat that Def becomes less important the more skilled a player is at the game because the best way to survive isn't to take less damage, it's to take no damage via your enemy already being dead. Defensive stats were lower, and yet the best units often have little to no want for more. Oswin would be bad without his survivability because it's all he has to his name to begin with. It doesn't make him a good unit (he's average at best), it just prevents him from being utter trash. Melady, Jill, Haar (RD), Heath, and Cormag are good, but Def is a small part of it, if a part of it at all. Flight and powerful offense are much bigger factors. Consider that in all of these cases, the fliers considered the best in their respective games are almost always the ones who are around the longest, regardless of their Def stat. More Def never hurts, but on many units it becomes superfluous. Obviously a unit who already has high Skl and average Def would rather get more Def, but in most contexts within FE as a series currently, I'd rather a unit get more Skl than more Def.
  13. The fact that so many good units throughout the series have lower Defense than offensive stats proves it's not as important. Defense is rarely a defining attribute of a strong unit.
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