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  1. Oh yes, I'll agree with both of these. I thought I had added to my last post that it is still better but I guess I left it out by accident. Whoops.
  2. Materials never needed to be picked up in the original HW. They were on the map but they were automatically collected regardless.
  3. That's true, though. Success of Advance Wars did help bring Fire Emblem to the west. This DYKG video mentions it:
  4. Compared to the first three books, it's pretty good. On its own? I'll say "okay at best" for the time being.
  5. This...is not something I was expecting. Just wow. And it's such a strange choice when the remake was already localized and there are other games in the series that aren't. I can't imagine many people are going to buy it, but I hope it leads to other localizations. I'll buy the game digitally at least, but don't think I'll get the Anniversary Edition.
  6. Remove all gender locks on classes. More same-sex marriage possibilities, including with non-Byleth pairs, and add the paired endings to the support library. Let Armored Lord and Emperor use magic. CS: Make Constance the house leader. There's honestly way more than this needed to make the game as good as I want it to be but these are just some small things that would go a long way for me personally and are realistically within the scope the game already has.
  7. I've gotta admit, this is the first time in FEH's existence I've found the story somewhat interesting.
  8. Are people still trying to use more than just "Jagen" for the archetype? Please stop or eventually the only Jagen will be Jagen himself. (actually, iirc, under the strict definition people sometimes use the original FE1 Jagen wouldn't even be a Jagen) Anyway, I largely agree with @Interdimensional Observer's list, though not sure I'd consider Zelot, Reina, or Jakob/Felicia to be Jagens.
  9. You shouldn't. Undisclosed means they're just not saying. Nonbinary is a disclosure.
  10. Shamir ranked pretty well in CYL4 (#43). Catherine is the least popular on this banner, even counting Nemesis.
  11. If I could list my favorite as "Path of Radiance + Radiant Dawn," I would. Ultimately I list the latter because I find it the superior game in almost every aspect, but it wouldn't be as good as it is without PoR as its predecessor, and I can't really go back to PoR after RD. Those reasons include: 2nd best gameplay in the series (behind Fates), best story in the series, great worldbuilding, proper difficulty options, good maps and win conditions, good options, and the best finale in the series.
  12. "I don't like using these units, therefore they suck." You are one of the most insufferable posters I've ever come across. You're always extremely patronizing and you listen to no one. There is lots more I'd like to say but it would probably get me in trouble and I'm pushing it as it is.
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