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  1. There's an argument to be made that DLC #5 won't be someone who has a spirit, but after that is fair game. The second wave certainly wasn't planned with the base game and Sakurai isn't going to deny someone because there's already a PNG of them in the game. The same logic got Lucas and Mewtwo into Smash 4 despite them already having trophies.
  2. After all this time they really just dropped the first red bow randomly into the main summoning pool. It's annoying to still not see Farfetched three, but if they keep up this habit of adding actual new characters I guess we won't really need it.
  3. ? What's so rare? The class in general, or them being female? Because there are more playable female wyvern riders in the series than male. Anyway, Jill.
  4. I only meant it as a lighthearted joke, but Jotari already said that he means more of a helmet (which is what I said in my first post), so it's w/e.
  5. Good point, anime is very realistic, after all.
  6. What about hair? A mask alone likely wouldn't cover up long hair. You'd need a big helmet or a hood like Robin if you want to have long hair options.
  7. I mean, okay, I get that, but there comes a point where something is so unlikely that the minuscule chance isn't worth considering. Sakurai outright stating something won't happen in Smash is enough for me to believe it, well, won't happen.
  8. Yeah, I would still discount Mike Tyson, just as I discount Goku and Geralt despite their video game legacies. Are they impossible? No, Sakurai could always surprise us. But he's gone on record within the year saying he can't see anime and manga characters getting added, and yeah, that's a specific medium, but I don't see why it wouldn't extend to other non-video game characters. The James Bond thing is weird, but it was also during the development of the second game in the series, a long time ago now and when such personal rules may not have been considered yet because the series was still finding its focus. If you're not going to accept stuff Sakurai said in Brawl's development, I'm not going to take stuff he said in Melee's development.
  9. That's not a very good counter counter. Characters like Hades and Medusa from Kid Icarus are based on mythological beings, but they themselves are video game original characters. This can't be said for Mickey Mouse. The "video game characters only" rule is definitely one Sakurai has gone on record for in one way or another, and fairly recently at that. It's the only one, though. While he did once mention that he'd like characters who have appeared on Nintendo consoles, even then it never came off as a hard "rule," and I don't think it matters at all anymore even if everyone currently in *technically* passes it. On the topic of Sora, he's not happening. Sakurai wouldn't put him in without any Disney references and I doubt Nintendo wants to go that far for DLC.
  10. And Heroes. Trickster: Sword and Staff (Faith). Adventurer: Bow Commander: Axe.
  11. A quick "here's what Anna looks like at Ch 3 when you can first recruit her." I did some instruction before screening, though: She also has faculty training available in her four strong skills.
  12. Is there a full list of update notes anywhere? EDIT: Maybe if I would just read I'd see it in the tweet.
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