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  1. Oh hi. Dang, I was ranked 19 when I got to that score. Oh well.
  2. This is something that has really bothered me. The two Eliwoods were not combined, but both were removed after he won in year 3 (this is year vote combining began). A similar thing happened with Edelgard; Flame Emperor was still voteable last year for an unknown reason, but is no longer voteable this year (Does this mean that either Gatekeeper or Marianne is actually the Flame Emperor!?). This means that the 'same' character can be removed from voting even though their votes aren't combined, which not only feels unfair (especially for me as an Anna fan), but technically has the potential to result in one character taking multiple winning slots in the same year if fans can rally behind them enough, and would only be possible that one time. Any entries that would be removed as a result of a separate entry winning should have their votes tallied together.
  3. I have my characters I want to see win, but this year it's actually kinda more about hoping certain characters don't win for me. I won't say who they are, though. I will continue to vote for Anna (Awakening) regardless.
  4. Dang, maybe I'm not half bad at this game after all. Quick Draw is busted. Might just surrender my remaining runs, will think about it.
  5. 3rd Nailah, still no Volug, smh. And Inigo.
  6. Eh, Shura's only the 6th most wanted Fates character currently (based on CYL5 results), behind Dwyer, Scarlet, Mozu, Anankos, and Mitama. That's like a 50/50 chance of him getting in next time. Anankos, though, might be retired as a character entirely since his Japanese voice actor died.
  7. I don't dislike the gauge idea in theory, but if all you do is make the gauges more manageable, you still have the issue of most of these units just not having enough advantages over weapon users. Most non-royal Laguz don't have more than 1 range, their weapons are all just basic damage with no crit, their stats aren't even anything special, and there's no beast weapon triangle so they all end up feeling kind of samey. If they're going to be kept that simple, then their gauges need to much easier to manage, something like: turn 1 full gauge transformed, -1 per battle, -2 per turn, +15 per turn untransformed, for all. This way it's reasonable to keep them transformed for an entire map if you use Olivi Grass every third turn or so, varying depending on how much combat they see, and they'll get back into the action quickly if they do untransform. If you want a more dynamic gauge, you need more to go with the system. For starters, give each class unique attributes. Maybe Cats get bonus crit (a lot, like +30). Maybe Tigers get a Pavise-like ability. I don't have any more ideas at the moment. Yeah.
  8. Let me be real with you: this is a complete waste of your time and energy. You won't get many - if any - other people with you on this, and even if you did, Nintendo/IS wouldn't care. They're likely already working on the next FE game. Three Houses is long done.
  9. I'll take the remains of last year's list and...do something. Mozu (infantry lance) Volug (infantry beast) Kent (cavalry sword) Sain (cavalry lance) Marcus (FE7) (cavalry lance or axe) Isadora (cavalry sword) Elimine (mythic, staff) Cath (infantry dagger) Heather (infantry dagger) Scarlet (flying axe) Dorothea (infantry blue tome, sing) Judith (2021 wishlist ends here) Legendary or Ascended Sothe Anna (any) That's all I got lol. Mozu is still the only one I significantly care about. More lore mythics are always cool, though.
  10. You don't have to understand what people see in it. You just have to understand that other people see things differently than you do.
  11. I want to play it again but I also don't want to pull my Wii out.
  12. Thogn - Amazing and I don't think I need to explain why. Storm Sieglinde - It's funny to think that my first reaction to reading it was "this is kind of basic." You can reduce it down to 'Effectively all stats +8, Blade, and Dodge.' It's good, but in today's game I wonder if it's enough. I hope I'm underrating it. Ancient Codex - Better than I expected for Canas. I expect fans of the character to love it and use it, but people without a Canas already built to pass. The refine itself is good, being stuck on Canas with his stat line is the problem. Sworn Lance - Not bad, but not great in today's game. The refine condition is pretty restrictive compared to what we usually get nowadays. Draconic Rage - Surprisingly similar to Storm Sieglinde, and gets more-or-less the same reaction from me. The slaying makes me feel like it probably got the better deal, though. Spirit Breath - It's like Black Eagle Rule with stat swings. She'll be begging for Distant Counter. Tentative ranking: Thogn > Spirit Breath > Draconic Rage > Storm Sieglinde > Ancient Codex > Sworn Lance.
  13. I'd rather they just blow through. The sooner everyone is in the better, after which they can have more freedom to make unique alts.
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