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  1. They should really let us use divine pulse during enemy phase. But damn, that's pretty awful what happened.
  2. I saw praise for this support and how well it portrayed abuse. What the hell? Nintendo has made some pretty dumb censorship choices in the past, but this ranks up there with the dumbest.
  3. You didn't answer me. Isadora and Lucius aren't exactly incredible, but there's a solid chunk of units worse than them.
  4. I would like to know what that "etc" in so-called "meme characters" is because Isadora and Lucius don't even register when thinking of the worst units for a ranked HHM run. Just about everyone is going to see some use.
  5. Finally the game isn't too easy. And they want me to clear it without NG+? Challenge accepted.
  6. I don’t think Byleth would be chosen solely on the basis of being the player character. Robin was chosen for being more interesting than Chrom and Corrin was chosen to promote Fates since they are the main protagonist and were marketed pretty heavily. Byleth could still get in, but I don’t think they have the same kind of advantages. Personally, I’ll just be done with Smash if we see another sword-wielding male default Fire Emblem avatar get in. So while I can’t say which is more likely, I 100% want Edelgard more.
  7. What Jotari said, and also can you possibly put Sora into Smash without Donald and Goofy being so much as referenced?
  8. Yeah, that's pretty true. A lot of A rank conversations are meant to lead into paired endings. Even Dorothea and Manuela's A support comes off as pretty romantic. I'm sorry that the potential for some dudes to fall in love with your dude avatar would break your immersion, but it would be nice if you could at least have some courtesy for those who want their own fantasy in this wish-fulfillment aspect of this fantasy game.
  9. I've only played Black Eagles and Golden Deer so I'll only talk about them and I'll only mention characters I specifically think might not work. Hubert tells Edelgard he loves her in their A support. Not a disqualifier for sure, but might make things awkward. Lorenz is always going on about looking for a proper wife. His opinions do change over time, though, so maybe it wouldn't be so strange? Ignatz is obsessed with the beauty of female figures like Sothis and Cethleann. The others don't have anything as far as I've seen that suggest they wouldn't work. Claude, of course, is the one that already exudes bi energy. He definitely should have been an option. This is a fantasy game where any member of the opposite sex can fall in love with the player character. Don't bring "but muh realism!" into this conversation.
  10. Are you sure this isn't some tiny group of nobodies? And by "tiny" I mean like 10 people max. I know things like this can happen but it just sounds extra ridiculous. Where did you find out about this?
  11. Camilla is better than Haar tbh.
  12. There is surprisingly a lot to consider for this. While the past two were 2 male, 2 female, they also happened to be the top 4 not implemented regardless of gender (barring special cases like Micaiah, OCs, and beast units). This time, though, aside from Bruno (who might be skipped) and Lif (who will definitely be skipped), there's a long line of female characters ranking before the male characters. Even if you skipped both Annas (Awakening and Fates), Thrasir (who likely will be skipped), Hel, Rinea, Louise, and Charlotte, you still have Jill, Severa, Rinkah, Ilyana, Lilith, and Selena (Sacred Stones) before the next male character, Conrad, enough to fill a 4-unit banner + TT/GHB with one still left out. Will they skip Bruno? They added Loki, but these cases aren't necessarily equivalent. Will they skip Anna (Awakening)? There's not really any other situation comparable, though Owain's is similar and arguably shows that Anna should be eligible. What about Louise and Rinea (and Charlotte, but she's far enough down that they likely won't get to her)? Do their alts disqualify them or not? Hell, even though I said above that they'll be skipped, maybe Thrasir and Lif actually will appear on it since they're both high enough to if Anna and/or Louise is skipped. And what about the amount? After Sigrun randomly appeared on the brave TT, it seems likely they'll put the main 4 in a banner and a 5th as a freebie, but who will it be? The next most voted character not in the game or a total rando? I think the former is more likely but you never know. So here's my guess. The banner units: Anna (Awakening) (sword infantry) Louise (colorless bow infantry) Conrad (lance cavalry) Nils (green dragon infantry) And Jill (axe flying), the next most voted, as a GHB. I think Lif and Thrasir will be skipped for their own post-book 3 banner, I think Bruno will be skipped because he's too plot-central and Loki was a mistake anyway, I think the seasonal alts won't disqualify the main versions of characters, I think they'll keep the even gender ratio (even the bride banner this year wasn't all female), and I think Anna will be added because her votes were separate from Heroes Anna.
  13. I don't consider either to be canon, but female Byleth does feel like she makes more sense with the Sothis vessel thing. I'm not sure how serious you are, but female Byleth is most certainly not an afterthought. Not when every cutscene was animated for each gender and she has a unique outfit. That's just marketing. They know (or assume) their audience is mostly straight men so they show the male player character more often. For the record, Fates' marketing was heavily biased toward male Corrin. It was only afterwards when female Corrin became way more popular that she started to get some spotlight.
  14. Normally I would agree with you but this is a case where I think the "localization" really went too far. The game is very Japanese in nature, and they even went so far as to not dub it in English for "authenticity," yet they took everything else Japanese out of it and made a bunch of changes that would only serve to piss off the kind of people they should be aiming the game at in the first place. There was a lot more uproar over the changes in this than in, say, Fates. So if it does come uncensored (which is not confirmed, btw), I believe that really will help its sales.
  15. They said Terry is planned to be released in November, and from the beginning they said the Fighter Pass is supposed to be finished up by February 2020.
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