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  1. It's almost like the SF community isn't a hivemind.
  2. Honestly kind of shocked they dumped all four of these in one banner instead of milking it with individual house banners. And maybe like, both Byleths, Jeralt, and Rhea on another banner.
  3. A lot of my favorites were made by KyoAni, but even if that weren't the case, this is despicable. They are objectively among the best studios out there both in quality of their work and how they treat their animators. The monster who did this deserves the worst that can come to him.
  4. I don't think it's all that uncommon for people to not replay for every route in a game that has path splits.
  5. Tempest of Seasons, Dwellings of the Ancient Gods, Fodlan Winds, and Blue Skies and a Battle all appear to be new tracks, or at least I can't find them anywhere except Fodlan Winds, which is obviously a Three Houses track. As for the rest, the likely sources are: The Time to Act - Marth Eternal Bond - Ike Id (Purpose) - Robin Conquest (Ablaze) - Lucina Beneath a New Light (Roy’s Courage) - Roy March to Deliverance - Alm With Mila’s Divine Protection - Celica Alight (Storm) - M!Corrin A Dark Fall (Fire) - F!Corrin Destiny (Ablaze) - Chrom The World Tree - Tiki The other four may be unlocked based on how many FE amiibos you've used rather than correlating to any specific one.
  6. I mean, sure, it's true, but what does it matter when fox girls are the BEST?
  7. Yeah, it was a mistake responding to you. Everyone knows by now you hate this series. Why do you still post here?
  8. The issue he brought up is something the fans did. He mentioned fanart, likely of the risque kind.
  9. Show them porn of their favorite stuff and call that waifu trash. Every fandom has that side.
  10. Sigh. No one said that. But it's a lot easier to identify and empathize with someone who is actually like you. It's a lot easier to see yourself in someone who you feel could actually be you. You wouldn't be saying this if the roles were reversed and 90% or more of video game leads were female. Congratulations. Neither am I.
  11. Hoping this isn't going to become a big discussion, but basic representation is important. You being okay with occasionally playing as a girl merely says you are already properly represented most of the time.
  12. Y’all really think they weren’t planning to include a gender-selectable avatar character? She looks perfectly fine to me.
  13. It could be, but the game recommended against picking it on your first time.
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