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  1. Well, if her lie was that Linhardt was the only male option and there's actually more, that's fine. If she lied about there being same sex options at all and there's actually none, that's really shitty. I don't think she said anything about "5 or 8" female options, though. Just listed 5 names and said there could be more she doesn't know about.
  2. It'd be especially shitty of her if that was something she decided to lie about.
  3. Genealogy or Path of Radiance. Every other game's fans will usually acknowledge at least some of their flaws, but the fans of those two think they're perfect, so hating on them gives you all the edge in the world.
  4. Not sure how you can come to this conclusion. PoR's presentation is good, but its story beats overall are very standard. RD is the one that actually tries to do something unique. Conquest, for as bad as it is, is still more unique than PoR. Agreed. The Blood Pact never bothered me. Maybe if it had been a quick little "Hey we want Daein to fight against Ike again" it would have felt bad, but they integrated it into the lore well, using it to explain how Ashnard suddenly came to power and why Naesala would constantly turn traitor even though he seemed like it wasn't something he would normally want to do. Even though one could certainly call Pelleas naive, his choice comes off as believable since he was ultimately betrayed by the man who raised him, Izuka.
  5. Radiant Dawn because I find almost everything about it to be better than Path of Radiance. PoR feels like a prototype in comparison, really only winning in support conversations.
  6. It's honestly a good thing. Better to devote all their resources to what people are actually buying the game for than to force in a multiplayer mode.
  7. I don't disagree, but do keep in mind characters like Sain or Inigo who would seem strange suddenly falling in love with a man. I also tried to keep it to the maximum amount I think Nintendo would ever be comfortable with, because if I just had it my way there would be a lot more.
  8. Everyone being bi isn't the most ideal, but it would certainly be better than what Fates gave us. In the end it's just the simple way to satisfy everyone, but I think even most LGBT people wouldn't find it the most ideal because it can make character writing more restrictive. My ideally realistic way to do it, in the case of Three Houses, would be to have two men and two women in each house be bi (Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude being among them), and then one man and woman each from wherever be gay. It's still a relative minority but ensures options whichever house the player chooses.
  9. It's funny to look back at how they emphasized choice being such a big deal for Fates. This game seems like player choice will be much more impactful, yet they're not really talking about it.
  10. People like to make their avatar look like themself, or they just like to be able to design their main character. Absence of appearance customization doesn't preclude a character from being a self-insert. Zelda's Link is meant as a self-insert and name is the only customization they've ever gotten. Byleth actually seems like more of a self-insert to me because of being mostly silent despite the lack of appearance customization.
  11. Overreaction much? It was a suggestion of someone who could have reasonably been a gay option who isn't, you know, Niles. Not "every close friendship is a sexual relationship."
  12. Dixie fans would consider that giving them the bird rather than a banana.
  13. You can do that, but you have to transfer each save file individually. Every time you transfer data whatever supports are in that save file will be copied over. The support library in RD isn't tied to any specific save file in that game. I don't know any efficient way of doing this other than just planning out whatever supports you want to get in each run of the game to get all of them in the least amount of runs possible.
  14. Oddly, Path of Radiance didn't include a support library. If you transfer your save data to Radiant Dawn any supports from that save file will be added to a library in RD, so you can essentially complete the PoR support library in RD if you're up to the task. There's no bonus for unlocking every support conversation, in this game or in any other as far as I know.
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