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  1. I hope Python has his "Fine, twist my arm" line.
  2. Oh joy. I like all four of them. Well, Forsyth's on the lower end, but whatever. Python looking like the demote unit is interesting, but also strange. I figured he'd be given personal Brave/Killer Bow or a version of Parthia, instead, he's possibly going to be the first 4* summonable color archer and the first summonable bow cavalry. This also brings to question Sue's existence as a 5* unit since compared to Python, all she has over him is full A, B, and C passives where her passives are arguably better than his, but he has the same bow and same special and will have higher BST which if he's anything like in his home game, he could possibly rock 35/35 offenses making him a +Atk, -Spd Sue and a better Brave Bow unit than her with his higher attack. He could have swapped offenses compared to her, 38/32.
  3. Defiant Res seal when? Totally the game changer we need and way better than a Brazen Def/Res seal.
  4. Flashing/Heavy Blade 4 and a Life & Death 3 seal on Karla, Linus, Lon'qu, and Raven running the Pavise, Shield Pulse build would be neat. We don't have tier 4 Sacred Seals, but a L&D seal is possible.
  5. Glennstavos's post about dancing Ishtar's dress and chest didn't specify that it was the official art of Heroes, so I'm just going to assume Glennstavos was looking at lewd artwork of Ishtar and he unwittingly revealed to us about that. 😛 Xander had an unfortunate accident where his nipples were cut off. Don't shame him. Anyway, I'm kind of tempted to +10 Virion to give him an entry in +10 thread. It'd be a stupid idea, but then again, I +10 Odin and built Odin before to handle the Black Knight during his Tempest Trials, so yeah.
  6. Chrom, Eliwood, and Lucina also come with Rapier in their home games. Starting with Lucina, she would basically be a worse Phina in every way except for having access to Falchion for another personal weapon and having 3 more HP. Lucina's 43 HP, 34 Atk, 36 Spd, 25 Def, and 19 Res to Phina's 40 HP, 35 Atk, 37 Spd, 26 Def, and 23 Res results in +3 HP, -1 Atk, -1 Spd, -1 Def, and -4 Res for Lucina. Lucina's not new heroes banners anymore, so she would be harder to come by than Phina. Eliwood on the other hand would not interfere with Phina's niche, instead, he'd carve out his own niche if he had Rapier. While his offenses aren't great at 31 Atk and 30 Spd, he'd be the only sword cavalry who can deal effective damage to armor and cavalry and the only sword cavalry with a personal weapon of either effective damage. Eliwood also has good resistance, so he could even out his lower attack with Def Ploy. Chrom would be like +Atk Phina, but if -Spd resulted in her losing 12 Spd. That might not matter because of how effective damage scales and Chrom being a 3* to 4* summonable unit who you could hunt for +Atk more easily than +Atk Phina. =Atk Chrom has 53 Atk with a personal sword and if it's Rapier, then it becomes 79 Atk against armors with Svalinn Shield or cavalry without Grani's Shield. +Atk bumps him up to 56 Atk and 84 Atk against armors and cavalry. Death Blow 3 would give him 62 Atk on initiation which becomes 93 Atk against armors and cavalry. +Atk, +10 Chrom with Death Blow 3 would have 66 Atk on initiation which becomes 99 Atk against armors and cavalry. With WTD and up to that point, he'd still have 79 Atk against blue armors and cavalry. Distant Counter, Rapier's Vantage 3, and whatever B passive he wants would probably make Chrom be really stupid against armors and cavalry. Chrom's Res is crap, but his HP is high. An unmerged =HP and =Res Chrom has 64 total and 41x2 magical bulk. Let's use a +Atk, unmerged CYL Veronica who has 49 Atk. She needs to make up 15 Atk which if she fails to get for whatever reason means Chrom with DC and Null C-Disrupt would probably one-shot her on counter, especially with Rapier. She easily drops him into Vantage range which at this point, probably should just have Chrom run Brazen Atk/Y as his seal. I think it's more of Siegmund suffered from being an early weapon update or the developers just wanted it to be this way when something else would have been better like Daybreak Lance, Eternal Tome, and Tyrfing's Atk/Def Bond unique refinement are things. Hone Atk 3 was good at the time and so was the unique refinement allowing him to make a follow-up attack if his HP >= 90%, but for the unique refinement, we now have other guaranteed follow-up effects on weapons that are more flexible like for HP checks, Dimitri's Noble Lance works based on his and his opponent's HP where if both are at full health or not at full health, then he can make a follow-up attack and Tibarn's Hawk King Claw requires him to initiate and his foe's HP to be full for him to make a follow-up attack. Then you have Glitnir requiring Gustav to initiate on a foe that can counter back, the penalty checks like Hrid's Gjoll and Yune's Chaos Manifest, the ally/foe count checks like Flame Siegmund and Lif's Sokkvabekkr, and QR5 on unique refined Binding Blade, unique refined Bow of Devotion, and Maltet. The other thing is the effect overlaps as both Siegmund and Flame Siegmund have guaranteed follow-up effects where Siegmund's might be considered harsher for some compared to Flame Siegmund. Compare this to Durandal where at first, regular Durandal wasn't that great compared to Blazing Durandal, but after the weapon updates for both, both still do different things as player phase weapons where Durandal's Death Blow 3 and Swift Sparrow 2 provide Eliwood as much damage as he needs while Blazing Durandal provides Eliwood and CYL Roy Steady Impact and changes Heavy Blade 3 to a hybrid of Bold and Special Fighter where they still get +1 special cooldown charge, but only if they initiate instead of needing to pass an attack check and in turn also inflict -1 special cooldown charge on their foes. And then there's Ardent Durandal being a fantastic support weapon.
  7. Update #24. Update #23 link: https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/70372-how-many-5-star-units-do-you-have/&do=findComment&comment=5482656. RYNO XXI.
  8. Yeah, but with the Lull Atk/Def 3 unique refinement, +Atk Hawkeye having effectively 39 base Atk and his personal 16 Mt for 55 total Atk is fun and the Lull Atk part of it would bump him up to 31/33 defenses in combat. That said, 34/33 defenses or 31/36 defenses in combat is nice too. The +Def, -Spd one took a while to show up from what I remember. I summoned the +Res, -Spd one first and several copies of +Res, -Spd Hawkeye showed up before the +Def, -Spd did. I don't remember summoning a +Atk, -Spd one, but a +Atk one probably did show up at some point. I think I lean more towards performance which is why +Atk and +Spd Virion appeal to me more. That, and having actual attack or actual speed seems safer than relying on the Spectrum Boost unique refinement which while it works off of his max HP, in certain situations and perhaps eventually, it will become harder for him to pass the HP check. Forgot to add that I really do like how you don't need to refine Virion's Dignified Bow to get a lot of out of it. Same with personal -blade and Brave weapons, Book of Orchids since it fortunately came with Death Blow 3 as its base effect, Dauntless Lance considering it has a Killer effect and effective damage against armors, and Hermit's Tome among others.
  9. Sorry if I wasn't clear, but I meant that the skill would have been legendary Leif's personal skill. I forgot to mention it, but that would have opened up another can of worms considering if he ends up with Bragi Sword which likely would have effective damage against armor and maybe a Miracle effect similar to Hel's Scythe and refined Tyrfing.
  10. I know, but I am wondering if we are at a point where something like this would not be too crazy. And on certain units, it might not be much like Subaki if he does not keep the T-Adept effect would be like having a blue and red unit at the same time, but with 25 base neutral attack and if he runs T-Adept as his A passive, then he can't run something else. Or someone like Barst where having WTA over reds help, but he would still be weak to mages or magic damage of any color with his low resistance. Speaking of B passives, I wonder if legendary Leif as a Master Knight could have this as his B passive as a reference to weapon ranks which could be said as Leif being a master of combat and a master or beyond the weapon triangle. This would mean he'd have to have this passive and have his B passive occupied to have WTA over whatever, probably blue, WTD. Still leaves his A passive open meaning he could run DC, a Solo, or whatever and if it were a A passive instead, then B passive would be open for Desperation, Lull, Vantage, whatever.
  11. At this point, I wonder if an effect giving WTA would be too much and I don't mean reversing the WTA, but straight-up, for example, a red gaining WTA against blues meaning they would have WTA against blues and greens and be neutral to colorless and reds. I guess to examine the impact of this, how about Barst, Draug, Mathilda, and Subaki being the examples? For Subaki, I guess to look at a personal T-Adept weapon where gaining WTA against their WTD was the unique effect. I guess you could throw in Hector and Sheena for probably QR5 as the base effect and Killer effect respectively and gaining WTA against reds.
  12. I am really enjoying this mode. It's been a while since I truly had fun with Heroes. I think the best part is being able to try out or use skills I do not have access to like the Lull passives where I can use it now if I build a Hawkeye, but stuff like Atk/Spd Push 4, Blue Flame, etc., I never summoned a unit with those skills. I missed a day and just started, so nothing much. Kind of wished I had picked a different skill at first for Boey instead of Spectral Tome since the next time he got something, it was his Inscribed Tome. Almost Close Counter and -raven? Yes, since he'd have WTA against two colors and he'd be able to counter against melee blues if needed. Alm was not so lucky with getting first kills. So far, he only has Dracofalchion and Lull Spd/Def.
  13. Would have better if she showed up in my unfortunate quest to summon the harvest festival princess of peerless beauty. Or even Bantu. Remember when Bantu was supposedly added to the summoning pool? I don't. Meanwhile, I have a starving child to feed and keep away from candy, Kliff who forgot what banner he was supposed to be on, and Bartre's wife.
  14. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing. Related to AR, I don't think I will be able to get all the AR event items. Two weeks to win some AR battles and I have been on a losing streak since last week with two wins barely letting me stay in tier 20.
  15. Frederick's Axe with the Death Blow 3 unique refinement essentially gives him a 22 Mt weapon, but of course only on initiation. He has 35 neutral base Atk, so 57 Atk on initiation. +Atk would put him at 60 Atk. Either way, his A passive is free. Considering he is a 3* to 4* launch unit, I'm going to use +Atk Frederick to make it harder to find competition. Inheritable anti-armor melee weapons are 14 Mt which means the unit needs at least 46 Atk to be level with +Atk Frederick. Nobody has 46 base neutral attack in the game. The closest are +Atk winter Ephraim, GD Greil, Halloween Hector, and Keaton who hit 45 base Atk from their 41 neutral. They're also all armors or a beast for Keaton who as a beast does not have inheritable weapons like other units and that's likely to stay since there are so few beasts in Fire Emblem. Halloween Hector's Conjurer Curios does have effective damage against armors and grants him Atk+3 giving him the same attack as +Atk Frederick on both phases, but once again, he's an armor. A Mt refined anti-armor weapon would lower the requirement to 44 Atk, but that doesn't change anything here. Going down to =Atk Frederick requires the unit to have at least 43 Atk and only +Atk Edelgard and CYL Alm come close at 42 Atk, thus, requiring them to use a Mt refined anti-armor weapon which would put them at 58 total Atk and in between =Atk and +Atk Frederick and incidentally, where +Atk Hana is at; +Atk Hana has 38 base Atk, so with her 16 Mt katana and its Swift Sparrow 2 unique refinement, she would have 58 Atk on initiation. =Atk Frederick and a Mt refined anti-armor weapon would drop the bar by 2 to 41 Atk. That adds +Atk Hrid and Soleil. CYL Alm's Scendscale does give him an edge where he will deal damage equal to 25% of his attack at the cost of 7 recoil damage whenever he attacks and requiring his A passive to be occupied by it. =Atk CYL Alm with a non-Mt refined Armorsmasher+ has 52 Atk and Scendscale allows him to deal 13 damage, so his total attack would be like 65 which is 1 less than +Atk Frederick with Death Blow 3. If the other units are thrown a bone where they are running Death Blow 3 or some +6 attack boosting passive, then it opens up to who can match +Atk Frederick without an A passive which is not really competition as he can simply run Death Blow 3 on his own and blow them out of the water. They would still all need to be +Atk and for non-Mt refined anti-armor weapons, any summonable unit with >= 37 Atk and legendary Eliwood who has an attack superasset bumping his 36 neutral Atk to 40 if he's +Atk. That would include Edelgard (39 to 42), CYL Alm (38 to 42), Soleil (38 to 41) and Hrid (37 to 41) from before and add in regular and paladin Chrom, CYL Eliwood, Hilda, Laevatein, Quan (all going from 37 to 40), and as previously noted, legendary Eliwood (36 to 40). Except for regular Chrom and Soleil, everyone is a 5* only unit and some are seasonal meaning merges would be harder to come by compared to Frederick. And of those two, neither of them are cavalry, so they might find it harder to get an easy and at least +6 Atk field buff and Soleil is the only one without a personal weapon. Personal weapons may not always be the best choice, but some of them are very nifty or carve out a niche for the unit. Of these ten units, some of them are going to give up unique or very powerful weapons like Edelgard, both versions of Eliwood, Hrid, and Laevatein. Lastly, Quan is also the only non-armor or non-flier lance unit of the bunch for what that's worth. Lowering the bar even further for Mt refined anti-armor weapons adds +Atk units with >= 35 Atk. To sum this up, yeah, Frederick is the strongest physical armor buster in the game. His only real competition are armors with very high attack, but they can't run Lull passives and maybe CYL Alm and out of the box, Edelgard with an inherited Slaying Hammer+ can be comparable along with Hana given she has the same base neutral attack as Frederick and she trades 2 Atk or 3 against armors for 4 Spd with the Swift Sparrow 2 unique refinement.
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