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  1. CYL Hector should have been a mage who chucked tomes at people. Meanwhile, Grima's Truth slapping fools with debuffs and hooking up the fam with buffs. And then there's CYL Veronica's Hlidskajalf being a staff version of Peshkatz with Firesweep/Dazzling Staff. Peshkatz's unique refinement being L&D would probably be an awful idea. Death Blow would be simple, but doesn't really change the whole need to survive thing when initiating against some units. Maybe a preventing follow-ups or Null Follow-up would be work. So, pesh-kabz, the name where Peshkatz comes from and where its design probably comes from, was designed to deal with mail armor used by mounted and infantry soldiers. I doubt it gaining effective damage against infantry would happen if they didn't do that with Kagero who has 1 less attack than Sothe, but effective against cavalry would be interesting. Maybe even cavalry and flier since they're both mounted. It'd be even more interesting if that became its unique refinement since it would be the first weapon that gains effective damage through a unique refinement.
  2. Picnic Felicia and picnic Flora have effective against beast weapons. They're both armors and seasonal units, though. I figured Panne and Yarne would have had effective against beast and cavalry on their weapons as a reference to the Beastbane skill they and Kaden, Keaton, Selkie, and Velouria could learn in their games, but that didn't happen; they only have the effective against cavalry part. Funny enough, none of the 3DS beast units have effective against beast for their weapons, but I digress. @Fire Emblem Fan, as a reminder, the Wo Dao effect is only in play if they're transformed. If they're not, then it and the Atk+2, basically a Mt change so they will have a 16 Mt weapon like other melee units with non-Brave personal weapons, won't be active. With the speedy, beast tanks, there's only two and one of them is Nailah. The other is Velouria as XRay pointed out. The only other beast infantry in the game is Mordecai who is a slow, physically tanky, and support unit given his personal weapon's main effect: "If a movement Assist skill (like Reposition, Shove, Pivot, etc.) is used by unit or targets unit, inflicts Atk/Spd/Def/Res-4 on foes within 2 spaces of unit and target through their next actions after movement." Nailah and Velouria have similar stat spreads with the exact difference being Velouria has 4 more attack and 1 more defense. Nailah more or less got screwed over by being introduced a banner too early since she has gen 2 melee infantry BST while Velouria has gen 3 melee infantry BST and the other Tellius beasts introduced with her, Leanne, Reyson, Tibarn, and Naesala through GHB were melee fliers and they appear to have have a BST change going into gen 3. Nailah's 40 HP, 31 Atk, 37 Spd, 32 Def, and 23 Res to Velouria's 40 HP, 35 Atk, 37 Spd, 33 Def, and 23 Res. Nailah's Wolf Queen Fang comes with a Killer effect and a 2 space Atk/Spd Bond effect that caps at +6 to her attack and speed while Velouria's Wolfpup Fang has Spd+3 and the Quickened Pulse 2 effect that works with her support partner. So, Nailah's special cooldown will always be 1 less than Velouria, but Velouria will always be faster and at the start of a battle, be able to charge her special by 2. In terms of tanking, Nailah is blue while Velouria is colorless. If you're building a tank for Aether Raids or perhaps in general, I believe it was observed that green and colorless would be good colors. Blue probably works, but green would have an easier tanking against blue nukes and colorless wouldn't be weak to anyone unless they're using a -raven tome. If that Nailah's your only copy, she doesn't have a bad asset/flaw combo, and you don't hate her, then I'd say keep her and use her. Otherwise, and if you have a Velouria, then sure give Distant Counter and Null C Disrupt to her and make her your speedy tank. If you don't have a Velouria, then look at the other speedy tanks or slow tanks like XRay suggested. One unit that might be a good idea would be Hawkeye and Libra. Both have decent mixed defenses in the at 28/30 for Hawkeye and 28/29 for Libra where Hawkeye trades some attack and a lot of speed for HP compared to Libra. Do keep in mind that Helbindi did powercreep Hawkeye, but since Hawkeye is a 3* to 4* summonable unit, if you didn't try to get a bunch of copies of Helbindi, then it might be easier to work with Hawkeye and merge him up. Hawkeye's stats are 45 HP, 33 Atk, 22 Spd, 28 Def, and 30 Res to Helbindi's 44 HP, 35 Atk, 18 Spd, 35 Def, and 31 Res. Hawkeye's only real advantage is that he comes with a Killer Axe and when he eventually gets a personal weapon in an update, it might be a personal Killer Axe. She's not in the grail shop yet, but summer Ylgr's like a +Spd, -Res Libra. There's also Arthur who is like a gen 1 version of Libra where he's like a -Atk, -Spd, and -Res Libra, but he does have a +Res superasset bringing his Res up to 28, 1 less than a =Res Libra. With Raigh's new tome, Null C Disrupt would be a good, but very expensive investment into him. Main reason being he's a gen 1 red mage with a relatively balanced stat spread and we're at a point with non-healer ranged units having the same BST as gen 1 melee infantry and melee fliers -- around 9 stat difference between gen 1 and gen 3. That being said, Hermit's Tome's base effects of effective against cavalry and Dull Ranged 3 paired with Null C Disrupt would work very well together allowing him to deal with units like CYL Lyn and Velouria as he would be able to inflict effective damage against them provided they aren't running Grani's Shield and disable the effects of Firesweep Bow and Dazzling Staff. If he were blue or green, then you could probably add in Reinhardt too, but that's not the case and he's the red mage Raigh we've known since forever.
  3. She is. Not sure how I forgot about that. I guess I grouped her up with the other Hoshido festival units who all use daggers except for her.
  4. Idunn's designed to counter debuff play with her Demonic Breath disabling negative status effects and granting her Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 if she has one is if she's at < 100% HP which is basically a Brazen Spectrum with an additional way to trigger it. Then here's her high defenses at 39 base neutral defense and 34 base neutral resistance both of which are superassets in the player hands when she's summoned. Her natural defenses get further boosted by Demonic Breath's Def+3 and her default Fortress Def/Res. Another thing is that Idunn can be deceptively fast. She has 26 base neutral speed which with Demonic Breath's Brazen Spectrum being active means she has 30 speed. With speed buffs and/or speed debuffs against her opponents, she could very well become fast enough to naturally avoid doubles and double slower units. Idunn doesn't have an affinity in Binding Blade, but I feel like giving her a dark blessing is appropriate and guess what stat Yune boosts? Speed. Anyway, Surtr was and still is a menace, but when she was revealed, people looked at him as who she was designed to hard counter which is true since Demonic Breath is also effective against armor and her being a red unit. At the same time, she sort of counters or at least can wall very hard non-blue dagger units, Gunnthra, and Hrid, all who rely or play with debuffs. Thankfully, TT units can't have their skill overridden or gain skills like Close Counter or Distant Counter. Imagine if they did and you didn't notice when having Matthew chucking his fancy new daggers only for him to explode against her. At the moment, a dagger unit would need to be dancer Micaiah, Palla, dancer Ryoma, or have inherited dancer Elincia's Cloud Maiougi dancer, spring Palla's Pegasus Carrot, Ryoma's Sky Maiougi to have an easy time against Idunn, especially if no debuffs or damage was on Idunn since their daggers all have effective damage against armor or effective damage against dragons in Cloud Maiougi's case. Dancer Elincia could do damage, but probably not as well since she's a green dagger. Or use a blue dagger which at the moment is only dancer Ryoma and Ylgr. Otherwise, you could probably brute force your way with a high attack dagger, but that's probably going to be a bit harder than brute forcing with magic. We don't have a dagger with effective damage against armors in the regular summoning pool nor do we have a dagger unit with a personal dagger that is effective against armors or dragons yet. Funny thing is that I thought Matthew would have ended up effective damage for his new dagger. I figured the base effects of his dagger would have been "Effective against armored foes. If foe's Def ≥ foe's Res+5, deals +7 damage. Effect: [Dagger 7] After combat, if unit attacked, inflicts Def/Res-7on target and foes within 2 spaces of target through their next actions." Basically, it'd be a dagger counterpart to Nile's Bow. The idea being that Matthew's been around Hector and other knights, armored fighters, for so long that he knows their greatest weaknesses as much as he knows their greatest strengths which gets translated as effective damage against armors and the Light Brand effect as high physical defense is something armors are usually known for. I imagined Matthew with these effects as him targeting the the gaps in their armor, joints and other areas where armor can't cover, with his dagger which as dangerous at it might seem, with him being lightly armored and with a weapon that is good at very close range combat, he could easily close the distance, perhaps get to their blind spots like behind them, and hit those exposed areas. Or in Heroes' case, he could be so damn accurate that he's throwing his daggers and successfully hitting their weak points. Could you imagine Matthew throwing his dagger through the slit of generic armors' and the Black Knight's helmets? Some might have scoffed at the idea of giving a dagger unit with 25 base neutral attack an effective against armor effect, but effective damage goes a long way as Caeda and Clair can attest to. The Light Brand effect might not be that great, but it's a bonus and guaranteed damage is guaranteed damage. The downside with this idea is that he loses Rogue Dagger's effects. Rogue Dagger and Smoke Dagger both have two effects and with Spy's Dagger and Saizo's Star, their base effect and their unique refinement could be argued as being three effects. That said, the idea would have worked with effective damage against armors and the Rogue Dagger effect. Still, we've yet to see a new dagger from a weapon update given effective damage and the only non-seasonal gen 1 daggers remaining are Gaius and Jakob, so there's not a lot of chances left. If you include gen 2, then Legault and probably Sothe through Peshkatz gaining the ability to be refined.
  5. You can never have too many Surtr counters. Well, your other green mage options that are 3* to 4* summonable are Boey, Cecilia, Merric, and Nino. Boey has the highest defense and comes with Gronnowl leaning him to being an enemy phase and tanky mage. Merric also has a respectable 28 neutral defense, but he has the lowest base attack out of the mages. That said, he's still the only mage with effective damage against fliers and he and Ishtar are the only mages with Killer tomes which is through his refined Excalibur. Cecilia comes with Gronnraven which you can just slap T-Adept, Bowbreaker or whatever passive on her and deal CYL Lyn, Reinhardt, and CYL Veronica, is the only other green cavalry mage that isn't 5* summonable besides picnic Leo, so she's a good Gronnblade cavalry mage as well. Cecilia has a superasset in speed and for what it's worth, her affinity in Binding Blade is anima, so slapping an anima blessing on her would be appropriate and you'd have one anima defense team candidate. Nino is self-explanatory. Personal Gronnblade, good offenses, has a simple -blade mage build with Fury, Desperation, and you don't really need to refine her tome to get her going. Soren's Wind's Brand with its Chill Atk 3 and balanced-ish stats makes him a generalist and support unit. Going with the unique refinement, the -owl effect, can make him surprisingly bulky, especially if his opponent was hit by his tome's Chill Atk. Once again, for what it's worth, his affinity in the Tellius games is dark and Yune definitely appreciates her opponent being debuffed as he appreciates her speed boost. There's a color overlap and both don't have good defense, though.
  6. But it's not together in text form! That's what makes it amusing. Seriously though, they should give Gurgurant double Death Blow because why not and for shits and giggles. Gurgurant: "16 Mt. If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+6 during combat. If unit initiates combat, grants Atk+6 during combat." It'd mess with people who thinking the text was repeated by accident, but boom! Atk+12 when Ashnard initiates. I need two more copies of Bartre and I'd be able to +10 him. @silverserpent, considering his axe's unique refinement is Fury 3, he comes with Fury 3, and he has a speed superasset, consider a +Spd Bartre as well. +Atk scales better against armors and probably him being able to one shot people, but with +Spd and Fury 6, he will have 35 total speed; 25 neutral + 4 speed superasset + 6 Fury 6 = 35. Man's going to bleed like Eldigan and Hinata, but like them, they can be deceptively fast.
  7. I'm just pointing out another view point. It's up to you what you want to do with your units. For example, with vanguard Ike, his sustain is really good with his Radiant Aether and default Warding Breath quickening his ability to charge it on enemy phase. +Def or +Res would let him tank better, but +Atk would be great too, especially if you run Special Spiral or Wrath to maximize as much damage and also to help with sustain when he lands a Radiant Aether. Once again, I'm not telling you to change your vanguard Ike, instead, I'm just bringing up another perspective. +10 Bartre. You know it to be your destiny to join the beef club. Or join me and others with a +10 Soren. What are you looking for in a green merge project? That would narrow things down. Although recent and on a seasonal unit, Swift Sparrow 3 would be another option as well for +Spd Braves, right? On another topic, unique refined Durandal is the closest to a weapon having two of the same effects. By that, I mean Durandal could have had Death Blow 3 as its refined effect and Death Blow 3 as its unique refinement instead of Swift Sparrow 2. In a way, you could say it has Death Blow 3 and Death Blow 2 in addition to Darting Blow 2. Anyway, I wonder if we'll ever see a weapon with two duplicate effects on it as impractical or maybe practical as it may be. Ashnard should totally have Gurgurant with double Death Blow 3, Death Blow 3 or 4 as his A passive, and they should introduce Death Blow 3 by then.
  8. It led up to a discussion about +Atk or +Def/+Res on enemy phase units between Ice Dragon and XRay and which CYL Ike is usually used as an enemy phase unit.
  9. We had a similar discussion about this before with legendary kid Tiki. CYL Ike can run a pure tanking build with Shield Pulse and either Aegis or Pavise thanks to Urvan's Killer effect reducing the cooldown and Deflect All reducing further damage from consecutive attacks and he comes with Steady Breath, so he should be able to charge either special with one hit. It's obviously not an ideal build for people, especially since you have to get Shield Pulse, a niche skill, from somewhere in the 5* pool and not good offensively, damage-wise as running his default Luna or Aether or by inheriting Bonfire or Ignis onto him.
  10. The unique refinement for Matthew's new dagger has the same description as Gunnthra's Blizzard and summer Lilina's Deku Leaf+ where it adds penalities to the user's attack. Saizo's Star on the other hand has the same description as Bonus Doubler, but works off of the foe's penalties and individually adds each penalized, debuffed stat to Saizo's. So, at most, he could get +7 to a stat if the foe was hit by a -7 stat debuff. You could call it a Penalty Doubler. No weapon or skill has an unwritten effect. That would be stupid and unfair to players fighting against them. Could you imagine how people would have reacted to Keaton and Meisterhardt if they were not told they could Brave on enemy phase much less any effect? Surprise! Forseti lets Lewyn do an immediate follow-up if he has the speed and is at >= 50% HP or Seliph refined Tyrfing Miracle shenanigans. Man, this reminds me of that thread on the FEH subreddit where someone claimed that summer Lilina's weapon is the exact same as Legault's The Cleaner. Yes, because obviously bonuses = penalties. The closest thing to The Cleaner is Laegjarn's Niu where both add the foe's bonuses to the stats of the user. Specifically, The Cleaner adds it all to the user's attack and Niu adds 50% of all the foe's bonuses to all of Laegjarn's stats.
  11. I think after seeing you could reduce lift loss with an Anima/Dark mythic and an appropriately blessed team, I gave up on making a defense team capable of winning. Reducing loss seemed fine enough for me. Anyway, I was able to get a Yune from legendary Eliwood's banner and then I remembered that some of the Tellius units have dark affinities which lead to this. Except for Sothe, all the others are dark blessed. Sothe is wind because of his wind affinity and he's there because of Micaiah. If I were to replace him and with a non-duplicate Tellius unit, Naesala is my only option since I don't have a festival Micaiah or Greil's Devoted Soren. None of the other dark affinity Tellius units are in the game. The other dark affinity units currently in the game are Karla, Rutger, and Sophia. It's a theme defense map, so I don't really expect them to win. That said, I did intend for the Black Knight and Zelgius to be able to do some warp shenanigans with their default Wings of Mercy and Warp Powder, respectively. Anima is messy. Gaiden/SoV doesn't have affinities and I doubt everyone would be considered and I don't want to make everyone from there anima. So, of the units in the game, Canas, regular and winter Cecilia, LA Eliwood, Lloyd, Lute, and Seth have an anima affinity. If you include Blazing Blade's birth month and affinity thing and going with the international versions that don't take into account of blood type, then those with June and October birth months: Cherche, Donnel, Gunter, Kaze, Keaton, Leo, Lon'qu, Noire, Shigure, Stahl, Velouria, and Xander. Also Anna, but the Awakening and Fates Annas. Of those units, I don't have Keaton, regular Leo, summer Noire, and Velouria. Now that I looked at it, I think I could make a Duma and his annoying beast friends team if I ever manage to summon Keaton and Velouria. That still leaves out two other units to bother him and to help lower the lift loss. Anyway, any of those would replace Gunnthra or Lucina just so they can be bodies to reduce lift loss, but Gunnthra's debuffing is helpful and Lucina's Future Vision and default Wings of Mercy are useful and nasty. That said, regular Cecilia with a T-Adept build seems like a good idea, Cherche's B passive is basically free, I could slap Wings of Mercy or whatever to make her annoying and it would give me an excuse to +10 merge her because why not, and Lute could ploy stuff, but -Spd is going to hurt a bit on her.
  12. Or you could stick him with Gunnthra and Hrid forever. Wind buddies unite! On my end, I don't think I'm going to refine any of the new weapons or even build or promote some of the units to 5*. Luke's irrelevant with my dumbass +7 Meisterhardt's existence -- what the hell was that legendary banner way back. Matthew was promoted a few days ago because hey, more personal daggers, but now I feel like he's going to sit around as a dagger unit with a personal, glorified Rogue Dagger. Saizo was my last unique refinement and I partly did it out of why not to see how it played out and later because I threw him on my Anima defense team. The past weapon updates haven't had much that made me immediately want to pick the unique refinement or build a unit. Part of it is because they're units who I'm not that invested in and part of it is color which is mainly red. For example, I like Elincia and Swift Sparrow is great, but too many damn reds that at this point it's going to take someone I really like or has something insane that would make me want to refine their weapon much less even build them which itself is a problem when a lot of the fun stuff is 5* locked. Alm, Celica, Eirika, Eliwood, Lilina, and Tharja used dew and I'd rather use it on other colors. Refining Durandal is going to add more to the stuff I spent on Eliwood.
  13. Yeah, I get that, but the way those comments were worded, it seemed like they're saying his 43 HP is so low that it wouldn't work in general for Panic Ploy. He has a limit, but it's not an awful, unusable one. There were some comments saying Dull Close might be a good B passive for him, but you'd kill a summer Cordelia who is currently the only unit with Dull Close. Anyway, yeah, the unique refinement for his new sword is really meh. It's not simple and effective like Elincia getting Swift Sparrow or supportive and "optional" like Cherche getting Panic Ploy or Klein getting Chill Def. His HP is high, but not so high like that of Bartre, Cherche, Ogma, Virion, or goddamn Arden. His Panic Ploy working on squishy, low HP units would probably be overkill. Pass might have been more effective and practical than this if not make him extremely disruptive or rowdy. He would have been able to run both Pass and Drag Back, Hit and Run, Knockback, or Lunge for some wacky shenanigans. Except when he's the enemy. Relay Defense Luke was quite fun if painful.
  14. Apparently Luke's 43 HP and Rutger's 32 Atk are considered low. In Luke's case, sure, let's ignore that refining his weapon gives him +3 to +5 HP depending on the refinement picked.
  15. So, Ursula is Wolf O'Donnell and Revolver Ocelot.
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