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  1. Res Smoke for more damage per hit, but it's rarer since it's only on Brunnya and his Grimmama. Spd Smoke to double more or avoid doubles and it's cheaper since Chad has it. You could run both Res and Spd Smoke with Spd Smoke as his seal. Atk Smoke also works for less damage per hit against him. There's also Pulse Smoke to prevent foes from unleashing a special on him or his allies and Panic Smoke if you want to turn his foes' bonuses against them on top of debuffing them with his tome or another Smoke as his seal. Savage Blow is fine for a more offensive role. What are you looking to do with him? That needs to be answered to narrow things down. Fury, Desperation works with his unique refined tome up until he drops below >= 25% HP which would be 10 HP before any HP boosts from legendaries or mythics or being a bonus unit. Any kind of healing or damage reduction support can keep him in that generous HP range. Taking out Fury as a factor, Desperation works with unique refined Grima's Truth with how much stats he can swing in his favor, in particular, speed so that he can double provided his foe doesn't have a follow-up prevention effect, which is what he needs for Desperation. Speed in general would be helpful for an offensive, mixed, or defensive build. Personally, I would go with a +Spd M!Morgan over +Atk. That's just me. If you want him to be an offensive unit, then there's Atk/Spd Ideal, Atk/Spd Push, Brazen Atk/Spd, Fury, Life and Death, Swift Sparrow, and any other attack and/or speed boosting A passive. Louise introduced the Ideal skills and while it doesn't target penalties for its conditions, it does work with bonuses which M!Morgan is likely to have attack, speed, and resistance bonuses most of the time. So, a foe would need Distant Def 4, Dull Ranged or All if applicable, or a combination of Lulls that target attack, speed, and resistance to prevent Atk/Spd Ideal 4 from working if he isn't at full health. Lulls would not cover things like Ground Orders or Even/Odd Tempest which I think should work with Grima's Truth's unique refinement. Distant Def 4 and Dulls might? I'm not sure. Anyway, on the subject of bonuses, Bonus Doubler could work for him for the same reasons as Atk/Spd Ideal. He would trade higher attack and speed from Atk/Spd Ideal for defense and resistance which could be helpful if you want him to be mixed phase or take hits. Fury and Pushes have recoil damage, so if you don't want to deal with that, then L&D or Swift Sparrow. M!Morgan should be able to take a hit with L&D and drop between <= 75% HP for Desperation 3 and >= 25% HP for Grima's Truth's unique refinement. At that point, he can just stay at whatever HP he is at and Desperation blitz most foes provided they don't have a follow-up prevention effect or are faster than him. Brazen Atk/Spd 4 would work in the same way, but it would require setting up. Swift Sparrow is pure player phase. Impacts provide follow-up prevention, but I don't think he needs that for player phase. On a defense team, sure. If you want him to be an enemy phase unit, then well, you already gave him Close Foil. Otherwise, Close Counter if you encounter dragons a lot, but considering a particular blue dragon, it might be best on a non-red ranged unit. There's Distant Def 4 for anti-range by neutralizing their bonuses, granting him more defense and resistance, and opening his B passive to something else if you don't want to use his default Dull Ranged with a different A passive like a tier 4 Stance for Guard. For other A passives, R Duel Infantry 4 for Arena and other scoring modes and Unity skills to turn penalties from his foes against them. Form skills would be an arguably crappier alternative to Unity skills. If and when we do get Penalty Doubler as an inheritable A passive, then that would be good on him too with how unique refined Grima's Truth works. Do you encounter a lot of or despise Firesweep units? Then Null C-Disrupt. Lulls are always good with Lull Atk/Y helping in bulk with Y being Spd to double more or avoid more doubles or Res for more damage per hit or Lull Spd/Res for a more offensive approach by allowing him to deal more damage and double more along with avoiding more doubles. Null Follow-Up of course is always helpful against foes with follow-up effects. For damage, M!Morgan with Counter, Vantage might not be the best, but for general enemy phase, he might be okay with how much stats he can swing in his favor. In that case, his default Dull Ranged and Atk Smoke as his C or seal would be all right on a budget. It would also depend on the player if they want him to have more sustain with Noontime or more damage with Glimmer or Moonbow. Lull Atk/Spd, Lull Atk/Res, or Lull Spd/Res would be better to help out in reducing damage taken and increasing damage dealt if applicable. @Faellin, I know you would have to select "Send Home", but marking Plegian M!Kris as a favorite unit would be a good idea to prevent any accidents. If anything, it would help for sorting if you have some kind of sorting system set up. I don't.
  2. Or Pegasus Flight. Stricter speed check and while Farina's base neutral resistance isn't high at 30, Hotshot Lance at most gives her Atk/Spd/Def/Res+7 which hilariously enough, means she could have higher resistance than Fiora, the one who introduced Pegasus Flight, on top of the Dull All effect. Man, Fiora and Florina really got shafted compared to Farina. Farina enhanced with Dragonflowers five times, so 600 Dragonflowers, would have 40 HP, 53 Atk, 39 Spd, 31 Def, and 31 Res with Hotshot Lance equipped. If her HP is >= 25% HP, then she be granted Atk/Spd/Def/Res+7 and Dull All giving her 60 Atk, 46 Spd, 38 Def, and 38 Res that would be uncontested by her foe's field buffs. Giving Farina Fury would be no problem which you could grab alongside Pegasus Flight from her dear older sister. 39 visible speed isn't that high and Farina doesn't have a speed superasset, but Hotshot's Lance's Dull All can make it easier for her and to my knowledge, she is the only melee flier who can run both a Dull that at least targets speed and defense or resistance and Pegasus/Wyvern Flight at the same time. With Pegasus Flight, her foe's speed must not be > 46 while with Wyvern Flight, her foe's speed must not be > 49 before any speed debuffs on Farina lowering the threshold as she cannot naturally neutralize debuffs and reversing them won't do anything as the Flight skills check at start of combat speed. We do have high resistance units, but I don't think they are as common as high defense units, so it could be easier for Farina to have 14 more resistance than her foe even with -Res. After thinking about, Farina might be the best user of the Flight skills because of Hotshot Lance's effects despite not being the fastest of melee fliers or having the highest defense or resistance. Now, if only there were more than one unit with Pegasus Flight or Wyvern Flight.
  3. I would like to get as many skills as possible, especially rarer, usually 5* only or seasonal skills, when inheriting even if some of the skills aren't that great. Sturdy Impact in the player's hands is still probably best on Naesala and Tibarn who comes with it by default. My fault for not asking the question itself which would be: "How is Marisa as a Galeforce unit?" And I kind of answered it myself or at least went through and dumped my thoughts on it. Solo skills would be fine for Mjolnir's Strike, especially for the Raid unit up top who usually will not be near much less adjacent to an ally and with the Mjolnir's Strike map being larger than in the past. Depending on how things play out, they should be fine too for Rokkr Sieges if the Rokkr is boxed in and the unit with a Solo isn't adjacent to anyone. But yes, the position requirements of Bonds or Solos sometimes cannot be fulfilled. Anyway, whether or not Marisa, Ayra, or whoever uses Atk/Spd Solo or not, at least they would have it as an option. Null Follow-Up would be the main thing for Marisa and Ayra because foes with follow-up prevention or guaranteed follow-up effects are a problem in general. Farina's Hotshot Lance has Dull All if she has been enhanced at least three times with Dragonflowers, so 240 Dragonflowers, and her HP at the start of combat is >= 25%. Not as unconditional as Divine Naga's Dull All and adaptive damage neutralization if refined so long as Deirdre or Julia is not dead, but >= 25% HP is pretty damn close. If only I had kid Palla. Reins in general are good, but I just don't have an immediate flier I would want Atk/Def Rein on. Keeping skills on hand is never a bad thing, but picking Pent so I have a neutral one and making the +HP, -Atk one a manual might be better than picking Farina who didn't show up as -Atk or -Spd. Even if Farina had showed up as either -Atk or -Spd, it would be cheaper to address her flaw by giving her at least 240 Dragonflowers, the condition for her lance's effects, so she can have Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 and Dull All when her HP is >= 25% at the start of combat than it would be to spend Trait Fruits. Ironically, she already pays for 40 Dragonflowers herself by completing her Heroic Ordeals. I guess that's her discount for summoning her. Pent's probably the better guaranteed summon. Something I thought of is that if Helbindi shows up at least twice in the future is I could give Barst G Duel Infantry 4 and Time's Pulse 3 from him and Pent with the main thing being getting Time's Pulse. That would allow for Wrath charged Moonbows or Bonfires depending on if he inherits Wrath. Just a thought that is probably not going to happen anytime soon. If only the amount of skills you could inherit from a unit was at least five. It would make things so much easier and less painful.
  4. Guess whose sword deals +7 damage when triggering a Special and who became my seventh +10 unit? It's Marisa! She is also my second +10 Grail unit. Incidentally, they have both been Tempest Trial units. I have yet to +10 a Grand Hero Battle unit. The wait was over and I said to myself that if her Shamshir ends up being at least decent, I would +10 her. Now, that is subjective on what I think decent is, but a Killer effect, deals +7 damage when triggering a Special, Atk/Spd+5 when initiating or when within 2 spaces of an ally on enemy phase, and the most surprising, Time's Pulse 3 definitely qualifies as at least decent. I don't think I got far enough in Sacred Stones to recruit Marisa, so most of what I know about her and the impression she left on me was from Heroes. When she was announced, I checked and figured she might end up as being similar to Fir at least with higher resistance, but lower defense and HP compared to Joshua. Well, both of them ended up being fairly different from probably what they would be in Sacred Stones. In Heroes, Joshua ended up as a well-rounded unit and Marisa ended up as gen 2 Karel, but with more defense. Or compared to each other, it was Joshua who has less HP and more resistance than Marisa. Part of what I like most about her is her English voice. Connor Kelley nails endearingly awkward characters. Felicia and Setsuna are goofballs where Felicia is well-meaning while Setsuna is out there to say the least. Catria and Marisa are more composed with Catria leaning towards appearing to be reliable and serious and Marisa towards being blunt, calm, and stoic, but like Felicia and Setsuna, they're awkward too with their flustered moments or clumsiness, socially or apparently with anything not related to fighting for Marisa. Trait Fruits hoarding as usual with me leaving resources to rot, forgotten wherever they're stored. Probably going to have her be +Spd whenever I get to that. For skills, it has become competitive on who do I prioritize giving what to who. With Shamshir's base effect being 3 less damage compared to Nameless Blade, I would like to get Wrath for Marisa. The problem is that I would want Wrath for Ayra, Barst, Nailah, and should it come to it where they ended up being merged, Fir and Karel. More so Karel since he is a special 4* rate unit and he doesn't have I would want making him an inconsequential merge project. Linus, kind of Lon'qu, and Raven could run Wrath well too, but would not be able to have more than +10 damage dealt as their weapons do not have a Wo Dao or Wrath effect and I would not complain about a random LA Hector in the future who I could slap Wrath on. Given that unique refined Shamshir has Time's Pulse, she could be a good Galeforce unit and Null Follow-Up and Time's Pulse as a C passive would all be helpful. Athena, Ayra, and Lyn would all be able to make great use of Null Follow-Up given how their weapons work. Athena and Lyn are not as high priority as Ayra whose blade's upgraded base effect is only missing Null Follow-Up to be like the Byleths' Creator Sword. For now, it's fine where the main thing is that she has Moonbow/Noontime that can be charged and Luna/Sol that can be at 1 cooldown with unique refined Shamshir's Killer effect and Time's Pulse. The next, eighth +10 unit if it's a non-5* exclusive unit would either be a colorless unit or Reinhardt who is simply overdue. For colorless, Gangrel, Kronya, Norne, or Tanya where Tanya is a last resort if Norne continues to not show up while summoning whereas I have enough copies to +10 Tanya. I like Tanya, but they had to make the insert a 3* to 4* demotes back then a BST generation behind costing Bantu, Chad, Ross, Tanya, and Valbar stat points. At least Ross has trainee BST. They would mainly be for Allegiance Battles to offer an alternative to relying on Duma as my highest scoring colorless unit or a friend's proxy unit. Maybe a non-healer colorless demote will show up in the future and a lot of copies of them.
  5. I even went out of my way to summon for Ophelia when she was on the late 2018 Hero Fest banner... We may be at a point where there are way too many heroes and skills to remember. I forgot the wording of the tier 4 Threaten skills which could be a way for the upgraded base effect of Grima's Truth to be corrected since according to @Ice Dragon, the English description isn't entirely correct. M!Morgan needs to be within 4 spaces of a foe for him to get Atk/Spd/Res+5. He can't simply get it by simply existing which would have made Astram's Mercurius and Fae's Eternal Breath look bad with their requirements for giving themselves field buffs; Astram needs >= 50% HP and Fae needs to be within 2 spaces of an ally. It's even worse for Flayn, Sara, and future regular summoning pool healers who have heal assists that don't give SP. They either need to be leveled up with shards to get Assault or drop back down to Mend or Reconcile and heal until they have enough SP to learn Assault. Launch healers also need to be able to access their one and only passive as a 4* because it's real stupid that someone like Lucius can't have HP+5 when it's his only damn passive. The fuck is he going to do? Bleed more?
  6. Speaking of healers, CYL Camilla, bride Fjorm, and Sara are the only ones without a special by default. Not sure why even if they all have three default passives, CYL Camilla has a tier 4 passive, and Sara introduced Return and has two tier 4 passives. They could have at least been given Imbue or Miracle because miracles are common. To forget him when he is part of the recent weapon update and I even use him from time to time. So, it's Quan, Nina, Itsuki, and maybe someone else.
  7. I just noticed something, but is Farina the first non-infantry beast unit to be introduced whose weapon has a Killer effect or a similar effect, but does not have a special by default? I say introduced and non-infantry beast since Barst, Caeda, Clair, Oscar, Rebecca, Fates Selena, Subaki, and Tailtiu were all given weapons that involved their own special despite not having one and New Year's Keaton, Mordecai, and groom Rafiel being infantry beasts simply share the Wo Dao transformation effect. And after checking, it seems Nina was the first unit to have an assist and a special by default not Itsuki. I don't remember if there are other units like that and for Farina, it wouldn't be that crazy to give her an entirely loaded kit. They could have dumped Sacred Cowl or Aegis on her. Remember those skills? The last units to be given them were Ameila (Sacred Cowl) and Kempf (Aegis) and before them, Lukas (Sacred Cowl) and Saber (Aegis). Everyone else who has them is a launch unit. Escutcheon isn't doing any better with only Clive. Pavise has had three units introduced with it and one of them was from the previous new heroes banner: Arden, Meisterhardt, and Dedue. There are more new Miracles in total than new Aegises, Escutcheons, Pavises, and Sacred Cowls with fourteen introduced units with Miracle: spring Bruno, legendary Celica, Delthea, Emmeryn, Eremiya, Finn, ninja Laegjarn, Linhardt, Lucius, Maribelle, Mercedes, Adrift Mikoto, Mist, and Sigurd, to the eight of Aegises, Escutcheons, Pavises, and Sacred Cowls. The best part? Maria is the only launch unit with Miracle.
  8. Three Two questions and let's get the weird one out of the way: how would Sturdy Impact and Guard Bearing be on Sumia? With her newly given Flower Lance, I may have found a use for the summer Ingrid manual should I want to invest that much into the Three Houses path. Sturdy Impact alone would go better on a player phase, double Wrath Bonfire smashing Barst, Bramimond, maybe Kinshinoka, Naesala, Seliph with Divine Tyrfing, or Yune to name a few off the top of my head, but I also want to grab Guard Bearing for the hell of it and only inheriting Sturdy Impact I would rather use a spare Tibarn should I ever have +12 copies of him or if someone else shows up with other enticing skills like Dimitri having Odd Tempest. For Sumia, Sturdy Impact would help for passing Heavy Blade checks for a Galeforce build and the follow-up prevention could save her against foes where she could attack, maybe deal some damage, and then get out with unique refined Flower Lance's Canto. Alternatively, Mirror Impact would even out her defenses more, she is fast, but you can't have enough speed, so Steady/Swift Impact would be better for general use and with a follow-up prevention effect, or she could run Fury allowing her to become a Wings of Mercy beacon of her own with enough, L&D, Swift Sparrow, etc. Guard Bearing is what it is, but of the melee, non-beast and non-dragon fliers that I have (see edit; Farina showed up) I can't think of anyone else who would be able to make good use of it. Either they are very player phase-orientated making Guard Bearing useless since they shouldn't take hits like Cherche, Cordelia, Elincia, and Jill or they are perhaps too slow like Altena and Ashnard. The only two people I think who could make great use of Guard Bearing would be the recently introduced Farina and Laegjarn. Farina's fairly fast, has good mixed bulk, is a ball of stats and has Dull All with at least 3 Dragonflowers and if her HP is >= 25%, so why not make it even harder for people to kill her on enemy phase. Additionally, her lance has a Killer effect, so Galeforce would be easier with her, so she probably would make the best use of Sturdy Impact and Guard Bearing. Laegjarn is dependent on her foes having bonuses, but if they do, she can swing a lot of stats in her favor and be a decent mixed phase unit. Her resistance is low, but Guard Bearing could allow her to take hits she shouldn't be at least for one round of combat on enemy phase. Second one is Marisa as a Galeforce unit. Unique refined Shamshir having a Killer effect and Time's Pulse 3 as part of its unique refinement was surprising and opens up a lot of options for her. More Galeforce units are always helpful, so I don't consider comparing them as competition, but more of what makes them distinct, their strengths and weaknesses. Marisa does not have a Blade effect like Caeda, CYL Celica, Clair, Eliwood, CYL Roy, Ogma, or what could have been with refined Ayra's Blade retaining its Flashing Blade 3. She also cannot guarantee two hits like CYL Celica can with Double Lion or have the Special Spiral effect that works with Galeforce that she and Yarne have. With only her unique refined Shamshir, Marisa can start out of a 3 cooldown Galeforce. A round of combat against someone who can counter and does not have a Guard effect would allow her to proc Galeforce. If she ends up at 2 or 1 cooldown after a round of combat, then Shamshir's Time's Pulse 3 won't work, but she should be okay since she would just need to hit once or twice provided once again, she is not fighting someone with Guard. If she has Time's Pulse 3 as her C passive, then she can start with a 2 cooldown Galeforce. Navarre and Velouria are her closest comparisons for Galeforce units who can have lowered cooldown by themselves. More so on Navarre whose Scarlet Sword has a Killer effect and Quickened Pulse 2 while Velouria doesn't have a Killer effect, but grants Quickened Pulse 2 to her support partner as well. Their setup is arguably easier, especially on an Infantry Pulse team because of their much lower HP than Marisa, but they cannot guarantee having Galeforce with lowered cooldown throughout the battle which depends on map and mode. I could give Marisa Galeforce and Atk/Spd Solo 3 from the +Atk Yarne that has been sitting around as the +Spd would be better for his own Galeforce needs; avoiding one-shotting foes, especially cavalry ones, and having speed to double. It does burn a pathway to grab Atk/Spd Solo 4 and Null Follow-Up 3 for Ayra as a sudden sweaty M!Corrin showed up as +Spd, -Def, so I would be okay with making the +Atk, -Spd one a manual. Ayra would be okay with Galeforce, but it would have been way better had her refined blade kept Flashing Blade 3. Back to Marisa, she has enough HP where L&D3 is fine for her, so Atk/Spd Solo would just be another option to have or it would be better to cough up 20k feather or hope a random Lyn shows up instead. Null Follow-Up would also be good for Marisa as well for Galeforce if legendary Edelgard wasn't an indication of how annoying it can be for Eliwood. And Marisa and Ayra both want Wrath too. Choices... Edit: Speak of the devil, Farina showed up. So, I think Sturdy Impact and Guard Bearing from the summer Ingrid manual might go to her now. She's +Atk, -Res making it even easier to pass Heavy Blade checks for a Galeforce build, although, it should could end up missing doubles against the fastest of units and possibly oneshot frail ones given the amount of attack she would have with +Atk, her lance's effect giving her more attack and neutralizing bonuses, Sturdy Impact, and her default Atk/Def Rein. Another edit: Pent showed up as +HP, -Atk. This hurts his own combat, but it doesn't change his support which while specific to mage allies, should okay. It's between picking Farina or Pent for my guaranteed summon as Erk is the demote and Louise doesn't have any skills that I would really want. Being the stat ball that she is, Farina would definitely appreciate merges and the only skill I would really want from her is Atk/Def Rein. Catches and Ideals are neat, but not as simple as a Rein. For Reins, though, Atk/Spd Rein and Spd/Def Rein are on the top of my lists for Clair, Elincia, perhaps Kinshinoka, and Sumia. Also, Catria and Est if I ever build them and Farina herself would probably prefer either of these two over Atk/Def Rein so that she can double more. The only two fliers that come to mind for Atk/Def Rein are Ashnard and Cherche who I have not invested in as much and Cherche hasn't been used as much lately. For Pent, scoring doesn't matter as much to me, especially green infantry at the moment. +10 Echidna suffices for Allegiance Battles and Mjolnir's Strike and the only other built or merged green infantry I have are Soren that I +10'd for a friend back in the day and Linus at +4 merges. Also, I have never summoned a Helbindi, so I would not be able to grab G Duel Infantry 4 and whatever else from Pent and Helbindi. I don't have a colorless merge project, so that is more important. Anyway, Lull Atk/Res or Time's Pulse would be nice. Between the two, I would rather take Time's Pulse from Pent. The one person that comes to mine for Lull Atk/Res is Reinhardt. That said, his usual Lancebreaker is fine as are other -breakers. Boey, Julia, Lyon, among others can use it as well, the -raven tome mages I keep as counters to pick for things like Arena Assault or a specific map. It would be possible to get both together with the Guinivere manual, but that's going to take a while and I can't think of many mages or dragons who would want both. Perhaps Brunnya, but I'd rather grab Close Foil and Lull Atk/Spd 3 from Julian should he ever show up twice. There's legendary F!Corrin, but Lull Atk/Spd, Lull Spd/Res, Null Follow-Up, or Dragon Wall with heavy investment might be better.
  9. Fucking hell, I had to think about it before I remembered Canas existed. Who the fuck was a red tome, but did not have a motherfucking red goddamn tome? Stupid thing is that Athos and Nergal have chances to be red tome mages and Bramimond had a chance before they made up a new tome and introduced our first colorless tome unit.
  10. That makes sense. I forgot about the wording of the tier 4 Threaten skills. I only have CYL Alm who has it by default and never really checked it or bothered to remember it. Looking at the English description of the tier 4 Threaten skills, it would be like how you worded upgraded base effect of Grima's Truth, but the bonus for M!Morgan first and then the penalty for the nearest foes. So: "At start of turn, if unit is within 4 spaces of a foe, grants Atk/Spd/Res+5 to unit for 1 turn and inflicts Atk/Spd/Res-5 on nearest foes through their next actions." On the subject of Berserk Armads, it feels like they mixed up part of the unique refinement effects for Berserk Armads and Shamshir; unique refined Berserk Armads was supposed to have Time's Pulse 3 while unique refined Shamshir was supposed to have the restore 30% of the unit's maximum HP. Time's Pulse would have allowed Hector to set up double Wrath charged Bonfire or Ignis if he could manage to fire it off in a round of combat. Previously, he would have to rely on Quickened Pulse, being on an Ostia's Pulse team, or being nearby CYL Lucina or someone else who can provide a breath effect. Although the attack debuff would still hinder him from getting into Wrath range as easily before, it would be terrifying, especially with double Wrath charged Ignis and would be "fitting" for a previously 5* exclusive unit and a 5* seasonal. Shamshir on the other hand would have ended up as a probably crappier Wind Parthia as it would be missing Def/Res+5 and would restore 20% less of her maximum HP in return for dealing 7 damage when triggering a special. It would still be potent and Marisa would have access to Lulls, Null C-Disrupt, Null Follow-Up, Special Spiral, Wrath, and speed check damage reduction skills where B passives in general are an issue for fliers along with being able to run Time's Pulse to have charged Glimmer, Moonbow, Noontime, or Ruptured Sky or 1 cooldown Bonfire, Luna, or Sol if she starts a turn with them at their maximum cooldown. The thing is that Marisa's HP is her standout stat for better or worse and having an effect that restores 30% to 50% of her maximum HP would be pretty damn good.
  11. Fir at least has her resistance. At this point, Fates Selena could probably do magic tanking like Fir with how easy it is for her to get stats from having lower attack than her foes, but not be able to fire off as many specials since she can't have Killer and Time's Pulse together in return for effective damage against armors. By going with the syntax I think is the right word here used in the English descriptions, should it be: "At start of turn, inflicts Atk/Spd/Res-5 on nearest foes within 4 spaces through their next actions, and also grants Atk/Spd/Res+5 to unit for 1 turn"? I don't think there is an "if a foe has been inflicted with a penalty" or a general if successful statement both of which they could use. I wonder how the description will be corrected if at all considering Gaius does deal damage equal to 10% of his speed, but it still says boosts to this day. Hey now, man's married and devoted to his lovely wife... only when she's on a horse. Meanwhile, his wife when she's wielding a deadly fan, but not on a horse, his best friend's wife, his best friend's wife's second husband, son, step-son, and daughter, his best friend's sister, and himself all gussied up and with a bow. Also, another funny thing is that he makes Travant stronger since he qualifies as a lance user. Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer. Something else is does it seem like there is a double space before and after the movement amount in "unit can move X space(s)" description under the [Canto(X)] part of Flower Lance and Lyngheidr?
  12. I just remembered that I had Sumia inherit Wings of Mercy 1 from Palla way back then as part of getting Moonbow and Goad Fliers and now her lance's unique refinement gives her Wings of Mercy 6.
  13. They freaking gave us our second playable Canto unit with Sumia's Flower Lance's unique refinement. When Farina was revealed, I thought that a Lewyn would happen for Sumia where Flower Lance would be similar to Farina's Hotshot Lance like how unique refined Forseti ended up a bit similar to Asbel's Grafcalibur. Well, more of Sumia's Flower Lance would have ended up involving Dragonflowers for its effect like Hotshot Lance. Instead, they her Canto. The other effects of Flower Lance should not be ignored as well where it's simply packed with effects. To me, the best part about Flower Lance is that its base effect feels like a bonus effect to the unique refinement being the meat of Flower Lance. Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 when foe's HP is >= 75% is a freebie compared to Canto, being able to warp to any ally whose HP is <= 80%, so Brazen range, and Swift Sparrow 2.4 that works on enemy phase if she's within 2 spaces of an ally. I say 2.4 since Jill's Talregan Axe is Atk/Spd+6, 1 more attack and speed, when Jill initiates or is within 2 spaces of an ally. Unless something is missing in the English description, Sumia's Canto has no turn limit unlike with Reginn and for that matter, Fafnir and Otr as their Canto only works on turns 1 to 4. If I am understanding this correctly, an ally at Brazen range can wreck someone, Sumia could warp to their location, Reposition or whatever with her assist to get them out, and then Canto activates allowing Sumia to move again. Dude! The warp effect is in character too! In Awakening, Sumia suddenly flies in to save Chrom. Instant refine with how unique and crazy that the developers decided to give Sumia who is a 4* special rate unit, no longer a 5* exclusive or a recent gen unit, something like this. The only unfortunate thing is that Sumia's base attack is average at best and even with all that attack stacking, she might not have as reliable of an attack stat for Heavy Blade, so that she can Galeforce and Canto like Reginn. Still, pretty freaking awesome. Funny enough, the developers pulled another similar stats thing, but not completely like back then where Barst, Jakob, Laslow, and F!Morgan all had effects involving Atk/Spd/Def/Res+4 and only Laslow's was to give others +4 to their stats rather than himself. Anyway, part of Marisa's unique refinement for Shamshir is the same Swift Sparrow 2.4 that unique refined Flower Lance has. Shamshir at base is unique refined Hauteclere, Nameless Blade, and Shanna's Lance, but deals 7 damage instead of 10 when triggering a special. That's something I would like to touch upon later. The unique refinement has a second effect which is listed first and it's straight-up Time's Pulse 3. Unique refined Shamshir is like a mix of unique refined Nameless Blade and unique refined Scarlet Sword where instead of dealing 10 damage when triggering a special and having Quickened Pulse 2, so special cooldown count-2 at start of turn 1, it deals 7 damage and grants special cooldown count-1 if her special is at its maximum value at the start of all her turns. That is wild. Time's Pulse 3 as a skill should stack, so Marisa can have charged 3 cooldown specials in a weird way, though since if she doesn't one shot someone or end up with 3 cooldown on her special after a fight, Time's Pulse won't work. The unique refinement Time's Pulse would let her set up Special Spiral for a 2 cooldown special, but that might be wasted. Not that great. On the other hand, Wrath will work when her HP is <= 75% and that might be better where she can still get special cooldown count-1 either through her Shamshir's Time's Pulse or Wrath or special cooldown count-2 if she fulfills both conditions. I fee like with Flower Lance, part of Shamshir's base effect feels like a bonus and that is the deals 7 damage when triggering a special part. Shamshir having a Killer effect and Time's Pulse is huge. Not as huge as "Accelerate Special trigger (special cooldown count-2)", but still huge. With just her unique refined Shamshir, Marisa would be able to have a 3 cooldown Galeforce. It would be selfish, but with Time's Pulse as a her C passive, then she would have a 2 cooldown Galeforce. She just needs to hit twice to charge Galeforce and if she has a blade effect of some kind, then only once. Guard effects will impede her as they do for almost everyone, but she could be a good Galeforce sword infantry. Before moving on to something that will touch on Nameless Blade, I will say this was an instant refine as well. I like Marisa, I was holding out for her to be part of an update, and hoping that she ends up with something decent. This is more than decent. I had typed up, but deleted thought dumps on ideas for Marisa's Shamshir and Sumia's Flower Lance with some concerns for both. For Marisa, I felt like there were multiple ways for them to be lazy and copy, paste weapons from others and not only could it be bad for her, it could be bad for the characters with those weapons. In this case, it was the latter. The unoriginal give her Hauteclere, Nameless Blade, and Shanna's Lance would have resulted in Marisa being Karel with more defense. That's it. Karel arguably has worse offenses than Ogma as he traded attack for resistance. Well, now there is the choice of spend grails and feathers or spend orbs and deal with lower BST. That is if unique refined Shamshir was an exact copy of unique refined Nameless Blade. If Shamshir at base was the same as unique refined Nameless Blade, then that would be insulting to Fir and Karel even though Fir at least has a different stat spread than Karel and Marisa. This could be extended to Athena, Lon'qu, and so on where for Athena and Lon'qu, Marisa is not a +Atk, -Spd version of them like how Linus is to Raven, so an exact copy of their weapons after the unique refinement would have resulted in Marisa being pretty much worse than them, but at base, it would be upsetting to fans of those characters since even if, say, Shamshir were unique refined Solitary Blade and its unique refinement was Panic Ploy, it still means Marisa has an extra thing, however great or underwhelming. +7 damage instead of +10 doesn't matter when what happened is that Shamshir at base is unique refined Nameless Blade. Fir's and Karel's shtick is special spamming where back then with Wrath or after it was introduced, Time's Pulse, they are able to have charged 2 cooldown specials. Now, they can have both to have charged 3 cooldown specials. Marisa with unique refined Shamshir can have charged 2 cooldown specials or with Wrath or Time's Pulse, 3 cooldown specials and an open B or C passive allowing her to run Null Follow-Up, a speed check damage reduction with enough speed stacking, Pulse Smoke, Vantage, etc. And all in return for 3 less damage. The best part? We have an inkling of what Karla's Vassal's Blade may end up with through flying Nino and that is deals damage = 20% of unit's speed for the upgraded base effect. If that happens, then Karla will deal more damage per hit than Marisa; Karla would deal 8 damage per hit with her 40 base neutral speed. There's not stopping them from giving Karla Time's Pulse 3 if they wanted, but I digress. Moving onto the remaining three units, regular and LA Hector I get what they are trying to do with Berserk Armads's unique refinement healing him. Vantage would be the simple, let chaos begin answer, but it gets checked by Hardy Bearing and even with WTA, Hector's resistance isn't that great where New Year's Alfonse & Sharena and Ophelia would be able to tear through his HP and finish him off let alone those who are neutral or have WTA against him. So, they decided that he should restore 30% of his maximum HP back when triggering a special which could allow him to simply endure. For regular Hector, 30% of his 55 HP (52 base + 3 unique refinement) would be 16 HP restored and if the player has his resplendent form, 30% of his 57 HP would be 17 HP. For LA Hector, 30% of his 53 HP would be 15 HP restored. Helping that is the first part which inflicts Atk/Def-5 if his foe initiates or his foe's HP = 100% which with his default Distant Counter makes it like a more defensive Ostian Counter since he doesn't actually boost his own attack or defense, but it is effectively Atk/Def/Res+5 for him. I don't have LA Hector and I don't really want to get Berserk Armads for regular Hector especially after just spending 400 Divine Dew for Sumia and Marisa. M!Morgan just gets Atk/Spd/Def+5 on his own by existing with the upgraded base effect. Dulls and Lulls exist and Azelle and Freyja will happily turn his buffs around, but that's pretty funny. The other part of it is a 4 spaces Threaten like New Year's Gunnthra's Hikami. Neat and it makes him a great ally for debuff orientated units like regular Gunnthra, Matthew, and Ursula, but probably not as good as Arvis and Saias with their ridiculous range. The unique refinement is the same further debuff a foe's stats effect that the Plegian Festival -- how fitting -- introduced, but instead of activating when the user is not adjacent to anyone and starting with -5, it activates when M!Morgan's HP is >= 25% and starts with -4. I get that each point matters, but it's still weird that they don't make it the same as recent units. Marisa and Sumia would be so scary if they had Swift Sparrow 2.5 like Jill instead of 2.4 or M!Morgan debuffs starting with -5 just by existing compared to Plegian Katarina who has to not be adjacent to anyone. Whatever. Overall, neat, but I don't think I will refine his tome yet. Quan is the weird one. It works, but it's weird. Quan can get up to Atk/Def+10 if he's fighting specific types of foes while having at least one of types of units on his team and he can grant Atk/Def+5 to those specific types of units if they are within 3 spaces of him. I feel like Abel and Cain benefited more from this than Quan himself. Abel's and Cain's weapons have Atk/Def Form 2.9 (up to +6 instead of +7 like the Form skills later introduced) and allow them to Brave if they initiate while being within 2 spaces of a cavalry ally who uses a sword, lance, or axe. Guess what Quan is and what unique refined Gae Bolg does? Abel and Cain are going to be even better against Rokkrs with Quan, but that requires summoning him and refining Gae Bolg. Man, Eldigan and Sigurd got off so much better than Quan. Eldigan can choose between Fury stacking or Special Spiral and Dark Mystletainn will eventually be up for refining while Sigurd's unique refined Divine Tyrfing is simply stupid. Canto and unless it's incorrect, Canto that works on all turns. That's wild. Her movement effect is more restrictive in that it relies on her foes being within a certain HP range rather than being within 2 spaces, but Sumia can warp to anyone wherever they are and emphasis on anyone since Lilith is restricted to only her support partner.
  14. Perhaps Duma and Mila? In Heroes, Duma is weird in that he is his normal self, personality and human form, but his dragon sprite looks like it would be his degenerated self, although, not as far as Gaiden or his SoV concept art of his flesh melting or melting more. I figured as Duma, as the God of Strength and War Father, before his degeneration, his dragon sprite would have looked closer to Mila's in Heroes, so not all melty and perhaps with two eyes or even three instead of only one single eye in the middle of his forehead. Mila doesn't degenerate as far as Duma does from what I know, but she does have a moment where she does look crazy, so they could stretch it with a degenerated Mila. Karel's shtick of being drawn to and killing strong fighters is covered by his current self in Heroes, but if they want to, they could make another version of him that is at his lowest point right before he begins to change to his Sword Saint self in Binding Blade. A Samurai Jack thing could be done with his appearance; more wilder hair, shirtless, and covered in scars. Renault prior to the events of Blazing Blade could work given as far as I know, after losing his friend, he worked for Nergal hoping he could bring back his friend to life and in doing so, killed many people. For some reason, I remember Libra as being violent in the past and that he may have resembled Karel or Renault before the events of Awakening. I do know that his past was dark from his support with Tharja, but I don't remember if it's ever explicitly stated as what he did before trying to atone and becoming a person of the cloth. This sounds like some weird putty toy. "Getcha Goo Garon here! Only two gold pieces!" Fates Anna would make bank with Goo Garon toys. Well, if Garon were alive and entertained such a silly idea.
  15. I just thought of something cruel they could do with Erk that they haven't done since Clair and Xander: Erk can only learn Spd/Res Solo 3 and Spd Opening 3 when he's a 5* as otherwise, he can only learn their second tier as a 4*. A player would he forced to spend 20k to 22k feathers or use another 5* unit to inherit either skill.
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