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  1. People vote for shit. Figuratively and literally. It's why there are so many votes for Arden, Brigand Boss, gatekeeper, and the botted votes for Jorge as much as there are votes for Celica, Ephraim, Ike, or Lyn. You could put a piece of fucking cardboard as an option and people would vote for it to the point where it legitimately wins. Don't even get started with voting on life-changing decisions e.g. look at any country.
  2. If it only it was brigand boss and gatekeeper. Imagine the men's side being memes. Well, either Eirika or Marth get snubbed out again or they finally win CYL. Meanwhile, Leif. Still going to vote for irrelevant characters; Cherche, Sonya, and Orochi so far with Ismaire and Heather next. Not sure who the remaining two or one if I missed the time will be. Maybe Arete or Stefan.
  3. That's tasty. I was wondering when they would do this. Come on, CYL Claude, legendary Chrom, CYL and legendary Dimitri, Duessel, CYL and legendary Edelgard, Freyja, CYL Hector, resplendent Hel, berserk Ike, legendary Leif, Shinon, Thrasir, and whoever else. How about an instant resplendent of one of the next upcoming heroes? For example, say, legendary Claude or legendary Sigurd and as the next resplendent is announced, it's them. Give in to greed and depravity, developers. I don't see what too many things it's doing since CYL Ike's Nidavellir outfit is the same as Fafnir, Otr, and Reginn's, especially Otr's, but with a much less subdued color palette. Ike always wears white or beige pants in his games, Greil wears white or beige pants too, and Greil's gloves are greenish yellow and his cape is yellow or gold. Those and other elements of Greil's clothing are translated to CYL Ike's Nidavellir clothes: the white parts of his pants, the gloves having the greenish yellow accents, the yellow cape, and also the sash having a similar color to Greil's jacket and his greaves having a similar blue color to Greil's greaves and shoulder armor. The Nidavellir things are the black bodysuit and his should armor having the same tan color as Otr's and Reginn's mechs or the tan parts of Fafnir's and Reginn's clothing. What could have made it less bright would have been to keep his cape all yellow or the inside black or some darker color instead of white. As otherwise, I thought it was an Askran outfit instead of Nidavellir. Fafnir, Otr, and Reginn have very subdued clothing in general. The least is Reginn's who is just wearing a bodysuit and a cape where the cape, her lower body, and the things around her ankles giving some contrast with a muted purple and white or tan color. Following that in my opinion is Fafnir's where he basically wears all black with some yellow or gold or purple accents. It has a more regal feel and the inside of his cape does clash, but to me it reminds me of medieval or renaissance European noble clothing, but primarily a black color and those accents are like noble embellishments he wears since otherwise, I feel like Fafnir would prefer to wear something closer to timeskip Dimitri in full armor. Otr's clothes to me are the least subdued since unlike Fafnir where he has this weird yellow behind him, the inside of his cape, Otr has elements on his body that contrast from the usual black clothes of Nidavellir. He has the bodysuit or tight upper body and he chose to wear puffier pants, but his cape and sash take up a large, relatively, part of his design. They are also not as muted as the accents or accessories of Fafnir or Reginn, instead, Otr's cape and sash are a more saturated purple in addition to having tan and white accents. It's the same as on CYL Ike's Nidavellir outfit with his cape and sash, but CYL Ike's is even brighter with the yellow outside, white inside cape being much larger. Otr's design is the closest to CYL Ike's Nidavellir outfit since Fafnir's only comparisons are his cape and tan accents on his shoulder armor. Otr doesn't wear shoulder armor, but he has the same straps with a blue gem to his left shoulder that CYL Ike's Nidavellir outfit. It's subjective on whether anyone likes something or they don't. I think it's fine, but the white inside of his cape or a different artist known for a darker or more muted coloring would have fit Nidavellir's aesthetic more. At least it's not PoR Ike's Muspell outfit. That clashed a lot.
  4. And being an axe cavalry. Here's hoping he isn't the fourth axe cavalry after Frederick, Gunter, and Walhart to have the same high attack and high defense, but low speed and resistance stat spread. "Oh, but he has Spd/Def 2 as his A passive." Quan has Steady Posture and he's not exactly the fastest of units either. They also slapped Brash Assault on Altena and made it look like Seal Somethings X/Y on Miranda and Thea the greatest thing ever since Defiant Res on Virion what with it being their 5* locked skills. On the bright side, the Plegian weapons look fun. I could see them doubling down on CYL Micaiah's Light of Dawn with a similar effect. It would be pretty mean if its base effect were upgraded to not only boost her stats based on her foe's stat penalties, but also further debuff them. Poor F!Corrin and Saizo, though. I would very much like to see this effect in future weapon updates or on future prf weapons for new units even if it would make the Plegian banner not so special.
  5. They're all infantry ranged units. Interesting. I guess Asbel could he argued as a reason why Lewyn is part of the upcoming update since the legendary tome Forseti being eh compared to Winds of Change and Grafcalibur isn't that great. Sara is definitely the guaranteed summon. Related to her is that it's nice to hear more of Heather Halley. I was surprised they got her for Mirabilis and I am surprised again she returned to voice a different character. I knew her as Para-Medic in Metal Gear Solid 3 and hearing her voice is nostalgic.
  6. Jorge's Daniel-Made Bow is Atk+5 to allies and Atk-5 to enemies within 2 spaces of him while New Year's Plumeria's First-Dream Bow is Atk+4 to allies and Atk-4 to enemies within 3 spaces of her. Regardless, it would be stronger than only Drive Atk 2 on Kinshinoka's Warrior Princess. Alternatively, they could do something where Warrior Princess becomes more like Spear of Assal where it has a dual Drive and introduces another effect to buff her own stats in combat. The problem is if it's exactly like Spear of Assal, then she would have to deal with her allies' positioning to get stats for herself whereas Jorge and NY Plumeria don't other than being in combat themselves. With flier positioning skills to which she has Flier Formation and Flier Guidance by default, it might be okay and if it's exactly like Spear of Assal, then she can neutralize debuffs on her attack and speed. It's late to speculate, but it would be funny if Arden's Blade has a reverse speed check damage reduction effect i.e. "If unit's Spd < foe's Spd, reduces damage from attacks during combat and from area-of-effect Specials (excluding Røkkr area-of-effect Specials) by percentage = difference between stats × 4 (max 40%)." It would be really difficult to be slower than him; a unit would need to have 18 base neutral speed and be -Spd, have 20 base speed with a Brave weapon, have less merges than him so that their speed somehow falls behind him, or be Halloween Dheginsea. This does not factor in if Arden's Blade is a prf Brave Sword. Or they could do something weird, probably annoying, but not as difficult to manage like Nemesis's Dark Creator Sword: "During combat, grants unit's Atk/Def/Res+X by number of allies with Spd ≥ unit's Spd+5 (X = 2 × number of allies + 1; max 7)." I added in resistance because the man's strong and tough and if he's tough, then he can take a meteor to the face and laugh it off.
  7. They probably didn't want to have two red Keatons, regular and New Year's, or give us a colorless beast.
  8. Eldigan looks baller. Definitely at the top of the list for resplendent art for me. My Duma is +3 now. Meanwhile, Mila has yet to show up. I guess I'm Vergil now. "I need more power!"
  9. Any character who is supposedly the best fighter, master of whatever weapon or magic, a demon in battle, the greatest X to have ever lived, the second coming of whatever historical figure, a genius, etc,, but is not a lord, heavily associated with the main characters or involved with the plot, or is a deity or a heavily empowered or extraordinarily powerful individual which would point to them being a mythic instead of a legendary hero like Altina or Bramimond were or Dheghinsea and maybe Nasir. Historical figures I would consider legendary or mythic depending, but this is focused on the characters who are present during the game's story. So, characters like Catherine, Garcia, Ishtar, Jeorge, Jeralt, Karel, Saias, Stefan, Volke, Zelgius, the Four Riders of Daein, in particular, Gawain/Greil, and the Royal Laguz and Giffca. Also, arguably anyone with Holy Blood, but focus on those who are singled out in some way like Ishtar carrying the title of Goddess of Thunder or Saias being considered one of the greatest tacticians. Maybe the Death Knight, a what if Delthea who kept her powers instead of sealing them away, and Soren.
  10. It'd be hilarious if and when fallen Delthea gets a resplendent that she is a ljósálfr.
  11. It just occurred to me that each new book's heroine has been -- how do I put this into words? -- roughly the same age-wise and perhaps type. None of them are like Igrene, Manuela, Nailah, Orochi?, Reina, Sonya, or Titania much less Niime as older women or as dangerous and problematic it could be, like Delthea, PoR Mist, Sanaki, Veronica, or Ylgr. Reginn comes close to the latter with her stature since she does actually look short. The type thing is that we haven't had anyone like Beruka, Brigid, Echidna, Laegjarn, Malice, Minerva, Nailah again, Panne, Rinkah, or Shamir as rougher characters. For the most part, Fjorm, Eir, Peony, and Reginn are very friendly. Eir comes the closest where her upbringing under Hel has resulted her in being distant, but she's not like Minerva who is often straightforward. We don't even have crazy people like imagine a heroine version of Kronya. All of this could be done with any kind of character. We could, for example, have Book VI's story unit be a golem or something. That said, it would be nice to have a future Book's unit be like Caineghis, Duessel, Legault, Loki, Lyon, Nailah, Orochi, Owain, Shinon, Sonya, Titania, or Virion among others. Proud nobles or warriors, tricksters, pompous twits, veterans, broken heroes, those who worked underground and done some unsavory things, or even assholes and wackjobs.
  12. I've yet to even use the damn things. What a game-changer! That will stay in the storage room, probably rot, and cause a mold outbreak in the castle. Aside from other units who are doing fine at the moment, I thought about using it on Yune to fix her -Res, but Triandra is a thing now and new mythics would allow for an additional teammate, so I could have another cannon fodder for my dark defense team in the future that could help in foiling someone's attack. Yune really is just a flying poncho now... Anyway, I digress. I do that too, but my barracks space is really problematic right now. With each new content, one to three barracks slots have to be reserved; one 5* TT unit if nobody shows up from the accompanying banner or one guaranteed summon and two GHB, one for free investment and one for guides. Granted, some GHB units are rarely if ever even used for things like Limited Hero Battles. Lloyd comes to mind where at this point, I probably don't need to keep a level 40, 4* copy around. Still, still, who knows. And that just makes the barracks more crowded and crowded with each passing day... So painful. Fluorspar Selena would complete the 5* units of this banner and she does stand out by having Null Follow-Up in some form as a cavalry unit, but at the same time, legendary and mythic units are annoying to summon. I just use guides for Resonant Battles. I don't even try. Figuring out how to get across from one end of the map to the other and blocking the thieves when necessary is not someone I want to do or invest time in. There is also the issue of Reginn not always being able to be fielded for scoring depending on the week's two bonus titles.
  13. I was trying to point out and maybe overemphasized the idea of one-shotting with a special for Reginn. Can Reginn or any other unit one-shot purely through their attack or by attack stacking? Yes, but having that extra boost from being able to have a charged special, an effect that deals damage, or allows for a follow-up of some kind like with a Brave weapon, Desperation, etc., helps. But once again, do what you think is best. I still think on a comment I saw a while ago from somewhere about the idea that for units with high offenses, +Atk giving 3 or 4 more damage is nice, but +Spd deciding whether or not a unit can do, say, 30 damage versus 30x2 damage, is important as well. That's where my mindset is when it comes to high offenses units. But it all depends on what you want the unit to do. And worst case scenario is that you can change your mind later with Trait Fruits. Moving on. I had this typed up, but refrained from posting it since I decided to discuss Reginn. Well, that happened. I don't know who to choose as my guaranteed summon. Duessel showed up and with a great +Atk, -HP, so I don't have to worry about him being a consideration even though I didn't really want him since he'd be the third of the lance cavalry with guaranteed follow-up attack effects after legendary Ephraim and Dimitri. More of them doesn't hurt since they can run Galeforce well, but there are so many lance cavalry units and these three do get checked by units with Null Follow-Up. If he wielded an axe or even a sword, then he would have had a stronger standing, but I digress. Natasha is the demote; I'll get her eventually as she didn't show up during the 40 summons. So, it's between a second Reginn or Fluorspar Selena. "Second" is the problem with Reginn. Choosing her means I am guaranteed a second Reginn, but that does not mean a third will show up soon. It could take a while or an eternity it feels like. I have not had a good track record with getting multiple copies of Astra/Light mythics. The best is Freyja at two copies and that was because I delved deep into her and Triandra's banner hoping to get Triandra for a dark mythic refresh unit; didn't get Triandra. The "second" best is Eir with two copies: the free story one and one summoned one. Altina, Naga, Peony, and Plumeria are all one copy where Altina was the free one who is frequently used by some strategy makers. Free units are bound to be used in F2P strategies which I fall back on when needed or wanted since I just don't want to deal with some things. Having a second Reginn to be able to freely invest however I want is nice, but it's going to be not so great if she's stuck as +0 for a while like Eir. I am not a competitive player, but extra points in Aether Raids or Mjolnir's Strike is nice. At the same time, barracks space is nice and it's about to get even more crowded with Caellach tomorrow and all the future GHB, TT, new Book, whatever heroes. Fluorspar Selena isn't that great. Her standout things are that one, Tome of Storms has Null Follow-Up if her foe's HP is >= 75% which is a great distinction as cavalry units cannot inherit Null Follow-Up and two, she is the seventh blue mage cavalry in the game. Red mage cavalry are rarer than blue or green mage cavalry and Reinhardt is a thing, but it is nice to have more unit types who are uncommon. In my case, she would be my fifth blue mage cavalry after L'Arachel, Reinhardt, Olwen, and Ursula. Well, four since Olwen's not that great. Otherwise, that's pretty much it. She doesn't have three passives, L&D4 is the most outstanding passive she has to me as I don't care for Arena much, so her having Rally Atk/Res+ is just nice when it's used, and Ruses are what they are. If she had Lull Spd/Res, Pulse Smoke, or whatever... At the very least, I like her art.
  14. I keep saying it, but remember that her one-shotting with Seidr Shell is likely to be once a battle if you cannot get her to charge it safely from some other foe. Seidr Shell is charged on turn 1, but she cannot have to charged again like Ares and Eldigan can with Bonfire or another three cooldown special through Dark Mystletainn's Killer effect and Special Spiral, another unit running a Special Spiral build, or someone like Lysithea or Shinon using their prf Killer weapon and Time's Pulse to have a charged 2 cooldown special each time their turn begins when their special is at 2 cooldown. After that, you're going to be relying on 70 attack on initiation before buffs and debuffs from her 39 base +Atk, 16 Mt prf sword, Atk+6 from Lyngheidr's initiate and be granted Atk/Spd+6, and her default Swift Sparrow 3 and Lull Spd/Def 3. If she's slower against units with a speed check damage reduction, then she won't deal as much damage as she could. She's a sword cavalry, so she has the advantage in movement except when trees and trenches are involved, but I feel like CYL Alm, CYL Edelgard, legendary Dimitri, Jill, and pirate Tibarn among others probably would be able to deal more damage. Jill in particular has the same base neutral attack as +Atk Reginn and the same base neutral speed as =Spd Reginn. Jill trades Spd+3 for a Killer effect, Canto, not having Seidr Shell, and neutralizing field debuffs since she cannot run a Lull, but Rein instead, she has a Desperation with no health requirement other than not being dead, thus, not being alive to do anything in the first place. So, Jill can fall back on being able to double and safely provided she is not dealing with follow-up prevention while also having similar attack to Reginn after turn 1. Regardless, do what you think is best.
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