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  1. You're telling me. Some of the new weapons' base effects are fine enough for me that I don't want particularly care for refining them. Virion's the biggest example when it's a free Sudden Panic unit by having him learn his Dignified Bow or anyone with a prf Brave. Other times, whatever the unit got didn't seem worth it to me to invest at all, for example, I like Oboro, but a Heavy Spear with Close Def 3 is not that appealing. Meanwhile, 8,230 Heroic Grails and counting.
  2. Cecilia and Legion are the two learn and forget which is not to say they are bad. Learning Tome of Order gives Cecilia a prf anti-flier and -raven tome. I am a bit glad that I held off having her inherit T-Adept 3 since Tome of Order has it for its unique refinement. She could have had something else like Null C-Disrupt, but a -raven mage with T-Adept is a cheap way to counter stuff and now she's in a similar situation to Boey where her A passive is open for something else. It might not be as great as almost Close Counter and being able to run T-Adept, a tier 4 Stance, or to complete it with Distant Foil in the future, but it's still good in allowing her to combo with T-Adept 3 and whatever else like Fierce Stance 3 from Bantu works for a cheap enemy phase build or keep her Attack +3 for more of a mixed phase one-shot or do as much damage against blue and colorless foes build. Granted, you have to spend Divine Dew for the T-Adept unique refinement which might not be as cheap as just inheriting T-Adept on her. Thematically, it works as a reference to her being defeated by Zephiel. Sneering Axe's base effect is nutty. It still has the original, refined effect of Panic Smoke 3 from Legion's Axe and adds on top of that an effect that essentially says "F U" to all field buffs. Have or want to 5* Legion? Just learn the damn thing and there you go. He comes with Fury by default, so you don't really need to give him much else to have a decent unit going. The unique refinement is a cherry on top. A unit who is at high HP and was field buffed finding themselves fighting Legion is screwed. That's the combined effects, but the unique refinement also makes it so that he has a more flexible effect in that he just needs to fight someone with >= 75% HP to gain Atk/Spd+5 and a Blade effect, Special cooldown charge +1, as the Bonus Reverser I guess you could call it relies on, well, a foe having a bonus on them. Setsuna's Yumi was not what I expected. She is the third archer to have a received a bow with an effect that exclusively targets ranged units. The first was Jeorge whose unique refinement for Parthia grants him Atk+6 against ranged units and the second was Faye whose base effect for Bow of Devotion has Spectrum Stance against ranged units. Setsuna's Yumi works on both phases like Parthia's unique refinement, but grants her the same stats as Bow of Devotion. It granting her the same stats regardless of phase is kind of unfortunate when considering Bow of Devotion since while Faye is more of an enemy phase unit, it would have been nice to have those stats boosts on player phase too. What sets it apart is that the unique refinement grants her Atk/Spd+5 and neutralizes penalties on her Atk/Spd in combat if she has a field buff on her. The one thing I'm not sure on is if someone has Dull Ranged or Lull Atk/Spd, does that negate the effect or does she still get Atk/Spd+5 and neutralizes Atk/Spd debuffs because she simply had a field buff? Damage reduction goes a long way even if it's 30% and only works against mages and Jeorge's base attack is 4 points higher than Setsuna, but his speed is 5 points lower and the differences in their defenses are negligible. Jeorge has the same HP, +2 Def, and -1 Res compared to Setsuna. With Parthia's unique refinement against Setsuna with just her base bow, Jeorge has +6 Atk over her and 30% damage reduction against a mage's first hit, but in return loses out by -9 Spd, -2 Def, and -3 Res. With her unique refinement, Jeorge would only have +1 Atk over her against ranged units if she has a non-attack field buff on her and 30% damage reduction against a mage's first hit, but loses out by -14 Spd, -2 Def, and -3 Res against ranged units and -5 Atk and -5 Spd against physical units if Setsuna has a non-attack or non-speed field buff and being unable to neutralize debuffs on his attack and speed. Setsuna's reliant on field buffs to get the advantage and just as equally prone to panic as him, but she can have higher offenses and be more flexible than him. Bright Naginata is the most disappointing for me. It works, but it leaves me wanting. Picnic Lukas was introduced with an inheritable version of Bright Naginata, so a lance with Sturdy Stance 2, and regular Lukas ended up with Sturdy Stance 2 as his unique refinement giving him a Killer Lance with Sturdy Stance 2. Not the greatest, but a Killer effect is always useful due to how versatile it is. Bright Naginata ended up as a prf version of Luncheon Lance and a stronger version of Gilt Fork by having Sturdy Stance 2 as its base effect and the 2 space Atk/Def Bond that neutralizes all penalties on him instead of only Atk/Def like Gilt Fork. It's fine, it works with his stats, and it mirrors Siegbert's Dark Greatsword gaining an Atk/Spd and Dull All Solo effect that grants him Atk/Spd+5 and neutralizes his foe's field buffs. I don't know. Lance infantry is an underpopulated unit type and most of them have good physical defense. While Shiro's resistance isn't that great or his speed compared to units nowadays, he could have made use of both stats. That is to say, I really wished he had gotten Balmung's effect for Bright Naginata; Spectrum Stance that also works if the foe's HP is at 100% and penalty neutralization. They could have overhauled its effect to be that as the unique refinement. He got half in the sense of he still can neutralize penalties if he's within 2 spaces of an ally, but he does get the speed and resistance Shannan or the Krises do. It's asking for more that's all it is, but I did wish we got more for him. Close Counter for full coverage, but if you can have someone to deal with dragons for her and want the Atk/Def boost, the Close Foil. Cecilia's not fast, but grabbing Close Foil and Lull Atk/Spd 3 from Julian should be okay. At worst, Lull Atk/Spd will reduce damage she takes even if she still getting doubled.
  3. I would like to see them in like I did with Owain in that they can be introduced as units of a different class which I guess can apply to everyone from Awakening, Fates, and Three Houses and several units in other games, but at least with Owain and Odin, he was a different class in Awakening and Fates; a myrmidon and a dark mage. Inigo/Laslow is bit rougher in that he usually stays an as infantry and a sword-wielding one at that, but they could introduce Inigo as a sword dancer even though we already have them, although, not a bulky one which they could have him be similar to soiree Berkut. Severa/Selena is implied to end up being a bow knight at least when she is Selena, but she has been drawn as a pegasus knight which Future Past version of her ends up becoming. Both being mercenaries, they can be introduced as axe infantry like Gerik, Linus, and Raven. They probably don't have as much need to be in unlike the other Awakening kids not in the game or as their regular selves in the case of Noire, but they do have something going for them. Inigo as a sword dancer or possibly the first axe dancer in the regular summoning pool even if he stays foot-locked, Severa could end up as a bow knight or a pegasus knight, or they could both end up as axe infantry. Inigo I would be fine either way, but axe dancer is more interesting while with Severa, bow cavalry we have, but we don't have a red or blue bow cavalry as of this posting or a colorless demote in the regular summoning pool and while it's not proper, I would like to see an axe-wielding pegasus knight which they explain as her wanting to have an edge over her mother or at least a sword flier since lance fliers are overpopulated.
  4. I guess? I didn't watch the FEH Channel and only looked at snippets of info from that interested me: the pirate banner and seeing CYL2 confirmed for the next weapon update. Apparently the even more damning thing for them is that in both the English and Japanese FEH Channel, they said the same thing, so it wasn't one of them accidentally said the wrong thing. As for those three you got, well, you got free Death Blow 3 or Drive Atk 2, Blarserpent+, Mirror Stance 2, or Guard 3 without having to spend 20k feathers or use a grail unit, and Swift Sparrow 2 or Atk Ploy 3. Edit: I guess that means you get two copies of Ephraim & Lyon and a Sothis? https://mobile.twitter.com/FE_Heroes_EN/status/1290203501461745664?s=19
  5. That was what I was thinking, but people will and can do wacky things. Stat stacking can go a long way, but yeah, depends on the person; what and why they want to do things. CYL Veronica was the clear pick for F2P guide makers like さるGames, Pheonixmaster1, and sukwindallinrush among others. None of the others I think were even in contention especially considering CYL Veronica was the second healer with a prf staff and the first cavalry healer with a prf staff let alone her Hlidskajalf being really damn good. I bet had her stats been shit, she would still have trumped over the other three as the clear pick. She offers and stands out so much. Armor movement makes CYL Ephraim and CYL Hector inflexible and it's not like they had great sustain or were someone like Caineghis or legendary Edelgard. Managing HP is important in general, but CYL Celica was and until the September update probably too difficult and not worth it even though she would have been the first Galeforce unit for F2P guides. Galeforce is powerful and I wonder if in the future we might finally have a Galeforce unit that is used in F2P guides. We came close with legendary Leif being one the contenders of A Hero Rises, but considering what happened to Altina, he wouldn't have been available to all players since he would have been even more limited than CYL units. Man, I'm going to have to pick CYL Veronica... It's going to be like with CYL Lyn where the neutral one who I did invest in a bit where it did pay off for later F2P strategies that required some skill inheritance, I still ended up keeping the +Res, -HP one that showed up on the CYL1 banner and she has not shown again since. The space issues... Every new hero, every 5* either new or that I previously didn't have, they keep adding up and I'm running out of barracks space.
  6. Okay, more incentive for me to not summon from the Hero Fest banner for now.
  7. Mist is still a 5*-only unit to this day. What the hell. Man, these bait banners even though all banners are bait. I'm lower on the orb total than I would have liked due to the back-to-back forging bonds and while I am glad that legendary Edelgard showed up or any 5* focus on Hel's banner for that matter, it was still two full summons to get her. The pirates banner is interesting. Apparently Geese is the 4* and 5* focus and he's a lance infantry and pirate Tibarn has some kind of fancy Desperation that would be pretty nifty on Cordelia, Elincia, Mininerva, Naesala, or any fast flier that is assuming this not some weird beast fliers-only skills. Hero Fest isn't that appealing to me. They are good units and all have good skills, but they all make me feel like I should inherit them only on certain units to get the most that I can. I don't have Bernadetta, so it would be nice to get my first copy of her and skill-wise Lull Spd/Def 3 would be nice on Eleonora, but she already has Atk/Spd Push 4, it would be a waste where I could possibly get Atk/Spd Push 4 and Lull Spd/Def 3 onto a dagger unit by getting dancer Elincia; Ephraim & Lyon I could dump Heavy Blade 4 onto legendary Edelgard I guess or inherit Lull Atk/Def 3 and maybe Heavy Blade 4 by using my only spare Ike onto someone, Nagi has Distant Counter, but she also has Special Fighter, so that makes me want to inherit her skills only onto an armor, and Sothis would be for merges for Mjolnir's Strike and Aether Raids defense lift loss reduction or infantry-only and I can't get two skills at once from her since no 3* to 4* summonable unit has Wrath much less Atk/Spd Solo. The lance infantry thing is a bittersweet taste in my mouth. We finally get a lance infantry who is 4* summonable and a fast one at that, but it's a seasonal unit. Gen 2 has their duds like gen 1, but perhaps not as much, but I really wished there was a permanent banner that either is made up of the 3* and 4* units of gen 1 while the 5*, non-CYL and excluding certain units gen 1 and gen 2 units replaced them as 3* and 4* units for future banners or the idea of a permanent banner being the 5*, non-CYL and excluding certain units gen 1 and gen 2 with gen 1 and gen 2 GHB units to fill out/pollute the pool. Shiro or even Nephenee considering she has Wrath and a prf Killer, anti-armor lance had they been demoted would have been great for fast infantry lance options because holy fuck, the fastest 3* to 4* available lance infantry units being +Spd Donnel and Sharena who doesn't have access to merges having 32 base speed is really dumb when at launch, +35 base speed was available for axe infantry through Anna, +Spd Barst, and Raven and we continued to get more axe infantry in whatever variety even sparingly while swords had +Spd M!Corrin, Fir, Hana, Lon'qu, +Spd Marth, +Spd Ogma, and Selena where some of them had really low attack, Fir and Selena with their 25 base neutral attack, and Lon'qu being stuck with Killing Edge+'s 11 Mt back in the day, but at least we had options. +Spd Shiro only hits 1 point of speed higher than +Spd Donnel and Sharena, but that's still better than nothing and hopefully he gets a similar effect to Balmung so he can get some extra speed. Part of me wants them to introduce Danved and Devdan together on a banner for shits and giggles. They could even have the exact same stat spread, the same skills aside from weapon as Devdan has a Heavy Spear in PoR and Danved has a Killer Lance and Iron Greatlance in RD, both be the demote, and fuck it, the same art. Talk about a low effort way to dump a lance infantry demote on us along with probably garbage skills. "Oh, look! We have two more options for Shove in the blue pool."
  8. Would heavy or max investment be enough to pull off +Spd for Forrest and Lena? Forrest going from 26 Spd to 30 Spd and Lena going from 29 Spd to 32 Spd. I want to say no, but I have seen some people run or suggest +Spd on them. I figure for low investment and for purely healing, +Atk would be better as Staff+ factor in 50% of the healer's Atk where they might not need to heal that much HP and if they are running Recover+, then they would heal 50% of their Atk + 10. It would also help for a bit of extra damage with Dazzling Staff and with or without Wrathful Staff paired with Dazzling Staff. Firesweep units sometimes don't need to deal a lot of damage, but it can help. At the very least, they could cherry tap someone if needed. For Forrest and Lena who have high resistance, +Res would be better for support as well through Ploys and soaking Chill Res or similar debuffs. And Lena with +Def and Fortress Def or Fortress Def/Res could possibly help in soaking Chill Def and similar debuffs too. For me, if I wanted to invest in an offensive or speedy healer, I'd rather go with +Spd on Emmeryn who has the highest offenses for a healer in the 3* to 4* pool, Brady, Lucius, Maria, Mercedes, Sakura, Serra, or even invest in Emeriya for infantry and Ethlyn or Nanna for cavalry. The last thing which is also on healers is I'm not sure who I should pick for my CYL2 guaranteed summon. Veronica is the one that is used in F2P strategies where a +Atk, -Def one did show up initially. Running Fortress Def 1 allows her to have the same stat spread as if she were neutral and I think I had inherited Defense +3 for a strategy that required she needed Attack +3 before because otherwise, I don't know why she has it. The problem is that this pretty much locks her in for F2P strategies and limits how much I can invest into her, in particular, merging. One merge gives her +1 HP, +1 Spd, and eliminates her -Def. An extra point in HP and speed isn't much, but the AI can be finnicky, so to be safe, it would be better to have the exact or as close to the same setup for F2P strategies. Getting the easy one out of the way for me is CYL Hector. He's good and I have a +Res, +1 CYL Hector in use that I had asked before if I should switch to +Atk. I'm not too keen on merging him -- if it happens, it happens is how I feel about it. Skill-wise, all he has for me is Bold Fighter 3 since we don't have a summonable 4* unit in the regular pool with Even Res Wave 3 and Waves aren't that great, but they're rarer than Ignis. Had Ostian Counter required Distant Counter as its prerequisite, then cool, we could have CYL Hector for Distant Counter and Bold Fighter 3, but that didn't happen. So, whatever on that and on him. CYL Celica and CYL Ephraim would be the more appealing ones. CYL Celica offers Galeforce, Death Blow 4, and Atk Tactics 3 which can all be inherited onto a unit with Astra from 4* Cordelia or Virion, Death Blow 2 from 4* Hawkeye or Death Blow 3 from 4* Klein, and Atk Tactics 2 from 3* Legault or Atk Tactics 3 from 4* Legault. Whatever combination can result in being able to inherit those three skills from her and through Legault, you could get Glimmer and Atk Tactics 2 and only need to get Death Blow 3 from 4* Klein to get Galeforce, Death Blow 4, and Atk Tactics 3 from her. One unit off the top of my head I think would make good use of Galeforce and Death Blow 4 would be legendary Edelgard, but Heavy Blade 4 and Death Blow 3 as her seal or perhaps later on Atk/X Solo, might be better for her. Atk Tactics 3 would be a bonus on her if I ever need it over Armor Stride. Anyway, as a unit, she's good too given she has an ally proximity Blade effect and as with her colleagues, will be part of the September weapon update, which hopefully will make it easier for her to get the Blade effect and it appears that she might be able to abuse Double Lion with the unique refinement's healing. Merge-wise, I could get her to +4 by picking her and using the other CYL Celica who's sitting around doing nothing nowadays. CYL Celica showed up twice back then as +Spd, -HP and +Spd, -Def and I ended up getting another copy that I merged into the +Spd, -HP one. The +Spd, -Def one I kept around in case +1 affected anything in a strategy using CYL Celica. That was way back for Yune's Abyssal, I don't think it affected anything, and I don't recall ever seeing CYL Celica used again for a strategy that I could use. Probably a better idea to keep a spare one as a copy -- likely the neutral pick. CYL Ephraim has so far been Special Fighter hoarding. I have not given anyone Special Fighter yet and I have a total of four copies: one in use who is +Atk, -Res, one who I'm not sure if I want to be base who is +Def, -Spd, and two manuals. A fifth copy would likely be a third manual or a merge for the +Atk one. I never used him to have someone inherit Special Fighter 3 because I couldn't get a spare copy of someone to also get Armor March 3 or even Close Def 3 because it would be nice to be able to inherit Special Fighter 3 and either of those skills, particularly Armor March 3. None of those skills are in the 3* and 4* summoning pool, so that leaves spending 1200 Divine Codes to get Sigurd or Love Abounds Lilina and then Amelia.
  9. Red and yellow, right? Unless I have issues telling the difference from yellow and green. So, probably something that affects attack and defense and there are two red arrows pointing to the left and arranged in what looks like is the same way as Null Follow-Up; top arrow closer to the left side and bottom arrow closer to the center or trailing the top arrow. Brash Assault has a red arrow on top pointing to the left and a green arrow on the bottom pointing to the right, Desperation has two arrows on the same line, Vantage has one arrow and I'm guessing another one, but only its tail is visible, and Quick Riposte has a curved arrow pointing down. So, something related to attack and defense and possibly Null Follow-Up entirely on its own as the secondary effect like how Soul of Zofia is Desperation 3 and Null Follow-Up 3 or related to whatever is affecting attack and defense. The Null Follow-Up thing would mean CYL Hector would be the first armor that we know of since CYL4 could have an armor with Null Follow-Up in some fashion. I just woke up, so I can't really think about the intricacies of what it would mean for CYL Hector at least with his base kit since Maltet has Quick Riposte 5 and he comes with Bold Fighter 3. Technically it's true. They were not able to refine their prf weapons, but now they will be able to, so they did get a "new weapon to refine" in a sense of a weapon that was newly made available to be refined and not a brand new weapon that they never had before. Perhaps I am asking too much, but if the appears to be current plan is for CYL units to be part of a September update every year until FEH eventually shuts down, I feel like since that would give them time to figure out what they want for the next in line CYL units, then it would be nice if some other units could be part of the September update. Not four or three units, but two or just one. So, for example, they could throw in Arden, Valter, or whatever grail unit if they don't want to have a summonable unit be the odd one out or they could have Effie, Hector, or even a healer and have them be part of a following skills banner or if they are not a 5*-only summon, then be the 4* focus of the banner or straight up not even include them in the CYL New Power banner.
  10. Your initial post didn't and I said I saw your next post saying which Roy as I was typing up my post. I pointed out Garon and Sothis, regular and winter, as being dragons who negate effectiveness against dragons. Garon might not be much trouble for legendary Roy, but Sothis could. You intend to use him against dragons, but do note that there are some dragons who are immune against anti-dragon weapons and of course, there's the weapon triangle and also some things like don't get Sudden Panicked by fallen F!Corrin and that possibly effective damage might not be enough to deal with her especially when she's alone. +Atk is more attack, especially with effective damage, but in some cases, a bit more attack isn't worth it over getting doubled or being doubled where sure, there might not be a lot of fast dragons at least in the 3* to 4* summoning pool, but they do exist and will be encountered eventually. Or because of how strong they are, the fast dragons might be more common because people summon for them.
  11. That makes sense if you only want him -- regular or legendary Roy? -- to be an anti-dragon unit, but if you want him to do other stuff, then +Spd would be a better idea. One thing to keep in mind is that Garon and Sothis negate effectiveness against dragons. Garon probably isn't a big deal as Roy likely will be able to double him. Although, Garon can become very bulky if someone were to heavily invest in his defenses. Sothis is a different matter considering her regular self is a mythic and her winter self is the fastest armor tied with Marth & Elice and winter Nino and the fastest melee armor. Regular Sothis's Sublime Surge doesn't increase her speed, but she has 39 base neutral speed and Atk/Spd Solo 3 as her default A passive giving her 45 speed if she is not adjacent to anyone. +Spd is a superasset for regular Sothis, so add 4 to all of that; 43 when adjacent and 49 when not adjacent with her default Atk/Spd Solo. -Spd only results in 3 less points in Spd; 36 when adjacent and 42 when not adjacent with her default Atk/Spd Solo. Winter Sothis on the other hand doesn't have Distant Counter on her Snow's Grace, but instead Spd+3 and it grants her Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 if her HP is >= 50%, so with her 41 base neutral speed, she will have 44 speed at all times and 49 if her HP is >= 50%. +Spd is not a superasset for winter Sothis, so only add 3; 47 at all times and 52 when her HP is >= 50%. -Spd, though, is a superflaw, so subtract 4; 40 speed at all times and 45 when her HP is >= 50%. Since both of them only negate effective against dragons, they are still weak to anti-infantry and anti-armor weapons, respectively. Anti-infantry is only through Poison Dagger and it probably won't cut it due to its low Mt. Anti-armor on the other hand is easier. I bet you could get away with Selena or Tobin with T-Adept to deal with winter Sothis. She's not Surtr or legendary Edelgard where you can slap Axebreaker on either of them to make them a dedicated counter against axe armors, but they should be able to get the job done with anti-armor and T-Adept. I was wondering about that when I was typing and now I have an answer. For legendary Roy, he has 38 base neutral speed and 41 speed with +Spd. =Spd legendary Roy would avoid a double from regular Sothis when she's adjacent to someone and will be able to double her if Human Virtue activated or if he gets any kind of speed field buff with his default Bonus Doubler and if she's not adjacent to anyone. If he does not have a speed buff and she's not adjacent to anyone or if she's +Spd, then he gets doubled. +Spd legendary Roy without any speed buffs would avoid doubles from all, but when regular Sothis is +Spd and is not adjacent to anyone with her default Atk/Spd Solo to which he would just need 4 speed from somewhere like Hone Spd 1 with his default Bonus Doubler would be enough to get him out of being doubled. Against -Spd Sothis who has 36 base speed and 42 with Atk/Spd Solo 3, then at most, when her default Atk/Spd Solo is active, legendary Roy would need to have > 37 Spd to not get doubled and >= 47 to double her. Otherwise, +Spd legendary Roy would be able to double her if she's adjacent to anyone; 41 Spd - 36 Spd = 5. Against winter Sothis, =Spd legendary Roy without any speed buffs will get doubled by her regardless what her HP is at when she's =Spd as her 44 Spd minus his 38 Spd is 6. He can avoid being doubled with 2 more speed from somewhere, but if she's at >= 50% HP, then he will need to reach 45 speed, so he needs at least 7 speed somewhere and if he wants to double her, then he will need at most 54 Spd, so 16 speed which would require a +6 speed field buff which gives him an additional +6 with his default Bonus Doubler and a +4 speed from a Spur or Drive. Now, +Spd legendary Roy without any speed buffs would be able to avoid getting doubled by =Spd winter Sothis when her HP is not >= 50% HP, but he will get be doubled if her HP is. In that case, he would need 4 speed to not get doubled when her HP is >= 50% and if he wants to double her, then he would need at most 13 speed. If winter Sothis is -Spd, then =Spd Roy without speed buffs would be able to avoid doubles from her when her HP is not >= 50% HP, but still gets doubled by her when her HP is >= 50% while +Spd legendary Roy avoids being doubled from her when her HP is >= 50%. There's also the sweaty Corrins where they could probably get enough stats that effective damage might not be enough. Conveniently for them, legendary Roy doesn't have WTA against them to help him out, instead, sweaty M!Corrin has WTA over him and sweaty F!Corrin is colorless and her 43 neutral base HP allows her to Sudden Panic legendary Roy as his 39 base neutral HP is < her 43 HP - 1. Personally, I would pick +Spd because I would like to use him to deal with other units and it would help with Dragonbind's Distant Counter where +Spd would help him avoid doubles against ranged units and possible double ones he couldn't if he were =Spd. Effective damage would just be a bonus thing to me.
  12. I saw a comment saying that it looks like Sneering Axe has Legion's mask design on the head of it. Guess that's where the "sneering" comes from. I wonder what the Japanese name for Sneering Axe is. Now I'm wondering who is going to get Immortal Axe if anyone will ever get it since Legion is the one who has it when he's playable as otherwise, it's a random weapon that appears. Effect-wise, the same or a stronger version of its Panic Smoke effect makes sense for the base effect or one of them. The unique refinement or a second base effect, no idea. It seems that Legion does have a Hand Axe every time he appears and he does have a Killer Axe on Chapter 10x. I doubt they would give him a Distant Counter axe considering his defenses aren't really made for being an enemy phase unit, but a Killer effect and Panic Smoke could be a thing for its base effects. If they go with Immortal Axe's effects then it could have an effect like that of Beloved Zofia's unique refinement, Runeaxe's, and Virtuous Tyrfing's 7 HP heal per hit or Sol Lance's 10 HP heal per hit effect with or without some other condition or effect related to it, a heal X HP after combat effect, Solar Brace effect, or probably worst case Renewal 3 or Recover Ring. The whole sneering thing makes me think that it could end up with Panic and Pulse Smoke or some other Smoke effect. Cecilia not having Aircalibur is interesting. I figured Aircalibur also having a -raven effect, so a -raven with effective damage against fliers tome, could have been fine if they wanted her to have Aircalibur, but also keep her Gronnraven's effect as well. This puts her in a similar situation as Legion where I have no idea who is going to end up with Aircalibur since she's the only one who has it by default as otherwise, you have to find or buy it. Tome of Order could have the same effects, though, as Aircalibur or the idea of it being a -raven tome with effective damage against fliers. I saw a comment I think on the FEH subreddit and someone mentioned perhaps jokingly that Tome of Order could be like Altena's Earthly Gae Bolg where it has a stronger Lull effect, probably Lull Atk/Res or even Lull Spd/Res, but it doesn't work against armors to reference Cecilia being defeated by Zephiel. Atk/Res-5 or Spd/Res-5 and negating those buffs would still be good even if it doesn't work against one movement type and a movement type that is usually bulky. A Lull for a unique refinement in general would be good as well allowing her to run a different B passive. And then there's the idea of let's make her green Reinhardt and give her a green Dire Thunder. Slap on effective damage against fliers and/or a -raven effect as well for shits and giggles. Shiro at this point with what the previous weapon update gave to Berkut and Sheena as having the activation effect as Balmung makes me feel like they should straight up give Bright Naginata the same effect as Balmung for its refined effect: "If foe initiates combat or if foe's HP = 100% at start of combat, neutralizes penalties on unit and grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+5 to unit during combat." At the very least the Spectrum Stance part since unlike Berkut and Sheena, Shiro can make use of and would probably want the speed and weirdly with what happened to Sheena, he also appreciates the boost in the resistance that she didn't get. If they really must make his weaker because he's not a new unit, then he should keep the penalty neutralization if the Spectrum Stance drops to +4 or even +3. The unique refinement could be the or involve penalty neutralization or bonus neutralization like a Lull or even Dull All as with Sharena's refined Fensalir's effect or incorporate his Noble Cause personal skill from Fates. Setsuna is a creature. Her Yumi involving traps could be a thing, so Disarm Trap, but then it would need probably need two base effects if Disarm Arm trap is one of them or the unique refinement because if Disarm Trap is all that is on her Yumi, then she would be the only unit with a weapon or skill that only works in one mode. Both Duma's Upheaval and Mila's Turnwheel have an effect that works only in Aether Raids, but they also have a different effect that is universal. Could you imagine if Setsuna's Yumi was just: "14 Mt. Effective against flying foes. While attacking in Aether Raids, if unit ends movement on a space with a Bolt Trap or a Heavy Trap, cancels trap's effect." Regardless of what the unique refinement is and how good it would be, she would be forced to refine her weapon for it to not be a glorified Silver Bow+ which is awful. It would be even worse if the unique refinement was AR-O or AR-D.
  13. Okay, so there are enough limited Divine Codes for us to get manuals of summer Leo, summer Linde, and one of the 4* units. I'll be able to get Echidna's ninth merge then.
  14. I understand that, but I feel like it should not be that big of a deal. If the anti-air unit, particularly an archer, wasn't able to double her in the first place or do enough damage with effective damage, then she still lives. Thing is that she never appears or has not appeared yet outside of her upcoming mythic hero battle with Distant Counter, so the worst that could happen is that it takes another turn for someone to kill her and that might have been a thing in the first place. Brave Bow still murders without effective damage and taking another turn to riddle her with arrows might not change much. Or if the original strategy was to use a mage without effective damage against fliers or even a healer to deal with her, then it doesn't change a thing. She's going to die as she has always. I feel like that units who had their GHB or Bound Hero Battles before they were part of a weapon update should be updated to use their preferred weapon. In some cases, it might not be that different like they can still keep Navarre using a resistance refine on abyssal, but now he has two extra attack due to using Scarlet Sword instead of Slaying Edge+. For lore or reference reasons, then sure, they can stick with their default weapon like it might not make sense for Raven in his and Lucius's BHB to be wielding Basilkos. The units do this in Rival Domains, but they don't in Training Tower or wherever else where they appear more randomly instead of having been set in the past like in their chapters, BHB, or whatever. I still would like to see GHB and TT units as random units in Training Tower, appear in Rival Domains, or used more in general in PvE content. There isn't a limited number of slots for weapons available, but they do take up space. It might not be much for one weapon to have another better copy, but it would add like like the Killing and anti-armor weapons and -wolf tomes. There's three sets of weapons that no new unit is going to ever show up with and the only units with them were launch and early units who outside of very specific case for controlling how much attack everyone has, probably would not want to use over their stronger versions. Speaking of storage, I wish we could have the ability to choose if we want to have the movies installed on the app so we can watch them through the app or not and save space. I think all of the movies we can just watch on the Nintendo Mobile channel.
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