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  1. I end up making everyone I don't want for whatever reason like bad asset and flaw combos into manuals. Who knows, maybe I want to build up Gordin, Jakob, Laslow, Raigh, or whoever. If only it was a thing way earlier since I could have kept several copies of Bartre, Lukas, and whoever else I had to send home because I didn't want to expand my barracks beyond 600 slots.
  2. What about making him into manuals for all your Smite, Atk/Def Link, and Beast Experience needs?
  3. Meanwhile somewhere far away and hopefully with no one nearby to see him, Alm falling off his bicycle. I guess this is why we never see Alm as a mounted unit.
  4. What are you looking for exactly? Victorious Axe is a personal Killer Axe with the more enemies than allies to guarantee a follow-up attack check. That's pretty good. Axes are kind of shafted when it comes to inheritable axes and ones in the regular summoning pool. They don't have Firesweep Axe to this day, if you really hate cavalry units, then you'd need to sacrifice a Gerome and possibly use grails for that, and they don't have any of the Stance weapons like swords have Barrier Sword and Safeguard and lances have Barrier/Berkut's Lance and Vanguard. You're mainly looking at inheriting Brave Axe, Emerald Axe+, Silver Axe+ and choosing the Mt refine for 18 Mt shenanigans, a Slaying Axe to keep the -1 special cooldown effect and to gain stats in return for 2 Mt and the follow-up effect, Slaying Hammer to fight armors, and Wo Gun which she can use, but being able to follow-up with it would be a good thing to activate a special which Victorious Axe already does for her. Everything else is seasonal or limited. For seasonal: Beach Banner+ (Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2 when initiating) from summer Innes who is currently the fast axe flier Carrot Axe+ (when refined, restores 4 HP if the user attacked during combat) from spring Chrom Faithful Axe+ (Atk/Spd/Def/Res+3 during combat when adjacent to an ally) from GD Greil who has Fury 4 and Armor March 3. You can get this axe, Fury 4, and Aether onto Edelgard if you have her inherit Luna/Sol and Fury 3 so she can inherit Faithful Axe, Faithful Axe+, Aether, and Fury 4 from him. Giant Spoon+ (deals +10 damage when triggering a special) from spring Alfonse which is the same as Wo Gun, so unless you want Edelgard to fight with a spoon, it would be better to get Def Smoke 3 from him onto her or someone else. Hagoitia+ (grants Def/Res+2 to allies within 2 spaces during combat) from New Year's Azura Handbell+ or Sack o' Gifts+ (Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2 when foe initiates combat) from winter Lissa or winter Chrom Lilith Floatie+ (grants Atk/Spd+1 to allies within 2 spaces during combat) from summer Xander. I'd rather get Infantry Pulse from him which =HP Edelgard can sort of use. She has 41 HP to summer Xander's 43 HP. Melon Crusher+ (at start of combat, if unit's HP = 100%, grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2 and deals 2 HP after combat if unit attacked) from summer Tiki For limited units: Ardent Service+ (Hone Atk 3) from groom Marth Hack-o'-Lantern+ (Guard effect with no HP requirement other than being alive) from TLB Dorcas. You could pick up the axe, Swap, and Sturdy Stance 2 from him, but that would require getting Sturdy Stance 1 from someone else and the only other unit with Sturdy Stance is legendary Ephraim. Legion's Axe+ (when refined, inflicts Panic on target and foes within 2 spaces of target after combat if unit attacked) from Legion. If you don't have Fury on Edelgard, then at least inherit Fury 1 so she can pick up Legion's Axe+ and Fury 3 from him. If you want Reprisal or Obstruct 3 for whatever reason, then you'd want at at least Fury 2 and Retribution or Obstruct 2 inherited so she can pick up Legion's Axe, Legion's Axe+, Fury 3, and Reprisal or Obstruct 3 from him. Poleaxe+ (effective against cavalry foes) from Gerome as covered above Shoreline Rake+ (grants Atk/Def+4 during combat if unit has a field buff) from summer Ylgr. Edelgard probably doesn't have the speed, so if you go for this, picking up Even Def Wave 3 with the rake would be a good idea. You'd only need Even Def Wave 1 from a Silas since Edelgard would then inherit Shoreline Rake, Shoreline Rake+, Even Def Wave 2, and Even Def Wave 3 from summer Ylgr. And from Silas, if she already inherited Reposition, then you can grab Steady Stance 3 and Even Def Wave 1 from 4* Silas and complete Even Def Wave from summer Ylgr while inheriting her rake.
  5. Welcome to the club. I summoned CYL Micaiah as my first orb pick and she +Atk, -Def. It might be a flip-flop between CYL Camilla and CYL Micaiah, but because they both have A passives and Micaiah has an attack superasset and defense superflaw, you can't give them Fortress Def or Fortress Res with -Res being worse when only 5* units have it and call it a day like you could with CYL Veronica. Space issues... I have too many 5*-only summonable and 5* guaranteed units i.e. 5* reward units now. I did a quick rundown and they make up roughly 23% of my 600 maximum total units. Edit: And screw you, game. I stopped at six full summons for the CYL3 banner and blue orbs were scarce. Didn't get CYL Eliwood and what happens at the end of their paralogue? Eliwood giving a speech at the end about how he would like to meet again. Way to rub it in, game. At least I was able to get two 5* units from the banner: CYL Micaiah and a Myrrh for a myrrge.
  6. Yeah, I screwed up on that. Not sure why I thought Atk/Spd+5 and Atk/Spd-5 on foe equals Atk+10. It would be Atk/Def/Res+5 and Spd+10. Maybe I was thinking of Matthew's unique refined Spy Dagger since he would get +10 to his attack through the debuffs, but that also wouldn't make sense since his own attack would be buffed by 5, so it should be +15. Saizo would make more sense because of his Penalty Doubler effect. His attack is buffed by 5 and then the -5 attack debuff on his opponent would add 5 to his attack in combat.
  7. Was going to give all versions of Micaiah a dark blessing to match her dark affinity. With Yune and during dark season in Aether Raids, CYL Micaiah would have 32 Spd and if Yune's Whispers works, then she'd effectively have 44 Spd during combat. Welp, time to throw her onto my dark season Tellius defense team. Not sure who I would replace on that team so she can be on it.
  8. So that's what Threaten Atk/Spd 3 does. Debuffing and buffing the unit if they're within 2 spaces of an enemy. It effectively grants the unit Atk/Def/Res+5 and Spd+10. Y'know, the first thing that came to mind was that it would be good on Matthew and Saizo. Yes, it's a Threaten skill, but Matthew and Saizo would be in the thick of things with their ability to tank things, especially Saizo after getting his shuriken.
  9. Galeforce. Seriously, though, regular Laegjarn isn't the fastest of sword fliers, but she could probably pull it off and running L&D3 on her wouldn't be much of a gamble since she would drop down to 31 Def from her 36 base neutral Def. Problem is that Caeda (24/37) and summer Fiora (32/37) exist who would be easier to merge provided you can summon them or want to spend grails on summer Fiora. Otherwise, keep Niu on her. It's dependent on the foe's buffs, but Laegjarn can get a lot of stats as it adds half of the buffs on her foe. The maximum being Atk/Spd/Def/Res+14 if her foe was refreshed and buffed by legendary Azura with Hone Atk 4. Goad Fliers stacking would be hilarious since she would be able to get with three Goad Fliers and if her foe had +7 buffs on all their stats: Atk/Spd+26 and Def/Res+14 . A more realistic situation would probably be a foe getting +4 or +6 to two different stats which would grant Laegjarn +4 or +6 to all her stats during combat. If you had a spare Lene, then Safeguard could work to make her into a pure physical tank and maybe she could be a mixed tank with Barrier Blade patching up her very low resistance. New Year's Hrid has the same base neutral Def as her, but essentially trades speed for resistance; he'd have actual raw bulk while Laegjarn would have speed to avoid doubles and double on her own. For New Year's Laegjarn, her default Wagasa's Chill Def 3 and Chill Res 3 lets her be a good support unit. She's kind of like Oboro if Oboro didn't need attack someone to inflict Seal Def 3 and to be nearby someone to inflict Threaten Res 3. Slap on Chill Atk 3 or Chill Spd 3 as NY Laegjarn's seal depending on what you want and there you go, she has three Chills. If Soren's on her team and with Wind's Brand, then all you would need is her or someone else with Chill Spd 3 and you'd have a Chill All team. Barrier/Berkut's Lance is another option for a mixed bulk tank, but Berkut, the Death Knight, Donnel, Florina, Lukas, Oboro, Shiro, Silas, and Thea among others might be a better option given their higher bulk or raw defenses than her even if some of them are much slower than her. Panne's a cavalry unit, so Pass would be good on her with her 3 movement. If you had a lot of spare copies of Gaius, T-Adept 3 might be a better option since you can pick up Pass 3 from him. T-Adept specializes Panne, but that might be needed depending on the situation or what you want her to do. Also, it means you can have an A passive for her even if it's not the ideal one you want on her since she doesn't have a default A passive, but she does have a default B passive Chill Spd.
  10. Summoned my first Thea as a 4* today on the healing skills banner. No greens and no chance for green Olwen, but I did get a new unit. She's +Atk, -Res and I forgot that she's, in terms of neutral stats, like a +Res Catria without a personal lance much less Whitewing Lance or a lance flier version of +Spd Camilla and +Atk Selena. Her mixed bulk looks good. Maybe something wacky will happen when they get to gen 2 weapon updates and her personal lance makes her obnoxiously tanky.
  11. It's expensive, but since Panne has Astra, throwing Galeforce onto her from a 5* Cordelia and whatever other skill you want from her lets you get a lot of one unit for skill inheritance. I considered it since I don't have a blue Galeforce cavalry, but because Oscar and Peri have personal Killer Lances and actually have an attack stat, I held off. Does not help that CYL Eliwood is a lance cavalry too and his offenses are dumb. Haven't decided yet. Considering Naesala if I get around to start HM farming since one of the strategies posted uses Naesala with Galeforce. Yes, I do like Laegjarn's voice. It's really pleasant to listen to. It's funny how her voice actress voices Annette and Nanna too. That's really good range. Sigrun, Ylgr, and Yune's voice actress, Megan Lee, is on the same boat. I relied on F2P strategies before I was able to get some powerful units. Still use them out of laziness especially on maps that have reinforcements or require the use of the Askr trio and friends to specifically take out someone. Nowadays, they take up space. Sometimes they get used, but very rarely. I remember two or three Lunatic Chain Challenges strategies from さるGames that used Serra. For whatever reason, she was needed. That said, some of are regulars like Ursula is used in many strategies. Effective damage, Death Blow, and being a cavalry mage goes a long way. Dumb thought that was likely posted already: because one of Anna's sisters provided our Anna with the cleaning solution that Sharena spilled during the Lost Lore opening, we need a dagger Anna. Why? Because we'd be able to give her The Cleaner. Alternatively, another Anna should have cleaning-related weapon like she could throw soap or cleaning fluids at people or something.
  12. Forgot about something, but it would have fallen under Kronya needs expensive skills: Kronya can run Special Spiral with a Vantage effect while the other dagger units can't until inheritable Vantage weapons become a thing. There are only two units with a Vantage effect on their weapon with the other one being regular Bruno who isn't playable.
  13. Kronya has a different role than them, namely, winter Cecilia, Saizo, and I would figure Matthew. Also, Felicia, but she's self-explanatory. Winter Cecilia, Matthew, and Saizo are or can be bulky units while also having a good offensive performance; winter Cecilia is an armor who has access to Fighter skills, Matthew has a Blizzard dagger that adds all his foe's penalties to his attack and defense debuffs would definitely let him do even more damage, and similarly, Saizo defense debuffs let Saizo do more damage, but he adds debuffs to all his stats letting him become faster and have very good effective defenses. Kronya's Close Counter, Vantage shtick can be done with Kagero and Sothe who use their high attack. Difference being that Kronya does have good enough attack, but she's dependent on her opponent's health not being full for her to have the Vantage effect and to give her Atk/Spd+5 during combat in contrast to any other Counter, Vantage unit needing them to be attacked by a unit who doesn't deny counterattacks and their health being <= 75%. Kagero relies on having higher attack than her foe to get Atk/Spd+4 during combat and her bulk isn't good except for on player phase and only against the first hit during combat if you choose her unique refinement. With the unique refinement, however, her player phase bulk can be really stupid. Sothe simply has high attack and gen 2 ranged infantry BST backing him up mainly in HP which is the thing that more or less killed Kagero before she got her new, personal weapon. That is not to say Peshkatz isn't a good weapon or a bad weapon. It's just Hlidskjalf exists. Another thing that sets her apart is her high health surpassing Gaius as the dagger unit with the highest HP allowing her to run Infantry Pulse, Panic Ploy, and Sudden Panic well.
  14. Heavy Blade seal probably and you'd have to juggle it around. Lethe is fine with her default Spd/Def Solo and also maybe because she doesn't want to one-shot someone if she had Atk/Spd Solo. Panne on the other hand would probably want Atk/Spd Solo, Fury, L&D, Swift Sparrow, or anything to boost her attack and speed. So, the usual build for Galeforce units -- I guess CYL Roy's default kit would be a good example or Siegbert's and Yarne's with some minor changes like Desperation for their B passive. For PvE or situations where you don't need them to charge Galeforce that quickly, they could run whatever seal they would want. There's person on YouTube who does some Panne solos and on her release, she ran Galeforce, Brazen Atk/Def 3, Desperation 3, and Brash Assault 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTSZaRg6j5I. SD King Oaks has a video on Panne and how she can use Heavy Blade: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X9g96-AIjKk. I wished I had more Catrias for merges and for Killer Lance and Luna. Catria's at +2 at the moment and the most I could get her up to if I were willing to sacrifice the neutral one would be +9, but that means getting rid of all of my spare Catrias. I keep neutral units if they have been made quest units even if they aren't used much anymore since most F2P strategies are use a team made up of Eir, Fjorm, vanguard Ike, CYL Lyn or bride Louise who has slowly been replacing CYL Lyn for some people since she's free while CYL Lyn assumes the player picked her, or CYL Veronica and use Adrift Azura or Olivia as the dancer. Occasionally there's Reinhardt who hasn't been made a quest unit, but because he's so damn useful, he's assumed to be used by plenty of people. Anyway, in terms of merge project, Catria's not a high priority for me. A high defense unit would be since my four +10 units, Clair, Eliwood, Odin, and Soren, have low to middling defense. Not sure on Galeforce either. She shines on a flier team, but if she's not on a flier team, then she's like any other Galeforce lance flier, but maybe a bit not as great since I merged the +Spd one that used to be the base into a +Atk one figuring I'd use her and the Whitewings together or mainly on a flier team which means she could have trouble doubling. She's not slow, but it's starting to feel like 40 base neutral speed -- not exactly her speed -- could be argued as slow. Cue the next mythic hero having 50 base neutral speed with a speed superasset because why not. =Spd Celica with unique refined Ragnarok, Fury 3, and a Brazen Atk/Spd 3 seal and +Spd, +10 Lon'qu with L&D6 would barely be able to double that unit as Celica would have exactly 55 Spd and +Spd Lon'qu would have 56 Spd. I think Oscar's voice is a problem too. Go figure with him and Peri. Bryce Papenbrook's Oscar voice is kind of his Kamui in SoV, but something about it is off and I don't like it compared to his Kamui or his Karel and Raven voices for that matter. Slapping L&D3 on NY Laegjarn isn't that bad. She would drop down to 30 Def which should be fine. At +10, though, she'd have 40 Def, so she'd drop down to her unmerged 35 Def with L&D3. She's really like a +Def, -Res lance cavalry version of Minerva and Saber. Quite the opposite. I want a world filled with rabbit people. 😛
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