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  1. According to the poll, I would be considered "competitive" (I generally maintain tier 20 as tier 20.5 is no longer feasible most of the time for me without making major changes to my priorities due to scorecreep). As such, I tend to focus primarily on the enemy phase and would only player phase if it is necessary and safe to do so in Arena (ie. a buffed bonus Anna can double and KO Legend Alm with MCorrin support). Much of my Arena core (since I don't really invest into monthly-exclusives) are pretty much hold-overs from 2018 so my playstyle reflects this.
  2. So they basically pulled Gwendolyn's Prf skill refine effect, edited, it, and pasted it onto Bride Oboro's (and Groom Hinata's) generic weapon. And we now have a name for the so-called "reverse Bladetome effect" in Dominance. Groom Rafiel is kind of sleep but that's mainly because I don't really rely too much on getting easy special charges and just prefer stat buffs on my dancers most of the time. The fact that he's infantry makes him less interesting as a dancer (since infantry dancers are already common) but there's the lore to explain that. Bride Micaiah is gorgeous and is a unit I would love to have in my roster though I'm already juggling tough choices.
  3. Traditional Japanese wedding theme this time around. It's something different. I cannot tell who the characters are from the silhouettes. And one of them appears to have some sort of... boomerang (new dagger weapon?).
  4. So bosses with infinite specials will be a thing on Hero Battle maps with no reinforcements. Nice as long as you can drop the woke boss quickly or at least kite it.
  5. The May LHB clear units: Fallen Takumi: Legend Celica, Dancer Rinea, Legend Alm, Celica Ephraim+Eirika: Fjorm, Gunnthra, New Year's Eir, CYL Veronica Saias: Bath Camilla, Bow Hinoka, Summer Corrin, New Year's Azura Hawkeye+Ninian: Idunn, Winter Cecilia, Clarine, Sue Legendary Lyn: Ares, Reinhardt, Nanna, Silvia The team I ran for Legendary Lyn can clear the Abyssal map before all reinforcements spawn (they can clear the map before the blue mage and the red mage cavalier spawn).
  6. Staff. Having a Pair-Up Legendary unit that wield staves would be a GODSEND for Allegiance Battles during that specific season since healing becomes much less of an issue. And if she were to be using a Prf staff, she's most likely going to be able to Razzle Dazzle by default so she's not going to be a liability in scoring colorless kills. The only real downsides if any are just that unless they create new/Prf healer-only assists and specials, she may not score as well as a non-staff Pair-Up Legendary unit.
  7. I'd say Melancholy if only because it actually does something unique -- resetting specials on top of applying the Guard effect can be a big part in trivializing some maps. For the case of Toasty Skewer, outside of Astra AR (Light AR is iffy since Bramimond exists), it's not too crazy. Could be nice if the healer is stacking Distant Guard and Close Guard skills but denying an enemy special can be a form of tanking of its own given how overpowered damage boosting specials can be. @XRay Null C-Disrupt is currently not an option for me unless I choose to fodder off my 5+10 Donnel, not to mention that it's almost useless outside of scoring in Coliseum modes and I have 0 intention of using Marth in Aether Raids. Rapier+Special Spiral should be able to do something in Arena given the large amount of armored units there. Mentioning Tharja is not really a fair comparison given that they target different defensive stats, not to mention that unless I pull Summer Helbindi, Tharja pretty much has no business being in a Coliseum team outside of being a cohort unit or being used on team #(2-7) in Assault, especially since I'm currently in tier 20 (tier 20.5 Arena is no longer feasible for me due to scorecreep and my general lack of merged Legendary units). And I wouldn't consider Halloween Hector at all since I don't have any Duo Heroes to begin with and Hector, in my opinion, wouldn't be too useful outside of being a counterpick unit in AA, especially since I did not invest in Kronya for AR.
  8. Man, I feel like I'm facing a tough dilemma right now. Should I... A. Pull for Young Marth and hope to +10 him? I already dropped 111 orbs on the banner and got 0 of him and 2 off-focus pitybreakers so far and will have about 400 orbs (from on-hand and mail orbs) by the last day of the banner. Anniversary unit, iconic character to the franchise, and I do want a new Arena/PvE unit. If I do succeed, I would have additional reason to even consider going down the Jugdral Divine Codes path (for the Lewyn (for Marth) and Dancer Ishtar manuals (for Brave Lyn)). It's also unknown if he would be available as a 4-star Focus if the banner were to be run next year so I'm going with the assumption that he'll be 5*-Focus only on the banner rerun unless I missed something. B. Continue saving for Summer Lyn merges and possibly final Bride Cordelia merge? Lyn is at +3 merge and Bride Cordelia is at +8 merge (I do intend to pick up the limited manual of Bride Cordelia). Obvious waifu bias is obvious.
  9. I can imagine that Infernal Ephraim+Eirika LHB is easy for those who have Duo Alfonse. My party: New Year's Eir: Res Temari+, Draw Back, Iceberg, Res +3, Desperation 3, Spd Tactic 3, Spd/Res 2 +Def/-Spd Gunnthra: Blizzard, Draw Back, Glimmer, Fury 3, Chilling Seal, Res Ploy 3, Res +1 Fjorm: Leiptr, Reposition, Ice Mirror, Atk/Def Bond 3, Shield Pulse 3, Drive Atk 2, Atk/Res Bond 3 CYL Veronica: Hlidskjalf, Recover+, Windfire Balm+, Atk +3, Wrathful Staff 3, Savage Blow 3, Spur Atk 3
  10. Here's a crazy thought I had: IS puts Lysithea, Kiria, and Bernadetta onto the Lull skills banner. IS puts Sirius onto the Tempest Trials banner because they decided to make Zeke and Tatiana into a Duo unit for this year's wedding banner.
  11. Summons+freebies: 5/12: New Power (Siegbert, Gwendolyn, Leon) 5/16: Robin+Corrin BHB 5/19: TT banner 5/20: Special Heroes (Wedding 2020) 5/22: TT 5/22: Lull banner 5/23: Astram GHB rerun 5/27: Wedding 2019 rerun 5/29: Mythic Heroes 6/1: Bond banner 6/3: Wedding 2018 rerun 6/5: New Heroes + Forging Bonds 6/6: New GHB 6/9: New Power 6/10: Wedding 2017 rerun For the BHB banner, I'm half-expecting Fallen Celica to be the 3rd unit, if only because she's the only other regular gacha unit who is a Fallen Hero from a 3DS title. Ugh, choices on what to do with my orbs before the anniversary banner ends.
  12. JFC on the salt regarding no demotes on the Fallen banner. BOTH Fallen banners from 2018 and 2019 had ZERO demotes. There's hardly any reason to expect anything different from this banner. I mean, are players expecting a CYL4 unit to demote for this year's CYL banner? The bright side is that the GHB unit isn't really shafted at all -- Fallen GHB units as of 2020 always come with a Prf with Fallen Ashnard getting an extremely good one and having a functional statline, especially after seeing several lousy to meh GHB units.
  13. Got lame summons (got a full colorless session and common greens and reds). Oh well. For the Forging Bonds: Interesting that Fallen Ashnard shows up since the GHB 5th unit is typically left out of Forging Bonds conversations. Fallen Ike's wasn't too interesting if only because he doesn't actually appear until the S-conversation and only towards the end of it, confronting Legend Ike, pretty much looking like an "Oh, you're approaching me?" Jojo meme. Fallen Lyon, in my opinion, got the best conversation chain since he meets his post-death self, with the latter proving that knowledge is indeed a power of its own. That checkmate on the Demon King! Fallen Corrin... gotta feel bad for him and would've wanted him to spend more time with Young Azura in the conversation chain. Fallen Julia -- pretty funny way to try to rehabilitate her from her brainwashed state with a magical girl stage play of all things (without knowing that they ARE aware of her brainwashed state, it was pretty funny to watch them react as if her speech were just stage lines; if it weren't for the fact that it's a mahou shoujo play, Odin could've been involved in the chain in awe of Fallen Julia). Guess bringing Seliph in would be too easy and would make way too much sense.
  14. Since this video exists, we don't need to put talk about the units' stats under spoilers (outside of Ashnard) Lyon looks like a sweet one-off unit; looks like a green Sophia. Ike could be really dumb with tier 4 Bond skills outside of AR. MCorrin: Blue color and low Res really hurts him. Julia: Another red mage with high Res and Atk. Hope she dies easily to the Falchion units (which shouldn't be too difficult to do) if I do face her.
  15. Screw getting the 8-bit Veronica accessory since holy sheesh. It's clearly made to make whales and diehard Veronica fans spend Orbs on Aether Resort Passes. Price: 5000 RR Assuming you have 0 RR to start with and don't spend RR on anything else... You get 130 RR per week without AR Pass (7 * 10 from visiting Resort daily + 60 from weekly Resort event). It will take 38 weeks and 6 days to get the 5000 RR for that accessory. With AR Pass, you get 200 RR per week (7 * 20 from visiting Resort daily + 60 from weekly Resort event). It will take 25 weeks and 75 Orbs (25 weeks * 3 orbs/week) to get the 5000 RR for that same accessory.
  16. I get where they're coming from with the tier 4 Solo skills and why tier boost is extremely small (+7/7 from tier 4 vs. +6/6 from tier 3) -- Solo skills are extremely easy to activate and work on both phases, not to mention that, despite the name suggesting otherwise, the user can still get boosts from allies. As for Fallen Ike, it makes sense for more Cipher shenanigans to start showing up more since Cipher is ending this year. Only a matter of time before we could see stuff like Risen King Chrom, Wrys as a Swordmaster or Hero, or the Cipher OCs, or Winter Camilla (we did get Bride Charlotte back in 2017 and Summer Cordelia in 2018 and those 2 are likely inspired by Cipher artwork).
  17. No 4* Focus but that's not a surprise -- Fallen Heroes banners never get demotes and this banner is no exception. (Fallen Heroes and CYL Heroes are the New Heroes banners that don't get demotes) Ashnard: Nice for his fans but boring otherwise -- we did just get Young Minerva for axe fliers and she's going to be a pretty tough act to follow. And given IS's record with lance fliers... uhhhh... Lyon: Gronnraven Prf and gets damage reduction as well as NCD. Pretty tempting. MCorrin: Apparently tries to powercreep Fallen FCorrin but missed the memo on unit color. And welp, Solo skills are now getting the powercreep treatment. Ike: Welp, IS is starting to hate on debuffs now since debuffs are turned into in-combat buffs (and as such can stack with field buffs). Gonna be really annoying to fight against since he does get the DC+Repel combo. And Darting Breath is finally here. Julia: Wow, a pretty specific condition (besides NFU/Red Tomebreaker+Speed check) if you don't want her to get a follow-up.
  18. Nino, Cecilia, Nagi, or Sue... Hmm... Also, really hate it when I don't get the choice of pulling green on free summon when all 4 Focus units on the banner are green.
  19. Looks like I'll be able to get Bride Cordelia to +9 merge next month thanks to a manual of her being available in the Ephemera 5 lot. Woot! Also gonna snatch that Bride Ninian manual. That Arena Assault update is a much needed QoL change. The items getting buffed is also welcome, too, though I doubt that they'd be used at all when people can just use the Gravity, Fear, or Lightning Charms, or the Dancer's Veil. Yeesh, Panic Manor going to lv. 7 -- IS be trying to force 3-Mythic AR-O teams at this point due to Panic Manor affecting those with less than 71 HP. Accessories being obtainable from the AR shop is a welcome change though dang, the accessories are expensive -- the new 8-bit Leif accessory costs 380 RR. The Hall of Forms update is confusing -- I'm gonna guess that I just need to enter the page to get the 500 feathers; I don't need to actually buy any forma souls.
  20. Oh dang -- I actually have all 4 units -- with Gwen and Leon at 5+10 and Siegbert at +1 +Spd! Pretty curious to see what they do especially since I'm just letting refine stones pile up.
  21. Staff units pretty much peaked after the introduction of Weapon Refinery, which allowed them to run the Razzle Dazzle combo -- it's likely the biggest reason that they generally do not see many updates afterwards, perhaps moreso with Genny being in weekly revival banners for those looking for Wrathful Staff fodder (she gets 2 banners per 20-banner rotation, meaning she gets at least 4 banners per year with rates better than those of Hero Fest banners). Null C-Disrupt may exist but Nailah banners are nowhere as common as Genny, let alone with such boosted rates. It also helps that almost every healer of the same movement type can practically be used the same way, meaning it's only a matter of picking a favorite or being patient with your orbs if you're going after a 5*-exclusive or seasonal if you want to invest in one, not to mention that a lot of powerful generic staves like Pain, Gravity, and Panic, as well as heal assists like Recover and Restore are easy to get if you consistently pull colorless.
  22. Dropped 111 orbs into the anniversary banner but alas, did not get a single Focus unit -- not even a 4* Young Marth, despite getting a good amount of reds. Pretty much a good sign to not bother any further with that banner (111 orbs could've gotten me 2-3 young Marths but I got zilch). Got a +Atk Kjelle (new to me) and a +Spd Siegbert as off-focus pitybreakers. The only silver lining is that I finally pulled a +Atk Ares, allowing me to finally finish my +10 Ares merge project.
  23. Really good seals! I know that a lot of players have been waiting for the Spd Tactic seal for a long time. Minerva... she at least stands out among the grail offerings though based on her base kit alone, she looks like Beruka 2.0, just with greater BST (not going to be surprised if Minerva has like 172 BST by being a book 4 trainee melee flier), a Prf A-skill, and greater Spd. Her stats aren't revealed yet at the time of writing this post but if she actually has a good Spd stat, she could become a decent Firesweeper (if you have a Gerik you don't plan on using anytime soon) or Galeforce flier.
  24. We can expect more of the following: Use of Summer Lyn Use of Legend Chrom Use of Sully Use of Firesweep units (and similar units like Byleth) Use of Razzle Dazzle More players dropping 1200 Divine Codes part 1 for dagger fodder
  25. I was a bit afraid of Abyssal FGrima but turns out that I had nothing to fear -- +10+8 Broadleaf Sothe, +0 Altina, +0 Reyson, and +1+5 Naesala tore through the map pretty easily. Units used for the Limited Hero Battles: Oliver: Phina, Maria, Nagi, Fallen Tiki Alm+Celica: Mage Eirika, Winter Eirika, Lute, Myrrh Lyon: Cordelia, Bride Cordelia, Flier Olivia, Aversa Cecilia+Lilina: Lyn, Bride Lyn, Brave Lyn, Matthew FGrima: Sothe, Altina, Reyson, Naesala
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