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  1. Smol Marth and Caeda are so cute ❤️ I'm excited to see which other kids are gonna be there. Damn, those free leads with their massive amount of red. I do like Feh's dig about red swordies, though. I think I'm still gonna pull red because I want Alm and I don't mind getting any other red unit apart from Ike.
  2. Not a difficult decision. Narcian is too hilarious to not fight for him.
  3. Yay, got two Rath's and one Leila in three tickets and about 15 orbs. Still trying for Nils but I'm already more than happy.
  4. Oh, I do have some sympathy for him (and the God damnit was said with an amused smile and an eyeroll). But it's also really really petty that he's grumpy if he doesn't get exactly the same present as Alm. And honestly, that kind of childish pettiness is not something a future emperor should have. Nor a decent adult human being, actually.
  5. God damnit, Berkut, you're ruining everything with your grumpy jealousy. I guess that's supposed to be "for his son" instead "from his son" or it wouldn't make sense. I got Alm&Celica on my very first draw (my first duo hero), which is neat, but I'd rather have Rudolf. He's hilarious. Alm's nervousness and shyness was also adorable. Such a cute sidequest.
  6. Damn, that Valentin's banner is awesome. Rudolf is hilarious, I want him. Alm & Celica are cute but I could do without Faye's typical obsession. Love it.
  7. Good thing they went with Travant and not Trabant. Would've always pictured him as the car otherwise.
  8. Flying by plane is very safe and I've flown relatively often already (longest flight was 14 hours or so). Still, the takeoff always feels weird to me. Like my stomach makes a flip or two. But that's no reason to stay nervous. It's over in a minute and afterwards it'll feel like you're still on the ground.
  9. Damn, Jaffar is really, really adorable. Never thought I would ever write that. Nino's okay, don't care about Sothis and Marth & Elice have awesome art as well.
  10. Wtf, I just thought "Well, I have enough orbs to pull two characters so let's do it". I get two reds, awesome. First pull: Sothis. Cool. Second pull: Altina. WTF. Holy hell, that was damn lucky.
  11. It would be better to get more information first. If you're in that area often, you could try feeding regularly and since you say it's getting cold, maybe build a small shelter. That would also raise the odds to catch a glimpse of the cat in the shelter. A box with some rain protection (like a plastic plane or big plastic bag) and some old blankets for warmth should be enough and hopefully cheap. I'm not an expert tho, so do try to get some more input. I believe some rescues also give out information about how to deal with something like that.
  12. In FE Land, middle-aged is old, I guess. But yes, the second I saw Gustav, I wanted him. I also want Hayden, Fado, Vigarde, Ismaire and Mansel from SS. I just love their design. (Fadophraim is just not enough anymore).
  13. Ah, this comic is proof that we finally need old!Marcus in the game. And younger!Marcus while we're at it.
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