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  1. Well, at least a dry summer is a bit more comfortable than a wet summer. XD
  2. They do nothing for me. For me, they're a waste of time. I (maybe) watch every animation once or twice and then turn them off. Though that was only the case with the Sprite era games. I think I watched only a handful of animations of Awakening and Fates and then turned them off.
  3. Oh yes, Mohnschnecken are one of the three common Hefeschnecken (Zimt, Nuss, Mohn). They're actually not hard to make them yourself.
  4. Could be a Nussschnecke or Zimtschnecke in pretzel shape. If no one else sold it, it might be a specialty of that bakery. You probably wouldn't find it then on the internet. What did it taste like?
  5. Oh no, characters that are not active in battle do get experience as well, just less than the active party. You can also find and exchange material for exp booster. So it's not bad. You should still swap characters because you need to use skills to level them and get new skills. All the characters are fun to play though. It's been some time since my last playthrough but that scene is pretty much the most anime. I thought it was horrible as well but I don't remember any other scenes like that. Dana and her friends' outfits are pretty eyeroll-worthy but I don't think you've reached that point yet.
  6. Oooooh, I love that game. One of the best of the Y's series. It's also the prettiest. Hm, what tips could I give... Do try to do all character quests. They're generally worth it. Try to save often. You can walk into some higher level areas by accident. It's relatively easy to run away, but better safe than sorry. I'm not sure if characters leave for some time, but it's always worth it to level all characters relatively evenly. Always gather/ forage stuff. You can exchange it for good stuff in the base, especially healing items. Fishing isn't that important but getting one of each type gets you rewards.
  7. Yes, I want Merlinus. I don't dig his art, especially his attack art, but I still want him the most. Guinevere is neat too, but Merlinus is my favorite.
  8. Very weird theme. I don't really care about any of the choices, though I haven't played 3H so I won't choose any of them until the end. I'll go with Berkut first 'cause I feel like it.
  9. All four CYLs have nice art. Lysithea's dress is the best, though. I think I'll take her. I very much doubt that I'll have enough orbs to get any other free circle. If I somehow manage it, I'll get Dimitri. Love lance infantry and his armour looks awesome.
  10. I got damn lucky this time. I got Dimitri, 4* Geese (yesssss) and Eyvel (hilarious) on my first round.
  11. Daaang, love the theme and Geese is fine as hell.
  12. Neet, I like Hel's design. I really hate how her name's pronounced in English, though. Hel and hell are not the same; the second l is not decoration.
  13. Her art is awesome. I especially like that her legs are transformed in her attack art.
  14. Innes and Tana aren't Lyon's friends. This is what Tana says in Chp. 1: “Why would Grado invade? Emperor Vigarde is a man of peace. His people adore him. And you and Ephraim are friends with Prince Lyon, are you not? What could be behind this madness? Why is this happening…” Regarding Joshua, he says this in Chp. 14 in Eirika's route: “It’s been more than ten years. I’d grown tied of the formality of palace life, so I…just left. " So he left 10 years ago. If we assume Eirika and Ephraim are around 18 in game (as is usual for RPGs), then they would've been around 8 when he vanished. The Lyon flashbacks are all around 1 1/2 or 2 years ago and in the end CGI that shows their first meeting they're definitely teenagers. So it is not probable that they met Joshua, the prince of a country Renais has a neutral relationship with, earlier than the prince of the country that they have a good relationship with. It's a similar case with L'Arachel. However, I agree that they should at least know their names and maybe a rough estimate of their looks. They could guess that L'Arachel was a noble, but definitely not Joshua. He doesn't act any different than the other mercenaries, he was gone for 10 years (enough too lose any noble mannerisms) and it's not like he has a very royal distinct look.
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