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  1. I got damn lucky this time. I got Dimitri, 4* Geese (yesssss) and Eyvel (hilarious) on my first round.
  2. Daaang, love the theme and Geese is fine as hell.
  3. Neet, I like Hel's design. I really hate how her name's pronounced in English, though. Hel and hell are not the same; the second l is not decoration.
  4. Her art is awesome. I especially like that her legs are transformed in her attack art.
  5. Innes and Tana aren't Lyon's friends. This is what Tana says in Chp. 1: “Why would Grado invade? Emperor Vigarde is a man of peace. His people adore him. And you and Ephraim are friends with Prince Lyon, are you not? What could be behind this madness? Why is this happening…” Regarding Joshua, he says this in Chp. 14 in Eirika's route: “It’s been more than ten years. I’d grown tied of the formality of palace life, so I…just left. " So he left 10 years ago. If we assume Eirika and Ephraim are around 18 in game (as is usual for RPGs), then they would've been around 8 when he vanished. The Lyon flashbacks are all around 1 1/2 or 2 years ago and in the end CGI that shows their first meeting they're definitely teenagers. So it is not probable that they met Joshua, the prince of a country Renais has a neutral relationship with, earlier than the prince of the country that they have a good relationship with. It's a similar case with L'Arachel. However, I agree that they should at least know their names and maybe a rough estimate of their looks. They could guess that L'Arachel was a noble, but definitely not Joshua. He doesn't act any different than the other mercenaries, he was gone for 10 years (enough too lose any noble mannerisms) and it's not like he has a very royal distinct look.
  6. My first thought was that that could be a broken koto. The general shape could fit and why wouldn't you play a traditional instrument at a wedding. Which would also mean that that is be a refresher. That'd be cool.
  7. Nah. Somewhere (I think in the opening?) it was said that Grado and Renais were very close and trusting. Innes, being the wary dude he is, saw the massive security problem that Renais didn't. Hence, a very easy invasion with little resistance because they just didn't see it coming.
  8. Yes, I know. Desmond is an abuser and he loves his daughter. There is not contradiction to me. His hatred and jealousy of his son drive him into that abuse because he absolutely doesn't want to share Guinevere with him or wants her to love someone he hates. Which he wouldn't do if he didn't love his daughter (in his abusive way): Desmond: “…Zephiel, you knave. Trying to steal my Guinivere’s love… …You will learn your place!”
  9. I don't see how that cancels out his love for her. He is absolutely a terrible person, but very human. It is unbelievable how some parents treat their children. You'd just have to read some stories of children of narcists to lose your faith in humanity and that's what Desmond kinda is.
  10. That is very much wrong. He adores Guinevere in FE7. One of the reasons for his hatred of Zephiel is that he is older and the legitimate heir instead of Guinevere. It's all in Chp. 24.
  11. Oooh, great art all around apart from Ike and his balloon-arm. Ah, over the top muscles are so ugly. Corrin actually looks feral and monstrous, in contrast to fallen femCorrin. Her design was far too tame. I definitely, definitely gonna pull green. I won't get my hopes up, though, because I'm pretty unlucky at the moment. So many 3*-units ;.;
  12. In regard to the monsters, it becomes even more stupid when you know L'Arachel and Eirika's support. L'Arachel tells her that monsters in the Darkling Woods killed her parents when she was too young to remember them. So these legendary and mythical monsters that NO ONE knows about have already existed for at least the 15 or 16 (or however old L'Arachel is) years but NO ONE but Raustenians know about it? No rumours going around, no travellers maybe noticing something off, all Raustenians can keep their mouths shut? Yeah, sure. More like someone didn't pay attention while writing.
  13. All the characters in this banner have great art. I really dig the combination of Iago and his red feather cape. It reminds me of Disney's Aladdin. I don't know if the parrot was named Iago in other languages as well, but it was in German and I can't unsee the connection between the bird and Nohr's greatest tactician. I think I prefer his English voice because the Japanese one is a bit too squeaky for my taste. Not that I play the game with sound. Ever.
  14. I went with Bastian. He'd give awesome lit classes and I feel you could really discuss different literary theories with him.
  15. Smol Marth and Caeda are so cute ❤️ I'm excited to see which other kids are gonna be there. Damn, those free leads with their massive amount of red. I do like Feh's dig about red swordies, though. I think I'm still gonna pull red because I want Alm and I don't mind getting any other red unit apart from Ike.
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