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  1. This is only the second one. Also, this one is about the classified documents. The prosecuting side ain't gonna treat this lightly, so the fact the indictment is happening at all means they might actually have a rock-solid case that could actually stick. Also, this was a federal indictment, unlike the first one.
  2. Just over a thousand words... yeah, at this rate I am going to finish Chapter 4 of TDatP after the 10th...
  3. 'Tis alright, we can be looking forward for Persona 5 Sigma instead.
  4. I wonder if I can finish CF this weekend...
  5. Hi there! I'd certainly recommend it too, heh.
  6. Eh, did it cut off there? I mean, yeah. If it took Rhea so long it was because Edelgard was in disguise, which means Edelgard was long doing stuff to merit the declaration. Specially since by the time of the Holy Tomb Edelgard had already dragged the Empire itself into it. The Empire had essentially committed the first strike by raiding the Holy Tomb.
  7. I mean, he did had a close call already. Barely two months after taking office he was shot. If he hadn't reached an hospital in time, he could've actually died. Granted, Republicans would still have the Presidency, but who knows how much of Regan's agenda Bush Sr. would've actually followed.
  8. Then Rhea's actions are not preemtive, they're reactive. It wasn't just a heist, Edelgard brought actual soldiers, with the intention to kill if needed. Also, this is where she outs herself as the Flame Emperor, also outing herself as being in cahoots with the people behind stuff like the Remire Tragedy. Lastly, in Rhea's eyes, she's gonna do the very thing Nemesis did, and it's a personal matter since it's the remains of her people. So just because Edelgard failed means she gets to go unpunished? Rhea certainly doesn't think so.
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