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  1. Okay, time to go exploring Faerie Lea... again! First the Dwarf's Den, where our old friend Dwight still dwells, and is now a recruit-able party member. Although like Saber, for all intents and purposes he's a monster party member. Well, he ain't human, at least. However, I'm not really going to use him, so straight off to Monty he goes. Now next stop, the ex Winter Palace. Now that it's not winter, well, the place melted down, but now a T 'n' T board was built in its place. This time around, I got lucky enough to win on the first try. Although... it was a wild ride. I got lucky to end in a ? tile that got me ten more die rolls! I also landed in a few roll-adding tiles too... and once in one that took away rolls, though thankfully just one. Some things were crazier. Like landing twice on the same teleportal tile, which being the tail-end, meant I was sent back both times! Then I also landed twice on a "Go back five spaces" tile. Then a weird though fortunate thing happened. The initial track ends in a teleportal tile which like the Finish tile, I have to land exactly there or I go back. Thing is, I needed a one, but ended up rolling a six. However, the backtrack sent me back to the "Go back five spaces" tile... except since I was coming in the other direction, it meant going back forward! And being five spaces, I could land exactly in the teleportal! That said, my bad luck also included landing in a "Loose half your MP" tile, a damaging floor tile which made me loose a good number of my HP, and a ! tile, which decides a permanent stat change by die rolls. Madason lost one agility. Oh well, not a big loss and can be recovered with a seed. On the flip side, I also landed on an inn tile, and since I had landed in a few gold rewarding tiles as well, I could afford it while still making a profit. To top this off, just before the end I landed in a "die rolls slowly and you can choose when it stops" tile. Unlike last time, I made sure to get it right on the first try. Well, I still had enough rolls left, but at this point I was glad to end it right there and there. Prizes of this T 'n' T were a Miracle Sword and the Happy Hat. The sword has a HP leech effect, and I equipped it on Madason, being the strongest he can get for now. The Happy Hat recovers MP by walking, though of my current party only Madchen and the King Cureslime can equip it, so off it went to the former, giving the Hermes' Hat to the latter. Speaking of, I also got a second Hermes' Hat on the board, so that's that. Well, what a fun ride, though now it's back to return to the Neverglade. Will continue... next time.
  2. Uh, just to clarify... that's hyperbole or serious?
  3. Fine I guess. Well, with no Switch, can't play them new releases. Though I recently got SoV. So there's that, and I am enjoying it.
  4. We should take this to the other thread instead...
  5. If you want to know, those that posted here now do so at the Teehee thread.
  6. Not anymore. Oh come on, this is the third time this gets revived...
  7. Oh yeah, I just remembered another example. In Final Fantasy VI, when they do the three scenarios part of the game.
  8. I would think Dynasty Warriors pulls more the "they leave and not rejoin" sort of thing to count? Even if they rejoin, you don't really get to play with them while you're away. Although, I think DW has pulled that sort of thing. I remember that in 8XL, Jin's Hypothetical has both Sima siblings split up to take down Shu and Wu almost simultaneously, and you get to play through both. So I guess that does count?
  9. If I ever got rich, I'd put aside some of that money and put it into investment. Which I've started to do, in fact. As a fallback/complement for whenever I have a job and steady salary.
  10. I suppose. It's still reading at the end of the day. Except perhaps that it's not done with actual books. That's something to feel if even slightly bad about, perhaps. Although, well, like I said, what I've read includes the odd thing or two.
  11. Admittedly, I can't say this year I've read a book. Even in electronic form. It's been mostly fanfics and stuff... so yeah...
  12. Okay, time to depart for the Neverglade. Let's hunt down some faeries. ... okay, seriously, this place also has a low encounter rate? I'm starting to wonder what just happened to the encounter rate. Anyway, at last, back to Faerie Lea. ... and thanks to the low encounter rate I can't buy anything at the armour shop! Well anyway, I got the Faerie Horn form Treacle, so it's off now to find the Faerie Palace in the normal world. Well, that's the idea, but there are a thing or two extra to do back here at Faerie Lea, which I'll do... next time. --- On the subject of reading, for a while I've been reading... well, one could say the odd thing or two here and there...
  13. Okay, tried AC5's Arcade Mode. It was... well, made it to Area 6 of 7, taking Route D. That was as far as I could go since I couldn't just get past Area 6D. I guess it will be from the start all over again next time. On a more successful venture, I got S Rank on Mission 09. That was one of the few missions I failed to get it during the campaign. Being able to use endgame planes on this early-mid mission... pft, totally made a difference. Don't remember what was my previous score (forgot to check), but to S rank 8000 points were needed and I made over 11K on this second attempt. Well, I might continue... some other day.
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