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  1. So many things to do, so little time... really wish I could simply ask for any extra hours I do to be simply on the weekends than added to an already long workday...
  2. I mean, you can't spell "Xenosaga III" without "Xenosaga II"...
  3. With lots-of/a-few mental gymnastics. Binding Blade emulates Archanea to a degree. Lilina is Caeda's counterpart, who in her (first) game could recruit seemingly random people. If anything it's worth the attempt. Though yeah, still need to field her and if you didn't, that's a reset.
  4. Dammit, can't put Grafcalibur next. Rexbolt
  5. It's more or less a repeat of Lara's, so... not much new for Kaga, actually. Except not as background stuff.
  6. Regardless of the criticisms... soundtrack be doing great as always!
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