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  1. Eh, had no idea this was a thing: Subtitles have translation. More info on the video description.
  2. I'd say, I'll be quite surprised if they can get to change the Filibuster rules tonight...
  3. Palla just got a perfect level up. That includes Res, yes. WELL THEN
  4. Well, right now my convoy on Celica's side in terms of bows is just a couple Irons, Steels, and a Lonbow, which Leon is currently using. I have a lot more swords in contrast. I guess Kaga only thought on turning the Whitewings and Camus into his recurring characters. And Anna I guess.
  5. Considering his wood cutter gig, Atlas would've totally been an Axe Fighter if Valentia allowed axes to the good guys.
  6. As in, train them up first? Well, I was leaning on that one, admittedly. I suppose for Palla, Catria, and maybe Atlas it's fine, but for Jesse, Est, and Sonya/Deen might be best to wait for the Temple. Sonya. Genny must have her BFF, naturally. Sorry Deen, it's nothing personal. Admittedly, for the other Villagers I went for their pseudo-canon classes, but Atlas doesn't have one, as it were. So... yeah, maybe Mercenary isn't a bad choice... considering I'm not getting Deen.
  7. Also should ponder on what to promote Atlas to.
  8. As it is, at least for Celica's side of Act 3, the thing to dwell on is if it's worth going all the way back to the Seabound Shrine to promote the Act 3 recruits, or just wait until I reach Mila's Temple.
  9. Yeah, while this depravity is going on, I'll be elsewhere playing some more Shadows of Valentia. Gotta debate if to train up Palla and Catria a little or just go towards the Mountain Village as-is...
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