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  1. I'd think that's pretty much the reason why the "chat" threads are various degrees of quiet(er), yes.
  2. Which one FE4T or LtP? Going with the latter, since the former finally slowed down to a crawl.
  3. Thanks. I basically took stuff from that setting I mentioned pages ago, the one that was "semi-shelved". Combined the aspect of like 2-3 countries into one, as it were. I thought this was a good opportunity to give it use, even if altered. Might still plan to use the original one day. One day. Funny the mention of Goldoa, because the setting does include a nation of isolationist dragons too. Though, I made it years ago so I don't remember if I was inspired by Goldoa, it was done subconsciously, or it's really a coincidence.
  4. Assuming the game has no reclassing, it would be a neat idea to implement as an alternative.
  5. Here's one last house. House: Black Dragons Nation: Kingdom of Regorra Located in a remote corner of the continent, the kingdom of Regorra has always mantained an isolationist policy. This is helped by the Fragrast Mountain Range, which separates the kingdom from the rest of the continent, with considerable width as well as length. Contact with the outside world is limited to select outposts on the mountain passes at Fragrast and islands near their coastlines, where they engage in trade. Patrols in both sea and air watch over the borders, warning any who dares approach; and attacking if the warnings go ignored. Whether the approach, one gets to witness one of the few things known about Regorra: their airforce, most of it composed of drake riders. Recent times, however, have seen the strict isolation policy beginning to relax. While still not allowing anyone in, Regorra's government has begun to approach the other powers of the continent. Intrigued by the premise and concept of the academy, they decided to send a group of their own, as a first step to become better acquaintance with their neighbors; and determine if their gradual policy change is worth continuing. Coming next, the house leader: Name: Riley Anton Meredy Age: 16 Gender: Male Class: Noble Proficiencies: Swords, Axes, Brawling, Authority Deficiencies: Reason, Faith, Flying Budding Talents: Riding Description: 5'10'' (1.78~m), short black hair and eyes of the same color. Has a serious and down-to-earth personality. Background: The son and heir of one of Regorra's provincial governors. His family is among the highest-ranking of the kingdom, second to none but the royal family. It was due this distinction that he was chosen to lead the group of Regorrans to attend the academy, as no one in the royal family could or would attend. Has a younger sister bethroded to a member of the royal family.
  6. Eh, what matters is the friends we made along the way.
  7. One of the best themes ever. Could post the actual one... but there's just something charming of hearing it with GBA quality.
  8. Well, if it's mostly the brainstorming for now, I've created a Discord group for it. Do I put the invite pubicly here, or I PM whoever wants to join in?
  9. If this isn't going to have some coordination, I'm calling already making a head house... if it's still applicable...
  10. Get Super Robot Wars T. Can't go wrong with a SRW game, I'd say.
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