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  1. Now that I look at this, Alpha 2 has to be the only game that actually displays a zero when a unit evades. Kinda redundant.
  2. SRW's voice stuff certainly lends itself for amusing scenarios: The climatic fight against Char Aznable in Alpha 2, and thus unique quotes exist between him and many of the UC Cast, Heero due to Midorikawa, Zechs since he's a Char expy, and... Jeeg of Kotetsu Jeeg. Why? Because his seiyuu is also Amuro's. Thus, he's so out of place there. XD
  3. If you're trying out Symphony, I'd recommend the Saturn version. It contains more stuff. The mobile port, which is the one I own, is based on the Saturn version.
  4. He's not unique in those regards. SRW likes to poke fun to all the Seiyuu jokes and references they can make. Kinda like how back in SRW Alpha, you had Misato from Evangelion sometimes flirting with Gundam's Amuro. Why? Because their Seiyuus voice Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. In fact, Misato and Usagi having the same Seiyuu is taken to its logical conclusion in SRW MX, thanks to G Gundam's Nobel Gundam being pretty much a Pretty Senshi Sailor Gundam. Thus, Misato starts fangirling. lol
  5. Yep, Hikaru Midorikawa voices both. Fun fact if you don't know already, he's a big SRW fan. To the point he gladly records voice lines for free, and gets to beta test the games. It's very telling since one of his more iconic roles, Heero Yui, always has A LOT more voiced lines whenever Gundam Wing shows up in SRW. And mostly why SRW X pretty much gave us this: So I expect Gridman to have quite some unique voice lines. And with Masaki also in the game...
  6. Can't wait for the inevitable Gridman-Masaki talk convo that will show up somewhere in the game. Even if it's in a Save-Quit skit. XD
  7. Oh man, Üso's really hit me. Yes, it has been a while... Also, huh, has SRW started to actually give a menu to see all Save-Quit skits freely now? If it didn't started with 30... regardless, that's neat!
  8. Okay, started Rescued from Paradise. Will venture forth towards Paradise Falls some other day.
  9. Alright, made it to Little Lamplight. The place where only children live, as they all leave once they turn 16. Don't ask how they have kept a population for the past 200 years. Anyway, I could get inside choosing the correct dialogues and passing the skill checks... but I think I'll actually do it the intended way. By being asked to rescue a couple children over at Paradise Falls.
  10. The planet has gone through worse. That's why ultimately we're just a blip in the radar. If humankind perished, the planet will simply go on as it always did, however long it takes to recover.
  11. "Not one would mind, neither bird nor treeIf mankind perished utterly;And Spring herself, when she woke at dawn,Would scarcely know that we were gone."
  12. Okay, killed all the Talon Company Mercs except for the leader. That hopefully means I can still trigger the events that happen here during Broken Steel. Now to keep traveling towards the Lamplight Caverns.
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