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  1. I'd say, it'd be easier to guess if we knew what may be the theme of this Brave Banner. After all, all previous ones followed a theme. Like how Year 1 was a Fathers theme for example. But then, what do all four of Marth, Gatekeeper, Marianne, and Eirika have in common here? Or they just forgo having them all follow a theme, at least all together the same one, since Gatekeeper certainly makes it hard to make one here.
  2. And it's back to robot cats for Future Garulea. Though looking not unlike the Dogu Cats. At least I see the resemblance...
  3. But she actually rides a Tenma, not a Pegasus.
  4. Balance. Had to add all non Chrom/Lucina top winners of the popularity poll. Hence the split between games and Gens.
  5. With that face and class he looks like Kellam's distant ancestor. lol
  6. Heh, that almost makes it sound like you healed Camilla instead of Rinkah.
  7. ∞ - 0.1479876543211234567899876543173461256604859275926496629462046294619562845485926406826183659275057251839394050683735242748506038262515274850592847595725957
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  9. Aren't they (supposedly) High School seniors (at least the ones who are actual students)? I know 17 is still minor, but one can easily think some at least have turned 18 already. Then again... it's a cartoon. Not exactly one with a hard passage of time last I checked.
  10. With 67 votes, the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill proceeds into Cloture. That said, the Democrats' plan to do this and employ Reconciliation on the much larger partisan package might hit a bump since Senator Sinema has expressed being against the latter as it currently stands. https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-senators-reach-deal-major-points-bipartisan-infrastructure-bill-2021-07-28/ https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/565304-sinema-says-she-opposes-35t-price-tag-for-spending-bill
  11. I'd say. This confused me a little when I watched the minimized pic since... hey, those aren't all the letters that have games! Then I saw the letters stood for mechas. XD
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