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  1. Hmm, I like quite the amount. But if anything, probably something like pizza. Pepperoni Pizza.
  2. OMG, this is perfect... https://www.reddit.com/r/crashbandicoot/comments/k3ed74/wacky_races_x_crash_bandicoot_credit_bettygusa_on/
  3. Of course not, since you did had a point in bringing this back.
  4. Well, you're in luck. Chapter 5: Trace a line around the continent’s north-eastern plains, and you have Aurelis. First mention on the world map. It stablishes the upper right region as the northeast, where Aurelis is. Chapter 7: They followed the Middleroad south, bound for Akaneia Palace Clearly stablishes Archanea is south of Aurelis, since they have to travel from the latter to reach the former. Chapter 16: Still smarting from their bitter experience with Gharnef and the dark magic Imhullu, Prince Marth and the League regrouped and marched south- home to Altea. Altea is stablished as south of Khadein. Chapter 15: Gotoh:“My name is Gotoh…I am speaking to you from Medon through magic.” When you find the Lightsphere and Starsphere, bring them to me. Chapter 19: Marth:“Never fear; I have them. We need to take these to Gotoh so he can undo Imhullu’s magic…But first, Nyna, we’ve a more pressing task ahead of us.” “We must defeat Grust once and for all. If we march south without finishing them off, we have our rear exposed.” Stablishes Macedon is south from the Fane of Raman. Chapter 20: Malledus:“Then shall we go to Thabes? Lord Gotoh said the city lies someplace far to the north of Khadein.” Self-explanatory. Thabes north of Khadein. --- And this is only pertaining to the world map. More mentions of north and south exist in reference to the chapter maps.
  5. Not quite. The desert doesn't have to be larger before Mila's arrival to Valentia. Only thing certain is that she likely kept it from growing for thousands of years. Then with her gone, desertification happens near it. We gotta take the topography into account. The Fear Mountain Rage lies between the Dragon's Maw and the desert. That's a big enough physical barrier for volcanic soil to be present on the other side.
  6. Are you guys forgetting the desert (or at least, its size) is the result of Mila having used her power to keep southern Velentia fertile for pretty much thousands of years, but the sudden stop caused by her sealing made the land slowly go bad and the desert to expand? It's in the official timeline: Having lost Mila’s divine protection, strange happenings persisted throughout Zofia, such as the expansion of the arid desert and snowfall even in warm places. Also, in regards to a desert on an island... well... Would this count? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tottori_Sand_Dunes Also, the volcano is nowhere near the desert. If the volcano we're talking about is the Dragon's Maw. That's in northwest Rigel. Desert is in northeast Zofia.
  7. Managing soil is a big mechanic in this game for sure. It has stats, and soon you'll learn how to manage all that. Granted, you can afford to not pay extensive attention to it, but if you really want high quality crops, it will become paramount. You'll get tutorial of it soon enough. I'd say, this part of the plot is just so hilarious when you play with the female protagonist. It's somewhat excusable with the male one, but the whole "mistaken for royalty" becomes borderline dumb when they know they're expecting a prince... so of course they think the woman that suddenly showed up has to be the prince...ss. It would've been neat if Arthur had a female counterpart for this scenario route, but... haha, still funny. I know you've been told already to not sell them, but for now don't just rush into planting them and harvesting the crops. Well, it's not critical, but it will save you some time once you start taking the tutorials (which will be Quests) and they start asking you of things like planting seeds, harvesting crops, etc. Some Quests auto-complete if you've done what they ask you before taking them, but others will require you do the action after you accept them.
  8. Wouldn't be so sure of it, but alright.
  9. It had been working again for a long while now.
  10. How strange. So that means whoever made the picture is the one who got it wrong. I'd assume both picture and text were sent separately and whoever printed them together didn't bother to voice the error or it just simply was overlooked. Hard to say. The continents would be flipped accordingly if that were the case. Since it is well established in both continents how they're positioned on the North-South axis.
  11. "tsunderes are complete pushovers" Well, that's an interesting view...
  12. The text in the image. Or did you missed the square of text by the southeast corner of the picture?
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