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  1. Okay, Ch5 done. Outside that Matagroth close call, it was much more manageable than I thought it'd be.
  2. Trails. Making the step-siblings trope not bad for a change.
  3. Okay, gonna mop up the reinforcement for some grinding.
  4. Huh, a unit dropped a Sack of Coin... even though they didn't had one to drop. Curious.
  5. I'd say, just about the only thing missing of this Venecia is being La Serenissima... lol
  6. Okay, Turn 29. Should I do it now to try to bum rush the arches or I can safely wait until next turn?
  7. Except on the eastern side. You can't hit-and-run the archers, but eh. Still did it because I could.
  8. I had the turns, so I figured... Why not? Even if this is pretty much all I can do.
  9. Hmm, Turn 25. Should I have Zade cross the bridge already or wait until Turn 30...
  10. No idea. Got no one close to Level 20... but might chose Cezar for Haggler.
  11. I take it the Golden Axe is like all those Jeweled Knives. Better selling than using it?
  12. Anyway, the reason "I read it for the articles" is a joke is in part that, at some point, it was true to an extent. Playboy Magazine may be infamous for their photos of women either scantly-clad, in provocative costumes, or just outright nude. At the same time, however, it did had stuff other than the photos. Interviews with famous people, writers hosting their works or snippets of it, and other similar stuff. The magazine wasn't just for porn, basically. It had "class", or as much class you could say it had for hosting... the other stuff.
  13. The Playboy thing or my comment about the 60's and 70's?
  14. That could fly in the 60's or 70's, but not today. Or perhaps again now these days, who knows.
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