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  1. Well, not much progress today. Did the next step of Pioneer Town and only made it to Burland, to find the shield is now in Femiscyria. Thankfully I already have the Magma Staff needed to access the place, as it was back at Zamoksva. I like that there's enough open-endness about where to go. Burland and Canalot have leads to each other, while the former can also point you to Zamoksva, which you already have been directed to, back at the Palais de Léon. Zamoksva also directs you to Canalot (well, at Zalenagrad to be more exact). Although I do wonder how early was I suppose to revisit Burland, considering it has a Thief's Key door. On the other hand, the Zoom list puts Burland and Strathbaile after Canalot. Usually, Zoom places are positioned in the intended order of visit. I say intended since so far each game (save I since Zoom only lead back to Tantegel) has at least one place wrong for what is supposed to be the intended order. Right now here in IV Laissez Fayre is between Havre Léon and Zamoksva. Only reason to head for Laissez Fayre before Canalot (to pick up Tom Foolery for the Zenithian Helm acquisition) is doing the corresponding part of Pioneer Town. Ah well! I've yet to go to Endor to open up those Magic Key doors found in there, which I'll do before heading for Femiscyria... some other day. Okay, never mind, went to Endor before heading to sleep. Man, a shop with Liquid Metal Armour on sale! Best armour for most of the party; but quite pricey at 35K gold a piece... which, considering the Casino is right next door, one could get a full set at this point of the game. Prayer Rings are only 500 casino tokens each, and sell for like 2250-2500 or so gold. With a little patience, one could rack up the money and get those armours. I won't. Not going to get them right now when it's still exploitative.
  2. I can't believe I forgot... yes, there was one after all! *Looks at the time* Well, gotta grab some snacks. This will be a long ride...
  3. I keep forgetting I still have a P3FES playthrough mid-run at... well, I even forgot at what point I was.
  4. *Who was that Acacia Sgt guy again?* I'd say, I made significant progress on DQIV. Started the Pioneer Town sidequest, beat Balzack... well, Baalzack at Zamoksva, got the Karstaway Stone from Dunplundrin, and got the Zenithian Helm from Canalot. I'd say, Baalzack was easier than the Marquis... if only because the worst it had was Crackle. Not that it wasn't an annoyance either way. Perhaps if I had obtained Magic Vestments before and not after... ah well. I guess now it's gonna be the hunting of the Zenithian equipment. Next stop, back to Bonnie Burland for the Zenithian Shield... though that will be for another time.
  5. Well, I was wondering if things would get harder... and they did, hahaha. The Marquis fight was... well, it was more luck-based than anything. Able to attack twice, the main thing to watch for was its chilly breath attack. Could make a dent on the party's HP. While I do have Iron Shields, which reduce breath damage... the effect was pretty negligible. Like, only about five or so was the damage reduction. Thankfully it never used its breath attack twice in the same turn. Well, the party if fully reunited now. I think I'll go chase out Balzack now. Though first, a side-trip to where the Desert Bazaar was. That may be for later tonight or tomorrow... and speaking of tomorrow... well, see ya on April 2.
  6. Hmm, it might be possible some games do have it that way. Looking up, I see the FFWiki saying III's Raise spell is only 15% accurate. By III I do mean III, not SNES!VI. Also, found a GameFaqs thread that states II's spell % accuracy, not only confirming it's version of Cure does have only 50% accuracy; but other spells like it's own Raise spell too at 50. Interesting...
  7. Conquest is overrated. Why be awarded by Mars when it's better to be gifted by Venus.
  8. You know, considering things... is it really that emotional of a deal? I'm pretty sure there was no fan translation involved here. Since the games used actual Latin script on their maps. It's all right there.
  9. In IV it does halve magical accuracy, though I think some spells are exempt. He might be confusing it with Dragon Quest, since over there resurrection spells do miss. That said, I found this, stating FFII's version of Cure has a 50% accuracy. At least the NES version. Though not sure where exactly that 50% applies. When used on undead? During healing? All the time? Since if I remember best, due to the Spell Level system, the way Cure works in FFII is that each spell level means the spell is cast that number of times when using the spell (no difference on MP, I think). So Cure XVI, the max, means you get the effect of sixteen cure spells. Or less, due to the 50% accuracy thing. At least, that's the idea. Haven't found much info of it, no matter how much I've searched. Considering it's not intended to be emulated (as well as illegal), outside of eShop/VC style emulation, there's not much room for valid complain there. If you're doing it the legal way of importing it or from an online shop (iirc, those do come with online manuals)... well, either way it's on you on acquiring a game from a language you can't understand, availability of stuff like manuals aside. So either you know or make the effort to learn the language, or you have to content with the fact you're not going to understand it anyway. Or ask people who knows for help.
  10. This has to be among my most favorite opening themes...
  11. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/County_Meath From Ireland, pretty much. It fits that the region, at least on the northern half of the peninsula, is named after Irish places. It gets more varied on the south. As Luthecia is a French place (Lutetia), Kapathocia is in Turkey (Capadoccia), Ruthenia is a region in Eastern Europe where Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, and Hungary intersect, Thracia from Thrace where Istanbul/Constantinople is, while Gruthia is... well, I couldn't find where Gruthia comes from.
  12. Well, when it happens in Final Fantasy, it's usually due to accuracy debuffs, like Blind. Personally, I've got not much love on the RNG dictating stat growths, which is something that's been in FE since Day 1. Yet here I am, too. Would that also qualify as artificial difficulty? What is even the distinction between "artificial" difficulty and... what, "natural" difficulty? "Organic"? Does it even matter? Difficulty is difficulty. You have more or less of it; and that's it, I'd think.
  13. Okay, I got Alena and Kiryl back on the party. Now, with the ship, many places have opened up to explore and visit, sometimes revisit. However, I think I'll go pick up Ragnar first. Who is now at the Palais de Léon. Before that, there was another trip to Gupta Gupha, this time for the Magic Key to open the doors of the castle. Hmm, perhaps this time I should grind a little, since I know I'll have to fight the Marquis again... and this time win. Well, we'll see, we'll see. That will be for another day.
  14. I'm aware. That's why I used the phrase "Not as extreme as Thracia" in mine. While indeed you are allowed continued use of the same party for several missions straight, unlike Thracia where it's either a use of Stamina Drink or you only get 2-3 uninterrupted at the most, the game itself still imposes forced changes to your roster availability. Hence also the "good counter in theory" comment. My point is, the fact you needed to specify they could be used freely but only up to a point is what dragged the point down a bit. At least, that's how I saw it.
  15. While a good counter in theory, you used for example the game that also prevents you from using the same units all the time. Not as extreme as Thracia; but it still did, whenever it forced you to use a different army group. That's also forced variety. To be fair, that's more a problem of their handling of weapon ranks, not of dismounting itself. After all, nothing stopped them from simply keeping your weapon rank in the weapon type you already had while mounted. Like how in Mystery of the Emblem, even if you still were forced to switch weapon type, the universal weapon level system meant you weren't forced to switch to weaker weapons. That was handled better.
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