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  1. ∞-0.10798765432112345678998765431734612566048592759264966294620462946195628454859264068261836592750572518393940506837352427485060382625152748505928475957259390000000000000000000000000000000000569420348008513337529
  2. Compared to my previous jobs, this is much MUCH better. To the point my biggest problem is actually boredom. Since so far I've only had to watch, so take that for hours and... well, still beats having to do work standing. Friday I did got to help out a little. Not on the calls yet, but on the more technical side. Writing up the report notes and the like. Still, it's a long wait until I'm in my actual post.
  3. Did more College stuff and... phew, had forgotten Mzulft was a loooooong dungeon @[email protected] Good thing you only ever need to do that once. It's a non-respawning dungeon and anything else needed to do there for other quests is located just a short walk from the entrance or in a small side-area outside the main dungeon itself. I think at this point I'll finish the questline since I can do that before needing to head to Riften. But well, that's for next time... which might as well next weekend. Since it's back to the workplace for nine and a half hours daily... and ten for Monday, because 48 hours being the max allowed for work weeks means they have to use all of them. Apparently.
  4. Reminds me I still gotta continue my Hispania/Spain mega-playthrough. Well, I can wait out until EUIV is officially "done". True, but what I mean is, they can be skipped, which is new compared to Com/Im/MX. Or just new to SRW in general (barring a few exceptions), outside DLC missions.
  5. Well, not in this way. Since the Compact trilogy, Impact, and MX did had a more restricted version of this. Only like 4-6 missions per chapter, and barring the first and last, you could choose the order of the middle ones. But yeah, 30 is a more evolved approach of having a lot more missions in that middle section... but at the same time they're not all mandatory to do. Or you then get hit with the Emergency Missions and thus have a limit on how much you do before advancing to the next big story beat. As it is, the only game that can come close to 30's scope is Impact, and only because it has over 100 missions (counting route dependent ones), but still follows the mainly linear structure.
  6. My writing time has certainly also took a hit now that I have a job again. Thought I'd make up for during the weekend, but Skyrim ended up the one compensated today, haha...
  7. Weee, new content. But still a bit away from getting Main Story Volume 3...
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