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  1. Admittedly, when I first got 2.5, I jumped straight to doing it on Critical. I know it's not that bad even in Proud in light of having double the HP than on Critical, but still... If I ever get 3, certainly not going straight to the highest difficulty first, haha.
  2. Imagine being bothered by ambush spawns. Laughs in
  3. In the highest difficulty, I take it?
  4. I just got reminded this exists: The mandatory sequel?
  5. *triggered flashbacks of 2's Data fights*
  6. I'd say, FE should do a game with the same "choose order of scenarios" system that SRW did with the Compact Trilogy, Impact, and MX. That was cool.
  7. Ah, who can forget when Cybuster got its own anime... Without the Masaki we all know... apparently. As someone in the comments oh so eloquently put it, he likely got lost and missed out on this. XD
  8. Oh hey, Knights in the Nightmare. Part of the same "series" with Yggdra Union, Riviera, and others I believe.
  9. Pft, the Mongol leader turn Catholic... this is an interesting development... Still on the fence about getting it?
  10. For once? Karen thought with some indignation at the woman's words. However, she knew better than to start an argument right there and then. "Will that be alright?" she instead asked, though not without a hint of deadpan. If someone had a different choice, they better speak it up.
  11. Gareth has use with his personal skill.
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