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  1. Well, I didn't joined up the last time just to have it going nowhere. So count me in for this revival. Say, how much "complete" must the template be? I could put something up right now; but I don't have say, a portrait at the moment. Also don't exactly know what to put on the Other category. Feels too broad right now, haha.
  2. I take consolation that there's a fan translated script of A in Gamefaqs to read up. Hail Ahoseru! lol Which reminds me, I find it dissapointing the person who did it also started one for R... then stopped. Alas...
  3. Too bad the second game didn't got localized. Depriving us of Silly!Axel, after OG2 did the same. The rascals.
  4. Medeus's decision was done after the humans began treating the manaketes bad. It wasn't a spur of the moment decision or made for the sake of evilness.
  5. The philosophy of Zettai Ryouki, pretty much. The TMS case for now starts to look like an anomaly, I'd say.
  6. I'd say, the fault lies more in that after the initial announcement that there would be a crossover work... they spent quite a while without saying anything. It's not that they gave people the wrong expectations. It's that they gave none, so people began thinking up their own. So naturally, once they finally say what it would be about, it barely matched to what people thought it would be, hence the dissapointment and stuff.
  7. Chances point they might indeed withhold that DLC once more. It might that it doesn't matter how much skin they show, just the fact they're in swimsuits at all.
  8. Ah, I remember this video: Got quite the laugh back then... and still do, heh.
  9. Soon it will be anniversary gatherings in the old threads.
  10. Ah yes, the mysterious inability of Pegasus Knights to wield staves in that single year of 776. lol
  11. I just remembered something I could've brought up days ago during the Tales talk. One thing I was surprised to know is that the PSP port of Phantasia opted, despite the changes it did decided to make, to seemingly not accomodate the existence of the Symphonia games. At least, that's how it looks like. Like, "Hey, come to think of it, whatever happened to that half-elf who was now protecting the World Tree?" Likely packed up and left at some point, apparently. Also, Dherris-Kharlan's transition from "Emotionless Angels crowded in a single city" to "World with multiple countries with fully functional people with all their faculties"... certain someone likely was involved in that after leaving from Aselia with the comet. I mean, okay, we are talking of a bigger than four thousand year gap here, so anything's possible... but you'd think we'd at least get some closure on those two loose ends. So far, nothing. Okay, mini-rant over... it just bugs me not having an official answer...
  12. Heard of that movie. I honestly can't say I've an interest to watch it... though then again, not like there's been a choice. No idea if it will be in theaters here. Surprisingly, a quick check shows me there is a Code Geass movie in theaters here right now. So who knows. Also, looking up showed me there is a Repair Shop chain across the country here called Promare. Amusing.
  13. Interesting comment about Thracia. I'd object to such change, personally.
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