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  1. I wish I had done something to make finding the posts of my SRW playthroughs easier to find. Sure, it's sometimes just the matter of searching keywords since it's rare that someone other than me have typed them... but still...
  2. I'd rather have someone like Crash as the fifth.
  3. Aw man. It hasn't been that long since Aron Einsenberg died; and now Rene Auberjonois has died too? I just find out that...
  4. Well, that happened. I had finally finished Mission 12... and I get shot down right after I shoot down Yellow 4. So I had to take down Stonehenge all over again... The silver lining was that I had failed to S rank the mission, so I more or less got a second chance, which I did that time around. First time I didn't shot down enough aircraft since I had forgotten you can fly over 2000 ft while above and near Stonehenge. So my allies kill-steal a couple points from me. Go figure.
  5. I'm someone who won't join that crowd any time soon.
  6. Oh my, I remember this video: This brings me back.
  7. Pft, I pretty much blitzed Mission 6. Even when using a Thunderbolt II. Last minutes was dogfighting. Still shot down a few. Made it to over 7000 points in score. Okay, I'm stopping there for now.
  8. Got a hold of nostalgia, so I decided to start a new playthrough of Ace Combat 04. Man, it had been a long time. A very long time. Made it to Mission 5 so far. Other than the starting Phantom II, I've bought the Fighting Falcon. Though for the ground target heavy Mission 5, I'm sticking to UGBS than buying the XAGM.
  9. If we're talking about a pure support unit, why would you put it in harm's way in the first place. Considering games now let you see enemy attack ranges, it would have to be quite deliberate, not so much a mistake.
  10. I'd say, combine this and it would be something I'd like to see. The idea of a support Lord is quite intriguing. No ability to attack; but still able to contribute greatly in other ways. A novelty I wouldn't mind seeing happen. So yeah, a staff user (not necessarily armored, though), whose promotion gains move-again performing utility.
  11. If they only appear in the higher difficulties, why drop the game instead of, you know, playing in a lower difficulty? As an aside, I find that implementation quite well done of New Mystery. It's a step up in difficulty, so of course it will be present in the higher difficulty settings. --- Anyway, I've rethought it a little my desire of a Classic/Casual differentiation for game structure... and I think there might be something better I'd want to see in remakes: Game Rules Do it like how a game like Crusader Kings 2 manages the way the game will operate. Before starting the game, you then get a list where you can toggle how you want things to go. So, something like this. Though the things to choose about will be FE related, of course. Same-turn or not reinforcements? What RNG range? 1RN or 2RN? Choose! Mix and match! Whatever suits your fancy. Like CK2, they wouldn't be changeable after game start.
  12. Most games do the same thing. They don't tell you when and where units may show up, enemy or otherwise. Does Thracia does it any more different to make it any less okay? Besides... that's kinda the point. Having to take into account the possibility of more factors than those you see at first glance. This isn't chess, where every piece at start is all there is. You don't always go into battle with full intel of the situation.
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