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  1. If Mercedes is levelled in Reason she should take down the reason tournaments effortlessly, many opponents did zero damage to her because her res is so high. (source: my last two Maddening runs) I don't think arena enemies are boosted at all so yeah it's easy money/prof level. Money really isn't that big an issue, unless we're talking about spamming relic combat arts every turn or something. At worst you hit a slight crunch around the start of chapter 7 where suddenly you want to buy silver + new batallions for lots of people, but even on my current run where I've used arena less than usual (trying to recruit everyone and build lots of supports), it's been quite manageable.
  2. People have provided numbers, repeatedly, to show that we're not taking foolish chances; that you can raise accuracy using a plethora of investments. You just ignore them. If you truly want to be left alone on this and refuse to budge, then I suggest you stop speaking up whenever axes are discussed, because your non-arguments aren't convincing anyone either.
  3. The obvious problem with Impregnable Wall on your dancer is that it takes a turn. Since the whole point of the dancer is to grant an extra turn to someone else, you're essentially making this action half as good if you have to both use Dance AND then Impregnable Wall your dancer to give an action to one other unit. A dancer who can self-sufficiently dodge even a modest fraction of enemies has an advantage over one who can't. Your dancer sees lots of combat, because there are eight chapters (plus a handful of paralogues, I've usually done four) before he or she becomes a dancer. Prowess 4 is only 4 avoid worse, and you should be able to hit B+ by the timeskip on a boon easily even with relatively minimal tutoring. Ditto B Authority... and even if you don't (because of focus on sword/riding), Jeralt's Mercenaries is only 5 avoid worse. And riding is also auto-built if you make him a cavalier during tier 2. B+/A+ for your non-authority ranks when you have a strength in both is a relatively low bar for training in this game, though; compare Wyvern Lord Ferdinand who needs to get A/A/C but one of the A's is in a skill he is neutral in. The point is that it doesn't actually take much investment, in Ferdinand's case. We only need to raise two non-authority skills, both of which he's strong in, and our reward is a unit who can otherwise be a bit squishy getting a notable durability push and thus expanding your available tactical options (because you can safely leave him in range of some enemies in a pinch, as opposed to making some random slow mage a dancer who will likely be ORKOed by most enemies on Maddening). You can quibble the Evasion Ring but I find only a small number of units actually want them, I rarely build more than 1-2 dodgetanks, and if I'm using Ferdinand, he's probably going to be one, whatever class he ends up in. Fair point that in Crimson Flower there's only one super-easy one to get (you can steal them in C7 but the speed benchmarks are definitely non-trivial). I'm not trying to claim Ferdinand is the one true choice for Dancer, but he's a good one, and the fact that he can stack his personal and Sword Avoid to get to the level of avoid he does is not insignificant. Thanks for the correction on the Evasion Ring, by the way. Must have seen an enemy using Resonant Lightning or some other rare gambit that has 40 base hit the time I remember seeing 10.
  4. Well we're not being stupid here, we aren't using our Sword Avoid Dancer to tank swordbreaker enemies. Not sure why you bring up gambits, since Ferdinand has one of the higher charm stats among non-lords (second only to Dorothea among for the Eagles; I assume we're not making Edelgard the Dancer), and with the dancer charm bonus and an Evasion Ring he becomes quite adept at dodging those too, which is yet another perk he has as a dodgy dancer compared to other options. I forget if his passive subtracts off of gambit hit rate directly the way the Evasion Ring does; if it does, then he's even better against them. I've already provided the numbers that show that Dancer Ferdinand can get enough avoid to reliably dodge lower-hit and axe-users, that's a nice boon he has that others don't. It's only 10 less avoid than an Alert Stance+ build (plus 1 or 2 points from class mod), which are proven adequate for dodge-tanking in this game, and while dancer Ferdinand won't have as much AS as does flier Petra/Leonie/Ingrid, he has that +15 from his passive.
  5. I don't really understand where you're coming from with those first two paragaraphs. Every single unit can by definition have wyvern bases, that's kinda what bases do. Someone is giving up that level of combat when you make them a dancer. It's obviously worth it, though. For the last, you have that backward. Sword Avoid allows him to be a dancer who can reasonably dodgetank as well, and not having to worry about your dancer's durability is a nice bonus. Meanwhile, some other characters (especially ones with high speed and flying boon like Ingrid and Petra) can become great dodgetanks with Alert Stance builds (which they get to more easily than Ferdinand does; a boon helps a lot when chasing an A+, as does Pegasus Knight access), but their avoid as dancers is far shakier than his. Like, since they're both Eagles, I'll emphasize this comparison: it seems manifestly obvious to me that you're better off making Ferdinand a Dancer than Petra. Agree with this in principle, except that if anything, +35 from tutoring is an underestimate. First off, in the later stages of the game, getting Cichol to +2 instead is viable. Secondly, even ignoring that... I dunno what the proportions are for tutoring results, but even assuming they're 3:2:1 for good/great/perfect, that'd be an average of +42 from tutoring, so they'd have to be quite a bit worse than this to go as low as +35 when, as you note, +28 is the absolute minimum. Really would be nice if we knew the exact numbers, though... I wonder if support rank affects them? Dunno where you're reading, but Linhardt's base charm is 3 according to this site, and my memory confirms this. He pretty much has the worst charm in the game so if anyone's going to have trouble winning the dance competition, it'll be him. (Still possible if you want, especially with stat boosters, though I agree with your conclusion that he doesn't seem like a great choice anyway.)
  6. Soren will typically be better than Calill when they join the same army in 3-11, but Calill is quite usable. Then you can use both Calill and Soren in Part 4, since the three routes call for 30+ useful units, although typically I find Calill more useful in these maps because mages offer little utility in 4-1 and 4-4, while the other two routes feature a desert and a map where every single enemy save the boss is weak to magic. Then, in Endgame, Calill is the better choice because of her ability to double. Which one you consider "better" ends up what you want to emphasize, but overall I sympathise more with the arguments for Calill. (Soren's pretty great if you give him the 2-3 Master Crown, though.) Calill will have a few less points of magic than Sanaki, but often still enough to 2HKO (especially considering her dark affinity), and she doubles a hell of a lot more. She also has dramatically better durability, which says absolutely nothing about her and everything about how problematic Sanaki is, due to her woeful speed/def/HP.
  7. Ferdinand is a solid unit, but I disagree that he's so amazing that I would be unwilling to make him a dancer, particularly if his stat gains are a bit worse than you'd like (easy to have happen, since his bases are on the poor end... he's a lot like Ingrid, in fact). Yes, he's a great dodge-tank... and he can still play that role as a dancer. He won't be able to benefit from Alert Stance often if ever (since a dancer doing that is giving up dance), but Sword Avo +20 exceeds regular Alert Stance anyway, and Alert Stance+ is a long slog for someone without flying talent.
  8. If your dancer is Ferdinand, that gets pushed to 95, and you can toss on an Evasion Ring for 105, Axebreaker for 125 when active. That's definitely relevant - it won't dodge-tank everything, but enough formations to be worthy of note. Him and Dimitri are probably the only dancers I'd seriously build for evasion, though (and obviously, Dimitri's combat is such that making him a dancer is very much a sub-optimal "for fun" thing).
  9. Yeah, agreed that the Tellius games do a pretty good job with this sort of thing. I think 3H has pretty excellent attention to detail in some places (a lot of its setting and character work), but there are a few places it falls back on unexamined regurgitation of Fire Emblem tropes, and this mainly occurs when it's something related to the slitherers.
  10. I was happy with Dancer Annette; I don't need a dancer who can do much on their own turn, but sometimes there are no mages nearby to dance for so having a dancer who can take out both armour knights (which any mage can) and wyverns was kinda nice. I can't say I missed rallies, they're okay early but I was particularly impressed by them later on. Rally is a tough sell as an action in this game with relatively little enemy phase, where it eats into skill slots something fierce (and skill slots are very valuable), where it only targets one, adjacent ally (unlike Awakening/Fates), and where it doesn't give the user exp / skill exp / class exp (unlike healing and other faith actions).
  11. A rule of Fire Emblem plot is that (at least some of) the villains will be able to teleport, but how often or how far they can use this power will be ill-defined, and they will never be able to accomplish half as much with it as they should, including being able to escape from their story-determined final battle.
  12. The previous poster said "mock" battle so I assumed it was Chapter 7. Nothing mock about 17. And in general, every PC has their relic when faced as a boss post-timeskip (except Lorenz not having Thyrsus because he's a paladin).
  13. Wait, does he have Lance of Ruin as an enemy? I don't recall seeing that. If you mean as a PC, then Ingrid can do it too. Anyway Sylvain doesn't get any of the personal strength hype that Dimitri gets. Maybe if he put as much effort into training as Dimitri he'd be equal, but even then I doubt it. Still decently strong of course.
  14. He's a bit part with a famous voice actor. I don't think anyone would care about him otherwise. (For me, hearing 9S giving me a cheerful report brings a smile to my face, but I'd never call myself a huge fan or even think of mentioning him in a list like this.)
  15. I definitely agree with this. To make matters worse, when the characters aren't spouting their gimmick, they're often talking about how great you, the perfect main character, are, how they only won the last battle because of you, how they only get out of bed because of you, etc., etc. It's kinda cringey. Fortunately, these lines form only a tiny part of each character's characterization. Most characters have like 20 such lines in the game, tops... and around 500 from supports, which is where these characters get fully fleshed out. It's safe to say that without supports, a lot of the playable characters in this game (everyone except the lords and Hubert, really) would fall off a cliff for character worth. Anyway, my favourites, in roughly descending order, are Edelgard, Dimitri, Dorothea, Hubert, and Claude. Followed by Sylvain, Felix, Petra, Ferdinand, Lysithea, and Hilda (not in any particular order). Quick one-sentence rundowns of why I like 'em, though I could go into considerably more detail if I had time, especially for those near the top of the list: Apparently I'm one of the few people here who thinks all three lords are just completely great, I was blown away by all of them. Claude is the "safest" and he's still a magnificent, manipulative bastard (but so darn likable anyway!) who imposes his will on the world; Dimitri has one of the best character arcs in the series and is just so deep and such a good portrayal of PTSD/depression mixed with the violent culture of Faerghus, and Edelgard lies at the centre of the game's thesis asking when revolution is justified, and inspires endless discussion for a reason. More eloquent people than me have already written many words on why these characters are so great. Dorothea is my favourite of the "normals", her support game is wonderful, she's a fully-formed character who has different yet internally consistent interactions with just about every person she meets and sheds much light on the Adrestian setting, and Hubert oozes a certain sort of charisma which I can't take my eyes off of, especially in the post-timeskip Crimson Flower cutscenes. Ferdinand is that one character I assumed would be an annoying rival and many of his C supports point that way but somehow he ends up as just the sweetest man in existence and a breath of fresh air (him + Hubert is particularly great), Lysithea and Hilda are fun, bitchy women after my own heart, Sylvain and Felix are both messed up by Faerghus culture in different ways and I find both compelling (Sylvain is kinda detestable but he's such a convincing character anyway, and the moments where he drops the mask are great), and Petra is just plain admirable while having enough interesting traits (her warlike nature) to avoid feeling like a tired trope.
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