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  1. The elites needed to be much more mobile and aggressive, yeah. As is I barely remember them; they're all crippled by the swamp (I'll never understand why this map had a swamp) and easy to take out at your leisure. I'm sure they had high stats on paper but I never noticed as I blew them up with my fliers and 4-5 range archers/mages; literally the only one I remember posing any threat is the one with Bolting. At least the similar setup of the FE7 final chapter has the enemies move towards you immediately as the doors opened.
  2. I actually found SoV's version of it a bit comical. Delthea picks up a sword post-promotion and is apparently super-strong compared to someone like, say, Clive, because they wanted her to deal high damage with magic. Pretty sure SoV is the only game like that. The GBA games have only one offensive stat, but without hacking, nobody can use both physical weapons and tomes/staves IIRC, making it moot. Same with Heroes, if you count that. Judgral, Tellius, the Archaenaea remakes, Awakening, Fates, and 3H all use separate strength and magic stats. Dunno about FE1-3.
  3. I've defeated all the GBA final bosses without them dealing damage, either due to one-hit killing them or just dodging everything they do. And then there are others like NM Ashnard who will deal damage but never have the slightest chance of killing anyone. At least on the higher difficulties the fact that you can take no damage from the FE3H final bosses is more of a testament to the crazy builds players can pull off. I'm fine with that. My reaction to your post is "wow, nice work" instead of "yep, Fomortiis sure is a scrub". IMO only Ashera is actually an interesting final boss in the series before FE3H. Otherwise there have been interesting final battles to be sure but rarely bosses. (e.g. in Conquest, getting to the boss is super-interesting, but the boss itself dies in one or two combats).
  4. 3H has the best bosses in the series fairly easily, I think. Most other bosses in the series are just some immobile enemy who maybe can threaten a few people with crit and is maybe annoying to kill due to decent evade (though often not even that). I really liked the monster bosses in 3H... the extra abilities they gain as they lose HP bars, the use of the tactical grid system in how you destroy pieces of their barriers, the decision of when to break them. Indech, Macuil, and the final bosses are all pretty cool. The human bosses are also fine for what they are; usually at least offensively threatening on Maddening (and often mobile), though very easy to kill in one or two attacks. They feel like elite enemies and serve their purpose fine, although they aren't the highlights the best monster bosses are. I only played Cindered Shadows once, so I don't know if this always happens... but for me when he used his staggering blow he stunned himself and became unable to counter for an entire round, turning him into a complete sitting duck and I promptly killed him easily. Very anticlimactic!
  5. @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate Yep! Statistically that's almost to be expected: highish votes from one person need to be balanced by lowish votes from another. Although really our (+) and (-) groups don't actually deviate from the averages that far anyway. Like... our scores for Hanneman were only 1.5 apart, which isn't really a significant disagreement in my eyes... we're both around 0.75 off from his average, just in different directions. The biggest disagreement I spotted was Annette (you gave her 7, I gave her 4), who's a bit of an odd duck as a unit... it really depends how much you value her unique and unusual strengths (Dust and the dual rally), and that's inherently highly subjective.
  6. Here's my master list: The average is between 5 and 6, which is what I was hoping for (was aiming for 5.5, but it ended up a bit higher). 60% of the scores were in the 3.5-7 range. I think @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate has a cool idea of looking at where I departed from the Serenes consensus, so here goes. Using the same convention: "I'll be using the following marks: (++) if my rating is higher than AVE + 1.5, (+) if my ranking is otherwise higher than AVE + 0.5, (=) if my ranking is otherwise higher than AVE - 0.5, (-) if my ranking is otherwise higher than AVE - 1.5, and (- -) otherwise." Obviously I score a bit lower than average, with 10 characters I rated significantly lower than the consensus here and only one I rated significantly higher (and even that one was only barely). I don't see any consistent differences by house (the Eagles show account for 2 of the 4 I think are underrated here, but also showed up four times in the - - group). I'm definitely a bit tougher than average on characters who join later, with everyone who joined after Hanneman/Manuela getting lower scores from me than average.
  7. Sure, I certainly could. I think Archanaea comes off a little better relatively because Caeda is the game's leading woman and never suffers such a fate that I can recall, but I'm not gonna go to bat for it. I'm certainly aware that older games tend to be more sexist. My point is that I personally consider that a huge writing flaw which casts a pall on the entire work from a writing standpoint, which is why I'm comfortable saying there are multiple games out there with worse writing than Fates, personally.
  8. This thread certainly blew up. First off: I like Fates. Conquest has the best gameplay in the series, and it has some nifty characters. Its plot isn't very good, but not the worst FE plot either... or even that close. FE has quite a lot of bad plots in my books. I think it's perfectly fine that not everyone feels the same way I do, of course. Some people think that the gameplay has too many moving parts what with all the skills and dragon vein effects flying around and prefer something more streamlined; that's totally valid. Some people think Fates's continent not having a name is a more significant writing flaw than SoV damselfying the majority of its female cast... well, they're entitled to their opinion. I do think Fates does sometimes suffer a bit from some of the dislike of it being weirdly toxic. Again, fine to dislike it, but I've seen places where disliking it is somehow "expected" or "objective" (as if the people who gave it its consistently high critic scores and send give its cast some of the highest number of votes in CYL year after year are all delusional) and it does get a bit frustrating to see speaking as someone who likes the game. Never had a problem with Serenes about this, though.
  9. To be fair, luck is more important than dex in every way if you're a mage. (They're both worth 0.5 hit and 0.5 crit, but only luck is worth +1 critical avoid.) I agree that luck isn't that important, this is more to stress how bad dex is for mages.
  10. To echo others, thank you to everyone who made this rating thread possible; it was a lot of fun!
  11. We're finally at the end. The good: Two things I love to see on a magic unit are 3-range and Physic; Hapi gets both. While she gets them a little later than other units (B reason and only neutral faith for Physic), she still gets them. Speaking of things that it's better to get late than never, she has Warp at A. The rest of her dark magic list has some nifty tools in it: Banshee at C (since she starts at D+, she gets this fast), and Hades at A, the strongest attack spell in the game (meaning she'll be #2 for spell damage as a Valkyrie or Dark Knight, trailing only Lysithea). So in other words, she has Linhardt's faith list (almost) combined with an actual good Reason list, and that's pretty sweet. She has boons in both Riding and Flying, giving her good access to both the new DLC classes. And while she doesn't have a boon in Lance, she does start randomly with a D in them (do the Wolves get some free training even before the start of Chapter 2? Seems that way), getting her a little closer to Dark Knight. For a mage, she can kind take some hits: 26+35% HP trails only Lorenz, and 7+45% res is just behind the dedicated healers. The less good: Hapi's stats otherwise aren't great. 6+40% speed is mediocre (ahead of only Linhardt and Constance, comparable to Annette) and 4+15% defence is poor as usual as well. 4+25% charm is bad too. Hapi has an authority bane, and is only neutral in faith, both of which are bummers for her skill growth. Warp is definitely a slog for her, as is getting to some of the better magical battalions. Between the authority and charm it's tempting to give her the Stride battalion, but that erodes her decent power. She also doesn't get a magical combat art, a distinction she shares with Linhardt and Mercedes among the human mages. So at melee, many other mages can deal more damage than her, especially before she gets Hades. Overall, just as Constance feels a bit like discount Lysithea, Hapi feels a bit like discount Dorothea. Maybe Marianne is her actually best comparison: both have some annoying spots on their talent list but have strengths in riding/flying, with Hapi having better reason spells and eventually Warp but Marianne having magical combat arts and authority/charm. That's a pretty good character to compare to. One of the better wolves, a group in which everyone is good but not great, Hapi gets a 7/10 (Maddening).
  12. I'm a bit surprised Balthus outranked Dedue by such a large margin. Constance is an offence-oriented mage with 60% magic growth, a repositioning faith spell at B, and an authority boon. This should sound familiar. The good: Constance's stat build only contains one standout, but it's a good one: 11+60% magic, same as Lysithea. This lets her hit hard with all her various offensive magic tools, and she has a lot of them. Of note, she gets Fimbulvetr at B; this is a bad spell at A, when everyone else gets it, but a decent one at B, giving her Lysithea-level offence at that point (albeit off slightly shaky hit). At A+ she upgrades to Agnea's Arrow as her strongest. Fire and Saggitae provide accuracy at lower levels. She gets a magical combat art, Soulblade, at C+ swords, so she can hit hard at melee too. Adding on to all of this is her personal skill: for indoor/dark maps, she gets +3 magic (and strength), which vaults her even a bit past Lysithea for damage at many points. She also gets Bolting, which is really neat: a siege tome with 2 uses (4 as a Warlock/Gremory). While her short support list means that she can't provide as many linked boosts as Dorothea, the ones she does provide are nice, and of course it's a very helpful offensive option even independent of that, especially with how hard she hits. Her faith list includes another notable long-range option: Rescue, which, off her magic stat, reaches higher ranges than the other mages with it, giving her some extra utility. She has an authority boon, to go with her expected boons in reason and swords, and a flying boon. This gives her easy access to Dark Flier and Mortal Savant in addition to the standard Warlock/Gremory, and the authority boon frees up a bit of training for some other things. The less good: Back to stats, Constance shares Lysithea's problem of her non-magic stats being quite poor. She's even worse off than Lysithea, actually, because 6+35% speed is slower than any student mage except Linhardt. 23+20% HP, 4+15% luck, 3+15% def, and 4+30% res is a bad durability spread even for a mage. This also makes the other half of her personal skill, which boosts her def/res by 3 while outdoors, feel mostly wasted, as her HP/speed/luck won't let her take many hits even then. 6+25% charm is also pretty mediocre, so don't expect her to be your best wielder of offensive gambits, especially as a Dark Flier: landing the 40-base-hit Nuvelle Fliers Resonant Lightning may be tricky (her short support list doesn't help). For an offence-focused mage, not having a 3-range spell like Thoron is also definitely a downer. And in a comparison with Lysithea, the other offence-focused mage who shares this problem, she doesn't have specialist offensive spells like Luna or Dark Spikes. Her faith list is, aside from Rescue, pretty bad: no Physic or Fortify or Restore, not even Recover, meaning she's a bad healer (Ward's okay, but situational). And since she's only neutral in Faith as opposed to strong, getting any given faith spell, Rescue included, takes longer that it should, and this largely erases the advantage of her authority boon. Overall, Constance has most of the same strengths and weaknesses as Lysithea, which really begs comparison between the two. And while it's tempting to be dazzled by Constance's indoor magic stat, ultimately she's not likely to perform as well, because of her lower amounts of offensive options and gaining skills more slowly due to neutral Faith + no Mastermind. Still, she's a solid addition to the team, especially since she's a chapter 2 pickup for any route, and siege tomes are always great to have. Constance gets a 6.5/10 (Maddening).
  13. Athos is pretty darn good on his one map! Aside from Nils (dancers are always tough to compare), he'll outclass your other units pretty cleanly. Other units don't have his reliable 2RKO on almost everything with high accuracy at 1-2 range. He can also do great things at higher range, with 30 magic to sling Bolting or status staves. There's no challenge present in the map he can't disarm*; I remember seeing a guide for how Nils + Athos can beat that map alone no matter how terrible the rest of your team is back when the game was new. Granted I wasn't considering a ranked run; if you do, he drops since he contributes nothing to the exp rank and you'll probably make an effort to give combat to your other units instead. *Unless the dragon has 40 atk. I remember reading that can happen, though I've never seen it myself.
  14. I enjoyed this chapter. I wasn't very enamoured of SD's map design overall, but this map felt inspired with a clear purpose and was fun and memorable for me.
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