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  1. While I also generally enjoyed the map design of the DLC, I suspect it's not nearly as broadly appealing as the gameplay seen in the rest of the game (which provides the player with far more options). Realistically if the Cindered Shadows maps weren't DLC, they just wouldn't exist, period.
  2. I guess a notable exception for me off the top of my head is Pokemon, where I usually play as a boy. It fits Byleth's backstory, but not really the fact that other characters find Byleth approachable and likable. (Of course, self-insert characters do tend to result in inconsistent writing like this.) But even if I felt it more fitting, I just don't find it enjoyable to play as.
  3. -Extra outfits are fine I guess. -Jeritza is a good addition, although I really wish he had a support with Edelgard which fleshed out the connection there. -Anna is disappointing, like why even bother if you're going to make her a generic mediocre PC with no supports? -The sauna is disappointing, missed opportunity for tasteful fanservice IMO. -Cindered Shadows was a lot of fun gameplaywise, though its story was stupid (even if I like that Sitri was fleshed out). -Jury's out on the new PCs until I see their supports, haven't gotten around to that yet. -Two more same-sex male S supports is neat. -New classes seem fun! Again, haven't had a chance to try them out in practice, but I approve of the increased diversity for mage classes instead of them all being stuck at 4 move until Level 30.
  4. I usually gravitate towards female avatars and Byleth is no exception. Unlike some other games, though, I haven't even been able to do a playthrough as male, I just hate how his expression always makes him look dead inside. To top it off, FByleth has notable gameplay advantages (Sylvain recruitment, Pegasus access) and my favourite characters in the game are, in some order, the three lords + Dorothea + Hubert, and FByleth can marry 'em all. (I do play as male Byleth in his Dimitri outfit in Smash though.)
  5. Dancers in this game have 6 move, which is already on par with the most mobile non-mounted classes (and more mobile than popular classes like Sniper, Warlock, Bishop, and Gremory). And even if you want to do Mounted Emblem, they're a good candidate for the March Ring and Shoes of the Wind. There's really no excuse for them falling behind in this game.
  6. I'd say go for it as long as you have at least one other PC who can use Physic (Dorothea, Marianne, Mercedes, etc.), since sometimes you really want two shots of Physic per turn. Pretty much any mage makes a fine dancer because there's no such thing as a bad dancer + they can ORKO an armour knight if there's no other mage in range for them to dance for.
  7. Male: Dimitri and Claude. Yes, CYL4 was the first time I'd been happy with the male CYL winners. (Eliwood's probably my next favourite, but he's very distant.) Female: Micaiah, Camilla, and Edelgard. Honourable mentions to Lucina and Lysithea. Much happier with this group overall.
  8. Also tried out the demo. It's been nearly two decades since I played Seiken Densetsu 3; I played it four times and it's game I enjoyed a bunch at the time but never saw much reason to go back to since. That said this game seems like a neat experience. As someone who grew up playing 16-bit RPGs I've always wanted them to receive exactly this treatment, re-imagining them in 3D. The characters look great as expected, but I'm more impressed with how the environments themselves are translated from the original so nicely. I can only imagine how I'd feel if this game were one of my favourites, but as is I'm still rather charmed. I like that they re-did the gameplay. Game seems like it might be too easy but otherwise seems more enjoyable than the original's (where your positioning only barely mattered because 99% of relevant enemy attacks auto-hit). Playing as Angela because I enjoy her bitchy personality and her attack magic was fun/effective in the original, though naturally I'll switch between other PCs too.
  9. One can be bad without being malicious. I certainly think Rhea is "bad" in the sense that she's a negative influence on Fodlan, and there is plenty of evidence in the game to support this view. That said I don't really think this is the place for that discussion, beyond saying that I doubt this interview would sway anyone to think differently than they already do on the subject.
  10. I wouldn't go so far as to say "objectively" wrong. While I agree that Nemesis as a final boss is not handled well and doesn't make much sense... the same can be said for Rhea's random berserk mode + transforming all her allies into white beasts which doesn't occur on the other routes, nor is particularly hinted at either. I do agree that the Edelgard death scene works a bit better on SS than VW, but I'm not inclined to give this much credit when Azure Moon handles antagonist Edelgard better than either. Either way this is all definitely in the realm of subjective opinions. And on that front, you can definitely count me among the group that thinks that VW is a better route than SS, just because Claude is a compelling protagonist to watch in a way that nobody in SS is.
  11. Silver Snow was the first concept (and got the most videos commissioned as a result), but it feels like it was the last one that was properly filled in (its maps are clearly copied from AM and/or VW based on the presence of various "Imperial Generals" who are stand-ins for the Black Eagles; its plot skips details that make it more convincing and of course Gronder 2 is off-screened), and got the least amount of love. I dunno if the developers sat around expecting some routes to be more or less popular, but based on what we got at release, the route that doesn't feature one of the main lords prominently (heck, even as a villain, Edelgard is notably more prominent in AM than SS) was basically certain to be the least popular. I really wish we got more about Nemesis. I think he could have been a very interesting grey character. That said, a king who looks after his own people will often be very popular, even if his enemies view him as a bandit or plunderer; plenty of examples of this in history.
  12. My bad, it's three. I appreciate the correction but I don't appreciate the weird passive-aggressiveness I keep getting from you. You put Flayn on the highest tier you put any mage. I was talking about the mages. I explained why I thought she was too high.
  13. Both are great, my two favourite games in the series. I prefer 3H slightly but I can see going either way. IMO Three Houses blows Fates away on story. Not so much because Fates is bad at this (I mean, it's mediocre for sure, but no worse than like, half the other games in the series minimum), but because 3H is the first game in the series that really decided to stand up and say something useful, analysing what drives people to war and asking when revolution is justified. We're all still talking about whether Edelgard or Rhea is more justified seven months later. 3H still has some plotting problems but at the end of the day a good story is not defined by an absence of problems, at least to me. I also think 3H's cast is just absolutely stellar (Fates has some excellent characters too). The characters are far deeper, more interesting, and fleshed out than the series norm. Comparing how much depth and ties to the setting that, for example, Felix has compared to that of previous characters of his archetype is a joke. But Fates does a lot of things really right, and in particular its gameplay is just ludicrously good. Strategy RPGs are my favourite genre and I think Fates (particularly Conquest, but the base engine shared by all the routes is excellent) is my almost certainly my favourite for pure gameplay. That's incredibly high praise and I know it's a game I'll still be playing years from now. I agree that its choice is handled better too (although it would have been better still if not for the way the routes are purchased... not because I begrudge the cost which is entirely reasonable, but because it means in many ways the choice is made at purchasing time unless you know you're gonna buy all the routes anyway or you got the Special Edition). While I can't speak to Dragon Age, I don't think this statement is applicable here. Both Fates and 3H have high 80's on Metacritic and have huge fanbases (judging by things like how much support they get in Choose Your Legends, how much fanart they generated, etc.). By any remotely objective attempt to measure them you can't call them "bad".
  14. Power-creep is inevitable in this type of game. It doesn't bother me. I also don't think it's that big in practice. My core team still has a bunch of units from year 1. Reinhardt in particularly is still ridiculous nearly three years later. For the second question: I'd much, much rather have my favourites in the game from the start, back when I was most engaged and excited about the game.
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