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  1. I definitely disagree. As a white person, I find the term "privilege" very useful. I'm not sure why you're equating it with meaning spoiled, that's not what the word means. Outside social justice discussion, it's most likely to be used in contexts such as: "I had the privilege of working with _____, who was both a great mentor to me and a great person" or "_____ had the privilege of growing up in a stable, loving household" Simply, a privileged person is one who is blessed with a fortunate circumstance. The point is that, living in the US (as well as similar countries such as my own), you are privileged to be a white person. It gives you advantages. This does not mean that you experience no hardships, nor that other people think you're some sort of spoiled brat; it just means that you're fortunate, and you should be aware of that. You can be an amazing saint of a human being and still be privileged. For me, learning about it opened me eyes to the lack of privilege others had and helped me see their struggles as real even though they were things I hadn't personally experienced. I think the word puts it about as succinctly and non-judgementaly as could be asked for, so I don't think the word is a problem. Rather, I think the problem is that some people are made uncomfortable by the knowledge of their own privelege and react negatively to anything trying to draw their attention to it. I think it's worth some introspection and discussion to figure out if that applies to you.
  2. If you want to make a Fortress Knight, then I agree that Raphael's as good a choice as any (aside from Dedue, who is better at it, but locked to one route). But count me among the crowd who doesn't like Fortress Knight much. Raphael can't even transition into Great Knight easily because of his bane in riding. (I don't like Great Knight much either, but it's clearly an upgrade on FK, trading 2 def for 2 speed and 3 move.) And in other classes both might favour (e.g. the punchy ones, or wyvern), Balthus's speed advantage becomes more meaningful, either offensively or defensively. (I don't think Raph is as bad as Mir does, but I do think he's towards the bottom of unit usefulness.)
  3. For the record I agree that a wide variety of Year 1 units are still useful; in addition to the many already listed I still make frequent use of Eirika (still an outstanding buffer whose weapon's unique effect patches up her own weaker stats) and Camilla (still an amazing aura partner for Reinhardt). For the main topic of conversation... a lot of the changes to FEH over time are good. There's more stuff to do, more ways to get units (grails, the free summon after 40 attempts, etc.), more quality of life stuff. That all matters and I don't want to take away from it. That said, I don't like the direction they've gone with skills and other mechanics. Many of them are just way too needlessly complicated. I get that this was done as a way to create innovative (and more powerful) units without changing stats too much, but it has made the experience much less fun for me. Back in the first year I'd often calculate exactly what the enemies could do, these days that feels hopeless with all the variables in play, so I just throw things based on gut instinct and hope for the best (and hey, it usually works). But for me at least, that's less fun. I appreciate that they add new modes but a lot of the new modes I don't really care for, so that's one source of game improvement which is falling flat for me. Overall my opinion of FEH probably peaked sometime in its second year. The game at lunch (pre-skill inheritance) is still the weakest time in its history but its trajectory definitely does seem down these days.
  4. While Hapi's reason list is definitely better (having a 3-range spell ensures this), Linhardt does have a notable advantage in that he's actually strong in Faith (and starts with D+ instead of E), so he gets Physic and Warp notably faster. That said I don't find Warp nearly as useful as some so I definitely value Marianne (Thoron) and Mercedes (Fortify + Live to Serve + decent bulk for a mage) more than Linhardt myself... though it's all debatable and depends on what you want from your magic user. I personally rarely find myself using Linhardt outside of Black Eagles runs, but he's not a bad choice.
  5. Congrats. Conquest Lunatic is quite a challenge so good on you for completing it. I see where you're coming from on the Hexing Rod, but overall I ended up liking it. I like that Fates did away with the Restore Staff, which was always a pretty dull solution to status, and instead made you work with the penalties. The Hexing Rod penalty is quite brutal but its used sparingly - just Azama, Hayato (on Lunatic), Iago (on specific turns only), and some enemies in Endgame IIRC - and I liked that hexed allies could still perform, just at an obvious penalty. It made me be careful about who I was sending in rather than just blindly throwing in my best unit(s), e.g. I had to think in advance of who I was going to need to defeat Hinoka and then send others to stop Azama. The last map is probably the only time I think it goes a bit too far - Lunatic Endgame is rather brutal if not cheesed - but seeing as it's the final map and you don't need to keep allies alive for later maps, it's a bit more acceptable than it otherwise would be.
  6. Mostly this looks good already. I might recommend you pick up Catherine, Felix, and/or Petra, though not necessarily all of 'em, since they play pretty similar roles. They have some of the best stats for any physical build, and Catherine in particular is relatively easy to get and incredibly powerful out of the gate. Like most physical characters she's best as a flier but you can do something with her swords or brawling (latter requires DLC) if you wish. Petra or Felix might depend a bit on if you're building the relevant skills to make them easier to recruit, they do well either archers or fliers. Also, since you're on GD anyway, I do recommend using Marianne, as she's a solid healer (Physic and Silence) who also gets Thoron, which is one of the best Reason spells. If you have the DLC classes she's even better because of her talent in both riding and flying making it easy for her to reach Dark Flier/Valkyrie.
  7. Ouch. But honestly, yep, I basically agree, at least for a while. I think back to my early memories of playing Three Houses and I was definitely less positive on the game than I ultimately ended up being, and the design of those early maps is definitely a big part of why. Fortunately, IMO it does get quite a bit better later. Anyway, my thoughts. All my specific comments assume Maddening NG but in general, if I think a map is good on Maddening I probably like it on Hard too, and vice versa for bad maps. Best (not in any particular order) Crimson Flower 17: Field of Revenge Azure Moon/Verdant Wind 17: Blood of the Eagle and Lion Azure Moon 22: Oath of the Dagger Azure Moon 21: Our Chosen Paths I'll also mention Crimson Flower 14 (The Master Tactician), Cindered Shadows 4 (Dangers in the Dark). I like some of the paralogues, like Edelgard's and Claude's, but generally not to the degree of my favourite story maps. Worst White Cloudes 5: Tower of the Black Winds The map is too long and windy. It's possible to aggro every enemy through something rather arbitrary and this has a weird effect on the battle. The pass ninja-reinforcements are kinda annoying. I think I'd like the map if you started at the north end of it. The boss is a pretty good introduction for monsters, at least. Yuri/Constance paralogue: A Cursed Relic: Has a whole bunch of arbitrary rules which are not communicated to you (how the enemies transform if they reach Gerth, how Gerth runs towards Byleth, and a stupidly large reinforcement swarm triggered by being 2 squares from Gerth). Also I hate the east side of that battlefield and how it's a trap, it takes ages to traverse and then that turns out to be a waste of time anyway because the reinforcements will choke that group away from rejoining the rest of the team. White Cloudes 9: The Cause of Sorrow: Boring throwdown with a bunch of monsters, with almost no actual pressure to do well since those random kids thought to pack elixirs. If you've done Sothis's paralogue before this it will seem incredibly plain. VW21/SS20: The City Without Light: Why are my people separated into groups of three anyway? Otherwise it's a pretty dull map outside the turrets which have undisplayed battle powers but fortunately are undertuned anyway, and an incredibly anticlimactic boss. Black Eagles 11: Throne of Knowledge: Honestly this isn't a great map regardless; the enemies get greedy with crest stones making them quite easy to stop, and the Flame Emperor is weirdly less impressive than the previous time you fought them in terms of AS/hit/crit. But on the Black Eagles route it becomes plot nonsense, whichever route you're aiming towards, and that's hard to forgive.
  8. I generally find the Dance option extremely useful so would usually recommend someone be in that. Dorothea can still kill an armour knight just fine as a dancer, as well as hold Meteor to assist all her allies with linked attacks, and 5 physics should be more than enough for someone who can, at worst, dance for someone else who has physic. As Gremory she'll gain spell charges and a little magic but she'll also lose 1 move. It's up to you though, if you really find you're not using Dance much it's worth considering. Either way if Dorothea' defence is low (below 13 in this case), it's certainly worth certifying her as a Gremory just to raise her stat to that level, even if you don't end up using her as one.
  9. Heath just feels worse than the pegasus knights to me. By the time he catches up with them in level you're in Evasion Emblem, where nothing should hit Florina anyway. Fiora's a bit less immortal due to lower luck but should still be incredibly hard to kill. Marcus is the obvious correct answer overall, Florina or (HHM) Raven is #2, depending on how I feel about mobility vs. big stats. Pent is certainly excellent too but is only around for about a third of the game, Nils/Ninian is obviously great too but dancers are hard to rate.
  10. Desperation feels extremely unnecessary on a Dark Flier since there's very little that will actually counter them in practice. Expanded range options (Caduceus, Thyrsus, Thoron, and eventually S in reason) let them outrange most enemies, with bow knights presenting the most trouble but even then they can be struck at melee
  11. Hunter's Volley can hit at range 4 with any bow; combat arts don't care about extended bow range from weapons. That said it takes a significant hit penalty to do so (-50!). Since enemy magic evade is usually lower than their physical evade (not that the game shows you this stat for some reason...), that probably helps this build, though it is a bit tricky to get both Hit+20% and Fiendish Blow without notably delaying the start on Hunter's Volley. Or at least that's how it is for my playstyle. I really want to try this build out though, it does seem neat. The Magic Bow is the one magic weapon I haven't really toyed with yet. I've seen the sentiment that War Monk is worse a few times but I definitely disagree... and this is coming from someone who doesn't think that highly of gauntlets even. Apart from any advantages gauntlets have over swords (and I do agree they are better overall), War Monk has an extra point of move, a good mastery ability that can actually be taken out of the job (Brawl Avo +20 is really good because it stacks with Brawl Prowess' high avoid boosts), actually gets a -faire skill, and opens up new options for some characters (especially Catherine and FByleth). Trickster really just has Foul Play, and while that's great, it's hamstrung by being locked to an otherwise weak class.
  12. Usually when people talk about gameplay they do include encounter designs, so yeah, that's why Conquest gets praised, and why Echoes is considered weak. If you don't care about encounter design then yeah Echoes will benefit and Conquest will suffer, for all that I still personally feel Fates has the best gameplay system of the three.
  13. It turns out that if you use one character as little as possible, and feed a map to a second, that the second one will turn out better! Snark aside, nobody's forcing you to use Jakob, obviously (or any other unit in this game), but Jakob has a lot of things going for him. I already outlined his advantages in an earlier post. Also without seals or a rapid rush to get Dwyer, Jakob(/Felicia) is your only healer in Chapter 12. Plus having two healers is often useful (many maps encourage you to divide your forces), especially when those healers also have damage-reduction auras (as both he and Elise do). I tend not to make him into a paladin myself, but it's worth noting that IF you don't value his healing, you can, and he'll be really good at it! Jakob is a valuable contributor regardless of the role you want him to play.
  14. I voted for Jakob. Long-term, Kaze has better combat because of his incredible speed and quite good res, while Jakob doesn't have any standout stats. That said, aside from that, Jakob is quite a bit better IMO. -He can heal, most obviously. -If you don't value his healing you can reclass him to Paladin and get some quite strong earlygame combat. -You can also reclass him to Strategist at Level 13 and get Inspiration super-duper-early, and indeed various other skills super-early depending on his A+ and S support. Inspiration is particularly notable because it stacks with Gentlehomme All of this assumes FCorrin, of course; if Jakob joins later he loses a lot of what makes him good and I'd certainly consider Kaze overall better then, though Jakob can still be a decent staff-and-Inspiration-bot.
  15. I don't know the answer for sure, but I suspect it might be a Pokemon-style situation where both Nintendo and the developer (in this case, Intelligent Systems) have an ownership stake in the intellectual property, thus tying them together if they want to keep making Fire Emblems.
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