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  1. Jeritza has a C+ in axes and while flying is an E, it's also a budding talent which quite frankly you should train three times regardless of his build (which alone should get him to D+). Wyvern Rider, at least, is a very fast qualify for him. Wyvern Lord, he'll have a 50% chance with B+ axes B flying and that's not... terribly unreasonable to have by the last two maps (it's 500 axe exp and 680 flying exp in 4 chapters), which are both maps where flying is super-useful. I've never done this myself, but I've seen people speak highly of it. Of course, you can't go wrong with keeping him in Death Knight either, but its mobility is a bit limiting at endgame. Honestly it's pretty good! Very funcitonal. There's a case to drop Seteth to "probably" if you reaaaally want his Swift Strikes damage as high as possible (i.e. going to Paladin instead) but I don't really buy it either, having tried it. I think no-DLC Catherine is a "probably" as well (War Cleric is really her only other good build IMO). There's some units I'm inclined to put as ""If you want to but it's not a great idea" but yeah it works.
  2. Catherine, MByleth, and Dimitri are all examples of units who aren't perfectly suited to the job in terms of skill ranks (Dimitri has an axe bane, MByleth has trouble training flying, and Catherine needs to wait until recruitment to start) but make up for it with killer stats. In the particular case of Catherine she doesn't even miss that much, especially since she gets access to Pegasus Knight in Intermediate tier to help with the transition. Another perk she has is that she gets +5 def/res with no battalion, which is relevant if you want more than one pegasus knight in chapters 6-7 since one has to go without (might as well be her). I think they belong with the other people in Great myself.
  3. I did an all magic run of Maddening and Byleth was definitely towards the lower end of the team in terms of usefulness (which, granted, was mostly natural mages, but also included folks like Edelgard and Sylvain, who both very clearly outclassed Byleth). She mostly had the duty of using her strength stat to shoot down pegasus knights with a steel bow+, which doesn't speak that highly to her magical prowess. Their magic stat, reason list, and faith list are all underwhelming. The magic stat is ultimately less bad than it looks because of class minimums and their post-timeskip personal but it's still not great. I really wish their spell list had had some unique teach-appropriate utility like Rescue.
  4. I'd move both Byleths up a slot myself (female to the top tier, male back to great). They have outstanding stats (in particular, the 13 base str and the +2 damage post-TS means they have an easy time one-rounding things with a combination of Brave Axe and doubles), might as well get them as much mobility as possible. Claude should be in the top tier as well, for sure: great stats, flying boon, axe budding talent... he's his own route's best Alert Stance+ dodgetank. Great feels like it could use a bit more separation. Catherine, Ferdinand, Sylvain, and Ingrid do much better in the class than the likes of Caspar, Alois, or Gilbert. I guess I'd propose: Excellent: FByleth, Edelgard, Claude, Petra Great: MByleth, Dimitri, Ferdinand, Felix, Sylvain, Ingrid, Hilda, Leonie, Seteth, Catherine, Cyril, Jeritza Good: Caspar, Dedue, Ashe, Annette, Raphael, Alois, Balthus (drop Gilbert to OK, he starts with E flying in chapter 13; I replaced him with Balthus) Yuri probably shouldn't be in the bottom tier; even with the sketchy talent list his stats are well-suited to the class, unlike everyone else in that tier.
  5. I would personally consider Physic superior to Recover in any build, because it's so flexible, and because the Healing Staff lets it heal "enough" (e.g. high 20's). A unit with Physic is simply more likely to be able to contribute on a turn where healing is required; if someone needs lots of healing and Physic isn't "enough" for your purposes, then they can still do one of two actions to heal the unit twice (which heals more than one Recover), while a unit without Recover who is out of reach has no way to contribute at all. However, I do think the gap is smallest when the healer in question is both (a) unusually durable, and (b) unusually mobile by mage standards, since this combination gives them more positioning flexibility to use Recover. So I can see the case for someone like Holy Knight Leonie. Although I will note that Bernadetta unquestionably prefers having Physic, because if she's using Vengeance, she isn't durable. On the other hand I completely second everything @lenticular said in the Bernadetta vs. Sylvain debate with regard to their offence. I haven't used Holy Knight Sylvain but I have used Dark Knight and my experience is that his killing power is still excellent, and lenticular's numbers illustrate why. Bernadetta's killing power is probably better, but I personally don't consider it enough better to offset the extra hoop of dropping her to low HP and then the fact that you keep her from being attacked thereafter, while Sylvain can flexibly take hits as necessary with his solid bulk and is ready to go on player phase 1 without extra worries. They're different and it's obviously a matter of personal preference.
  6. While I agree that armoured units in this game are pretty bad due to low move and other valid ways of tanking, I don't think they're epsecially worse than the FE norm. They're worse than Awakening/Fates imo (since in those games you can use Pair Up to gain temporary mobility, then switch to the armour when you need to tank a lot), and worse than Radiant Dawn as well (where some armours just straight-up had very good stats, and only -1 move on other infantry classes / equal to mages), but comparable or superior to those of some other games (FE4 and FE6 having particularly bad ones as mentioned).
  7. Yeah, RD is on the low end for reliable criticals for sure, but generally most games in the series are closer to RD than to this one. Oh wow, forgot this one, and seconded for sure. I did a PoR challenge run where I had Rhys with Stealth and the number of times he died on me anyway because the enemies just ignored it is a trauma I won't soon recover from. I'm not sure exactly how it works in Tellius, but it's way better in this game. It being something you can actually rely on is so much more tactically interesting (not to mention useful).
  8. Shaky Jones already largely explained it, but basically, FE3H is one of the few games where you can stack crit to the point where it's either 100 or very close, at which point it's actually reliable. In, say, Radiant Dawn, it's very difficult to get a crit rate higher than 40 or so (outside Wrath which is difficult to use and requires an HP threshold... and a lower one than this game, to boot). So while i might attack an enemy with a Killing Edge doing a listed 11x2 to its 40 HP and hoping they will die, I can't really be confident this will happen. Many other FEs do a little better than this (due to enemy luck being lower than it is in RD) but not much. In FE3H you can easily get a Hunter's Volley with 80 crit by lategame (e.g. 10 HV + 35 Killer Bow + 20 Fraldarius + 10 Bow Crit + 5 Critical Ring) at which point you have a 96% chance you get at least one crit... not perfect, but good. And it's far from the only way to do this (just the best IMO because it's high range). (And to be clear, there are other games where near-100 crit is achievable, for instance a supported and promoted Rutger/Fir with Wo Dao. But FE3H has more opportunities for it than most.)
  9. Mostly agreed with the others. Shout-out to bows, and Sniper in particular, which is almost always one of the worst classes in other games and one of the best in this one. Evasion as a survival mechanism, and critical hits as a valid method of offence, are also noteworthy as being better in this game than at least most others.
  10. Shanty Pete's response is already basically perfect, but to add on to the point about 'three skills', it cannot be emphasized enough how minor one of those three is. C ranks are only 300 exp. So even if you insist on 100% certification chance, Dark Knight would requires 1320 + 960 + 300 = 2580 exp. Compare that to a class which needs double A's like Gremory or War Master... as already mentioned, is 2640. Or Bow Knight, which you just called a good class (I agree!), which is 2940. I'm not sure why you have this specific vendetta against Dark Knight, because it's really not out of line for expense for a master class... in fact, I believe only Mortal Savant (2280) is cheaper. I might be forgetting one though.
  11. With Marianne (and indeed, everyone who plans to be in a magic class), I definitely do recommend training reason in addition to faith. In Marianne's case she gets Thoron which allows her to strike at higher range (at C), and if you stick with it she gets Cutting Gale (which has very high accuracy) at B, and Fimbulvetr (which isn't great but eh it's got power and crit) at A. It's also worth picking up one of her magic combat arts - she gets Soulblade at C+ swords and Frozen Lance for three training sessions in lances (which one is easier to pick up depends on how late you recruit her).
  12. Honestly I agree with this. The risk with really good rallies, especially with enemy phase combat, is things start to centre very strongly in a small number of powerhouses and then other units are all about enabling them. One of the reasons I don't care for LTC style gameplay is it also tends that way. Ingrid's possible; I think I'd favour boosting Thoron more on average but there's a case to be made. Lysithea's a tough case to make; Seraphim is cool but less for raw damage than for the shield-breaking it provides. Her list of reason spells is extremely useful and worth boosting. Marianne clearly prefers boosting Thoron and Cutting Gale to her faith attack spells, though yeah there's a convenience case if you decide to raise her faith to reach silence but don't bother to raise her reason much. (That said my original point, though not perfectly-expressed, I now realize, is that Mortal Savant has a niche over Dark Knight even if you satisfy the requirements for both, whereas Holy Knight has less of one.)
  13. Honestly, I kinda like the idea of giving physical classes some limited magic access. It avoids the weird situation where going from Commoner/Noble to Myrmidon/Fighter/Soldier feels like a downgrade if the character learned even a single magic spell, since the stat boosts offered by those classes are meager and you lose magic access. But I'd probably change how "some magic uses" worked. A proposal: The D-rank spell learned by a character with "some magic" can be used at full uses (10 heals, 10 fires, 8 thunders, etc.) The D+ (if any) and C rank spell learned by a character with "some magic" can be used at half uses rounded up (2 Thorons, 3 Physics, etc.) Spells learned at B or beyond can not be used. If you want Warp, get in a magic class. I'd bump Trickster and War Monk/Cleric to full magic under this, so they maintain access to Warp/Fortify/Rescue/Meteor/etc. I don't think Trickster's in danger of being too strong anyway. War Monk/Cleric... you could argue me on that. I'd also be open to some classes dropping down to "no magic" as an exception/balancer, but not sure which - obviously they'd have to be classes that give clear perks otherwise. Grappler/War Master (to further distinguish War Cleric) and Wyvern Rider/Lord (for obvious reasons) are possible candidates. I think those 10 fires are pretty important for units who have Thunder or Miasma as their D rank spell, to be fair, and not just for tournaments. 1-2 less weight and 10 more hit can definitely sometimes matter! This isn't to say Fire is necessarily "better" than Thunder/Miasma, but the option of both is better than being stuck with one, and by a fair bit IMO. Agreed that for units who already have Fire, 10 more uses is probably just overkill (and units with WInd don't gain as much, since Fire just exists "between" two of their existing options, i.e. Wind and their C rank spell, in terms of power/hit/weight). But it's enough to make it so that Mage is easily better to be in than Priest or Dark Mage for Lysithea/Hubert, for instance, at least IMO. Mortal Savant is weird in that it's almost strictly worse than Dark Knight for a majority of units... but not ones with magic sword combat arts, where they actually get +5 damage with those at which point it's a much more balanced "sword damage vs. canto" (with move which favours DK on most maps but MS on some others due to terrain). In that sense I think it's a bit better than Holy Knight, which (almost?) nobody would really prefer to be in versus Dark. And hey, nothing wrong with a little spiralling naturally into other topics! It's not like 3H is a a bunch of completely separate systems... the balance of rallies (in this case, str vs magic) is tied to how the magic system is implemented after all.
  14. Well, keep in mind, Hector isn't just trading spd for def; he's trading spd for def and str. Just looking at the bases for a moment (the growths don't change the calculus much): Eliwood: 5 str, 7 spd, 5 def Hector: 7 str, 5 spd, 8 def Lyn: 4 str, 9 spd, 2 def If the three stats are equally valuable then Hector has 20 points to Eliwood's 17 and Lyn's 15. If def is half as good then Hector still has 16 to Eliwood's 14.5 and Lyn's 14. Either way he's ahead. He also has the best prf of the three and Hand Axe access, and the higher mt of axes (with Hector's con offsetting their disadvantage of weight) making the str gap even wider. So, basically, my argument is that Hector being better than the other two doesn't necessarily prove that defence is a super potent stat. On the other hand, the placement HHM Raven shows just how powerful speed is; the rest of his stats are merely solid (HP, str, def are all competent... luck/res not so much but those are weak stats), but it's his screaming speed on top of the that which has him in or near the top spot out of physical infantry in a typical Blazing Blade tier list. If def were really significantly better than spd in this game I don't think his placement would make sense any more, because his def is fairly average.
  15. On the one hand you readily appeal to consensus that Holy Knight and Great Knight aren't considered good, but you are ignoring the consensus that Dark Knight is considered good. The main reason Holy Knight is considered poor, incidentally, is because it's basically just a worse Dark Knight. I guarantee you that if Dark Knight (and Valkyrie) did not exist, Holy Knight would suddenly have a lot more fans as the only mounted mage class. Great Knight, similarly, is problematic because most builds that might make use of it are better off as Paladin or Wyvern Lord, and unlike Dark Knight it is actually fairly expensive to qualify for... A/B+/B+ is notably worse than A/B+/C... a difference of 660 exp. The thing is that you don't actually need to get to A, or even anywhere close, to qualify for Dark Knight, and would never recommend you do so for any mounted class unless you're also going for Riding A+ (or Flying A+ in the case of wyvern/falco). Assuming ~20 luck (roughly typical for Annette at that level iirc, though I'd have to look up the specifics), she has a ~90% chance to qualify at B+, ~70% at B, ~50% at C+, and even ~30% at C (though this does require 20 luck). Even if you don't savescum the exams (which is fair, to be clear; I try not to either), ~50% is generally more than adequate. On average you'll spend an extra 3000 more on master seals this way (50% chance of 0, 25% chance of 3000, 12.5% chance of 6000, 12.5% chance of 9000+), but this is by the point in the game where money kinda grows on trees (you have loads of time and can arena for ~1500 gold whenever you want). And if 3000 gold is still too much for you, then B rank still isn't too large a exp requirement and more than halves this extra money cost.
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