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  1. Monster AoE attacks are not gambits; they run the same sorts of damage/accuracy calculations as their normal attacks. In order to see info on them, bring up the monster's status screen, and then there's a button you can press (I forget which one, sorry) and it will switch the Atk/Hit from their normal weapon to their staggering blow, and see its Atk/Hit/Crit, exact range, and extra effects if any. Typically they have +5 atk compared to their normal damage. Also, in case you haven't noticed this yet: monsters can't move and use a staggering blow on the same turn, and will always use their staggering blow on someone already in range. If nobody is in range they will move and use their normal attack instead.
  2. Killer and Silver both powercreep Steel utterly, but there's a good chunk of the game before you can buy them, typically. For pegasus knights, make sure you have a Slim Lance on hand as well. It's pretty much "more iron than iron" (i.e. lighter, weaker, more accurate), but only pegasus knights have low enough Con for the weight difference between Slim and Iron to matter. (That said, in Binding Blade you should have Slim Lance as an option on any pure lance user, because of accuracy.)
  3. You should have both and use whichever one the situation calls for. Sometimes iron will be better, sometimes steel will be better. Even if iron is better more often, that doesn't mean steel isn't worth carrying around. Typically, iron is better if it lets you double and steel does not, or if steel would get you doubled, or if both are killing in the same number of hits (because it's more accurate). And steel is none of the above are true (which is common when fighting slow, tanky enemies like armours for instance).
  4. I have a high pretty opinion of it myself. Nullifying critical hits is a really useful effect; a lot of bosses (including, ironically, Jeritza himself) rely on a critical rate to be dangerous, so a unit with a Rafail Gem and enough speed/bulk to survive a single hit can engage them safely even if they have Counterattack. The Ochain Shield can also nullify criticals, but its weight makes it much less useful IMO, since a number of bosses you'd want to nullify crits against have good speed (Hegemon has 33, Nemesis is in the high 30's, Jeritza in the mid 40's). Agree with DaveCozy about the gameplay reasons and also enjoy haar's proposed flavour reason.
  5. They were already raked through the mud in the first game. We saw them repeatedly execute people with no trial, even execute people for crimes they didn't commit, censor books, lie about history, use religious imagery to attack their political enemies, purge dissident Church factions, etc. From everything I've heard Three Hopes seems to be going out of its way to make more explicit some things that apparently weren't obvious enough in the original text, so I'm not surprised that includes being even less subtle on how the Church of Seiros is not meant to be a seen as a good organization. At all. Rhea herself I find very compelling so I do hope the new game continues to dig into how her backstory shapes her actions - I like her a lot because she's both sympathetic and credible, while still doing terrible things. So in that sense I do hope she's not "ultra-flanderized". But I also don't blame the writers for essentially taking a direct shot at people who misread the game so badly that they unironically said things like "Rhea did nothing wrong".
  6. Honestly, I dunno that I'm that interested in a "true" FEW2, at least not any time soon. Three Hopes should scratch the gameplay itch just fine. If/when they do it, there are a few choices, near as I can tell Focus primarily on the most popular games at the time, which will be probably be Awakening/Fates/3H/possible new game. Makes the same people who dislike FEW1 unhappy but that game's sales numbers kinda show how little that matters. But... this game also doesn't serve any real purpose. Focus on games that FEW1 and Three Hopes didn't. Obviously a bad idea. Try to have a balanced focus on the entire series (though I wouldn't go for any sort of "perfect" balance, Thracia doesn't need many reps etc.). This would probably work as a pure fanservice game though the plot would likely be even more incoherent than FEW1. Maybe that's not much loss, though. So I guess this is the best idea, but I'd wait a few years on it. And I can't say I'd be personally super-excited by it.
  7. Yeah, it's not too many people who I'd expect to get it. Those two, as well as Mozu's A+/S supporters and child (and potentially Corrin, I suppose). Optimally you'd want someone who is using either lances or bows anyway so the time in Merchant isn't a complete wash.
  8. I hope so, just because it's a bit annoying for them to add so many of the characters' fathers as on-screen characters and fully ignore all the mothers. It was always gonna skew that way but Claude's mother is one of the best opportunities to redress the balance.
  9. Spendthrift's one of those skills you'll probably only use a very small number of times per playthrough (especially considering how late you get it) but it can be extremely decisive. On my most recent no-reset run of Conquest, for instance, it was instrumental in my setup to kill the final boss in one attack, which allowed me to very safely and quickly defeat an otherwise challenging map. You're right about the inventory space, but you can also use a pairup character to handle them. Again, as a recent example, I used Keaton, who only has a maximum of three useful weapons, so it was little imposition for him to carry two gold bars. Trade being, of course, a free action to grab one if needed. It's better in enemy hands, but that's because it's downright busted in enemy hands.
  10. The gold bar-farming one is definitely useful since that's the only practical way to get those iirc, which is nice for Spendthrift. Otherwise yeah, they're kinda filler skills, but so it goes. If you feel they should be stronger, they could have upped the rate, but I think upping the number of turns would have been a mistake.
  11. To be fair, I'd argue that the turn limit is a good, even necessary, part of those skills' design. Otherwise you could just sit there hitting End Turn on any safely controlled map and pile up a huge number of resources.
  12. I'm well past 30 now. That said I somehow ended up marrying somebody who is as big a Fire Emblem nerd as me, and since our interests feed off each other at this point I can't see myself becoming less into this series any time soon. And this is still a far better place to talk about the games than GameFAQs or Reddit, as far as public spaces go. So I expect to be here a while still.
  13. I don't think we know for sure, but I'm very curious if anyone has collected data. One theory I've seen floated is that the entire level is rerolled, but this is almost surely false. It would result in much higher effective growths for low-growth-total characters (e.g. Lysithea, Constance) than I've personally observed. In Radiant Dawn the stats were ordered from highest growth to lowest and the game would cycle through those until enough stats had gone up (minimum 1 for normal levels, minimum 3 for bonus exp). It's possible that's what's happening here. But it's also possible the game cycles through in a different order (such as HP-Str-Mag-etc.) Your proposed theories are also possible. edit: whoops, just noticed this was from January. Oh well.
  14. This all seems very fake to me. The game has been complete for over a year with no hint of marketing yet (this is not how game dev works) but then the leaker tries to backpedal by claiming the screenshots are from some very old build anyway?
  15. Impregnable Wall is a good gambit, and the best user of it will indeed have either Stealth or Canto so they are less likely to be targeted themselves. This is therefore, a fine build for Ignatz. Where I disagree is that Ignatz stands out at this role terribly well. The rank requirements are incredibly lenient for this: Assassin is an incredibly easy class to qualify for (arguably the easiest), and the Impregnable Wall battalions are low rank. What differentiates units doing this build is what they can do on turns they aren't using Wall, and in that case, Ignatz's poor offensive stats (low strength, average speed) hold him back. Even just considering the Assassin version of this build, I would consider all of Byleth, Catherine, Felix, Petra, and Yuri to be preferable for this: all have substantially better offence, and all have relevant boons to get to Assassin very easily. And of course, Golden Deer/Verdant Wind (where Ignatz is most useful), the Wall battalion is a flying one, and is thus better used by a flier. I definitely feel differently. By the time we're talking Advanced classes, Ignatz's Rallies are nearly worthless IMO (and push out better abilities), so there's little lost in being in a low-move class. As for debuffs, which maintain some value against monsters, Sniper is actually one of the best classes for using them, due to Bow Range+1 / Bowfaire. And bow classes in general make the best use of Watchful Eye; Ignatz's hit on non-gambits is overkill in many other builds, but not when needing to overcome the -50 penalty of attacking at 4 range. Hunter's Volley patches up Ignatz's worst flaw, his poor offence, so to me it's easily his best class.
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