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  1. Please cite evidence for these feelings of betrayal the students are feeling, because I don't recall that coming across strongly at all when playing SS. Hell, many of their monastery comments in SS are copypasted from Azure Moon/Verdant Winds (or vice versa, but the point is that they in no way relate to the scene at the Holy Tomb which only occurs on BE). Meanwhile, despite your and Seazas's concerns, we have plenty of evidence at the betrayal they do not feel on CF from their monastery comments in Crimson Flower and their collective A/A+ supports with Edelgard.
  2. Usual warning that a Famitsu poll (like all such polls) is drawing from a specific fanbase with its own biases, and I'd urge caution about generalizing the results to "Japan". Bernadetta is far from my favourite character (though I do like her), but it's still great to see her do so well. I can't stand the hate she gets on places like GameFAQs. I've had multiple friends with social anxiety tell me how relatable they think Bernadetta is and that alone gives me a fair bit of respect for the character. In fact both the top female and top male have major social anxiety. Dimitri being #1 is great, he deserves it. I like Edelgard about as much but I know it's harder to get votes when you do obviously bad things (see also: Rhea being lower than she deserves IMO). All the Eagles women (sans Bernadetta) seem lower in this poll than they "should" be? Dorothea is the most deployed character in the game and obviously very popular overall, Petra has always seemed very popular too. I'd wonder if this voterbase just doesn't like more assertive women except that Hilda and Lysithea did really well, so I dunno! Interesting anyway. Eagles getting the least votes overall doesn't seem like it'll be broadly typical. The game pushes the lord S-supports pretty hard (especially Edelgard and Dimitri) so I'm not surprised to see them finish in the top spots. I highly doubt that. Didn't Dimitri win that Reddit character poll? Reddit, a western site which notoriously has more men than women, when Dimitri is obviously more relatively popular with women? Dimitri just seems to be a very well-received character in general.
  3. You didn't answer my question, just provided more arguments for why he would stay home rather than joining the Black Eagle Strike Force. Why would he abandon his family, friends, and country in order to fight in a war against them even though he hates fighting? Doing so would require strong beliefs that Edelgard's path is wrong which he clearly does not hold. The Eagles going along with their friends, their country, their families, is in fact the logical path. Jumping ship to an enemy army is a rare thing in real life and even in Fire Emblem it tends to be accompanied by a major scene in which the character makes a conscious choice to throw away everything they have to fight for what they believe in. We don't get that at all in Silver Snow. You can infer reasons from the Holy Tomb sequence, but the Holy Tomb sequence doesn't work well on BE regardless and is never referenced again on either branch, a point which you ignored. In general it's crystal clear that you have major problems with Edelgard's behaviour, but there's no evidence the Eagles share your views. In Crimson Flower, Azure Moon, and Verdant Winds, they're all very willing to go along with her (and despite your complaints, they DO know a lot of the things she did, obviously including commanding the Death Knight and being the Flame Emperor). In Silver Snow they end up against her, but even then they never reference the things you supposedly think cause them to change sides, because Silver Snow does not explore why they behave the way they do as it characterizes them inconsistently with the three other routes. Dorothea expresses subtle contempt for the church at various points, including her first kill in Chapter 2, the scene at the end of Chapter 4, and I believe one of her monastery conversations though it's been a while. Not one of the Eagles expresses particular love for them. Them uniting under a Church of Seiros banner does not make sense. Them showing up in Chapter 13 for a promise they made to Edelgard and then deciding to fight against her makes even less sense.
  4. Not only that, but the exp focuses of many of the characters is often not going to be what you want. In Petra's case, IIRC she focuses on sword/flying as default (can anyone confirm? I can't actually find a list of this on Serenes). If you're planning a wyvern build for her then the sword exp is wasted; if you're planning an Assassin build for her the flying exp is maybe wasted (depends on if you're gonna go for Alert Stance). There are definitely some exceptions like how Ingrid does in fact focus on useful things so it's arguably worth waiting until she can beneft from pegasus knight's growths at relatively less downside to weapon exp. There's discussion on this in one of the other threads, but I forget which offhand.
  5. Completely agreed. Dorothea and Edelgard are obviously good friends, and Dorothea openly dislikes the crest system, the nobility, and the church. Her being on Silver Snow is crazy and basically relies on her having a magical connection to Byleth. Petra I agree will fight for Brigid first and foremost, but she also has affection for Edelgard (hell, her quote as she lies dying on AM/VW is regret that she wasn't able to defend Edelgard). It makes perfect sense that she would fight with the Empire as it's the best thing for Brigid in the present. For her to jump and support a third party which can't guarantee Brigid's safety is questionable, again I don't think she makes any sense on Silver Snow. Caspar's the son of the Minister of the Military and obviously loves and respects his father (this comes across even if he's recruited to anti-imperial routes). His idea of justice is clearly not an anti-war one, nor is it an anti-violence one. I don't really buy him turning against his family and his country; it seems to rely on the player's idea of justice, rather than his. People have sided with countries and rulers far more evil than Adrestia/Edelgard and been convinced they are just, both in fiction and in real life. Can you explain why you think Linhardt makes more sense in SS? Personally I think he's like Bernie; he would take the path of least resistance. As you note, he thinks fighting is a pain and has no desire to do it. The only reason he does it at all is because of loyalty to his family, his country, and his friends. Why would he leave to join the Church of Seiros and fight against those things? Ferdinand is the only Eagle who truly makes sense on Silver Snow, although he works on either route, it just reframes his character growth (although it proceeds along largely the same lines). In general, I don't think the Silver Snow direction for the characters works narratively. Collectively, they abandon their previous lives in order to honour a promise to meet again which they made at Edelgard's behest... in order to fight against her? I don't buy it at all. The writers obviously agreed that the BE characters are naturally inclined to support the empire, which is why all of them do so by default in AM/VW. (Similar to how the game paints Hanneman/Manuela as natural imperial supporters, and the rest of the staff/knights as natural church supporters.) The one place I will agree with you is that Chapter 11 doesn't really work on the BE route. You can tell it was written for Dimitri first and they were too lazy to make a different map. Why does Edelgard not make a plea to her friends before the fight? Why do the rest of the Eagles fight against the army of their own country, at the behest of a character/organization many of them clearly don't like (Rhea)? Why does everyone collectively pretend the fight never happened after the fact? It's a bit of a miss whichever plot branch you're headed down after that.
  6. On maps which are actually tough I definitely find myself taking damage. Some of that's Enemy Phase, some of that is from counters (the strategies you say reduce them considerably and are good, but they're hard to avoid entirely; in particular brave effects are rare in the first half of the game and some enemies are bulky enough to survive them especially from units with less exceptional str). The difference between Maddening and Hard is a that on Hard a few chippy things getting through isn't a big deal; on Maddening it's not uncommon to be 2HKOed so you'll need patching up. Obviously some maps are easier and I take hardly any damage, but I feel my team comp doesn't really matter for those! Since the good healers tend to have solid combat as well, it's not like you're giving up much to use one. You pretty much want at least two mages to hold Thyrsus and Caduceus, might as well choose ones who are good at healing (and/or provide Meteor support).
  7. Agreed with Seteth/Flayn, since it's easy regardless of playstyle. (Lorenz's at least gets tougher on Maddening if you want to get exp and the extra items.) A number of paralogues have recinforcements which are borderline unfair until you know about them (at least on Maddening): Annette/Gilbert, Mercedes/Caspar, Dorothea/Ingrid, Bernadetta/Petra. How much you consider this to be "hard" is subjective. (I'm not sure myself.)
  8. I feel the Physic-users are underrated here. Especially on BL and GD who only have one natural Physic user each unless you switch someone from physicals to magic (not a terrible idea in Sylvain's case, but you are giving up a great wyvern). Having a second / third Physic user is extremely valuable since they can heal from anywhere and essentially transfer turns to your best combat unit, saving them from using a Concoction or whatever. Everyone takes significant damage on Maddening so healing is really useful, and not having it stuck to 4 move + 1 range is invaluable. They're fine units offensively as well, particularly Dorothea and Marianne who have Thoron and extra-particularly Dorothea who gets Meteor which boosts the hit of your entire team. They're some of the most desirable recruits to just slide into the army. What's Dorothea doing below Hanneman, for whom Meteor is pretty much his only good point? Mercedes additionally unlocks the Rafail Gem on non-CF routes, as mentioned an amazing accessory (along with Caspar who should get higher), and gets Fortify and has a great personal. Top-tier recruit IMO, unless we want to say Lorenz gets a tier of his own (which I'd be fine with!). Catherine should be lower on BL since you already have Ashe and thus the Boots Paralogue. Her combat is decent but not top-tier IMO, since swords/brawling are lame focuses. Lysithea is definitely lower unless you really value Warp. And on CF/SS she doesn't even get Warp that much faster than Linhardt.
  9. ... she's 164 cm, which is slightly above average for a woman. (And while I agree that in this game, as in most Japanese media, the average woman is probably slightly skinnier than she should be, Byleth doesn't stand out in that regard. It's also quite possible to have a lean frame and still be a strong athlete/warrior/etc. anyway.)
  10. Oh neat, good to have that mystery solved. A bit surprising that Monk/Fighter give all their D ranks.
  11. This isn't true, she joined with D faith and Heal unlocked when I grabbed her in... I believe Chapter 5 on my most recent run. Not sure how the game decides this because it isn't one of her preferred skills normally, but it definitely happened.
  12. 4 base and 15% more Str growth are huge. If we consider Str and Spd of equal importance, then Edelgard has 21+95% vs Petra's 19+100%, which means Edelgard is slightly ahead the whole game. If you consider Spd to be more important than Str, than Petra pulls ahead a bit... maybe. Depends how much more important and what sort of level advantage Edelgard is seen as having due to her personal. But when you consider other factors... first, other stats. Edelgard will always have more HP, Def, Res, and Charm. So she can take hits better, launch and receive gambit attacks better. Petra has advantages in Dex and Luck which are relatively unimportant stats. In terms of talents, Petra has flying, which is certainly helpful as both want to go Wyvern, but Edelgard has Armour (gets Weight-3 much more easily) and Authority (very useful since good flier batallions are limited especially at lower ranks). Edelgard also has Aymr and Raging Storm, so she has a pretty clear advantage post-timeskip. Excellent summary; I agree. I definitely fall in the middle myself. I value Warp but I value some perks the other mages have (Physic and innate 3 range, for instance) more.
  13. Dex is not remotely important for a mage. Each point of Dex is 0.5 hit, practically nothing. In fact, Luck gives just as much Hit and Crit (0.5 each), AND is worth +1 crit avo. Or to think of it another way, the point in the game where Lysithea has access to Fire (+10 hit over her most accurate innate spell) is pretty much like giving her 20 additional Dex for the sake of accuracy.
  14. Dimitri (and Raphael for that matter) have a mere +1 base defence on Edelgard/Ferdinand/Caspar. Only Dedue is meaningfully more tanky, and that's mostly his personal at work. Dorothea's offensive power is adequate (mine has been pulling OHKOs on frailer enemies for much of the game on Maddening, and she's not RNG blessed) and she has Thoron, Physic, and later Meteor with its linked attacks everywhere. IMO she's one of the best magical units, along with Mercedes; the stat differences between the mages are not significant (they almost all start with 10-11 mag and 7 spd, and the growth spread is not that wide) so skillset comparisons are where it's at. Fiendish Blow is from Mage, not Dark Mage; every magic user should pick it up as it's pretty much their best skill.
  15. To echo others here, I know what you've had to go through is tough, but I'm so happy that you feel comfortable coming out to us here. I also think it's wonderful that you have a partner who understands and accepts you (and would that we lived in a world where that would be as common for trans individuals as cis individuals). Please do not feel guilty about hiding a bit of yourself from us. I for one always appreciated how you shared details of your personal life with us (your partner, parenthood, your work as a doctor). What little you held back was for completely understandable reasons. I'm just happy you feel able to share with us now.
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