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  1. Athos, to Pent/Louise: "50 gold says I can make those kids believe that this heavy custom wyrmslayer is a legendary relic."
  2. Bishop Bernie just seems bad to me. You're not going to get much out of Vengeance if it's stuck at 4 move, so at that point she really is mostly a magical unit, and not a particularly good one. And Rescue, as noted earlier, is only half a point worse without a drop of reason investment. Paladin/Bow Knight have obvious advantages for Bernie, but they don't have Rescue/Physic at all. So I would say that it's closer to "if you want a unit with Vengeance/Encloser/Rescue/Physic, go Holy Knight Bernie. If you want to trade Encloser for 0.5 more squares of Rescue range and some weak magic offence, you can go Dark Knight instead". I don't think that's an invalid choice, to be clear. Again, my argument is that there's a very solid case for Holy Knight as Bernie's best magic class. I don't feel this is true for any other character.
  3. I think all of this is definitely true. Although I also think it's a factor that going from "zero alts in FEH" to "one alt in FEH" is probably seen as significantly more notable than going from four alts to five (or whatever Azura's at now). How many Azura fans would be bothered by that? If I was a big Azura fan, I wouldn't be. They're voting for her because they want her to (a) get a busted CYL form, (b) the pride in seeing their favourite win a high-profile annual popularity contest. Both are perfectly fine reasons, and neither is particularly impacted by her getting a form now. As a big Dorothea fan who has most of their other favourites already as CYL winners, I threw all my votes behind Dorothea this year, even though she already has two alts (though no normal form...). Being only #8 probably makes this hopeless for this year, but oh well. I do really like Chrom and Soren too, and I might have switched to one of them except I have a hard time doing that while knowing that I might knock the other one out as a result. I do hope at least one of them gets top two on the male side.
  4. Adding B+ reason by Level 20 feels like it makes the build (which also wants A faith, A bows, and high ranks in lances/riding) quite expensive. And otherwise.... I dunno. As you said, Bernie's magic isn't very good. How much magic attacking is she going to do? Presumably Vengeance and bows will still be more effective much of the time. Which in turn means her intermediate mastery time is better spent on other things than Fiendish Blow. So ultimately it feels like a lot of extra investment just to get a bit damage of a backup type, and half a square of Rescue range. Thoron's cool but keep in mind that, if you have no way to expand its range, a longbow can manage the same threat range. Now if you're all in for magical Bernie, then yeah, Dark Knight will be better than Holy Knight. But if you're not, Holy Knight actually has a clear niche for her, which I don't think it really does for people like Marianne (who absolutely does want Reason for all the reasons you brought up, with the bonus point that Fiendish Blow will be her intermediate mastery of choice regardless of whether she's emphasizing weapons or spells).
  5. There was a thread on characters who make the best use of classes and Bernadetta was a pretty convincing pick for Holy Knight. She has a couple cool faith spells (Physic and Rescue) but isn't likely going to do much magic attacking, so building Reason is a waste. Holy Knight lets her use her faith spells while still having mobility for effective use of Vengeance and Encloser.
  6. For students: On CF, you don't fight Raphael, Marianne, or Lorenz. On AM, you don't fight Marianne. On VW, you don't fight Annette. On SS, due to skipping Gronder, you don't fight any of the students except Ashe, Lorenz, Hubert, and Edelgard (who you always fight). For non-students: Seteth, Flayn, Gilbert, Catherine, Cyril, Shamir, and Alois are fought on CF. (Shamir and Alois can be recruited to avoid seeing this.) Hanneman and Manuela are fought in a paralogue on AM. (Both can be recruited to avoid seeing this.) Jeritza is fought on every route except CF (as well as pre-timeskip on all routes).
  7. From the description you gave, Annette or Flayn probably fit best. Mercedes does not strike me as that energetic and can be fatalistic or savage at points. I'm not really the biggest fan of reducing (usually female?) characters' personalities to a one-word piece of jargon, though.
  8. I'd say the answer to the question is Camilla in the case of Conquest or Revelation (due to being ridiculously powerful upon join and remaining good for the rest of the game, in either case), while Heroes would require more information... which form of each character are we talking about? And what assumptions (merges, skill availability, content we're using them for) are we making?
  9. Oh, certainly. At this point I suspect we mostly agree and just have differing opinions on whether a "liberty taken by the localization team" is a good or a bad thing (which is fine, to be clear).
  10. I definitely agree that armours should remain low move, but strong otherwise. It's a difficult balance to strike, though. One thing I would like to see is armours get a "save"/"cover" skill where they can take hits for adjacent allies, which would allow them to pair with low-durability units to keep them safe. Being able to use durability proactively is nice, because otherwise your durability is only as useful as much as the enemies target you. And if you're going to ask a low-move unit to be the only unit in range for enemies (currently the only way to get enemies to reliably target them), that's very tactically limiting. What class do you normally put Effie in? Her own class set includes Troubadour, which is far worse for her. The only class I can see which is better and is even remotely accessible is Cavalier (via Silas marriage), which admittedly would improve her, although it really only deals with two of those four weaknesses (the move and to some extent the speed... though that's only +2), as cavalier isn't significantly better at taking magic and anti-cavalry weakness is worse than anti-armour weakness in that game (due to the kitsune map alone).
  11. Seriously. Every other chapter has an identical name, right? If they were translating the chapter titles separately by route you'd expect minor translation differences to crop up: "Four-Fanged Offence" vs "Attack of the Four Fangs" or something like that. That didn't happen, so clearly they were making an effort to make the titles the same. And yet the one place the titles are different does so in a place which services the story? If it is a coincidence (which seems unlikely) it's a happy one.
  12. Is there an official statement confirming it as a mistranslation? The odds seem incredibly poor to me that they translated the chapters the same in all other cases but this one, and in this case, the "mistranslation" just happens to be in line not only with the story but the differences between the story on the two routes.
  13. Hm? It's not a mistranslation (it basically has to be a conscious choice by the localizers, if that's where it was introduced), and both refer to Kishuna. On Hector's path, you start to learn more of the truth of Kishuna, i.e. that he is a prisoner of the magic that created morphs. On Eliwood's path you don't learn this, so the title refers to his superficial gameplay role. As much as I'm not the biggest fan of the Kishuna plotline I always thought that chapter title change was extremely clever.
  14. I've always felt Draining Blow was pretty worthless. You have to actively give up damage to use it, most of the time, since you're only getting one hit in. It's particularly poor on Balthus because he often likes to remain at lower HP anyway, making the move even more situational. Combat art slots are valuable; a repositional, Curved Shot, high-power options (Tempest Lance), high-hit options (Smash), weakness-hitters (Knightkneeler, Helm Splitter, Bane of Monsters) are all competing for space. Nosferatu at least doesn't take up a combat art slot, and all my mages have it, so I sometimes use it when it kills an armour knight and my mage is injured. We're talking once or twice a playthrough, probably, but hey.
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