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    Hi there, whoever you are!

    I'm a French Canadian that speaks both French and English, however I'll probably make a few English mistakes. I'll try to correct them if I see them!

    Anyway, if you didn't already guessed by my avatar, I am a VERY big fan of the pokémon Eevee and its evolutions (or eeveelutions :D). Fire Emblem and Pokémon are my favorite franchise.

    But I also played other games of course: Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario, Monster hunter (very nice franchise), 2 MOBA, Starcraft and more!

    Aside of playing video games, I also like reading and writing.

    That's all for now, have a good day!
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  1. On one hand, I am happy that a Three Houses banner took the burden of having Muspell. On the other hand, 2 Three Houses banner in 2021 is a bit over excessive if you ask me.
  2. You misunderstand what I wrote. If you notice IS's pattern when they choose a banner to put those OCs, it's either on games that has a lot of their cast already in the game or unpopular games like Thracia. And I don't think Archanea is the former, not the latter (even if the remake games sold poorly).
  3. As much as I would like your statement to be true, there's too many characters missing for Archanea games to have a FEH OC placed on one of their banner. Meanwhile for Awakening, over 50% of the cast is already in the game.
  4. That's quite a lot of antagonists left for Grail units in Awakening. Validar could also be an option. Although I feel it could be more fitting for Gen 2 kids.
  5. Owain, his weapon really needs a major rework similar to Morgan's Grima's Truth. However, I use him simply because he's Owain. I'm hopeful however it might get something valuable, otherwise I will stop wasting resources on him.
  6. I wonder if the support conversations with Marianne is going to be any different than the previous one she had. Since this is timeskip Marianne, I imagine it will be but hopefully not too obvious. Maybe a conversation with other dancers would be cool, like how anyone in her world can use the power of Dance would be interesting.
  7. My opinion on CYL 5 reveal and other news: Erika's outfit made me laugh at first, but it's not bad. Also second place have prf skills, that's cool Marth is... disappointing. Sword infantry... again? Couldn't you give him magic... or a horse again? Marianne being a dancer is cool, art is decent. Might choose her. Gatekeeper was surprising, I did not expect him to be a tome user. But it works really well, I can expect all the guides to take him. IS is already trying to powercreep premium skills... yay. More flowers, expected. Pelleas!? Oh come on, Tellius again!? Why not Severa, she so high up! She has to be on a future banner.
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