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    Hi there, whoever you are!

    I'm a French Canadian that speaks both French and English, however I'll probably make a few English mistakes. I'll try to correct them if I see them!

    Anyway, if you didn't already guessed by my avatar, I am a VERY big fan of the pokémon Eevee and its evolutions (or eeveelutions :D). Fire Emblem and Pokémon are my favorite franchise.

    But I also played other games of course: Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario, Monster hunter (very nice franchise), 2 MOBA, Starcraft and more!

    Aside of playing video games, I also like reading and writing.

    That's all for now, have a good day!
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  1. Legendary Lucina's is even better than expected, I'm happy! Ironically, I said I would give her Plegian Bow if her refine sucked, I guess IS is pushing Lucina!Robin.
  2. Sure, I will clarify my thought process. While I am a F2P player, I understand the idea of FEH pass. I know it's a gacha game and they have to get money somehow. For this reason, I accepted it at first. All the rewards for buying FEH pass were nice, but nothing game breaking: Quality of life features? Sure it sucks to have them exclusive to those that have the pass, but it only affects the maps vs the AI of the buyer. Resplendent units? The stats boost is nice, but unless you have +10 this specific unit and if this unit is even good, it won't matter too much compare to some of the newer units. Extra Summoner Support slots? Again, it's a stats boost to a specific unit. It might matter, it might not. It also doesn't affect for things like a defense team or arena. Extra resources? Most of them don't have any impacts. The only things I could think off is the extra orbs and perhaps the extra dragonflowers. Plus for the orbs, they don't guarantee you will anything out of them. You are still dependent on luck. With that in mind, why is one "free" hero so bad? It's just one hero, right? Well yes, except this hero could be a powerful hero, exclusive to legendary and mythic banner. I know that it has been a few months, but I need to remind you all it took was just one copy of Fallen Edelgard for her to completely break the game for a few months. Oh sure, now we have many (5 stars only) counters to her. At least, anyone could have their own Fallen Edelgard if they just sparked to counter her with your own. So what would happen if not everyone could spark? Well, I could tell you it would be a big advantage for the non-F2P players who rely on luck or spend hundred of orbs, ruining months of saving for a single copy... IF they get it that is. Also, it could be another supportive Legendary or Mythic Hero like Legendary Azura but worse, who you really only one copy to make it work. The banner this mechanic is introduced is bad because the new hero is basically copy pasted from a previous one except in a different tome colour. Wait one month or two or three and you will see how bad this change is for the game. You've seen already how IS can ruin the game with the introduction of a Legendary Hero or Mythic Hero (Legendary Sigurd, Nott, etc) who don't need merges that badly or even seasonal units with powerful weapons like Bridal Catria who again, doesn't need merges because she's a support unit. This was my thought process.
  3. Wow IS, good job. Look, I was a bit upset about those quality of life features and the additional resources they locked behind a paywall. But this... THIS They just ruined both the casual side and the competitive side for 95% of the player base at once. This was a horrible idea and I happily send feedback.
  4. I think Fafnir is going to be in the next Fallen Heroes banner.
  5. It's not just Feh, it's all Nintendo Mobile games I think. Edit: It seems it's an issue with Android users only
  6. I'm not the only one with this problem though.
  7. I think the Nintendo' server for all the gatcha just crashed.
  8. Ok good, otherwise I would have been upset for the future Awakening banner if one of those heroes show up on it.
  9. The banner is a skip for me, I'm not sure how I feel about those Ascended Heroes. Are they going to introduce these heroes to every banner from now on? We already have Mythic Heroes "taking" slots while introducing a hero as a freebie. I assume this is the same for her with the axe cav? I'm also afraid it's just going to be more main character favoritism.
  10. I agree, somehow despite having multiple version of Lucina and even an alt wearing a female swimsuit, most heroes can't figure out Masked Marth isn't a guy...
  11. That's a lot of niche set up if you ask me, especially with dmg reduction or guard everywhere in AR. I'm trying to see how I can make this work, but so far I can't figure it out, he would need like 3 B skill
  12. Aside of Tharja who is niche but it works, yes sorta. I don't know how to feel about Owain's refine, it really seems like he is stuck to enemy phase.
  13. The refines are out, and pretty much everyone except Julius got a bad refine.
  14. I agree. Ok look, I won't start a debate with you on what Zelda game is darker or not. It was just an example of a darker game without jumping into horror territory. Just because they time travelled doesn't mean they didn't loss anything. In fact, if you remember the ending of Awakening, the children know they don't belong in this world, no matter how much their parents tell them otherwise. It's not their world, yes they saved the day for this one, but it's not theirs. They just make sure it doesn't happen again for their parents and younger selves. Lucina travelled to the past with the portal Naga opened. The Outrealms are very strange for a concept since it has yet to be actually acknowledge by literally anyone from the Fire Emblem franchise, despite being a potential danger with anyone able to travel at will.
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