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    Hi there, whoever you are!

    I'm a French Canadian that speaks both French and English, however I'll probably make a few English mistakes. I'll try to correct them if I see them!

    Anyway, if you didn't already guessed by my avatar, I am a VERY big fan of the pokémon Eevee and its evolutions (or eeveelutions :D). Fire Emblem and Pokémon are my favorite franchise.

    But I also played other games of course: Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario, Monster hunter (very nice franchise), 2 MOBA, Starcraft and more!

    Aside of playing video games, I also like reading and writing.

    That's all for now, have a good day!
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  1. Is somewhere I wouldn't expect. Possibly.
  2. I wouldn't recommand Fallen Corrin actually. While yes her weapon is powerful and she's colorless, the fact that she needs to be alone is also a detriment to make her a good tank. Having drives and weapons with support effect is essential for a super tank to function. Vantage or not vantage really. Plus she is still has her dragon weakness. And if she got DC, she will lose her solo skill. If you want to be cheap like me, use bonus week unit (idealy someone like Fjorm or Legendary Ike) and stack the hell out of them with buffs. Problem solve.
  3. I like those very much, but I wonder how often we will see them?
  4. I would if I would have buy Three Houses since I'm waiting for th Switch Lite.
  5. Me earlier: "Sigrun isn't all that bad, I'm sure everything will go smoot--"
  6. Did not just get a Free Original Lucina
  7. I was expecting Yarne to be on the solo banner, I was dissapointed. Then the free pull happened. As a tradition, @Rezzy's curse.
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