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  1. I gave the demo a play. I'm not a regular here, so I won't talk about the story. In terms of gameplay, combat was largely simple. Throw the dragon at everything. Everyone else could generally severely damage the enemies, but the dragon just killed them in one hit. Forcing the player to choose what units to deploy as soon as the first chapter was a bit harsh, but I assume that's just a placeholder to show off all units who have been submitted to the game. The moving boss with a killer bow did come as a surprise to me, and with the high chance to kill most of my units in one hit, I'd say it's a bit too harsh for Chapter 1. I get you can't really have a stationary bow knight, though. Giving the Jeigan a physic staff while having to earn a heal staff was a bit strange, in my book. I'd swap the two around. I missed the second village. Getting there on foot seems to be an impossible task. The chapter mightn't have been the best chapter, but it was still enjoyable to play. I'm interested to see where new Serenes Emblem goes next. Good luck!
  2. Do you have any instructions on how to listen to these tracks in the game?
  3. https://bookofholsety.dreamwidth.org/60351.html Another year, another status update.
  4. (Crossposted from FEU.) At First, There Are Dark Dragon, Falchion Sword, And… Fire Emblem. This is a one-chapter demo of FE1 remade in SRPG Studio. The instructions are very simple. Extract the file and run the game. I made it procrastinating from creating my Make A Fun Chapter 4 chapter, which probably isn’t a very good idea. Here’s a feature list: FE1 tileset completely ported into SRPG Studio FE1 map sprites used in Chapter 1 ported Relevant portraits upscaled to meed SRPG Studio requirements Original FE1 music included FE3 weapon icons used Names consistent with Quirino translation patch And some screenshots: Preemptive question answering: Will you finish this? - Maybe, maybe not. 25 chapters is a significant undertaking. Why don’t you use official names? - I don’t like some of the choices the localisers made for character names, so all names are the Japanese ones for consistency. Why don’t you have a fancy name for this? - I’m terrible with names. I’ll just use the original name for now. And most importantly, the download: Dropbox Enjoy.
  5. In the future, take screenshots of your hack instead of taking a photo. Press F12 on the keyboard, or go to File -> Screen Capture. They are much easier to read and generally look more visually appealing than taking a photo of your screen.
  6. VBA 1.8.0 beta 3 runs the game and patch without issue. I never tested it on other emulators and it's been a long time since I've looked at this. Considering it is a Chinese bootleg, I wouldn't be surprised if compatibility was spotty.
  7. You mentioned me, here I am. Gotta break the streak of eight videos in a row without reply. And ain't there a pile of mechanics? It just gets fancier the further you get into Sigurd's refined journey.
  8. This is an infamous issue with older FE4 translation patches, one of which the Shin patch runs off of. Don't worry, you've won! Enjoy your broken ending. (For the record, the one patch that has a functional ending doesn't play nice with other hacks, along with certain emulators.)
  9. There will be a progress update when there's a progress update. As for when the progress update will be, it will come once the script is completely revised. As for when the script revisions will be complete, I have no idea.
  10. Darrman

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    All the holy blood bytes should be directly next to each other, in a group of four. Celice's second byte should be at 0x4856E.
  11. Not as of yet, the main aim was to have a reasonably functional product first, and polishing it up later on once there was actually a hack to polish.
  12. No mobile version exists of the standard graphical tools used in the community to the best of my knowledge.
  13. No. People just don't hack Gaiden, and if there were people out there who did, they'd probably have better things to do than try to stretch the rom to squeeze in every added scene, every extra map, and every extra character. There just isn't the space or motivation to implement anything like Faye's existence. If you want it, you're going to have to put in some elbow grease and do it yourself.
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