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  1. As the man who created the majority of the FE1 Nightmare modules, most of them date back to the region of 2015-17 or so. Due to various workarounds I had used making things like the item editor, most of them are only compatible with Nightmare 2, which is a worse program than Nightmare 1. It seems like you've got your own solution for the issue anyway, so at least things worked out. On a more relevant note, I see you've done some nice work with FE1. SNESFE portraits? The weapon triangle? I'm definitely interested in any custom hacks you create.
  2. Huh, I've been summoned. Well, it'd be rude for me not to respond. Thanks!
  3. Darrman


    So I decided to try this game out. It could use a lot of work. For the record, this is an RPG Maker VX Ace game, since the OP didn't detail anything. I wasn't able to get past giving the king the sword from the Slimy Cave because the dialogue looped forever when the princess joined the party. Speaking of, talking to the king's guards before getting the sword still gave the exact same conversation, loop and all. Other fatal errors included being unable to leave the church once you entered it, the game hanging when talking to the guard in the pub after retrieving the sword, and the menu looping forever when talking to the man offering to upgrade weaponry in the castle. Less severe problems included the near-complete lack of any punctuation in the dialogue and the annoyingly high encounter rate in the cave. Even downloading the game was a hassle: link to a zip of the game files, not the folder. I'm sure given time this could be turned into quite a good game, but in its current state it could do with a lot of playtesting. Good luck in the future.
  4. Weapon uses as a rule do not reset. To use your example, Holsety will remain with five uses, and Sety will have to spend a fair bit of money fixing it back up. Exception:
  5. I've got a reasonable amount of notes on FE1; the details are available on my dropbox and the respective FEU thread. They're a bit old, but here's the relevant extract. 0x3eddd=Changing this byte stops Daros from being talked to. It looks like a recruitment table. The table seems to start at 0x3edd4, and looks like it relates to a similar table at 0x3edc5, controlling recruiters. Studying the debugger shows there is a command converting Daros's enemy ID to his player ID, 0x0F, at 0x3EDF9. That table starts at 0x3edf0. To provide a proper explanation that isn't some three-year-old ramblings... There are three tables that control recruitment, that are all linked together. 0x3EDC5 lists which character initiates the talk. 0x3EDD4 lists which enemy can be talked to. 0x3EDF0 lists which player character to convert the enemy into. In your case, character ID 0x2 (Sheeda) can talk to enemy ID 0x87 (Navarre) to recruit him, converting him to character ID 0x13. There seems to be a fourth table, but I've no idea what it does or if it's even related. I've included the data for reference's sake. I'm fairly sure the 00 at the end of the recruiter data is meant to be a terminator. Recruiter: 02 02 02 02 10 19 0E 01 01 01 02 11 1C 12 00 Enemy ID : BD 87 BF C0 AE BA BE 9E C1 AD C3 C4 C5 B6 Unknown : 0A 0B 0C 0D 0F 10 0E 01 3D 00 53 49 40 18 Player ID: 0D 13 2F 32 08 31 34 1E 29 0F 2E 2D 2C 2A
  6. Once a couple falls in love, that's it. It is impossible to revert this. Levin will always love Sylvia once her name appears on the stat screen. Killing her off will only work if she has not fallen for anyone. Since they're already paired, your only option without using cheats is to load an older save from before Levin fell in love with Sylvia. From there, keep Claude next to her at all times while Levin never stands next to her. Keep Fury and Sylvia apart as well: a secret event gives Levin and Sylvia love points if they stand next to each other in Chapter 4. Ideally, you will get the pairings you desire.
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nj98lsbfgh1mvpr/Genealogy of Tordo.zip?dl=0 I've made a menu patch for Genealogy of Tordo. If anyone discovers any issues, please let me know. Apply patch to headered FE4 rom. (I am aware that the readme images are broken - TheEnd's website went down during patch development and I had only downloaded the text files.)
  8. Bad joke time: Linhardt out, Reinhardt in. And revive Celice. Roster: Dead: Revive:
  9. Mightn't be an actual lord, but close enough: Yuri out, Celice in. Sigurd needs his son.
  10. Sounds like it could be fun. Sigurd in, Cyril out. Running total:
  11. He wouldn't get Dance, it's a class skill, which isn't passed down. Now if he turned into a dancer, that would be another story...
  12. In the aftermath of Christmas and receiving some Cipher boxes for Christmas, I'm updating my lists. The Have list contains blue, black, and white cards. HAVE: WANT: In addition, I have a copy of B22-013SR+ Byleth. I am only willing to trade this for the corresponding B22-003SR+ Sigurd. I am located in Ireland. It would be simpler to trade within the EU, but I am open to discussing things with people worldwide.
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