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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/nj98lsbfgh1mvpr/Genealogy of Tordo.zip?dl=0 I've made a menu patch for Genealogy of Tordo. If anyone discovers any issues, please let me know. Apply patch to headered FE4 rom. (I am aware that the readme images are broken - TheEnd's website went down during patch development and I had only downloaded the text files.)
  2. Bad joke time: Linhardt out, Reinhardt in. And revive Celice. Roster: Dead: Revive:
  3. Mightn't be an actual lord, but close enough: Yuri out, Celice in. Sigurd needs his son.
  4. Bring on the ballistas! Petra out, Jake in.
  5. Sounds like it could be fun. Sigurd in, Cyril out. Running total:
  6. He wouldn't get Dance, it's a class skill, which isn't passed down. Now if he turned into a dancer, that would be another story...
  7. In the aftermath of Christmas and receiving some Cipher boxes for Christmas, I'm updating my lists. The Have list contains blue, black, and white cards. HAVE: WANT: In addition, I have a copy of B22-013SR+ Byleth. I am only willing to trade this for the corresponding B22-003SR+ Sigurd. I am located in Ireland. It would be simpler to trade within the EU, but I am open to discussing things with people worldwide.
  8. I've had a small amount of boxes for a while, but what with the end of Cipher coming around, I figure I should go trading to finish collecting what I want to collect. Note that I am from Ireland and that I can only really deal with EU members. Also, I only want to trade, not buy or sell. HAVE: WANT: Enjoy! Please PM me for any enquiries.
  9. Sety (or Hawk if Fury wasn't paired) comes with a Lightning towards the end of Chapter 8.
  10. Very interesting. Looking at weird unused stuff is always fun. For curiosity's sake, which byte of RAM needs to be modified in order to see these unused places for myself? I'd like to document this on The Cutting Room Floor and other places to spread the word. All credit will be given, of course.
  11. Updated to v1.01, same link as before. Bandits in Episode 2 had their names broken. This has been fixed.
  12. Hi, i would like to know if you have a discord so we can discuss something.

    1. Darrman


      Yeah, I do have an account. I'm on the Serenes server. What's this "something" you want to discuss?

  13. BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Saga Complete Translation In 2006, Fire Emblem 6 got fully translated. In 2008, Fire Emblem 3 got fully translated. In 2009, Fire Emblem 2 got fully translated. In 2011, Fire Emblem 1 got fully translated. In 2012, Fire Emblem 12 got fully translated. In 2016, Fire Emblem 4 got fully translated. In 2019, Fire Emblem 5 got fully translated. And now, in 2020, BS Fire Emblem has been fully translated. This is a complete translation patch for BS Fire Emblem, the Satellaview spinoff of Mystery of the Emblem. The patches translate all elements of all four episodes. Please be aware that the CG images and the voice acting from the original broadcasts cannot be found inside of the BSFE rom. Patching instructions are within the readme. Ensure your BSFE ROMs lack headers. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/69j6r5c6u4064zj/BSFEEng.zip?dl=0 Source: https://github.com/Darrman/BSFETranslation/ Please ask for permission before using any source material. Screenshots:
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