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  1. In the aftermath of Christmas and receiving some Cipher boxes for Christmas, I'm updating my lists. The Have list contains blue, black, and white cards. HAVE: WANT: In addition, I have a copy of B22-013SR+ Byleth. I am only willing to trade this for the corresponding B22-003SR+ Sigurd. I am located in Ireland. It would be simpler to trade within the EU, but I am open to discussing things with people worldwide.
  2. I've had a small amount of boxes for a while, but what with the end of Cipher coming around, I figure I should go trading to finish collecting what I want to collect. Note that I am from Ireland and that I can only really deal with EU members. Also, I only want to trade, not buy or sell. HAVE: WANT: Enjoy! Please PM me for any enquiries.
  3. Sety (or Hawk if Fury wasn't paired) comes with a Lightning towards the end of Chapter 8.
  4. Very interesting. Looking at weird unused stuff is always fun. For curiosity's sake, which byte of RAM needs to be modified in order to see these unused places for myself? I'd like to document this on The Cutting Room Floor and other places to spread the word. All credit will be given, of course.
  5. Updated to v1.01, same link as before. Bandits in Episode 2 had their names broken. This has been fixed.
  6. Hi, i would like to know if you have a discord so we can discuss something.

    1. Darrman


      Yeah, I do have an account. I'm on the Serenes server. What's this "something" you want to discuss?

  7. BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Saga Complete Translation In 2006, Fire Emblem 6 got fully translated. In 2008, Fire Emblem 3 got fully translated. In 2009, Fire Emblem 2 got fully translated. In 2011, Fire Emblem 1 got fully translated. In 2012, Fire Emblem 12 got fully translated. In 2016, Fire Emblem 4 got fully translated. In 2019, Fire Emblem 5 got fully translated. And now, in 2020, BS Fire Emblem has been fully translated. This is a complete translation patch for BS Fire Emblem, the Satellaview spinoff of Mystery of the Emblem. The patches translate all elements of all four episodes. Please be aware that the CG images and the voice acting from the original broadcasts cannot be found inside of the BSFE rom. Patching instructions are within the readme. Ensure your BSFE ROMs lack headers. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/69j6r5c6u4064zj/BSFEEng.zip?dl=0 Source: https://github.com/Darrman/BSFETranslation/ Please ask for permission before using any source material. Screenshots:
  8. This incarnation of the hack is 100% serious. The first version, which I did not post to Serenes, was still 99% serious, and the one joke present there has been removed from this version. It's only an April Fool's hack in so much as it was released on the 1st of April; think of FEIV's yearly updates falling on the 1st of April. The next question is why release on the 1st of April and not any other day of the year; this is because it's a tradition of mine to release something on April Fools. Since you've read my FEU profile, you should have seen an April Fools every year from me since 2016. While the older hacks were humourous jokes, I had just started working on this a few days beforehand and wanted to get a release out. The motivator was the deadline. I wanted to release something on the 1st of April, and I did. This was the v1.0 release. It was alright, but I felt I could do better. So a few months later I set out on comparing the FE3 and FE12 scripts line by line. This revealed that the first patch missed several details, which I have since corrected. I also found out how the narrow font was used, which resolved some issues with abbreviations being in use. With a symbolic date approaching, that of FE12's tenth anniversary, I got back to work. And on that anniversary, I released the updated version of this hack. This version I opted to post to Serenes because I wanted to spread the word: the hack is completely serious. I don't make Serenes threads for joke hacks. In short: It's only April Fools in so much as that was the date of choice, this version is completely serious, I'll clarify my FEU profile description shortly. I hope you enjoy!
  9. So I gave this a spin. The game crashed twice for me. The first crash occurred when I visited the village closest to Chalphy; the portraits loaded but the game froze before dialogue appeared. The second crash happened after Ethlin talked to Sigurd and tried to cast Heal immediately afterwards. Sigurd had just seized Jungby that turn, so I feel that could have something to do with it. In addition, when Midir attacked Gerrard, the standard battle quote played. When I moved another unit in to attack (Azel in my case), the Midir boss quote played. Overall, it was quite accurate to the original FE4 in design. A small oversight: if Sigurd enters Chalphy in the original game, a small cutscene with him and Oifaye plays. This is missing from this version. All and all, I did enjoy myself. Keep it up! I do have to ask though, what were with those stats? Why did Azel have so much defence? Why were all the move values multiplied by ten?
  10. I haven't touched the growth rates; they're quite awkward to modify. See this thread for the technical details.
  11. Why exactly are you hacking FE7? These days, FE8 is the game of choice for most hackers. (I haven't touched FE7 in forever; don't ask me about how to fix seizing. I vaguely remember there being a switch to Eliwood mode patch somewhere...)
  12. It was on FEU, and it was posted by me.
  13. If you're talking about the forum I think you're talking about, then the Darrman there and the Darrman here are the same person. I've just posted the hack on Serenes because I had an update and was taking it more seriously.
  14. FIRE EMBLEM: OLD MYSTERY OF THE EMBLEM Dramatic story inside spoiler: It's the tenth anniversary of FE12's release, and therefore I believe there is no better time to release this hack. Download here! Mystery of the Emblem is the Fire Emblem that set the course of the series for the next seven games. New Mystery of the Emblem did make some beneficial changes, but also made some harmful changes that negatively impact on the game. The primary aims of this patch are twofold. Aim #1: Compare the FE3 and FE12 scripts and restore all details cut out of the remake. Aim #2: Remove all lines of dialogue from Kris, the player self-insert. This applies to the 22 chapters in the original game. All Kris-centred cutscenes in these chapters have also been removed. Several optional patches have also been included. These allow removal of the prologue and gaidens, and the adjustment of gameplay to disable reclass and use the original game's weapon balance. Screenshots: CREDITS: Shouzou Kaga and Intelligent Systems for making the original form of this game. Original FE12 translation by the Heroes of Shadow. Text editing tools by Nintenlord. Hacking for this patch was by Darrman.
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