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  1. I've never cared for minmaxing feather gains since I get enough from playing VGs normally as is. I always choose based on favorites, if only out of principle since there isn't really any significantly different reward between winners and losers. It's, what, a 1500 feather difference on average? You could easily get that from an average full summoning session or two.
  2. I'm not particularly invested in Dragalia, but I like what the collab could mean. Heroes hasn't had any collabs yet, and even though there's nothing of Dragalia coming to Heroes itself (that we know off atm), the fact that Heroes is participating in any collab in the first place is a great sign. Before now, they haven't participated in or received a crossover or event of any kind. The "closest thing" we've gotten so far is the Warriors maps, but the only actual Warriors content we got was the splash art for the maps. Even if we don't end up getting any Dragalia characters in Heroes, it opens up the opportunity for more collabs in the future where we may actually get characters and events from other games or series.
  3. My pride and joy. He really shouldn’t be max merged like this. It was just sheer, beautiful dumb luck. I’m also quite proud of finally being able to finish my Eirika build, but I’m still grinding the SP for it.
  4. For paired accessories: They were already supported before the accessories were released and it turns out that they look great together and also fit really well. As for single favorite, I have not and never will find a better combination. Edit: Whoops on the image sizes. Resizing is such a pain.
  5. A - Altena B - Benny C - Cormag D - Dieck E - Eyvel F - Flavia G - Gilliam H - Heather I - Igrene J - Jake K - Kent L - Louise M - Machyua N - Naga O - Othin P - Python Q - Qaellach R - Ranulf S - Shura T - Tethys U - Uther V - Volug W - Wolt, I guess X - Xane Y - Yarne Z - Zeke
  6. Which is exactly the point. See below Xander doesn't take any strides to help with her behavior because he, for the large part, doesn't see anything wrong with it. Xander himself specifically picked Peri of all people to be his retainer because of how ruthless she was as a fighter. This is Nohr's normal. This is what Xander knows. Obligatory Fates writing complaints aside, Peri might not be the best character, but she is a great allegory of how truly dark Nohr's setting is.
  7. 304/348 unique heroes owned. Unsure about number of non-5 Stars in that group. Been playing since a week after release. Non-f2p (aka, unfortunately not a luckshitter). 324 currently in barracks. I always keep one copy of each 5 Star and at least one copy of any Star rarity of non-5 Stars for eventual promotion. Barracks generally stays pretty clean. Aside from the above, the only extras I keep are 3-4 Stars with good boons/better boons for overwriting. Everything else becomes a manual to save space and the trouble of more scrolling. Regarding feather distribution and inheritance, I'm usually pretty reserved about spending feathers to avoid spur of the moment decisions leaving me devoid of feathers when I need them. All +10 projects remain stagnant until I either have enough feathers to make a couple promotions to get the ball rolling or I have enough copies and feathers to finish it in one fell swoop. 5 Star promotions for inheritance usually isn't prioritized due to the sheer amount of feathers it takes just to promote a unit only to toss them to someone else.
  8. Fliers are my favorite, largely due to the freedom of movement they allow. Having such unrestrained access across all maps is a godsend considering how small the maps are. It's also really fun to troll through kiting and various warping shenanigans. Cavs and Armors are both kind of at the bottom for me. The former is largely because it's lacking in available units in general, especially Axes. The latter would probably rank much higher if Armor March was more accessible. Mobility doesn't have to be top priority all the time, but their limited movement options make it annoying to set up and back out when necessary. All others are ranked about the same, save for Beasts since we only have a select few currently available to us. They all allow for a lot of flexibility, either due to sheer numbers of options (like Infantry) or broader team comps (like Tactics teams).
  9. It's not a matter of whether it's safe now so much as it is a matter of what takes priority. We always have, at the very least, 9 copies available to us after including the numbers for a full +10 merge. But between the fairly slow rate at which we're receiving Grails and the hefty costs per unit the further along you go, it often doesn't feel worth it to prioritize foddering a unit over keeping them for a merge, and this is only taking a single unit into consideration. Just max merging one unit alone can cost upwards of almost 3000 Grails. Add consideration for foddering into the mix and the costs are too high to justify wanting to waste that much of such a rare resource on a simple fodder. If the rate at which we received Grails were higher OR the cumulative costs were reduced than it might be worth considering fodder material over merge material, but because BOTH factors are currently working against you, it doesn't.
  10. Now obviously the Heroic Ordeals haven't been added yet, so any guesses about its features would be pure speculation at this point, but a couple of its features open an opportunity for something Heroes can do, but I'm not convinced it will: One thing Heroes has missed is the chance to do is what I'm sure many people have wanted to get out of the game: getting to experience characters, both new and old, for vets and newbies alike. Unfortunately, it hasn't provided as much character building as (presumably) most people were hoping. All we have is a short blurb under their name and a small handful of voiced clips. That's it. Perhaps my problem is that I frequently find myself comparing Heroes to other games with a similar format (i.e. gacha), not too find superiority of any game over another, but as a point of reference for comments and criticisms. One feature that's often seen is a character story, unlocked when you own the character's unit, and typically requiring some kind of support bond or unit level to unlock. It doesn't always have to be a doorstopper; some nice little exposition on a character's backstory would suffice. Sadly, this is something Heroes is missing and it's something it could really benefit from. Which is where Heroic Ordeals come in. What we know so far: 1) Unlocking an Ordeal requires owning the related Hero 2) The battles in each Ordeal are specifically tailored toward the related Hero 3) They give out Dragon Flowers as rewards Going by the previous statements, its features follow the pattern of typical character stories and would open up the opportunity to provide the character building the game has been lacking in. The question is if we're going to be getting anything like that out of this new mode. The short explanation of it in the latest FEH Channel, along with the corresponding notification, doesn't seem to imply that there will be anything other than battle(s) involved, which seems like, well, a missed opportunity. Thoughts?
  11. Legendary Ephraim's intro banner was (possibly) the worst luck I've had on any banner. Among the few good results was a +Spd, -Hp Summer Corrin. As a collector, my initial reaction was more "cool, got another Hero" and less "hey, she's a pretty cool unit," but on a whim I decided to give her a Bladetome and put her on a Flier team I threw together. I had never tried making a movement-type based team before, but Corrin, along with a recent off focus Hinoka pull gave me the motivation to try one out. Flier Emblem turned to be really fun to use and is my most used team composition outside of my main team. I'm not sure if I could say they're still MVPs to this day, mostly because my Flier teams vary based on necessity, but I still get good use out of them and they still have a fond spot as the unwitting catalysts for branching out in my playstyle.
  12. Ooh boy. Whether a list of 5, 20 or 100, I don't think I could pick specifics either way but I'd say a majority of my favorites are in. Of those who aren't in yet but would likely be up there on the list would be Jill, Altena, Python and Shura.
  13. Understandable. In this case, it seems the designs are merely victims of FE's more modern decorated visual choices. Echoes stands out, as it did a good job with providing its atmosphere without being overly flashy, though I imagine that's due to it wanting to keep the more classic feel of Gaiden.
  14. Poor wording on my part. I meant more about the setting than the visuals itself, as the designs are still quite stylized, but it's different than what we usually see. It's not yet another king of some stone castle, or two armies, clad in metallic armor, clashing in some open field or gratuitous dragons. We're literally dealing with the world of the dead. It sets a different mood than the series is used to seeing, more along the lines of Jugdral, albeit less Grimdark and more Punk. It's a tone that the Jugdral duology did well, but afterwards it never stuck around as a front and center theme. Though I have concerns that the story will be Grimdark lite, it's an underexplored tone that I'm glad to see them returning to, however short or long its stay may be.
  15. I never liked the mindset that automatically dismisses death metal, or other similar sounding music, in atypical environments in a series and the like as "emo phase teenager crap." Doing so only serves to generalize the genre and eliminates the notion that it can leave any genuine impact. Honestly, it's a welcome change from the usual medieval fantasy aesthetic (see also: Fates). Not sure if I'd want this kind of music to be a regular occurrence, though. It fits the theme of the new Book, but it's not something that would fit the series on a larger scale, that is unless it fit the game's central environment or was otherwise used in a context where it made sense.
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