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  1. Yay! Do you know if it's a boy or a girl, or is it too early to tell?
  2. Hey, congrats! Zelgius is still pretty good, even with my curse.
  3. I took this before, and it gave me Lysithea. I had honestly expected Annette, but I suppose it fits.
  4. They can save a lot of money on special effects if the singers just use magic.
  5. Very nice music there. The chibi art style is pretty cute there, as well!
  6. Are you playing on Classic? Casual is a lot more forgiving if you're worried about losing units, especially on a first playthrough.
  7. This has always really bugged me about Nintendo. I like plenty of save slots and the ability to make back-ups of them, which they make nigh-impossible for you to do. There are 4 routes in this game, and New Game Plua data takes up a slot. I have erasing old save data, but if I want to go back and say, replay Blue Lions route on Maddening Difficulty, I"m not going to have any open save slots. Hopefully DLC will give us a few extra slots.
  8. As a former server, I can tell you no one actually claims 100% of their tips. It's usually that you declare 10% of whatever your sales were and keep the extra.
  9. I have never heard the expression nose bike before, that's a new one.
  10. Thanks, I thought that was probably the case, but wasn't totally sure.
  11. For fishing, does anybody know if the fish is decided once you cast or do you get better fish if you chain combos?
  12. As someone with glasses, I have heard 4 eyes, so this is the logical conclusion.
  13. I was just being silly, but yeah, three tiers is more than enough. I'd say even two tiers would be fine since it's mostly Mounted units and maybe Gremory vs non Mounted Units.
  14. Ah, that's a first, saw that my post had been linked and wasn't sure what the context was. Too bad necromancy is against the rules, or they could have just posted there.
  15. Surprised more people aren't putting Bow Knight in Uber. Every physical unit I have either winds up as a Bow Knight or Flier, there's little reason ever not to. I'd say Bow Knight is almost Anything Goes Tier.
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