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  1. Welcome, PoR is definitely one of my favorites as well. I'm currently working on FE5, since they released the new translation, which is the last one I had left to complete.
  2. Bold of you to assume anybody will demote next month. It will probably be a 3 Houses banner, and I'd be surprised if they let anybody demote there.
  3. Don't hold your breath. Since they started doing this monthly holiday Tempest thing, we've gotten only 2 free guys and 7 girls, 8 if you count Baby Azura. The main Lords have a real dearth of seasonal alts. I'm not a big fan of seasonals to begin with, but you'd think we'd see more of Ike, Hector, Marth, etc on them. Gunnthra and the Fire Sisters have twice as many seasonal alts as each of the three main lords I mentioned, which just doesn't seem right.
  4. I'm getting really annoyed at the constant overwhelming female to male ratio, especially in the seasonal banners. We get 4 freaking girls, and only one guy, and the lone guy isn't even good eye candy. Why do the OCs need more alts, when they already had New Year's alts? I feel like I'm beating a dead horse, but this just keeps getting worse and worse.
  5. Yeah, mine is merged, I also gave her the Null C-Disrupt skill to counter Firesweep and Dazzling weapons. She's also +10 Dragon Flowered, which helps.
  6. Do we know if the score rewards will reset between rounds? I haven't used any stamina axes yet, but manged to max out my score. This mode is pretty fun, but I still wish they didn't have to nix Grand Conquests to do it. Why can't we have both?
  7. I had a decent start to my run this week. I missed a couple Aether pots, but only lost I want to say one or two units in my 5 matches. Having Water and Wind week is my favorite, since it lets me run Fjorm, Gunnthra, and/or Hrid, who are the Legendaries I've built up the most. I wonder if they've been making an effort for the seasons to line up with the legendaries, since I think it's been water season for the whole stretch of Fjorm being a bonus unit this time.
  8. Hi 1: What are your first/current impressions of Rezzy? 2: Aspirations in life? 3: Opinion on kids, and do you plan to have any? 4: What is a movie, video game, etc that you like that everyone else hates? 5: What is a movie, video game, etc that you hate that everyone else likes?
  9. You'd think Luigi would know better by now to get these mansions checked about first, since they always turn out to be haunted. With the amount of coins he gets on his adventures, he can afford it.
  10. I managed to beat this one with Celica plus 3 Dancers. Savage Blow plus Brazen is a nice combo.
  11. If it's their banner, they can't really be pitybreakers.
  12. Congrats, I wish they made it so seasonals could be pity breakers on seasonal banners. It's really annoying that over half the units that get added are limited.
  13. I like it. It actually gives me a chance to use all the units I built up.
  14. Why'd they have to get rid of Grand Conquests? That was my favorite mode.
  15. I had a great start today until the very last match. I had 5 (I think) flawless matches with no deaths and smashing both pots. Fjorm being a bonus unit on water week is very nice. I accidentally overextended on my last, 6th match and lost two units, but I'm sitting at 11,898 lift now and rank 100 with no ladders used yet. I lost full (or as full as it can be with the bonus) Lift from Defense loss, but that's just 40, and I haven't put any effort into my defense team other than minimizing the score loss. I'm too tired to do AA or ABs today, but getting a good start here makes me feel a lot better about the week. It looks like water will still be in season, and I hope so, because after putting the effort into building Fjorm, I want to use her as much as I can.
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