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  1. I did the last CQ, but it was pretty hard for me
  2. I'm down to about 10 Gold Fruits, but I might just keep grinding for now. I def need Bones and Fangs, but I don't know if I'll actually have time to grind around Christmas much. It seems like I always have less free time around then.
  3. If anyone wants me to stick the damage CE on my Cu, or anyone else, let me know. I've been putting off the challenge quests, so I should get to that. I have Waver and Skadi, but no Merlin or Jeanne. I tried going for Jeanne back in her banner way back when, but no luck there.
  4. I finally managed to get my own Cu to 90 with lotto embers. I've put off doing the challenge quests, but I might try to hit them tomorrow.
  5. Nice, Congrats! Forgot to mention, but while I got no focus units, I did get pitybroken several times by regular Mareeta, Lion King, regular Edelgard, and Kiria, of which Mareeta and Kiria were new for me,
  6. Sorry to hear I cursed you. I used all my orbs and only got Illyana of the focus units at 4*. Thank God for sparking, though, because at least I got Jill. Now I need to use my fruit to make her -Atk.
  7. I'm grinding with Dantes, Double Skadi, trying to do burgers first, since I could use the extra caster gems. Seems my Waver and Skadi are popular supports.
  8. I'm ready. Wish there wasn't maintenance, so I could get started tonight, but I got my Dantes ready.
  9. Seems like a lot of people are lucky this banner. I've seen both the focus units popping up on a lot of people's support lists.
  10. Yeah, plus, with the exception of Berserker, there's a 3* bonus unit, so most people should have one, plus Mash, and the CEs are in the general pool, so I had tons of those saved. I think this is one of my favorite events, story wise, too.
  11. Ooh, nice, I'd love to +10 him, but I have no luck with Legendary banners
  12. Congrats! I tried for Iskandar with my tickets, didn't get him, but I did get Kiritsugu and Diarmuid.
  13. I guess they're going for CYL4 winners and people who kinda are similar? But I have no idea how Claude is like Takumi, other than they both wield bows, and the only one that I can really see fitting well is Dmitri and Berkut. I'll probably go with my boy, Dmitri, since I'm a Blue Lions fan girl, but if he loses, not sure who next, maybe Claude.
  14. Got my updated Support list, finally getting some decent skill levels
  15. I think I'll throw my tickets at this banner, but I need to save my Quartz for Gil.
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