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  1. I'd just like to see a male pair for a change. Seems every single one's always two girls.
  2. I got a double SSR on the GSSR this weekend, Ivan the Terrible and Okita Alter. Okita is NP2 for me, which will help a lot with mixed node farming and Ivan is new, but kinda redundant since I have Drake, Achilles, and Iskandar already. I used my tickets and a 10 pull trying to get another Hassan or Caster Gil, but got nada, and am going to quit while I'm ahead and wait for the summer banners, especially Merlin.
  3. I'd much rather the OCs come on their own banner, taking a seasonal slot preferably, or be Legendary like they used to be.
  4. They should really cut back on the seasonal banners, but they're really hellbent on having one every single month, so 50% of our banners are "special" banners, which makes them not really special anymore. Then you have the things like CYL and Fallen Heroes, which take up slots that could otherwise go to adding actual new units.
  5. This is probably my biggest complaint. I find excessive gender bending annoying, for Loki, it kinda makes sense, since he was a trickster shapeshifter in mythology, but for gods like Thor, it's just pandering.
  6. I think this is mostly due to the OCs overwhelmingly being female, which I find somewhat annoying. It seems you can count all the male OCs on one hand.
  7. Letting knives be 1-2 range would help a little, and I like the idea of knives not getting counter attacked on player phase.
  8. It's kind of funny considering PoR really has some of the most limited Staff options, since usually, pretty much every tome user gets staves eventually, and there's usually a prepromote or two that you can use as a staff bot, but with PoR, there's just Rhys and Mist, then Elincia near almost the end of the game. You have 3 mages that can get them upon promotion, assuming you go that route, but the two sages both come with knives.
  9. I'm surprised they made the Ganeshas Berserkers and not Moon Cancers. It would have been kinda interesting to see them as MCs, since you pretty much never see them pop up.
  10. I'd probably go Heracles from those options I was kinda busy on Thursday and Friday, so only really got to grind hard on Saturday, ending up killing him close to 300 times or so altogether, used my QP as fast as I could get it. I managed to finally 10/10/10 my whole support list, which feels nice, but I am once again in QP Hell and only have one Lore left.
  11. about 270 SQ got me NP2 Reines NP2 Luvia Sherezade d'Eon Smol Medusa Kscope MLB of the Flat and Sven and Gray CEs, only one copy of the Waver CE
  12. Nice outfit, is that a cosplay of anyone in particular?
  13. Guda 3 is my first rerun, kinda nice to have all the CEs from last time and a fully leveled Ryouma and Okita Alter to use.
  14. Saber and Rin Where can I get this Bluray? Not seeing it on amazon
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