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  1. One week ago, a friend of mine killed herself. I still hope that I'll wake up, and this will all have just been a nightmare, but it's reality. Making it all the harder was that this was her second attempt. The first time was back in November, I was talking to her as she tried to OD and asphyxiate herself, but 911 was called, and she was saved. She got home from the hospital, and it seemed like things were going better again. Once again, we were talking almost every day, and she was talking about moving out of South Carolina, and maybe the possibility of meeting up IRL. Just the night before, we had been talking on Discord as usual, but then, they next day I heard that she was dead. She didn't reach out to anybody a second time.
  2. 2014 and 2016, so I guess Leo is Gen Z. I don't know how I feel about having a child in the same generation as half the people on the forum here.
  3. I've got too many too count. The two most prominent examples are my children, Leo and Est. My first and middle names have no exact matches, but come close.
  4. That's not usually a great time to do it for me, since that's my groggy time where I just do the things that don't require thought.
  5. I have the opposite problem, I'm too tall for some things and finding shoes my size is a pain.
  6. You have a pretty voice, and I love your dress.
  7. Why does Mjollnirs strike only last one day? I've completely missed it twice due to only lasting one day and not having a quest to remind me it hasn't been done
  8. Yesterday, 3rd post from the bottom.
  9. Being a trans woman who doesn't follow the preconceived notion of what trans people are supposed to believe will get people attacking you and calling you a traitor or worse. What do you mean?
  10. Ironically, I'm considered right by some. I'm a libertarian. The problem with the Right is that many will take crappy stuff some trans people do to bash on ALL trans people, which makes it not surprising that many get driven to the left. I'm a pretty independent thinker, but when one side tells you you're an abomination, it takes a strong character to not dismiss everything they say out of hand. Wanting to see what one side thinks, and then seeing them rant about the trannies is somewhat disheartening.
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