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  1. Congrats, must be nice when the one you want is the 4*.
  2. I'm only in Shinjuku right now, and it had the Avenger boss. BB is always nice, I don't have her (I think I started right after her event, maybe?), so it's rough whenever an avenger comes up, and not many people ever put her on support. Heading to work soon, but I'm going to try to finish it off tonight.
  3. Yep, it is pretty fitting! I've got my Sherlock almost maxed now, but leveling skills is tough. It's fun getting both of them, since I loved the Sherlock Holmes stories as a kid. I'm trying to power through the EoR chapters now, I'll go back and read the story, but I'm a little pressed for time, now.
  4. Cool, congrats! Still waiting on my first Bond 10, Cu being the closest right now. Nice character, too. I don't have him, but he's fun to borrow from friends, especially since my own Assassin roster is rather barren.
  5. I got Moriarty for my GSSR. He's not Gilgamesh, but he's my first 5* archer, so I can't complain. I got off banner Achilles and managed to get Skadi as well. I have a lot of grinding to do now. https://imgur.com/ijcqTZ2
  6. I turn 34 this month, am I old?
  7. I don't have of those now, but in time, I should have Anastasia and Okita Alter at least.
  8. So we don't risk the ire of eclipse, feel free to DM me, if you want to know anything in the area of SRS or transgender medical treatments.
  9. Happy Canada Day, Canadian Peeps
  10. There is SRS, which isn't exactly removing the genitals, but may be what you're thinking of, without getting too graphic.
  11. Fear of accidental gayness is a pretty common fear among men. Part of it might be societal pressure to be manly. A poll found like 97% of straight men would not want to date a trans woman. In regards to your other point, I feel it's best to tell the person you're trans before doing anything intimate. Partially because keeping something like that secret could cause trust issues if they find out later, and also for one's own personal safety. There are lots of stories of men getting violent if they feel they've been tricked into having sex with another man.
  12. @Alexmender ooh, congrats on your off banner Assassin! Anastasia is the only non rate up 5* I've gotten so far.
  13. The classes I'm missing SSRs for are Archer, Lancer, Assassin, Berserker, Moon Cancer, Avenger, Foreigner, and Berserker, so I've got quite a few open roles, still. I've only played since January, though.
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