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  1. Guda 3 is my first rerun, kinda nice to have all the CEs from last time and a fully leveled Ryouma and Okita Alter to use.
  2. Saber and Rin Where can I get this Bluray? Not seeing it on amazon
  3. Dantes earned his keep in this CQ. https://youtu.be/sPZ9VrvsWBo
  4. Congrats, after trying to see if I could 3 turn it with mega buffs failed, I managed it with a team of Waver, Mash, d'Eon, Lanling, Cu Alter, and a support Jeanne. I had to blow my command seals, because I made a stupid mistake and used Lanling's NP forgetting that it decreased charge by one, which made me waste Jeanne's NP and die, but apart from that snag, my team worked pretty well. Also, how were you managing to get full NP on a single Arts card?
  5. Can't tag you because backwards R, but looking nice on both accounts.
  6. I managed to do the Challenge Quest on the first try. I had Dantes/Double Skadi take out the first wave of monkeys, then Cu Alter/Emiya Alter/Gil finish off Beni. If I had to do it again, I probably would have brought someone with debuff clear and/or sure hit, because she would go several turns in a row with evades and NP seals to prevent me from getting an NP off, so it just became a question if I would ever get a turn where one or the other wasn't up. It was closer than I thought it would be, but I got the last turn here.
  7. I finally had some luck on the CE drops and have gotten to about 130 boxes. I've only got a few gold apples and I'm not sure how much time I'll have tomorrow, but I'll try to squeeze a few more in if I can. I seriously need pieces and monuments now, though. I've hit roadblocks for ascending dozens of servants now, but at least I have most of the servants leveled that I really wanted to.
  8. I'm on box 70, and I still haven't gotten enough CE drops to MLB it without losing towels per run, let alone gain them. The RNG gods hate me.
  9. I'm on box 52 and still haven't managed to get enough CEs without losing tickets per run, let alone gain additional.
  10. Coming in with a team of mythicals when the agreement was "no legendaries" seems to go against the spirit of the agreement, if not the letter.
  11. I rolled 3 ten-pulls on the banner and got NP2 Martha Ruler, which is who I wanted, so I'm happy. I tried to get some extra CEs from the FP gacha but used 200K FP and didn't get a single extra copy of the event CE. I guess once I get more ticket CEs, it won't be a big deal, but I'm a bit salty about that. I'm glad bones are in this lotto, because I need like a million of them.
  12. That's my plan. I just got Erishkegal, so that hole is filled for me, but getting an extra event CE of two makes farming a lot more bearable.
  13. I finished Lostbelt 3 today. I think it's my favorite of the Lostbelts so far.
  14. I also gave my lantern to Waver. I use him almost every map in story mode, so not wasting bond is nice. I got spooked by Tamamo a while back, so running both of them for support for an Arts servant is really fun. Too bad Arts seems to be my lowest amount of gold servants I have. Anastasia, MHXX, and Sitonai certainly like it though.
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