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  1. Bramimond, in response to Arcanite: Why wouldn't we need colorless times! 👌
  2. Today's the first time I've heard of Limstella being anything but female. 🤔
  3. Since Limstella's a morph and basically a puppet, I'm not sure if she has a gender identity at all in the traditional sense.
  4. I remember wondering if they'd make her a staff for her original appearance. Being a sword isn't quite as saturated, but I wish they'd start making some of the lance fliers staves, if possible.
  5. It seems that the gender is in question only when it's one sex pretending to be the other, like Lucina or where the person has no sense of self, like Bramimond.
  6. Where do they list the characters' gender in FEH? I don't think I've ever noticed before.
  7. TA could use a buff, it's been underwhelming as a skill for a while now
  8. I'm not non-binary either, but I am transgender. I think he just has no real sense of self at all, and it has nothing to do with gender.
  9. I don't think so I'll probably go for him, but I have bad luck with 8% banners. Surprised we got him before Athos
  10. @SatsumaFSoysoy very nice clear! I always love seeing horses! Yeah, Leo had to carry the weight this time.
  11. McSilas grinding? What do you mean? Yeah, it's always fun to use horses, when IS has made it very clear it doesn't want people using them in GHBs and BHBs. I wish they had demoted Leo so I could +10 him.
  12. Yeah, I tried using them, but it didn't work. 😛 Leo had to cover the Rezzy rep.
  13. Trenches? Rezzy doesn't care about no stinking trenches.
  14. I'm MTF, so I'm going in the opposite direction.
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