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  1. Too much to repl6 to I have narcolepsy also the guy who knows all the rules that’s ompressive Thanks everyone you. Guys are champions
  2. to this place… it used to be so alive… so robust… where is everyone…….
  3. I’m only here out of desperation
  4. understood, i will be taking lysithea into warlock for sure then, just probably not master it (unless...?) war cleric?? say less. i have been DYING for a chance to try war cleric but i did not know where to begin thanks for all the help guys , im finally done and i feel so organized for the first time in my life!!
  5. all right, made some more changes purple = i may or may not go into these classes, i want to see how the timing of everything goes bottom are extra skills i'll have the characters get by mastering another class decided to keep dimitri as lord instead of a different intermediate class bc if im going to master archery as well, i think lord has the same growths but better if im understanding how growths work properly that is. if he is a lord first and then an archer it may be the same result in the end (?) that kind of makes more sense as im writing this. oh well i'll be doing both regardless i think the st. cethleann statue makes class mastery faster so i will be investing in that too as for the 12 characters needed... ur so right. i spent time on a whole spreadsheet but didn't count to 12 properly. i'll either do constance or anna. thoughts or ideas? i think the next update will be the finalized one. almost there (this one might have more mistakes than the others because i didnt double check it)
  6. hello everyone! thanks so much for the responses. i read all of them to the best of my ability and this is what I've come up with now. i've decided to drop constance i'm trying to understand growth rates, abilities, etc., so i appreciate your patience yellow = unsure, green = i think that's good, red = i am lost!!! as usual feel free to comment on any glaringly obvious flaws or even small things you personally believe would be better i did try to look for growth rates on the wikipedia but they were not there, so most of my decisions are based on the mastery ability, if anyone is perplexed by my thought process. i also read somewhere that bernadetta has bad strength growths, and i don't know if sniper would make that worse. please advise!
  7. maddening, not NG+ blue lions route basically im doing a playthrough with characters i personally like and im trying to decide on classes, leveling routes, etc the main person i'm stuck on is bernadetta, since i want to have at least one archer. HOWEVER, i did some research and it only left me more indecisive, i read things about falcon knight, etc. you'll also notice a lack of a dancer here. might fuck around and not have 1 again! maybe ill just give the avo+20 to felix? if anyone has any skills they suggest, or leveling up/growth routes for certain units, i would love to hear it. if you think my lineup is totally degenerate feel free to say that as well, i wont get offended, but i would really like to keep it something like this we ken also talk on discord if u prefer byleth - badonkadonks. ive been thinking of making her a mage killer. like an ingrid substitute. not sure if that's possible dedue - warmaster* dimitri - whatever unique class he gets in pt 2 i'd like to keep** yuri - trickster sylvain - wyvern lord*, *** felix - swordmaster* ashe - worthless femboy loli APPLICATION DENIED bernadetta - genuinely can't decide lysithea - valkyrie**** constance - dark flier marianne - holy knight mercedes - bishop hapi - gremory (i'd love a lot of advice on her since i adore her) *i should get these people death blow right? is there anyone else i should add to this list? **i like this class so even if it's not optimal i just kind of want to keep it ***regarding the thing with leveling up in cavalry classes reducing speed growths, what path should he take instead? recommended abilities for him? ****lowkey just wanted to do something new here.
  8. hey not sure where to ask but do we have the 3d assets yet, I wanna edit some models
  9. well none of these bra options seem normal to me, if underwire is that annoying af one with the wire that hurts like hell, i dont wear it i dont wear pushup (i own one or two of these though) and i dont wear sports bras??? ugly stupid dumb dumb and i dont think i wear briefs...same w/ boyshorts
  10. no ones ever promised me anything important so ive never cared
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