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  1. Yes, Lucille definitely needed someone to talk to after what happened.. and Gabriela was complicit in making her feel this way in the first place. An apology was in order. But first, time to clean up, and do a trial run of the new tome she had obtained from Tenna. Gabriela moves to 3-22 and casts her spell Aquinas on the Knight.
  2. The way Lucille cast her spell towards Naomi, the gruesome way Naomi went down in flames. It was a scary sight, that's for sure. And Lucille... she must have been keeping a lot in, and to explode in the way she did towards Gabriela earlier and then, when she killed Naomi? No, this certainly wasn't easy on her. Gabriela had been too harsh on her, she could see that. Besides, who was the siren to talk about cowardice, anyway? Gabriela flies to 1,23 and uses her lightning spell on myrmidon 8.
  3. The siren was taken aback by the harsh response from Lucille. Perhaps she had gone a little too far.. ''Oh... I'm sorry, that was insensitive of me. Please, forget I said anything.'' Riling her up was one thing, but making her angry, seemingly almost distraught was certainly not her intention. This would have to be talked out... but later. They were in quite the sticky situation, and if she didn't drink a vulnerary now, she wouldn't be getting a chance to talk to her at all after. Gabriela heads to 1,21, and drinks a vulnerary, preparing for the worst.
  4. Could also be due to landslides in Atami killing many and causing a lot of people in Japan to evacuate and 20 people are still missing. They usually delay trailers when natural disasters such as this happen.
  5. While Gabriela could certainly handle a dragonrider or two, she still took quite a beating, and it was starting to show. But unfortunately, she had no chance to fall back and heal, as she quickly found that a group of Pegasus knights. Lucille seemed to still be fine taking out a dragonknight, so perhaps she knew them? ''Those pegasus knights.. they wouldn't happen to be friends of yours, are they? Perhaps you could speak with them, get them to fly elsewhere?'' not really expecting a friendly response, the wounded siren decided to vanquish another wyvern knight, the persistent humans. Gabriela to 1,24 to unleash lightning on Draco 8.
  6. I think they still have more than enough female characters to get through Echoes banners, they could even pull alts if they had to. Or of course go with more obscure characters like... Irma?
  7. The pegasus knight seemed to, rather foolishly, charge in with all her might. She could sense Lucille's desires to prove herself, or perhaps just to make the siren jealous. Truly... what a child. Regardless, she was dealing quite some damage with her thunder magic. ''Not bad, your magic is quite powerful. But I would stand back if I were you if you don't want to get torn to shreds by these flying lizards. Time to show you how I fight!'' Gabriela flies over to 2,21 and clutches on tight to her shield.
  8. Ah, you're referring to Jeanne. I would kinda like her but I doubt she'll get in, maybe not ever due to them being replacement characters. I think Shanna and Juno are likely in which case Zelot is probably here too.
  9. A flying threat was approaching. Were those... dragons?! The enemy was certainly pulling out the big bucks. And to make matters worse, they stood between the group of 4 and the back door of the fort. It appeared that between the 4 of them, Gabriela and Jade were best suited to hold the line. ''It appears i've no choice then. I've been taking a lot of steel recently, so having some of my own will hopefully help me defend on the front lines, thank you for the shield.'' She smiles sweetly as she takes the shield from Jade and does her best to equip it. It was certainly heavier than expected, but it would have to do. Gabby flies to 1,18 and takes Lavinia from Jade, then drops her to 1,17.
  10. If there is a mythic hero on the banner this would be a perfect way to get the remaining TMS characters into this game. Make it happen IS Though i'm not expecting it.
  11. It could also be a flowergirl or ringbearer without the characters themselves being bride or groom.
  12. Gabriela was hoping she and Lucille could somehow work together for this battle, but it seems like that wasn't happening. Luckily she had someone else to turn to. ''Jade, could I ask you for a favour? I'd like to be an extra guest on your carriage, as Lucille seems to not want to be near me after that altercation happened earlier.'' Gabby moves to 9,8.
  13. Roguelikes for the most part, and any other game that is infamous for being 'Very difficult.' Call me a noob all you like, but fast-paced games that are very difficult aren't my speed and will only make me frustrated. Even if Hades's character designs make me want to try it out so bad.
  14. JRPG's certainly, though some can turn me off because they simply look pretty complicated. I also really enjoy Visual Novels, Horror, Point and Click and other type of Mystery games.
  15. Lucille, the human on the pegasus, appeared to fly off without giving Gabriela a second thought. She was thd type to hold grudges, was she? Fine, even if the siren couldn't fly as fast as a pegasus, perhaps she could still make it. And maybe Jade would be willing to assist. Gabby flies to 9,7.
  16. Poor Merric and L'Arachel, two characters I would have happily voted for! Guess i'll go with Minerva instead.
  17. In Search of the Truth -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, the day of reckoning was here, then? The fort didn't exactly look at what Gabriela had expected, but it's not like she was a frequent visitor to places like this. Even at the young age of 92 could she learn more about Vaia, how thrilling! Though, this wasn't exactly a sightseeing mission... it would be time to battle once again. But with her new Aquinas tome, she would hopefully be able to make short work of these monsters! She heard the hero's request loud and clear. ''Sure thing, Rina! You be careful now, okay?'' truth to be told, the siren couldn't help but be more concerned for Tally. She would have to talk to her later.. Gabriela flies over to 12,5, preparing to take the rear entrance of the fort.
  18. Not only that, from what I could find, Ryunosuke, Susato and Asogi all have Japanese voice actors as well. I quite like that. About Sherlock Holmes and the whole copyright fiasco. While it's true Sherlock Holmes is pretty much public domain everywhere, the same doesn't go for his stories. The Conan Doyle Estate is notoriously strict with their copyright and has actually been sued for it before. To kind of 'get around' the public domain of Sherlock Holmes's name, they consider some of his traits that are characterized in his stories that are still under copyright, not public domain yet. The main thing is Sherlock Holmes's friendly nature, which wasn't really explored much in earlier novels as far as I am aware. Basically, it's a very slippery slope and they are better off just renaming the character entirely, hence Herlock Sholmes.
  19. After years of waiting, The Great Ace Attorney will finally be released outside of Japan on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Steam! The game will contain both The Great Ace Attorney 1 & 2, AND lots of bonus content, as well as an art Gallery, a place to view Music, including some bonus music if you order the game early! There is also a story mode, where the game plays itself, so you can view the story without having to do anything yourself! The official weapon has more details, the link is here: https://www.ace-attorney.com/great1-2/ What do you guys think? Will you be getting the game? I for one certainly will, and I will have my eye out for when pre-orders begin!
  20. It was actually announced yesterday on twitter. Anyway, the direct was good! One of my friends was really hoping there would be information about Silksong, but unfortunately not. However, some of these games do seem pretty solid! I like the game they showed at the beginning, the artstyle was fantastic.
  21. I respectfully disagree. The games are certainly good and still hold up to some degree, but I don't think releasing the games in their current state would be all that attractive for new fans to give them a go. For one, the graphics really do not hold up very well at all. The models look well.. old. Because that's what they are. The sprites are nice yeah, but I don't see they would be replaced? They look nice so they wouldn't really need to be replaced, and even the newest Fire Emblem game has sprites, though they are smaller. Also, the game has no voice acting aside from cutscenes and... we don't talk about that voice acting. It would really need to be replaced because that just doesn't wash in this day and age when voice acting can easily be good. Radiant Dawn especially could use some reworking in some aspects. One, give the game actual support conversations do the new characters actually receive more characterization! (And for PoR, make supports unlimited and maybe add some more). Second, and this is entirely a personal issue and might be controversial, but let us get all the secret 2nd playthrough conditional stuff be unlocked on the first playthrough. One of my biggest issues with Three Houses and a surprising big amount of the series is that you need to replay the games to get every juicy detail and get the full story. (The GBA games and Three Houses are the biggest examples of this!) Why do I have to play the game twice and do some things that I would need to look up in a guide to even know it is a thing to get not only two completely new characters to use, albeit one of them is only available on the final map, and even important scenes in the story!? I'm just so annoyed they lock important things like this behind second playthroughs or limited supports, or even worse, obscure things you need to do which a normal player can't possibily know without looking it up in some guide. This could also be a decent opportunity to add some extra stuff to the games that would just benefit it. Full Voice acting would just improve the presentation and make the game much more attractive to pick up, and the addition of Casual Mode is very important and many players who would otherwise play the game, wouldn't play it since the concept of permadeath is just too daunting or exhausting to deal with. However, I do agree with you that other games need remakes MORE, and I would latter see them complete the Japan-exclusive games. And I want them to do something with Archanea again. They deserve better, especially since the latter of the two remakes didn't even come to the west, and yes I'm still salty about that. Edit: I can't believe I forgot to mention this but please make the game faster/give the game a speedup button. Holy crap the games are so slow Pokémon Diamond and Pearl look fast in comparison.
  22. How are people expecting Famicom Detective to be showcased? The games release in May, and E3 is in June.
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