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  1. i miss u natemare ur the best

  2. This is fair. I'd say more but it might influence the game, so I'll leave it at that until postgame. Good luck everyone.
  3. I'm subbed out, but I have permission to post this. Bolded: I don't really understand the first part. How is a pre-conceived notion not a logical failing? The second part I can see how it can be read that way, but it wasn't my intention so sorry about that. What I'm saying there is that it feels like withholding from comments like the things I said (which honestly seemed completely innocuous to me) feels stifling, and I don't think that's a productive way to do things. The other quotes: the first one is just me giving up. Again it wasn't my intent to AtE you or anyone, but sorry if it came across that way. The other two I thought were obvious as jokes. By the way, Mack hasn't read the thread so give him some time to catch up. I've given him a summary, but still.
  4. It was just how I had it in my mind at the time. Like I said, I hadn't read my role PM in a while. Is this second point addressed to me? If so, you can tell me what it's about whenever you feel interested in addressing it.
  5. Same man, but apparently that makes me scum, so you're my scum buddy now. Sorry Refa.
  6. You seemed townish to me, so I wanted to protect you in case any negative actions were targetted at you. @Refa
  7. I didn't "miss" it, I just hadn't read my role PM in a while. But sure, go ahead and vote me.
  8. @Snike Whoever has the role will understand, but basically I have a two-way, private conversation open with one other player here, who shall go unnamed. And yes @ your second post. The flavour is something about Marth being unlucky and Marth Isn't Allowed To Have Fun. I'm too lazy to address them directly by quotes, but the cases on me are I think pretty weak as far as scum reading goes (advocates so far: kirsche, Shinori, athena, Via, kindasorta Snike). They're legitimate in terms of play style criticism because I haven't been putting as much effort as I should have (and I haven't played in a long time; I only have one effort game under my belt), but otherwise it's just low hanging fruit. It feels like a lot of them are being informed by pre-conceived notions (on the fence = absolute scum) and other such oddities (am I not allowed to voice concerns about Snike or that I'm hopeful for a scum lynch? Perhaps it's not how it usually goes around here, but I think it's strange to use that as a crutch for a scum read). I feel like we're blowing this way out of proportion here, and there are bigger concerns we should be looking into instead. ##Vote: Junko I'm falling back on this until there's something better to be had.
  9. I'm being subbed out, but I'll let you all know that I'm actually Marth @Vi-astra the Town Martyr. Last night I targetted Refa and got a walkie talkie.
  10. You seem a little over-eager to push the Bartozio lynch, Snike. I know we'll need a lynch by the end of the day, but it's making me a bit uneasy.
  11. If I had to say, I'm less bothered by athena for gut reasons (though the cases against him remain relevant, so it's not that I'm not bothered at all), and Bart's roleclaim makes me more suspicious than athena's for reasons already mentioned. I guess a Junk turbo isn't happening right now, and since there's only 30 minutes left... ##Unvote ##Vote: Bartozio Fingers crossed it's a scum flip.
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