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  1. I think the reason for the Fates HP average is the heavy reduction of Class growths in HP. I don't think any class adds more than 30% which was like the bare minimum in New Mystery and Awakening.
  2. I assume F!Kris will get a summer alt like all the other female self insert characters.
  3. You can end turn your way through 90% of the series on normal mode anyway so who cares. At least 3H requires you to get a C-rank in bows to do so.
  4. I mean, none of the routes are really that long (18-22 chapters) so if you skip a lot of the monastery content, cutscenes and supports you could probably finish a route in 30 hrs tops
  5. From that Duo conversation, this is clearly RD Sanaki. Does that make Altina the PoR representative, even though her original version is from RD?
  6. Make the Wo Dao exclusive to them. Even without the crit bonus that weapon is really good
  7. I really thought Biden was gonna bury Trump, I'm surprised that the Electoral College is so close.
  8. How long is this gonna take? Will all the results come out tonight?
  9. Why didn't she just retire under Obama?
  10. I'm really gonna have to deal with a Cav dancer in arena now, Christ.
  11. I just hope the next Astra unit is ranged. I'm so tired of dragging Altina around.
  12. That's probably because wind season only had one pair up legendary before this banner.
  13. I must say, Bill O'Reilly was scum, but he was never this bad (or at least he wasn't this open about it).
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