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  1. Make the Wo Dao exclusive to them. Even without the crit bonus that weapon is really good
  2. I really thought Biden was gonna bury Trump, I'm surprised that the Electoral College is so close.
  3. How long is this gonna take? Will all the results come out tonight?
  4. Why didn't she just retire under Obama?
  5. I'm really gonna have to deal with a Cav dancer in arena now, Christ.
  6. I just hope the next Astra unit is ranged. I'm so tired of dragging Altina around.
  7. That's probably because wind season only had one pair up legendary before this banner.
  8. I must say, Bill O'Reilly was scum, but he was never this bad (or at least he wasn't this open about it).
  9. Doesn't she have the boobplate in her 3H model? Why are people blaming Cuboon for this?
  10. Kinda relieved Chinatsu didn't draw any of the units tbh
  11. Isn't DiveBomb the same as Summer Byleth's Duo Ability?
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