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  1. Why didn't she just retire under Obama?
  2. I'm really gonna have to deal with a Cav dancer in arena now, Christ.
  3. I just hope the next Astra unit is ranged. I'm so tired of dragging Altina around.
  4. That's probably because wind season only had one pair up legendary before this banner.
  5. I must say, Bill O'Reilly was scum, but he was never this bad (or at least he wasn't this open about it).
  6. Doesn't she have the boobplate in her 3H model? Why are people blaming Cuboon for this?
  7. Kinda relieved Chinatsu didn't draw any of the units tbh
  8. Isn't DiveBomb the same as Summer Byleth's Duo Ability?
  9. Brave Ike, Brave Lucina, Eliwood( or B!Roy), Legendary Leif, Brave Veronica, Peony, LAzura, B!Fjorm, Mila, Altina The first five of these in particular can clear virtually any PvE content. Somewhat related, it's honestly kinda sad that all the CYL3 units were pretty much outclassed upon release (or very shortly after) when you consider how strong Veronica is and how centralizing Brave Lyn used to be. I hope they don't wait until next year August to give them refines.
  10. As long as 3H's gameplay doesn't become the standard for the rest of the series, I'm fine with it. Easily the worst DLC model for a FE game though.
  11. Why are you assuming that every player wants to "improve their skills"? What if some people just want to play FE casually and not think too hard about anything? That's why I think having multiple modes and safety nets is better, it caters to everyone. However, problems arise when those safety nets are used to justify bad game design, which is exactly the problem that 3H has, especially on Maddening.
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