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  1. I really don't like being limited in gameplay for completely arbitrary reasons.
  2. My biggest problem with fire emblem games from FE7-FE13 was how easy it was to kill swarms of enemies with a single unit on enemy phase. Fates greatly limits your ability to do that and for that alone, I consider it to be a more enjoyable experience than most of the games that came before it.
  3. I always felt like 3H's supports were more geared towards fleshing out the story as opposed to affecting the gameplay. In Fates and Awakening, supports were extremely important from a gameplay perspective since they provided large stat boosts, unlocked extra chapters, gave you extra units, and in the case of Fates, gave you extra classes. It was for that reason why every unit in Awakening/Birthright/Conquest had to be able to support with nearly every unit of the opposite gender, to give you as many options as possible. 3H's supports don't really give you much from a gameplay perspective, and battalions essentially replaced pair-up with regards to giving you large stat boosts (though with a significantly lower opportunity cost than the latter.)
  4. Isn't Florida one of those borderline "might vote either way" states? I doubt there's much homogeneity in opinion there.
  5. I did not think the Taliban would end up coming back into power but here we are.
  6. I'm ok with full voice work. But it seems like, in the past 4-5 years, that full voice acting has become a must in videogames for some people. I understand that voice acting can elevate a game but for people but the inclusion/exclusion of full voice acting will never be a major factor in whether I consider a game to be good or bad. Going with a non-FE example, I think The Last of Us and its sequel have excellent voice work and Johnson, Baker and Bailey deserve all the awards and acclaim that they get, but those games would've still been excellent in my opinion even if they didn't have a single line of voiced dialogue.
  7. And if Hector runs Mystic Boost? (Which is quite common). Y!Merric or any other NFU+Windsweep mage can rip through Hector while actually being good against other stuff.
  8. Brave Hector cancels armor effectiveness so that isn't even a guarantee. She essentially has to rely on raw attack to kill him since she's most likely not activating a special.
  9. Yeah, but it's against units that she'd kill anyway. This isn't swinging any matchups for her. Unitwise, she might be the worst Duo/Resonant Hero we've gotten this year.
  10. I don't know if there was a typo or something but Hinoka's weapon looks extremely underwhelming
  11. Looks like one of those conditional "if unit is within 2 spaces of an ally" type effects. Won't synergize well with a 3(?) move player phase unit.
  12. An ranged flier without NFU on their weapon is DOA unless they're a dancer so let's hope she has that at least.
  13. I hope they add the Bird and the Turtle from 3H. Not sure how they'd be implemented in FEH though.
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