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  1. Considering the reaction people had to Awakening pushing Chrom and Sumia together when the game was released, I don't think canonising pairings in a sequel is a good idea on IntSys' part(it wasn't a good idea in FE5 either)
  2. Decided to reclass Louis into a Paladin because the S-Rank Lances looked pretty strong and he capped his speed as a General. Defense is still really high with Ike equipped and he doesn't fall behind the rest of my army anymore.
  3. The weapon locked classes (Paladin and General aside) should have learnt Faire skills at level 5 instead of what they currently got. Since Engage encourages early promotion, units could've obtained them fairly early in the game. The question is if players would be okay with having to fight a bunch of generics that deal 5 extra damage starting from chapter 17 or so.
  4. Eirika casually talking to me like she didn't just completely obliterate one of my units
  5. I'd say Engage is probably its best showing, being better than Berserker and the archer classes. Can speak for the other games in the series though, tend to avoid this class entirely.
  6. After playing Engage, I'd be okay with fixed weapon levels being a series staple. I don't think I'd ever want to grind weapon levels again.
  7. A lot of the more popular characters got alts this year. IntSys must be desperate.
  8. Personally I think the fetus is a person but women should be able to get abortions anyway.
  9. I'm just glad Florina is using a different weapon.
  10. It's more likely that the Japanese developers didn't know how to pronounce the names either (I believe katakana is phonetic, and mainly used for the transcription of foreign words according to how they are pronounced) and the fan translations just directly translated the katakana. Official translations do this as well, it's how you end up with names like "Belldandy". Anyway I think Aoife is pronounced Efa.
  11. Honestly, I feel like people will roll on this banner just to get merges on Sigurd
  12. This war has exposed the Saudi Arabian military as a joke to the rest of the world.
  13. Well they literally had all the assets lying around to make this so there was no reason for them not to.
  14. Eitri is a legendary hero with Canto, I'm not surprised she's there.
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