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  1. It's more likely that the Japanese developers didn't know how to pronounce the names either (I believe katakana is phonetic, and mainly used for the transcription of foreign words according to how they are pronounced) and the fan translations just directly translated the katakana. Official translations do this as well, it's how you end up with names like "Belldandy". Anyway I think Aoife is pronounced Efa.
  2. Honestly, I feel like people will roll on this banner just to get merges on Sigurd
  3. This war has exposed the Saudi Arabian military as a joke to the rest of the world.
  4. Well they literally had all the assets lying around to make this so there was no reason for them not to.
  5. Eitri is a legendary hero with Canto, I'm not surprised she's there.
  6. No insta demote makes Arena much easier though, since that unit tends to take up the bonus slot that's usually reserved for random GHBs
  7. Why don't the house leaders have seasonals yet? You'd think that would be a no brainer on Intsys' part.
  8. Rittenhouse verdict came out today. Are there any lawyers here who can explain the trial to me? Because the only things I know about it are what I gleaned from watching the news.
  9. Isn't it just a case of throwing story out of the window for the sake of convenient gameplay, (similar to how you can essentially travel from the monastery to anywhere in Fodlan and back in a weekend)? If anything, I wish 3H did that more often, Hunting by Daybreak was really annoying.
  10. Does a Democrat have a chance of winning there?
  11. Aren't she and Manchin senators in republican leaning states? Maybe they're afraid of losing their seats in the next midterms.
  12. I never understood what was so wrong with just having a series of menus between battles, like every single FE game before Fates.
  13. I don't really think it has to do with sentimentality. While I don't like the monastery, it's fairly clear that IntSys put a lot of effort and resources into designing it (more so than any other aspect of the game). To discard it halfway through the game then create something similar from scratch would've been quite difficult.
  14. I never understood why they locked you out of your cross-house recruits for Chapter 13.
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