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  1. You thought fanservice was the most predominant element of Fates?
  2. I doubt that there are many characters who actually have the spell list to take advantage of Gremory's skills so warlock seems to be a better choice for offense oriented mages (especially ones with siege magic)
  3. No one seems to be too keen on Charlotte's antics. Also Felix "I studied the blade" Fraldarius seemed to treat Dorothea's advances with disdain before he knew she could sing.
  4. Honestly I don't mind the Mythics being mostly OCs, because otherwise we'd be stuck with a roster dominated by dragons. I actually take more issue with them making mythic units with characters who never actually appear in their base game's story outside of flashbacks (Altina). If I had to choose between OCs and stuff like the Jugdral Crusaders (sans Forseti) or the Elibe Heroes (sans Athos, Brammimond, Roland and Durban), I'd pick the OCs every time.
  5. I hope Flora's refine is good. I believe she's the only one there still currently in the 5* normal pool.
  6. Please tell me that these save skills aren't going to be the norm for PvE maps going forward
  7. I want to know what the developers were thinking with PoR/RD Knives and Daggers in general.
  8. I just spam NFU+Windsweep until she eventually keels over.
  9. What makes you think beast slayers would beat her? My Brave Eliwood can't kill and gets one-shot on the counter.
  10. Wait Thea isn't the lead? I don't know which one is which.
  11. I think it might be one of the few times in FE where you can get softlocked into restarting an entire playthrough without losing a single unit. It's very bad design brought about as a result of 3H trying to integrate its story with its gameplay
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