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  1. I'd be glad for a 3H banner with anyone on it at this point. Did this game not sell well in Japan or something? Why haven't they started aggressively shilling it yet?
  2. Oh yeah, I actually forgot that Ced isn't canonically Lewyn's son in FE4.
  3. I remember someone saying that if Hannity was on air in the 70's, Nixon wouldn't have to resign. Depending on how this trial goes, I might have to agree with that
  4. You guys aren't seriously using growth rates as the only measure of how good a character is right? Right?
  5. I feel like I got more value for my money spending $60 on BR/CQ than on 3H.
  6. Dark Knight is good though. But I'm not sure if that counts as a hybrid class or if it's just a way for Warlocks to get a horse. The bases and growths definitely lean towards the latter
  7. Is there like a maximum stat list for battalions? Because I know that they can level up.
  8. Warlock Hilda. Even if she doesn't get a single point of magic leveling up, look at this: 17 mag from class bases 6 mag from fiendish blow 5 mag from black tomefaire 3 mag from Magic staff 12 mt from Bolting That's 43 mt without battalions. And she gets 4 charges of that.
  9. I remember people saying that Church was a copy paste of GD and, having not played the Church path, I wondered if they actually meant BL instead since 90% of the maps in BL were the same as GD. If anything, 3H made me understand why IS sold Fates as separate games.
  10. But that's literally stated in the epilogue. Every lord ushers in a new era of peace and prosperity in their epilogue. Which, now that I think about it, is the same thing that Birthright and Conquest did
  11. Why are people saying that your choices matter in 3H when every single route ends with the "and they all lived happily ever after" epilogue?
  12. I actually think it's the other way around. That scene where Rhea facetanks the nukes has absolutely nothing to do with Claude yet it appears on GD. More importantly, the scene where you kill Edelgard has no emotional weight on GD because you were never her teacher and probably talked to her like 3 times tops.
  13. Yeah, but you're definitely not getting 30-40 characters in one playthrough of this game. There are about 36 playable characters in all and you're locked out of at least 3 of them (7 if you play BE), regardless of which route you take. Then, even with that, you're only going to have over 30 characters if you recruit literally everyone from the other houses. I had about 25 characters in my BL playthrough
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