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  1. Maybe being the default is a privilege in and of itself. Racial stereotypes can't really stick to you if you're not seen as a race to begin with.
  2. If I was a Republican senator, I'd be hopping on the "defund the police" train faster than anyone else. Why Republicans allow a state-run, heavily unionised organisation to run wild will always be baffling to me.
  3. I never liked the concept of ironman runs. In my opinion, if you lost a unit during a chapter, you didn't actually beat it.
  4. Does it really matter though? I mean, this isn't awakening, there's no gameplay effect of marrying units together
  5. You really shouldn't have 1-2 uses of warp every chapter.
  6. And the recycling of maps doesn't really stop at Part 1. There are like, 3 unique maps to distinguish AM from VW/SS.
  7. Revelation aside, 3H does cost the same amount of money as BR and CQ combined. However, there is more unique content between those two routes of Fates than all 4 paths of 3H put together.
  8. No, for the reasons already stated by Jingle Jangle. Honestly, to me it felt like the 5 year timeskip was less about showing how much changed and more about making sure that every single student in the game was an adult by the time you decided to S-support them.
  9. You guys are making me remember Bunny Drop. I'm still mad about that.
  10. Well that puts a whole new meaning on "groom", doesn't it?
  11. There have been four not!Japanese themed banners so far. NY1: Camilla, Azura, Takumi, Corrin (TT) Summer Festival: Elincia, Micaiah, Xander, Ryoma NY2: Laevateinn, Fjorm, Hrid, Gunnthra, Laegjarn (TT) NY3: Selkie, Lethe, Anna, Alfonse&Sharena, Eir (TT) Why are people automatically assuming that this banner will be dominated by fates units when that hasn't been the case for 3/4 of the others?
  12. The thing about Faye is that Gaiden already had their own Catria (apart from the actual Catria) in Clair so she just feels kinda unnecessary.
  13. So this is why 3H was unfinished despite them outsourcing most of it to KT
  14. Even if the allegations are true, I'd probably still support Biden anyway, as fucked up as that sounds
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