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  1. So based on what you're saying here, we're probably not going to see something like Conquest ever again outside of DLC?
  2. I very much the despise the fact that they locked the interesting gameplay behind DLC yet again, like they did with Echoes. What exactly prevented them from putting stuff like this in the main game from the beginning?
  3. Munster, Connacht, Ulster and Leinster are the four provinces in Ireland, which is what Leif's country is modelled after. I don't know why you guys are getting mad at the change, this is probably what the Japanese where trying to say in the first place but couldn't due to the restrictions of their language
  4. Ryoma. In a game where sub 50-hit rates land more often than not and enemies actually have decent hit rates on harder difficulties, being a frail melee unit that relies on avoid is not a good strategy. Fortunately, Ryoma works around that by essentially not being a melee unit. I've never actually used Hana and Hinata.
  5. I picked Femleth because it gets you a free unit. From a gameplay perspective, it's objectively the better choice
  6. Of course Verdant Wind was the copy, Claude barely feels like the main lord of his own route. Like, what connection does Claude even have with Nemesis? And when you think about it, the actual choice you're making in this story is essentially choosing to side with Edelgard or side with Rhea.
  7. It's just a result of the monastery being a defined, stationary location but also something you need access to between every chapter. In Fates, your base just moved with you IIRC.
  8. Alright Sanders, wrap it up. Can't see anyway back for him now
  9. I just hope the Duo unit isn't another Lord character. I'm getting tired of that.
  10. I hope Sanders drops out now. The longer he runs, the more fractured democrats will be in November
  11. 3H reused way too much stuff between routes, which are already short to begin with. I genuinely believe that there are more unique maps between BR and CQ alone than all the routes in 3H. Which is important because 3H cost $60.00, which is same price you would've paid for BR and CQ combined.
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