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  1. ...I have bad news for you: both of those two came out after CYL2, so they haven't been snapped.
  2. Okay. You're wrong. Re-read what you quoted to find out how it actually works.
  3. Nope. Corrin's death is only a game over in Classic mode and in C5 Casual. In Casual mode (except C5), they come back after the battle like anyone else, and in Phoenix mode they come back next turn like anyone else. This is different to Awakening, where Chrom or Robin dying is a game over in Casual mode. In Phoenix mode, you can only game over if the map gives the enemy a victory condition that doesn't involve killing your units. This means that you can't game over in Birthright, before C10 in Conquest, or before C6 in Revelation.
  4. Nope. You just lost all credibility in two sentences. Effie is bulkier than you seem to think (thanks to the tools you have on hand), and Niles is actually perfectly usable on a casual run (and is great against the ninja rape zones). If you're dying to enemies Attack Stancing you, use Guard Stance. Etc., etc., etc. I pity the poor person who actually decides to do a line-by-line takedown of this... Oh yeah... YOU CAN'T GAME OVER IN C1 PHOENIX MODE. Normally, I wouldn't attack hyperbole, but the rest irritated me to the point where that line just grated. Actually, your second post is just as ridiculous. Duessel, worse than Gilliam? In what world? The world of grinding Gilliam to level 20 in the Tower of Valni? ...I might argue that Ephraim route Duessel is better than Xander, but... the crux of the argument would be availability, not their respective combat. And even then, it'd be dubious, because Xander's around for more chapters despite being less available percentage-wise. Also, Xander has much better Mov... I see this as more "Seth is go(o)d" than "SS enemies are bad", but either way. 👍
  5. I used ideas from guides twice: first, using LH!Ike and a Dazzling Staff unit against Legendary Tiki's Abyssal; second, not breaking the block in Duma's Abyssal. Beyond that, I've usually employed a mostly Player Phase style, using Nino (bladetome), Cordelia (Galeforce nuke), Reinhardt (slow Brave nuke) and Legendary Azura (visible buffs + Dance). That team crystallised when I got Azura, just before Roy's battle, and hasn't changed since. Until Bramimond's battle, Nino ran a dual-phase set (Distant Def 6 with Atk Smoke), allowing her to tank almost any ranged unit. Starting with Bramimond, that set began to lack the power to kill generics, so I switched to hyper offence (Life and Death/Flashing Blade). Reinhardt is also losing steam, but he's still finding use as a Reposition bot or to weaken sword enemies, and having Blazing Thunder charged does often get ORKOs. Prior to Legendary Roy, my team was more fluid, though still using the same tactics. Nino was used in every Abyssal bar Tiki's. On at least one occasion (Legendary Robin), I was forced to use double dancers.
  6. Probably my favourite memory of FEH is kicking Valter's Infernal GHB to the kerb by running a 4-star Hinata, because his base kit of Ruby Sword and Brash Assault was exactly what I needed to take out the axe units that both Nino and Reinhardt were unable to remove in a timely fashion. That clear is what gave me the certainty that I could beat any PvE content, which has proven accurate ever since (though recent Abyssals have been... unpleasant). As far as summoning goes, I'm never going to forget free-summoning Brave Roy back in 2017, or my one and only 3-5-star circle - the first circle of A Monstrous Harvest, which gave me Ilyana, Dozla and Adrift F!Corrin. There have been sucktastic summoning experiences, too - the original run of Happy New Year, which gave me only Seliph and Rhajat as 5-stars for the entire month's orbs, and the most recent run of Regal Rabbits, where I ended up clearing out my Blessed Gardens and Chain Challenge backlog, plus most of Squad Assault, out of sheer desperation to break a pity rate. I guess free-pulling Nils after wanting him for years and voting for him in CYL was a good moment, too. ^_^
  7. It's Deghinsea in Path of Radiance regardless of region, so that should be "not sure why the change in America"...
  8. @gringe Myrddin is the correct spelling. Like a certain bridge from Three Houses...
  9. There are two: eclipse pointed out Raquesis -> Lachesis, and there's also Orsin -> Osian. Nothing from Elibe has been retconned, though.
  10. It's not about whether masks offer some protection; it's about the fact that ordinary people using them are unlikely to use them in a manner that gives them that protection. Culture is absolutely irrelevant. As I said earlier, if a healthcare professional gets sick, it weakens the ability of the healthcare system to deal with other patients. They should therefore have top priority for any PPE. When there's a shortage of PPE, it is extremely irresponsible to take that away from people who actually need it. I was slightly wrong before when I said only to wear them if you have COVID-19. You should wear them if you are coughing or sneezing, too, since that's the main method of transmission. Just remember to use and dispose of them properly. I agree with @eclipse, too: it's not right to shame people for using masks, because you don't know if they're sick. I think it's fair to shame people for spreading misinformation about when you should use them, though. EDIT: If there was infinite supply, masks probably would be recommended for everyone, along with training videos on how to wear and dispose of them. There is not. Social distancing and hand washing are two things everyone can do without preventing people who need it more from doing it; thus, they are recommended for everyone.
  11. Can you read? There is a shortage of masks for people who actually need them. Your friend is wrong, and by agreeing with them, you are wrong too. I'm not even going to go in to all the ways that wearing a mask doesn't actually protect you.
  12. Okay, I have to address this. If you are an ordinary person and don't have the virus, DO NOT BUY MASKS. The most important reason for this is that there is a shortage of them, at least in the USA. Any ordinary person buying up masks is preventing medical professionals from getting the equipment they need, and a doctor or nurse getting COVID-19 is far worse than your average Joe getting it. Every sick healthcare professional is an increased strain on the healthcare system. The other reason is that it's unlikely to protect you. If you're following social distancing, keeping back at least 1 metre (WHO recommendation) from others, having a mask on isn't going to make you much safer. People wearing masks are also likely to have a sense of increased security, so are more likely to think it's okay to ignore those recommendations, putting others at risk. Lastly, the majority of people aren't trained healthcare professionals and thus aren't likely to take appropriate precautions when removing and disposing of used masks. If you touch a used mask with your fingers as you take it off, it's basically as though you never had it on in the first place. In short, don't do it. Instead, obey stay-at-home and social distancing orders, and wash your hands. (If you have the virus, the equation changes - you wearing a mask dramatically lowers your spit droplets' ability to go anywhere, and it doesn't matter if you contaminate yourself as you take it off, because you already have the virus.)
  13. Oof. This week has been terrible so far. I've lost all my Escape Ladders already... Against some of these teams, there's simply been nothing my standard team can do. Nino's always been good at taking enemies to pieces, but it looks like the latest wave of powercreep is finally starting to close down the defensive build that I've been running on her. Between Larcei, Ced, Lysithea and Duo Alm, I'm just not in a position to compete anymore. I probably won't drop out of Tier 21 - there are still plenty of vulnerable defence maps out there, and I have defence Mythics for both seasons now, so any win covers a large chunk of defence losses - but my lazy strategy isn't going to let me push close to T25/26 anymore.
  14. No, it is asinine. Doing that sort of thing in a public forum will confuse messaging and create talking points against any policy that ends up in the platform. I'm used to party leadership and platform being decided behind closed doors then presented to the public, who then use that information to decide how to vote. It helps that there are functional parties that matter across a broad political spectrum where I live, so if a party moves too far left in its platform, you can find an alternative without feeling like your vote is wasted. I don't know. I guess I just think that policy should be the deciding factor in voting, not which candidate is best at shouting everyone else down.
  15. ...American politics is asinine. "We have to defeat Trump! Let's spend the year prior to the election shouting at each other about how our diverse plans to fix our country absolutely won't work even a little bit! I can't see how handing Trump that much firepower against us could possibly backfire!" In other news, most young Americans apparently don't want change; they just pretend to want change to look cool on the internet. I guess Biden is likely to be the nominee, so the election is now looking like Dementia vs. Racist Dementia, and nobody wins that matchup. And I saw on Facebook someone saying "Bernie lost? Better vote Trump!" and I just can't even. How the heck does that work? You wanted to vote for the centre candidate, he didn't get nominated, so you go as far right as possible? I will never understand some people. 😕
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