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  1. No, she was born with her minor crest of Charon. Because of the recurring ancestor/family theme, she could easily wield Thunderbrand for her Brave alt, especially since she has a budding talent in swords. I just really don't want her to get it before Catherine... The Axe of Ukonvasara is a crest of Gloucester item, btw.
  2. Which is specifically not the type of imbalance I was talking about. You can take Awakening to pieces by abusing a few broken mechanics - that's what I was getting at.
  3. Eh. Awakening's unbalanced in terms of player vs. enemy, not between player units. You can't destroy Binding Blade Hard with one unit who you get before the Prologue afaik. Also, @Alastor15243 Yoder starts with S staves.
  4. Something I think they should have done is given everyone a free 1-month trial. Sure, it'd delay the extra revenue, but it would achieve a few things: First, every player would feel like they got something from its announcement. Extra resources for a month and two free five-star units, plus permanent stat boosts for Lyn and Cordelia. That's worth a lot of goodwill from the player base. Second, it would get people accustomed to having the extra benefits, so some people who in our timeline refuse to subscribe might choose to re-subscribe just to avoid losing them. I mean, people might be mad about being made to pay to avoid losing the benefits, but if it was clear from the beginning that this would happen, I think that most people would accept it. So likely a net gain for IntSys's revenue. Third, it'd make my +10 Cordelia even stronger. ...what? I like strong units, okay?
  5. Yeah, that's it. It's way better to play than the original Satellaview version. I speak from experience. *shudder* And that's the problem: Awakening is so broken that its difficulty is basically zero if you know what you're doing. Actually, just running it as hard and fast as possible might be for the best. I don't know.
  6. Technically, clearing Apotheosis only requires clearing the first wave and choosing to finish, so my first astonished "that's friggin' impossible" reaction possibly isn't quite correct. The secret route has been cleared without Limit Breaker, but it still required capped stats and a very specific Morgan build. How about I give my suggestion a go (on Hard, I think) and let you know how it goes? (I once cleared Awakening start to finish in just over 2 hours, heh. And I agree with that last line. I noted to my friend that Awakening just doesn't teach you to play Fire Emblem; it only teaches you to play Awakening.)
  7. Please do New War Chronicles when you get to New Mystery. Awakening is already easily breakable, so I'd rather you ban Bonus Box/Renown rewards. For DLC in general, I recommend having it as a) optional and b) each map can be played only once. As a side note, how many side quests are you going to go for in Awakening/Fates? Because one idea I had for making Awakening more of a challenge was to require all Paralogues to be cleared with no grinding (so you'd have to manage support gain for at least 13 units).
  8. https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/Category:A_Hero_Rises_2020_wallpapers Gamepedia has all of them. Reinhardt: https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/File:A_Hero_Rises_2020_Reinhardt_Lightnings_Rondo.png
  9. I also contributed to NY!Alfonse! I wish I could have summoned for him, but that time of year is rubbish for me because of all the overlapping seasonals, so I didn't quite get there (dammit, Chrom).
  10. It's four in Sacred Stones. I assume it'd be the same for all of GBAFE. (It's 5 in Three Houses, the only other game with Torches that I've played.) The Torch staff, however, lights up an 8-tile radius in TSS, which may be something you're confusing it with. EDIT: Just looked it up; it's four in PoR, too. It increased to 5 in Radiant Dawn. You're probably just used to Thracia's ridiculous 10.
  11. Yes, Shanna. I think you'll have another Elysian Whip by the time Melady is a thing. Though since you haven't been training Shanna...
  12. Aw, man. Yune isn't getting anywhere? Guess I'll switch to Duo Alfonse, then. And it looks like I'm going to have to choose whichever team is opposing LH!Azura, since she's the only one I already have out of those (and I'm sure nobody really wants everyone to have her. 😕 )
  13. 20, huh? Mycen Nyna Forrest Sophie Castor (Book 2 MVP) Daisy Niime Duessel Xane Merlinus (just to see what they'd do with him) Dorothea Flayn Shizas (to get a localised name for him) ...no, that's about all I care about specifically. Beyond that, I just want as many new characters to get in as possible.
  14. I don't mind one way or another. It looks like I voted with the majority on the poll. I play FEH because a) it's Fire Emblem and b) it allows me to indulge my collection habit. Fanservice is just icing on top - it's nice that I'm the right demographic to be pandered to, but it doesn't affect my decision to play at all, and I'd be perfectly content if other tastes were pandered to more proportionately.
  15. Oof, Líf was tough. Even with Blazing Thunder ready to go, Reinhardt had to wait until that stupid Rally Up Res Green Fáfnir died before he could finish the job. Other than that, this was one of the easier L/MHBs for the old reliables.
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