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  1. Breeding with a foreign Ditto is always the best way to get a shiny Pokémon, if possible. Highest odds of success; no risk of failure to capture; and you can easily combine it with chain breeding for IVs (I did this with Torchic, and now have shiny Speed Boost Torchic, Combusken, and Blaziken sitting in my Ultra Moon box). For unbreedable Pokémon (including Ditto itself), you have to put up with the much lower encounter rates. Various methods have made this slightly more bearable (especially the Shiny Charm and the global doubling of rates in XY), but it's still far more frustrating than breeding. As a side note, having a foreign Ditto that you transfer forward each generation means that you'll have a much higher chance of hatching random shinies even without hunting for them. It's nice.
  2. It's more complicated than that. According to Serebii, you only have a chance of triggering the increased shiny rate for random encounters. No. of Pokémon Battled Chance of Shiny Rate No Shiny Charm Rate Shiny Charm Rate 50 1.5% 1 in 2048 1 in 1024 100 2% 1 in 1365.333 1 in 819.2 200 2.5% 1 in 1024 1 in 682.6667 300 3% 1 in 819.2 1 in 585.1429 500 3% 1 in 682.6667 1 in 512 So without the Shiny Charm, you have a 0.03 × 1/683 + 0.97 × 1/4096 chance of encountering a shiny Rookidee; about 0.028 %, which is barely different from base rates (0.024 %). If you want efficient shiny hunting, Masuda's the way to go. Doubly so if you want your shiny in a specific non-Master ball.
  3. ~60 orbs spent on the Special Heroes rerun. 3/5 of what I wanted showed up, plus a bonus Tanya (also new for me). First circle had both of the blue 5-stars on it.
  4. I believe affection and happiness are now the same thing. So if you want Espeon or Umbreon, don't teach your Eevee any Fairy-type moves.
  5. You can battle anywhere. I just had it fight something in the same place I caught it until it took enough damage, then went to the Dusty Bowl. Also @Shadow Mir anything with a day/night evolution requirement will only evolve in the Wild Area.
  6. Not really, because there's no other language that's used in English-speaking countries as fluently as Romaji in Japan. In any case, this is a pointless debate. I'll stop now.
  7. Nitpick: Thracia's a midquel, not an interquel. "Inter-" means between, so an interquel comes between two separate works, while a midquel comes in the middle of one. I kinda want to watch you ironman it blind. I feel like this would cause much hilarity. The only trouble would be that there's a genuine risk of you failing to finish. Man, now I want to play Genealogy. But Pokémon has been distracting me, and I still have most of Book 2 to go. 😕 So... this isn't really right? There's no "the" Fire Emblem, for starters. And I don't think your analogy really holds, because it's more like most of the series uses "Fire Emblem", written in katakana, for the name, while Genealogy uses a translation into actual Japanese. There's no real equivalent to that in English. Besides, synonyms are a thing. Everyone knows that the Fire Emblem of Three Houses is the Crest of Flames, even if it uses different words.
  8. You were told wrong. I had to soft-reset to catch my Centiskorch-G and Corviknight-G because they kept breaking out, and I refuse to pay for NSO on principle. Never mind; I just saw the citation above. Both of those are event den Pokémon.
  9. Obviously it'll be Líf this time I'm picking green as the most likely colour. Blue and colourless are is too far behind with seasonals compared to green, so green should be Thrasir/new Legendary/regular pool unit so that blue at least can catch up. EDIT: correction made, but leaving the original stupid statement in the interest of disclosure. 😕
  10. Any idea whether C25's reinforcements are actually infinite? I gave up counting once I got to turn 51 and they kept coming.
  11. Pretty much all of my favourites got axed. "Dexit" didn't affect me at all. Game's still fun. Not like I ever really used my favourites in new generations anyway, not when there are new Pokémon to discover. Besides, all signs are pointing to D/P remakes this gen, which I've been looking forward to ever since 5th-gen didn't have remakes.
  12. "The war", not just any war. Edelgard initiated an unprovoked war of conquest. That's not the same as the Laguz Alliance seeking revenge for the destruction of Serenes Forest. It's much closer to the destruction of Serenes Forest in the first place. If Edelgard didn't want the war, people wouldn't see her as a villain.
  13. Two things. Firstly, what's your point? Sure, Dimitri and Claude may have independently started the war later, but... they didn't. Edelgard did. That's why she's the villain. Secondly, I'm unconvinced that Edelgard didn't want the war. In CF, she clearly sees herself as using the Agarthans to achieve her own ends of defeating Rhea and establishing her meritocracy. She wanted the war just as much as those other people you mentioned. Again, that's why she's the villain. (Also, you made a typo, referring to Hubert as the head of House Varley, when it should be Vestra.)
  14. This. Exactly. She's a Knight Templar. She "knows" she's right, and that - in her mind - makes everything she does right. Her meritocracy is the only right way for a society to be; therefore, the other nations of Fódlan must be forced to adopt it. Thus, her war is justified. Rhea is an "inhuman beast"; therefore, she has to be destroyed. It's okay to lie to her allies for convenience when the Agarthans destroy Arianrhod, but it wasn't okay for Seiros to lie for convenience as part of the end of the war against Nemesis and the Elites. The Agarthans are minor villains by comparison. I think that's why Crimson Flower is complete without fighting them. The climax is when Edelgard and Rhea, the main characters of the conflict, face each other. Forcing the game to carry on past that point would just drag the story out past its welcome. Plus, her allying with the people she hates shows her priorities: conquest first, then revenge. It also illustrates her arrogance, which is her principal flaw: she sees the Agarthans as a non-threat. Even after she's surprised by their show of force, three seconds later she's convinced herself that the knowledge of what they can do is an advantage. That's why I think she's better with her backstory: it illustrates her character flaw. EDIT: It also ties in to her need for control. She frames it as having to choose which enemy to fight first: church or Agarthans. She chooses the Agarthans as an ally against the church because that gives her some measure of influence over them, which is something that she wouldn't get over the church if she chose the other way around. Edelgard's a great character, but people really need to stop believing that the fact that you can join her makes her not a villain.
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