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  1. In the next version of Return of the Jedi, C-3PO no longer tell stories about the Rebels to the Ewoks. Instead telling them about Ahsoka, Vader and and the Ghost crew. It only a matter of time before the original trilogy are rewritten to include the new characters. Can't believe the re-edits are still happening 25+ years and counting.
  2. There goes my log in streak. I doubt it will be addressed, just like other inconveniences; the bugged(?) King Hassan quest in Nerofest comes to mind. With the apologize sq, I attempted another 10 roll for Hassan only for to be rewarded by the same old craft essences. Over 300 sq for the guy and little for show for it makes me sad.
  3. The ending for book 3 now animated. Next time Sharena will have her moment, right?
  4. In this point in Heroes my focus is on powering up my favorite characters hoping the everyone on my wish-list gets in. Rarely pay for orbs this year due to the every growing power ceiling in units and skills. The older modes lose their luster, and at least IS is willing to experiment with new gimmicks. Banners featuring 3* demote is a great idea. I hope FEH book 4 addresses the lingering issues about the game.
  5. Free pull on the Weekly Revival banner was a neutral Julia. Merged her for a nice +2 on my base one.
  6. I wonder if the Abyss is the at the bottom of the chasm near the monastery. Hard to see it being under the holy tomb or a secret area. Also I expect the next dlc characters to have isolated histories. It will be strange foe the game to act like they were there since the beginning. Considering most of them have long lost crests.
  7. I am shocked of how bad my luck is for getting Hassan. 120 sq and the only highlights are Heaven's feel and Devilish Bodhisattva craft essences. For one of the tickets it turned sliver to gold only to show me despair and be Assassin Paraiso. Game is cruel in a comic sense.
  8. Bizarre that Jeritza doesn't have a support with Edelgard, just with Byleth and Mercedes. Meanwhile Anna is a glorified playable npc with no supports with anyone. For I don't know if this is better or worse than the avatar sexual characters in the 3ds games. At leas more saves is appreciated.
  9. More banners, more free pulls. I like this faster pace of new characters being introduced in Heroes. For sure I have to save up for Winter Tharja merges. May have to be cautious due to the possibly of summoning tweaks due to book 4 being in the horizon.
  10. Overall I though that 2019 was a rough year in video games. With average sequels being in abundant, and even more overpriced monetization models. The major exception being Capcom and Nintendo. I guess that's due to the year being a transitory period between console generations.
  11. A buff to the Askr trio. At this point there are massively outclassed by majority of the units. Perhaps an in-universe promotion? A different hook. Not another heartless conquer wants to destroy everything. Have supporting characters do more. There is more than just Alfonse. The new oc needs to stand out more More consistent with chapters. Not three months of filler to be concluded with one hastily written. A skill shop, please? Or a way to purchase unit manuals ? I expect book 4 to take us to Alfheim, the realm of the Manakete. Where hip hop plays.
  12. From the free summons and tickets. The most interesting pulls was is a 4* Valbar and 3* Ross.
  13. Didn't expect Hel to go out that way. We just went up and strait up killed her. At least Surtr had more of a presence even if it was cheap. I guess Eir will be on the permanent Forging Bonds team with dying Fjorm.
  14. From the 7 tickets given today, I got np 1 lancer Medusa and Siegfried. Medusa will be long term investment due to her her shining later with buffs and Skadi. Siegfried will be nice to have combined with Georgios.
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