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  1. I feel Xander would have a secondary speech about how the word "evil" is a morally relative term to those we don't like. Perhaps the low oxygen living in the clouds affect the Hoshidan royal's thinking. I know Fates is putting contrast with Castle Shirasagi. With Castle Krakenburg being a underground parking lot.
  2. No predicted games here, but I do expect more caution in revealing games here-on out. So less companies can avoid the blunders Cyberpunk 2007 did. Sony will continue the trend on primary focusing on big western AAA games. Please don't get the rumor about the re-remakes of the 1st Last of Us be true. X-box highlight real of all the games that you can "own" if you get the game pass. Ubisoft/EA: Same old routine with sports, Assassins Creed, and pushing own platforms. Nintendo: Couple teasers for long running series, hint of the next Switch model, more ports of older games for 60 dollars. I just want to see info about SMT 5.
  3. Just wondering something, how much Nomura as responsible for the Final Fantasy being transformed into a luxury brand for rich metrosexuals? Or that the higher ups at Square Enix. Member when Cloud was pushed with a wolf motif. Actually I don't want to member that.
  4. In Xenoblade Chronicles I reached the Eryth Sea. I do like how the Definitive Edition cleans up is visuals both the interface and the world. Game is more exploration heavry than I remembered, so many exp boost just by first visiting a landmark. In other new Attack on Titan just ended.
  5. Starting up Xenoblades Chronicles Definitive Edition. Hopefully this time I can complete the game. Holy smokes, physical copies of 2 are fetching over a hundred dollars on Ebay. Must the be Smash bros exposure.
  6. These days I'm playing Total War: Warhammer 2. Tons of various customization and factions to choose from. Still need to learn about the more advanced units. Keep running into the same pitfall of trying to be aggressive in the early game; only to be walled by a settlement with stronger trooper than my own. Slowing learning my lessons though.
  7. Oh sweet Tharja has another alt. Even better it is not red for one. I know what my 300+ orbs are going towards.
  8. That's hell you are walking into. Try to meet the more sensible people. And try to have an account exclusive for posting art.
  9. After 380 orbs I got Thrasir, fCorrin, and most of the low rarity blues. No Dimitri sadly. Welp there is always next time.
  10. I know it's a predictable choice. But one I am excited as hell over. I have been waiting for this for a year for this version of Dimitri. Time to fully splurge over this banner.
  11. Sweet Illanya is in the game; in a non seasonal appearance. And will be demoted in the future. That will save my orbs for the time being.
  12. Morale system based on amount of movement points per map. To punish fliers and horse units.
  13. While the AVGN couldn't beat the game, James Rolfe did. Although he did died at least one according to his recollection. James and Mike share some interesting trivia about the game. Good Luck with your let's play. Need to home those ninja skills.
  14. Never played these games, but I am interested to try. Hopefully Galaxy 2 and 64 ds can be ported over in the future. Not a fan of the limited release both physical and digital. Reeks of the same tactic Disney used for the animated movies for years.
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