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  1. After leveling Skadi to 10/8/10 I can see why she is praised so highly. Two of her on a team makes berserker Lancelot into a freight train. Being able to murder groups, getting stronger with each wave. On top of that generating 50+ star each turn is over kill. Downsides are that the np gain widely varies depending what classes are enemies. In addition to zerkerlot weak np itself even buffed heavily cannot reliable kill foes with 160+ hp.
  2. After splurging a bit on the Summer 3H banner my highlights are: Ingrid (+spd -atk) Summer Byleth (+atk -def) Only with 80 orbs I got what I desired. With good iv to boot.
  3. Good news is that I got Skadi in 150 sq. Next step is to level her up. GSSR rewarded me with Brynhild. Another win in my book. I needed another single target lancer that isnt lancer Tamamo.
  4. Didn't expect Rhea to be a support unit. Temping, but I'll wait until her solo debut.
  5. This voting gauntlet is making me wish I summoned for Annette went she came out. I miss her so. At least I have Xander to keep me company.
  6. In my attempt to spark Say'ri highlights are: Say'ri (+hp -res) Mirabilis (+atk -hp) dream Camilla (+spd -atk) Say'ri (sparked) Happy I got her to +2 before the banner is up.
  7. Also in the news, Sherklock for a buff to his 1st skill. Adding a 20% arts resistance to all enemies. Good for him and arts teams. Can't believe that Sigurd didn't got buffed; maybe next time?
  8. Completed the second Lostbelt; overall I thought it was okay. Felt it didn't have enough materal to work up so the writers had to repeat the same conversation multiple times in order the get the length need. The ending made up of majority of the highlights. Game-play wise I went through most battles with Da Vinci and Abby. On the easier side wit the expectation of town fights that being Sigurd/Valkyrie and Skadi/Valkyrie. Current have 300 sq. I'm almost ready to have a change for Skadi.
  9. The Good Better game representation: Since launch the game eased off of the 3ds entries for new banners and seasonals. I remember the days where Tellius got little shown. More access to resources: At the beginning getting 20k feathers took several weeks to obtain. Now that can be within a week on top of a greater orb income each month. Better transparency: I remember it took two years for ivs to be officially stated and what is it. Having trailers that says what are the skills; rarely what are the statline is good for everyone to be clear on. Having a calander helps players avoid players from guessing what will happen to the game from a week from now. Being a crossover: In the early days, characters from different games rarely met. Now it's all over, with forging bonds, the gag comic, and now new units. So-So: Summoning: I do appreciate IS efforts to make summoning better. Such as rarity swapping 3-4*, semi retiring gen 1 units, sparking on new units, leg banners each month, and tickets. But summoning Merric for the 50th time does not feel good. Worse then his kit is unchanged for years. Leads to my next point. The Rng (color circle) in rng( units) coated with rng ( boon/banes) still plagues the game. Powercreep: I understand that there has some incentive for summoning on the new banners. But certain units from books 3&4 pushed the envelope of the ceiling. With true damage up the wazoo, controlling doubling, and super bulk. The groans: New toy syndrome: I'm going call this IS treatment of mostly having efforts on the new shiny banners with everything else being a second. There are over 400+ characters, some that rarely see the light of day. Same goes with arena modes. Still boggles my mind how the story progresses. Feh pass: It is a scummy addition to the game. Overall Feh seen it's ups and downs. Currently I think the game is decent for the most part. Just needs help getting into the right direction.
  10. Currently playing The Dawn of war games and Total War Warhammer. Remember to thin your paints.
  11. Free Summer pull for me was Summer Laegjarn (+def -atk). Nice, now I need to find a better base iv.
  12. New Feh channel, here we go again. Not going to summon on the SS banner. Selena got a nice pair of legs. I don't know who Lucina attempting to convince with Marth wearing a biniki. Bonus for teaming with with Mia. I have the feeling that Harmonized Heroes are going to have overpowered special abilities later down the line. Free stuff is decent. Planing in the tiny hopes I get Laegjarn. Another Arena mode. No orbs sadly Aether Raid auto mode sounds like when I have no interest in some day. Overall not the best feh channel, no terrible either. Straight down the middle.
  13. What I liked: Showing off different kings of games with various genres. Spanning from AAA to indie stuff Outside of those rendering transitions that presentations was straight to the point. Nice to see Ratchet and Clank still being supported after all these years. Good to see "gameplay" even if it's from the pre-alpha footage rather than all cgi footage. Cons: PS5 base design is more form over function. I know Sony wants to avoid the boxy vcr appearance. But it is the opposite extreme. Not showing the price has me concerned. Probably going to be in the range of 600=800 dollars. Better Sony tells the audience that now than having to risk the backlash closer to launch.
  14. I'm expecting for a 599 price point. With at least two games being remade.
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