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  1. For 200 orbs my highlights are Hubert (+hp -res) and Kiria (+spd -res) Not strong results, but at least I got her.
  2. For my free pull on the TT banner I got a 5* Caeda yet again. If only you were Chrom.
  3. Geez my head hurts. On one side there is a group of people that take Byleth's entry into Smash way too personally that Sakurai "wronged" them somehow. Creating all kinds of double standards for Byleth's and their own characters. However on the other side, there is a group acting smug at people that are mixed/dislike Byleth's inclusions in the game. As if they feel superior for making fun of people. No matter where I am these people are everywhere.
  4. The designs of the Ashen Wolves don't sell me on them. Looks like discount Leon, Ingrid, Petra, and buff Claude with purple and gray. Hopefully the post time skip designs can be more interesting if they do have them. The idea of the delinquent class building their own faction does sound interesting; if raises many questions. No clue how long the side route will be thought. Please don't let it be golden route. For a moment there I saw Hilda and Edelgard on same side wonder what's up with that?
  5. Byleth feels like a step down from the other dlc characters. Before him characters were from new series. He is another in a trend of Fire Emblem avatar characters with sword. Tough after Corrin. At least more dlc characters are coming on the horizon.
  6. Wowsers, IS actually did it. When will the Warriors or Cipher banner be? Even though I didn't play TMS sessions (yet) I'm rolling for Kiria and her Tharja performa (that's what it's called)? Red hell here I come.
  7. For some reason the only characters to have flashbacks are Rhea and Dimitri; good for them but rough for everyone else. Entire arguments for characters are based off a couple lines of dialogue, some being optional in some cases. It makes Edelgard look like a self important tyrant if not analyzed deeply. Claude's role as a outsider doesn't feel strong when Almyra is portrayed as a bandit country. Echoes memory prisms need to come back.
  8. I attribute changes to the original trailer as a proof of concept trailer. Just showing the idea of the rather than actual gameplay. I assume there have been re writes changing certain aspects to the story. Perhaps between the first and second trailer Koei Tecmo entered development in that stage to help IS make the game faster. For some of the changed I can understand why they were made. Hilda had a portrait rework I guess to make her less of a bratty child. Ashe may or may not have been a member of the Golden Deer, but he would been overshadow by all the other archers in that group.
  9. For Fates there are several semi ambush I believe; in chapter 17 if a unit enters one of the villages, 5-6 enemy units spawn in. In chapter 23 of Birthright if there is a member of Corrin's army ends their turn near Camilla's location, 5 additional units come in mid player phase. Links
  10. Navarre won. I don't fully understand this mode are we supposed to use the arrows at specific times in the day? All at the same time? What do the Askr levels mean? Why is half of the mode is waiting? Even time I play Mjolnir’s Strike I feel confused.
  11. If there is a CLY 4 I think some of the 3h lords are going to be in the top 2, but not all of them. Too much heated competition for the higher placements. The Mid term results throws wrenches into predictions causing surges of less popular characters.
  12. Alright two new hero banners, hope someone else from my list is there. The hot springs was unnecessary with the summer alts. Also need to complete Marth and Ceada challenge map; forgot to do it while it was up.
  13. After 250 orbs, my highlights are Sword Rein (+spd -def) Lethe, (+hp -spd). Better stop now before my luck gets works.
  14. If that's the case, the fan-base will be burning harder than Australia.
  15. Larcei made it into the game, time update the wish list. With 350 orb I feel good in my odds to obtain her.
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