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  1. So far after playing two and a quarter routes (BL, church, half of the BE and half of GD) I see Edelgard with poor regard. At times I'm not sure if my issuse with her is intentional or not. Edelgard preaches a lot about giving the people the opportunities to improve their status, but she never learns to understand their plights if she just sat for a second and understood what she was doing to them she would have been better received. She also is very contradictory of this fact saying it's okay to kill them to achieve her goals but bad for them to cling on to something to believe in like a church or a just ruler. At times she feels very player panderly, fangirling over Byleth's in all routes arguably more so than other characters. Edelgard's death cutscene in the GD is the same exact cutscene as Silver Snow. That does not make that much sense. She barely knows Byleth in that route to give the " you could have been by my side speech. In the majority of the routes, Edel is a tyrant that uses crests beasts, uses her people as a living shield and hunts down the faithful, Only in her route, she's a well-intentioned extremist that only kills when she absolutely has to, is tolerant of the faith and never uses crest beasts. I have a difficult time believing that Byleth and Byleth alone is the only person that prevents Edelgard not going full manic because the prof cared for her 5 years ago before vanishing keeping Edel in line I find difficult to buy. Honestly, Edelgard's real problem was she needed to try a couple of other approaches to realize her goals before settling on "let's conquer the entire continent" I do understand that she's on a timer. Only have what, 10 years left to live at the beginning of the game? But the game would not be as interesting if she opened up to the others lords turning this into 3 Houses into a standard FE game about everyone banding together to expose ancient evil conspiracy #7. Then again, I'm glad she didn't because 3H would be a lot more boring that way. But still she'd have an easier time getting the Church's approval to handle Thales and she could always drop the "hey guys, did you know that archbishop pope is a dragon" bombshell to the public after. Not even Seteth is fully on board with current Rhea actions, it wouldn't take much to convince him. She was sitting on a treasure trove of (skewed) information to barter and blackmail with, and she kept it all to herself. Even in ending of the Black Eagles ending, she's taking on TWISTED with Byleth's time powers gone and the Black Eagles Strike Force disassembled. Those who slither in the dark possibly taken difficult years to defeat in some of the endings. Even on her route Edelgard didn't fix Fodlan. She just merely repackaged it.
  2. I know the Silent Hill HD collection exists. But the many graphical glitches turn me off from that version. It's going to take a miracle on ice to get Bioware to the quality they once were sadly.
  3. I heard some theories that the line got changed due to Australian ratings. Game comes out there the 20th,; perhaps it was a preemptive measure? Those Australians and violence in video games.
  4. Apparently the update changed Bernadetta's support with the professor. From, To: I'm not sure why the explicit details got removed. With the new version, Bernadetta's abuse has less of an impact now.
  5. After Nerofest I got 75 boxes with leveled up tons of skills and servants. Sadly I was unable to complete the Hassan, prototype, and Da Vinci challenge quest. Too much for me even with command seals. Tried to summon for Merlin with 60 sq, only highlight being a copy of Devilish Bodhisattva. Planning to use my 4* ticket on Gorgon, she seems interesting to use.
  6. Remake: Fallout New Vegas: Obsidian was held back my the failing engine, limited budget, and demands made by Bethesda. Given more time, something even greater could arouse. Mass Effect 1: Bioware wanted to go above and beyond, but lacked fine polished. Drakengard/ Neir: Both titles show their age. Remaster: Red Dead Redemption Silent Hill 2&3 Bully
  7. That scene lasts about 4 seconds, but from what I have gathered. Cloud steps outside the Avalance headquarters to see Dementors are attacking. One of them grabs Tifa before it is cut.
  8. I'm surprised that Ishtore got a quote from Ishtar. That guy does not get much attention. I smell next year dancing banner.
  9. For the ticket, I'm undecided between Pent, Gorgon, and Lancer Alter. I don't know which one will pay off better in the long run.
  10. Off the top of my head; How is Rhea able to have many identities over the years without people taking notice? What pushed Jeritza to become the Death Knight? What does Sothis think of Rhea? Is Arundel Thales, or is Thales disguised as Arundel? In one of the later chapters of the BE (forgot which one) what does Dimitri mean by "No need to worry yourself. Even if I am defeated, the Blaiddyd bloodline will live on".
  11. The King Hassan quest is my bane. If this was the intended version of the quest, why is it so cheap? King Hassan chance instant killing, high attack, and high crit rate are scary. I completed all the other ones minus Da Vinci, but this is on a whole other level.
  12. After two playthroughs, my impressions on the cast so far.
  13. I want any of the following Ashe, Annette, Cathrine, Manuela. My orb supply is only going to increase the longer they are not in Heroes.
  14. Dang I want to change ivs for BLyn from +atk to +speed. And get a better iv for b Lucina. Getting steady breath for her allies is nuts.
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