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  1. Previous Tempest Trail and Grand Hero Battle units can be obtained through the use of Heroic Grail in the menu.
  2. My GSSR list. I tried to have my expectations in check.
  3. I have completed the Xenoblade 2 Torna expansion and Fire Emblem Warriors this week. Both fun games in their own ways. I like how the expansion felt like a smoother experience that the base game. With collection points showing what kind of materials drop, no refining Aux Cores, field skills lowing down the game, and blade combos are faster. I left I understood Mythra and Jin's reasoning more in the expansion than in the base game. Making the story progression locked through community level really dragged things out. As for Warriors I never played a Musou game previously, I quite enjoyed it. Clearing out a hundred men with one move feels fun. Most of the movesets felt good to control. While the story is nothing home to write about there is enough content through the history mode to continue playing. Is it me or mages attack power is weaker compared to the melee characters?
  4. For the new servants Asvatthaman is a powerhouse. Having one of the highest attack stats for a 4* next to Salter. A buster and a quick buff for more damage. Strong passives And buff removing np with an overcharge that will do more damage when he is lower on health. The only weakness I see on him is his mediocre np gain. Asclepius appears to be a stronger version of Irisviel that can do more than healing and giving guts on np. Arjuna Alter is nice. Like the majority of zerkers, he loves busters cards. But his deck is amplified with the buster resistance on his np. Making his first and second skill more effective.
  5. Planting ideas of deception as a teacher sounds weird. Will Ferdinand be a usurper? Odd that that a teacher is discussing to overthrow the status quo.
  6. There is always the chance for the late game promotion, the super professor. So Summer vacation is a quick snooze for teachers?
  7. The only answer I could come up with is that because of the pre-rendered cutscenes it can't allow other hair cuts or styles. Otherwise, we will have another Robin/Corrin situation where they were never in focus or took a first-person view.
  8. For my final ticket, I got another copy of Gozen. The game wants me to invest in her more now.
  9. Is there a list of all the personal skills shown so far?
  10. I hope the artwork do the designs justice. Bernadetta looks more like the fusion of fMorgan and Katarina. Caspar and Ashe have a massive growth spurt. Lysithea is the same but with some purple Hilda looks like a hooker Lorenz may have fixed his hair Felix toned down his sharpness.
  11. For some reason, SF acts oddly with my computer. Found the image on /Feg/
  12. With Lysithea lives all the way to the time skip. It feels even more that her death was a red herring in the leak.
  13. Odd that we are a month away from the release of the game and still the website has not updated yet. The official English coverage is really dropping the ball here compared to JP.
  14. After watching the video again there is no mention of Marianne as unrecruitable. Only confirmed Hubert. Oops on my part.
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