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  1. "He became such a simp, the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power to a thot, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he donated all his money to a streamer, then the streamer did not meet up with him in real life. Ironic. He could save others from financial instability, but not himself."
  2. I think a shoujo based FE game would be a deeper take on the likes of Eirika and Ceada. With her boyfriend/brother dead that normally would be the lead in a traditional game and she has to lead her country to victory. Drama ensues with love triangles and if she is strong enough to carry on the burden. I would like to see that.
  3. Holy smokes what going on with the scoring? It's currently in the quintrillions.
  4. For performance, I choose Veronica and Ike. No other units can perform on the same level. Personal preference is Dimitri and Camilla I love these two characters.
  5. A yes in my book; I'm a sucker for string instruments. Having played most of the Kingdom Heart games I'm very familiar with her work.
  6. 3 buffs to coincide with the Apocrypha event. Mordred got a buster crit absob alongside with crit boost to replace her Instinct. At this point she is a more common Siqurd. I'll be shocked if saber illly gets an instinct buff soon. Vlad has 2 guts with a np gain boost. Good for the odd man zerker. Soon vanilla guts will be improved on? I'm okay with that. Amakusa has a targetable NP gain buff. Solid for him and other teammates. Shame that nonremovable buffs weakens his np. Hopefully there will be a part 2 to the strengthening for the other Apocrypha servants, quite a lot of them.
  7. I would not say that is too unpopular. After all before the e3 trailer featuring the student designs of the characters were mostly lukewarm. Dimitri got flack (and still does) of his greesy noodle hair. Three Houses fan art I have seen focuses more on the post time skip designs since they are more distinct.
  8. The next event on JP is the Apocrypha re-run with some animations updates. Here I was thinking that the next Lost belt would arrive quickly. I have a feeling that this arc will be over in mid 2021.
  9. The +10s I have are: Athena, mCorrin, Caeda, aTiki, Lilina, Tharja, Effie, Peri, Clair, Reinhardt, Camilla, Nino, Cecilia, Felicia, and Saizo. No fully merged 5 stars exclusives in my barracks, but the closest one is bride Tharja at +6.
  10. IS really wanted to mess with players if the "main character" from the promotions betrayed the avatar at first hand. And Crimson Flower was more of a secret route? At this point I have no clue who Edelgard is even supposed to be. Since the writes want to take her into 4 different conflicting directions. About Nemesis, why history view him has some sort of hero? Was there little else that a bandit king and the elites were the only good options? Three Houses could have used more time in the oven to see all these idea fully develop.
  11. After 100 more orbs I got another Claude copy (+spd -res) and Dimitri (+res -spd). Have to get him +4 on the same banner.
  12. Free pull on the BHB battle is a +def -spd Dimitri. and with 186 orbs my highlights are: Dimitri (+hp -res) Claude neutral Dimitri (+def -hp) Dimitri (+spd --hp) Claude (+res -atk) Solid results for getting what I wanted. Next time I will aim for that +atk copy of Dimitri.
  13. Some baller skills are going to be shown off this TT. Shame about Bartre skills, obstruct really? Looks like I will have to be relying of Fae and Idunn for scoring this time.
  14. A FE6 banner? Solid choice. Been eyeing that Idunn and Fae combo. But I'm give this bunny seasonal a skip.
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