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  1. Resetera is the totalitarian nightmare. 4chan is more like a bunch of people shouting at each other in a room.
  2. Who the heck wants to be near a volcano as a meeting point? It could have been near a beach but nooooo.
  3. The leaker is a poster on the /feg/ thread on /vg/ for the last couple of days. Going a play through showing highlights.
  4. I was wondering who is the better 4* on the Summer 2 part 1 banner? Nobu, Nito, or Franke? I'm only interested in Summer Nero and unsure of the others.
  5. Interesting to see that Flayn does not have an actual date or that detailed personal history compared to other students. Either she is a dragon or this is some attempt to make her marriable by the time skip.
  6. I have the feeling either she is a villain or a redshirt
  7. A possible 800 price tag is staggering. Outside of Hardcore Sony fans who will buy it? That's not including the Playstation plus subscription, games, or micro transactions. Even then if the system is a powerhouse will developers utilize it to achieve a stable 60 frame at higher resolutions?
  8. Do we know what do the + mean or the greek letters at the end of weapons?
  9. Female Byleth looks weird to me in the cutscenes. Her large eyes looking into space, and her proportions of her head.Not sure what to make from her rounder face. Male Byleth keeping a blank face might prove interesting, or complete uninterest at the major moments.
  10. What are the changes that mByleth will be an upcoming mythic/legendary hero?
  11. The future? interesting title for Edelgard to have; a bit presumptuous. I'm on the fence about the banner, rolling for characters I know little about excluding marketing feel weird to me. Have to sleep on it.
  12. Today I have completed and got the true ending for Batman Arkham Knight. Overall I loved it and disliked it at parts. I liked certain sections in the story. Panessa Studios and Ace Chemicals areas were some of my highlights in the game. The Season of Infamy DLC was great for involving more of Batman's central rogues that didn't get much exposure in the campaign. Loved how the game ended on that after 10 years Gotham needed more than Batman creating a new identity. Not too many stories I seen end on that note. What I disliked how frequent the Batmobile was to the game. Almost 50% of my playthrough was in it. Some of the worst moments of the game are in it. From the bizarre tank stealth sections, transforming the game into a superhero version of Twisted Metal, running over people at 80 mph. The Riddler trophies were worse is time around. The increase in verticality and size of the map made it more difficult to collect them all. The worst being the ones the clues that leave only two four-digit numbers that are map coordinates then do a race on. As for the story section, Batman's martyr complex throughout just makes things annoying. All of his allies are in the city that night yet he want to save Gotham by himself. Scarecrow and Arkham Knight interests in theatrics ruin their own plans in the end they feel sidelined by Joker. The Arkham games relied on the Joker too much, as if he is the true Batman villains and all of the others are B-listers for side missions. After 4 games I thought that will change. Even in dead he manages to steal the show turning Batman (somehow) into him.
  13. With reviewers saying it took them over 40 hours to complete just one route alone. No less than 4 possible routes with alternative endings to each one, I was wondering how will people continue to play the game without being tried over the 100 hour mark. For some one of the issues of Fates was that it was exhausting starting the game over again three times, but 3 houses takes that idea to another level. Still there is no word if there will be recycled ideas (maps, plotlines, major events) from route to route. Having mostly different characters will help keep things interesting For me at I least, after completed a route I will probably play another game in the meanwhile to refresh my mind before starting again. Or later playthroughs y on new game + for recruit new students.
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