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  1. A little excited right now, I can see more potential excitement after e3 though when we may get a bit of new info and will hopefully only be about a month from release
  2. My free pulls have been insane lately, the tickets from the quests for the brave banners got me brave ephraim and another brave ike
  3. Well the good news is my free pulls today were brave celica and leanne, the bad news is i continued on the legendary banner and got nothing after 100+ orbs but i guess i cant be too mad given my free pull and good luck lately
  4. My good luck continued into this banner, 10 orbs in and i got the new felicia and flora
  5. Got Lethe and another Laevatein with back to back tickets from forging bonds Edit: The luck continues, got my final ticket which got me Ranulf.
  6. Sword: Deen Lance: Fernand Axe: Rinkah Bow: Python Tome: Luthier Staff: Tatiana Breath: Naga Beast: Yarne
  7. Sorry came into the series through awakening so everyone comes from the 3 newest games, intend to play the older games but have not gotten to it yet, also only pulling from main series released games A = Anankos B = Brady C = Cynthia D = Deen E = Emmeryn F = Fernand G = Gangrel H = Hans I = Iago J = Jesse K = Kellam L = Luthier M = Mila N = Naga O = Orochi P = Python R = Rinea S = Silque T = Tatiana U = ? V = Valbar Y = Yarne Z = Zola
  8. I also see micaiah on the the left, no clue on the right though
  9. alot can change before release but the only one i am not huge on right now is the blue lions, kind of back on forth on which of the other 2 i prefer and want to start the game with but hopefully we will see alot more and then i can properly make a decision
  10. i am pretty much good with anyone, hope they do not touch generic characters or other franchise characters unless we somehow get all playable or major characters put in
  11. Had some bad luck on the last 8% banner and the fates beast unit banner but came out ok on this one, hopefully the start of a little better luck
  12. Was only going to do the free pull on the new banner, got greil, had 3 colorless and 1 green left, knew none of the units were colorless so decided to just pull the other green and see if i got lucky which i did and also got mist
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