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  1. Maybe so, but all I can think of is the sheer amount of damage Jaffar with stacked Poison Strikes could do to the man with that much Fury stacked on him.
  2. Absolutely, here's a link to my latest post in the +10 compendium, I recently updated her image there. Right now her build is focused on building up charges on her special while nuking whoever she can. Generally speaking a single proc of Blazing Flame will secure a ORKO on any enemies L'arachel is at risk of being counterattacked by or can't otherwise secure a kill on. This list includes units like Surtr, Sigurd, Grima, Eir… she can one-round almost anyone in the game with the right setup outside of hideously stat inflated Abyssal units. I'd like to get Death Blow 4 for her or something better for her C Skill, as all four tactics skills are covered by L'arachel's allies.
  3. It occurred to me that I never shared my second ever +10, who I completed recently. Here is Soliel! She's big, she's bad, she has more attack and speed than she has any right to, and she don't care. This is just the build that I have on her as of right now, which I've used in conjunction with L'arachel and assorted dancers to clear Abyssal content through brute force. All things considered I don't use her nearly as much as L'arachel, or even as much as most other sword units at my disposal, but she's very effective at what she does and she has several weapons and skills at her disposal for a variety of situations, including an Armoursmasher set for when Surtr just needs to fucking die. EDIT: While I'm at it, I think I'll throw up the most recent picture of L'arachel, as she's gone through a considerable amount of development from her earlier days. As you can see, she is now Light Blessed (as she should be) and is carrying a similar loadout to Soliel, with an AoE special and a skill intended to proc it quickly. This version of L'arachel is a staple of my Aether Raids team and has conquered more Grand, Bound and Legendary Hero Battles than I can count. A true princess.
  4. L'arachel is hands down one of the biggest examples for me personally. I hadn't particularly cared for her character in Sacred Stones and had never used her in the base game. (Natasha was my original Sacred Stones waifu as a kid, and I was too addicted to the post game power of Bishops to give horse-locked L'arachel the time of day.) Nowadays, she's my first +10 unit, my Summoner Supported unit, my account ambassador, and all around the most powerful unit at my disposal. Her art, writing and voice acting won me over in a big way when I first summoned her as a 5* unit, and she very quickly gained momentum and became a strong anchor for my Cavalry team. One thing led to another and after a handful of other L'arachel summons I just said... fuck it, I'm gonna make her +10. So I did, and on the way I researched how to make her the best girl she could be. A lot of premium units died so that she could become stronger. Nowadays, I use her for Legendary/Abyssal PvE content and Aether Raids and nearly nothing else; my hyperfixation on building her up meant that many of my other units - especially blue ones - aren't nearly as powerful as they should be. Runners-up in the category include New Year's Corrin, who sat on my bench for nearly a full year before I realized that I was quite fond of the guy and started investing in him. Hell, I became so taken with him that I made a poor attempt at a guide/analysis for him here. I'd also say that special mention should be made of Michalis, who went from being "literally who" to one of my first 5* characters and a heavy hitter for my first actually built up team. Then he fell to the wayside for a good long time, only for me to just recently rediscover how much I liked using him. He's now a fixture of my Aether Raids team, just like L'arachel.
  5. An influx of representation for (most) of the GBA titles and seasonals venturing away from being focused entirely on Fates and Awakening. Male Corrin wearing Azura's dress and a pair of hammer pants looking like a fucking snack. A mass demotion of formerly hard to obtain older characters, alongside the 4/5 star rarity of such useful units like L'arachel, Soliel, and Legault. Aether Raids: a competitive game mode where I can actually go ham with my +10 L'arachel and not get penalized for using her to ORKO units instead of spoonfeeding kills to the latest flavour of the month unit. Heroic Grails opening up a whole new world of possibilities involving the f2p units: making them more viable as both skill fodder AND serious merge projects. In relation to the above, discovering newfound respect for units like New Year's Corrin, Marisa and Garon due to their potential as merge projects. Heroic Feats - despite a flawed execution - fostering a sense of the community all working towards a common goal and providing free units. Free units - even if they wind up being feather fodder - are always appreciated. ACCESSORIES As reviled as it was, Adrift opened the possibility of seeing alternate universe interpretations of existing heroes that are more of a departure than just "okay but what if THIS Loki/Veronica actually helped us." And I just really fucking dig alternate universe shit. Veronica receiving some nice character development and having some pretty nice scenes interacting with the other characters. (eg. Shittalking Laevateinn because she knows that she can't retaliate without angering Surtr, playing the straight man to Ylgr's rambling, acting as a moral counterbalance to Surtr, showing concern over Xander's well being, so on.) Veronica of all people winning CYL and becoming one of the absolute best staff units from it. Just Veronica in general, really. It's been a decent year for her. Combat Manuals being a massive quality of life improvement, like holy crap how did I even function before being able to do that. Weapon Refines and new Prf Weapons breathing new life into older units, often with cool and unique skills and abilities. Literally all of the designs, art and aesthetic for Book 3. Including the music. Yes, even the screamo. There, I said it. Summoning Tickets are a great orb saving tool and help for sniping if you're so inclined. Tempest Trials now actually feel completable. Grand Conquests dish out some real nice rewards for not much investment. My friend list and frontline unit actually mean something now and I can take pride in the number of people who use my L'arachel for their team.
  6. It amused me and the more I listened to it the more it grew on me. Now I kinda unironically like it and I wish we had a full version. You can actually pick out the usual soundfont and instrumentation for FEH music laced in with the rest of the stuff and I thought that was pretty clever. Is it silly and hard to take seriously? Absolutely. But I'd rather enjoy it for what it is than gripe or rant about it being "cringey". The music and the designs for our new antagonists are so different from what we're used to and I genuinely appreciate how over the top they are. I don't think I would want this sort of thing in other, traditional FE games, but in something more experimental like this I think it's fine.
  7. Viewtiful Joe - Henshin-A-Go-Go, Baby! Every opponent Joe faces has a secret identity, wears a mask, or has adopted a disguise at some point in their games. Stage 1 - Vs. Luigi (Colour 7) on Paper Mario. Tough Guy Alert! plays. (Mr. L) Stage 2 - Vs. Lucina on Arena Ferox. Destiny (Ablaze) plays. ("Marth") Stage 3 - Vs. Wario on Warioware, Inc. WarioWare, Inc. plays. (Wario Man, and Wario: Master of Disguise.) Stage 4 - Vs. Cloud on Midgar. Let the Battles Begin! plays. ("Miss" Cloud.) Stage 5 - Vs. Meta Knight on Halberd. Meta Knight's Revenge plays. (Self-explanatory) Stage 6 - Vs. Young Link and Sheik on Termina Bay. Hidden Mountain and Forest plays. (The nature of Sheik, Majora's Mask) Boss - Galleom. Jergingha - Planet Destruction Form plays. Credits: ST01: Roll Out, Wonderful 100! Kalas (Baten Kaitos) - On Eternal Wings Reflecting his desire for two full wings, Kalas battles every winged fighter on the roster. Pit serves as an ally to the player for the first five matches. For spoiler reasons. Stage 1 - Vs. Falco on Lylat Cruise. Space Battleground plays. Stage 2 - Vs. Duck Hunt on Duck Hunt. Duck Hunt Medley plays. Stage 3 - Vs. Meta Knight on Fountain of Dreams. The Legendary Air Ride Machine plays. Stage 4 - Vs. Corrin (Male) and Corrin (Female) on Castle Siege. Lost in Thoughts All Alone (Remix) plays. Stage 5 - Vs. Ridley and Charizard on Unova Pokémon League. Vs. Meta Ridley plays. Stage 6 - Vs. Pit, Dark Pit and Palutena on Reset Bomb Forest. Thunder Cloud Temple plays. Boss - Rathalos. The Valedictory Elegy plays. Credits: The Valedictory Elegy
  8. @Anomalocaris I just want to say how much I love all of these ideas, especially the Kamek and Adeline ones. I've read through your entries for everyone in the other thread, but I was too focused on my own entry to think to give any feedback there. As for my own entry, I really don't feel like making a Classic Mode for Waluigi right now, but let me see if I can whip some up for some other characters I'd like to see. Octoling - Fly Octo Fly Loosely based on the story of Agent 8 in the Octo Expansion, starting with their abandoning the Octoling Army and winding up in Inkopolis at the end. Stage 1 - Vs. Inkling (Agent 3 colour) on Shadow Moses Island. Octoweaponry plays. (Splatoon 1) Stage 2 - Vs. Giant Roy (Koopaling) on Pokémon Stadium 2 (Battlefield Ver.). I Am Octavio plays (Rebelling against DJ Octavio) Stage 3 - Vs. Kirby (Blue colour) on Spirit Tracks. Only Sticky Bombs spawn. Calamari Inkantation plays. (The full Octo Expansion experience, starring C.Q. Cumber.) Stage 4 - Vs. Octoling Horde on Midgar. Muck Warfare plays (Girl Power Station) Stage 5 - Vs. Giant ROB on Frigate Orpheon (Battlefield ver.). Ebb and Flow/Full Throttle Tentacle! plays (Commander Tartar) Bonus Stage occurs here instead of after Stage 6. Stage 6 - Vs. Mii Gunner Horde (All in Splatoon 2 Inkling costumes) on Moray Towers. Now or Never! (Splatfest) from Splatoon 2 plays (Unlocking Octoling for Turf War) Boss - Rematch Vs. Inkling (Agent 3 colour) and then Master Hand on Final Destination. Fly Octo Fly/Ebb and Flow plays. (Yes, I know that's not actually in the game, bear with me.) (The Agent 3 Secret Boss) Credits - Acid Hues Miles "Tails" Prower - Gadgets and Gizmos The premise of Tails' Classic Mode is very simple: enemies that either are or use complex gadgets and technology. Stage 1 - Vs. Mega Man on Dr. Wily's Castle. Emerald Hill Zone plays. Stage 2 - Vs. Snake on Shadow Moses Island. Lights, Camera, Action plays. Stage 3 - Vs. ROB on Delfino Plaza. Rooftop Run plays. Stage 4 - Vs. Samus and then Zero Suit Samus on Planet Zebes. Scrap Brain Zone plays. Stage 5 - Vs. Fox, Falco and Wolf on Lylat Cruise. Reach for the Stars plays. Stage 6 - Vs. Bowser Jr. Horde on Midgar. Fist Bump plays. (The Koopa Clown Car is the best representation of the Egg-O-Matic, and Midgar is the best representation of Metropolis Zone and similar Sonic endgame levels.) Boss - Galleom. Open Your Heart plays. Credits - Wonder World
  9. Go for it, @Vaximillian, dancers are always a strong candidate for investment.
  10. Okay, so some ground rules: I'm going to be skipping the jugdral games as I know next to nothing about those games or their characters. I'm going to offer up two extra characters: a Grand Hero and a character already in the game I'd like to see an alt of. I'm going to divide Awakening and Fates by generation, and Fates into Birthright and Conquest, as that's how Heroes seems to handle the Fates cast. I will only offer an alt and GHB for one generation. I will offer my wanted regular character in plain text, the GHB in bold, and the alt in italics. 1/11: Jake, Caeda (There are no desired units left that I feel would be a GHB.) 2/15: Mycen, Rudolf, Alm 3/12: Frey, Kris, Camus 6: Niime, Idounn, Sophia 7: Wallace, Vaida, Canas 8: Forde, Morva, L'arachel 9: Ilyana, Bertram, Titania 10: Bastian, Levail, Mist (and Ilyana again) 13: Flavia (1st gen), Nah (2nd gen), Gangrel, Gerome 14b: Scarlet (1st gen), Midori (2nd gen), Zola, Setsuna 14c: Nyx (1st gen), Forrest (2nd gen), Shura, Garon Heroes: Bruno, Veronica, Sharena Warriors: Lianna, Darios
  11. Tokyo Mirage Sessions, obviously. But if that's not an option, I'd probably go with Heroes since that's the whole premise to begin with. It's the most beneficial for me since it's designed as a self esteem booster to begin with.
  12. As usual, Fates sets itself up for something that would be amazing and fails to follow through. You're right, a Forrest and Elise support could've been great, I certainly would've enjoyed it. And I would've liked to see Shiro interacting with his aunts and uncles. Now that it's mentioned it feels like such a huge disconnect having the child characters not interact with the first generation ones at all unless it's Corrin or their parents. The same problem exists in Awakening, honestly.
  13. Er, yes, that is a problem and all, but I was making a joke about the average GTS user in Pokémon demanding Legendaries and Mythics in return for absolute vendor trash. Like so:
  14. I want to bring attention to this rant because I feel like it's a very good deconstruction of the problems that exist with Surtr and a good summation of the point I was trying to make earlier.
  15. The only time I ever turn animations off is when I'm doing particularly grindy tasks in Heroes. For example, auto-battling through Tempest Trials or Forging Bonds. In that case, it's purely out of pragmatism and impatience. Normally, I'm more than willing to sit through animations for battles. In fact, I'm quite happy to do it, because I find them pretty enjoyable and fun. But, when I'm just trying to get those points up and stockpile feathers and whatnot, I don't have time for it. I'm probably not even looking at my phone to begin with outside of checking to see that the battle is over.
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