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  1. Here's one the game actually brings up in Robin and Walhart's support: What if Walhart had been the one to find Robin and they were his tactician instead of Excellus?
  2. Because if you give the class to someone who's already a tank, most notably Silas, then they get strong physical 1-2 range, which is nearly impossible in Fates otherwise. Sol is just an added safety net on a build that is already sturdier than you'd think. As for Odin, have you watched any of the videos of him in action? Like, any of them?
  3. Yep, that's the reason for the "playable" qualifier. With dark tomefaire for the love of christ. Whoever's bright idea it was to make dark magic a mostly-female thing and then make the dark mage classes male-only... well I have to assume it wasn't any one person's "bright idea", because that's the kind of idiocy that can only result from multiple people completely failing to communicate.
  4. One thing I've noticed Fire Emblem is exceedingly hesitant about throughout its entire history is creating classes of certain movement types with access to magic. It seems to go, in order of most to least likely: foot, cavalry, flying, armored. The lattermost, to my knowledge, has never seen a playable magic-using class in any mainline Fire Emblem game. Even in Three Houses, which supposedly was all about breaking the weapon-class relationship and allowing units to use basically anything, they made a very conspicuous exception for magic. Flying mages weren't available until the DLC, and armored mages still aren't available at all. To this day, the only way to get an armored tome user outside of Heroes is temporarily, via engaging with a tome-using Emblem while in an armored class. Micaiah means staff-armors have a bit more luck, however. And I have to ask: is there any sensible reason behind this? For the combo to have eluded mainline use for so long, you've gotta figure they have some reason for it at this point. But I can't for the life of me figure out what it is. I get that most magic-users tend to be fragile, but the cavalry ones in particular have often received more than enough defense to see action on enemy-phase, so I can't imagine armored mages would be that devastating in the player's hands. Especially since they're in the running for worst class in the series so far. Thoughts?
  5. Desmond is infinitely more human. He's vile, but his anger and cruelty stem from far more believably human sources. He's consumed by bitterness over a messy political marriage and jealousy over the incredibly talented son it produced.
  6. Christ, that is some stiff competition, isn't it? So many characters are utterly hysterical for all the wrong reasons, but I think it's a big competition between Garon and Lilith. Garon is just the most shamelessly generically evil despot Fire Emblem has ever seen, but Lilith spends just about every scene she's in doing something utterly, hysterically ridiculous that the game expects you to take seriously.
  7. Yep, exactly. Yarne being a paranoid cowardly survivalist makes a lot more sense when you realize he probably had a ton of brothers and sisters he had to watch die, either like that or in the zombie apocalypse.
  8. If I were to categorize the GBA trinity in terms of what sorts of "knowledge" they represent: Anima: Reason (What we do know) Light: Faith (What we can't know) Dark: Eldritch Lore (What we shouldn't know)
  9. On a related note, I think Yarne and his obsession with avoiding extinction becomes a lot more sympathetic when you think about rabbits and realize that there is no conceivable earthly way that Yarne was the only child Panne gave birth to.
  10. Framme: The divine dragon looked at me... RIGHT AT ME!
  11. RIP Merrin. As if I didn't hate Eirika enough already. Really, that was a beyond stupid decision for the game. Either they should've made it a mock battle without permadeath but with raised difficulty, or maybe made it so that deaths aren't for real, but the trial ends in failure the second someone gets KO'd. Or, and here's an idea... ...Recontextualize the paralogues as you diving into the Emblems memories to relive defining battles from their games... with only Alear playable from your army. The rest of your army would be fabrications based on the bond ring units, using the bond ring portrait as their portrait.
  12. Italics: B is still pretty dang high though, the stores don't sell weapons that good for ages. And combined with lack of weapon durability meaning that weapon sticks around forever, the early promotion meta meaning units catch up fast, and the fixed weapon ranks, even giving an A rank axe to the Jagen would have a pretty big impact on how the rest of the cast plays by the time he does his job. Bold: I'm a pretty big opponent of more than two tiers of units. They have grossly diminishing returns compared to how much it would cost to give them their own models and animations. I wouldn't be opposed to making a boosted weapon rank a "reach level 10" reward or something along those lines though.
  13. You say that like it's for a lack of trying. If Felicia weren't canonically a combat savant, Peri would have literally skewered her in their support chain.
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