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  1. Pretty sure that in most of his one-off demonstration videos, he says in the description what the class routes for them were and when he promotes them.
  2. Was discussing the skill with a friend and I realized I don't actually know. Is there anything besides tonics and vulneraries that can come out of it? Can, say, Azura's Salve show up?
  3. Yes, but in that case there was also a pike-ruin club and an axe splitter katana, as well as other variations for the ranged weapon classes, so swords weren't getting singled out.
  4. While I agree this is a bad way to do things, and having not-explicitly-specified damage and accuracy penalties against other targets is one of the very few bad things Fates does with its usability, it wouldn't actually be functionally identical unless they changed the effective damage formula. If an armorslayer had 10 might but had a 4 might penalty against non-armor units, that means 30 might against armor but 6 might against not. If it were just 6 might all the time, then it would be only 18 might against armor.
  5. Something I just realized: I remember hearing that one of the details of the leak was that this was planned to be released for the 30th Anniversary of Fire Emblem. But that would've been in 2020. 6 months to a year and a half after the release of Three Houses. If that was indeed one of the details of the leak... I smell BS there.
  6. I think Fire Emblem just gradually got way more controversial characters in it. Most of what people didn't like about Micaiah, for example, is stuff Corrin is guilty of to orders of magnitude of a higher degree.
  7. I saw someone on an FED video say that the picture of the red-and-blue-haired lord from the back is just an edited screenshot from SMT V, with the "lord" being someone named Nahobino. Can anyone who's played that game confirm?
  8. You take potshots at the second wave of enemies in the prologue by having Robin and Chrom step onto the water where nobody but that one mage can fight anyone. Once the mage is dead you can herd them around and feed them all to Robin.
  9. ...I did, but upon further inspection I discovered I missed it. And after extrapolating from what they said: Chapter 10: 43 = 516 exp Chapter 11: 47 = 564 exp Chapter 12: 43 = 516 exp Chapter 13: 51 = 612 exp So basically as long as the avatar's a dark flier by the beginning of chapter 11 there's more than enough to get her galeforce by the time Lucina joins.
  10. So my main strategy for the harder difficulties of Awakening generally involves taking the avatar through a few classes, marrying Chrom, and trying to get Galeforce by the time Lucina shows up. It's totally doable, but I constantly find myself wondering how many kills I can afford to give to other units, and by the end I constantly wind up cutting it super close despite soloing the maps leading up to Lucina's recruitment. I wanna know if anyone has the numbers for how many enemies are on each map so I can multiply that by 12 and determine how much experience I'm guaranteed to get on the avatar if I feed the whole map to them, so I can know the necessary level benchmarks and when I can afford to give more kills to my other units. Has anyone written down that info anywhere?
  11. Except gauntlets on mounted units. And also, no class with all three of the faire skills.
  12. Yeah I meant archer specifically, due to its amazing skills and promotion options. And Zoran talks about statues because there are, in fact, good things you can so with them, most notably magic ones and vantage sorc Ophelia.
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