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  1. Aren't there direction-conditional tiles you can make in SRPGStudio? What if you made structures it's possible to leave, but impossible to enter, in order to make sure the player can never get the drop on the reinforcements because they're invincible until their first move?
  2. Alright. That tears it. I know it's been four years, but I've got less to do these days, I've gotten back into Invisible, Inc. lately, and I'm kinda sick of seeing this nearly-finished run perpetually taking up the first of my four precious save slots for this game. I'm finishing this. I'll read back up on the entries to refresh myself, and then I'll get started on it soon.
  3. So, for the hell of it, I went back to my play-and-rank scoreboard and laid everything out on this map by interpreting the two axes as the "difficulty" and "depth" categories. And this is the result: The most amusing thing I noticed is that Conquest is the only game I gave a positive score in both categories, and Dark Dragon is the only one I gave a negative score in both categories. Most of the games I have nice things to say about difficultywise aren't that deep, and most of the games with robust skill systems don't have well-designed difficulty. Edit: I just realized I did the axes backwards compared to everyone else. I am sorry.
  4. Killer weapons being unreliable I get, what with the random proc effect, but why does that apply to braves?
  5. You're giving in a bit too quickly, I'd say. It's only been around for two games. That's as long as save tiles were a thing, and they ditched that too. Hell, it's followed the same pattern: Add them in one game and make them this overkill thing you can basically ignore, and then spend the second game doing everything in your power to make the feature an essential and necessary part of gameplay. Hopefully the next game will scrap it and complete the cycle.
  6. The big thing with Kris is that their early join time on a bunch of tiny-as-shit maps gives them a bunch of levels it's obscenely easy to rig. Of course even without rigging level ups and even while being disappointed with my Dakota's early growths, he still wound up being a stat-capping monster.
  7. Has anyone ever attempted to beat Lunatic+ no-grind without Robin? Or without Frederick? I seriously doubt that the claim that only one is essential is an accurate assessment, but I don't know if that's been tested.
  8. In fairness, while I found Dimitri's similar ability really useful, even if you reach 100% dodgetanking, you still have to contend with it deactivating on HP level ups.
  9. I'm not sure, it's been more than a decade since I last played on easy mode. But I think it's independent of the blessed weapon.
  10. What? But the description explicitly says the attack has to land.
  11. Water walking. They can kill every enemy in the second half of the map, and only have to fight the mage and the boss. Gaining enough levels to start being a serious contender, especially with Frederick pair-up.
  12. They start off with a broken movement trait that lets them cheese the prologue, after which they snowball.
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