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  1. Well I mean she's an enemy and it says rout, so once you figure out you can't talk to her, I think I would've assumed that.
  2. Yeah, I figured after the Percy incident. Annoying that they don't make it clear when they can and can't be recruited though. Still, It'll require a pretty aggressive strategy that kinda worries me if I mis-predict the enemy AI.
  3. Conquest Day 26: Chapter 21 Ah yes, this chapter. I haven't played this map in years, but the this “Play and Rank” has really raised my opinion of it to incredible heights... in theory. I'll have to see how it plays out in practice, but the idea of a map that has tricky-to-penetrate defenses and infinite, experience-denying reinforcements to the rear... well that's basically how I feel most Fire Emblem maps should be designed. I'd love to play a whole game of maps like that. At least I think I would. Some exceptions, obviously. You need to have highs and lows of difficulty rather than a continuous upward rise. I've come to learn that continuously upping the difficulty without a chapter to breathe every once in a while can make a game exhausting to play. But yeah, this is definitely better than the ideas for escape maps that, say, Thracia had. Alright, let's start the story. I did some upgrades now that I have more free DVP, and that means we'll be getting Izana next castle update. Unless it's too soon. Wow, that's upsetting. While the game has so many features that make it great to ironman, either it was almost entirely by accident, or the writers didn't get the memo, because they basically just assume everyone's still alive and uninjured judging by Iago's dialogue about how annoyed he is that there are no casualties. I mean really, if you make casualties possible, that is a psychotically irresponsible thing to always have a character say. I don't get why they're still trying to sabotage Dakota though. She's in the process of leading their army to victory against Hoshido! And we have the entire goddamned royal family with us! What the fuck are Iago and Garon trying to accomplish here!? Ah yes, the infamous Eternal Stairway. It goes uphill both ways, and yet is somehow “rumored to lead straight to hell”. Alright. So. This map is crawling with faceless. They each have a breaker skill and savage blow, so you want to rip them to shreds as soon as you can and be careful about what weapons you do it with. And the golems all have wary fighter and are hiding up on ledges to make approach difficult. Fliers are crucial here, but even more crucially, we have to make use of the dragon veins here, which globally freeze every enemy on the map for one turn. And... ...And there are some benchmarks it'd be really handy to reach for this, honestly. If I had rally strength on Laslow, I'd be able to have Xander fly up these cliffs with Percy's help and take out the faceless in two hits, which if I use the freeze dragon vein, I can do over the course of two turns. Hm... what can we do to get some extra training in...? ...Let's check out this Nina paralogue! This is the only one left in the whole game I haven't seen anything of. Day 26 Change of Plans: Paralogue 22 So basically some rich collector of Nohrian cultural artifacts asks the heroes to protect his manor from thieves planning to steal them. And Niles takes the lead on the defense because he knows exactly how he'd break into the place. And of course, who should be among the thieves... but Nina. With something close to her canon hair color thanks to Effie being her mom! But yeah, she's some kind of Robin Hood type, and apparently she's under the impression that the collector did some shady shit to get his hands on his collection. But given we're probably still defending the place, I have to wonder whether or not that's true... ...Hahahaha, yeah, uh... “Rout enemy before Nina escapes”. Nooohohohohooooooooooo thank you. Not today. Not for a “getting ready for the next main map” thing. That sounds like it's just begging for another poll of death when the game isn't clearly highlighting the “instant lose” tiles, which they really should do for maps like this and Asugi's. Let's check out Invasion 2 again, see how our army fares now. ...Yeah, I think we're ready for this now. Day 26 Change of Change of Plans: Invasion 2 Sorry for the two false starts, everyone! Let's get started. The exp isn't going to be great, but I'm really more concerned about getting support points for Laslow and Keaton. Losing Azura really undid basically all of the time I wanted to save by promoting Laslow early, but I should at least be able to get him to level 16 on par with my usual time. My strategy's roughly similar to last time, except using some different units and also being mindful of the fact that the entrap maid will eventually move. I'm not too concerned though. Paired up and using the Horse Spirit, and enjoying the castle bonuses, nobody short of those merchants can actually hurt Dakota. Still not gonna tempt fate though. Okay, it's going pretty well, actually! Though it was going pretty well last time too, right up until that final moment. Let's wait for things to get interesting before I get cocky. OKAY. THINGS JUST GOT INTERESTING. See, the enemies have gone in different directions this time due to subtle changes in my decisions. Now the merchant duo has gone north to try to cross the river, and now I have to deal with them while avoiding that damned entrap maid. ...Unfortunately they're more interested in the buildings, which is a pain in the ass. AND THERE ARE REINFORCEMENTS TO THE SIDES. HOLY SHIT I AM BONED. THIS MAP LETS YOU BRING SO FEW UNITS AND THERE ARE JUST SO MANY OF THEM. ...Okay, I think I can just barely salvage this. While most of my buildings are destroyed, I managed to just barely keep the wyverns away from the throne with Dakota, Keaton, Dwyer and Laslow. That, and Xander and my three snipers managed to take out the dark knights when they wasted time breaking buildings further away from the throne than they started out. Xander's taking care of the great knights and hunter's knife maids closing in from the east, while the snipers are coming in to reinforce the throne room. With most of the buildings gone, enemies are finally starting to prioritize attacking us, which makes things a lot easier. I can't believe I survived all that. But I did. Holy shit. This map is waaaaaaaaaaay more difficult than it should be at this point in the game. That was... I'm sorry, this entry is ridiculously short, but sooooo much happened so goddamned quickly that it was nearly impossible to put into words. I was drastically overleveled for this and yet I was still utterly terrified basically every turn after the reinforcements showed up. And this is with a setup specifically designed to protect against invasions! Christ, Invasion 2 is ridiculous. And for all that work... ...no supports at all. Damn it. ...Yeah, there's no in hell way I'm going to be able to get Laslow rally strength in time for next map. I'll have to come up with some other options there. Guess that'll have to wait for tomorrow though. Stay safe, everyone.
  4. ...Man, what a shame this had to happen on Fire Emblem's birthday. Well, it's not like Fire Emblem was particularly nice to my birthday, makes sense for the opposite to happen too. Still though... Happy Birthday, Fire Emblem! (Hope this justifies a double-post)
  5. Miscellaneous stuff that needed to get done around the house, and more stuff at work than anticipated.
  6. Sorry, no update today. Unexpected obligations ate up most of my free time for it. I may have to change around how I do things, but for now, sorry, no update.
  7. I mean they seem to be at least attempting to give her a freudian excuse for that.
  8. Conquest Day 25: Chapter 20 Let's. Fucking. Do this. Peri's meal of the day gave everyone speed, defense and resistance. Awesome. Most of my army will have to stick with Laslow, since he's crucial to letting most of them double. But I have a select few units, specifically Dakota, Camilla and Xander, who can double just fine without him. Mozu and Shura also can, but I've elected to put them with the others (Effie, Arthur, Ophelia and Percy) on Team Laslow instead, because this player-phase team needs overwhelming firepower in order to deal with threats. If anything's still alive on enemy phase, there will be trouble. ...The question of whether or not splitting up is a good idea is a valid one. Considering the narrow walkways everywhere, making our army too concentrated is likely gonna have diminishing returns for firepower while still having the usual increases to vulnerability. ...Still though, I want an enemy-phase tank with both teams just in case something goes horribly wrong. So I'm going to trade Shura and Xander around. Even though Xander doesn't need a speed rally to double, he'll be important to have with Team Laslow just in case. Dakota's a better all-around tank due to his superior resistance, so better to put the lesser one with the army that can player-phase things into oblivion if needed. Laslow's support training with Keaton won't be able to make any progress here, sadly. I'll instead be having Keaton support with Camilla in the hopes of getting another paralogue by the end of the game. We're wearing those a bit thin with what's happening. Hayato has a hexing rod, which is nasty, so I'll need to make sure to disable that by making him waste it on my assorted pair-up bots. But the real thing that scares me here is the fliers. They'll be able to steamroll past the winding paths and attack us directly, so I'll have to have some good tanking plans for that. ...Actually, I think I'm gonna keep the whole army together until those guys make their move, just in case they do something nasty and unexpected. Because a rallied-up Xander is pretty much the only unit I have who has a chance of reliably taking them out on enemy-phase. The ones that don't barrel past him due to his defense being too high at least. Fuck it, let's just start. Prep screens always make me feel needlessly anxious. Damned near every enemy is holding still, except for the onmyoji I baited in and a group of falcon knights to the north. That's... unnerving. The falcon knights who moved last turn... aren't moving now. I've almost never seen that before, except a few chapters in Dark Dragon. Due to the silencing rod not being depleted yet and not wanting to wait to see if these guys all rush at once when some time-based reinforcements arrive, I had to have Xander fight the two onmyoji and spearmaster to the northwest of my starting location. He sadly missed the second attack on the spearmaster and got his strength sealed, but his attack power is so overpowering that it barely matters. Which really speaks volumes to how psychotic enemy bulk was in Lunatic Rev, that this guy was barely doing any damage in the endgame. Yep, even with sealed strength, he's still one-rounding the onmyoji. Even the one with a horse spirit. ...I just realized what those falcon knights are up to. They crowded around Hayato so that it would be impossible to get into his hexing rod range without baiting in the falcon knights, and vice versa. I have to send in someone who would be strong enough to take on those falcon knights even if the hexing rod connects. ...Or... I can wait for opportune winds and use the dragon veins to push the falcon knights away from him! Either north so I can bait in some hexing rod uses before they get back (less than ideal), or south so I can bait them in directly from outside of Hayato's range, then make him waste his hexing rod on filler units after his protectors are dead. The great thing about having a ton of bow users, at any rate, is that I can kill fliers with ease once I properly bait them in. Alright. The reinforcement great masters have been routed, and I just used the dragon vein to get the falcon knights out into the open. Because Hayato has no movement, he's immune to wind blowing. Of course, the game doesn't tell you this. Minor nitpick, because it's pretty obvious based on what the purpose of immobile units is that they wouldn't let you move them by any means, but still, that could've been explicitly stated. I've gotta say, now that I'm actually taking notes while playing this chapter normally, it's become obvious that this map isn't nearly as difficult, or intense, without that self-imposed time limit. In all honesty, it probably should've had one. I think a lot of the complaints about how tedious and annoying the wind is largely stem from the game's lack of pressure to face it head on and deal with it continuously. For me, it's just kinda pushing me around because the enemies don't come to me and I'm waiting to disarm the hexing rod with my pair-up bots. I feel like I might have said this before, but I'm not sure: probably my least favorite part of this game is the sheer number of status staves it uses on you, especially since the best way to deal with them is to just wait them out most of the time. Also, this isn't a thing about bad game design, but I just really don't like accepting that I'm just going to have to deal with status effects and debuffs. Okay, so some reinforcements arrived, namely a group of falcon knights with spearmasters paired up with them. Since they're coming to us, it might be tempting to just let them, well, come to us, but I know better. With all of these platforms and expanses of air, if I let them pick their ending space on their terms, they'll land just barely on the opposite side of an inaccessible ledge, in a perfect position to slaughter someone while I can't do anything to player-phase them. So instead I'm putting Xander in their range in a place where they're more vulnerable, making them waste their opportunity attacking him instead of going on the devastating defensive. Hayato has some terrifying evasion abilities, but he's no match whatsoever for any of my trained snipers. Sadly, I don't actually have all of them here, so I'll have to have someone less ideal finish him off. While he has vantage. But when I went to finish Hayato off, I somehow got so much tunnelvision on his vantage that I forgot about luna, and I had to use a physic with Dwyer and send in Xander in order to save Dakota from enemy phase death. What resulted was several turns of having to fight enemies sooner than I hoped, before the enfeeble staff was used up. But with that out of the way, I'm ready to proceed. While I'm debating the best way to tackle the northwesternmost platform, favorable winds show up that'll let me start the turn well within their range to player-phase them into glue. We've got two of the treasures so far. The rescue rod (thank goodness) and 10,000 gold. I forget what's in the last one to the east, but I'll be sure to get it before we leave. Reinforcements arrived in a pincer attack, but it's too late for the enemy. I've taken out the ones by the throne... outdoor... column... thing... and we'll have the treasure in a turn or two. Dakota will hold off the northwestern fliers with ease. Fuga's ridiculous evasion bonuses are ripped to shreds by heartseeker and certain blow, and the last two falcon knights will be gone next turn. All that will remain is to fly down to the last chest and seize. ...Dragonstone+. Yeah, dragonstones have kinda passed their use-by date, but okay, maybe it'll be useful for dual strikes. I'll see how much it sells for though. Okay, so, this is no longer one of my favorite levels now that it's been made plain just how much my house rule time limit added to the thing. But it's not a bad level I'd say. Certainly nothing like the Revelation one. It definitely kept me on my toes to Conquest's usual stellar standard, though it definitely could've done with more pressure to keep the winds interesting instead of just annoying. I wonder why Hayato doesn't join us this time. There doesn't seem to be much reason why Fuga would have Hayato help in BR and RV but not on CQ, because he seems pretty confident in all three that the avatar is in the right and a legendary hero. Right! So! I'm feeling pretty good at this point! Percy's been doing pretty great and has rally defense now. We've go a pretty good thing going with our army, we've got most of our rallies ready, and we've got plenty of units! Granted, a lot of the ones we lost were pretty dang good, but I don't think getting out of this ironman in one piece is going to be an issue. And woo! We have the tier 3 staff store now! That means we have as many class-changing items as money can buy! WOOOOO! Let's do supports and finish up here! Dakota and Camilla's A support has Dakota come to the conclusion that avoiding Camilla's coddling and weird behavior makes her immature, and... yeah no, I don't agree in the slightest. It wasn't really depicted like that I feel. Camilla's behavior is definitely in the wrong. And Camilla pulls a map out of her bra because her armor apparently has no pockets. Of course it doesn't. Oh, and the game implies part of Nohr is “not far from our current location”, and... ugh. As for Dakota and Peri... Peri is “sad because everyone looks at [her] like [she's] weird”. Please don't tell me we're gonna have a “be yourself” moral for a raging psychopath. ...Okay, at least for now, no. Dakota is clearly horrified that she's somehow let this psycho into her army. We'll see how it ends though, because Dakota needs the paladin skills. As for Dakota's support with Xander... ...Yes, I think I've talked about this, where Xander's up late training and Dakota reminisces about how he used to do that all the time when she was little. Right, time for Arthur and Effie's support. Effie concludes that the reason Arthur doesn't feel he's doing enough for Elise is because he's always doing so much for everyone else, while in comparison, as she rather hilariously says, “I'd snatch a cup of water from a guy who was on fire if Lady Elise were thirsty.” Now then for Arthur and Percy. ...This is basically just another filler support. Christ, I hate filler supports. Arthur's just alluding to some concerns he has about Ace maybe being aggressive, but he won't come clean about what's bothering him until the A support, which I can't remember. Anyway, Charlotte and Xander's A support. Charlotte backs Xander up against some random faceless that show up, and reveals she's really good at unarmed brawling. Pity that isn't actually a thing in this game, and she apparently refuses to do it because she doesn't think men would find it attractive. This game blatantly cannot decide what the fuck kind of culture and sensibilities we're dealing with here, and quite frankly, this doesn't make sense in any of them. Because show me a culture where men would be repulsed by the sight of a bikini-clad supermodel beating the shit out of things with her bare hands, and I will show you a culture where women aren't allowed to go to war. Xander actually, in his own way... seems to say as much, that Charlotte is clearly misinformed about what men would dislike her for. And of course, she claims she's been rejected for showing her real self, which means, of course, Charlotte is yet another victim of one of my “favorite” Fire Emblem tropes: offscreen misogyny. Where a female female with a gender politics chip on her shoulder... only ever has her own word for us to take for it, because the writers wouldn't dare making any of the playable characters treat her like that. ...But I weirdly like how this ends. A nice way for this to end platonically, with Xander gaining some respect for her and saying she has no need to abandon her efforts as long as he doesn't get any more complaints. Finally, Camilla and Keaton. Oh my god this is such a dumb support. They make a weirdly sexual joke out of Keaton calling that cave he found the “Bone Hole”. But I do find it amusing that Camilla finds it fun to tease him. Keaton's probably my favorite style of tsundere: the “tries to be an aloof asshole but is so transparently terrible at it that they come across as cute rather than cruel” type. But yeah, now they're at B rank. Good. That's a few more paralogues on the way then. And that's it for today! I'll pick up with this tomorrow. Stay safe, everyone!
  9. Oh you have no idea how much losing Azura hurt. I feel her absence in almost every map. But this is the sort of thing that ironmanning is all about.
  10. I have one, but I don't think it would be as fun to say what it is right now.
  11. Ah yes, that'll be a big help from here on out. I'm also excited to give him rally defense, I'm not used to lacking it at this stage in the game. Yep. Thankfully the second one is next map. Still, it's definitely a blow.
  12. Conquest Day 24: Paralogue 19 Alright. Let's do this. As I said, I'm doing Paralogue 19, Percy's paralogue, because I absolutely need to get some training in on Laslow. It's beyond pivotal that Laslow gain rally speed today. Thankfully his internal level is significantly lower than everyone else's, so getting him to level 8 is like getting someone else to level 4. Which a good deal of my army is already at. My one regret is that if I didn't need this chapter for exp, I'd be able to take advantage of it more for... well... you'll see. Anyway, let's get started. So yeah, Percy, Arthur's kid, is talking with his pet wyvern Ace, who apparently was named Michalis in Japanese but Treehouse didn't think the whole “naming mounts after riders of lore” thing deserved to be translated into English, and so we get “Avel” instead of “Abel” and “Ace” instead of “Michalis”. Honestly, why? Did they not get the memo that Awakening already did that!? Oh well. Doesn't change my headcanon that Xander, Leo, Camilla and Elise's mounts are, respectively, Sigurd, Azel, Marzia and Mr. Fluffmuffin. And yeah, Percy is one of the kids who actually resent their parents for abandoning them in hyperbolic daycare. Seriously, you assholes have the resources to buy land and hire servants in alternate fucking dimensions, but you don't think you can keep your kids safe in your extradimensional time castle!? And another fucking thing: I know I've said this before, but the worst fucking part of this is that they give siblings separate paralogues. That is beyond inexcusably cruel. How fucking difficult would it have been to have them just be part of Kana or Shigure's paralogue, with some variable dialogue like the usual fare with family supports? And then a line right as the battle starts where they show up on your side? I know this means we'd miss out on some paralogues, but, like, I mean come on, the idea that they don't even let these kids have the company of their own fucking siblings is just so stupid. So yeah, now Percy flees his Deeprealm to some place in Hoshido... which has Nohrian mercenaries crawling around it. Somehow. Arthur: Oh, sidekick, not yet old enough to kick at my side! Okay, I love that line. It's corny and yet clever at the same time. OH MY GOD. PERCY JUST THREW DRAGON SHIT AT ARTHUR. AS IF I NEEDED MORE REASON TO BELIEVE HE'S MOZU'S SON. But yeah the mercenaries show up and think he's a notorious bandit named Gazak. Uh... we see Gazak in another paralogue. This is what he looks like. Mercenary: I'd recognize that chin anywhere! It's got bandit written all over it! Arthur: Oh, um, well... I assure you that my chin is not the graffiti wall of evil. Man, I love the wordplay Arthur's using here! But yeah, Percy decides to not correct their misconception and team up with the mercenaries to kick Arthur's ass. So now we have to rout the enemy. But there are some interesting dragon veins here that I'd ordinarily be way too tempted to make use of, which allow you to basically perform a dragon vein parlor trick that spawns purple flowers everywhere. What does that accomplish? In and of itself, nothing. But any mercenaries who witness it will realize that means they just picked a fight not with bandits, but with fucking royalty, and they'll run away throwing money at your feet. It's an awesome concept, gameplaywise and storywise. I love the idea of a dragon vein that doesn't actually do anything useful, but you can still make use of it. My main complaint is that the dragon vein description is pretty inadequate. I never used them on my first playthrough because I just thought it made them disappear without giving you exp. It doesn't mention the whole “500 gold per mercenary you scare off” thing. Not even in a post-prep-screen hint! But yeah, while I'll be making use of it here and there if I can, my main priority is experience, not gold. Which is good, because if I tried to be a perfectionist about getting that gold it would probably be a pain in the ass to attempt it, due to all the post-battle skills enemies have making luring them in without killing them annoying. Yeah, Christ, so I'm bringing Niles along in the hopes that I can get him to S rank with Effie this chapter so I can get that paralogue I really want to show off. But holy shit is he useless. Yes, he's unpromoted and a few levels lower than most of my party, but he's got a fucking strength surge. And with that strength surge, his strength score is a pathetic 16. This is practically normal for him. According to the averages he's screwed by 2.4, but 14.4 would still be outrageously pathetic for a level 20 player phase exclusive unit. This is why I don't “just use Rallyman”. Niles never, ever, ever works out for me long enough for that to be sane. He's far more of a painful investment than Laslow could ever be. So yeah, with any luck, by the end of this we'll have Laslow at level 8, Effie and Niles at rank S, and another flier to use in Chapter 20 to compensate for the consecutive two that I've lost. Let's do this. ...Damn it, a lot of enemies have javelins and seal skills or lunge, making dealing with them really tricky without a lot of player-phase units. I didn't put enough units on Laslow's flank, so I had to retreat rather than do a really cool player-phase move involving using the dragon vein to take out multiple enemies with one action, which I could have done if I just had one more unit, or if Laslow had a couple more points of attack. ...Okay, some weird discrepancies in enemy crit rates made me remember Arthur's -5 crit evade from being a berserker was a thing, and holy shit is that unfortunate. Between that and his personal, that completely negates his crit avoid from his trusty Snake Eyes axe, meaning he has to be next to Mozu to have much of any crit avoid at all. I'm starting to think I really oughta make him a sniper. Alright, I've gotten Laslow his first falcon knight level of three, but I'm really nervous about the enemies. I'm not sure if they start charging on a timed basis or not, or if there'll be any reinforcements or just nasty linked AI charges. Okay, yeah, nasty linked AI charges seem to be the name of the game here. I've aggo'd a ton of enemies at once, coming at me from both sides of, and over, the southeastern mountains. Boss music is playing for some reason. Is this the leader of the mercenaries, even though he has no boss dialogue and no boss icon (Percy is the boss, incidentally)? ...No, it plays for both of the heroes in that little group there. ...And another who went around the other side of the mountains. Does it play for all heroes? ...Anyway, Laslow's gotten his second level. Just one more and he'll be able to boost ally speed by five. Thankfully, I've finally started remembering that savage blow exists, and I'm using it with Camilla in order to soften up these nasty great knights. She got herself in position to hit all three of them and picked the one with lunge instead of seal strength to chip with thunder. Effie has officially become better than Mozu. She's starting to get fast enough to double most enemies, and her attack power just leaves Mozu's in the dust. 36 vs 43. Ah yes. And here comes the delightful part of the map where the remaining enemies all charge you at once when you cross a certain invisible line. I tried to do a crazy gambit to take out a lot of the enemies at once with Dakota, but tragically I miscalculated, and the space I needed open to freeze the wyrmslayer hero... wasn't open. I had to use my second rescue staff use to save Dakota since I had already moved her and she almost assuredly would have been killed unless I'd been very lucky with dual strike placement. However, I realized soon afterward that what I can do to thin out the herd is place Effie at the limit of the range of both tomahawk-wielding wyvern lords that threatened the space Dwyer needed, allowing her to enemy-phase both of them even when they have armored blow. And due to her crazy defense, she can take the hits too! And she gets everything but magic. YES PLEASE. Now, incidentally, the only reason that was an issue in the first place was because I had already moved Xander without thinking, but I've learned my lesson from that, and now I have him free to shelter Dwyer this time after he fled to an inconvenient place to heal Dakota. And Laslow just barely makes it to level 8 with chip damage on the last enemy, one I then dispatch with the dragon vein! Laslow has rally speed now, which means the battle on Monday will be much less of a nightmare. And while we didn't get much gold, hey, 2k isn't nothing! It's enough to buy a +2 bronze forge, or a seal! ...Anyway... let's check supports. Arthur and Mozu have supports with Percy, of course. So yeah, apparently Arthur “found” Ace for Percy. Yyyyyyep. Yep, Arthur x Mozu is canon for me. And not just because it has a special place in my heart because, as a joke, when I made Mozu a dread fighter in Dakota's War Journal, I turned her personality into a mix of Batman and a demon-possessed edgelord, and thus her relationship with Arthur in the actual journal itself had this weird “Superman x Rule 63 Batman” vibe to it that was weirdly endearing to me. And now for Mozu and Percy. It's a quick, bland but wholesome support of Percy enjoying a meal with mom. Next. YES. THANK GOODNESS. NILES AND EFFIE ARE S RANK. I ONLY HAVE TO USE NILES ONE MORE GODDAMNED TIME. Oh my god, Niles actually blatantly tells Effie he's been dying to see what she looks like naked. ...And then turns it around and tries to make it sound like she's the pervert for jumping to that conclusion, because when he said he wanted to see what was under her clothes, “[he] was talking about [her] heart.” Alright. Okay. So. Finally, we have Keaton and Laslow, which means that we just need one more support, probably two more chapters, to get Keaton and Laslow to A+. But I have to avoid giving Laslow any levels in that time, so it's probably gonna be with Keaton in front, and just to be sure I'll probably be using my free heart seal to reclass Laslow to mechanist just to he can get a 3 level buffer to make sure he gets replicate by level 15. On to the actual conversation though... ...Oh my god. A scene where people decide to do something somewhere else... and the conversation doesn't fucking end. It fades to black and we actually see the fucking aftermath. It's about what you'd expect from Keaton wanting to go out hitting on women with Laslow. They both fail catastrophically, because apparently in Fateslandia, there's no such thing as shallow women or the furry fandom. In fairness, he was waving this bug he found around, but in real life I know for a fact that there are plenty of women and men that that would not even come close to stopping. Okay, so, Percy's looking pretty good after the offspring seal. With a meal and a rally, he'll be able to double enemies in Chapter 20 no sweat, just like everyone else. Oh, and true to my word, I made Arthur a sniper. He's... objectively inferior in plenty of stats and equal in everything else but HP... where he has a fucking monstrous lead on Mozu. He'll be good enough to be useful, especially now that we have a third free +2 bronze forge for him. Snake Eyes is going to Percy now. Anyway, that's it for today, and for this week. I might do a weekend update to put us back to multiples of five again and make up for yesterday, but if not, see you on Monday! Stay safe, everyone!
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