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  1. Thanks. They're still bad descriptions though. Almost defeats the point of explaining what they do at all if you still have to look it up online.
  2. This confused me too, to the point that in my ironman run I had to assume Ingrid using her combat art would be a one-hit kill and baited her out to player-phase her. For that matter, the crest descriptions are similarly useless. "Occasionally increases attack damage" is the vaguest skill description I've seen in a while. How occasionally, and by how much, game?
  3. Yeah, that's more what I was trying to get at, that this game gives you so many tools to break it that you can basically make anyone into a Sigurd, often without even training them. Marth is just the example I used because, as you said, he's the smartest investment and can seize, leading to crazy warp abuse.
  4. The quiz says I'm Mercedes. Great, now I'm gonna be self-conscious about how my voice sounds for the rest of my life.
  5. Fair enough. FE1 wins out for me because everything in FE1 was balanced completely blindly, and it shows. Speedwings give you 6 speed, out of a cap of 20, and you get THREE of them, ignoring the secret shop in the penultimate chapter that lets you buy all the stat boosters with no limit. Dracoshields boost defense by 3, talismans boost resistance by 7, power rings boost strength by 4, and boots boost movement by 4. Warp staves have infinite range and you practically get one use for every chapter in the game, even ignoring the 12 use Hammerne. And that's just the obvious stuff. Every single aspect of this game is just wrong in ways that make Genealogy's tome weights look totally normal.
  6. I almost envy you. Edit: He doesn't start as good as Sigurd, but the stat boosters in this game are so plentiful and ridiculous that around the time he gets the boots (very early on), which skyrocket him to 11 movement, nothing can kill him and he can kill everything. And then you get Xane, who lets you double all that stat booster investment by copying him and letting two of him walk around, and then there's warp skipping, the buyable rapiers...
  7. Fe1 Marth can have the same movement rate with infantry terrain penalties, is even more invincible no matter what weapon he's using, can be teleported right to the boss on turn one, and you get two of him.
  8. I would argue that Byleth is worse than Corrin. At least when Corrin needed divine intervention from a spacetime dragon to save their life, it was because the sword they were using was evil and literally dragged them off a cliff out of nowhere. Actually, it's hard to say, because they're stupid in very, very different ways. Ultimately it comes down to what you think is more stupid: (Three Houses and Fates spoilers)
  9. The game would certainly be better if they were anything other than a special-needs mute who can't function without time travel powers and still manages to repeatedly screw up even with them.
  10. That's a pretty big issue though. You can't keep more than five copies of different stages of the same playthrough for one thing, because you can't copy files across profiles. And they won't share a support log or anything if you split your playthroughs across profiles.
  11. That seems to be the pattern. A lot of the remakes seem to add stuff to show what the original games merely told. We see some of Alm and Celica's relationship before they're reunited in SoV. In the original, the first moment we even realize they know each other is when they reunite and have a falling out moments later. Shadow Dragon shows the fall of Marth's kingdom at the hands of the traitorous nation of Gra, and him forcibly being separated from his sister, and as a result that is hanging over the plot the whole game, letting them build until their moment of payoff. In the original, we don't hear about Gra's betrayal until the introduction to the chapter when Marth gets his revenge. The game just goes “Hello. His name is Jiol of Gra. He killed your father. Prepare to kill!” and then the mission starts. It's super dumb. So I can totally imagine a prologue between Sigurd, Quan and Eldigan to flesh out their friendships before things all go horribly wrong.
  12. Hahahahahaha! I used that for auxiliary battles the moment I figured out how, and never looked back!
  13. Interesting take on things. I wasn't even arguing that. I was saying that it's hardly a big loss if you can't recruit everyone since you can't use everyone to begin with, so it's interesting you could think about the exact same talking point and come to a totally different conclusion like that.
  14. Gaiden Day 11: The lostiest woods ever made Yeah, change of plans. Kliff’s getting Celica’s angel ring now. I can always send it back when he’s mostly done with it, but I forgot how much shorter the dungeons are. By the time I get Rudolf's angel ring the game's gonna be pretty much over. And I’ve really underused the merchant system, so I’m going to go with Celica, get to the next town, send the angel ring, and then send it back once Kliff’s gotten some levels with it. Right then, time to send Celica into the lost woods, and… …Ugh, I really hope there’s some kind of clue in the actual forest about how to get through this, because if not, and if this is the one map in the whole game full of random battles… that’s gonna be a pain. This… what? It doesn’t… …Okay, so you don’t get “lost” in the sense that you go back to the start if you go the wrong way. You get lost as in it’s literally just a gigantic maze of empty four-doored tree rooms with no distinguishing features of any kind, meaning you actually literally get hopelessly lost with no way out. I have been wandering aimlessly with no idea what the fuck I’m doing for the last several minutes. WHAT IS GOING ON!? Alright, I checked all the trees for hidden walls, game! NOTHING! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO!? ...Fuck. Ultimately I restarted and gave up Jesse’s great power and defense level instead of looking up a guide, just to see if there’s anything in-game I can use to figure this out. Nope, no clues in sight! And I talked to every NPC on the way here. The only clue is that one room when heading straight down from the entrance only has three openings. with the one on the right side closed up. Okay, going in this direction, it seems there are actual landmarks now. That wasn’t the only room with fewer than four openings, and as long as I stay near them, I can keep my bearings. But I need to be careful and keep track of my movements. Okay, from the entrance,I went Down, then down, then down again because the other direction just opened up into four-entrance rooms and I just got lost in those, then I turned right into a fight with some mummies because it was the only opening. This incidentally got Celica all the levels with the angel ring she’ll ever need, netting her 4 speed and 2 defense, and getting her close to a fourth level too. …But then it opened up again into wide open expanse and I double back. I fight the mages again, but they only give Celica luck and a spell, Ragnarok. …Looks like all of those paths lead to rooms with wide open expanses. Meaning that I’m basically fucked in terms of figuring it out through anything but trial and error, unless… …Nope, just double checked the room above the entrance, that’s a four-door tree room too. Damn it! Okay, after being careful to keep track of where the nearest landmark was, I found a silver bow in a chest. So looks like I’ll have to just explore around landmarks and see what I can do. Anyway, I also run into a group of HiKnights, which I can only assume are those armored terrors from SoV I can’t remember the official localized name of. Which means this is a job for my seraph knights! …Nope. Apparently they don’t count as terrors here and my whitewings’ attacks just ding right off of them. FUCK. I’m glad I saved before this in case I got lost again. But thankfully my mages are able to handle them, eventually. I found a Mila shrine in the woods, which… seems like an odd choice given that these things just let you promote in this game. Though maybe this lets you promote without "random" battles? I can’t remember if I fought any on this specific path. Okay, I’ve investigated 1 deep beyond every recognizable part of the forest and haven’t found the way forward, just some silver weapons. I thought I was on to something when I saw a suspicious change in the pattern of the trees once I wandered away on purpose, but if it means something, I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is. On the plus side, my experimentation with just walking into the wilderness in straight lines netted me the silver lance, so the silver collection is complete and all of my whitewings have lances! …Okay, I think I’m noticing a pattern with that weird missing tree in the bottom right corner. It seems that once you start seeing it, it doesn’t matter how far you keep going in that direction, the second you turn back you’ll be at the space you were at before you saw that missing tree. Which is probably how they’re giving this feeling of an infinite forest, by filling it with movement-negating nothingness. So if that pattern holds… YES! Just by fumbling around in the forest and turning back and trying another route whenever I saw that missing tree, I eventually found the exit! Hahaha! So the original version of the game actually said “on turn 4, 8 and twelve” Jedah can be hurt, rather than just having the guy struggle to get out “four… eight… TWELVE…” before dying or vanishing due to Jedah’s magic. And I found three traders! So off to Alm’s team goes the angel ring! Mission accomplished! And there’s a defense fountain. I’ll give it to Celica because why not? …There were six of them. This fountain lets you boost your defense SIX FUCKING TIMES. CELICA’S DEFENSE IS TWENTY NOW. Fuck the angel ring, she’s already stupid strong. …I just made Alm promote by talking to Harken, didn’t I? It didn’t say so, so I’m hoping not and that it’s just a promotion OPTION now, but knowing this game… Well, time to find out at any rate. The hidden village doesn’t exit out into the next area for some reason, so either there’s an entirely different exit hidden in the forest, or I have to do something with Alm to unlock the next thing with Celica. …Yep, Alm’s level 1 again. Fuck it, I’m giving him the angel ring for a bit, at least until Kliff promotes at the shrine we’re heading back to. …Huh. So Alm actually can use a bow in this game! It seemed like it would be the sort of thing the original system wasn’t built to handle. …Actually, looking at his stats now, they’re way better promotion gains than Celica’s. Maybe it’s not so bad that he lost some levels. Still, I wanna give him some time with the angel ring with this gargoyle fight. Alm levels up and gains a fantastic 2 power and 2 defense! And then a second level repeated that and added 2 HP! Yeah, Alm’s basically a god now. I think it’s safe to give him the royal sword back and let Kliff have the angel ring. Holy fuck is this thing overpowered. Anyway, Kliff promotes and gains nothing but one power. But hopefully the angel ring will be getting him a lot more. Now then… with my psychotically more powerful Alm… …Let’s try yesterday’s fight again, shall we? This time only one witch warps. Unfortunate in some respects, but convenient in others. I execute the plan I described yesterday, warping Alm to Saizo’s previously-occupied heal tile in the hopes of luring him back into a fight Saizo is doomed to lose. That part works, but it’s only due to some lucky dodges that Clive doesn’t get creamed by the incoming witches. In fairness, they didn’t all warp in and gang up on him, I just had to take my chances because a myrmidon insisted on clinging to life at 1 HP and he was the only one left who could fight it. Robin inexplicably gains speed YET AGAIN. Clair gains power, which is fantastic since I need her to sneak in player phase kills if I’m going to get a fourth seraph knight. Kliff isn’t gaining as much experience as a level 1 sage as I would have hoped. Or maybe these witches are just terrible. Alright, with that, everyone who didn’t decide to follow Saizo to gang up on Alm is dead! And now Alm can counter witches with his bow! Regardless, I send in Kliff to lend a hand and maybe get some levels against the remaining myrmidons. …Yep, level 1 sages definitely gain less exp from combat than other level 1 classes for some reason. Actually come to think of it, seraph knights may act that way too. Are single-promotion classes different in some way? …And Alm CAN’T counter at range. He defaults to sword in this game. Then what’s even the point!? Plus side, his bow animation looks pretty okay, even if it’s the only thing that changes about his combat sprites in this game. Oh yeah! I remember this map! It’s the witch map from Fates! Thanks! I hate it! Especially the witch who can summon other witches! Thankfully Kliff finally leveled up and gained 2 speed, sending his speed high enough to double paladins even with fire. In contrast to Kliff, Alm is gaining experience at a ridiculous rate. Not quite as nuts as when fighting mummies, but pretty damn fast. Also, Clair can nearly one-round witches now, which means this might be a fantastic opportunity to level her depending on how crazy and time consuming this battle gets. Ooohhh, I see game, so Alm and sisters, and ONLY Alm and sisters, use the last attack they used on enemies. Thank you for letting me learn that just in time to watch Silque suicide by countering a sniper with seraphim. Now I can only hope Kliff gets a good level up again. But on the plus side, now that I know that using the bow with Alm lets him counter with bows at range, I can send him against the witches! Good news, Kliff does indeed get speed again, along with 2 luck, which does at least boost his crit rate and magic avoid. Not that he needs any more with the angel ring on, but it’ll be handy later. One annoying factor about double-weapons, like using swords and bows (or swords and magic) is that when you equip a weapon, it’s just built into your power stat, but it’s still ignored when you do attacks without it, so you then have to find the weapon stat and subtract it from your power before calculating damage (or even adding your spell damage back in the case of Celica). OH OKAY GAME, SORRY FOR ASSUMING THERE WAS LOGIC! I had Silque use seraphim on a knight, and then later she got attacked and countered with nosferatu! What is it, game!? Does using white magic make you default to nosferatu? OR IS IT JUST RANDOM!? Man, not having physic is a bitch. Kliff might not be able to solo that eastern front after all, he just takes too much damage over time. I have to restart again. No speed level up this time, which ruins certain doubling thresholds against these paladins, but screw that, because this time Kliff gets 2 power and defense! …Just in time for my emulator to randomly freeze up. Please don’t lose my progress please don’t lose my progress… …Oh thank goodness. …Alright, so… Lukas died, and I’m not restarting. He died exactly how I expected he would: to a witch. It’s not that he got one-rounded, but he took 2 turns to fully heal and Silque had other pressing business to attend to than to apply the second one, so… Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m not restarting for him, he’s useless and was probably going to get killed by a witch eventually no matter what. ...I'll probably resurrect him though. Might as well. Kliff’s second level unfortunately got him nothing but skill and HP, but screw it, he just got 2 power and 2 defense, I can tolerate that. I just hope he gets speed soon. Anyway, I finally beat the boss once I realized she could be lured off of her heal tile to attack. So moving onto the fear shrine, and… …Huh, that’s interesting, this dungeon encounter map is much larger than usual, in fact it looks like two of them connected by a tunnel and- …Is that a cantor surrounded by bog? …NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  15. I think they shat on it because it was much more anemic than Fates and Awakening's, spreading out very little content across a lot of DLC. The overclasses were split into $15 worth of DLC just to add a final promotion tier. When Awakening made you pay for the ability to transcend the game's traditional limits, you paid 3 dollars tops and got a map for it.
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