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  1. If it was the work of pirates or crackers i could see it them stealing an early build. But the news was about an official store selling the games, and months before the realease date no less. I'm sure it's fake.
  2. It's Dudu, not Doudo. Duda also happens, more to Eduarda than Eduardo but it happens. I hope they will just have him as Dudu and say it's the nickname for Eduardo, that's my name after all, would be cool to see it in the game. And since i generally go with my middle name Lucena in games it wouldn't even clash.
  3. It would be nice if Anew was the Avatars spell as it can link with their timey-whimey stuff.
  4. From what we are seeing of these skills i'm starting to think Combat Arts have nothing to do with individual weapons like SoV and instead are just the name of skills by Class or Weapon Rank that need to be activated. I think TH will do away with have % to activate a skill.
  5. But didn't the article also say that classes won't be restricted to a single weapon anymore? I'm confused by these 2 pieces of info that a lot of people show but never together. What is right?
  6. I like the longer ponytail and the clothes look interesting. Just wish the hair was a more deep red.
  7. The Authority icon is also missing, it was a banner in the class menu of the trailer.
  8. I hope not. Amnesia in plot-important characters is such an overused trope.
  9. Probably the common association of martial arts (here Fighting) with being mobile and agile.
  10. I think Awakening and Echoes are the only ones who don't have them. And that's becaus in Echoes weapons don't work in the normal way.
  11. I like them. Just make them common version as it is in the GBA then make the Duals of Fates as a upgraded B or A rank version.
  12. That's the absolute last thing i want to see in a game with weapon durability.
  13. Not much return, but fix: LEAVE CONOCTIONS AND ELIXIRS HAVE AT LEAST 3 USES! There no sense of healing items having more power but less uses if they are also more expensive and rare to get! I mean, my greatest hope is that healing items in TH would be the same as rations of Echoes, but i think that's not happening, so at least fix that.
  14. My theory is that these bland headbanded units are actually the Battalion version of the Noble/Trainee class.
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