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  1. I'm going to postulate that Rickard is actually the most Ash Ketchum like unit in FE1. How so, you ask? Well, for starters, there is a superior counterpart that joins earlier in the form of Gary Oak I mean Julian. Secondly, he's probably going to die on like Chapter 23 and never make it to the finals. Finally, he's so incompetent that the only way he'd kill units is if they had Devil Axes which is pretty how much Ash won all of his battles in the Indigo League. I'm still taking him though because us main characters have got to stick together.
  2. Man, kids these days. They think drafting is a competition to have the most viable characters. One is enough. Find someone exactly like Wolf, but better. Sedgar's been taken though, so I'll just go with the next best option and pick Sniper Wolf instead.
  3. My fellow drafters! As a young boy, I dreamed of being a lance...but tonight, I say, we must be moving forwards, not backwards. Upwards, not fowards! And always Palla, Palla, Palla towards Low Turn Counts.
  4. The only thing that can beat Cain and Abel...is a unit that surpasses even God...THE POPE IS MINE!
  5. Refa

    Memento Mori - Signups

  6. Fanservice is at its best when you don't notice that it exists. Knowledge of its existence hurts immersion by definition.
  7. Congratulations! You are a real boy now.
  8. I never did figure out what my ultimate talent was... Well, I had fun. Decent playerlist, had good reads, and well I like winning. Feels bad for mafia because from my understanding, most of them were busy.
  9. I'm with you on Weiner, just more wary of him I guess because I respect his scumgame. I guess my problem is that I'm townreading Ichigo/Marth/Duskfall, so the next place I personally would look would be like...Fleet? Not sure. It feels like he's always there but not really influencing the game, but that's kind of hard to do as a newbie so...Alongside Roxas, I'd really expect him to be getting a lot more flak as town. I think all signs really just point to scum playing a lazy game because there are people who should be getting pushed her as town but they're not and it is very bizarre and confusing to me.
  10. Shinori is probably scum regardless of Mitsuru's flip (honestly, I did backread the last game and found her reaction to being voted was exactly the same as this game, so I wouldn't be surprised if she flipped town but it's like...I'm not going to move off of someone who isn't defending herself and not even claiming @Athena_57 LMK if you agree/disagree because you were actually alive during that game while I just backread Artic Mafia D2), so I don't hate that lynch. While I have you here Athena, who would you case if Mitsuru flipped town (besides Shinori, because I get that one)? Probably the only line of inquiry I'm really interested in pursuing because if she flips scum, easy game easy life and if she flips town we have to worry about things. I guess I'm just paranoid because it feels like there's been no resistance to the lynch (again!) but not really much I can do about it if the two primary suspects aren't even posting very much.
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