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  1. It’s tough to choose between Jugdral, Fates land, and Fodlan, but I went with Jugdral because I really like Verdane and Agustria.
  2. Male Corrin Not really because it fits his personality but because lyrics kinda remind me of Birthright haha
  3. This was fun. It was pretty difficult choosing characters I’d like to see most and in what order to put them in but I think I’m pretty happy with I came up with. A shame I couldn’t think of more female characters to fit in there tho.
  4. Gallade of course. No doubt about that And maybe a monster hunter using the Rathian gunner armor. Or screw it just Rathian herself.
  5. The ones I can think of are Sain, Saul, Sylvain, and Inigo. And maybe Hinata. And also possibly Soleil.
  6. (I've bad at explaining things so please forgive me) I jokingly trash on Roy a lot but really I think he's rather "meh" or okay at best. I always found him to be more on the boring/bland side of the FE Lords. It probably has to do with the English translation patch I used to play FE6 with but I always found his dialogue to be kinda generic and boring, which admittedly soured my thoughts on Roy a bit. Doesn't help that after every map clear there'd be a scene with him and Merlinus talking and I always found that a little annoying. Hahah I think he was given more personality in Smash Bros.
  7. Hmm... I went through Seliph's secret event in Chapter 10 without feeling anything?
  8. I got Rajang and Heavy Bowgun instead of Rathian and the superior Light Bowgun 😞
  9. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GOD LET IT BE WIL AND SERRA Though it's definitely Inigo and Severa. But a man can dream -_-
  10. I just really want Ulster in Heroes already -_- or Wil or Ashe
  11. I'd say my stuffed animal that I lost about year ago. Maybe if he were sentient, he'd be able to find his way back to me 😞
  12. While I love my boy Corrin, I always had a soft spot for Mark. So I voted Mark.
  13. Haha I've got many! Deimne, Sleuf, Ulster, Castor, and especially Robert. My boy has no lines other than his defeat and retreat quotes yet he's my favorite Thracia character. And does Scarlet count?
  14. Tethys, hm? Yeah she's pretty cool. I'd totally hang out with her. No idea what we'd talk about, though. Fallen M!Corrin
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