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  1. Lmao “Makalov” Here’s my character list. Dunno why I included Lonato in there.
  2. There are so many to choose from in my experiences: In my FE4 playthrough, Ulster would destroy anything sent his way. It was fun (and a little stressful) watching Ryoma literally solo my first Birthright playthrough. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and all my units were never promoted until chapter 26 when i decided to read what the seals did. Robert from FE5 and Wil I find to be really fun to use also, despite being in games where archers aren’t to great. Kris was also insanely fun. I made him a Bishop which made him kind of a glass cannon. But he also had pretty high health due to me choosing the country boy background. Scarlet and Charlotte for being able to reach 100% crit chance. Corrin for being able to play different builds each playthrough. Felicia cus of flame shuriken. Among many other I can’t think of atm.
  3. Yay Thank you for asking haha. I decided to make a tier list for this one. Sorry if it’s a little blurry. I was doing this on an iPad and I couldn’t figure out how to download the list haha.
  4. I’ma say hell yeah but only because I’m biased. Bishops are my favorite class in all of Fire Emblem alongside Bow Knights.
  5. Just as the topic title says. What’s your favorite food? Or drink? I like tortas. And water. Except Dasani. Dasani sucks. Dr Pepper cherry is a close second.
  6. Nice I was hoping I’d be asked this question haha
  7. I liked Pingas. But then again, my sense of humor is wack.
  8. The first ever Fire Emblem game I ever tried out was Blazing Sword, to test out the waters of the chess like gameplay. The first ever Fire Emblem game I ever finished was Birthright. Both games were played in the year of 2017, as per recommendation of an old friend.
  9. Hinata’s “Let’s get wild!” Saizo’s “...Weak” Reina’s “Ah! Thrilling!” Subaki’s “It’s all me” Hisame’s “Prepare for oblivion” Male Corrin’s “For Hoshido!” And his Fallen alt in Heroes where he’s screaming Laslow’s “Stop staring at me!” All of Tobin’s, especially “You and Me” Forsyth’s “The gauntlets are off!” Mathilda’s “Getting a little presumptuous?” Ashe’s “In the name of Justice!” Byleth’s “Here is something to believe in” Among others I can’t remember atm.
  10. So far I’ve played: Gaiden Genealogy of the Holy War Thracia 776 Binding Blade Blazing Sword Sacred Stones Like the first two or the chapters of Radiant Dawn New Mystery of the Emblem Awakening Birthright Conquest Revelation Shadows of Valentia Three Houses Heroes (if you count that lmao) While Birthright is easily my favorite, I think that’s too easy of an answer. I think the other one that I had the most fun with has been Thracia 776. Sucks tho that I’ve had to restart the game like 3 times cus of data corruptions or something haha. Might just play my next playthrough in paragon mode xd
  11. If it weren’t for Saul, this would be an easy skip.
  12. Agreed. When I played Resident Evil 4 as a kid, the game over screen would always terrify me. For some reason I would always associate it with a frog for whatever reason. I was a dumb kid lmao. Dark Souls as well for having seen it repeatedly. If I remember correctly the scene correctly, Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks game over screens also scared the crap out of me as a kid. Especially in Goro’s lair where the little dudes would drag your character into the darkness while he was screaming. They were always creative on how you died in each section of the story. That one Jurassic Park computer game where your character was like a robot looking dude that I never learned the name of. In one section of the game, if you get a game over, you see the character in a hospital bed with his helmet off, all cracked and damaged and what not. Idk but the sight of that always stuck with me haha. Three Houses for never actually seeing it until my first playthrough of Maddening, and Fates cus I always liked it. Kid Icarus for being a black screen with the text “I’m finished!” And the Five nights at freddy’s game over screens. Especially the first one. Seeing those eyeballs hanging out of that Freddy suit is spooky.
  13. Just as the title says, what sort of collaboration would you like to see in Monster Hunter Rise? Or maybe just Monster Hunter in general? Maybe even just a weapon or just a set? Sets for Palicoes or Palimutes? Or even something like a hairstyle or face paint? Me personally, I’d love to see Goblin Slayer’s armor and a sword and shield also to go along with it. His armor is just too cool looking even if his sword may come off as too simple in-game. But that’s the way I like it haha Kratos was another one I had in the back of my head for some time. His Blades of Chaos could work as Dual Blades with a Fire element. And The Blade of Olympus could be either a Greatsword or Longsword with *maybe* a Lightning/Thunder element? His design could probably still work as a set I think haha Artorias and Sif too of course. Sif as layered armor for Palamute. With The Greatsword of Artorias as a weapon for both also. And have them make Tobi Kadachi the event quest lmao. Seeing some old events make a return would also be pretty rad. I think there were JoJo, Attack on Titan, Evangelion, etc. events in the older games. Man if only we could see them now :((
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