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  1. Edelgard, Bernedetta and Lysithea are at the top of my head of least favorites. Cyril is another character that i dislike but not outright hate.
  2. For me it'd be Kid Icarus. Ever since Brawl, I considered myself a Pit main (although I'm arguably a better Corrin player). I got interested in trying out the franchise and wanted to start out with Uprising but It was too expensive and couldn't locate it anywhere. So through the power of emulation I played Kid Icarus on the NES. Even though I can't make it past the third level. Street fighter as well but that's indirectly.
  3. I actually HAVE tried pet food. Cat food specifically. When I was a little kid, around 5 or 6 I was super hungry and got the bright idea to eat off of the cat's bowl. So i got a little piece of that dry cat food from my cousin's cat's bowl and ate it. From what i can remember, I kept complaining about it being very spicy.Although at that age, even the mildest of spices i considered spicy. As for taste and texture, i actually can't remember. I'm assuming it's just very dry. As for my pet eating human food, that's a yes as well. Sometimes I give my brother's cat some sweet bread as a treat. Mainly conchas and donuts. There was also that time his cat stole the patty from a chicken biscuit i brought home from school.
  4. uhhhh idk much about shipping but i still want to participate. How about: 1.) Lyn and Mark from FE7 2.) Kiragi and Midori From FE14
  5. Yeah it's pretty good. I really like many of the characters, my favorite's being from the Blue Lions. Even very minor characters like the Gatekeeper have so much charm and personality. And the music is cool too.
  6. Oh this is an easy one. Vultures are at the very top of my list. Axolotls coming at a close second. And cats come third. Honorable mention goes to Blue Jays. I just love animals.
  7. MY personal top 10 Three Houses characters would be: 10.) Ignatz 9.) Lorenz 8.) Marianne 7.) Manuela 6.) Sylvain 5.) Alois 4.) Seteth 3.) Dimitri 2.) Dedue 1.) Ashe Idk about the DLC students since I haven't purchased it
  8. Wil/Ashe for no other reason than to finally have my two favorite characters in Heroes. Inigo/Laslow because i can never have enough Inigo. Dimitri/Edelgard because they'd make a cute little duo dancer unit.
  9. Awww man. I thought that was Artur. I mean Rhys is still awesome but i would have preferred Artur as my ginger healer.
  10. I voted Sigurd for the reason of him carrying my under leveled team on my first Genealogy playthrough. Felicia is a very close second however because Felicia + Flame Shuriken = Fun.
  11. I can also relate with this pretty heavily.
  12. Oh man. Now that's beautiful.
  13. Guess my orbs are safe because that Hinata is all i'm interested in.
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