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  1. i played the "remake" in fe3. it was so difficult i fell in love immediately :3 fe4 was a little bit easier..?
  2. hahah i missed ya. thought about annika the other day hope you're well brother i know you're not gonna hop on discord. but for anyone reading this im going live now XD
  3. bumpity bump..im off work :3 and on discord streaming FE7. on chapter 10 currently!
  4. i skimmed through the replies but read OP go kamina with a trenchcoat that you can button up around the belly ;x
  5. hey all..im back :^) who's down to hang out on discord with me sometime and watch me play FE7? we could catch up here, there, or wherever. hmu i missed this place and everybody on it 🙂 p.s. im actually gonna go live soon from the time of this post
  6. got stuck in asia due to covid lockdown; ended up watching konosuba with my cousins again. we just saw the yun yun and megumin duel episode and i thought of your potentially concerning gif ;/

    hope you're alive, well, and get (got to?) enjoy your birthday this year 🙂

  7. icarusu icarusu~

    happy happy birthday :x

  8. the ad was pretty annoying tbh and it wouldnt twerk by default on firefox either all that for a result that isnt 100%
  9. i only agree with half of this result tbh..should have been the blllllllllllllllllllllllack ranger
  10. yup. a very long time ago too have you tried the pumpkin spice truffles? if so, what did you think of them
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