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  1. got stuck in asia due to covid lockdown; ended up watching konosuba with my cousins again. we just saw the yun yun and megumin duel episode and i thought of your potentially concerning gif ;/

    hope you're alive, well, and get (got to?) enjoy your birthday this year 🙂

  2. icarusu icarusu~

    happy happy birthday :x

  3. the ad was pretty annoying tbh and it wouldnt twerk by default on firefox either all that for a result that isnt 100%
  4. i only agree with half of this result tbh..should have been the blllllllllllllllllllllllack ranger
  5. yup. a very long time ago too have you tried the pumpkin spice truffles? if so, what did you think of them
  6. it's okay, if i had plushies i would snuggle with them too i enjoy sports a lot, specifically basketball and football. i played both during school, and a little bit of baseball too. while all three are fun to play, only the former two are fun to watch. of all three, basketball is the one i'll grow old with what topic of conversation do you enjoy the most at a tea party? or, what sort of entertainment do you expect from a tea party host
  7. whats a princess' favourite plushy to snuggle / cuddle with
  8. i don't play persona nor am i a fan of magic. but it's fairly accurate
  9. that doesnt look like the sara i know from thracia wat happened to her mouf
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