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  1. Not much I can add to Aura's huge post, I hope he doesn't mind if I steal his format for Megaman/Mewtwo/MK/Maybe Samus? Wow footstool to Firebird seems legit
  2. As much as I generally disagree with ESAM I do think his placement for Corrin and Mewtwo are more reasonable than Zero's. Corrin's good but he has some glaring flaws and his tourney results aren't the best. Mewtwo did win a national, and has a lot of good traits, but that weight and bad startup on most of his moves sucks.
  3. Duck Hunt can make some sick plays with the can. But, alas, he struggles vs rushdown and has no KO options so he's bad.
  4. Woah Zero put Mega Man in high, that's a pretty far jump from his previous list. I watched some Kamemushi matches, and the dude has a solid Mega Man. I'd suggest watching him to learn how to do stuff as his playstyle seems pretty simple but very effective.
  5. I can blame the bad Corrin placements on all of the Corrin mains who use female Corrin for the waifu. Us male Corrin mains clearly get consistently good results. Nah but for real I'm surprised how low Corrin is on results despite people claiming that they're good including myself. I'm not surprised at the popularity of them though. The biggest surprise here is how high Duck Hunt is on the results section, I wonder if some underground Duck Hunt meta is evolving that like only the 3 dudes who play Duck Hunt know about.
  6. Woo Dong, this guy is pretty fun to mess around with. Also he apparently beats Mario according to the Mario mains I've talked to so that's a plus in my book. Dong has a bunch of disjoints on his tilts and a good bair for poking so he can poke a lot in neutral, but he has a difficult time getting in since he doesn't really have many fast moves or anything that can help him approach other than RAR bair sorta. However, once he gets in is where things get fun. DK loves a shield happy opponent because he can just grab them or outright break the shield. Both side and down B are good at shield breaking, and a fully charged fsmash can take the stock really early. From a grab, he has a lot of options from cargo throw. All the directional throws that I will talk about here will be from cargo throw cause his other throws aren't worth mentioning except the random bthrow cause it kills sometimes I guess. Up throw is the go-to at low %s since it combos into a bunch of % from bairs and upairs, and can KO at very specific %s when followed up by an upair (aka the DING-DONG). Bthrow is sometimes used for dank stagespikes (I still remember that one match Horace ):< ) and dthrow can KO if DK jumps off beforehand. He's also a heavy so rage is generally going to be a factor in a lot of his matches due to how high he can live unless he gets footstooled or meteored. DK's biggest weakness is his vertical recovery because his double jump isn't the best and up B doesnt go very high at all. It covers a lot of horizontal distance though, so DK's should generally DI high cause they can recover almost all the time from high up. His up B is vulnerable to some meteors though, and if DK gets footstooled, that's most likely the stock right there. DK is also combo food because he's big and heavy, though up B is a decent escape tool as its intangible on frame 3 and does a metric ton of % if he catches the opponent in it, though it leaves him helpless so it's not that great to use on like FD or something due to the lack of platforms to land on. Oh he also has no projectile so catching up when behind is an uphill struggle. I'd say DK is a solid high tier character. His ding-dong makes him a threat to all characters, and he generally has the poking tools to keep aggressive opponents at bay, but his flaws are a bit too glaring.
  7. Man it really triggers me when people place Doc that low
  8. I don't know enough about Diddy to write another essay but he's got a stupidly good neutral with his good aerials, strong B-reverse capabilities and the banana. His throw combos can't ko but are still good for damage, and he has dtilt and bananas for KO setups anyway. His up B can be gimped with the lightest tap so his vertical recovery is meh but his side B is pretty good so his horizontal recovery is good. Definitely top 10 for his solid neutral and combo game. ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ HOO HAH ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ
  9. I like Fates knives/shurikens in theory but the enemy units can spam them with impunity wayyy too much for my tastes, so tomes will have to do for now since I generally like magic users
  10. Yeah dude Zero is top tier in TvC and MvC3. Not sure why'd you bring this up in a smash discussion.
  11. We top 10 boyz I don't think Mewtwo and Corrin are that high but what do I know
  12. Same tbh but I saw everyone use female pronouns so I thought I'd balance it a bit. With how massive my wall of text is I probably balanced it out NP. Also if the opponent has a good enough vertical recovery like Fax they can get back up after the suicide dive. Still worth the attempt for the swag
  13. From one defensive swordie to the next, huh? Well let's get some facts straight about Corn. Corn was first domesticated by the Mexicans in prehistoric times, though its known as maize in some countries. Corn is also very delicious, either in chip form, popped form or straight from the cob. I'm not sure why I started to talk about Corn, this is a topic about Corrin. So, lets get some facts about Corrin out of the way. Male Corrin is superior to female Corrin, at least in Smash. Let's compare winquotes for starters. "H-I WIN" is way better than the "Good" that female Corrin says, despite both being pretty dank Zelda CD-I memes. /shitpost Okay in all seriousness, Corrin is a zoning/spacing character that sorta sucks in melee range cause his options aren't quick, though a frame 5 jab is very nice for a sword guy. Corrin's biggest strength is in his aerials, since none of his tilts are that safe, though dtilt and uptilt can lead to some short combos. Nair covers a good area all around Corrin and lasts a decent amount of time. Hitting with the front hit of nair can lead into fair strings, while hitting with the backwards hit can lead into bair. This move is Corrin's best overall aerial in the neutral, since it covers a lot of space around him, is good for airdodge reads because of how long it lasts, and has low enough knockback to combo into a bunch of stuff. Fair can also be used to start combos, since it autocancels out of a shorthop. Rising Fair can combo into double jump tip Side B at some %s, though it's really situational. Both nair and fair are safe on landing if they are spaced well. If he lands next to his opponent with these moves, he can be punished with a grab. Still, both of these moves are Corrin's best options while landing. Bair is completely ridiculous. It is one of the longest reaching bairs this side of Shulk, and pushes Corrin forwards, making it both good for helping him recover, as well as being an overall good option to throw out in neutral since the push makes it hard to punish Corrin. Corrin players need to learn how to RAR bair since bair is just that good. Smart players will push a Corrin spamming bair into the corner, so keep that in mind and mix it up. Upair is good for both juggling and KOing due to it's sheer range. For some reason this lazy looking move is good for KOing, and it's pretty amazing for catching airdodges. Upair is also how a lot of Corrin combos end since it knocks opponents far away and will do the most damage overall out of the available moves he can end with. Upair covers the entirety of the Battlefield and DL64 platforms, so it's a really good option to cover platform landings. Dair is alright to throw out if Corrin is high enough in the air so it won't have endlag, since dair is difficult to challenge for most characters. Landing with dair is generally a bad idea like most stall-then-fall moves. It's also a bad idea to use it offstage unless the stage has a huge wall like Duck Hunt where Corrin can Side B the stage and jump -> up B back on. Footstool dair is a pretty good option at low %s, and will actually lead into a Side B pin. Offstage dair is also a good idea if you want to go for swag Corrin's ground game is pretty alright too. At low%s, his tilts can generally combo into each other, like ftilt into dtilt into uptilt for starters. At higher %s, nair and fair are generally better to start combos with. Corrin's downsmash is interesting. The front hit does the same damage all around but the backwards hitbox has a tipper, a very strong one at that. Dsmash is generally used to punish rolls or up B landings if the opponent is good at mixing up their directions. Upsmash has a small hitbox but the tip hits through most platforms, meaning that it can be a surprise option to punish bad platform landings since it KOs surprisngly early. Fsmash has so many uses in comparison to his other smashes. It has a butt-ton of range and can be aimed up or down. It also has a strong tipper. Pivot fsmash is a pretty good tool since it's hard to punish at maximum range. Fsmash can be aimed down to try to punish the 2 frames of vulnerability on ledge grab. Fsmash can be charged to punish neutral get up, jump get up or bad landings. Do note that charging fsmash fully if the opponent is being hit by his sword is a bad idea since it won't true combo into the lance hit or they can SDI out of it. Corrin has two killthrows in upthrow and downthrow, but has no followups off throws, so they should be used to either kill, do damage, or get better positioning. I generally go for positioning outside of kill %s as Corrin does a lot with stage control. Corrin's up B has a lot of vertical distance but very little horizontal distance, so it's hard to come back from getting footstooled or meteored. However, it is intangible for 8 frames before the startup on frame 18 and has a huge hitbox, meaning that it's difficult to intercept for most characters. It can also KO off the top, but this is a risky option since Corrin is helpless after up B. Down B is a ridiculously strong counter, even after the nerfs. Corrin's neutral B is a very good tool. It doubles as a stun and a strong KO move. The shot and bite can be charged separately. In most cases, a landed shot will lead into a tip Side B or a RAR bair, which will kill at mid-high %s. Yes, even an uncharged shot can lead into tip Side B. The bite does a lot of damage, and if fully charged, will KO pretty early. No matter the charge on the shot, if it hits the opponent in bite range, a fully charged bite is guaranteed. This makes it good for punishing hard aerial reads, like bad landings or bad airdodges. Side B honestly deserves a wall of text on it's own, but I'll make due here. The attack itself has a tip hitbox, which is extremely strong and comes out pretty fast. This is Corrin's strongest punish against whiffed smashes, as he can just short up Side B most smash attempts. He can also full hop Side B tip and either jump away or counter to maintain his safe position. Full hop Side B to Neutral B can also break shields, so keep it in mind against a defensive opponent. The kick after the pin is a decent KO option, and kicking away from the opponent is generally difficult to punish unless the opponent has a fast runspeed like Fox or Mewtwo. Pinning an opponent is also a good quick punish if a tip Side B won't come out fast enough. Oddly enough, on some platforms like BF's low platforms, Corrin can simultaneously tip an opponent with Side B and plant on the platform. This move is weird, but one of Corrin's bread and butters. Oh yeah tip Side B can also punish the 2 frames of vulnerability on ledge grab. Man this move is good. Now let's talk about stages. Corrin loves platforms, since his upair covers the whole platforms and he can do the Side B shenanigans mentioned above. Battlefield and DL64 sound like go-tos because of this, but Corrin doesn't like getting comboed and doesn't really gain much in terms of combo potential from these stages. So how about FD? Corrin doesn't have a lot of problems landing, and has a projectile to toss out against other projectile users, though Neutral B can be beaten out by a Megaman pellet, no matter the charge. Smashville and Town & City are also pretty good for Corrin, especially since Corrin has decent options to KO off the top. Lylat is my goto stage for Corrin, since he gets a lot of mobility from the platforms while not getting comboed too badly because of them, and the tilting doesn't really screw up his recovery too much. He can also Side B the side of Duck Hunt easily so that gets a mention. In terms of stage picking, I generally counterpick my opponent as opposed to picking what works best for me when I play Corrin. So, Corrin has a bunch of good disjoints, kill confirms, and combo tools, and doesn't do poorly on any stage. Sounds like a top tier right? Well, his movespeed is bad. Really bad. As in 12th in the game bad, counting Miis, and his airspeed isn't much better. He also doesn't have a quick combo breaker, and the top tiers love their combos. Despite these shortcomings, Corrin has a lot of tools at his disposal to get quick KOs and can wall his opponent out with his quick and low lag disjoints as well as his scary Neutral and Side B. Corrin is a solid character that is easy to pick up, but takes a while to master. I'd recommend him for anyone who likes melee Marth or wants someone who does well against smash spamming Mario players hnnnnng
  14. Ah Cloud, the good Little Mac. For instance, he has aerials. Really really good aerials. Like a nair that comes out frame 5 (though admittedly its start point is weird) ,an upair that comes out frame 7 and lasts 14 frames what and a dair and lasts 32 frames, has no lag out of a fullhop, and combos into a bunch of stuff like Limit Side B if sourspotted WHAT. Also bair is a nice fast spacing tool that KOs decently, like a slower Ike bair, and fair is like an Ike fair that comes out slower, deals more damage and can spike. The two big sword dudes in the game have some similar moves, who would've guessed it? But, like Little Mac, his recovery is ass outside of Limit Break, though its not as bad as Little Mac's because he's scary to intercept with his fair and all, he can stall with neutral or side B, and the hitbox extends pretty darn far. Why am I comparing this dude to Mac again? Limit Break is... not really what defines Cloud, but it is a big part of his gameplay. Unlike every other charge in the game, this move can be cancelled immediately by pressing B, so, unlike say Samus or Donkey Kong, who need to shield or shieldjump to stop charging, Cloud can just stop anytime with like no lag. Supplementing this is the fact that Cloud is a wall of disjoints, so he's hard to approach. Yup, Cloud is a defensive spacing character, who forces dudes to approach cause they don't want Limit Break to charge. Limit Break not only makes his next special more powerful, but each one gets special properties. Up B goes higher and Cloud can snap the ledge, so it's better as a recovery move. It also has more knockback on the initial hit, though Cloud players almost never use it for the KO power. It's also intangible on frames 5-12 despite coming out frame 7. Weird. Side B is intangible on frames 6-11 (although the first hit is on frame 10) and ends 16 frames earlier, making it very difficult to punish. Limit Side B is generally the special that Cloud players will KO with, though Neutral B is also a surprise KO option. Limit Neutral B hits multiple times, can actually KO, and is intangible on frames 10-16, though it starts on frame 16. I guess that intangibility is there to prevent the limit from being wasted by being interrupted. However, Limit Down B has no intangibility, comes out frame 16, and has a whopping FAF of 80. So, it starts slow, and has a lot of endlag so it can be punished hard. However, it KOs off the top really early, although it does 1% of damage. It's really only good for hard reads or punishes, but it's still something to watch out for. Also, "While retaining Limit Break status, all of his attributes change: his gravity, fall speed, fast fall speed, initial dash distance, and running speed are increased by 10%, his walk speed and traction are increased by 15%, and his air speed and acceleration are increased by 20%." Thanks Smash Wiki. So even when he has a fully charged Limit, he can put on more pressure due to being faster overall, and he's not that slow to begin with. Cloud isn't without his weaknesses though. He has a hard time escaping combos due to not having a get out of jail free nair or other option, his recovery is quite exploitable despite the ways clouds can work around it, and not really having quick kill confirms as his main kill confirm is flying at you with a sword pointing downwards. Oh yeah his throws suck, he doesn't really have a solid killthrow and the followups off dthrow are unreliable, like Side B and dair offstage in some rare cases. Nonetheless, his numerous strengths onstage overshadow his weaknesses, and I think he's top 10 to be safe, though I can see cases for saying he's top 5.
  15. I play a lot of multiplayer/competitive games so my backlog won't be too big, but: Bayonetta 1&2 Bravely Second 100% (or at least all the Catmancy skills, one of each Neo Ba'al in Fort Lune and all treasures) Devil May Cry 3 Dante/Vergil Must Die Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze 100% Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Lunatic Kirby: Planet Robobot 100% when it comes out in the US I haven't Played Bayonetta or Planet Robobot but I highly recommend the other games I listed, though not necessarily to the extent that I would play them to. I'm sort of a completionist.
  16. That won't KO at like 80% off the top platforms of Battlefield and DL64 :^)
  17. [spoiler=Kirby: Planet Robobot Spoilers] Look who's back
  18. Zard's one good thing is his grab. He's a heavy with a big hurtbox so the top tiers love the combos they get on him but all Zard needs is a few grabs to ruin your day since he has a HOO HAH and upthrow is the strongest killthrow in the game IIRC. But nah screw that its more fun to spam FLARE BLITZ and get to 160% from sheer recoil or SD by Flare Blitzing off the stage. EDIT: Oh yeah, Zard loves stages like BF, T&C, and DL64 since he can get early KOs with upthrows off the high platforms
  19. FE1/3/11/12: Matthis because he's a sister murderer come on dude FE4: Corple but I mean who doesn't hate Corple FE5: Tanya because she's bad but unlike Marty, she has no meem potential FE6: Zeiss because his 19 str base as a lvl 7 wyvern rider just confuses the hell out of me FE7: Rebecca because I hate it when people call bad units good FE8: Ross because I hate it when people call bad units good FE9: Geoffrey because we're lead to believe he's important but he doesn't do jack FE10: Nephenee because she's overrated FE13: Severa because she's really mean but we are supposed to sympathize with her FE14: Elise because her offense sucks but everyone keeps telling me it's god tier
  20. Woo we get the special edition 3DS, though I'd be more surprised if we didn't get it at this point. The MH4 one does look nicer but I missed my chance to get that, so this one will do. It still looks nice, and I do prefer the blue color over red so I'm glad we're getting that in the US. Anywho, I'm looking forward to adept Funlance, though Striker seems good too because of how good the Funlance hunter arts are and I prefer the stabby stabby over shelling. Yeah the weapon got nerfed but I think adept and the hunting arts breathe new life into it, especially Blast Dash. Adept Heavy Bowgun is also something I'm going to try out, since you can evade out of siege with it, which is far better than it sounds, and should honestly just be a feature the weapon always has. But, I am a Hunting Horn man at heart, so the double note mechanic looks fun, especially with how it can be abused with healing songs for double the healing, so maybe those will actually be viable in online hunts. The styles and arts for Horn aren't too amazing, so I'll probably just stick with Guild
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