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  1. Maybe they expected you to grind the Hexlock Shield for Earth's Kiss before facing Nuibaba, so you only take quarter damage from Hel. In the original game, the Shield would reduce all magic spells to 10% accuracy. So it's very obvious that it's meant to be the key to beating Nuibaba. But if you get unlucky and get hit anyway, you're screwed. So not sure which version of the item is more effective in that regard. Echoes definitely has more options here at least. You can Rescue or Silence and Demon Fighters half magic damage the same way the Hexlock Shield does. You can use Longbows to easier snipe the enemies inside the mansion and you can just flatout outrange Nuibaba with the Parthia's Trance Shot. There are probably some other useful arts too, like Windsweep maybe. But in the original game, the Magic Shield is really all you got.
  2. An Archer can't possibly be a "Mage Killer" because mages can just attack at melee range.
  3. Starmie is gone. Jolteon is still around and so are Butterfree and Quagsire. But honestly, for all practically purposes you only see the tiniest fraction of Pokemon in each game anyway. Like, I was really surprised how I kept seeing the same Pokemon in Ultra Sun & Moon when there were supposedly 800 or so of them. The fact that the game supported them all means very little when they are not actually available. So for me, not a whole lot has really changed.
  4. I don't think Elite Mode helps much against the actual tricky parts of the game. So personally I'd recommend to avoid it.
  5. Every character has a hidden stat usually called PCC. What it does is, it multiplies the chance of a critical hit when doubling. For a lot of units, it's pretty easy to reach 100% critical hit rate that way. Archiving criticals reliably is pretty important since terrain in this game gives very huge defense boosts. Like, a Gate or Throne will give +10 defense. Since critical hits double attack power like in FE4 rather then merely tripling damage, this allows your nits to tear through enemies they otherwise wouldn't even be able to scratch. There are also support boosts, and they are all baked into anyone from the start. They all give an equal amount to hit, avoid, critical hit and critical evade. Almost always that bonus is +10. So they are pretty straight forward in that regard. Unfortunately they are also hidden, but can at least be deduced based on the effects on your avoid and hit. Also, supports aren't necessarily mutual. Leaf for example supports Finn but Finn doesn't support him back. Weapon weight is counteracted by a unit's constitution stat. Unless it's magic. The weight of a tome will be subtracted straight from a unit's speed stat, no matter it's Con. Also Constitution is a growth stat. So is movement, though no one has a movement growth higher then 5%. Thieves can in theory take everything out of a unit's inventory, regardless of whether it's an item or weapon or even if it's equipped or not. In order to be able to steal from a unit, the thief needs to be of the same speed or higher then the target. But they also need to have the same or more Constitution then the targeted item has weight. Crusader Scrolls not only modify your growths but also completely negate critical hits. All staffs can miss. Even basic healing staffs. The accuracy of all staffs is supposedly 60% + 4% for every point of skill from the staff user. So once a staff user has 10 skill, you should be fine. Status staffs are dreadful. Not only do statuses last until the end of the map, they also have infinite range and they are practically guaranteed to hit since they follow the same accuracy formula then all the other staffs. The only limitation is that you can't target someone who has higher magic then you. This includes the dreaded Berserk status. Status staffs practically don't exist in the first half of the game. But in the final stretch of the game, you can expect several of them to be deployed on every map. Restore staffs are limited. So by that time, you want to have a fair amount of staff users ready who can shut down those enemy casters with their own status staffs. It's a huge reason why a high staff rank is so valued in this game. On the bright side, the Berserk status is somewhat nerfed in this game. A berserked unit basically acts like a seperate player. Meaning, you can actually wall them since they can't just walk through your units. You can even attack them. In fact, you can actually capture them, just like any enemy unit. Speaking of capturing, probably the thing the game is most known for. You can attempt to capture any unit with less Con then you do. If a unit has no weapon equipped, they will get captured immediately without any fight. So watch out for your staff users. If the target has a weapon, you will have to fight them. During this fight, most of your stats are halved, with the exception of Luck, Con and HP. If you defeated an enemy in this state, you essentially "rescue" them, leaving you free to take anything you want from their inventory. If you drop them, they simply disappear from the map. As alluded to earlier, enemies can capture your units too. They follow mostly the same rules. The difference is that they will loot their target instantly upon capture, which player units can't to since attacking uses up their turn. Also, they will try to leave the map with their captive. If they are successful, that unit is practically gone. The game never just gives you money. Any cash you have is from stuff you sell. So capturing is absolutely vital. There is also the arena, but I think the Thracia arena might be even more unpredictable then in other games.
  6. I wonder if this would make Hector and Lyn actually worse, since their promotions do make them susceptible to effective damage. Armor and Swordslayer respectively. Seriously, what kind of shitty promotion gives you more vulnerabilities like that? Sure, Eliwood gets cavalry vulnerability. But he also gets all the perks that come with having a mount. Hector and Lyn however are the same kind of units they were before. ...which for those two also makes it a beginners trap because you probably won't know that new vulnerability even exists until you get slayered. I suppose that's the kind of design you'd expect of the folks who thought putting 14 WT on the Sol Katti was a good idea.
  7. I find the Wolf Beil is generally strong enough to take down enemies in one shot even with just the 2x modifier. As for the Matti Katti, I doubt it would change much either. Considering how weak Lyn is, she would probably still need 2 hits to kill anything the weapon is super effective again. And the weapons main problem is it's low accuracy anyway. Which is not a good change compared to the Rapier, considering the enemies that the weapon is effective against almost always use Lances. The Rapier would probably see the biggest improvements. At least I do recall a lot of situations where Eliwood was just like 1 to 4 points short of a kill.
  8. Hmmm, come to think of it. There is an unused "Naga Dragon" class in the game. So maybe at one point Miradona was supposed to appear in her dragon form? Of course the game has a zillion unused classes, and the only one of them that has a clear purpose as far as I can see, is a mounted version of Tia. Otherwise there is Bahamuk's "Emperor" class. Not unused but we only get to see it for a few seconds. It has very high stats and access to Swords, Fire, Thunder, Wind and Dark. So yeah, that's a boss class if I've ever seen one. Of course the mere fact that they bothered to give Bahamuk a unique map sprite at all is a pretty good indicator that at some point he was meant to have more then 5 seconds of face time. Also it might be worth noting that in multiplayer mode, Tia can transform into Kranion. Enteh can also freely transform there, something she couldn't ever do when she was playable. Since Neyfa isn't available, Rakis is the only one of the guardian dragons to not be playable in any capacity. Which is kind of a shame since Rakis is also the one with 8 movement and flight.
  9. Oh that laugh track is indeed in that scene. Not surprising too, considering that toad's last line was really just him bragging about his manhood in an embarrassingly, eloquent fashion.
  10. You absolute madman actually did the whole ending in one go. I figured we'd be looking at like 2-3 updates here. Congrats on finishing the whole thing. Not sure how to really feel about the Deus Ex Machina ending. I suppose the fact that FE7 also did that whole "resurrect the shaman at the end" thing along with all the other stuff that is suspiciously similar to TRS, and the fact that Miradonna is handled very differently from everyone's else's dialog style, does suggest to me that Kaga considered this to be a vital part of the story, rather then something he just pulled out of his head because he wrote himself into a corner. But I can't exactly say that it clicks for me. I would imagine the fact that Richard ended up being resurrected too is probably the biggest reason why Aethin decided to rewrite the guy. If he at least had the decency to stay dead, it would be one thing. But not only coming back alive but also getting to marry the girl who he sold to an evil cult for the most pettiest reason is utterly remarkable. You'd think at least that bridge would have been burned to the ground, it's ashes atomized, and the gap below filled up with acid, and then that acid being filled up with acid breathing sharks. And yes, there is an acid breathing shark in a D&D sourcebook. Apparently the sourcebook in question is called "Dungeonscape: An Essential Guide to Dungeon Adventuring". But obscure D&D monsters aside, as baffled as I am about how his character ended up, at least Richard is still no Corrin. So at least you can just ignore him until he goes away. Plenty of other stuff to talk about. Like how I love how you get to use the Dakroon at the end. It's just so sweet to be able to revive people for no other reason then them being able to participate in the ending. And the ending style is really powerful. For all the game's highs and lows, it's hard not to get misty-eyed as everyone leaves you one by one. And of course it's just great so see everyone getting some attention here. Including characters who weren't even playable. It's a bit of a shame that the game didn't take into account Roger and Mel's situation. But hey, at least we know now. In any case, it's a really bittersweet mix of endings. For all that was accomplished, life still goes on, with all it's troubles. Oh wow, can't say I caught that implication in the old translation. I suppose this also puts her reaction when Xeno saved her in a different light. Not that she wasn't justified in freaking out back then. But coming from Kaga, and the generally mess of anything related to the kidnapper, I figured he was just doing a tired tsundere routine. Didn't think it was meant to be a sign of Yuni being genuine traumatized due to past abuse. Well, are you familiar with Gaiden? As far as being a remake goes, it most certainly plays in a different league then Shadow Dragon. Shadow Dragon just dumped a whole bunch of modern mechanics into FE1 without putting any consideration for how they would affect the actual game around it. So advice for Gaiden is still mostly valid in the remale.
  11. Why would Seliph get triggered anyway? It's difficult to get PTSD from an event he didn't actually witness. If anything this would apply to Lewyn, since he was actually around when everyone died screaming in the flames.
  12. I mean, I don't like PoR's Endgame either. That one doesn't even have a dedicated final map theme. The entire last third of the game feels like something desperately cobbled together so that the game's true finale could happen in a sequel. At least that's my theory. But Awakening's Endgame was just so bad. Such an insulting and desperate avatar wankfest. Back then I didn't think it was even possible to get genuine mad at a game. And it's so fitting that the game would end on a map that's just a flat surface with 100% of it's enemies being instantly moving reinforcements. Only good thing I can say about it is that at least at that point you no longer need to care if one of your goons dies to a cheap shot. Anyway, I suppose I do like Gaiden's Endgame quite a lot. The entire disturbing atmosphere of the final area punctuated with the constant updates on Celica's party slowly dying against an overwhelming foe. The addition of a more dramatic player attack them is a nice touch. The final map itself... well, no one likes Gaiden swamps of course. Still, the dedicated player phase and enemy phase themes really set the mood there. Adding a more urgent version of the player battle theme was also a really nice touch. Gaiden's Duma is easily my favorite boss in the series. I suppose one good thing about all the swamp is that it creates quite a lot of anticipation for when you finally come face to face with Duma himself. You can see his map sprite of course. But you can't really get a proper grasp of what you look at. Best description I can give is that he looks like an unfinished wood figurine of a pegasus. Add in the fact that his HP is listed as ??/?? and you really have no clue what you are dealing with. So even if you do finally reach him, what then? Once you finally get to exchange blows, you get to see Duma in his full glory. And needless to say I absolutely love it. Everything about it is unsettling. How can you even describe what you are looking at? The melting skeleton of a Pegasus? And then it attacks and it just gets so much worse. You could say Duma is vaguely dragon shaped, but his attacks just do not reflect that. You wouldn't expect a dragon to attack with tentacles, let alone with such creepy fleshy looking things. It looks like he is attacking you with his entrails or something. And they snap so suddenly. Just ewww. And then there is his eye beam. How can you make an eye beam creepy? Well, having a giant single eye stuck in your head is one thing... but eyelids are not supposed to open like a freaking zipper!!! The whole thing is just a beautiful 8-bit horror show. This abomination is a pretty good take on what a decaying god would look like, to say the least. Duma is the first opponent in the series whose HP breaks the display. And he actually stayed that way for a long time. By the time the trope came back in the GBA games, they seemed to have forgotten why it worked for Duma in the first place. I mean, they used this on the Fire Dragon in FE7. One of the guys you killed by the dozen in FE6. A glorified grunt. They seemed to have used the trope just as a cheap way to make an opponent seem more powerful. Thing is, Duma is really more like Giygas then any old dragon. The reason his HP is hidden is because it's questionable that this thing can be killed AT ALL. You struggle to survive while keep attacking the guy and have no way of telling if you even make any sort of progress. So when you finally manage to whittle his 182 HP down below the 52 HP cap that the game can actually display, and Alm drops his shield and rams him sword through that creepy eye, it really feels like both an accomplishment and one hell of a relief. Of course that's not the end of it. In his final moments, Duma seems to regain his sanity. In what little time he has left, he speaks to Alm, asking him to take care of the people of the continent in place of him and his sisters, urging him not to repeat the mistakes they did. This fierce battle against an unstoppable abomination ends on a beautiful somber note, as the true nature of the monster is revealed to be a caring shepherd. So yeah, it's a pretty decent finale for an NES game.
  13. I wouldn't know. I rage quit after the "You've been on our side the entire time!" scene.
  14. From my run in Conquest, all I remember about her is that she finds it super amusing that her sister really loves butchering people.
  15. A "Batman/Superman superhero team"? Arthur and Odin both work for the villains.
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