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  1. I would imagine in Theodel's case it's because he uses one of the unused Tear Ring Saga portraits. The one that Aethin's list labels as "[samuel], to be exact". Also no Axel or Larentia, so you can't trigger the reinforcements on the water. One of those guys carries a material. I think it's a Lion Pelt. Faye be like... I can see why they store most of their guys outside the map border. Much more space there. Sounds like the Balmung will go to someone else then. One of the Mercs also has Iaido, so that one could potentially crit you. ... Especially since she missed out on the Bleesed Brace to fix up her abysmal magic. Well, the more often her strikes connect, the less counters she will eat. You want to feed her the guy using a Killer Spear? Careful Enid. Ruben had people killed for less. Why did you never reequip his shield? That's not the only thing triggered by attacking William, I'm afraid. Would you have preferred he would have attacked someone with the Killer Spear. Fortunately he couldn't reach Enid. She might actually have gotten one-shot by the Javelin without even needing a crit. You actually went for it. Sure, he is provoked, but he still could have crippled Ruby with a counter.
  2. Tales of Vesperia The story never goes anywhere. It just starts and stops plot threads whenever it feels like it without providing any sort of closure. Doesn't exactly help that all the characters except for Estellise and Repede are obnoxious at best. It's the kind of game that mistakes random wackiness with humor and acts of cruelty as signs of friendship. As for the gameplay, what gameplay? It's a JRPG. It's just repetitive busywork occasionally interrupted by story. So if the story is bad and the characters are insufferable, it's not gonna be a good game. Though I always had the feeling that the Tales series likes to recycle assets more then it's competition, and I think Vesperia might even be a tad worse then the rest of the series. Like, the Definitive Edition added a whole dungeon that is just 30 identical floors, with each floor being a maze of identical rooms. They just change up the lighting a little every 10 floors. Either way, Tales of Vesperia has definitely more moments where I just got feed up with it then any other JRPG I played. Like, there is also the Repede pissing quest. Would take a while to talk about that one.
  3. Soma Cruz from Castlevania comes to mind. I suppose he was decent enough in Aria of Sorrow. Although turning Castlevania into run of the mill Japanese Highschool Student Adventure would no doubt still sour him to me. But I played Dawn of Sorrow first, and holy hell is he a giant selfish douche there. It's bad enough that he is so rude and condescending to Yoko and Hammer. But his entire involvement in the story is just because of his selfishness. He doesn't need to be there. He could leave things to Alucard, Julius and Yoko. Alucard and Julius in particular are overqualified for this mission, considering they both beat Dracula himself. They can easily deal with some shitty cult. But Soma just has to get involved because his fragile ego demands it, I suppose. He didn't even do anything to ensure Mina was protected from further attacks by the cult while he was away. Only Alucard was concerned for her safety. In fact, Soma didn't even tell her what he was doing. He just left without a word. And while Aria of Sorrow Soma fought tooth and nail to prevent himself from becoming the new Dracula, Dawn of Sorrow Soma happily joins the dark side without hesitation. Well, at least you get to beat the crap out of him for that last one.
  4. Yup. On my last run I only managed to capture him in chapter 11, which was his 3rd appearance. Apparently I could have gotten another shot in chapter 13. So that would be 4 opportunities for a capture. So the odds seem to be in the player's favor. Although this is no doubt the easiest map to catch him. I mean, as you noted there are several turns where no reinforcements appear. If it wasn't for the turn limit, it would be easy to clear out all the enemies. Can't say the same thing about chapter 11. Yeah, but it's the only portrait she got. Come to think of it, kinda funny how Vestaria Saga of all things ended up having quite a few different portraits for a decent amount of it's characters. For one thing, why did you only start asking her questions when you were at Barselphon's manor? And why did you just hand her over without making sure your questions were answered? I mean, you were clearly having your doubts about the whole thing. Otherwise you wouldn't have tried to hear her side of the story. So you picked up on this but I didn't, despite you only knowing about these events from me telling you? It's only natural you would miss such things, Lord Reese. Since you don't have any emotions. Wait, you were carrying it with you the whole time but never checked it's contents? I know, pacing and all that. But this sequence really didn't need any more contrivances. Well, it's the only face he's got. Actually, not really. But his other portrait is just a "slightly less frowning". It's hard to notice it's even a different expression. Oh sure, I'm just going to ask my contacts if they have seen any... let me check my notes... 18 year old girls. I'm sure with such a detailed description we will find her in no time. Well, either that or... I don't know, she may have had a lot of things on her mind considering she just survived a kidnapping and all that. Probably not the most convenient time to be hit on. Well, the only female knights I know are Lady Ruby and a corpse. So I'm not sure such a feat would impress me all that much. "I still don't know her all that well". Doesn't that line alone just make you wanna ship those two? Such a great romance. ...is what I would have said if we weren't deep in the midgame already. But as is, we are going to have to really put you through the wringer if your career is supposed to go anywhere. I see. Which means this will be the first time where an encounter with the Empire during a sidequest will actually make sense. Indeed. Though I have to admit that I find it hard to judge whether these circumstances will make this mission easier or harder. We are in uncharted territory here, I'm afraid.
  5. While it's an interesting concept, I'd say it's a pretty bad weapon. I already expressed my opinion on 40% hit spear, but the funny thing is that this weapon actually is completely inferior to the Longspear. Considering the Pike with 6+2 can at best reach an attack power of 14 if using the full 4 movement. Meanwhile the Longspear starts out at 12 attack and will match the max power of the Pike with just 2 tiles. They also have the same price, despite the Longspear also having superior durability. The only advantage the Pike has is that it's Rank is lower by 1. Reminds me how I got greedy on this map and wanted to feed another kill to Reese at the end of the map. Reese missed and got hit in return. That attack killed his horse and now he could no longer reach the Escape Point. Had to sacrifice Christine by trading her horse for him.
  6. Derrick can't be hired for main missions. He can only go on main missions after he is recruited. Considering women make up only like a 30% of the playable cast but 100% of this run's casualties, you should probably prepare for the worst.
  7. Why not? The boss shows up at turn 20 from 24 and the escape point is at the opposite edge of the map. Cavalry might make it back if they could kill him in one turn. But the only things that can properly damage him are axes or magic, neither of which is available to any playable mounted units so far. Bobkin Arrows and Rapiers exist. But their might is too low to deal much damage against a General. Most certainly not enough enough to reach the escape point in time. In any case, Max Power Daoud with the War Pick is probably the best option here. Don't know if Ruben's Daoud was high enough level for that weapon, though.
  8. The blue haired soldier actually reappears in at least two later maps if he isn't captured here. And yes, that even happens if he gets killed. Guy is freaking immortal. He is also vulnerable to cripples. So Flourish probably wasn't needed here if you gonna rig a capture anyway. At least I would guess that it's more likely to cripple him by knocking him to 1 HP then it is to Injure him using Flourish.
  9. It's gotta be Ward. Guy's got fantastic accuracy thanks to his great weapon ranks and just enough power to reliable set up kills for folks who can actually get EXP from enemies below level 20. It helps that as a Spear user, he has a little bit of control over his damage output. Guard also comes in handy if someone ends up in a tight spot. Over the course of the game he becomes more defensive minded. Because while Ward has great stats, he lacks any real tools to deal significant damage to later enemies with their powerful shields. But on the defense, his stats get the job done just fine. And thanks to Robust, he doesn't have to worry about any ill-timed injuries ruining his day. So he has this really nice evolution from carrying the team at the start towards more of a supportive role later on, as he focuses more om protecting allies who lack his raw stats but have better offensive options.
  10. They are not talking to each other because Chris is holding a massive grudge towards Ward. Chris and Ruby might both have dead mothers but their daddy issues are very different.
  11. Less then a year, I believe. And I don't really have any moral objections for a relationship between the two. It's really only incest in the sense that Bernstool decided for the two of them to be siblings. And why should he be the only one to have a say in the matter? My problem is that they are really not developed enough to make such a relationship work. So far Reese himself has not even acknowledged Lynette's existence in any way. First time will be at the end of this map. And even then it will be in a way that more suggests a siblings relationship. If Lynette were unambiguously Reese's sister, then I would say her letters would develop their relationship well enough. It would be obvious that the two of them are very close, even if we never see Reese react to it. How could he not care about his concerned and dedicated sister who keeps sending him valuables even if she has to sell her own possessions for it? But knowing that Lynette wants to get into Reese's pants makes this all kinds of complicated. Not sure if I make any sense here. But I can at last say that they never stopped feeling like siblings to me, rather then the lovers they are intended to be. As long as Ravinia is on the map, she will be the only one to guard the castle. Zweiras and his gang only show up after she leaves with Valerius. But Ravinia also makes an appearance in chapter 19 to ruin your day if you haven't killed the Neatherdrake by turn 40. Wait, how else can you get Hilda, Siegfried and Lianka? You have to kill Zweiras for that. And the fliers aren't really invincible. They just keep reviving. Freaking Mangulites playing on Casual Mode. As for which choice we will pick, let's just say I have a lot of faith in the speed of our horses. Not like there is any chance of them dying unless you block the escape point. Unless my math is off, the latest level should be 21. She averages +1 point of magic every 5 levels. So with average stats, she would reach 5 magic at level 16. Starting level of 1 + 15 levels. But since her magic can be 1 point below average, she is only guaranteed to get 5 magic when her average is at 6, which would be 5 levels later. So 21. But since we are using the magic potion, it's level 16. And the accuracy. Well, from my experience she can talk to everyone and still has enough time to meet up with Perceval if she starts south and moves clockwi... Nevermind then. Okay, let's leave the guy with the longest distance to travel for the end. Well, at least they don't have Rapid Crossbows with Mithril Arrows. With an Iron Spear he would have had 92% hit here. Just saying. He would be gone forever. "Here lies Gonzij. A young man whose life was cut short by the war." Not like it was even hidden. But who can keep track of all these names? I most certainly didn't pick up on the fact that Enid's mother was referred to by two different names in her first scene. Sure, Perceval is a better mage then Aegina. But Owen? Having a higher magic base means nothing if you can't hit anything. And on the Light magic side of things, Saphira and Izerna are both much better then Owen. Now you are forgetting about Owen? Of course either way that weapon is gonna stay blue for a very long time.
  12. Unsurprisingly that whole "self-made hero" angle didn't exist in the original game because it really makes no sense whatsoever. Anyway, I'm gonna be the one who says Zade. It's pretty fascinating how he shares so many similarities with Reese, being a backwater Lord with very few subjects to his name, as well as having an older relative who is considered a great hero far beyond the borders of their tiny territory. And both share a giant stick up their ass. It's just that in Reese's case, these things are just kinda there. I played through Berwick twice and I still have no idea what really drives him. Zade is... surprisingly not like that at all. He does have the giant stick too, but let's just say he doesn't sit very comfortably with it. It's shown that while Zade is trying his best to act competent and mature, he is heavily struggling under his responsibilities and living in the shadow of his brother. He usually barely manages to hold on. It also shows nicely how this affects his relationships with different people. He gets along nicely with veteran leaders who appreciate his sense of responsibility and professionalism, while people near his own age who try to form a closer relationship with him find that they quickly hit a brick wall. He is a surprisingly human and vulnerable take on Kaga's usual main leads.
  13. Being kept out of harms way, I'd imagine. The game most certainly doesn't do itself any favors by playing them that way. She is probably not gonna live that one down. So Minas is Ravinia then? Too bad Zade didn't have any nets. Well, I generally try to avoid using brand new weapons as raw materials, at the very least. But either way, being able to fire 4 arrows of your choice at an enemy at once is pretty handy. Not really a profit, considering you had to pay 3040 for the Chu-Ko-Nu already. Not to mention the money you could have gotten by selling the raw materials. Speaking of Crossbows, it's kinda funny how Radiant Dawn clearly took that weapon type from Berwick, given that they just so happen to share the same "ignores strength" property, yet they are virtually useless there. Feels like IS has a habit of just throwing stuff together without putting any real thought behind it.
  14. The game still plays the boss theme for him, funnily enough. Except for that Overwatch dude. Draw as much attention to our position as you like. This might be a mistake. This will probably aggro the bandits. I know it at least always did when I killed this guy across the river. Maybe attacking and hurting him alone won't trigger anything, since I know he can blast your guys without causing the rest of yellow to attack. But maybe the fact that Larentia has to cross the river to attack will. Yup, those guys are aggroed now. Again, don't know the specific conditions. Could be because you attacked the archer. Could be because you crossed the river line. Could be both. Either way, this is gonna get rough now. Probably just another case of "starts running when hurt". Please don't push yourself too hard. Especially not for an LP of all things. These months are stressful enough as is, even under ideal conditions.
  15. There is a type of spirit that makes you immune to electric floors. That's all there is to it. The entire point of this obstacle is to force you to equip a specific spirit to completely negate it.
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