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  1. Jill in Path of Radiance Jill really nicely illustrated how difficult it can be to do the right thing. Not necessarily because good and evil are hard to define, in her case it's easy as all hell, but because of all the personal sacrifices it would require. I get the impression fiction loves to simplify these things. Like, the moment you realize your side is the baddies, you just switch. The journey of your hero is merely to come to that realization. As if it were that easy. Especially in a war. You just switch sides, can't go back to your home, can't go back to your family or your friends. You give up everything. Your whole life. But in the end you got nothing to show for it other then that you can say "I did the right thing" as if anyone cared. I mean, who do you think you are? You switching sides does not suddenly change the course of a war or have otherwise some sort of significant impact. Jill is not some big shot hero. Her actions won't affect the war or even just the fate of her own home. They only determine her own fate and her own peace of mind. It's a journey that really resonated with me, especially at the time. I want to be a good person. One who works towards a just and kind world. But fact of the matter is, I'm struggling just to take care of my own stuff, let alone having a significant positive impact on the world around me. As a kid the adults around you try to sanitize the world visible to you. But sooner or later you have to face reality. There is so much injustice in the world and so much pointless cruelty. And once you see it, how do you cope with that reality? Your own powerlessness towards the world at large? The seemingly hopelessness of your desire to strive towards a better world? How do you grow to accept your limitations without escaping into nihilism? To keep the strength to still make the right decision when the time arises?
  2. That shouldn't matter since the Revive spell resurrects a character automatically when they die. In case there is any confusion, Revive is the Altered Arte of Resurrection. Estelle needs to have Hell Fire, Athenor. Gale and Great Deluge equipped to cast it. Cast it 51 times and she can use it without needing those four skills set.
  3. Team Match also has the added difficulty of them having a 4th member. And King Kaboom is a much better healer then Nan. Still, can't say I ever had much trouble with them outside of single battles. Other then King Kaboom dragging out the battle. But that's not an issue in the labyrinth encounter.
  4. I've never seen him kill more then 2 party members at once with his Mystic Art. But yeah, the specifics on how this works would be nice to know. What triggers his Mystic Arte and what triggers his normal Fatal Strike. But I'm pretty sure he needs to infect you with his "Fatal Strike Status" either way. So as long as you can avoid his big attacks, you should be in the clear. In any case, you should probably take Clint out first. Repede is probably the best one to face him head-on since he can use Gale Dog to become completely intangible if he can't manage to get out of range of Clint's big charge attacks. That move has no windup either. So he can just spam it to become completely invulnerable as long as he has TP. Even Mystic Artes can't do anything to him that way. While common wisdom dictates to target the healer first, Nan's First Aid is actually heavily nerfed compared to the player version. So it doesn't actually heal that much. But even so, you can simply send a quick ally after her by setting them to target "Arte Users". This should be enough to keep her from casting. But once Clint is down, you definitely wanna take her out since she can cast Resurrection. I've never seen her cast the spell while in Overlimit, but that's probably something to watch out for just in case. Casting Resurrection during Overlimit is generally a nice thing to do in the Labyrinth to avoid running out of Life Bottles. Btw, did you find the event to fight the real Clint? That might be a good idea to tackle first.
  5. Well, they also started to carve out the "3rd edition" into two versions too, so there would be no way to have all the version exclusive content in one game. They really want all players to buy both versions of their releases these days. Or all four versions, as the case may be.
  6. Of course that's all assuming you were buying the initial release AND the 3rd version one year later. Which you didn't have to do. Knowing that Nintendo would just release a more complete version of the game one year later, you were able to simply wait. You don't have that option with a season pass.
  7. Well, guess this thread has been successfully resurrected. And I'm playing a game full of awful bosses right now, so that's rather convenient. Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Adecor & Boccos: Round 3 Nothing in a Tales game is quite as irritating as a 1 on 2 against any duo of enemies who will just run straight towards you and attack immediately upon getting in range. Because all your damage comes from combos, so you won't make much progress if any combo string you start gets immediately interrupted. And of course they can combo you all day long if you get unlucky. Due to their size difference, you might think they have a movement speed difference that you can take advantage of to take them on 1 on 1. But their speed difference is miniscule, so you can't really separate them to a significant degree, seeing how the battlefield is a small circle. So why "Round 3" specifically and not 1 or 2? Well, the first one you don't actually have to win. The second one you have teammates. But the 3rd one in Heliord, you have to win. What makes these two particular daunting is two things: First, they are portrayed as bumbling buffoons that protagonist Yuri is utterly unimpressed by. Which painfully contrasts with how awfully they are to actually fight, and therefore ends up being much more frustrating that it needed to be. Second one is that all their fights also serve as tutorials. And getting a Game Over in a tutorial battle is just not a good feeling. It also means that every time you lose, you have to waste time clicking yourself through the tutorial again before the fight properly begins. You can't skip these kind of in-battle sequences, unlike normal cutscenes. Oh, and speaking of wasting time: This battle occurs between a proper boss fight and access to a shop and save point. So you better hope you still have plenty of healing items on you, because if you lose, it's gonna take even longer to get a second try. Gattuso Gattuso and it's 2 welps have always been pretty infamous. But by the standards of Vesperia, I can't just put a boss in here because they are hard. It's gotta be utterly irritating bullshit that makes you wonder if the developers hate their players. And Gattuso most certainly provides that. Still, it's important to establish that Gattuso and his 2 cups are indeed one hell of a difficulty spike. They hit like a truck and your party members are very likely to die when attacked, especially if it's the big guy himself. But the actual bullshit starts with the fact that you STILL can't swap the party member you control mid battle. This is such a fundamental mechanic that there is no excuse for it not being available from the start. If this is your first Tales game, you might awkwardly try out all kinds of different things, because it just makes no sense for this not being possible. But good lord, it also takes so...bloody...long. I think they even give you access to Overlimit before allowing you to use this most basic of gameplay features. Anyway, back to Gattuso. As I said, he's likely to kill any party member he gets to attack. You can set the AI so that they will try to stay away from any enemies, so in theory you should be mostly fine with just AI control. But the thing is, the 3 enemies aren't the only thing in the arena. There are also the Billybally Leafs. Those plants are indestructible, but can be targeted and send out spores when hit that stun everyone in range. Can in theory be helpful against the boss. Thing is, the plants are specifically placed just barely inside the battle arena. Seeing how the arena is a circle, if your AI allies try to run away from Gattuso, they will usually quickly run against those plants and get stuck there. And when the Gattuso strikes them, it's very likely to hit the plant, which will then paralyze your ally as if they already weren't fucked 10 times over. Suuuure would be nice to be able to take control directly to help the AI out here. But of course that can't be done because the game decides to withhold that ability from you for half the game for no reason. It's also worth noting that this battle occurs when your party was fleeing into the forest from the knights. And even before that, you were running away from the knights in Halure. Which means you have no reason to assume you can just return to the same street you just came from and return to Halure of all places to stuck up on supplies. And this is still very early in the game, so you are very unlikely to have your healing items filled to the cap. Especially Life Bottles, who are really important in that fight because of all the unavoidable death you have to deal with. But yeah, it IS possible to return to Halure and stock up, even if it would make 0 sense to be possible right now with the knights on your trail. But if you actually try it you are likely to activate a cutscene that turns you around. Why is it only "likely"? Well, because the cutscene is only meant to stop you from going further West, but it's placed in such a fashion you are likely to enter it on your way out of the forest unless you stay on the right side of the path. And the way it's presented, it looks like the game is trying to stop you from leaving the forest rather then going West specifically. 3 x Lett You know what's worse then fighting 1 vs 2 in against enemies that go straight for your throat in a Tales game? How about 3? When arriving at Capua Nor, Yuri decides to split from the party and chase a suspicious figure into a dark alley. Suddenly there are 3 of them. With twice as many knives, no less. Rather then allow natural selection to take it's course, you gotta somehow win this fight in order to progress. So that's fun. The Letts are much faster then the above mentioned knights, both in movement and attacking speed. So when you do get hit (which you can't exactly avoid if you want to actually beat these guys), there is really no telling how long they will keep you staggered. They might well combo you all the way down from 100% HP to 0 with no way to escape. Hopefully after beating the Gattuso, you had the foresight to run back to Halure AGAIN to stack up on Apple Gees, because despite already being in a town, the game won't allow you to shop until AFTER this fight. Sure would suck having to run all the way back to Halure again, especially since that carriage wreck still blocks the direct route and will in fact do so for the entire rest of the game for some unfathomable reason. *cry* Alexei Overlimit! Guardian Frost! Guardian Frost! Guardian Frost! Need I say more? Still, I wouldn't put Alexei here if it wasn't for the circumstances surrounding him which really amplify the frustration of dealing with him. Alexei has been the main antagonist for several dungeons now. Dungeons that are long and frustrating. And every time you reach him, he just runs off to another super long dungeon. He also currently has your healer kidnapped, so several times you find that your literal princess is in fact in another castle. You have to beat no less then FOUR dungeons before you finally force this guy into a fight. The first 3 which have to be done without your healer, so that adds to the fun. And now, after all the torture he has inflicted on the pure-hearted Estelle, making her beg for death while he gleefully laughs about it... after all the people he murdered... after all his loyal companions he happily sacrificed... and most importantly: after all those LONG-ASS DUNGEONS he made you run through to get here... he says: "None of you--NONE--thinks the empire is in the right." So that comes a bit out of nowhere. The idea that Alexei is merely a misguided person with good intentions is a fucking joke. Alexei has been indulging in needless cruelty in every scene he is in ever since this dumb goose chase started. And even now when the final battle is about to start, he says nothing of actual substance. "None of you think the empire is in the right" about... what exactly? Is it about the current conflict? Because my impression was the empire is very much opposed to a sadistic egomaniac gaining virtually unlimited power. And I kinda find myself agreeing with that stance. The heroes didn't mention the empire either. So there is really no additional context for this line. And yet, this single line is enough for the entire party to go along with that stupid premise. So they now all give their own speeches about how "The ends don't justify the means yadayadayada" without every actually defining the "ends" everyone is supposedly talking about. This is how we are going to frame this stupid battle. Any kind of enthusiasm I had left at this point about FINALLY taking this fucker down was replaced by sheer irritation of the absurdity of it all, about how the game expected me to view this guy, and how it did absolutely nothing to sell that interpretation. The perfect way to end this series of tedious and frustrating dungeons. And it's the big climax of Part 2 as well. So that ended up on a bit of a whimper.
  8. The Dragon should only move once you get into it's attacking range. So you have some liberty to set yourself up in an effective manner. Or if worst comes to worst, you could snatch the chest on the same turn you kill the boss, to avoid having to fight it altogether. Dragons are flying types, so they are vulnerable to anything dealing extra damage to those. As for the Sentinels, they just don't move ever. So you can wear them down eventually, as long as you can just damage them. You also need to only kill one of them if you steal on the same turn you end the map.
  9. So is trading now going to be limited based on the DLC you bought?
  10. Tales of Symphonia 2 simply reuses way to much from the original game. And I'm not talking about models or enemies or whatever, like Majora's Mask did. They make you visit many of the same dungeons then the original Symphonia, doing the same puzzles in the exact same manner. ...well, at least not to a degree that I, who played both games pretty much back-to-back was able to tell the difference.
  11. After every castle you conquer, check if any new Talk options are available. They can be seen in the unit's status menu. 2 Leadership Stars give +10 avoid and hit for all allies in a 3 tile radius. Each additional star gives an additional 10%. Having only 1 star gives no boost at all. Enemy leaders may actually decide to retreat to their home castle to get reinforcements, should the battle go poorly for them. So that's something to watch out for, especially with Cavalry leaders who might be hard to catch.
  12. Why would someone use the Eisernes Kreuz as their avatar?
  13. Freedom Planet 2. And everything related to Vestaria Saga, I suppose. I hope we will see more localisations.
  14. Favorite Games of the decade: 1. Freedom Planet A game unfortunately often dismissed as a Sonic fangame, when it's anything but. It's really more of a mix between Gunstar Heroes and Megaman X, I'd say. It has fantastic core gameplay taking place across unbelievably varied stages. This might well be the game with the best pacing I've ever seen, with each new stage being more amazing then the last, up until a beautifully rewarding final boss. 2. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Breath of the Wild feels like the game I've been waiting for ever since Gothic 3 and TES IV: Oblivion turned out to be such disappointments and then some. It's as open as Morrowind and has the tight atmosphere and hostile environment of the early Gothic games. All while still maintaining the personality of a Zelda game. Just beautiful. 3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate I didn't think they could make a game even bigger then Smash 4. Man, was I wrong. It's a lot better put together then Smash 4 too. 4. Dragonball Xenoverse 2 Didn't think I'd put a crappy anime game so high on the list. But this has less to do with the game's intended merits and more with the efforts of the modding community. They made modding of this game so accessible that even I can create a fair amount of stuff. And having such a big Dragonball toy box to play in brings just so much joy. 5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain While the story unfortunately didn't end up being all that, it's hard to argue that the gameplay is just superb. A very enjoyable requiem for the Metal Gear franchise. 6. Vestaria Saga I: War of the Scions Glad that the localized version still made the release in the final days of the decade. So at least this decade has at least one good Fire Emblem game. Despite being build upon a crappy engine and clearly not having the kind of production value of Tiamongs's output during the Playstation 1+2 days, it still has the kind of creativity in gameplay and elaborate narrative you'd expect. 7. Hyrule Warriors Easily the best gameplay of any Warriors game I ever played by far. Too bad all versions of the game have huge isses. Wii U version runs like ass. 3DS version runs fine on New 3DS but is compromised in other areas. And the Switch version is back to running like ass because apparently the game renders the image in a higher resolution then the Switch can even display in handheld mode. *urgh* 8. Momoko Wonderful Pink 2 I'm probably the only one to put a porn game on this list which was not released under the Fire Emblem brand name. But what can I say, it's actually a really good and unique beat em up. It's not your usual Final Fight-like game but is instead more of a far more advanced take on Kung-Fu Master. And the core gameplay is just so well thought out and fun, I'd say it's actually my favorite Beat em Up game. The player character even has a transformation that completely overhauls the core abilities. A far cry from more recent character action games that do little more then raise some numbers during similar modes. It also has a really pleasant visual aesthetic and a surprisingly varied soundtrack. 9. Star Fox Zero Too bad the (sort of) only Star Fox game in this decade got only be made to illustrate the features of the doomed Wii U. These circumstances really hold the game back. Still, despite it's numerous issues, Arwing combat has never felt this good. And that's worth a lot, as far as I am concerned. 10. Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action Not sure how to even describe this Beat em Up. It's so unique that I just can't think of anything to really compare it to. In any case, it's beautifully fast paced and chaotic and it just feels good to ping pong hordes of enemies across the screen with a well placed charged attack. Maybe I write about my favorite games of all time later. Writing this already took quite a while, especially since my space bar is currently busted.
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