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  1. Wouldn't surprise me if the GBA was the only platform that had at least the potential to have it's sales significantly impacted by emulation. Because GBA emulation was already pretty damn sweet back then. Not to mention the GBA required no external hardware and has no home menu or any kind of build-in software that the player needed to interact with. Just plug in the cartridge, press Power and the game starts. No need to even worry about a memory card. No doubt helped keeping the emulators themselves simple and easy to use.
  2. I suppose since Nintendo embraced gacha, they see no longer the need to at least pretend to be decent.
  3. The fact that Shovel Knight makes you lose all your hard earned cash every time you die is so frustrating. This even takes the joy out of finding treasure. Because having more treasure means more treasure to lose when you inevitably die.
  4. Probably because he is a middle-aged man that does not have a beard.
  5. For me, Daoud is usually only lacking like 2-4 points of Axe skill for promotion. So I really don't think promoting him is much of a problem. Though it most certainly involves deploying him on a few more maps then I would like, considering he is almost purely defensive.
  6. None of them are actually called Mr. Blackhole like Mr. Blackhole is.
  7. Mr. Blackhole was pretty tough for a first boss. I really hate his ground stop. Because the way he winds up for a punch always makes me reflexively roll sideways when you have to move backwards instead. Even in terms of story, he seems to be one of the tougher foes, considering Travis actually ends up using Full Armor against him.
  8. The Elite Sword can be used by anyone. There is no reason he has to hold on to that sword. Of course the sword has other uses too. That +5 defense is pretty nifty. In any case, my favorite contender of the Wrath Manual is easily Karin. Karin is the sole flier for a large chunk of the game, so there is plenty she can do that others never even get a chance to. But she isn't exactly the best fighter, so anything that helps her taking on enemies on her own adds greatly to her flexibility. Leaf can also be worth considering. Makes it a lot easier for him to actually contribute later on. On the subject of Paragon, I can't really think of a good recommendation.
  9. How come I've beaten No More Heroes 3 and half of each region is still locked off? Are they reserved for DLC or something? New Game+ maybe? This is so weird.
  10. No More Heroes 3 No More Heroes is a franchise I often drew upon when pointing out why Awakening having a cast of psychopathic murderers just doesn't work, since it still pretends they are all good natured drinking buddies. So it's nice to see the series back. I was a bit worried that the premise of alien attacking would get in the way of the franchise's over-the-top amounts of violence and gore but... at least in terms of bosses it actually works out quite well. However the grunts are most certainly not as fun to kill as the human mooks from the previous games with their spleens. In terns of actual combat prowess, they put up a much better fight, though. Mooks definitely prefer quality over quantity, this time. Makes the combat more intense, but there is something to be said of dropping bodies by the dozen and bisecting several enemies in a single slash. So it's a bit of a give and take here. In any case, it's more insane then ever. And it doesn't really have anything holding it back, like NMH1's crappy overworld or NMH2's really rushed feeling levels and overpowered slots. It's just a good time all the way through. On a side note, people said the game had a bad framerate, but it just kinda doesn't? Action areas seem to be consistent 60 fps. And I suppose the overworld is 30 fps? Though either way, I noticed no frame drops, no matter how crazy it gets. So the framerate is actually kinda great.
  11. My ranking is... Spear Sword (Aspect of Arthur) Bow Fist Gun Sword Shield
  12. Until he suddenly forgot how to do it.
  13. Shouldn't have fondled the old man so much.
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