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  1. Because of the incest or because she is... how did the game put it... "technically an adult"?
  2. I mean, Tear Ring Saga doesn't even have extra maps. It has a single case of an alternate map, but that's simple the case of picking between two different seize points. You are also told about it at the start of the map. Most Berwick Saga sidequests are always available. The exceptions are those requiring a specific character to be alive/healthy. Then there are the 4 mercenary maps, which simply unlock naturally as said mercenaries are being used and become stronger. Vestaria Saga flatout doesn't have any optional maps or alternate routes. Thracia side maps do not always have a logical requirement. But said requirements are always obvious side objectives. Like rescuing civilians and therelike. The one time there is a route split, you are directly told about it before the start of the map that you get to pick based on which escape point you are using. And if you seize the church in the center, you get to directly pick through dialog. FE6 wasn't to great about it either, but still far less shitty. Side maps are always a matter of keeping certain characters alive beating a map in a certain number of turns. Fortunately the game always has an event happen that indicates that you were going to slow. So at least you know after the fact. Again, not great. But better then FE7 were the requirements are so random, you could go through the game dozens of times and still not figure it out by yourself. And those that have turn limits won't even tell you after the fact. The Illia / Sacae route split is most certainly the most mysterious thing and the closest it comes to FE7 bullshit requirements. But at least it's tied to the levels of the units who are actually from that region. You would notice that eventually. ...most certainly a lot earlier then the Lioyd or Linus maps being dependent on the combined levels of the Lord trio. Or the Kenneth and Jerme maps being picked based on the EXP gained by Barte, Dorcas, Guy and Raven vs the EXP gained by Erk, Serra, Lucius and Priscilla (but not Canas). Really, the only acceptable requirements are for the Nino map and the Fargus map. Saving Nino and Jaffar? Obvious side objective. Saving the 3 generic soldiers. Less so, but still pretty obvious.
  3. Not to mention that there is no way to figure out the requirement unless you looked it up.
  4. Steel weapons have amazing durability because you attack less and miss more often.
  5. No. I doubt my potato could handle it.
  6. In retrospect it seems obvious that Laurentius was meant to be first encountered in Blighttown. Probably trapped in a web by Quelaag or something. Considering he refers to a "her" that was going to eat him alive. And if he can tell the gender of the Gaping Dragon, color me impressed. He is all about mastering pyromancy and finding new pyromancy and learning the history of pyromancy and whatnot... and that's what Blighttown is all about. As is the Quelaag family. Obviously he would go there. Not like this would be the only time where dialog no longer matches because stuff was moved around after the recording. Like how the skeleton blacksmith refers to an "ember from New Londo" that's actually found in the Demon Ruins. That's the problem with relying on voice acting.
  7. Yeah, but that's pretty much standard for them. They only have one strategy.
  8. It's kinda unexpected just how primitive the game is in a lot of ways. Like how the Crestfallen Merchant is floating above the ground to make him look taller then you. It's really not hard to notice. I'm also not sure what the point of using the havoc engine is. It just makes rat corpses cling to your model for several rooms. I don't see it doing anything other then making the game feel like Goat Simulator. Quite frankly, it's baffling that all this stuff is even left laying around instead of just despawning it. As far as I am aware, the game had huge performance issues in it's initial release. Requiring the game to keep track of dozens or hundreds of individual physics objects scattered around everywhere can't have helped with that.
  9. I feel like the biggest conflict in Dark Souls is between encumbrance and your sense of aesthetic. I don't care how light it is, that Sorcerer hat looks terrible while hollowed. Gotta say though, it's nice to finally get to play a game with good female armor designs again.
  10. Well, not sure if that is literally true. Not like I compared the Japanese symbols or anything. But just compare the scripts of the two games that are here on Serenes Forest... Men and Dragons once lived in harmony on this land. However, that harmony was broken when the men suddenly started to invade. In a great war known later as the Scouring, both sides fought over dominion of the continent. The laws of nature were twisted from the vast amounts of power that were released… The Dragons were defeated and disappeared from the face of continent. Mankind then began to spread its forces throughout to populate the land. And now, 1000 years later… and Once, dragons and men coexisted. They shared a peace forged in wisdom, a peace that lasted many generations. All that was lost when mankind disrupted this balance in a sudden onslaught. Man fought dragon in a savage war that shook the foundations of their world. This war was called The Scouring. Defeated and humbled, dragons vanished from the realm. In time, man rebuilt and spread his dominion across the land and on to the islands beyond. A millenium has passed since those dark days ended. The official FE7 translation is more flowery then the old fan translation of FE6, but that's about it.
  11. Also the way Sad Eliwood's sprite is... not colored at all. But I suppose I can see how it was missed, considering the scene it's in is unskipable... for some reason. And the intro narration was just copy & pasted from FE6.
  12. Also the boss of Classic Mode for Kirby, Rosalina and Inkling. Also appears for Sephiroth. But his case is different since he fights all the bosses.
  13. Surprised you don't know him from Smash at least. He's one of the bosses in Ultimate.
  14. Bantu could only use the Fire Stone. Tiki was the only one who could use all the others. Considering divine dragons are those uber dragons, it's not too far fetched. Plus, Earth Stones are not available to the player anyway. No reason to assume Tiki could actually use it.
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