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  1. When you go back to Tear Ring Saga after having beaten Berwick Saga several times.
  2. And if you run out of lives, the mission you are on counts as failed. Which will quickly lead to the attack on the Resistance base, which will lead to being locked out of any remaining missions and you having to do the final stages with essentially no resources at your disposal. It feels like the game was intended to be some kinda Rougelike. If you run out of lives, the game is over. Except Rougelikes generally shy away from instant death spikes or anything along those lines. And to get enough crystals for any upgrades, you would have to grind for hours in what's otherwise an extremely short game. It just makes no sense. Zero 1 is really only saved by the fact that the core action is just that good that one might be willing to put up with all the bullshit surrounding it. They pretty much had a perfect progression system at their hand in X1. It was simple and gave you direct benefits for exploration. Then X5 happened, and it was replaced by a bunch of nonsense. So now you need to collect all parts of an armor before you can use it. And since there are now 2 different armor sets, you probably have to find a lot more then 4 of them before finding them nets you even the tiniest benefit. And let's not even start on the parts system... Like, holy shit that one was stupid. ZX was most certainly a step in the right direction after Zero was similarly a hot mess. You get concrete rewards for every stage and live ups are now back to simply being directly hidden in stages. But it's still kinda worse then in X1. Like, in X1 there were 8 live ups and 8 stages. 1 for each stage. So it was easy to know where else you could find any. In ZX, there are only 4. Since there are now 4 live ups and 4 sub tanks to match the 8 stages, you might think they would have changed the logic so that every stage contains either a life up or a Sub Tank. But of course that's not the case, starting with the fact that not every live up is actually inside of a stage.
  3. It sucks that in Zero 1 you can't skip any cutscenes other then the intro. And also that the core design is a fucking mess. It's better in Zero 2, but it wasn't until Zero 3 when they would finally allow you to just skip everything. Anyway, I tried my hand on Wild Guns: Reloaded and... not getting the hang of the game all that well, honestly. They didn't take the opportunity to separate movement and aiming from each other, now that we are in a time where every platform has two joysticks. Didn't even add a button to recenter the reticle or anything. And I feel like increasing the screen size has only really amplified that limitation because that means there is now far more space where your aiming reticle can get lost in while you are trying to dodge. So your reticle can now end much further away from what you are trying to shot now. In general I feel like the increased screen size is really only a problem if anything. Besides the issue with the reticle, it also makes the stuff that's actually relevant less visible. I don't plan to give up on this game just yet, but for now it just makes me wish I could play Sin & Punishment on the Switch.
  4. 3D Metroid sucks because it doesn't require you to place bombs on every surface to find the way forward.
  5. It is? I thought the reason it doesn't get much flak is because no one really cares about it.
  6. I'm just saying, I'd expect her to at least look a little more freaky then One-Face.
  7. It's because Samus is currently more of a living biohazard then a person. With all that chozo dna, Metroid dna and now Phazon contamination. At this point she probably barely looks human anymore.
  8. You could try playing Metroid Other M. "So bad it's good" and all that.
  9. Really? What was so bad about Ridley? Don't recall anything special about him. Other then the hamfisted way he is inserted into this game. Now the SA-X, that one might have taken me a few dozen tries.
  10. Although I do really hate the Letícia sidequest.I like that you can tell she is nearby if you notice her flag, but considering you don't even know what stage she is in unless you look it up, it's not much of a help in practice. You essentially would have to screen the entire game world top to bottom every time you find one of her locations, if you wanted to do this without a guide.
  11. Maybe Iconoclasts would be a better followup then Zero Mission.
  12. He takes advantage of his social status by fondling his subordinates and even his own family. ...then Mr. Bad Touch even has the gall to tell Solei to "treasure herself more". Even without that whole "murdering his way through in innocent nation while pontificating himself" thing, he is the worst kind of scum.
  13. Fortunately SA-X has vapor for brains. Still hits like a truck, though.
  14. Oh hey, seems like the Streets of Rage 4 update is live now. Even without the DLC, it seems like this should be quite a lovely update. There is training mode, a new difficulty level. And palette swaps for everyone.
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