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  1. Oh yeah, that makes sense. Besides the repeating motive of unification, there are also several allusions to the gods being one. Basically the same as that whole "Astartyune/Ashunera" thing from Radiant Dawn.
  2. Geographically? What's that supposed to mean? But yeah, Conquest having the best gameplay in the series is a pretty absurd claim, given how the interface simply isn't suited for what the game expects you to do.
  3. Doesn't Fates do that too? Unless no one actually played Birthright.
  4. Well, Camilla's sole character trait besides being a sadistic murder is that she wants to hump the player self-insert. Hard to do that if you are just a character in a card game.
  5. That's what we call a Bad Ending. Not something you dedicate two separate 40 bucks game to.
  6. So basically in two of the three routes, nothing was actually accomplished because they are all gonna get crushed by the revelations threats anyway. Great connection.
  7. No it wouldn't. Considering the entire concept behind Revelation is to make the other two routes obsolete. Well, unless you really like Scarlet, I suppose.
  8. Uh, no. The 3 routes are mutually exclusive. They are not part of a greater whole.
  9. Fates is not getting any points for stuff they made up afterwards. For crying out loud, Gaiden with it's barebone script was able to explain what Catria and Palla were doing in Valentia. Fates has no excuse. It just doesn't care about why supposedly heroic characters associate with murderers and other evil folks. I mean, they didn't care in Awakening either, so why start now?
  10. If never unlocked them in Awakening, but if they are anything like the rest of the cast in that game, then them picking the side that lets them murder with impunity is entirely in character.
  11. Let's be honest: They work for Nohr. That says more then enough about what kind of people they are. Considering they don't even live there, it's not like they just got drafted like your average Nohrian citizen would. They have no excuse other then their commitment to be utter scum.
  12. Well, according to Corrin, she should "treasure herself more". And there was nothing in that convo to suggest Corrin is being a hypocritical jackass. Not like they would ever purposely suggest Corrin might not be right at everything.
  13. Being able to put on individual armor pieces is nice. Wonder if it will also be possible to color the parts. Ah crap, they probably make you collect materials for that stuff.
  14. The male Robin support is much more romantic. ...which I suppose says a lot about how juvenile IS is.
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