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  1. This all sounds a lot like Samurai Warriors, where every single historical figure is presented as being purely altruistic, desiring nothing more then to end all the war and bloodsheed, despite this not making any sense with them constantly killing each other.
  2. Order of the Stick has most certainly become pretty amazing over the literal decades, but considering it was a gradual process... Like, even when it started having an actual plot, it was still focused on gags. So the pacing was still crap because progressing the story was less important. And of course, those early gags are also fairly standard fare for webcomics of that era. Nothing particularly interesting about it if you read them now.
  3. Yeah, hard to get into it now since it didn't actually have a story back then. Just a generic group of adventures going through a nondescript dungeon.
  4. On the bright side: New Order of the Stick page dropped today. https://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots1261.html I love Oona. Always looking at the bright side of things.
  5. It's Theo, isn't it? I've been dreading this ever since VS1. We just can't have step siblings being just that. It's always the same song and dance. At least Barts was like "Fuck you Kaga, we ain't doing that shit in this family."
  6. Why is this one so upbeat? Is it to calm your mind because this stage has inexplicitly 5 floors for no reason, making it hell to navigate? That's probably why. Seriously, this gotta be the most convoluted stage in a Warriors game. Not like the game has a Metroid Prime style map or whatever else would help dealing with vertical space.
  7. The game has "classes"? Does that mean the characters are all head swaps, like on the 3DS?
  8. Oof, wasn't aware that the reaction of the "gamers™" to the artstyle of the new Monkey Island game was this toxic.
  9. They are celebrating the release of Vestaria Saga 2 in only 24 days.
  10. I do appreciate the cardboard box, though. Not sure if that's based on anything specific in the game.
  11. Edgy Sujata art, I suppose. https://twitter.com/Diaper_works/status/1451079885439467521
  12. It's based on her being a Swordmaster back in that game. And with no sign of her VS2 mental issues, I suppose.
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