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  1. I'm so happy, I could eat a whole der wiener schnitzel.
  2. They do? That's a shame. I didn't mind it in Echoes since being able to mass produce them emphasized them as replicas. Which I approve of in that context. Because back in Gaiden it made somewhat sense that the Gradivus was in the game, seeing how it was Camus' weapon, and he somehow ended up there too. But then it somehow ended up in Hardin's hand in Mystery of the Emblem. So it's hard to imagine that the one in Gaiden was the real deal since apparently the Gradivus never left Akaneia.
  3. Gotta love when a map decides to randomly have mills function as actual villages rather then mere decoration as they normally are.
  4. I got it from Order of the Stick. One strip referred to a bottle of "Keoghtom's Ointment" as "Cleric-in-a-can". Anyway, Ernst is even more scary then I remembered. He is probably the reason god invented Save Staffs. Still, couldn't you have used the Defense Staff and shields to tweak the odds in your favor? And what about the Luna Sword? Edit: Come to think of it, Tear Ring Saga does actually have quite a few more playable female characters then previous and future Fire Emblem games. For Tear Ring Saga, I counted 27 playable female characters and 35 male ones. Thracia had 16 female characters and 36 male ones. And I'd wager the ratio gets more loopsided the more you go back. In the future Path of Radiance had 14 female characters and 32 male ones. Funnily enough the amount of male characters seems pretty constant across all of the 3 games I just counted. Which is convenient, makes it easier to compare the ratio. Tear Ring Saga isn't that far off from a 50/50 ratio while in those other games less then 1/3 of the cast are female.
  5. So the superficial truth is that Garon and Nohr are evil and the hidden truth is that... Garon and Nohr are evil? ...also personally I would have preferred that Corrin would start to begin to question his actions because they are... you know, evil. Garon is a monster. Whether he is a literal or merely a metaphorical monster should not matter to any decent person. So acting as if this distinction is the crux of it all just makes Corrin look even more awful. Again, Sacred Stones. You may notice that the doubts of the three Grado generals into their Emperor come entirely from his orders being evil and unjust.
  6. What themes and ideas? Maybe the theme how being willing to invade a nation and sacrifice thousands of innocent people for your personal convenience makes you the greatest hero imaginable? And that the only people who disagree will even come back from the grave briefly just to beg for your forgiveness? And how does Garon's actions being nonsensical from an in-universe perspective play into these themes?
  7. A villain doesn't need to have depth. But they still need to make sense. The Demon King in Eirika's route in FE8 is pretty of an example. He is a very simple guy with two very simple goals in life: 1. Cause as much pain and suffering as possible. 2. Destroy the Sacred Stones, so you don't get imprisoned by some dumb heroes again. And all of his actions are consistent with those goals. The thing with the Fates and Awakening villains is that the writers are so desperate to make the player hate them to the point where their actions are utterly nonsensical. Garon is the most obvious example. He pursuits two goals that are inconsistent with each other: 1. He wants to kill Corrin. 2. He wants Corrin to live and suffer as much as possible. Which of these goals he pursues at the moment depends entirely on what allows him to be the most blatant douche to the player in whatever scene he is in. To the point where at one time he even attacks his own freaking invasion force. Because apparently for that one chapter he just doesn't want to conquer Hoshido anymore. It's impossible to hate this guy. Not because he is one-dimensional evil but because he isn't even a person at all. He is a complete tool.
  8. "Brave Echoes"? Are they just throwing random words together now?
  9. Looking at it like that, yeah, that is a different skirt of the one Sasha used. Well, it looks more like they glued an additional skirt piece to the normal mini skirt. I guess that extra skirt piece is on a different layer and when Sasha fights, the layer is simply made invisible. In any case, it's weird that her appearance is unique like this. I mean, they didn't even consider her important enough to give her a palette that matches her portrait. This is the exact same palette that Sasha uses, as far as I can tell. Edit: Also, she is missing Sasha's cape, even though she actually does have a cape like that in her portrait. So clearly this wasn't done to better match her appearance. Trivial as it may be, I would really like to know what the story behind this weird setup is.
  10. I'm sure this must have come up already, but could you remind me why you don't just sell the bags? Anyway, good thing Sierra had some canned Dullahan with her. That was scary.
  11. Of course the game was really insistent that you don't want to keep going east. ...but then gain, I also don't really see the point of any optional maps where your entire purpose is to fail miserably. You know, I'd say that if you gonna do an optional map like that, where you can confront the main villain like 10 chapters too early and face appropriately terrible odds... just let the player beat the campaign right then and there if they somehow manage to win anyway. As is, if you do manage to beat the Lich here, he will just teleport away. Won't even end the map or anything if I interpret the scripts correctly. Talk about a letdown.
  12. Carla and Bahanuk were bumping uglies for 18 years? Having it spelled out like this does make it feel a bit strange how they seemingly never produced a child together. At least as far as I am aware. Hard to say with this cast. Not that I mind. Things are convoluted enough as is. Bahanuk alone has at least four children already.
  13. Well, I know I had Raffin fight him the first time I played. The Roger is scary at that point. Didn't seem like anyone else could put much of a dent into him. TRS caps HP at 60 as well. So that stat is capped now too. This means Garo now has capped Strength, Skill, Speed, HP and WLV. Pretty amazing. Too bad he is stuck with those low 1st tier caps.
  14. It's good that you beat that map so smoothly. In my case, that's not quite how it went. Thursagan got killed several times by lava, which seems to trigger completely at random here. And that's still a Game Over, even though everyone dies at the end of the map anyway. So this whole thing ended up being really frustrating.
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