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  1. I just really do not care one bit about having a publicly available profile with whatever information Valve feels like sharing about me to the rest of the world.
  2. I have a Steam account. Just not a Steam profile.
  3. I never even set up a Steam profile. Never saw the point. I thought Steam was a digital store, not a social media platform.
  4. I suppose I could swap back to my favorite River City Girls background NPC.
  5. Always having to returning to the boss room is also not too great. Having to beat all the scrubs again every time you die... even in classic games, you got several tries at the boss if you did a good enough job with the level to preserve your extra lives. Which also kept you motivated to keep doing your best in the level. But here, having to keep repeating that process with the expectation that you will probably just die in 10 seconds at the boss again gets old really fast. And I mean, it's not like you can just steam roll those grunts either. You still take a shitton of damage of them, so you gotta do things properly.
  6. I've played the 2nd one, and every time you die you lose part of your max health. You can restore it with an effigy, but they are limited.
  7. I always found it rather demotivating how every time you die in Dark Souls, you become weaker and consequently have to defeat the opponent who killed you under even worse odds. Discourages experimentation too.
  8. Sure, but there is no need to have to manually aim in the first place considering the game uses a lock-on function for the buster. Why would missiles suddenly require manual aim? It's just handled that way so they don't need to use a 3rd button.
  9. The gameplay is the absolute worst. They tried to make the controls "simple" by making the only allowed controller the Wii Remote in sideways position. No Classic Controller. No Nunchuck. Just the D-pad, 2 buttons and... motion controls. Honestly, I'm inclined to just say "It's a 3D game that handles movement with the D-pad", but it's so much worse then that. Sakamoto though that if you reduce the number of buttons used, it makes the controls simpler. And I don't think that's true. I mean, what sounds easier? Firing a missile with the press of a single button or Firing a missile by changing controller position from horizontal to vertical, aiming at the tv screen and then press a button to fire after the game switches into 1st person. It's a fucking mess.
  10. Huh, were you supposed to actually drink these things? Really not sure what exactly this is meant to depict.
  11. I tried playing Chronicles X several times, but I just couldn't stay interested long enough to reach a town.
  12. It's what always worried me about the Vestaria Saga situation. How do you make a profit localizing something this niche, yet so large in scale? ...to say nothing about all the problems with the engine.
  13. Sure. It's mostly about the localization of the 2nd game, after all. But I suppose I don't really pay attention towards the actual video footage.
  14. Sheesh, guess the localization was quite an adventure.
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