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  1. Look, just because a game is blatantly designed as wank fodder doesn't mean it's not worth playing. Dead or Alive is an excellent fighting game, for example. And in my case, one of my favorite games I played in the last few years is a literal porn game, because as it turns out that one actually had really good and unique gameplay. But let's call a duck a duck. People outside of the community aren't wrong for judging the series by the way it presents itself. And even when playing, the attitude that went into designing the characters and stories is very obvious.
  2. Well, sure. But those friends are still right. They may be right for the wrong reasons but they are still right. I mean, she could try showing them Nowi's official art, but I wouldn't bet on that improving their opinion all that much.
  3. I wonder if fans of other franchises like Senran Kagura or whatever are so insecure about what their games are about.
  4. But it's not about what the fandom does, isn't it? It's about what the franchise itself is. And well, I can't think of too many franchises where you can impregnate little children. It's very obvious where the series' priorities are right now, so this kind of reputation is well deserved.
  5. Zieg will move after a certain number of turns. Or maybe after the other guy leaves. Could be both, I suppose. Just saying it's normal for him to not move at the start but to start moving later. As for his boss version, I don't think he actually automatically levels. Like, in Deltre's Let's Play Zieg still had 3 levels to grow to 25, and yet he returned with the exact same stats he left with despite the higher level. It's probably more something like Boss Zieg's stat get raised to a certain point if they are too low, like Gaiden promotions. Although comparing your Boss Zieg to my Boss Zieg (from a save where I just killed him when he first appeared), your's has +1 magic, +5 luck and +1 WLV. Yes, my Boss Zieg only has 3 luck despite the playable Zieg's base luck being 8. I guess that's a side effect of killing him rather then letting him warm the bench.
  6. 34/41? Great job. It seems so close now. Just a little more. I hunger.
  7. It doubles resistances but can't go higher then 50%. So in the case of Sentinels with their 30% Blade and Pierce resistance, they would still only have 50% on enemy phase rather then 60%.
  8. I would really like to know why Krawg is still hanging around. I mean, I like the guy. But it still confuses me.
  9. It's so strange that Gryphon's are vulnerable to impact damage of all things. And I guess those pants actually do kinda look the ones of Obelix. Neat.
  10. Well, Dorcas comes with an Energy Ring. Beyond that there isn't that much useful stuff for her to boost her offense. There are no Speedwings either until Zoldam. Aka, the boss with Luna. And even that one is Normal Mode only.
  11. Maybe it would be relatively save to train her up in an arena. Haven't used it in ages, but I'd imagine a focus on speed and luck is the most reliable way to survive for long. Though unfortunately Rebecca doesn't actually start with high speed and luck.
  12. I don't think using the Krishna clone is going to turn out well. Isn't it possible for items to just plain disappear when you do that? Edit: Well, I guess Aethin himself cleared that up. What still confuses me is why you would have to do the Shigen/Vega event. Shigen will still be the one to re-recruit Krishna, even if they've never talked before. Holmes just leaves her to die. In any case, some random trivia: Unfortunately the game will not take into account whether or not Zieg actually betrayed you. You could kill him when he first appears back in the temple of wind and nothing about this map would change.
  13. Especially when said siblings are children. Or "technically adults" as Fates called them.
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