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  1. Oh please. What moron would hide in a lava cave? Oh right. The kind of guy who starts boasting while being cornered and unarmed at the edge of a cliff. Between this guy and the lava, the cave must be filled with a lot of hot air. Probably sucks hanging out here for an extended period of time. Would explain why they can't put up much of a fight. Poor Ruby seems really neglected in the skill area. Most characters in this game got something interesting to make them fun using. Ruby is one of the few who doesn't really do that... at all. Low bases, no skills. She learns Throw at level 8 at least, for all the difference that makes. "Precious time?" What are you gonna spend your time on while sitting in this cave? Finding good hiding places for your orbs? Not sure that's necessarily true. I mean, Dean starts out with a lot more Axe rank then Arthur has Sword rank. Dean also grows his weapon rank faster. As for other differences between the two, there is also that Arthur has more defense to lose if he uses Desperation. He can still block, but shields have weight too, so sometimes it might be better to keep them off to have enough speed for a double attack. And of course Dean hits a lot harder. So less opportunities for Arthur to finish of an opponent before they can counter. And more enemies that can survive getting double attacked. Well, he does have the same growths for both shield categories at least. Both at a whopping 90%. So I wouldn't say he is "Much" better with Smasll shields them. I mean, you've seen how quickly his shield rank rose here. Medium shields can get there before you know it. Oh wow. It might be worth reiterating that the bane skills work by rolling twice for a hit with the second one being capped at 33%. So not only do you need to roll a successful hit twice, but the 33% cap ensures that even if you do somehow have 255% hit or whatever, you'd still miss 2 times out of 3. So yeah, generally not worth it to challenge an enemy's bane skill. Her animations nicely emphasize that she is a complete showoff. I mean, on the previous map she was taking out a bandit leader just to impress the Sinnon Knights. And her saying "If I wanted to kill you, you'd aleady been long dead." all but states that she had been laying in wait for hours at least, just so she could make a dramatic entrance once the Sinnon Knights showed up. So I'd say that character trait is pretty unambigious. Well, I'll be damned. Most certainly a first for me too.
  2. No more Heroes 2 could probably provide several examples but the New Destroyman is probably the most blatant in how he just... doesn't... work! Destroyman after being bisected in the first game coming back as not one, but two cyborgs, one for each half, is exactly the kind of crazy that should make for a fun boss fight. It's very much not. Once you get the first Destroyman down, all you can do is camp by his body until the other one decides to stop flying around and come down trying to revive him, then get 2 or 3 hits in. Rinse and Repeat for like 10 minutes or so. It takes ages and is just dull. Clearly the fight isn't meant to play out that way, but it really is the only thing you can do. You might be tempted to try to chase after the second one, but that just... doesn't... work. All it does is give him time to fully restore his buddy to full health. You HAVE to stay near the body or you have zero chance to prevent a full revival. Nevermind that doing anything that involves relying on Shinobu's terrible jumping controls is bound to bite you in the rear. And even if you were to reach him before he decides to fly away, you only get like 2 or 3 hits in. Same as when he tries to revive his buddy. So trying to take down Nr 2 without camping near the body of Nr 1 would actually take even longer because that method just isn't reliable.
  3. Maim is just such a frustrating ability. Not only is triggering it entirely random, but it only increases your crippling chances. So if she still fails to cripple, it's like the ability never activated in the first place. And yet it still has only limited charges per map. It's also very unlikely that it triggers when you actually need it. While I don't completely understand the formula for crippling, I do know it depends mostly on the amount of damage dealt in one hit. In this game, everything but the most basic gear is in limited supply. So Sylvis can't exactly shoot Steel Arrows everywhere just to make sure she deals enough damage in case she happens to trigger Maim.
  4. Most certainly looks prettier then Garon's empty halls. Or any of Awakening's throne rooms for that matter. Or this: I guess he's doing a Cartman impression. The only bad thing about Sylphis is that hiring her feels like you're ripping her off. Oh there they are. Somehow missed them until now. Well, that was a nice pile of needless anxiety.
  5. Probably. It's just I didn't recall anything from your update that could be interpreted as a "streak count". Plus, it seemed rather farfetched that you would want to "curse" your own playthrough. And I just gave a turn count in my post, so I figured maybe that's what this was referring to. Plus, I have a bit of a history of getting warnings for saying mean things about Awakening and Fates. And my comment was referencing Fates, so I just got paranoid.
  6. Sorry, but is this supposed to be addressed at me? Because if that's the case, I don't know what any of this is supposed to mean. But if it was not actually addressed at me, sorry for pestering you about this. I just got confused because that post came right after mine and didn't quote anyone.
  7. Turns are still very much a thing. There are just no dedicated player and enemy phases. A unit can't be moved more then once a turn.
  8. But... healing magic and combat magic are the same thing, aren't they? They are both orbs. In fact, there is even attacking light magic. Or dark magic that heals, for that matter. And it makes sense that they would be more reliable. They are basically batteries. You use them until they run out of juice. The material itself is not strained in any way. Meanwhile with physical weapon, it's more like how sometimes a smartphone works just fine after being dropped a few times while other times it becomes useless junk after just a single drop. The quality of the object in question affects your odds, but you still can't determine the exact amount of abuse it can take before it stops functioning.
  9. I'm not so sure about that high quality food. I once saw them offering a boiled egg as their "Daily Special". You can tell the war isn't going too well.
  10. Sure goes to show how bad the war is going that simple bags are so hard to come by. Sure, you could probably just throw some items into a corner of the room, but what kind of savage would do that? Or use boxes, for that matter. Boxes are for PEASANTS! But yeah, it's most certainly a pain in the ass. Easily the game's biggest shortcoming. Makes managing items a far bigger hassle then it needs to be. On the bright side, there is a convenient Item List that can be used to move all items around. Even those carried by mercenaries, including those who aren't currently available I believe. So that streamlines things a fair bit. No need to run all over the place just to access the inventory of mercenaries who are not currently on your payroll. Btw, just to be sure, do you know that you can combine sets of arrows?
  11. I wouldn't say it's more complicated then Fire Emblem itself. It's just... well, different from the series were we all played like a dozen games of, which all had only minimal variations to the core rules. It's basically Lyn Mode all over again. So it takes a bit of time for everything to click.
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