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  1. Of course if you go Eirika's route, you won't get to use Ephraim for a long time. And I most certainly would recommend Eirika's route on a first run. Also, once he comes back, he will be auto-leveled anyway. Forde and Kyle are decent enough, but don't exactly stand out either. If you were to use one of them, Kyle is probably the better choice. Forde has a tiny lead in speed while Kyle has a more significant lead in everything else. Really, I would just focus on beating this map and not worry about how best to squeeze EXP out of it.
  2. It's about Richard, actually. On the bright side, at least Richard died. So at the very least we won't have to deal with him again for the rest of the run..
  3. Thanks for adding the diagrams. Figured there would be some straight lines there. I wonder if it actually has the Sylph effect. You probably know this, but if you actually try to attack Gwenchaos from long range, it will enter a battle but your character won't get any attacks off. Just like Duma and Jedah in Gaiden. So in terms of gameplay, he doesn't actually need to hit you in order to shut down your attacks. Hmm, I wonder if it's still possible to hurt Gwenchaos with indirect attacks. One of these days I gotta make sure to bring some area of effect spells into the final map. Also, can I just say how effective it is that the "Tied up Shaman" class has an actual death animation? After a whole game of people just flashing out of existence, it's so unsettling to see a limb body drop like that. Keeping the NPC's on the map with a transparent portrait and 0 HP is also a surprisingly effective way to emphasize those deaths. Carla is really good in staying out of range. I'm glad that in Delte's playthrough she just so happened to teleport close to Shigen. And that Shigen was able to actually kill her in 1 turn. Not sure if you can pull this off here.
  4. You know, I'm not very socially skilled, to say the least. So normally I'd shy away from commenting on the issues of sensitive personal issues out of fear of making things worse. But given this particular subject, I suppose just showing support is valuable enough to not submit to my cowardice for once. I'm glad to hear that you were able to express yourself openly. God knows I tend to fail that kind of thing on far more mundane subjects. I wish you nothing but the best moving forward.
  5. "We Gotta Power" from Dragonball Z.
  6. You mean like when you run into an enemy in Fog of War? That's not how this works. It's just that the floor has no texture. So you need to rely on the display of your unit's movement range to see the traversable tiles. Still stupid of course. And I am not entirely convinced that they just didn't get to apply the textures and decided to cover this up by selling it as a maze.
  7. Hmm, this does make me wonder if his death quote here is any different if he was killed before he can join the party back in the Temple of Wind. Or otherwise is prevented from progressing his relationship with Kate. I know his first appearance as a boss in Holmes' route plays out the same way, despite him not actually being a "traitor" in that case. So I don't think that any of the other dialog here would change. But boss quotes may a different matter. And on the Holmes' map, I think I tested that Kate vs Zieg doesn't play if Zieg never joined the party. But I suppose I could remember that wrong.
  8. Well, it's not like nothing was said at all these few months. Just nothing actually new. "Still working on it" "SRPG Studio is hell to work with" "Hopefully we still manage to release it in 2019". That sort of thing. Also, another issue that causes problems is that they have to port the game over to a newer version of SRPG Studio, from what I recall. So there is more going on then just inserting the translated script.
  9. Let's not forget that the situations are somewhat different on both routes. In Runan's route, she simply gets kidnapped. But in Holmes' route, she actually did betray her allies by freeing Zieg.
  10. Yeah, as infuriating as it is that everyone has to suck up and obsess over Kris, it doesn't make him awful as a person. It's why I usually don't group him alongside Robin and Corrin. As disgraceful as New Mystery's handling of an Avatar was, Awakening and Fates managed to find a level of awful that is way beyond what I could have imagined at the time. Sort of SPOILERS for the Final Map: As for Three Houses, I finally made up my mind to just not play it. It could be indefinitely better then Awakening and Fates, but that still wouldn't make it actually good. And while I'm not capable of putting up with another Robin, I can tell that I just won't have a good time with another Kris either. As good as it is that the game gives you keys here, it's kinda funny how the game makes sure you have keys when it's sooo easy to miss out on the people who can actually properly use them. Four capped stats? Yikes. I wonder what her stat diagram looks like. Does the game actually do you a solid and put her on the same route as Sasha is in, seeing how she is the only one who can get through to her? Probably not, I'd wager. That's just not how this game rolls. It's great that the game doesn't try and force you to accept him as a good guy or whatever. The character and his actions are presented as is, and it's up to the player to reflect on him. Same thing as it was with Alvis and Trabant, come to think of it.
  11. *Urgh* I can't believe this exists. Super Lootbox Kart. Bloody gross. Seriously, how can this even be a thing? Pokemon had to get rid of it's in-game casinos even though it only uses in-game currency. But the moment you gamble with real money, it's suddenly okay again? That's completely backwards. Nevermind that in games like Mario Kart Tour, gambling is the cornerstone of the whole game, unlike in Pokemon where it was just some side thing.
  12. FE8 all the way, really. Quite frankly, that one is the only one I'd recommend playing at all, but that's neither here nor there. More importantly FE6 and especially FE7 have some pretty rough aspects, especially for a newcomer. For example FE6 utilizes cheap shot reinforcements all the time. And FE7 requires you to babysit a fragile, unmovable tent if you want to utilize the item storage during the map. And you most certainly want to, because unlike FE6 this one does not have a shop on the battle preparations menu. So you have to do all your shopping during the map itself. Needless to say, mid-map shopping without the ability to send items to the storage, is a massive pain. Honestly, I find the idea that FE7 is a good game for newcomers to be absurd. Sure, they were no doubt intending for it to be this. But the execution falls flat on it's face. It's easily the most newcomer unfriendly game of the trio.
  13. Lord: Favorite: Ephraim Runner Up: Eirika, Micaiah Least Favorite: Chrom Avatar: Favorite: Nope Runner Up: Nope Least Favorite: Nope Trainee: Favorite: Sasha (TRS) Runner Up: Kliff Least Favorite: Atlas Cavalier: Favorite: Titania Runner Up: Duessel, Zieg (TRS) Least Favorite: Richard (TRS) Frederick Knight: Favorite: Zachariah (TRS) Runner Up: Brom Least Favorite: Kellam Myrmidon: Favorite: Mareeta Runner Up: Eyvel, Shigen (TRS) Least Favorite: Lonqu Mercenary: Favorite: Gerik Runner Up: Echidna Least Favorite: Flavia Fighter: Favorite: Dean (Berwick) Runner Up: Othin Least Favorite: Arthur (Fates) Archer: Favorite: Innes Runner Up: Raquel (TRS) Least Favorite: Virion Mage: Favorite: Soren Runner Up: Wendel Least Favorite: Miriel Shaman: Favorite: Pelleas Runner Up: Salem Least Favorite: Nyx Healer: Favorite: Mist Runner Up: Jenny Least Favorite: Lissa Thief: Favorite: Sothe Runner Up: Czene (Berwick) Least Favorite: Gaius Pegasus Knight: Favorite: Marcia Runner Up: Est Least Favorite: Sumia Wyvern Rider: Favorite: Jill Runner Up: Larentia (Berwick) Least Favorite: Camilla Dragons: Favorite: Katri Runner Up: Myrrh Least Favorite: Tiki (Awakening) Beasts: Favorite: Ranulf Runner Up: Lethe Least Favorite: Panne Dancer: Favorite: Tethys Runner Up: Reyson Least Favorite: Olivia
  14. Richard is the one character I loath almost as much as those self-pontificating, sociopathic avatars in Awakening and beyond. Dooming the entire world just because the girl he was crushing on didn't instantly accept. Not like she has other things to worry about or anything, what with the whole war going on and shit. I guess Aethin's translation here must still be fairly accurate. I can of course see why he felt the need to change some stuff later on in an attempt to salvage that trainwreck. But we will be getting to that soon enough. On a positive note, the thing with Zieg is genuine brilliant. He only ever spoke the truth except for that one tiny detail that changes everything. You can tell they were going for something similar with the Lopto Cult in FE4. Especially when conquering the Yied Shrine in chapter 7. But it was all very surface level. And it didn't exactly help that all the cultists actually shown on screen where still cackling evil. So it's nice to see that concept finally fully realized here.
  15. She may be defense screwed, but considering how low her base and growth is, I doubt I'd have much of an impact on her durability anyway. That's the thing with the defense stat: The higher the stat is, the larger the effect of each additional point.
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