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  1. Holy heck, what a title. Was it really a good idea to shorten it for the English audience (all 22 of them)? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYsjKRykwAA 10 years (!) after it's Japan-only DS release, Shiren 5 is getting ported to Nintendo Switch and Steam. (With more dungeons!) If you've never played a Shiren game (or roguelikes in general), this article by John Harris will acquaint you with them. I've heard from roguelike fans that the later Shiren games have some unfortunate JRPG-grinding elements, but I certainly recommend the original, and I have high hopes for this title.
  2. Until March 21, the indie hit Slime Rancher (over 2 million copies sold) is FREE on the Epic Games Store! https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/slime-rancher/home
  3. I've been playing FE Heroes lately, and it's baaad. Is Langrisser much better (i.e. isn't 3x as complex as deep)?
  4. Hopefully this answers your question. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Emi74MDRMV8&feature=youtu.be
  5. I've been playing a free-to-play strategy game called Prismata lately, and— —wait, where are you going? No, this isn't one of THOSE games. I know "free-to-play" has become the biggest misnomer in the universe, but Prismata is an exception. You can hop into the multiplayer and battle me, right now, with all units, for free! And if you want to win, your only option is to get good. (And now I will stop using bold font for emphasis.) You can't pay for power even if you want to. You can only buy single-player content and cosmetics, and some of those are also free. That Prismata is a unique and interesting strategy game is the icing on the cake. So how do you play? I know the above screenshot looks complicated and scary (and it is), but Prismata is really simple at its core. Each turn follows a few steps: 1. Choose the order your blockers defend the opponent's attack. 2. Collect resources. 3. Build units. 4. Click units for attack, defense, and other effects. And that's it! See how simple that was? Now, using resources efficiently and balancing your economy, offense, and defense—that's the tricky part. But because Prismata front-loads all its RNG (the right column of units, the "Random Set" is different each game), you don't need to worry about luck disrupting your clever plans—only your opponent. So yes, I like Prismata quite a bit. With that said, there are a couple caveats. First, cosmetics are mostly earned through a luck-based minigame, which is quite odd given that Prismata itself is 100% skill-based. Second, this game has numbers in it, so if you suck at math, you might not like it. Anyways, I have a personal mission to destroy unethical CCGs, so I hope you give Prismata a fair shake. https://store.steampowered.com/app/490220/Prismata/
  6. Where's Klonoa? Boom, your list is invalidated.
  7. I hope they bring back and improve the multiplayer. If you could join a game in progress in Dark Moon, it would've been the strongest replay value. Instead, you either needed local friends or disconnecting partners could create situations that are literally impossible since it's balanced for more than one player.
  8. Given realistic game development and Sonic Team's record, it needed at least a full year. I don't have guilty pleasures because I only play quality games.
  9. Actually, the official site now says 72 characters.
  10. http://critical-gaming.com/blog/2011/1/11/appraising-the-art-of-combat-pt1.html
  11. My two cents... 1. Your poll is highly flawed. There's no "tie" option and 3/4 categories are not gameplay related, and therefore make up only half the experience. 2. Bayonetta 2 fixed the most egregious problems in Bayonetta 1. Slightly better telegraphing, less BS QTEs, less backtracking from secret battles, and the top difficulty doesn't remove the beloved Witch Time, among other things. 3. Both Bayonetta's are still overrated as action games. Button mashing QTES--terrible. The crafting system--pointless. Upgrades and Umbran Crows--why? There's a lot of action, but a lot of fluff as well.
  12. If there is no end, There Is No Game. Call it a toy, simulation, whatever you want, but if you can't "win" or "lose" then it's not a game. BTW, the full comic Dragoncat linked is here - http://www.duelinganalogs.com/comic/a-tear-jerking-story-about-animal-crossing/
  13. I heard the 3DS Langrisser was not-so-good. Are the originals good, and if so, why?
  14. Almost nothing in Smash is balanced around 1v1 play. Therefore, I expect tourneys to ban Literally Everything, and then we can play something else. :) Relevant materials for anyone who wants to preemptively ban anything - http://www.sirlin.net/ptw-book/what-should-be-banned https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQRo2PrkyJ0
  15. I would not worry about games dying. Good games last forever - you'll still find online matches for Smash 4, which has been out for 4 years. If a game dies, that usually means the sequel is out, so you can jump ship at your leisure.
  16. Whether Final Smashes become legal in tournaments is a matter of balance and perception. Do some characters have stronger FS's than others? Is this good or bad? Does the game become centralized around them? Does it encourage camping until your meter fills? Even if FS's are only meant for casual play, you still expect them to be somewhat balanced. So the community will decide whether they make the game more varied and exciting, or less so.
  17. Wario Land 4 and Wario Land: Shake It! have some of the cleverest folded level design I've seen in platformers. Nothing else quite like them.
  18. Zera


    Is Chromasia's combat deeper than Rock-Paper-Scissors? Totally serious question. Most RPGs are complex-yet-shallow, so I'm interested in whether or not yours is. Did you make something really unique like Clash of Heroes, or did you stick RPS on top of Fire Emblem? (BTW, have you played Advance Wars?)
  19. Is Octopath Traveler more than an Attack-Attack-Heal RPG? Are there any interesting decisions in battle?
  20. If you need gluing advice... http://www.thistothat.com/
  21. Considering that games should cost about $100 nowadays with inflation, I try to buy games from my favorite devs at full price, so they can eat. Nonetheless, I take a deal when I get one.
  22. Shovel Knight is a 7/10, and Specter Knight is a 9/10. Better design and polish all around. But if you're gonna get both, may as well get the Treasure Trove for all 4 campaigns.
  23. 1% drops is a sign that the developers actively hate you. I'd DROP the game if I were you. :P
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