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  1. Yeah, Trace is better, but way more expensive. Double Poison Strike is fine, but I personally find it to be unnecessary. I think it's really only worth using if the unit is going to be on your Arena core or if you have no good wall breakers in your barracks. I find the extra mobility to be a bit more useful. Poison Strike in the Sacred Seal slot is generally sufficient for general use, as the only common bulky unit that can heal itself without attacking is Fallen Edelgard, and if a single stack of Poison Strike isn't killing the enemy fast enough, it's probably better to just use a dedicated wall breaker instead, assuming you have one. That said, Poison Strike is extremely cheap, so it's not like it'll cost much to inherit.
  2. The way stats are calculated is pretty obscure, so it's not exactly common knowledge. In general, superboons and superbanes for non-HP stats typically sit around the 13-18 range, 23-28 range, and 39-44 range. The farther outside of these ranges the stats get, the more incongruent the level 1 stats get from the level 40 stats. For more precise reference, though, Superboons occur when a unit has a growth rate of 25%, 45%, or 70% (also 5% and 90%, but nothing has a growth rate that low or that high yet). A growth rate of 25% results in 10 points gained between level 1 and level 40, 45% results in 19 points gained between level 1 and level 40, and 70% results in 30 points gained between level 1 and level 40. This is why level-40 stats in the 39-43 range commonly have superboons, as they'll typically have a level 1 stat of 9-13 and a 70% growth rate. Conversely, superbanes occur when a unit has a growth rate of 30%, 50%, or 75% (also 10% and 95%, but again, nothing is in that range). A growth rate of 30% results in 13 points gained between level 1 and level 40, 50% results in 22 points gained between level 1 and level 40, and 75% results in 33 points gained between level 1 and level 40. Halloween male Grima notably has 43 Atk and 43 Def at level 40, but his Atk is 10 at level 1 with a 75% growth rate and his Def is 13 at level 1 with a 70% growth rate, resulting in a superboon in Def, but a superbane in Atk.
  3. Drag Back will work if the enemy dies, but will not work if at least one the units cannot move onto the destination spaces. Hit and Run is preferable for player use because you generally don't want to pull the enemy back with you and because not relying on the enemy being able to move to the destination space makes it more consistent (especially since fliers can move over all terrain other than walls). The point of a Sweeper is to be able to chip at a threatening unit and then get away, and dragging the enemy with you makes it harder to get out of their attack range. Drag Back is more suited for AI use on a defense team since it can pull a challenger's unit into your teammates' attack ranges, letting them dogpile the unit. Since survival is not a priority for a defense team, being out of position after dogpiling an opposing unit is not a problem. Correct. Catch only works against status effects visible on the field.
  4. That stat spread is one generation behind current. It's also a really awkward stat spread because having a superboon with a stat of 35 Spd means he'll have either a ridiculously low 5 Spd at level 1 or a ridiculously high 15 Spd at level 1, neither of which really make any sense when compared to a (now) middling 35 Spd at level 40.
  5. Every few related characters have the same element, though. Right now, it's just Hrid and Gunnthra (both Wind) and Hector and Lilina (both Fire). Sigurd is Wind while Seliph is Earth. Chrom is Water while Lucina is Wind. Eirika is Water while Ephraim is Fire. Eliwood is Wind while Roy is Fire. Fjorm is Water while Hrid and Gunnthra are Wind.
  6. If they ever update her skills, it'll be a long, long time from now. Currently, there are only two processes that allow a unit's skills to be updated: the Weapon Refinery and Legendary Hero Remixes. The Weapon Refinery only applies to weapons and was released 10 months after the release of the first eligible units and is currently about 36 months behind the release of the units receiving updates. Its release came only a few months after the first CYL banner and the following Genealogy banner, which introduced exclusive weapons with two effects instead of one. Legendary Hero Remix only applies to Legendary Heroes (and presumably Mythic Heroes eventually) and was released 38 months after the release of the first eligible units. Legendary Heroes are, of course, notable because they are used for the scoring mechanics of several competitive game modes, and many of the older units had exclusive skills that were underwhelming or outclassed by more recent skills or have had their exclusive skills given to other versions of the character released afterward. Given that there does not seem to be any game mechanics tied to the combat performance of Ascended Heroes, there doesn't really appear to be any justification for them to receive future updates outside of the Weapon Refinery (though it'll be about 6 years before the Weapon Refinery will reach Fjorm).
  7. There is no Heart element, so I'd say anything is fair game for Caeda.
  8. She definitely won't have Ice Mirror II because if she did, it'd be in the video, as Ice Mirror II has Ice Mirror as a prerequisite.
  9. We've already had ice magic in both other colors with Blizzard being green and Mirage Rod being red. Corrin and Kana, who are associated with water, have so far appeared between the four of them as blue, green, and colorless.
  10. Ulir, Fallen Dimitri, and the new Legendary looks like a really stacked roster for blue. Hopefully, they go with Dimitri instead of skipping to Nifl. I don't need more copies of Nifl. Unfortunately, my orbs are probably going to Fjorm, so I probably won't be pulling all that much on this banner, though I might go up to a "+4" budget for this banner (400 USD). We'll see. Caeda seems like a decent bet, as she still doesn't have a version with her canon weapon type, much less with her canon weapon. I feel like if they add Ninian, they'd go for a different color than her existing version, so I don't think she'd be that likely this time around. There's a very slim chance we'd get a Laguz royal, but it's still a possibility. Reyson and Leanne are also slim possibilities.
  11. Anyways, translation things. There are a lot this time. The name of the banner, "New Heroes & Ascended Fjorm", is "新英雄&開花フィヨルム" (shin'eiyū & kaika Fjorm), "New Heroes & Blooming Fjorm". Yeah, it's just as lazy. Wolf's epithet, "Coyote's Loyal", is "忠義の狼" (chūgi no ōkami), "Devoted Wolf". It's worth noting that Hardin's epithet in Japanese is "草原の狼" (sōgen no ōkami), "Wolf of the Steppe". Keen Coyote Bow is "猛き狼の弓" (takeki ōkami no yumi), "Brave Wolf's Bow". The word for "brave" here, "猛き" (takeki), is an archaic or poetic word for "brave", but there's clearly an intentional choice to use the spelling "猛き" instead of "武き", which both have the same pronunciation and meaning. The former uses a character that typically means "ferocious", as in a wild animal or force of nature, whereas the latter uses a character that typically means "martial". Malice's epithet, "Deft Sellsword", is "剣舞の傭兵" (kenbu no yōhei), "Sword-Dance Mercenary". Spendy Scimitar is "安くない曲刀" (yasukunai kyokutō), "Expensive Scimitar", though it literally translates as "Not-Cheap Scimitar" rather than explicitly using a word for "expensive". Roshea's epithet, "Coyote's Faithful", is "信義の狼" (shingi no ōkami), "Faithful Wolf". Stout Lance is "堅固の槍" (kengo no yari), "Sturdy Lance". Ascended Hero is "開花英雄" (kaika eiyū), "Blooming Hero". Fjorm's epithet, "Ice Ascendant", is "花開く氷の姫" (hana-hiraku kōri no hime), "Blooming Princess of Ice". Nifl's Bite is "絶氷ニフル" (zekkōri Nifl), "The Unparalleled Ice, Nifl". This references Nifl's weapon, 絶氷のブレス (zekkōri no breath), "Breath of Unparalleled Ice", and Nifl's exclusive skill, 絶氷結界 (zekkōri kekkai), "Domain of Unparalleled Ice". Hardy Fighter is "盾壁隊形" (tate-kabe? taikei), "Shield-Wall Formation". I have no idea if "盾壁" is supposed to be pronounced "tate-kabe" or "junpeki", but I don't think I've ever seen 盾 pronounced as "jun" as the initial character in a compound. It's worth noting that the Fighter skills in Japanese are all named "Formation" skills, hence why their icons are designed to look like a formation of units. Ascendant Floret is 開花のつぼみ (kaika no tsubomi), "Blooming Flower Bud". Vyland's epithet, "Coyote's Justice", is "律義の狼" (richigi no ōkami), "Honest Wolf". Unbound Axe is "孤絶の斧" (kozetsu no ono), "Isolation Axe". Sedgar's epithet, Coyote's Dutiful, is "友義の狼" (yūgi no ōkami), "Responsible Wolf". The word "友義" (yūgi) here means "responsibilities as a friend".
  12. I'm a bit surprised they actually implemented the Pulse effect into a B skill instead of an exclusive version of her Special, and an inheritable one at that. Other than the exact skills themselves, her kit pretty much matches my predictions. Hardy Fighter is, as predicted, a souped up version of Shield Pulse, but I certainly wouldn't have expected exactly how they executed it. The defensive half of Null Follow-Up and doubling the effect of the damage reduction is pretty damned amazing. 30% damage reduction turns into 51% damage reduction, and 50% damage reduction turns into 75% damage reduction. I'm a bit disappointed with her getting A/R Far Save, though. I feel like they could have given her D/R Far Save, though it's not like they are different enough to really matter when she already has 51% damage reduction plus an additional absolute 5 damage reduction after the percentage reduction. The rest of the banner is entirely uninteresting besides the fact that Stout Lance brings Courtly Candle to the standard summoning pool. Really lives up to the name of the banner being the completely underwhelming "New Heroes". I'll have to see how many copies of Fjorm I can pull. The Ascendant Floret mechanic is interesting, but I'm probably going to end up hoarding them as usual due to how ridiculously limited the supply is going to be. Double Assets looks like it would be most efficiently used on fast Brave units (to get +Atk+Spd) and on bulky units that use all of their stats (to get +Atk/+*), though the problem with using them at all is the obvious issue of stat creep. Ascended Fjorm herself looks like she'll want +Atk+Spd or +HP+Spd. Brave Hector can definitely use it. His bulkiest Far Save set previously ran Aegis + Shield Pulse + Steady Breath, and he'll definitely appreciate having the defensive half of Null Follow-Up on top of Maltet's follow-up prevention along with a 75% Aegis. I'm definitely building one if I ever get extra copies of Fjorm. I'd personally go for +HP as Fallen Edelgard's second Asset (maybe +Res). Her Spd is so low that even with an Asset, she can't block Idunn's Vengeful Fighter.
  13. Versions from different games (like the Echoes versions of the Whitewings, Awakening Anna, etc.) I don't really consider to be in the same category as the ones I previously listed (which are internally named with just a suffix "2", unlike the Whitewings alts, which have the suffix "ECHOES", Anna with the suffix "KAKUSEI", etc.).
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