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  1. Things are a bit less competitive at the top with Edelgard no longer as a bonus unit, but fishing for score is still a giant fucking pain the the ass. I spent 94 dueling swords to run a total of 13 matches. I'm pretty sure I spent more time playing press-the-give-up-button simulator than I did actually playing the game. Seriously tempted to go reinstall Warframe just to go kill some things and get the violence out of my system, but I'm pretty sure my toaster of a computer would explode. I'll probably just settle for making some burgers for lunch. EDIT: Oh, and having to run Hardy Bearing on Legendary Alm to deal with the stray Marth or Caeda is a pain in the ass. Also, Legendary Julia is bullshit.
  2. Minor blood is still a "visible" trait, though, because (at least for the purpose of game mechanics) it gives the character higher growth rates and boosts the character's weapon level in the crusader's weapon type. Minor blood is more of a toned down version of major blood instead of just a "carrier" interaction.
  3. Being a descendant of a crusader isn't what lets you use their weapon. Inheriting their major blood is. Ethlin only has minor Baldo blood. Same reason why Seliph can't use Naga (minor Narga blood), Julia can't use Valflame or Loptous (minor Fala and no Loptous blood), Julius can't use Valflame or Naga (minor Fala and no Narga blood), and Saias can't use Loptous (minor Loptous blood).
  4. All of the Lysithea copies I'd be getting would end up being merges, though. Sothis is Time's Pulse fodder only because she's already +10.
  5. YES! My satisfaction is immeasurable and my day has been made. With red practically guaranteed as the next new Legendary Hero and Sothis being on that banner, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be able to pull a few extra copies of Sothis to start handing out Time's Pulse. If Lysithea is on the banner, even better since I didn't bother to get her back when her original banner game out. This is going to be a good banner. I don't even care if the new Legendary turns out to be underwhelming. As long as Eyvel isn't on the banner. Please not be Eyvel.
  6. Njorun's Zeal has a cooldown of 3, which means if you get rid of S Drink, you will need to run Quickened Pulse (or have appropriate team support) in order to activate it on the first round of combat. Both options have their merits, so it's your call.
  7. I totally didn't realize this was happening. The only unit of these that I've actually built is Masked Marth, though only with a support build. I'll probably go with Marth, and if she loses, I'll switch to Black Knight if he's still there.
  8. It depends on what you're doing. If you're expecting her to enter combat, sure. If she's actually being full pacifist and won't be entering combat at all, then it's only really worth it if you need the extra +5 HP for debuffing or there's something very specific that you need the +1 Def to hit.
  9. Starlight should go on Gotoh. Or a Linde alt. Or both. I want another Linde alt. Swanchika on Langobalt. We need more manly beards in this game. Ichii-val on Brigid because I have a first-gen bias. Aureola on Elimine. Apocalypse will obviously go on a Bramimond alt after they figure out how to animate it. Rex Hasta I'd like to see on Oswin. Failing that, on Marcus. But Uther would be the best. Rienfleche should go on Uhai. Failing that, Rath when he gets a refine in 10 years. Luce can go on Renault or something, but I'd rather he be Azama 2.0 instead and Luce will just fall into the abyss. Gespenst can go on Merlinus, as he's the only unit in the game with enough Con to use the weapon without losing Spd, even if he can't actually use it. It could also go on Canas, but I'd rather Canas get either Luna or Nosferatu instead. Valfleche on Shinon. Baselard on Volke. Matrona on Legendary Micaiah. Ashera Staff on Lehran in his Lehran form. Or I guess Sephiran can also have it, even if he's a tome unit. Shouldn't be a problem if it isn't inheritable. Balberith on Pelleas.
  10. I actually consider Triangle Adept as the perfect skill for Palla when used on the same team as Est since it allows her to easily cover the green units that Est has trouble with. Catria's main point of usefulness is the fact that she can land Moonbow (or Ruptured Sky) on the second hit of her Brave attack, which is good for covering the bulky non-armored units that Est occasionally has trouble breaking through. She's also a bit more physically bulky than Est, which is useful for Rokkr Seiges.
  11. The overall strategy isn't really combat-focused, which is what I think makes it hard to classify. If you only classify based on the builds and the actual rounds of combat, it's definitely dual phase (Surtr is almost exclusively used on enemy phase, Idunn is dual-phase, and the remaining 2 units span the entire spectrum), but the strategy revolves more around positioning and luring enemies into Sinmara's Threaten range rather than how the actual rounds of combat are fought.
  12. @XRay You missed my playstyle in question 2: Let Surtr handle it. I've answered "out-of-combat damage" for all of the other questions since my Arena team isn't really player-, enemy-, or dual-phase. I just use Surtr + 2 point sticks (usually Idunn + 1 Legendary) + bonus unit, and whatever team composition that ends up with is the style I use.
  13. You're reading the inequality wrong. If you have 52 HP, you can Pulse Tie opponents with 51 HP or less. +10 Ophelia has 52 HP. +10 Igrene has 56 HP. EDIT: Oh, and as a reminder, if there is a Time's Pulse Lysithea on the opposing team, she'll block Pulse Tie indefinitely.
  14. That still doesn't make it anywhere near as useful as even a single Dance, let alone a Dance for your entire team. The defense team doesn't need to use the turn effectively. Giving them an extra turn to move in your way or suicide on your units is enough of a detriment to you. You'd also need 18 copies of Mila, which is not feasible for most players and is not feasible for me, either.
  15. Est is easily the best of the three in terms of gameplay. Having a Brave armor-effective weapon without the Brave weapon Mt and Spd penalties is absurd. I can see that working either way for her. She's more powerful than the other two and less in need of a boost in stats, but she'd also be a popular choice in terms of gameplay viability. I second Takumi. He deserves the Resplendent Hero treatment. Even if his stats are unsalvageable from obscurity given his exclusive weapon doesn't have a combat effect. Anyways, here's the list of qualifying 5-star units:
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