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  1. I want, like, all of the Hasha characters: Legendary Alle (Dragon Lord with Conqueror's Sword) Gant (Near Save tank) Tiena (prefixed Aureola) Kilmer (Prf Ninja Katana) Jeed Jemmy Mague (yet another Durandal) Mileza Murdock (Tomahawk) Legendary Zephiel (Binding Blade + Eckesachs with Prf Special Basileus Dine) Mythic Hartmut (Zephiel, but Mythic) Audamothe Maybe Warren, Kulzard, and Celdia, too. Maybe. Why isn't Murdock in this game yet? And he'd better be min-maxed to hell and back when he arrives. And give his Tomahawk Null C-Disrupt just to make Sweepers cry.
  2. "Audhumla" is a giant cow in Norse mythology. "Audhulma" is nothing, yet is the spelling used in Heroes and in most localizations of The Sacred Stones. "Almace" is Bishop Turpin's sword in The Song of Roland. "Armads" is nothing, yet is the spelling used in Japanese and all localizations. (Durban gets a pass despite being obviously named for Turpin because his name in Japanese specifically has a "d" and a "b".) "Ostia" is a real-life place in Italy. "Ositia" is nothing, but is the spelling used in the European release of Blazing Sword, specifically to not match the name of the real-life place in Italy. "Leinster" is a real-life place in Ireland. "Leonster" and "Lenster" are nothing, but are the spellings used in the localization of Heroes and in the original Japanese version of Genealogy, respectively. Just because the spelling doesn't match the original name doesn't necessarily make it wrong. Heck, "Jugdral" itself is a corruption of "Yggdrasil" with the "si" removed and would've had to have been spelled "Yggdral" if it was necessary to be accurate to the source
  3. Eh, I get why she's blue, but it still annoys me that we have so many Legendary/Mythic infantry blue bows now. I'm also kind of annoyed that she has Life and Death 4 instead of Atk/Spd Ideal 4. Ichii-bal canonically has Renewal on it, which would have paired perfectly with Atk/Spd Ideal, and being a glass cannon with Desperation without a condition, she shouldn't be taking damage in the first place (but healing would be useful for dealing with out-of-combat damage). The "kind of" is just the fact that we haven't had any easy-to-get sources of Life and Death 4 until now, and I'd like to get some copies of the skill. I'll probably still prioritize merges over skill inheritance, but I might be willing to give up 2 copies for Legendary Julia and Legendary Lilina. Time's Pulse is so over-distributed, especially on Legendary/Mythic Heroes, it's not even funny. It's appeared on 8 units in the almost exactly 2 years that it has been out (Sothis was the July Mythic of 2019), and 4 of them have been Legendary/Mythic Heroes. Sure, it's not as egregious as Swift Sparrow 2, which as been on 36 units since its release 3 years and 11 months ago, or Swift Sparrow 3, which as been on 13 units in the last 2 years and 1 month, but it's still a lot. It's also worth noting that this is a prefixed version of Ichii-bal, and unless I'm forgetting something, the last (and only) time we got a prefixed weapon before we got its standard form was Missiletainn, which had its standard form released the month after. So... maybe another Jugdral banner with either Briggid or Faval soon? Having to pick between Ulir, Nifl, and Summer Freyja is annoying. I'll probably pull for 3 or 4 copies and then figure out what to do from there. I'm right now considering going up to +5 and then bailing, like I did with Byleth, but we'll see. Dimitri and Seiros as pitybreakers are pretty nice, considering I'm low on merges for both of them, but neither of them are particularly amazing for skill fodder. Tempest skills compete with Time's Pulse, Fatal Smoke, Pulse Smoke, and Joint Drives for their skill slot, and Dragon Wall is strong, but extremely niche. Will snipe blue with priority for blue-less boards going to red, then colorless, then green. As much as I'd like more copies of Louise, I don't need more copies of Eir, whereas I can use more copies of all of the red units. I assume at least some of those are mistakes, but I'll likely continue spelling it "Ulir" out of habit because that's her official name in Japanese and is a rare case that it actually appeared in game, as the names of the holy bloods appeared in Latin characters on the status screen.
  4. If you can't get a Trace skill, a Lull skill is the next best option. In general, Chill skills can be handled better by more dedicated debuffers that either have a much stronger debuffing B skill, like Gunnthra, or have the effect on a weapon, like Spring Catria. For the C slot, after Fatal Smoke, the next best option for me for cavalry units is Pulse Smoke. A Menace skill is also pretty good, though you do have to be cognizant of the fact that Menace has less range than a ranged cavalry's threat range. If you can't get one of those, a Joint Drive is the next best thing.
  5. If I recall correctly, the rewards box has unlimited space, but you can only see 99 at a time. You will need to collect the visible rewards to be able to see the ones hidden under the fold.
  6. It sounds like you missed the heyday of Reinhardt and Brave Lyn, both of whom were oppressive for a pretty long time. After the release of Skill Inheritance and therefore his access to Death Blow, Reinhardt could threaten a huge area of the map with a one-round kill due to his relatively high Atk, Brave weapon, cavalry mobility, ranged attack, and targeting of the usually lower Res stat. The release of Quickened Pulse made him even more powerful by giving him a nearly guaranteed Moonbow on his second hit. Brave Lyn had the same mobility and reach as Reinhardt, but her Sacae's Blessing shut down Distant Counter units other than dragons, making it difficult to bait her out. Most players were forced to run a Triangle Adept Gronnraven unit to deal with them in the Arena. While it was certainly easier to come to that solution back in the day before we had so many skills and skill effects to navigate, the situation with Fallen Edelgard is still very much similar. However, one notable difference is the fact that modern units are significantly more adaptable, and even if they are built to fight a specific threat, they remain viable against many other threats and typically don't become dead weight quite as easily. (For example, Firesweep and Null Follow-Up + Windsweep can shut down the majority of the roster, and armor-effective weapons are useful in the high Arena in general because of the large proportion of armored opponents.)
  7. Receiving a Legendary Hero version does not make a character a lord. Tiki, Julia, and Lilina are most definitely not lords. It's my understanding that in his source game, Reinhardt was an absolute terror to deal with. While it is generally believed that Reinhardt was not intended to be as strong as he ended up being in Heroes (based on the fact that he was demoted instead of Olwen and likely due to the developers either underestimating how powerful a strong, but slow, ranged Brave cavalry would be or overestimating the strength of fast Brave units with low Atk), his reign of terror in Heroes is still true to form.
  8. You being salty doesn't make you or me any more or less right. Perhaps the reason the whales are telling you what you can do is because we are invested in the game and understand the strategies you can use to get around tough units. Edelgard may be busted to hell and back, but she's not anywhere near infallible. I and other users here have gone over hard and soft counters to Edelgard plenty of times, including F2P-friendly options. It's not our problem if you refuse to listen, but you can't complain about the lack of counters if you choose to ignore their existence.
  9. Trait Fruits and Dragonflowers added to the login bonus from the loyalty perks is really nice. Is it clear from the English announcement how often the login bonuses are distributed (i.e. if that's every day or if that's spread across a half-month term)? Extra summoner support slots just means I get to make Fallen Edelgard even more busted. Dunno who I'll give the second slot to, though. Current Resplendent numbers, in case anyone was wondering: Rarity: 5-star units: 22 4-star units: 15 Game: Akaneia: 6 (Marth, Caeda, Linde, Minerva, Merric, Tiki) Echoes: 3 (Alm, Celica, Delthea) Genealogy of the Holy War: 2 (Eldigan, Julia) Thracia 776: 3 (Leaf, Reinhardt, Olwen) Binding Blade: 3 (Roy, Lilina, Sophia) Blazing Sword: 5 (Eliwood, Lyn, Hector, Nino, Raven) The Sacred Stones: 3 (Eirika, Tana, Amelia) Path of Radiance: 3 (Ike, Brave Ike, Elincia) Radiant Dawn: 2 (Micaiah, Sanaki) Awakening: 4 (Chrom, male Robin, Cordelia, Lucina) Fates: 3 (Azura, Takumi, Niles) Given that only Akaneia, Elibe, Awakening, and Fates were represented at launch, I'd say Fates is currently rather underrepresented in the Resplendent pool. Also worth noting is that the only lords that are missing are Sigurd, Seliph, Ephraim, and both Corrins. Female Robin is also missing, but is a Grail unit. Other missing major characters include Ninian, Sothe, Ryoma, and Xander (who is also a Grail unit). Xander won't get one until they decide that Grail units are actually eligible. Camilla has the disadvantage of being a 4-star unit, which has more competition for slots and fewer slots (currently, there are only 2 4-star units for every 3 5-star units given Resplendent outfits). Not every unit needs to be able to counter the best general-use unit in the game, and there are plenty of incredibly powerful units that can't do squat against her because it's not their job to do so.
  10. That's what the Joint Drive Spd from Domain of Ice is for, though, in combination with Nailah's Null Follow-Up. Additionally, in Aether Raids, it's easier to fit Peony and Plumeria on offense teams for an additional Spd boost than it is to fit Lif or Yune on a defense team. Triandra is the only common Spd-boosting Mythic seen on defense right now due to being a dancer.
  11. It's pulled somewhat taut between the crest of her boobs and where it meets her stomach at her navel by the fact that her top is tight around her waist. So no fold or shading needed. Given that her body-sock is form-fitting and therefore necessarily has separate boob-socks, it could be made stiff enough in the right places to allow it to hold its shape. Or a staffie can just cast Gravity+ on her from Australia.
  12. My gripe with her face in her idle art is that the smirk and heavy eyeliner (enough to glob up her eyelashes in her attacking art) just makes her look like some generic bitch lady, which, as far as I'm aware from her voice lines and skimming of her Fandom page, is not the case.
  13. Her navel is located behind the point where the two blue panels meet. Her legs start at the bottom of the purple tassels in her attacking art and a little less than halfway from the bottom of the tassels to the bottom of the front hip panel in her idle art. Seems pretty normal to me.
  14. Care to elaborate? Her face looks off to me in all except her damaged art, but that's really it.
  15. @kradeelav It's worth noting that if you don't have or aren't using Odd Recovery and/or Even Recovery, Nifl is now the best unit with Drive 30% damage reduction due to the fact that her C skill also has Joint Drive Spd and Joint Drive Res built in. I'm not sure it's worth giving up Desperation due to Arete's low physical bulk. Raudhrfox is currently the best red tome for Spd-based builds, as it gets you an effective +6 Spd, though it's worth noting that that's only on par with what modern exclusive weapons give. For Atk-based builds, Raudhrblade is the best if you aren't expecting to deal with opponents with Lull skills; otherwise, Peachy Parfait is the best option, which isn't really saying much, but it's notable that it's worth using with Trace instead of Lull. Personally, I don't find Frenzy particularly appealing. It's essentially only a slightly safer version of Desperation, offering better survivability on enemy phase and on your first round of combat. However, it's still a step up from Desperation, so any good user of Desperation (that aren't restricted from inheriting it) can make use of it. In terms of making the best use of it, I'd give it to your most used Desperation unit that you aren't planning on eventually giving other skills (like Spurn) to. Karla is generally a pretty good choice due to having Null Follow-Up on her weapon and having a Spd stat that is still competitive with modern fast units.
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