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  1. You can pop the nuke after you activate Galeforce to make sure the rest of the things die. To clarify a bit on @Humanoid's response, on the notification board entry for every Legendary/Mythic Hero banner, they announce when each of the Legendary/Mythic Heroes on the banner is scheduled to return next. Unfortunately, the only announce the month for the Legendary/Mythic Heroes that are present on that particular banner, so you have to dig up older notifications to get the entire schedule, but that's what the graphic that Humanoid posted is, compiled from all of the notifications we currently have.
  2. Setting up a Vantage sweep. Setting up a Galeforce sweep. Making Seliph more tolerable in Aether Raids. Babysitting in the Arena (assuming you can use it in the Arena). I'd go for 3. But you don't need a full team of him unless you want it for the lulz. Having 2 Hectors is already either 40 damage to 3 columns or 20 damage to the entire map, and any more Hectors on the team costs you versatility. Fine. 33/37 offenses is already better than all other green tome cavalry other than Mist (34/37 with +Spd).
  3. Basically just stack as much enemy-phase Atk as physically possible: Fjorm [+Atk] Leiptr Reposition Ice Mirror Fierce Stance 3 Shield Pulse 3 [whatever passive C skill] Fierce Stance 3 with as many stacks of Atk buffs as you can manage. Ice Mirror lets Fjorm tank at least one hit from Alm regardless of how much he tries to buff (and sometimes even two). Try to avoid Def buffs to maximize the amount of damage reflected by Ice Mirror, though ideally, you'd calculate the exact amount of damage you need to kill Alm and boost your Def right to that point, but that's not always feasible. This build should be able to one-hit kill most Alm builds without much support, but it might have trouble with exceptionally tanky builds (Sturdy Impact + Sturdy Blow 2) depending on the buffs that Fjorm and Alm have. It also might have some trouble with weaker Alm builds (low merges or no Atk-boosting skills), especially if Alm doesn't have Infantry Pulse support to get his Lunar Flash out on his initial hit. Replacing Shield Pulse is a bit tricky since it's effectively +5 damage to your Ice Mirror and saves you from needing to use Infantry Pulse, etc. However, Lull Spd/Def should be viable for this slot since it guarantees +3 damage and blocks Def buffs without blocking Atk buffs like Dull Ranged would. I have no idea if Wrath works with Ice Mirror, but my initial guess is probably no. If you need to tank multiple rounds of combat, you definitely want Brave Lucina's refined Geirskogul to grant the Breath effect (though you can also sacrifice 2 Atk and a Legendary Tiki for Fierce Breath instead) to keep Ice Mirror active. Do note that she'll get worn down pretty quickly, though, since she doesn't have a means of healing before your next player phase. It depends entirely on how you value your resources. I personally value Grails more highly than Orbs due to the fact that Grails are a resource with a hard limit on their availability whereas Orbs are more flexible. However, players with a lower budget for Orbs and a higher demand for them relative to their budget may value Orbs more than Grails. However, it is a fact that Grails have the harder limit between the two resources and that repeated use of Grails increases the price of the next purchase, making it less worth the cost with each additional Grail unit. Fjorm being on a banner on a regular basis is actually a point for using her as skill fodder for Drive Atk rather than against. Legendary/Mythic Hero banners are among the best banners to get 5-star characters from (especially when there are at least 2 characters you want sharing a color), meaning the fact that she comes back so often means that there's a higher chance you'll get her as a pitybreaker sooner or later even if you aren't looking for her.
  4. In that case, just make stamina infinite after you complete the last floor. It doesn't remove the feeling of accomplishment from finishing the tower on a limited stamina pool, and it lets you have all the fun you want afterwards.
  5. I'm pretty sure there are zero restrictions on skills based on how far you've progressed.
  6. Youtube was kind enough to let me know that Censored Gaming just put out a new video reporting that the official Japanese website for the game has changed one of the screenshots of Tsubasa on the page (fourth screenshot from the left, excluding the video) to use her English outfit instead of her Japanese outfit. So, yeah. I'm not liking the look of where this is going. It was already fishy enough when the Japanese Nintendo Direct used the English version of Aversa despite all of the game's language settings being in Japanese in both versions of the Nintendo Direct. Official Japanese website here: https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/asa4a/ Archived version of the official Japanese website from a month ago here: https://web.archive.org/web/20190906143039/https://www.nintendo.co.jp/switch/asa4a/ (Links courtesy of Censored Gaming's video's description.)
  7. Aversa is currently the best use of Grails because she is one of the best debuffers in the game. She also comes with reasonably competitive stats and a decent starting skill set. I would also recommend Naesala because flying beasts are incredibly powerful with their conditional 3 Move. Reyson is available as a 4-star pull, so it's not too hard to build a team around them. Panne isn't quite as good as Naesala, but cavalry beasts still have a useful enough gimmick to be worth looking at. The main downsides for her are her low Atk and the fact that all of the other cavalry beasts are 5-star exclusives, making it harder to build a team with her. Rinea and Azura can dance if you need more dancers. Rinea is not yet available, but should be added in a month or so. Loki, Camilla, Louise, and Cecilia are bow and dagger options with decent stats for movement classes without many bows or daggers. Loki is a flying bow; Camilla is a flying dagger, Louise is a cavalry bow, and Cecilia is an armored dagger. After that, it's mostly down to personal preference and passion projects. Many of the units in the list are still solid, but with the exception of a few units with unique gimmicks, like Kronya (Vantage with a different condition) and Takumi (mobile Bolt-Panic Tower), most of the other units are comparable or outperformed by units in the 4-star summoning pool. Not really. Witchy Wand is a very support-oriented weapon that's easier to use on player phase, so it really doesn't require any stats to make good use of, but you'd still be best off picking someone that hits hard if only for the free damage. I'd prioritize getting at least one flier (Mia is okay, even if she's the weakest flying staff) and one cavalry (Veronica and Maribelle are the best offensive staff cavalry, but Elise isn't far behind) so that you can utilize their movement-type-specific buffing skills. If you need an infantry Witchy Wand user, Loki is still the best offensive staff infantry with Mikoto and Brady being competitive. Svalinn Shield. Any Blow or Stance skill you have available. Fortress Def. Atk/Spd Bond is available from Louise, though you will need to promote her for it. I use Wings of Mercy. Flier Formation is expensive, but can be used for flier teams, and Aerobatics is also expensive, but can be used for mixed teams. If you want a combat skill, you can't really go wrong with Desperation for player phase or Quick Riposte for enemy phase. Dull Close is still stupidly rare for no good reason, but is also a decent skill to use, as is the much more common Dull Ranged. Guard is also a decent choice. If Duma is a problem, you can use Renewal, but it's probably still better to use a Healing Tower or staffie for the job. Bold Fighter is only good if you have Armor March support or Armored Boots as the Sacred Seal. Bold Fighter armors without mobility are not threatening. Armors not running Bold Fighter are also not really threatening. Wary Fighter is better for stalling. Vengeful Fighter isn't great when under AI control. Honestly, you may want to consider Vantage instead. Aether is terrible on an AI-controlled unit. It simply doesn't charge fast enough to be useful. For other modes, any template armor build works fine.
  8. This mode is pretty fun. I'll echo the sentiment that because this is not a competitive mode, there isn't really a good reason to have a unique limited stamina type for it. Games are more fun when you're actually allowed to play them. Celica is currently an offensive monster with Ragnarok [unique], Swift Sparrow 3, and Desperation 3 and has Infantry Breath 3 for shits and giggles. Boey dies to everything. Mae is pretty good. Alm is pretty good at killing himself with Scendscale, but he hasn't actually died yet and has so far ended up with Escutcheon. EDIT: Oh, right. None of my units has an Assist skill yet. It's been... interesting.
  9. "Sean" is what happens when you take both a word's spelling and pronunciation from a different language (in this case, Irish) without changing either of them. (Technically, there were slight changes to remove sounds that don't naturally occur in English and replace them with close sounds that do naturally occur in English.) "Shawn" is what happens when you take a word's pronunciation from a different language (again, Irish) and then spell it how it sounds in English, which I presume was extremely common to do before English spelling was standardized. But at least English pronunciation at least mostly makes sense. Japanese is a completely different story (it basically took all of the spelling from Chinese, but tacked on the pronunciations from Japanese, but sometimes still uses the Chinese pronunciation approximated into sounds that naturally occur in Japanese, but those Chinese pronunciations could be hundreds of years old... which results in an absolute mess).
  10. I don't see why they wouldn't give the effect to other movement types. We got Pair Up on infantry and cavalry. The entire point of having a Duel effect is to make non-armors viable for Arena scoring without having to sacrifice the passive A slot.
  11. The difference between the two in terms of developer effort is trivial. The only difference is that refining a weapon costs more valuable resources for the player than learning a skill that just happened to appear in a unit's skill list, and certainly more resources than a skill that had its effect magically changed that didn't cost resources at all. Dragons don't have any more base stats than any other weapon type.
  12. Book 1 units already give only 2. I don't think they'd reduce the number of Dragonflowers given by older units because that would be a huge slap in the face to any player that wasn't able to complete those Ordeals prior to the reduction.
  13. I want Bastian to be a green dagger and Calill to be a red dagger. This is about as close to a canonical colored dagger as we're going to get.
  14. Huh, so there is. It's just buried near the bottom nowhere near any of the other animation settings. I just tried it and I don't like the behavior at all. Zero audio-visual feedback feels terrible to me. I'd rather tap through the animation.
  15. The number of Dragonflowers received from Heroic Ordeals is determined by the Book that the unit was released in, not the Generation. Mia, Lute, and Dorcas are the last units before Book 2 and only give 2 Dragonflowers. Fjorm is the first unit from Book 2 and gives 8 Dragonflowers. Hrid is the last unit before Book 3 and only gives 8 Dragonflowers. Eir is the first unit from Book 3 and gives 40 Dragonflowers. All of the characters listed above are Gen 2 units.
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