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  1. Yes. Every staff with a "+" at the end can be refined with either Wrathful Staff's effect or Dazzling Staff's effect.
  2. If Bride Fjorm gets False Start on her refine, it'll probably still be a Ploy, though.
  3. Considering we've had Isolation for two and a half years now and still only have Bride Fjorm and Mila able to apply it on enemies (and only with Ploy targeting), it could be a while.
  4. Oh, right. I totally forgot to mention in my previous analysis that they showed her stats in the trailer. She's receiving a buff from Serra's Hone Atk 3, so she appears to have 36/34/40/16/41 (total 167). Combat is definitely not a priority for her, as counting weapon stats, Brave Camilla (+8/+6), Duo Hilda (+9/+6), and Young Larchel (+9/+4) are all significantly stronger than her. Sara (+6/-3) is also slightly better than her. The unit most similar to her in stats is Fluffy Hat Nanna (-1/+1), despite Nanna not having a Prf weapon. It's definitely worth giving up some combat performance to give her Fortress Def/Res instead to help with the False Start effect trigger's Res comparison. I'm pretty sure I have a few spare copies of Idunn somewhere. And on the topic of skills and things I forgot to mention previously, I don't really like Nudge on her. I would have preferred Rescue, though that would definitely have just turned her into "better Flayn". I'm tempted to sacrifice a Flayn to give her Rescue.
  5. Speaking of voice actors, her Japanese voice actor is Tanaka Rie (Elinalise from Mushoku Tensei, Treyni from Tensura, Rosetta from Granblue Fantasy, Sesshouin Kiara from the Fate franchise, Suigintou from Rozen Maiden, Lacus Clyne from Gundam SEED, etc.), who, as far as I can tell, has never done a Fire Emblem role before.
  6. One more cool thing, I guess, now that I think of it. The Bishop class in the GBA games carries a staff in their battle sprites regardless of if they're using a tome or a staff. The fact that Elimine is casting with her staff instead of her tome feels like an homage to the GBA battle sprites. The usual translation notes: Elimine's epithet, "Scouring Saint", is "八神将の聖女" (hachi-jinshō no seijo), "Saint of the Eight Divine Generals". Staff of the Saint is "聖女の杖" (seijo no tsue), "Staff of the Saint". This is the legendary staff from Binding Blade. False Start is "ターン開始スキル不可" (tān kaishi sukiru fuka), "Start-of-Turn Skills Disabled". Very literal. Holy Ground is "地上の最後の女神" (chijō no saigo no megami), "The World's Last Goddess". The word "地上" (chijō) literally means "above the ground", but in this case means "on the earth". It's a similar construction to "天下" (tenge), "below the heavens", which means the same thing. I think Elincia is still a bit more likely to have a variant of Amiti instead of a staff. Sephiran is a possibility, but I also think he'll be more likely with a tome. Maybe Elice with Aum if we get that far into less important characters? Blagi with Valkyrie might also be an option for a Light Mythic. Miracle as a field buff or Drive effect would be amazing.
  7. Goddammit. It's an offense Mythic, so there's actually reason to pull. Colorless has Claude, who has Atk/Spd Catch 4 and Spd/Def Rein, both of which are really good skills, and I could definitely use extra copies of him. Ashera has Lull Spd/Res, which is a good skill in a vacuum, but there are so few units that can forgo Desperation to use it and don't already have it. It's interesting that they gave Elimine her staff as her weapon, but at the same time gave it Aureola's animation. Having Dazzling Staff on her weapon is weird, given that both her default A and B skills both include a defensive stat. The Res boost on Atk/Res Push and the Atk debuff on A/S Far Trace are both pointless on player phase since the opponent can't counterattack in the first place. Since she's a Mythic Hero, I feel like they would have been perfectly justified to give her both Dazzling Staff and Wrathful Staff on her weapon. In terms of skill inheritance value, Atk/Res Push is already in the Legendary/Mythic summoning pool on Plumeria, and Push skills aren't too high in demand anyways. A/S Far Trace is also one of the less useful Trace skills since it's best used by fast, bulky ranged cavalry and fliers, of which there are basically none. The only units I can really see making any use of it are Ascended Laegjarn and Fluffy Hat Julia and maybe Summer Lute, who are only bulky on one side. As for her general usefulness, her weapon appears to mostly be a counter for Duo Catria and units with Tempest effects (e.g. Yuri, Brave Alm, and Fallen Edelgard), and her exclusive skill essentially makes her a better Flayn since it gives the effects of Caduceus Staff, Close Guard, and Distant Guard all in one slot. Really good for Aether Raids, especially for teams that were having trouble fitting Flayn on the team, but False Start is mostly useless in Summoner Duels, which is the other game mode where Duo Catria and Tempest units shine. I guess I'll see how my luck goes and determine how much I'm willing to pull from this banner from there. Desert Karla and the Double Special Heroes banner both ate more pulls than I'd have liked this month. We also don't have any staff Legendary/Mythic Heroes yet, and there aren't really many options that wouldn't make more sense using a different weapon type.
  8. As with every other year, my final votes are 4 for Ninian and 3 for Dheginhansea.
  9. @Sunwoo I feel like difference between CYL 2 and CYL 3 is that the tone of CYL 2 was "I want this character to get an alt" whereas the tone of CYL 3 was "I want this character to get a CYL alt". We only had 37 alts total (35 of existing characters and 2 of characters with no normal version) at the start of CYL 2's voting phase so getting any alt at all was still a big deal then. By CYL 3, we had not only seasonal alts, but also Legendary Hero alts and non-CYL standard-pool alts (Eirika, Chrom, Olwen, Reinhardt, Hinoka, Nino, Olivia, and the Fallen Heroes and Adrift banners). I think the "this character has already had so-and-so number of alts" argument had stopped holding sway over players by then, especially when CYL alts are pretty much guaranteed to be good units.
  10. In terms of stats, Resplendent Deirdre now has base 38/35/30/18/37 before Dragonflowers or 42/39/34/22/41 with max Dragonflowers. For comparison, Orochi has 42/42/26/26/39 with max Dragonflowers, but lacks an exclusive weapon (and therefore also effective damage against dragons). Deirdre's Divine Naga, however, is not particularly impressive of a weapon outside of its effective damage against dragons. Other than effective damage, it nullifies the opponent's bonuses, nullifies targeting the lower of Def and Res, and grants +3 to all stats, but the stat bonus requires her visible Res to be 3 higher than the opponent's. While the Res check is doable for most typical units, a lot of bulky dragons have very similar visible Res to her, making it unreliable to get the extra stats against them. It's also worth noting that because the Dull effect on the weapon is an in-combat effect, it does not affect the stat comparison. Given that her competition as a green dragon counter is Julia for enemy phase and Thrasir and male Legendary Byleth for player phase, there isn't really much of a reason to use Deirdre unless you need a green dragon counter for Arena Assault and don't have the alternatives (granted, all of the alternatives are 5-star exclusives). And if you aren't using Virtuous Naga on her, then there's no reason at all to run her, as there are plenty of green tomes that are better than her when using the same inheritable weapon.
  11. Next Resplendent is Dokkalfheimr Deirdre. The art is very pretty. Not jawdroppingly so, but pretty nonetheless.
  12. One win and two losses today, so I end at 1,705 points at rank 152. Wait times searching for matches ran over two minutes today, presumably because most players were probably already done with their run, and that looks like it could be a pain point moving forward for this game mode. I don't want to suggest that you should be able to start a new run after finishing a run because that would just make this even more (optionally) tedious than it already is, but it could get really annoying to finish a run on the last day otherwise if this many players drop out by the last day (and it looks like the matchmaking prevents you from matching with the same opponent). Another thing I noticed was that when I started my run two days ago, I think the first win put me somewhere in the 60,000's or something like that if I remember correctly. I don't remember what my rank was after completing the three AI matches, but it was probably better than 10,000. If my memory is correct, then it looks like this game mode's participation rate is pretty low. For comparison, the Arena population (Tier 7 and higher) extrapolated from the size of Tier 21 is at minimum 130,000. Also, my current Tempest Trials rank is in the 40,000's, and I only do my three daily runs and nothing more.
  13. Well, Lorenz unsurprisingly turned into my carry, and he did surprisingly well carrying me all the way through the top floor, though that's probably because enemies in Hall of Forms aren't particularly strong. Current set after spending all of my torches: Luminous Grace+ [Atk] Harsh Command+ Ruptured Sky Atk/Spd Push 4 Odd Pulse Tie 3 Atk/Spd Menace Atk/Spd Solo 3 Which is to say I still have none of the passive skills that I want. Wonderful. And the game keeps trying to offer me Luminous Grace+ [Res] every other run, but never [Spd]. Double passive skill options from Infernal maps is pretty cool, or would be if it would give me the skills I'm looking for. As for the others, Dorothea has Broadleaf Fan+ [Atk], Dance, and Def/Res Menace, Ingrid has Starpoint Lance and Draw Back (and a merge), and Sylvain has Swift Sparrow 3 and Atk/Res Menace (and a merge).
  14. Ranked is so fucking tedious, and it's really bad for my nerves. After three or four matches, both of my arms are tingling from being constantly tense. Currently sitting at rank 155 with 1,605 points and 2 of 4 losses used. The first loss was due to a Harmonized Catria + Dancer Micaiah combo that killed Fjorm, and the second loss was due to a Blazing Wind Yuri + Infantry Pulse combo that killed Fjorm. Done for today to let my arms rest. I'll deal with the rest tomorrow. I hope they reduce the frequency of this event in the future because if they keep up the pattern on the calendar, it'll be every other week, which is just going to suck. This event is way too time-consuming.
  15. On a banner that starts at 6%, a pity rate of 18% is converted into 100%. I needed another 60-65 more failures, so I was just short of halfway there.
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