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  1. That doesn't change the fact that Smoke skills are still also dependent on positioning and that positioning is less under your control. You're downplaying the fact that there are just as many, if not more, ways for Smoke skills to fail than there are for Joint Drive skills to fail.
  2. Having at least 1 ally within 2 squares is literally the most lenient positioning requirement in the game (outside of effects that are 100% guaranteed, like global effects and Rein-like effects). "If it hits foes" is a positioning requirement, and one that is less under your control than the positioning of your own units.
  3. Cool. Now I have to find 16 staves to refine for more dew. Celica finally has a fix for the two biggest problems with her weapon and base kit: not being able to keep Double Lion active and not being able to consistently activate Galeforce. And free stats. What the fuck, Hector. Personally, nullifying effective damage is the most notable addition as it lets him actually properly deal with all of the annoying armor-effective red units in the game without needing to switch out his exclusive passive skill. Blocking enemy follow-ups is a nice bonus, and free stats are free stats. Ephraim's is decent. Nothing too fancy. Unlike the two above, he didn't really have any problems he needed fixing, and effective damage is less common on blue units. He can now ignore Wary Fighter and Impact skills. And Hector's refine. And I guess Garm is now also a Runeaxe. Okay. And free stats. And Veronica gets to be even more annoying to deal with because free stats. I'm noticing a trend. Hector is my first priority since he's my most-used unit of the bunch. Celica is next, followed by Ephraim, then Veronica. But that probably doesn't matter because it's not like I won't have that much dew all at once.
  4. Trying to stay in Tier 21 sucks. Spent 3 hours and a ridiculous 90 stamina restores just to complete a streak of 5. The current map pool is awful. As much as I absolutely hate some of the old maps, the couple bad apples in the new pool are even worse. At least Ogma was at least decent this week. Barely.
  5. Continuing my generally awful luck on characters' release banners, I'm pretty sure Corrin doesn't exist. I've so far pulled 6 Mila 2 Bramimond 2 Ike 1 Hrid 1 Eirika And no Corrin. What the fuck is this. EDIT: Final counts. 234 pulls total. Sniping colorless. If none, prioritizing red, then green, then blue. Career total in parentheses. 3 Corrin (3) 9 Mila (10) 10 Bramimond (11) 1 Hrid (a lot) 1 Eirika (a lot) 2 Ike (4) The fact that I managed to basically fully +10 2 different units on a fraction of my old Legendary banner budget, but neither unit was the one I was aiming for, pisses me off. I'm convinced the only Legendary Hero banners that actually like me are the ones for armored units. Infantry seem to hate me before they get rerun.
  6. As a software developer, this makes me cringe hard. User input should always be sanitized. Failing to do so is just asking for trouble because someone's eventually going to figure out how to inject something malicious into your database.
  7. Of those 21 units, 5 of them have Distant Counter as their weapon effect (Sothis, Legendary Grima, Fallen Grima, Legendary Tiki, Fallen Tiki), all of whom have the stat spread and/or skill compatibility to use it as a dual-phase unit, only 1 has an effect that is only active on enemy phase (Summer Tiki), and 4 have a conditional stat-boosting effect is that is easier to activate on enemy phase (Winter Fae, male Adrift Corrin, female Adrift Corrin, female Kana), but of those 4, 2 of them have a Slaying weapon (male Adrift Corrin, female Adrift Corrin). And honestly, who needs weapon effects when you have Bold Fighter and Special Fighter? This is not a problem because only 6 of the game's 33 dragons (34 counting Legendary Corrin) do not have a Prf weapon (Nowi, Fae, Winter Fae, Banutu, Ninian, male Kana), and of the 21 units listed above, only 1 of them is on this list (Winter Fae). Whether inheritable weapons are defensive only matters if you're actually going to use them on units that can be built offensively, and the most popular inheritable dragonstone is Lightning Breath+, which is still plenty usable as a dual-phase weapon by armors due to Bold Fighter.
  8. Most people in real life do not embody the meaning of their name. I wonder if this means they're actually looking at a Genealogy remake or localization, but that's probably just wishful thinking. My first thought was that someone noticed that his now-previous English name overlapped with the name of a location in the game, considering the four territories that make up Jugdral's Munster District are named for the four provinces of Ireland (Manster (NA: Munster) from Munster, Lenster (NA: Leonster) from Leinster, Alster from Ulster, and Conote from Connacht).
  9. 14 of the game's 33 dragons have at least 34 neutral Spd (excluding Nils), and another 7 have access to Bold Fighter. Sure, many of them are easier to build for and use on enemy phase, but that doesn't mean that they are enemy phase only.
  10. I second +Spd. Effective damage against dragons is common enough of an effect that it's not all that important to build for it, whereas her relatively high Spd for an armor is harder to come by. She also comes with Special Fighter by default, which benefits more from boosting Spd to give you a better chance to double. Naga is a decent support unit, but isn't particularly great at combat due to her low Atk stat. She shares a season with Duma, which at least allows her C skill to be moderately useful in killing him. She's also a point stick, so you may as well use her, hence why dragons are kind of crummy on Astra/Anima defense..
  11. Dragons as individual units are currently in an excellent position. The only real problem with dragons is the fact that a full team of dragons is nearly unviable due to the existence of a few extremely strong checks and counters that are relatively common in PvP content. It's basically required that you run at least one non-dragon on the team right now. The main issue right now is the existence of Legendary Julia. Her Atk stat is busted, making her hard to tank even if you can nullify her effective damage, and her Res stat is busted, making it difficult to kill her, even if you survive her attacks. Light and Dark forces dragons to attack into her busted Res stat instead of her much weaker Def stat, and also makes it very difficult to boost your own stats to deal with her. An optimally built Julia without Dragonflowers or bonuses has an annoyingly high 41 effective Spd at neutral (32 at +10 merge, 7 from Life and Death 4, 2 from Light and Dark), which also makes it difficult to take her down on player phase without using one of the extremely fast player-phase dragons, like the Fallen Corrins or Winter Sothis. On the subject of a "Dragon Shield" skill, I can see it being useful for dealing with some of the threats that aren't named Julia. Legendary Tiki in particular could use the skill pretty well since her A slot is relatively free, and she has otherwise good match-ups against the red dragonslayers and all other Tikis. As for Julia... her ridiculous 83 effective Atk (same setup as above, but with an Asset and Swift Sparrow 2 in the Sacred Seal slot) is already high enough to one-hit kill a lot of non-dragons, so I don't think it'll make enough of a difference against her. Maybe Legendary Corrin with a Dragon Shield Sacred Seal would be able to do it. As for what I think would be most beneficial for dragons to receive right now (that isn't completely off the table like changing skill inheritance restrictions), A Hone or Drive version of "Dragon Shield". It would be much more useful than an A passive or a Sacred Seal. Sothis alts for every color. Doesn't actually have to be Sothis, just a fast dragon that nullifies effective damage. But Sothis would be nice because Sirius is a good skill. Also, she's cute and talks like an old geezer in Japanese. A green dragon with good magic bulk that always targets Def against ranged opponents instead of the lower of Def and Res. Basically Hel Scythe, but reversed. Bonus points if it has weapon triangle advantage against colorless. Also better distribution for Goad Dragons. And a Goad Dragons Sacred Seal.
  12. Legendary Dimitri and Legendary Claude are pretty much guaranteed to have the exact same weapon types as both of their existing versions, so why is Edelgard so different simply by the fact that she's already gotten her Legendary version? We're still going to end up with 3 lance Dimitris, 3 bow Claudes, and 3 axe Edelgards, and the third version of each one is still likely to share a movement type with one of their previous versions (though Legendary Claude could end up as infantry instead, I guess, and potentially a different color, I guess, though I'd rather we get more colorless Legendaries).
  13. Excellent. Sencha is second only to Yoshiku for drawing cute, squishy-looking girls. And we finally get another unit that can actually make use of Shield Pulse, which is really nice, and another Wind Legendary Hero that isn't awful in the Arena, which is also really nice. Colorless is stacked on this banner with Bramimond and Mila, both being units that I didn't have the budget to pull additional copies of on their original banners, but unfortunately, this banner just has to come at the worst possible time. I'm not sure if I want to go for the last 2 sparks on the CYL banner or get some extra pulls here. I guess I'll just have to see how lucky I get with my first few orb packs to see which banner I want to put the rest in. Sigh. Clearly, I should just get a higher-paying job. Eh, it's not the first time the localization team has changed how something is translated, mind Smash and Fire Emblem probably aren't translated by the same team anyways (and they don't seem to care/have the time to check their work against the other's anyways). Also, name of the skill in Japanese is simply just Dragon Fang (竜穿, lit. "dragon pierce") with the word for "counter" (反) in front of it, so more eh. I would have preferred "Counter Fang" over "Negating Fang", but whatever. The only Smash reference I remember is the fact that the CYL 1 winners got an extra voice clip in English as a reference to the fact that all four of them were in Smash whereas that voice clip doesn't exist in Japanese. That said, I haven't touched Smash since the early days of Smash 4, so...
  14. The first was "Fallen Heroes". The second was "Darkness Within". The third was "Dark Burdens".
  15. It's used officially as the names of the individual banners, not as the name of the series of related banners. As far as I'm aware, none of the series of related banners have names in any official capacity (excluding names used in internal files). This is no different than the fact that we use the terms "Farfetched Heroes banner" and "Fallen Heroes banner" to refer to the series of banners (and their members) that share the same themes as their namesakes. The names of the namesake banners are official, but the names we gave to the series are not.
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