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  1. This set of bonus units is awful again, so I'm content with Tier 20.5 for this set. Windsweep Duo Lyn is hilariously broken. Easy cheese.
  2. I was using Laevatein during the Tempest Trials with Fae chasing her around, and I have to say it was an absolute blast to have her tear though enemies like butter without the need to set up her buffs with Rallies or Hones or Azura.
  3. The Japanese terms used for the alignments are 正 (sei) and 負 (fu), which in context simply mean "positive" and "negative" respectively. Based on Yune's quote, "I am...freedom. Chaos. Transformation. Future. Mystery. I am Yune," the most accurate possible translation would most certainly be "yang" and "yin", considering all of the properties she personifies are associated with yin. However, those translations would not have worked well in the setting of Tellius due to being overwhelmingly Asian in feel. Within those properties, "order" and "chaos" are the pair that most closely exemplify the other properties as a whole, which is likely the reason they were chosen in the localization. The word for "dark god", however, is 邪神 (jashin), literally "evil god", the same word used for Duma. This particular distinction is not the same has the distinction of positive and negative, as the pair used here are 聖 (sei) and 邪 (ja), which are "sacred" and "evil". Again in Yune's quotes, she says that neither her nor Ashera are either sacred or evil and implies that those associations are merely a misunderstanding. Yune's relevant quotes from Heroes are the following (Japanese, English translation, and English localization in that order): 私は自由。私は混沌。私は変化。私は未来。私は謎。私はユンヌ。 I am freedom. I am chaos. I am change. I am future. I am mystery. I am Yune. I am...freedom. Chaos. Transformation. Future. Mystery. I am Yune. 私は邪神なんかじゃないわ。私は聖でも、邪でもない。 I am not an "evil god". I am neither sacred nor evil. "Dark god"? No, I'm pretty sure I'm not one of those. I am neither holy nor base, neither angel nor devil. アスタルテは人の味方じゃないわ。だって、彼女は聖でも邪でもないもの。 Astarte is not on the side of humans. After all, she is neither sacred nor evil. Ashera is neither kind nor loving to the beings of this world.
  4. Of the 119 tome users in the game (if I counted correctly), the median base Def is 19, but the median base Res is 28. The Def stat on mages is so consistently low that there only 13 mages with a base Def stat of 28 or higher. Additionally, tome weapons are far more likely to boost Res than Def, and mages are more likely to get default skills that boost Res than Def. With the effective damage bonus active, Aureola has 16.5 more Atk than Kitty Paddle, which means it's only dealing 7.5 more damage per hit against a median mage (less if the mage has more Res boosts than Def boosts from skills), assuming your dagger unit has the same base Atk as Guinevere (and each point of Atk cuts into that lead by 1.5 points). I think that's pretty reasonable when comparing an exclusive weapon with an inheritable weapon. I'm not sure what the stats are on the opponent in the trailer video, but the typical Lunatic (indicated by the 38 HP) red mage has 28-29 Res, meaning Guinevere probably has 35 base Atk. Considering the premier F2P dagger user is Sothe, who has 36 base Atk, I don't think Aureola's advantage over Kitty Paddle+ in the mage-killing department is all that impressive.
  5. I've only used Legendary Edelgard so far, but she's been amazing for dealing with enemy dragons, blue armors, and Dimitri. I just added Brave Celica to my team a few runs back, but haven't had the chance to actually use her in a run yet. I can foresee occasionally failing to activate Galeforce due to accidentally one-hit killing enemies when you have a stat advantage, but running the numbers should let you avoid doing so if you're not lazy like me.
  6. After spending the past 3 hours or so going back and forth between refining my team composition and grinding the mode, my feelings about this game mode are mixed. It's fun when the game gives you good character rolls and not-broken opponents and it's an utter pain in the ass when it doesn't. My current team composition is physical melee, dragons, and tomes crossed with armor, infantry, and flying, and the strategy is to go for at least an 18-point stat bonus by round 4 (4×2 points for 2 weapon type combos and 4+6 points for 2 of each movement type). As long as the game doesn't throw a bullshit 22-point bonus opponent at me, I should be fine (and if it does, then I just surrender and start over). Galeforce is insanely satisfying in this mode (even when the unit just suicides afterwards). My current high score is 10,049 10,623.
  7. Bleh. Missed out on some of the cumulative points awards due to falling asleep earlier in the afternoon. Oh well. Hm... I'm not quite sure that's accurate, even if it comes from the help menu. I'm pretty sure I've had units with lower level move before units of higher level. I guess I'll see how it goes next round.
  8. Does anyone have any idea what determines the order that units move in? I have absolutely no idea what the fuck is going on the entire time. EDIT: It seems to be the Spd stat? It's hard to keep track of due to bonus stats, though. And if so, how are tiebreakers handled? It appears it might be front to back, left to right for your own units, but I don't know if I've seen what happens if there's a tie across sides.
  9. Itsuki is Chrom with all of his extra stats put into Res or Helbindi with an actual Spd stat and a Falchion. If you need a red traditional mixed tank, he's actually one of the best choices due to his minimum 41/39/32 bulk with his weapon. Astram is a bulkier Soleil that buffs himself or a budget Shannan. For what it's worth, I actually see both of them with some frequency on Arena defense, often with completely jacked out kits. AoE Specials are easily the strongest nuke build in the game as long as you can keep them activated. It's roughly equivalent to activating Astra once every round of combat while also splashing a huge amount of that damage onto nearby enemies. The reason why Ophelia is the most popular is because she has the easiest time getting her Special charged on the first turn due to not needing any skills other than her weapon to do so. This means you don't need to get any premium skills other than Special Spiral, and it also keeps her Sacred Seal slot open to run either Hardy Bearing to counter Vantage or Flashing Blade to counter Guard. However, any other infantry unit with access to a Slaying weapon is able to run the build as long as you have the means of charging their Special on the first turn (Infantry Pulse, Ostia's Pulse, Time's Pulse, Quickened Pulse). Pirate Geese actually came with Infantry Pulse as his 4-star skill, meaning it's a lot easier to get the team support needed to pull the build off, and even if you didn't get a bunch of copies of him, Marisa still has it as a Grail unit, and it has decent distribution across 5-star units with both Gerik and Nils getting it recently, both of whom have high enough HP to use the skill without needing to pass it to someone else.
  10. Fml. I don't have the budget for this right now. Sounds like normal introvert issues.
  11. And they even removed the stat comparison requirement. Nice. Blizzard was kind of the obvious choice for the refine effect, but I really wish they didn't reuse Spy's Dagger's icon for it. Honestly, I wish they'd just stop making "custom" icons for refine skill effects. I'm not sure how Divine Tyrfing's refine can be disappointing on Sigurd, but amazing on Seliph. Seliph has worse Atk, Spd, and Def than Sigurd, and the infantry-exclusive skills that Sigurd doesn't have access to don't really benefit Seliph all that much. Seliph's Spd is too low to make good use of Null Follow-Up and Evasion skills. Null C-Disrupt is only good against Firesweep Bow and Sacae's Blessing because Divine Tyrfing does jack squat against staves, which are far more common. Forcing Desperation on enemies would only be useful when running Crusader's Ward, and while building around Crusader's Ward is cool thematically, that doesn't change the fact that the skill is situational. You're either running Crusader's Ward and a purely close-range set, Crusader's Ward and Distant Foil, or no Crusader's Ward and Distant Counter. Either way, a +10 Sigurd [+Atk] now has 68 Atk before buffs and passive skills, which is pretty nice. That's 6 Atk away from being able to one-hit kill a +10 Legendary Alm that has no bulk investment. Effie's Lance is amazing for the Arena, where you usually have no trouble fighting only one round of combat per turn. It's not as good as the other recent 4-star armor refines, but I'm willing to excuse that since she actually has an Atk stat. I hope we get her as an Arena bonus unit soon since I'm seriously hemorrhaging feathers due to not having bonus units already merged. And Obsessive Curse is Gronnwolf + Spd/Res Rein + Venin Edge. I'm not quite sure what this weapon wants to be. Rhajat at least has a really solid offensive stat spread to begin with, and Spd/Res Rein boosts her up to 40/39 offensively, which is very good, though she suffers from not being easily mergeable, where a +10 Nino has a comparable 37/40 offensive spread and more than makes up for the difference in Atk with her weapon's Litrblade effect. Venin Edge is an offensive support effect, but without a Sweep effect, Rhajat needs to not die to the enemy you want to attack, making it less reliable than Flash+ in exchange for having more offensive presence. Not great, but certainly not bad. Rhajat still mostly just suffers from being difficult to merge.
  12. I think the main reason why Effie has a chance to get a player-phase-focused weapon despite most of the refines for armored units being enemy-phase or dual-phase is the fact that she has Death Blow as a default skill. Mind, I think a dual-phase weapon is more likely, but a pure player-phase weapon is not out of the question, especially because a Brave weapon would work well with her default Death Blow and Wary Fighter.
  13. According to Wikipedia, the term "pigtails" has some variation in meaning. The original meaning as applied to hairstyle was specifically for braided hair regardless number or style. However, in modern usage, it more commonly refers to two symmetric bundles of hair regardless of if they are braided or not (and this is the definition I grew up knowing). "Twintails" refers specifically to two symmetric, unbraided ponytails (and, as mentioned earlier, is a word borrowed from Japanese).
  14. "Pigtails" is definitely the normal term for the hairstyle where I come from, but it's mostly just the fact that the hairstyle is extremely rare to see in real life for anyone older than grade-school age, so I pretty much never see the name of the hairstyle ever referred to outside of Japanophile circles, which pretty much universally use the word "twintails". "Twintails" is actually wasei English, meaning the word was invented by the Japanese using English words, hence the usage in the anime fandom, which is easily influenced by Japan's use of English. There's also just the fact that calling them "pigtails" feels really weird when they get longer (since children with pigtails typically don't have that long of hair, and that's what my mental image of pigtails is). Like, anything longer than Harley Quinn's pigtails just don't feel like they should be called "pigtails" anymore, even though it's still the correct word for it.
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