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  1. The problem is that depletion of characters from the existing pool is both a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing because players want to see their favorites get in the game if they aren't already in. It's a bad thing because there's nowhere else to go after that's done other than constant alts. Adding original characters to the mix slows down the depleting of the pool, but also slows down the rate that characters get into the game. There's no way to slow down the depletion of the character pool while not slowing down the rate that characters get into the game because they are one and the same thing. The player base would be up in arms if, say, even 1 new character every single month were replaced with a brand new original character.
  2. At the very least, the pronunciations used in Heroes are closer to the original Japanese. Sothe is "sah-thuh". Yune is "yoon". Daein is "dayn". Beorc is "bay-ork". All that said, Begnion is the superior "beg-nee-on" in Japanese, which sounds way less annoyingly pretentious. It's a house built in a tree.
  3. I'm ridiculing you for the fact that you are saying the only thing that costs money when developing a game is paying your voice actors and developers because those are the only estimates I felt comfortable giving you so you pretend nothing else exists. Yes, this size. As in, "not a two-person indie game that doesn't need half of those things."
  4. As a software developer, I believe I am far more qualified than you to give accurate estimates about how much money hiring a software developer costs, how many people are needed to work on a project, and how long a project can be expected to take. Because all you need to make a video game of this size are programmers. No building. No electricity. No computers. No servers. No testers. No design steering. No managers. No graphic designers. No customer support. No public relations. No legal team.
  5. I'm not 100% sure, but based on the Japanese description, I think this might also be a mistranslation. The Japanese skill description is 偶数ターン開始時、自分よりHPが1以上低く、かつ、奥義発動可能状態の敵のうち、最もHPが低い敵の奥義発動カウント+2 which appears to translate as "At the start of even-numbered turns, out of foes with HP 1 or more less than unit and with Special fully charged, foe with lowest HP is inflicted with Special count +2."
  6. That's cute. That's literally just barebones technical personnel and voice work. No artwork. No other personnel. No facilities. No utilities. No hardware maintenance. Thanks for telling me that you have no idea what you're talking about and are pulling shit out of your ass. What else is new?
  7. It costs somewhere around $4,000-8,000 to pay a single developer for a month, and game modes likely require somewhere between 1-5 developers depending on complexity, probably spanning 3-6 months for design, development, and testing. Then there's also the testing team to keep paid. According to a Google search, it costs $100-200 per hour to hire a voice actor for a 1- to 2-hour recording session for an indie game. However, since we're talking top-name voice actors in both English and Japanese, it's probably significantly higher, perhaps by a full order of magnitude or more (especially on the Japanese side). Uh huh. Last time I checked, the Training Tower doesn't have a unit rental system. Or a system to offer you random skills to learn.
  8. It must be nice to pretend like 90% of the game's content somehow doesn't exist. New game modes every few months? 10-16 new characters each month? Nope, clearly don't exist. Must be imagining it. The only things they ever make are anniversary event maps.
  9. Official confirmation that the English description of Pegasus Flight was mistranslated: @Hilda @Anacybele
  10. Aand, the character introductions are up! New official art of Vaida and her uber Spear: And Farina:
  11. Both versions of Eir and vanilla Camilla have the potential to make use of it, as well. Depending on weapon restrictions, so would Leanne. Assuming the Japanese description is correct, Florina and Est can pull it off reasonably well when running Fury to bolster their Spd. I assume magical weapon types can't use the skill since it lowers Def without also lowering Res (and isn't named in a way that logically has a Res counterpart).
  12. The problem is not that it's unrealistic, but that it causes cognitive dissonance that breaks the suspension of disbelief that you're supposed to maintain. Cognitive dissonance can be used intentionally to draw attention to itself for various reasons, but this isn't such a situation where that is the case.
  13. So I'm inclined to believe that Pegasus Flight's description is either mistranslated in English or incorrect in Japanese. In Japanese, the condition is "戦闘開始時、自分の速さが、敵の速さ−7以上の時", which I'm pretty sure translates as "At the beginning of combat, if unit's Spd ≥ foe's Spd−7", not "foe's Spd+7". Pegasus knights traditionally have high Spd and Res stats, so the skill is intended to exclude dragon knights by scaling its effect off of Res. He has Slaying Bow+.
  14. On my Android, I think the longest I can set before the phone sleeps is 30 minutes, but there's still the fact that I don't want to be constantly adjusting the setting back and forth when I go to use the feature.
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