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  1. Old Legendary Heroes are each getting an upgrade to their exclusive skill and one new skill (either an upgrade of a skill they already have or a completely brand new skill) to allow them to catch up to more recent Legendary Heroes. Ike and Fjorm got their Legendary Hero Remix upgrades in February, and Ryoma and Gunnthra got them this time. If they keep the interval the same, we should be getting the next set in the August update. I'm hoping for Grima and Lyn. We had a speculation thread for the system back when it was first announced:
  2. So... the UI for reserves is absolutely awful. It's 2 separate menu options to put units into reserves and to manage reserves. You can only move units into and between reserve boxes 10 at a time, just like compiling manuals and sending units home. You cannot choose which reserve box to move units into and have to go into manage reserves if you want to move them to a different box. When I was complaining about reserves making it a pain to organize my units instead of just giving us 1000 extra barracks space, I was not expecting it to be quite this much of a pain.
  3. So I just realized Hardin with maximum positioning-independent dual-phase Spd investment (+Spd, +10 merge, +10 Dragonflowers, Gradivus [unique], Life and Death 4, Life and Death 3) hits 53 Spd and 70 Atk while retaining 36/32 defenses. That's kind of terrifying. With Atk/Spd Solo instead of Life and Death, he gets 71/54/46/42 at the cost of being a bit more awkward to use. Seems like a pretty damned solid Armored Stride build, though. He can also consistently Galeforce with either Bold Fighter or Special Fighter. Zelgius, of course, gets to be a similarly terrifying 75/59/48/31 with the insane power of Black Luna with the same double Solo build. Legendary Ryoma gets an effective 71/60/42/34 on enemy phase with nothing but his default kit (and the +Spd, +10 merge, and +10 Dragonflowers). Running Atk/Spd Solo 4 + Atk/Spd Solo 3 boosts that up to a hilarious 80/69/42/34. Basically a fast flying armor with no effective-damage weaknesses. (The extra 2 Atk/Spd from Catch or Ideal is not reliable, so they're effectively identical to double Solo in terms of numbers.)
  4. Ragnell, Alondite Base effect is Distant Counter. Refine effect is Slaying and all stats +4 if unit's HP is 25% or higher. Legendary Ike now has a 3-cooldown Radiant Aether II that charges to 1 cooldown at the start of the first turn, and the extra Spd helps out with Dodge builds. You can also give up the Breath skill in his A slot for something like Kestrel Stance or Atk/Spd Solo and run either Time's Pulse or Special Spiral for consistent Radiant Aether activations. Overall pretty nice. Vanilla Ike is basically now identical to Legendary Ike before his Remix, but with extra stats. Nothing particularly special. Zelgius and Black Knight now have a 2-cooldown Black Luna. Zelgius how has 40 Spd at +0 with an Asset and no passive skills, and Black Knight how has 41, which is really nice. Otherwise, 2-cooldown Black Luna. Really not much else to say beyond that. It's still not worth running Warp Powder, though. Raijinto Base effect is Distant Counter. Refine effect is all stats +4 and Null Follow-Up if Blow condition or Unity condition. The weapon is good for Legendary Ryoma, but vanilla Ryoma is forced to run either a Blade skill or Time's Pulse if he wants to guarantee a Special activation on player phase with Desperation. Alternatively, he runs a Dodge skill like Legendary Ryoma. Null Follow-Up does allow him to run Windsweep, though, so that's neat, at least, though not as useful as the ranged Windsweepers. Siegfried Base effect is Distant Counter. Refine effect is opponent's Atk/Def -5 and follow-up prevention if unit's HP is 75% or higher. I wasn't expecting anything particularly amazing, and yeah, it's not particularly amazing. +5 Atk/Def/Res is still pretty nice, though, and follow-up prevention makes up for his low Spd defensively. On the other hand, it does apply on both phases, so he can initiate combat relatively safely, but it's not like he can actually double on player phase, though. Gradivus Base effect is Distant Counter. Refine effect is all stats +4 and Nosferatu (7 HP) if Stance condition or opponent's HP is 100%. Sol Lance + stats is basically exactly my prediction with no extras. Camus probably better than Sirius now for dual-phase Distant Counter builds since he has his A slot open for a tier 4 skill, like Atk/Spd Solo 4, which makes up for his lower base Atk and Spd. Still has crummy Res, though, so Perceval is probably more consistent. Hardin is still Hardin, just even harder to kill. No complaints on this end.
  5. Once again, the internal name for this theme is "dark", which is vague enough to include a lot of different situations. Ashnard is still under the influence of an outside not-so-positive force. There is no requirement for a character to have been previously "not fallen" nor is there a requirement for their "fallen" version to have lost their sanity in any way. Anyone can argue that a rose is not a flower if they pick an incorrect definition of "flower" that doesn't include roses. It looks like any of the medium-Spd armors with Quick Riposte-type skills will have no trouble doubling Edelgard, then. Her 39 Res is also low enough that without skills or support to boost it, you can probably take her down with an AoE Special, which is reassuring. Orson's art is, as expected of this banner theme, absolutely top notch.
  6. If I don't put any limitations on character availability, I can think of a few counters to her that would be pretty consistent. Assuming Fallen Edelgard's Spd is extremely low, Duo Idunn should be able to double with her default Vengeful Fighter canceling out Twin-Crest Power's Wary Fighter effect, allowing her second hit to land with the full power of effective damage. Spring Fir also carries effective damage and has Null Follow-Up on her weapon. With Windsweep, she should be able to pretty safely dispatch Edelgard with the second hit. Duo Byleth does the same thing as Spring Fir, but with default Ruptured Sky instead of effective damage. Ishtar does the same thing as Duo Byleth, but without Ruptured Sky by default. Legendary Lilina is likely also fast enough to run Windsweep against Edelgard, especially if Lilina is running Life and Death to boost her Special damage. However, because of Armored Wall, she might not be able to kill in a single round of combat due to Gifted Magic's damage output likely being unable to disable the effect.. Ophelia might be able to work, but it depends on how much Res Edelgard has. Being able to bring Edelgard to under 25% HP with her Special would be ideal so as to avoid the Atk penalty from Twin-Crest Power and the Special charge rate penalty and damage reduction from Armored Wall. Both vanilla Byleths can ignore Edelgard's Wary Fighter and Special Fighter and have Ruptured Sky to deal heavy damage on the follow-up. Creator Sword also prevents Bonfire from activating on the counterattack, but Edelgard running a 2-cooldown Special will still get a Special off. I'm not too confident in Boey's consistency. Both Triangle Adept and Sturdy Stance will fall victim to any Edelgard running her default Bonfire as Edelgard will have it charged for her second round of combat. Twin-Crest Power also severely hinders Boey's already mediocre damage output as the Atk penalty is multiplied by his weapon triangle advantage. We'll have to see how much Res Edelgard has, but even with Quick Riposte, I'm not sure Boey will be able to bring down Edelgard in one round of combat.
  7. That doesn't change the fact that Legendary Lyn literally could not have been added at any point earlier than November 2017. Of the 28 Legendary Heroes currently released, only 3 of them are original characters (Fjorm, Gunnthra, and Hrid) and only 4 of them are non-"lord" characters (Ryoma, Tiki, Julia, and Lilina). Like it or not, they are clearly running low on Legendary Hero candidates and will soon be forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel if they want to continue. Furthermore, Three Houses was released adding a whopping 4 new "lord" characters at a point when there were only 8 "lord" characters remaining. With a third of the remaining pool of "lord" characters coming from Three Houses, it's no surprise that the first would be released so soon after Three Houses's release. On the contrary, the newness of Three Houses is every bit of an excuse to rapidly add more characters from the game to fill up the roster, especially now that we have game modes like Limited Hero Battles and Resonant Battles that force players to build full teams using only units from a single title. No. Edelgard's fifth version was released 21 and a half months after her first version was released. Lyn's fifth version was released 15 months after her first version was released. Lyn's sixth version was released 25 months after her first version. Camilla's fifth version was released 21 months after her first version was released. Camilla's sixth version was released 23 and a half months after her first version. Three Houses being a new game isn't a reason to slow down releasing new units. It's a reason to speed up releasing new units, and yet Edelgard is clearly behind Lyn's and Camilla's pace in terms of alts.
  8. When has that ever stopped them from giving one to a character? Three of the four weapons on this banner are non-canon.
  9. It's not that hard to make Armored Stride work. If the unit is alone, Armored Stride activates. If the unit is not alone, the adjacent unit's Armor March activates. You can just use the old-school armor diamond instead of an armor ball. Fallen Edelgard's positioning requirements are even more lenient than Fallen Tiki's, and Fallen Tiki is extremely easy to use.
  10. Another round of Lost in Translation: Dimitri's title, Savage Boar, in Japanese is 狂乱の王子, "Frenzied Prince". Dimitri's weapon, Vengeful Lance, in Japanese is 復讐鬼の槍, "Vengeful Demon's Lance". Dimitri's exclusive skill, Murderous Lion, in Japanese is 蒼き殺人鬼, "Azure Murderous Demon". Male Morgan's title, Fated Darkness, in Japanese is 闇色の未来, "Darkness-Colored Future". Male Morgan's weapon, Tome of Despair, in Japanese is 破滅の邪書, "Fell Tome of Ruin". Female Morgan's title, Devoted Darkness, in Japanese is 闇色の忠節, "Darkness-Colored Loyalty". Female Morgan's weapon, Axe of Despair, in Japanese is 絶望の邪斧, "Fell Axe of Despair". Edelgard's title, Hegemon Husk, in Japanese is 覇道の終着点, "Final Destination of the Hegemon's Path". Edelgard's weapon, Twin Crest Power, in Japanese is 双紋章の力, "Power of Twin Crests". Edelgard's exclusive skill, Armored Wall, in Japanese is 覇鎧障壁, "Hegemon Armor Barrier". Orson's title, Passion's Folly, in Japanese is 狂気の慕情, "Insanity's Longing". I don't see why they had to pair the Morgans' weapons' names with each other. It's a bit more interesting having one be ruin and the other be despair. Edelgard's title in Japanese is so poetically grandiose. Orson's title in English seems a bit too neutral for someone that goes on a Fallen Heroes banner. His title in Japanese pretty much perfectly describes him and just what went wrong. Now back to bleaching my eyes of Tall Edelgard.
  11. Completely unrelated to everything else being discussed, while rewatching the trailer to check out Morgan's abs again, I realized that Dimitri's lance is clearly a Fatalis weapon. The design of the eye doesn't quite match, but everything else about it totally checks out.
  12. "Fallen" is a fan-made name for this banner theme based on the name of the first banner with the theme. The internal name for the theme is simply "dark".
  13. Legendary Heroes literally weren't a thing until 3 months after Brave Lyn was released. If you exclude the 3 months between when Brave Lyn was released and when Fjorm was released, there were only 5 months before Legendary Lyn was released. As a reminder, Lyn was the fourth non-original character to be released as a Legendary Hero. That's very early. Meanwhile, Legendary Edelgard was released at what is the tail end of Legendary Heroes. The only non-Three Houses "lord" characters that had not yet been released as a Legendary Hero as of Legendary Edelgard's release were Sigurd, Seliph, Micaiah, Corrin, and Itsuki. With fewer options left to pick from, it should be obvious that the gap before releasing a Three Houses Legendary Hero could very likely be shorter than for characters from other games. Furthermore, due to the fact that Three Houses has stronger dating sim elements than other Fire Emblem titles, the game naturally has characters that are more popular and has a larger number of popular characters than other games. Combined with the fact that Three Houses is two and a half years behind all of the games represented at Heroes's launch in terms of representation due to the game not existing during that time, it's also only natural that the rate at which characters from Three Houses are added to Heroes will be faster than for other games.
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