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  1. The point of this discussion is not to make bows look more appealing. The point of this discussion is to determine the build that makes the unit work best. Even if every option is crap, the one that is least crappy is the best option. Finding a single situation that makes a unit look good is not useful unless you can consistently force that situation. And if you need to have the unit do something first to get into that situation, then your ability to not die doing that something is also important. There is always a reason to measure performance at full HP in every game mode that isn't Aether Raids.
  2. That's because you're starting at 1 HP and using an outdated list of opponents.
  3. That's just the optimal build as an example. If I include cheaper options, it looks more like Forblaze [unique] Reposition / Draw Back Ruptured Sky / Moonbow / Glimmer Death Blow 4 / Life and Death 4 / Swift Sparrow 3 / Atk/Spd Solo 3 / Death Blow 3 Special Spiral 3 / Swordbreaker 3 / Axebreaker 3 / [flexible] Time's Pulse / [flexible] Sturdy Blow 2 / Attack +3 / Quickened Pulse It's not necessary for the build to work, hence why "[flexible]" is slashed in. The problem with activating Desperation in Abyssal maps is not that they'll kill you outright, it's that there are a few units that will kill you outright, a few units that will die outright before they counterattack, and the rest simply cannot counterattack. Setting up Desperation is not just surviving a counterattack, it's also making sure at least something that can't kill you got a chance to counterattack in the first place. You are giving Brave Bow too much credit. Brave Bow has 2 important disadvantages compared to other options. The first is that it hits twice before the opponent can counterattack, which makes it easier to unintentionally charge the opponent's Special for their first counterattack. The second is its stats. It not only has abysmally bad Mt, but also lowers the unit's Spd by a full tier and also cannot be refined. Short Bow has +10 effective Atk over 2 hits compared to Brave Bow, and Shining Bow has +12 effective Atk over 2 hits compared to Brave Bow (when its effect activates). Both can be refined for another point of Atk. Increasing the effective Atk instead of increasing the number of hits is more effective as units have more Def. Bow units with low Atk should be leaning towards Firesweep, but as that is expensive, the next best options are Short Bow, Shining Bow, or Slaying Bow, all of which are currently available from units in the 4-star pool.
  4. Assuming this is vanilla Lilina, she usually wants an Atk Asset due to her low Spd stat. Her standard optimized build is something like Lilina [+Atk] Forblaze [unique] Reposition / Draw Back Ruptured Sky Death Blow 4 Special Spiral 3 / Lull */Res 3 Time's Pulse / [flexible] Sturdy Blow 2 / Quickened Pulse That is unless you're going to stack her Spd to the moon and back +10 Lilina [+Spd], +10 Dragonflower Forblaze [unique / Spd] Reposition / Draw Back Ruptured Sky Swift Sparrow 3 / Life and Death 4 Lull Spd/Res 3 (once it exists) / Lull Atk/Spd 3 Time's Pulse 3 / Joint Hone Spd Darting Blow 3 which is 51 effective Spd before buffs with the unique refine or 54 with the Spd refine. The Hard List is woefully outdated, and getting a Brave Bow to Desperation range is harder than getting any other weapon into Desperation range in every game mode other than Aether Raids.
  5. Armors have a lot of options for boosting their Special charge rate, so whether or not you use Slaying Lance depends on when you want your Special to land and which Special-boosting skill you're using. For example, with Vengeful Fighter on the first build (pure enemy phase), you can land a 1-cooldown Special on each counterattack or a 4-cooldown Special on the second counterattack. This means you can run Slaying Lance + Ruptured Sky, not-Slaying-Lance + Ignis, or Slaying Lance + Aether. Each of these behaves very differently from each other. Ruptured Sky gives you high up-front damage, but none of the benefits from the weapons that aren't Slaying Lance. Ignis gives you good damage output and a more specialized effect from your weapon, but requires you to survive 2 hits before you get your big hit in (and gets completely shut down by Null Follow-Up and skills that prevent follow-ups). Aether gives up the weapon effect and has lower damage output, but gives you passive healing (and scores better in the Arena). Additionally, you also have to consider how often you'll be fighting units running some form of Special charge rate reduction. For example, against an opponent with Special Fighter, Vengeful Fighter will only be able to land a 1-cooldown Special on the second counterattack. As for the particular case of Reprisal Lance + Ignis, it deals slightly more damage than Slaying Lance + Ruptured Sky, but its damage is delayed to the second hit, meaning its more vulnerable to effects that block your follow-up and effects that slow your Special charge rate. Oh, and speaking of boosting Special charge rate, I forgot this build in my list. This one's also for enemy phase: Slaying Lance+ / Reprisal Lance+ / Vanguard+ / Berkut's Lance+ / Barrier Lance+ / Luncheon Lance+ / Casa Blanca+ Swap / Reposition / Pivot Ruptured Sky (not Slaying Lance) / Bonfire (Slaying Lance only) / Ignis (not Slaying Lance) / Aether (Slaying Lance only) Distant Counter Special Fighter 3 Armor March 3 / Ward Armor Quick Riposte 3 There's also this player-phase build: Brave Lance+ / Slaying Lance+ Swap / Reposition Galeforce Death Blow 4 Bold Fighter 3 Armor March 3 Sturdy Blow 2 / Quickened Pulse @TheSilentChloey Rolf's 30 Atk is way too low to run Brave Bow effectively. Setsuna's 28 Atk was laughably meme-worthy at launch, and defensive stats on enemy phase have seen far more growth since then than offensive stats on player phase. In terms of skills, player-phase Atk has only gone up by 6 points (6 points at launch from Death Blow 3 to 12 points now from Death Blow 4 + Sturdy Blow 2) whereas enemy-phase Def has gone up by 14 points (0 points at launch to 14 points now from Distant Def 4 + Distant Def 3). Furthermore, modern infantry have about 15 points more of stats than infantry at launch, most of which are added to defensive stats. Having 30+ Def is now the norm for melee infantry whereas 30 Def was exceptional at launch.
  6. Enemy phase: Slaying Lance+ / Reprisal Lance+ / Vanguard+ / Berkut's Lance+ / Barrier Lance+ / Luncheon Lance+ / Casa Blanca+ Swap / Reposition / Pivot Ruptured Sky (with Slaying Lance) / Ignis / Aether (with Slaying Lance) Distant Counter / Fortress Def/Res 3 (in game modes that favor melee opponents) Vengeful Fighter 3 Armor March 3 / Ward Armor Close Def 3 / Distant Def 3 / Fierce Stance 3 Dual phase: Slaying Lance+ / Luncheon Lance+ / Flashing Carrot+ / Casa Blanca+ Swap / Reposition / Pivot Ruptured Sky / Bonfire Distant Counter Bold Fighter 3 Armor March 3 / Ward Armor Quick Riposte 3 Player phase: Brave Lance+ Swap / Reposition Ruptured Sky / Aether Death Blow 4 Bold Fighter 3 Armor March 3 Sturdy Blow 2 Armorslayer: Slaying Spear+ [unique] Swap / Reposition Ruptured Sky / Bonfire Distant Counter / anything that boosts Atk Bold Fighter 3 / Wary Fighter 3 Armor March 3 Sturdy Blow 2 / Quick Riposte 3 / anything that boosts Atk Any refine left blank above can be Atk, Def, or Res, depending on what you need. Mercedes has 30 base Spd, which is right about on the border of when Spd is worth investing in. It honestly doesn't make too much of a difference since most staves are meant for a support role instead of combat performance. Pain builds gravitate towards Atk so you can chip the last point of HP off of a unit more easily, but otherwise, it really doesn't matter too much which way to go for any unit with ~30 Spd or higher. Rolf's biggest issue is his low Atk stat, and being a Grail unit means he can't boost it with an Asset. Bows don't have a good way to fix that, unlike tomes and daggers. The best that bows have are Short Bow and Shining Bow, which is nowhere even close to how effective Litrblade and Windex are. No matter how fast your unit is, you can't nuke if you can't do damage, and it doesn't help that bows have to target the Def stat, which is usually higher than Res.
  7. A fully built Sothis hits 91-102 effective Atk on her first hit (depending on build) from a Wrath-boosted Sirius. That's enough to kill most units outright and heal 10-20 HP. You're not on a timer if you're consistently landing one-hit kills or healing up most or all of your damage. Desperation is only a side-grade on units with viable one-hit kill builds. In-combat one-hit kill builds are not vulnerable to Special charge rate reduction or follow-up prevention, and on a fast and moderately bulky unit like Sothis, are only vulnerable to bulky units if the opponent can set up a one-hit kill on the first counterattack. If a tank is bulky enough to land a second counterattack to kill your unit, then your Desperation unit was equally dead. As for my numbers, I'm using the following builds: Low end (lower one-hit kill damage for better performance at full HP): +10 Sothis [+Spd], +5 Dragonflowers Sublime Surge Sirius Swift Sparrow 3 Wrath 3 Time's Pulse 3 Sturdy Blow 2 34 neutral Atk + 4 merge + 1 Dragonflower + 16 Mt + 6 Swift Sparrow + 10 Wrath + 4 Sturdy Blow = 75 effective Atk without Special 0.3 × (43 Spd Asset + 4 merge + 1 Dragonflower + 7 Swift Sparrow) = 16 Sirius damage 91 total effective Atk, 55 Spd High end (higher one-hit kill damage for worse performance at full HP): +10 Sothis [+Atk], +5 Dragonflowers Sublime Surge Sirius Brazen Atk/Spd 4 Wrath 3 Time's Pulse 3 Brazen Atk/Spd 3 37 Atk Asset + 4 merge + 1 Dragonflower + 16 Mt + 9 Brazen Atk/Spd + 10 Wrath + 7 Brazen Atk/Spd = 84 effective Atk without Special 0.3 × (39 neutral Spd + 4 merge + 1 Dragonflower + 10 Brazen Atk/Spd + 7 Brazen Atk/Spd) = 18 Sirius damage 102 total effective Atk, 61 Spd (44 Spd at full HP)
  8. @SuperNova125 If you're using Sothis as a player-phase unit, there's really not much reason to run Desperation. Sirius is her best Special skill since it's better Moonbow and she's unable to run Ruptured Sky. Since Sirius is stronger than a Wo Dao-boosted Noontime, the value of Desperation is much lower. I'd personally keep Sothis with her default B and C skills, Wrath and Time's Pulse, since that is the current one-hit kill template build for melee infantry. As for your Sothis build, what are you aiming to do with it? Lull Atk/Spd is a defensive B skill, making it more suited for enemy-phase or dual-phase builds (since Sirius + Wrath + Time's Pulse is sufficient for player phase). On a dual-phase build, you'd ideally run an A skill that boosts stats on both phases, like a Solo or Bond skill, Fury, or Bonus Doubler. For enemy phase, since Lull is already handling enemy bonuses, you'd want to run a tier 4 Stance skill to defend against enemy Special skills or a tier 4 Bond skill to negate your own penalties. Time's Pulse is one of the best C skills right now for pure combat performance. For enemy-phase and dual-phase builds, you can also run Atk Smoke, Spd Smoke, Panic Smoke, or Pulse Smoke to improve your bulk if you don't need the Special charge from Time's Pulse. The Sacred Seal slot also depends entirely on what you want to do with her. Sturdy Blow and Darting Blow are typically the best player-phase options (since Brazen Atk/Spd doesn't work well with Sirius). On enemy-phase and dual-phase builds, you can run Darting Stance, Close Def, or Distant Def for more bulk, a Bond skill if you're running a Bond skill in the A slot, Quick Riposte to block Wary Fighter, or a Smoke skill.
  9. I keep everything around. There's pretty much no reason for me to ever need to fodder my last copy of a unit since I get pitybreakers frequently enough that I'll have an extra copy of a skill "eventually". And I'm fine waiting for "eventually" to happen. If I really need a skill, my budget is usually flexible enough to divert a bit into pulling an extra copy of a unit. "Poorly." Let's just keep it at that.
  10. Yeah. I collect. "One of each" is the default for me, whereas "must-have" means I'll actually build it, use it, and consider intentionally merging it.
  11. Honestly, nothing really stands out as a must-have for me this time around. Sothis is the most interesting since Sirius is a great skill to have on a Spd tank, especially one that is green. But I can't really see myself going for more than one copy of each character on this banner.
  12. The only refine that Lofty Blossoms has that is better than just getting rid of the weapon and using something else is Spd. If you think Cynthia will have too much Spd with that setup, then you're better off switching to Slaying Lance or Harmonic Lance.
  13. AoE Special users would still rather use Special Spiral. Special Spiral's -2 Special cooldown after every round of combat is already better than Gamble's -1 Special cooldown before every round of combat, and this is before we consider Gamble's worse HP restriction. Wrath is also pretty much always better than Gamble. For player-phase units, -1 Special cooldown at the beginning of every turn is only barely worse than -1 Special cooldown before every round of combat since the only way you'll get more than one round of combat per turn is if your unit is danced or is running Galeforce. However, Wrath makes up for that deficiency by granting +10 damage and by having a more lenient HP restriction.
  14. They are obviously both Lucina. Fight me.
  15. Lofty Blossoms is good, but so is its competition. Slaying Lance and Harmonic Lance are both better than it at dealing damage, so the only advantage of Lofty Blossoms is the bonus Spd. Harsh Command+ is rare (otherwise only found on Echoes Catria), but is extremely situational. In general, it is simply easier to just dance off penalties. Swift Sparrow is the most useful skill she has for Skill Inheritance, but she doesn't have Swift Sparrow 3, so that usefulness is somewhat limited now. Chill Atk is not worth using a 5-star-exclusive unit for. Eyvel is expected to demote from the current banner and has the full skill tree available at 4-star rarity. Even if for some reason she doesn't demote, Gharnef and Conrad both have the skill, but need a promotion to 5-star rarity to unlock the full tree. It's also already a Sacred Seal, and you don't ever need more than one of the skill on a team at a time. Fortify Fliers is on vanilla Caeda and is unlocked at 4-star rarity. So Swift Sparrow if you need it and have a good reason to run the skill without its fourth tier over something cheaper like Life and Death. Otherwise Lofty Blossoms if you need the 4 Spd it gives over its competition at the cost of lower damage. Or just keep her around for Hero Merit if she's your only one.
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