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  1. Building on this thought, anyone complaining about Lyon getting relegated to a Grand Hero Battle unit is conveniently ignoring the fact that he also has a Fallen version, and that version of him is extremely busted. While it's unfortunate that this version of him is being treated at par for a free unit, not many free units have the benefit of having a second version of the unit, much less, a canon version of the unit, and even fewer have one that is as powerful as Fallen Lyon The only problem with that assessment is that every modern tome cavalry with an exclusive weapon also gets 13-27 points of stats from their weapon on top of their base stat advantage.
  2. There are a total of 5 copies of Swift Sparrow 2 in Divine Codes 1 in case you haven't grabbed those yet.
  3. I would have said Seteth due to the ease in merging him, but if you already gave him Atk/Spd Bond 4, I think it's more worth your resources to give the skills to Hinoka instead. Being able to kill "most" enemies is not enough. I've run into situations where my nukes simply have no chance. Most recently, this was an Aether Raids map with 5 armors covered by Henriette, who flat out took zero in-combat damage from Ophelia and would kill Ophelia on the counterattack. Mjolnir Strikes has also gotten to the point where Ophelia can potentially fail to kill more recent blue and colorless units and severely struggles against green tome units. As a reminder, my Ophelia is fully maxed out (merges, Dragonflowers, skills, everything), and Ophelia is still the gold standard for AoE spam, as a maxed out Lilina will only begin to out-damage Ophelia above 47 visible Res and is more vulnerable to Evasion skills. Your ideal of an all-powerful nuke that has perfect combat performance all of the time doesn't exist. I'm not "making things work" without Wings of Mercy. Most of the dancers I use don't even have the skill anymore outside of Resonant Battles. It's not hard to forgo the skill outside of Galeforce strategies. I still think you've spent too long using Wings of Mercy as a crutch. On the contrary, that really is still just a handful of units when you consider that the game now has 637 different units and is getting new units at a rate of about 140 a year. Those 20 are still outliers. Furthermore, you've noticeably not bothered to refute or concede the fact that older units all require more resources to build to the point where they are competitive, as they typically need merges and/or Dragonflowers to compete in stats, Dew to refine their weapons, and usually require their entire skill set to be inherited from scratch. In contrast, most new units are capable of functioning at a comparable level with no merges, no Dragonflowers, and with minimal skill inheritance. You are only infinitely bulky if you can guarantee that the opponent will die in one round of combat. That is no longer always the case. The drawback of Brazen skills is that they are worth jack squat on your first round of combat unless you can damage your own units beforehand with one of the Lifs or you have a convenient Bolt Trap to step on.
  4. I've done every single Abyssal map with the exact same team of Ophelia, Leaf, and two Azuras. I often forget to switch Wings of Mercy back to Aerobatics, resulting in no teleportation at all because Ophelia and Leaf simply don't take damage. It's really not that hard at all to not use Wings of Mercy. I often also do Limited Hero Battles with no dancer because I'm too lazy to read the restrictions before I make my team. "Strong" and "stronger" are not the same thing. Whether or not old units are strong is not the issue here. It's whether or not they're stronger than more recent units, and in general, that is simply not the case. When given the option to invest resources into Klein or Legendary Alm, Alm is both stronger and costs fewer resources. When given the option to invest resources into Ogma or Byleth, Byleth is both stronger and costs fewer resources. The availability of new units is good enough with Legendary Hero Banners and sparks that you'll generally be able to get your hands on a few new units that are simply more efficient to build in the short term than older units. You'll of course want to fill in gaps in your available roles with older units, but you're still likely going to be placing higher priority on average to newer units, more of which have the ability to forgo Desperation for other skills. You don't need a complete unit to function properly. As I said earlier, my Lilina still uses her default skills plus Reposition, and I've had zero problems with it. Is the extremely-easy-to-get-Life and Death 3 stronger than her default Atk/Res Solo 4? Yes. Do I feel any pressure to actually give her Life and Death 3? Not really. I haven't had any issues missing out on the extra 2 damage. Can I give her the Life and Death 3 Sacred Seal instead of Attack+3? Yes. Does it matter? Again, not really. There's no point in using Desperation if you're simply taking too little damage for it to matter. Duo Alm can easily forgo Desperation to run Lull Atk/Spd for an effective extra 3 Spd, Def, and Res. Or he can run Lull Spd/Def for an effective extra 3 Atk and Spd. Or he can run Spurn for percentage damage reduction and +7 damage on Special activations after taking some damage. +0 Duo Alm [+Spd] (Scepter of Love, Atk/Spd Solo 4, Atk/Spd Solo 3) gives him 64/60 offenses plus Atk equal to 1/4 of the opponent's Def, so on average another 8 or so Atk. You can't say that that stat spread isn't suited for use as a player-phase unit. Defensively, he has 40/32/25 plus Def and Res equal to 1/4 of the opponent's Res, so on average another 8 or so Def and Res (~40/40/33), before including a B skill and buffs. With Spurn, he can get 40% damage reduction against opponents with 50 Spd or less and use the opponent's counterattack to charge Lunar Flash for the follow-up attack without the need for Time's Pulse, allowing him to run a Rouse skill (or Threaten Atk/Def if you want to be cheeky). Duessel gives zero shits about counterattacks, and with his default kit would have an effective 64 Atk and 41/64/53 defenses before buffs (i.e. his default Rouse skill) with a neutral nature and a hypothetical Def/Res Solo Sacred Seal. 64 Atk, or 67 with an Asset, with a guaranteed follow-up is slightly less than Duo Alm, and his effective Def is in the ballpark range of most units' Atk stats. In addition, he's a cavalry unit and therefore benefits from natural high mobility and the ability to be targeted by Hone/Fortify Cavalry to make up for the fact that he likely won't have his Rouse skill active on the first turn. +0 Ayra [+Spd] (Ayra's Blade [unique], Regnal Astra, Atk/Spd Solo 4, Spurn 3, Time's Pulse 3, Atk/Spd Solo 3) has 93/60 offenses (counting Regnal Astra's 24 damage, which procs on both hits if the opponent can counterattack, but not counting Spurn's damage boost) and 44/35/25 defenses plus 52% damage reduction against opponents with 50 Spd or less before buffs. With full merges and Dragonflowers, she hits 102/67 offenses and 51/42/32 defenses plus 52% damage reduction against opponents with 57 Spd or less before buffs. Letting the opponent counterattack is advantageous with this build in order to land Regnal Astra on both hits (and opponents can't stop it due to her weapon nullifying Guard-type effects). Not running Desperation in the B slot has its own benefits that you're conveniently ignoring, such as the ability to shut down bonuses with Lull skills or increase both your damage and bulk with Spurn as well as the ability to charge your Special on the opponent's counterattack.
  5. Okay. But can you actually substantiate that claim? Thinking that something is true doesn't make it true. A multiplicative difference can be directly applied to the number of pulls you should be expected to make. Having a 2× chance means the expected number of pulls you need to make is reduced to 1/2 regardless of what the original chance or the original expected number of pulls was. Having a 3× chance means the expected number of pulls you need to make is reduced to 1/3 regardless of what the original chance or the original expected number of pulls was. Expressed as an equation, [multiplicative change in expected number of pulls] = 1 / [multiplicative increase in chance] This is not the case with an additive difference, where the relationship to the expected number of pulls depends not only on the difference, but also the original chance. An additive difference of 50% matters more when your original chance is 1% (reduces your expected number of pulls to 1/51 of the original) than when your original chance is 50% (reduces your expected number of pulls to 1/2 of the original). Expressed as equations, [multiplicative change in expected number of pulls] = 1 / (1 + [additive increase in chance] / [original chance]). [additive change in expected number of pulls] = 1 / ([original chance] + [additive increase in chance]) − 1 / [original chance] There's no way to remove the original chance from either equation, making the effect of the additive increase in chance completely dependent on the original chance. No, I don't think I can agree to not agree. Not unless you're fine agreeing that I think you just want to cut your losses by backing out of a losing argument. Your alternative is to prove me wrong by substantiating your claim rather than just asserting it.
  6. I think you're also overvaluing Wings of Mercy. We now have the herons and Sigurd, who can have 3 movement range. If you have the resources, there is also the Odd Tempest skill that gives melee infantry and fliers 3 movement range half the time. Maps simply aren't big enough that losing the ability to use Wings of Mercy to teleport to your attacker is such a huge deal that healing becomes a detriment. I know. Desperation being "the cheapest and one of the most effective ways to build player phase units" is irrelevant to units that don't use the skill, yet you chose to use that argument to refute the fact that units that don't use the skill exist. A single counterexample does not refute the assertion of a trend. There will always be outliers, and refines will bring out more outliers (though it's arguable whether or not a unit receiving a new refine really counts as "old" for the purposes of the direction of build trends), but that doesn't change the fact that the game is moving in a direction where alternatives to Desperation are more common. Why does this matter? The lack of such things is irrelevant to the point that newer units have been getting stronger. The fact that strength hasn't reached a certain arbitrary point doesn't mean strength hasn't increased. You don't need an ideal set to be viable. Good enough will get the job done. Giving units the ability to change their builds based on the situation is a luxury, not a necessity, and is even less of a necessity for a new player, who doesn't yet have the resources to do so. Outside of Resonant Battles, I rarely have to change more than just the Sacred Seal on my units. Igrene needs 3 sources of turn 1 Special charge in order to function, meaning you need 2 sources of Infantry Pulse, Ostia's Pulse, or Time's Pulse if you use the Quickened Pulse Sacred Seal. That's not complete straight out of the box. Regardless, Ophelia is hardly that far behind, with Special Spiral available as the fourth manual from one of the better Divine Codes 1 tracks (containing Quick Riposte, Close Def, Special Spiral, and Swift Sparrow 3) and being relatively consistent in banner availability, having been run 11 times since January of last year. No, merges are not necessary for Lilina to function. I've been fielding my +2 Lilina with her base kit and Attack+3 as her Sacred Seal and have not had any trouble killing what she needs to kill. Merges are a luxury for player-phase units, not a necessity. Besides, you could use that argument for literally every other unit in the game, player-phase or not. Lilina is certainly not unique in that regard. If anything, Lilina is the one AoE spammer that does come complete straight out of the box. The reason I'm talking about Desperation and not "skills that have the same effect as Desperation" is specifically because of the HP restriction of Desperation in response to your argument that healing is detrimental. Brave Lysithea and Bernadetta have a different HP threshold on their effect, activating at under 99% instead of under 75%. They also come with Push skills by default, which allow you to activate the effect on the second round of combat guaranteed. It's trivial to keep their HP under 99% even with the presence of passive healing. Jill has no HP threshold on her effect, meaning healing is completely irrelevant to whether or not she can make the effect function. In fact, due to the fact that it's in effect at 100% HP, it's more difficult for her to receive damage to function as a Wings of Mercy beacon in the first place. And again, I still think you are overvaluing Wings of Mercy. Yes, it is a good skill. No, I don't think being unable to activate it is anywhere near as detrimental as you claim it to be. I think you might just be over-reliant on the skill. "Bulk is largely irrelevant for player phase" only because you're stuck on using counterattack prevention or deferral as a crutch that every player-phase unit needs to use to function. We are no longer in the age where every player-phase unit has only 50 bulk. Bulky player-phase units exist now. Just because we label them as "dual-phase" units doesn't mean you can't specialize them to function better on one phase than the other.
  7. Excellent. The season 1 Nanoha cast is finally reunited.
  8. I just did a run of Rival Domains to test out Nowi's refine. Holy shit her mobility is beyond comical. I am definitely impressed.
  9. Holy shit those are some good manuals. Spendthrift Bow, Ruptured Sky, Deadeye, Fury 4, Close Call, Spurn, Bold Fighter, Vengeful Fighter, Crafty Fighter. This set's stacked.
  10. No innate Guard. Her weapon blocks enemy skills that boost their Special charge rate to 2, but can't lower it below 1 on its own.
  11. Ayra Complete overhaul of the weapon's base effect. Gains Attack +3 in addition to its original Speed +3. Flashing Blade 3 is replaced with Slaying and Null Special Disrupt. Refine gives all stats +4 and 20% damage reduction from opponent's first attack if opponent's HP is 75% or higher at the start of combat. I'm surprised she got an additional 3 points of permanent stats. Very nice. Slaying is a huge bonus to her since it allows her to function on enemy phase, which was a problem she had with Flashing Blade that meant it was usually better to just give her a Slaying Edge+ [Spd]. Null Special Disrupt makes Regnal Astra much more reliable, especially when dealing with all of the pesky green armors with Guard effects. Extra stats and damage reduction is mostly just icing on top of that. She looks like an excellent candidate for running Spurn + Time's Pulse. Halloween Nowi Warp Powder no longer has an HP condition. It also lets her teleport to 2 squares away from an ally instead of just adjacent squares. Gains Atk/Spd +4 with a Unity condition. Refine is Rein Atk/Spd/Res [4] with a range of 3. She's basically just Kinshi Hinoka now. Excellent. Lyon No changes to base effect. Refine is Atk/Res -4 to opponent during combat if his HP is 50% or higher and Quick Riposte 3. Quick Riposte is nice to get on a weapon, as it opens up his B slot for Guard, Dull Ranged, or a Lull skill. Not terribly fancy, but very nice to have. Larchel Base effect's condition is upgraded to when the opponent's HP is 75% or higher instead of 100% and also adds Res +3 on the same condition. Refine uses the same condition and hits the opponent with Atk/Res -5 during combat and adds 7 HP self-healing after combat. It's overall an effective boost of +5 Atk/Def and +8 Res on a more lenient condition. The self-healing makes it harder to keep Desperation active, which can be a problem because even with the improved bulk, she's still pretty frail, especially on the physical side. It's okay, but not particularly great. Ishtar Base effect's condition is changed from player phase to player phase or Solo. Refine adds Atk/Spd +5 on player phase or Solo as well as the half of Null Follow-Up that prevents her follow-up from being blocked. The Solo condition being added looks like it's trying to make her viable for using her base Vantage, but I don't think anyone's actually going to do that. Null Follow-Up means she can now run Windsweep. Yay. That's cool.
  12. It doesn't matter if a lot of units do run Desperation, nor does it matter if it's effective. My examples simply don't run Desperation because they have other, and usually better, means of doing the same thing. You wouldn't give Quick Riposte to Brave Hector any more than you'd give Desperation to Ophelia. It's simply irrelevant to that unit. Newer players in particular are going to want to invest in newer units because they have better stats, have better effects on their weapons, and cost fewer resources to build compared to older units, and newer units simply have a smaller chance of needing Desperation to function. And with strong units being featured on Legendary Hero banners and sparkable banners, it's extremely likely that newer players will be able to obtain at least a few of these units to use. Desperation is slowly becoming less of the norm. That doesn't change the fact that you'd still be building them to function on player phase and that they perform their function on player phase without the need for Desperation.
  13. Of those that I listed, Brave Celica, Legendary Leaf, Legendary Lilina, Young Merric, Levn, Summer Laegjarn, Duo Alm, Freyja, Legendary Corrin, and Legendary Dimitri come with default skill sets that are good enough to go as is. Duo Byleth only needs Windsweep, which can be obtained from Joshua, if you aren't against using Grails for rare fodder. Hel only needs Mystic Boost, which is now a Sacred Seal. And there are plenty of other units that I didn't list that fall under the categories I mentioned. Chances are you'll pull one of them eventually if you haven't already. Desperation is no longer the one and only way to build sustainable offensive units. Hell, my Duo Lyn even runs Windsweep instead of Desperation.
  14. Maps that leave enough space open to allow enemies to slip through are rare enough that I don't think I need to actually worry about them. The worst I've run into recently was a 2-square diagonal gap, but that was still trivial to wall off with a single unit. My teams are simply more vulnerable to something straight-up killing Fae rather than finding a way around her.
  15. Honestly, I'd probably just end up using Gustav with Winter Fae. There's no real reason to need to use both Near Save and Far Save if you just leave your ranged counterattacker in front, and Gustav needs to be in the back to block Lunge anyways.
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