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  1. Yep. Beginner caps you at 15,000 per run per axe (120,000 with 8 axes), Intermediate caps you at 20,000 per run per axe (160,000 with 8 axes), and Advanced caps you at 25,000 per run per axe (200,000 with 8 axes). It seems to be a mechanic to prevent players from just steamrolling Beginner for more points, though I'm not sure if there are other mechanics (are the multipliers lower?) that also do that. The battle automatically ends the moment you hit the cap, which is convenient because then you don't have to deal with the reinforcements from the turn that you hit the cap.
  2. You just have to hit the 200,000 damage cap every run.
  3. All red weapons have a diamond. All blue weapons have square. All green weapons have a pentagon. All colorless weapons have a circle. This includes tomes, breaths, and beasts. Given how many things in this game have help text when you tap them (I think it took me over a year to realize you could tap the weapon type icons next to character names in the header ribbon and the weapon type and movement type icons next to the level in the stat screen), I actually find it a bit odd that rewards lists (quests, ranking, etc.) don't let you tap on the items to see their descriptions (except for character rewards).
  4. It's been more than half a year since the Arena scoring rules were last changed and the only tier list that appears to have changed its criteria to reflect the new rules is the Gamepedia tier list, which was just plainly retired because of the triviality of the tier list (noting that I was basically able to summarize the entire tier list in two sentences). Gamepress's tier list is continually updating with new content, but is pretending like the new rules somehow don't exist. (Tier lists for Arena Assault and most PvE modes are useless because you can always counterpick against the opponent's team, and tier lists for Aether Raids don't appear to exist yet because the meta hadn't settled down until recently.)
  5. Well, if you're planning on splurging eventually, revival banners are the best time to do so since their sniping rates are the highest in the game (outside of 2-character banners).
  6. The Gamepress tier list claims to be an Arena offense tier list. It cannot possibly be accurate because an Arena offense tier list in the current babysitter meta would have only male Corrin, Legendary Azura, Kaden, Surtr, and some staff units being the only S-tier characters with everyone else in A-tier or lower. A-tier would consist exclusively of Firesweep builds and units with exceptional (but not quite S-tier) exclusive support skills. As for tier lists in general, the primary problem is that all of the existing tier lists I'm aware of are either trash or are horribly out-of-date.
  7. It's likely a combination of lack of weapon triangle advantage and generally slower animations that make them feel weak. There's also the fact that none of the personal tome weapons have effective damage, which can make late-game dragons and monsters feel like they take longer (because you aren't just killing them in one hit), as well as the fact that the late game probably has a higher number of high-Res enemies (the evil sorcerer villains, pegasus knights, mages, dragons, etc.).
  8. Tier lists right now are hot garbage, though Ophelia and Levn are both solid picks (though ideally, you'd have Ophelia eat Levn for Special Spiral).
  9. Link skills only work with movement Assist skills. The Rally skill that he has is not a movement Assist skill, so the only way for him to activate Atk/Def Link is to have another unit use Reposition, Swap, Pivot, etc. on him.
  10. No, that's just the effect of strong lighting. If you compare that card art with her in-game face sprite or official art, it's very clear that the reds, whites, and golds on her clothing and hair in the card art are far more saturated, and it should be expected that the brightness of her skin would follow suit. And when it comes to skin color flexibility, "white" people have a similar amount of variance depending on the artist (just look at Tanith and Sigrun side by side in Jave's avatar).
  11. I'd run +Atk for general use regardless of build (Distant Counter included) and either +Atk or +Res for Aether Raids. Slaying Axe+ [Def / Res] is his best option for general use. Hack-o'-Lantern+ [Res] is optimal for Aether Raids. How good Byleistr is really just depends on whether or not you have teammates that are already providing buffs. The more visible buffs your teammates run, the less valuable Byleistr is. It bugs me whenever I see this mentioned because while +Def boosts Bonfire and Ignis more than +HP, +Spd, or +Res, it doesn't boost Bonfire and Ignis more than +Atk.
  12. It's every other character starting with the second. You go from エルメルリア (erumeruria) to ルルア (rurua).
  13. My luck is apparently horrible in the exact opposite way that it normally is. I got a second Laevatein. She's the exact same unfortunate nature as my first one. I then got two Gunnthras almost in a row. Both are +Def. Mrgrgr.
  14. I feel like it stops qualifying as a still image at that point...
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