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  1. The only gameplay reason to use Mystletainn over Dark Mystletainn is for the extra magic bulk, which is really hard to justify on a unit with really bad magic bulk to begin with. The +5 Atk/Def from Dark Mystletainn is already better than the +3 to all stats from Mystletainn in almost all relevant situations, even if you ignore Dark Mystletainn's other effects. Eldigan is only really worth using if you have his Resplendent boost, as it helps close the gap between his and Ares's Atk stats. With the Resplendent boost, Eldigan has +7/-2/-4/+3/+3 compared to Ares, which is 2 Atk for a bunch of bulk and is not too terrible of a trade. With the same build, Resplendent Eldigan's instant Bonfire with Dark Mystletainn will at worst hit for 1 damage less than Ares's due to rounding (if Eldigan's Def is odd, he hits for 1 damage less than Ares; if Eldigan's Def is even, they hit for the same damage). Ares is still better in general, but Eldigan is at least viable when he has his Resplendent stats. Duel effects are always active regardless of season. There is nothing in the effect description that limits the effect to a specific season, unlike the blessing stat boost effect that explicitly says it's limited to a specific season. (Or at least, I assume it does in English since it does in Japanese.)
  2. That... might have something to do with the distribution of colors across the paired units. Eight of the 21 Duo Heroes are red (38%), compared to only 4 blue, 5 green, and 4 colorless. Six of the 14 Harmonized Heroes are green (43%), compared to only 3 red, 1 blue, and 4 colorless.
  3. You have 5 rounds of combat between Florina and the two remaining Galeforcers, which should let you leave one enemy alive to go after structures. If Florina needs more mobility, you can give her a Tempest skill. Alternatively, you can use Duo Lif for recoil damage.
  4. Yes. Duo Chrom is one of the strongest wall breakers in the game and is one of the most obnoxious units to deal with on defense teams due to his exclusive Assist skill. Valentine Lucina is one of the best Near Save tanks in the game, if not the best.
  5. Nah, this is the catch-all thread for all questions (and no one will complain even if there is another thread out there for the specific topic). Definitely neutral. The neutral first-merge bonus for Yuri is +1 HP/Atk/Spd, which is far more useful than the +3 Res from a Res Asset. The best budget options for his A skill are Swift Sparrow 2 (Luthier), Life and Death 3 (Sothe), and Atk/Spd Ideal 3 (Miriel). The best premium skill is Atk/Spd Ideal 4 unless you're running an AoE Special (moderately common on Infantry Pulse teams), in which case it's Life and Death 4. Swift Sparrow 3 is a viable substitute if you have a lot of spare fodder you're not using for whatever reason and don't have one of the optimal skills.
  6. Given how few Sacred Stones characters were released that early, it's only natural that there will be long gaps between Resplendent Heroes from the game. Right now, the number of units with Resplendent outfits by game, counting only units from the standard summoning pool from Ophelia's banner and earlier, is: Genealogy: 7/14 (50%) Thracia: 3/6 (50%) Tellius: 6/13 (46%) Echoes: 7/16 (44%) Blazing Sword: 8→9/21 (38→43%) Binding Blade: 4/13 (31%) Akaneia: 7/25 (28%) Sacred Stones: 3/11 (27%) Awakening: 6/27 (22%) Fates: 7/41 (17%) Heroes: 0/1 (0%) As for games that have gone the longest without a new Resplendent outfit: Path of Radiance: Elincia (2021-03-10) Thracia 776: Leaf (2021-05-10) Sacred Stones: Amelia (2021-07-25) Radiant Dawn: Sothe (2021-09-25) Binding Blade: Shanna (2021-10-10) Akaneia: Est (2022-01-10) Genealogy: Lachesis (2022-04-10) Echoes: Effie (2022-05-10) Awakening: Gaius (2022-05-25) Fates: Effie (2022-06-10) Blazing Sword: Karla (2022-07-10) We might get one new Sacred Stones character in the next few months, but I'm expecting to get a focus on Awakening and Fates characters for the next couple months, similar to how we just got a huge influx of Jugdral and Echoes characters. We recently had a span of 7 units where 6 of them were from either Jugdral (Deirdra, Seliph, Lachesis) or Echoes (Lukas, Saber, Faye) (the one remaining in the middle was Ophelia).
  7. I've seen a Summoner Duels team use Winter Bernadetta and a level-1 unit with Reciprocal Aid to instantly drop a unit's HP down below 20.
  8. Coincidentally, I already had all of the units on the banner at +10 except for Chrom, Shinon, and Mirabilis, so sniping for red was obvious. I was only able to get Chrom up to +3 on his original banner because I was focusing on Lucina and Robin as Save tanks, so this was the perfect chance to get merges for Chrom and aim for +10. 98 pulls on the Double Special Heroes banner: 6 Chrom (+1 spark) 5 Shinon 1 Reginn 12.2% focus rate is well above average. Holy crap. Chrom hits +10, but I didn't pull a single +Atk copy, so he'll have to stick with +Spd. Meanwhile, 3 of the 5 copies of Shinon are +Atk. What a jerk, stealing all of the Atk Assets for himself. Shinon himself will hit +5. Reginn was already +10, so this one just gets to hang out in reserves or something as I resist the urge to fodder Cross Spur to Duo Peony or something like that. Also pulled a Brave Celica, Laegjarn, and Meister Reinhardt from the 4-star SR pool, all of which are already +10. It's going to be hard picking between Harmonized Edelgard and Duo Chrom for my last Arena slot now. Chrom scores better with his Duel effect being one bucket above Edelgard's stat total and having an exclusive Assist skill, but Edelgard's pseudo-Canto is insanely useful.
  9. Because that would require the characters to actually turn into jello. Resplendent units get new outfits, not non-survival surgery. It's either the smug expression or the fact that she has a long forehead (the distance between her eyes and the top of her head is longer than usual relative to the size of her face for a mature-looking face shape).
  10. Resplendent Karla has a scarily min-maxed 48/41/46+/29/28 at +0+20 without skills, and maxes out at 55/66(+9)/64/33/32 at +10+20 with a Spd Asset and just her weapon equipped. With a full set of skills and a +6 Bonus, she can bump up her Spd to 82-85, bringing the additional damage on her weapon up to 12. Vital Astra hits for a hefty 24-25 damage. As a fairly typical fast infantry unit with the Slaying effect and Null Follow-Up on her weapon, she has a lot of options for builds: Replendent Karla [+Spd, +Atk] Vassal's Blade [unique] [Assist] Vital Astra / Ruptured Sky Surge Sparrow / Atk/Spd Ideal 4 Spd/Def Tempo 3 / Spurn 3 / Frenzy 3 Time's Pulse 3 / Atk/Spd Menace / Spd Smoke 4 Atk/Spd Solo 3 / Blade Session 3 Atk/Spd Ideal 3 is also an option for her Sacred Seal once it's released. A dual-phase build with Atk/Spd Ideal 4 is viable due to her weapon's effect being active on both phases, though Vital Astra is unreliable, so the build needs Dodge on the B slot and ideally runs Spd Smoke 4 in the C slot, though Atk Smoke 4 is also viable.
  11. Announced a day early, the next Resplendent Hero is Hel Karla. If I recall correctly, Karla was already the fastest unit in the game if you exclude the units with Selkie's Res-comparison-based stat boosting effect, and this just makes her even faster. As for the art, I do like it, but it's just really, really hard to one-up Kita Senri. Also, she looks uncannily like Shibuya Rin. EDIT: Karla is second fastest after Laegjarn with her weapon's maximum stat boost, but the Resplendent stat bonuses push Karla into the undisputed number one spot, tying with a maximally boosted Selkie.
  12. I'm not sure what you mean by "again". The last time we've had an all-female comic was 14 weeks ago if you only count non-Kiran characters or 25 weeks ago otherwise. The last time we've had an all-male comic was 8 weeks ago with the next most recent being 37 weeks ago.
  13. Guard is only relevant on enemy phase if the opponent can attack more than once, which is not supposed to happen unless the opponent has a Brave weapon. Right now, there are no melee units that commonly run Brave weapons or weapons with an immediate follow-up in the high Arena except Legendary Nanna, who is virtually impossible to tank regardless of Guard, and Harmonized Edelgard herself. Healing with Aether is largely irrelevant in the Arena. Units don't fight enough rounds of combat for healing to matter. Smoke only has an effect after the first round of combat during a turn. In the high Arena, it is very uncommon to fight more than one round of combat in a single turn. Not for a single unit, but for the entire team as a whole. Pulse Smoke is useless in the Arena on enemy phase, as enemy-phase combat is based around baiting an enemy unit away from its Rally ball. Enemy-phase Smoke skills that don't apply a buff to yourself simply don't hit anything. Pulse Smoke has use on player phase, but Assault Troop is clearly superior for player phase. None of the enemy-phase B skills are worth running over Raging Storm. Harmonized Edelgard replaces the need for a follow-up with the Meister effect, which renders every enemy-phase B skill largely irrelevant. Killing two units on player phase and then sitting next to the enemy on enemy phase is absolutely not worth it. Opponents in the high Arena don't run more than one support unit and tend to favor ranged units that are difficult to tank. If the opponent still has all four of their units, Raging Storm is used to snipe one and then get out, not kill a second unit and tank the remaining units. The point of running enemy phase in Arena isn't to sit there and take a lot of hits. It's to bait the AI into wasting its actions Rallying a single unit and then sending that unit at you to die. I also have a million spare copies of Flow Guard and no spare copies of any Near Trace. A/S Near Trace doesn't exist yet. Atk/Spd is only available as a Far Trace right now. Yeah, I have a million spare copies of Fatal Smoke. Anyways, based on your recommendations, it sounds like what I have on him right now is fine, given the fodder that I have available.
  14. In the high Arena, Smoke skills are situational at best. You typically aren't attacking and baiting on the same turn, and sitting in the middle of enemy units is a stupid idea due to the prevalence of ranged units that cannot be tanked. Smoke skills are best suited for game modes where you are fighting turn after turn consecutively, whereas high Arena is more about jockeying for position. Losing Galeforce completely defeats the purpose of running a dual-phase build on Harmonized Edelgard. You may as well just run Fallen Edelgard if you're giving up Raging Storm. EDIT: New question: I'm trying to decide between Surge Sparrow, A/S Near Trace, and Atk/Spd Menace or Sturdy Surge, A/D Near Trace, and Atk/Def Menace for Kempf. I'm leaning towards the latter because it's probably more likely to keep him alive. However, his Spd isn't awful, and it's probably still viable to run a Spd build, especially since he wants to double to grab the healing from Surge. There's also the fact that I have plenty of Surge Sparrow and Atk/Spd Menace fodder (conveniently from the same unit), but don't have either Sturdy Surge or Atk/Def Menace fodder lying around, so it might be worth getting Sturdy Surge and Atk/Def Menace even if I want to run a Spd build. He currently has Sturdy Surge and Atk/Def Menace, but A/S Near Trace on him from what I was able to roll. He's intended to be used in Pawns of Loki and maybe Aether Raids defense.
  15. Healing is unnecessary in the Arena. Especially when you have 90 Atk with a Meister weapon. I can see Surge Sparrow potentially being useful in other game modes, but not really in the Arena, where you only need to kill three enemies at the maximum (since the fourth needs to be taken out with a bonus unit). Harmonized Edelgard is technically a dual-phase unit with her base kit and remains one with Atk/Spd Ideal. The only skill effects that are off on enemy phase are her mobility effects, which is not out of the ordinary for dual-phase units. It's just that there isn't much of a reason to use her on enemy phase in the Arena since player-phase units are currently in the lead in the arms race pendulum.
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