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  1. With the introduction of Legendary Eliwood, it's now possible to solo tank without any Drive-type support as long as you have the base stats to back it up and can keep yourself from being Panicked. Passing up on a Solo skill in the A slot for Distant Counter is a trade-off that is completely worth it due to the absurd amount of stats that her weapon gives her. As for dragon weakness, that's generally not much of an issue. While I do see a decent number of Legendary Roy, Julia, and Deirdre running around, I've had no problem running dragon tanks against any of them other than Roy, who is still manageable when using a fast tank. It's armor weakness that's tricky to work with since armor-effective weapons are far more common and can be made more threatening by being available to use on more threatening units. And Corrin isn't an armor.
  2. @Faellin The only thing enemy-phase about Ryoma is his rather crummy base skill kit. Everything else about him screams player phase.
  3. Oh, I missed the equals half of the greater than or equals sign. Honestly, I'd just do a blanket "foes adjacent to unit have their movement range reduced to 1 space". I don't think this effect is so strong as to need to be weakened to just minus 1 movement range. The problem is that defending is too niche of a role. It's virtually pointless in every game mode except those where the opponent loses after a certain number of turns (Aether Raids on defense, Grand Conquest on defense, "survive for x turns" as the player, and the defunct Relay Defense mode as the player). It's only a passable role in Arena offense due to the increase in the number of wallbreakers in the meta (Byleth, Sothis, marathon runner Tiki, etc.). The actual damage number that appears when Miracle activates is reduced to equal the actual damage dealt, which is different in behavior than normal attacks that overkill as well as out-of-combat damage that leaves the opponent with 1 HP. Teleport adjacent to any unit within 2 squares. Move again after using an Assist.
  4. If you're going for an anti-armor build, +Atk is probably better, though you'll have to check if you can one-hit kill or double the few fast armors with that build. Null Follow-Up is fine for anti-armor, but you'll also want to check that you actually need to block the second hit or if you can simply kill everything relevant with the first.
  5. This is probably better-worded as "foes adjacent to unit have their movement restricted to 2 spaces". It would be stronger to make it reduce damage (like Shield Pulse) instead of increase Def. The reason is that if the opponent activates Luna or Moonbow at the same time, then reducing damage is more effective than increasing Def. (Yes, I realize this would have the added bonus of reducing damage from Res-targeting attacks.) That said, defensive Specials are still absolute garbage (outside of Ice Mirror, Basilikos and its clones, and Golden Dagger). This would also behave weirdly with Miracle. This would also be useless on ranged units because they cannot learn defensive Specials. Traveling on impassible terrain temporarily is really weird. The game literally treats those terrain types as "this unit simply cannot exist on this square". You cannot use movement Assists to move the unit onto the square and you cannot switch your Pair-Up leader if the back unit cannot stand on that square.
  6. I'd add Ruptured Sky as an option for Ol' Reliable and Lunar Brace. Now that Ruptured Sky exists, any build that has Moonbow can also be run with Ruptured Sky (as long as the unit can learn it). Ol' Reliable and Lunar Brace can also run with Hone Cavalry or Fortify Cavalry. Lunar Brace doesn't need Renewal if it's running Noontime or you have healing support. I'd switch it out with Sturdy Blow or Atk/Spd. Any build running Atk/Spd Solo can also run Swift Sparrow 4 as a premium option. "Ol'" is also missing an apostrophe.
  7. I will be extremely surprised if they make Bruno available both before his story arc ends and separately from regular Veronica.
  8. The gist of it is that the placement of the impassible tiles on those maps had only a 1-tile space between them that you could fit the fortress into, allowing you to wall off half of your map with indestructible impassible tiles and forcing attackers to come at your map from only one side. The changes either made the impassible tiles destructible or moved them to make a 2-tile gap instead of a 1-tile gap, making it impossible to make a completely impenetrable wall.
  9. Florina at least has a decent personal weapon that kind of makes up for it, even if it forces her into one specific role.
  10. Inheritable options for axes kind of suck. Victorious Axe is pretty much strictly better than Brave Axe+ and Slaying Axe+ on player phase, meaning the only real competition is Slaying Hammer+ and enemy-phase Slaying Axe+. As for team synergy, she's intended to be a soloist, either running off on her own to snipe something that's separated from the rest of the enemy team or to get Repositioned or Smited into the fray without needing to be pulled out afterwards.
  11. I'm not saying there hasn't been any form of power creep. I'm saying "things that were top tier at the beginning of the game are no longer top tier" is not sufficient evidence for it on its own. Furthermore, Takumi no longer being at the top of the meta wasn't due to power creep. It was due to a complete rearrangement of the meta caused by the introduction of Skill Inheritance. "This isn't sufficient evidence of power creep" is not the same as "there is no power creep". There is a difference between pointing out faulty arguments compared to pointing out wrong conclusions. Power creep exists, but the argument given to support it was a trash argument.
  12. So it looks like Eliwood, Micaiah, and Camilla got +1 base and +10% growths compared to Gen 3 units and Alm got +2 base and +5% growths compared to Gen 3 melee infantry. Sigrun Not sure what's up with the inconsistent numbers, though. Also not sure if these are CYL-specific bonuses or if they're here to stay (would be strange if the full difference is here to stay since infantry just got a buff). That's perfectly normal and nowhere near definitive evidence for power creep.
  13. Ah, I usually don't read (or really acknowledge the existence of) the edit reason (because it usually isn't there or doesn't matter).
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