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  1. Takumi in Hel attire. Good for Close Counter fodder, at least, and it gives us our first colorless unit.
  2. I've never really had much issue with the organization here. I can find everything okay. The only page I wish was updated more is the 5-star level 40 +10 page. It doesn't see many updates to the main OP page, so a lot of peoples' +10 accomplishments go unnoticed.
  3. I've liked the Askr trio of Alfonse, Sharena, and Anna all well enough. I've also liked Fjorm, Ylgr, and Helbindi (Helbindi should have survived). Aside from that, though...yeah, Eir was decent enough, but no one else has made an impression on me whatsoever. I'm not a Veronica fan, honestly, and Bruno is so wasted it isn't even funny. The fairy characters are all BLEH to me, and no one else from any of the books has shined. Even the small group of Alfonse/Sharena/Anna/Fjorm/Ylgr/Heblindi/Eir would rank WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY way way down on my list of favorite FE characters, below nearly every other playable character in the franchise.
  4. -Tobin should have been an archer, either infantry or cavalry. -Faye should have been a pegasus unit with a lance. -Summer Wolt should have been an infantry archer. -One of the Olwens should have had her sword. -I think Legendary Lyn is WAY better than given credit for, but at the same time, I can't help but feel that there was some way to make her better. I dunno if it'd simply be making her colorless or something else, just...something. -Lucius should have been a blue tome unit.
  5. Heck no, not until everyone from Book 1 and 2 have Resplendents. It's way way WAY too soon for anyone from Book 3.
  6. We're getting Julia's Resplendent in a couple of days. Any guesses on who's next after her? Will we finally get a colorless unit? I'm guessing Muspell is next, and that the unit will be Mist.
  7. It pains me to see Isadora rank so low among the FE7 cast. She wasn't originally someone I paid much attention to, but in my last few playthroughs I REALLY dived into her supports, and I like her way more than I originally did. I'd go so far as to say she's one of the most underrated characters in all of Fire Emblem. About future FE7 banners, I have a few thoughts. Ever since the introduction of Duo units, I've always felt like they have a perfect opportunity to do a "Lyn's Legion" banner and finish up that whole group with a Lyn + Florina duo, Sain, Kent, and Wil on the banner, with a Wallace/Lundgren GHB. Another banner I think is possible is an Erk/Pent/Louise/Farina (substituting for Fiora) banner, with a Nergal/Sonia/Limstella GHB. If I had to say what I think would be the NEXT FE7 banner, then I'm not really sure. I don't see them ignoring Erk or Sain for too much longer, those two seem to consistently be on the high end of FE7 requested characters.
  8. To be clear, I was not in any way complaining about anyone stealing a spot from someone else or anything like that at all. There's a reason a spit-face emoji was used.
  9. Everyone talking about a second version of Mist when we still don't even have a single version of several other Tellius characters. :P
  10. Which route is my favorite, narratively? Definitely either Azure Moon or Silver Snow. Azure Moon is a very satisfying character-driven route that really tells a complete story, unlike Crimson Flower that stops short and leaves some things to epilogues. Silver Snow is the most satisfying to complete in terms of world-building, and makes the most sense in those same terms. Verdant Wind is just SS with a little extra Claude stuff and doesn't feel like "Claude's story" like it should.
  11. So, a roster that only includes my Top 30 FE characters (prior to SoV/3H)? Let's see... 1. Lyn 2. Ephraim 3. Eliwood 4. Leif 5. Eirika 6. Marth 7. Nils 8. Ninian 9. Brom 10. Roy 11. Hector 12. Elincia 13. Sigurd 14. Chrom 15. Matthew 16. Joshua 17. Lucius 18. Nino 19. Tailtiu 20. Alm 21. Lucina 22. Fiora 23. Caineghis 24. Heath 25. Isadora 26. Caeda 27. Lilina 28. Canas 29. Lukas 30. Ike
  12. Ilyana's supports are by far my least favorite of this bunch. Gatrie's is kinda dull, and Shinon being Shinon. Jill definitely takes the cake here. As for the main story...yeah, Shinon being Shinon. Meh. I guess since Shinon isn't a character I like, I can't get invested as much.
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