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  1. A. Ashe (Three Houses) Azelle (Genealogy of the Holy War), runner-up nowB. Brom (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)C. Ced (Genealogy of the Holy War/Thracia 776)D. Douglas (Binding Blade)E. Elffin (Binding Blade) Edain (Genealogy of the Holy War), runner-up nowF. Farina (Blazing BladeG. Gregor (Awakening)H. Heath (Blazing Blade)I. Isadora (Blazing Blade)J. Jill (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)K. Knoll (Sacred Stones)L. Lysithea (Three Houses)M. Marianne (Three Houses) Melady (Binding Blade), runner-up nowN. Nils (Blazing Blade)O. Oswin (Blazing Blade)P. Patty (Genealogy of the Holy War)R. Renault (Blazing Blade)S. Sain (Blazing Blade)T. Tauroneo (Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn)U. Ulster (Genealogy of the Holy War)V. Valbar (Shadows of Valentia)W. Wil (Blazing Blade)X. Xane (Marth land)Y. Ymir (Marth land) ...I cannot think of any other Y characters...Z. Zeiss (Binding Blade) My list is largely the same, but since Cormag and Perceval are in the game now, as well as the "G" runner-up Gerik...
  2. Shadow Dragon/New Mystery: Marth/Caeda Gaiden/SOV: Alm/Clair Genealogy Gen 1: Sigurd/Tailtiu Genealogy Gen 2: Leif/Nanna Thracia 776: Leif/Nanna Binding Blade: Roy/Lilina (It would be Eliwood if he was in the game more, but he's only in like a single scene) Blazing Sword: Eliwood/Lyn Sacred Stones: Ephraim/Eirika Path of Radiance: Brom/Elincia Radiant Dawn: Brom/Elincia Awakening Gen 1: Chrom/Tiki Awakening Gen 2: Brady/Lucina Fates Gen 1: Leo/Sakura (Kaze is basically tied with Leo, though) Fates Gen 2: Dwyer/Midori Three Houses: Dimitri/Marianne (It's still early to say for TH, Claude is right up there with Dimitri, but for now...)
  3. 223. Brunnya: Devoted General 224. Sothis: Girl on the Throne 225. Lethe: Gallia's Valkyrie
  4. Since Farfetched/Brave Redux 3 didn't happen, I threw a few orbs at the Binding Blade banner. And wouldn't ya know it, the end of the year banner just HAD to keep my streak of non-focus 5-star pulls going! Instead of getting Igrene, I ended up getting Lethe AND Gleipnir Eirika. Lethe is at least a new unit I didn't have before, BUT she also has a Spd flaw/bane, so...
  5. I'm still waiting on Brom lol. I have a good feeling about Christmas this year.
  6. Yup. Gonna have him, Tanya, Eyvel, and...spoiler I won't say, but she isn't on the list.
  7. Well, I almost had a Thracia banner predicted 100% correctly. Eyvel, Orsin, and Tanya are all in the next banner, but no Karin, Dagdar, or Veld.
  8. Orsin, Mareeta, Gerik, Tethys, and Cormag are all here now.
  9. Unless it happens after this next banner sometime in December, I think it's safe to say that Farfetched isn't happening this year. Disappointment.
  10. If this was just a Thracia banner, I'd be totally fine with it. But nope, gotta shove an OC in there, AND have two reds to make it harder to pull. Bleh. At least we're getting four (three if Mareeta doesn't count as new) Thracia units.
  11. Color me disappointed. No Farfetched/Brave Redux 3. Shoving a silly OC into a New Hero banner, and a much-needed THRACIA one at that. ANOTHER new mode while preexisting ones are either in need of repair or just an update. Just...bleh.
  12. Gonna have to agree with the Eliwood, Hector, and Lyn trio. They're combined dynamic is the best of any group of main protagonists so far. I'm also gonna throw in there Lyn's interactions with Kent and Sain during her story.
  13. I gotta go with Altina having the best November Legendary banner. Great units all round. Male Corrin should be Legendary, because Female Robin was. I'd have preferred Male Robin and Female Corrin, but alas... Absolutely, Brave Eliwood can go on ANY banner!
  14. I'll go with my ten favorites. 10. Petra 9. Lysithea 8. Alois 7. Seteth 6. Mercedes 5. Sylvain 4. Ashe 3. Marianne Tied-1st: Dimitri and Claude Honorable mentions: Bernadetta and Raphael
  15. I do not want to see Sora or Minecraft Steve. Sora opens up too many worm boxes with the Disney ties, and Steve is just...why? I didn't even know Minecraft HAD a character until Smash speculation started. I also don't wanna see Geralt because he isn't really an original video game character. I do not want to see Byleth, or any of the Three Houses house leaders; Byleth has nothing to really contribute, and the house leaders would all seem odd without the other two and if we got another FE character than it 100% should be Lyn.
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