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  1. I managed to get Phina with the free ticket summons! Astram is gonna be a grail project once Fiora is done. For sure. He looks very good, and he's a Marth Land character that actually gets some characterization and development.
  2. I pulled ANOTHER off-focus 5-star, this time a Fallen Tiki. But then, with my last ticket, I pulled Phina! So, good luck all around! Neither of them had ideal IVs but also not bad IVs, may as well be neutral. I might spend a couple orbs and see about pulling someone else, or maybe a Phina with better IVs, but I also need to save for the Halloween reruns.
  3. I...have no idea. My question is how did it quote something I don't think I ever said?
  5. I hope not, I'd rather get more new 3H characters and let at least a year pass before we start getting alts of anyone.
  6. My teams so far have been V. Roy and V. Lilina, Lugh and Raigh, Klein and Thea, and Roy and Cecilia. Not sure what combo I'll use for the final strike/battle.
  7. I hope the conversations are better than the last FB's were, that last one felt like a bit of a step down from the awesome Tellius/beast ones and the Binding Blade ones. I'm gonna use my tickets to try getting Phina or Nagi, I think.
  8. Oh yeah, also, despite this banner being really cool and all, I am still baffled that Nyna and Elice are nowhere to be found. They really should be in there. Oh well, hopefully next Archanea banner which won't be for another 5 years.
  9. IT. FINALLY. HAPPENED! With some of the orbs I got from the Tempest Trial today, along with the Arena orbs, I did another summon...and I finally pulled Brave Lyn. I now officially have enough copies to merge her up to the +10 maximum. She also has the maximum number of Dragon Flowers, and Swift Sparrow 3. The ONLY thing I need now to complete her is an inevitable power-creep C-skill to give her. After that, she's complete. Oh yeah, definitely! Definitely was not complaining about Caineghis lol. Kinda was about Abel, though. XD
  10. Oh hey, Archanea! About time we got more characters from there! Phina having Rapier is a pretty interesting weapon choice for her, I wonder if it'll be inheritable. I like her art a lot, too! I probably won't spend oodles of orbs trying to summon her, but it'd be cool to get her. Sirius is...underwhelming. If not for that Lull skill, he'd definitely be demoted to the 3/4-star pool. But he gives me hope for Mani Katti Lyn in the future! Norne is an archer. Yup. Nagi is a powerful green armored dragon. Never seen THAT before, definitely not! Same as Phina, I won't spend oodles of orbs on her but it'd be cool to get her. Bantu being added out of nowhere is super cool and I definitely hope this isn't a one-time thing! Astram better get freaking Mercurius, otherwise it's a slap in his face and the face of the Archanea games. I swear if they give it to freaking Kris... Overall, a very nice banner! It's super cool to see the Marth games FINALLY getting some attention, with five six new characters.
  11. The Eldigan/Deirdre/Azura banner got me yet another Abel. Surprise! In other news, the Caineghis/Tibarn BHB banner got me ANOTHER free Caineghis. I swear almost every Caineghis I've summoned has been a free one. He's up to +5 now. At least the game is giving me SOMETHING good!
  12. I haven't participated in a while because it's seemed like the same few people keep getting re-nominated.
  13. That GC put me on all three teams. I would have preferred to just be on Helbindi's but eh. Diversity. Elibe Lost Lore? Heck yeah! Best continent here we go! Definitely gonna be making use of every Elibe character I can here.
  14. For this first Elibe outing, I sent Valentine Roy and Valentine Lilina!
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