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  1. Well, we're getting Sacred Stone kid units after all. I'm not 100% sure how to feel about Ephraim being part of a SECOND duo unit, but my immediate reaction wasn't exactly positive. Eirika/Ephraim and Tana both look strong. Better question: Why wasn't Echoes given this treatment? They literally have a whole prologue chapter dedicated to a group of characters as children defending themselves, complete with portraits and everything. It's such an easy and sensible banner. Alm, Celica, Gray, Tobin, Kliff, and Faye. Gray and Tobin, or Alm and Celica, or Alm and Faye could be the duo, and Kliff the TT unit. It makes so much sense. I hope it happens next year, if they keep doing this theme. I wouldn't be too sure. Minerva got a Prf weapon last year. This theme seems to be treated with a certain degree of respect from IS, I think Innes will turn out pretty well.
  2. Elibe, probably. I've always loved the style, the geography, and everything else.
  3. If this really is a Sacred Stones Start of it All banner, my guesses would be Ephraim, Eirika + Seth duo, Tana, Innes, and Lyon. I'd love to see Joshua, though.
  4. Looks like it might be another child banner. Maybe Tana and Innes, or Linde and Jeorge?
  5. I'm not 100% sure how to feel about this. On one hand, Path of Radiance is great but Radiant Dawn isn't super great and could definitely use touching up. Plus, more exposure for my man Brom. On the other hand, I feel like Genealogy of the Holy War and Thracia 776 are in more of a need for a remake, whereas the Tellius games seem better suited for a remaster and/or rerelease. I also kinda feel like IS would want to remake Binding Blade before anything else, given comments they've made in past years. But, hey, anything is possible, and if the Tellius games are getting remakes, I'm definitely buying them.
  6. In terms of gameplay, Rhea on Silver Snow is probably the best final boss. In my opinion, anyway. Story-wise, though, Edelgard.
  7. Every single one of my +10 units, or any unit merged at all, is a 5-star unit. I never, ever merge 4-star or lower units.
  8. People have been talking about some kind of cooking/baking/etc. banner for a decent while, so I suppose that could be a possibility for the Special Heroes banner. Rebecca and Oscar are two characters who have supports that highlight their cooking. I'm starting to wonder about the next New Heroes banner. It's gonna be Chapter 7, the midpoint banner. Are we sure it's gonna be a Fallen theme?
  9. For Book 1, I have Tailtiu, Lilina, Klein, and Florina all waiting. I also have Seliph, The Black Knight, Roderick, Est, Bartre, Fae, Nino, Cecilia, Rebecca, Brave Lyn, and Priscilla all at +10 who'd really appreciate the extra stats.
  10. Resplendent Lilina looks good, I like the look a lot. Plus, my Lilina is sitting at +9, so now she's gonna get that final merge.
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