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  1. Heck yeah, victory for Palla! When this gauntlet started I thought for sure it was gonna be Idunn and Loki in the final round, but I'm very happy I joined Palla's team instead and got through two rounds on the winning team. I dunno if Palla will beat Veronica, but here's hoping.
  2. I would recommend always recruiting Marianne, honestly, because she's the only (or one of the only) students who will *never* reappear after the timeskip if you don't recruit her. It's the only way to see her on every single route (aside from her native Golden Deer one) after timeskip.
  3. One of those is kinda the same continued event, and the other is something Nils could certainly do if he transformed. I don't think either is something Ninian has *over* Nils, though, honestly. That's just how I see it, though.
  4. I'm not sure if I have you on my friend list, but my lead is not a red one!
  5. Eh, I don't really think it's a huge mess. I actually like that Binding Blade gives you all those characters, because unlike Radiant Dawn and the Marth Land games, quite a few of them get genuine character development in their supports. There's several hidden gems in there and I find it fun discovering them all. Only just recently I've come to start really liking Lugh and Zeiss, for example, after actually reading their supports.
  6. You kinda missed the point. One game having more characters to represent it versus another isn't the issue. It doesn't matter if one game is "well represented" or not, the fact of the matter is that Ninian has now been explicitly shown to be considered one of the LEAD characters of Blazing Blade, and if she is then I feel Nils should be as well. They have equal screen time and equal importance to the story; the one and only thing Ninian has over Nils is the possibility of being Eliwood's wife, but that doesn't diminish the important role Nils has in any way, shape, or form. They're shown together on equal ground 99% of the time, and they're both the main driving point in Nergal's plot. You also missed the point. I mentioned Tsubasa *specifically* because it means how new a unit is doesn't determine whether or not they're included in the free summon. And IS has considered her an equal lead to Itsuki for ages now I mean she got a Spirit in Smash Ultimate over him and she's always the one used for promotion purposes.
  7. Whoever wins, very few things could have made this contest better for me. Two of my three favorites made it into the Top 3, and two of my favorites are now in the Top 2. I'm okay with Dimitri or Mercedes winning, because either way I also win. Nice.
  8. I'm kinda torn on which color to try for for my free 5-star Lead. The only one I know for a fact I don't want is colorless; I already have Nanna at +10 5-star, and I have zero interest in building Sothe. I'd build Matthew, Legault, Tethys, and several other dagger characters before building Sothe. Green is obviously a fantastic option and blue wouldn't be horrible, either, despite the risk of Male Robin and Female Corrin. With red, the only characters I REALLY wouldn't want to get would be Marth, Roy, Seliph, Male Corrin, and Caeda; I have four of them at +10 5-star, and Male Corrin is just...meh. But every other red option? Honestly, I'm not opposed to any of them; they're all characters I'd really like to merge, such as Lyn and Leif, or they're characters with good fodder, such as Byleth. I just have to decide if the risk of pulling M-Corrin or Marth is worth it over the guaranteed goodness of Hector/Deirdre/Julia, or the much better odds of Ninian/Ephraim/Azura/etc. Now watch as I get nothing but colorless orbs. Another small note that I just thought of that kinda bugs me is that Nils isn't included in this, but Ninian is. You could say it's because he's such a new unit, but then you have Tsubasa there to shoot that theory down. Just kinda bugs me. I hope not. We just got regular Edelgard a few months ago, Flame Emperor just last month, and we're guaranteed to get both Legendary and Brave Edelgard. People already complained about too much Lyn in too short of succession, we don't need a repeat of that or people conveniently and hypocritical ignoring it now for Edelgard.
  9. Heck yeah! Hopefully Palla can keep the momentum up and win the whole thing. It'd be nice for her to be recognized.
  10. Ah, gotcha. Agreed, I'm really not a fan of it. I thought the rest of them had nice enough art, though.
  11. This was a pretty good Feh Channel! I'm pretty okay with a new Fates banner, since it is four brand new characters with no alts, and since it's bringing Midori, Forrest, and Lilith. I'm also super okay with young Marth and Caeda, and whoever comes with them. It's a nice callback to "pantsless Marth". I like the changes to the summoning pool, and the demotions to the 3/4-star pool. A couple other things that stood out to me: They have now specifically pegged Caeda, Deirdre, Julia, Nanna, Lilina, Ninian, Elincia, and Azura as "Lead" characters. Seems pretty darn close to being official Lord characters, if you ask me. That's pretty cool. They also pegged Lyn as the representative of Blazing Blade when describing the new sorting method for that Limited Hero Battle thing, which makes me a pretty happy Lyn fan. Overall, a good Feh Channel. EDIT: Oh yeah, not getting to actually pick which Lead you get for free is silly. Marth, Roy, the Corrins, Sothe, and others are already readily available in the 3/4-star pool; we don't need extra 5-star copies.
  12. Story: I'm not super good at thinking up new stories for these things, but I'd probably have the sequel follow the story of the first game somewhat. It'd be nice to have that world developed more, given more buildup between the kingdoms and people. Darios would probably be involved quite a bit more, maybe get redemption, or just go COMPLETELY bonkers. Either/or. Rowan and Lianna would be present in the story, if not as the central protagonists then as prominent allies. Gameplay: As for new gameplay mechanics, I think the one big thing I'd add would be a dismounting mechanic. It'd be cool to have Caeda and Frederick off their mounts, wrecking the field on foot. I'd probably limit this, though, so not every character has access to a mount; I feel it'd be too overpowered if everyone could get a mount and quickly zip from one end of the map to the next. Only characters who have mounts to begin with, such as the aforementioned Caeda and Frederick, would get this mechanic. The other thing I'd add would be armored units and dagger units. Those characters aren't always the most popular, but I feel like it was definitely something missing from the first Warriors game. Story: Finally, the roster. I'd increase the scope quite a bit and have FOUR games/continents as the main focus in the story: Elibe, Tellius, Valentia, and Fodlan. I'd increase the number of characters from each main focus game as well, giving more options and variety than the first game gave. The only returning characters from the first Warriors game that would have a story presence would be Marth, Chrom, Ryoma, and Xander, just to keep their respective games somewhat represented. All the other characters from the first Warriors would be bonus, non-story characters. I think my story roster would look something like this: Elibe: Lyn Eliwood Hector Ninian Nils Nino Jaffar Florina Rath Matthew Serra Pent Louise Roy Lilina The roster would be skewed more towards Blazing Blade than Binding Blade, with only Roy and Lilina coming in from Binding in a role similar to what Lucina and Owain had in the first Warriors game. I'm not sure I'd be as confident in the cast as a whole in Binding as I was in Blazing, since a large portion of that cast is still relatively unknown to a lot of people. Tellius: Ike Micaiah Elincia Sanaki Sothe Mist Soren Titania Geoffrey Lucia Brom Nephenee Jill Ranulf Tibarn This one is really tough because I feel like there's more than a few notable characters missing, but there's gotta be some cuts somewhere, and there's gotta be some not-as-popular picks in there to give more variety with class and such. Brom goes along with Hector as another armored option, Sothe does the same for Jaffar and dagger units, and Ranulf and Tibarn are the first laguz units with similar functionality to Ninian and Nils, at least as far as transformation goes. Valentia: Alm Celica Gray Tobin Kliff Faye Clive Clair Lukas Mae Boey Genny Saber Conrad Mycen I know that seems a little skewed towards Alm's side of Echoes, but it's pretty even when you think about it. The characters EXCLUSIVE to Alm's route present in my list are Alm, Gray, Tobin, Clive, Clair, and Lukas. Those exclusive to Celica's route are Celica, Mae, Boey, Genny, Saber, and Conrad. Kliff and Faye can be used on both routes, and Mycen doesn't come into your roster in Echoes until the end. Both routes get their six (arguably) most prominent characters, plus three characters who should probably be present with them. Fodlan: Byleth (Male) Edelgard Dimitri Claude Hubert Dedue Hilda Dorothea Felix Lysithea Bernadetta Mercedes Marianne Seteth Flayn Byleth (Female) Female Byleth would be sort of like Male Corrin and Female Robin from the first Warriors game, and not have a presence in the story. Guests: Eirika Ephraim Sigurd Seliph Leif Of course, each guest character would not have any story presence. They would all be bonus characters. Finally, I'm sure DLC would be unavoidable. I'd do something similar to the first Warriors and release three extra characters per game/continent. Elibe: Oswin Rebecca Cecilia Tellius: Sigrun Mia Caineghis Valentia: Mathilda Sonya Silque Fodlan: Rhea Cyril Alois Bonus (games from first Warriors): Ogma (Archanea) Sumia (Awakening) Kaze (Fates) In total, that brings the number of story characters to over 60; 15 per focus game, plus Marth, Chrom, Ryoma, and Xander, and plus whoever the central protagonists are from the Warrior original characters. With all of those story characters, plus all the guest, bonus, and DLC characters, the roster is quite vast and I think satisfactory. And that would be my Fire Emblem Warriors 2.
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