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  1. I 100% think Legendary Deirdre should have used a staff. I'm okay with Nanna using a sword, but Deirdre was right there, a very prominent character for stalves, probably more so than Elincia, Lilina, Guinivere, or almost anyone else, and instead they gave her a tome.
  2. This month's Legendary Hero is none other than Elincia. Awesome, she's finally here in Legendary form.
  3. I just want Heath's refine to be good. I don't expect much, just anything that'll be good and workable for him.
  4. This week's Arena Ticket gave me Silque, for the second time. Anything to not summon my first Mist, huh?
  5. Oh, the next Resplendent is only Shigure? Meh. I don't dislike him, he's fine, I like him, but he's not someone I really use all that much. The art is good, though, at least. And at least it isn't another fairy.
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