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  1. Nothing of much interest here for me, personally. Another axe cavalry is nice, might merge him if no others come around in the near-ish future. Otherwise, meh.
  2. I was thinking the same thing. I went and made a topic for CYL 5, too. Edit: Nevermind, topic was closed. I guess someone else already asked a mod if they could make a CYL 5 topic when CYL 5 actually starts. Oh well.
  3. I know Choose Your Legends 5 hasn't technically started yet, but CYL 1 started on January 18th, the second on January 22nd, and the third and fourth both started on January 21st. I figure it's likely we're very close to CYL 5's start, so I thought I'd start up a topic to discuss our votes, predictions, and CYL 5 in general. In the male division, I think Marth has a very high chance of being one of the winners this year. The votes between his various selves will be combined at the end so he won't be screwed out of a win like he was in CYL 2; fans have learned their lesson not to be lax with their votes and let another character pass him like they allowed Eliwood in CYL 3; no Three Houses male really matched him in CYL 4, so they're not likely to beat him here, either. I think this will finally be Marth's year. As for the other male winner, I'm predicting it will be close between Chrom and Male Byleth. As for the female division, my heart says Eirika, but my brain predicts that Female Byleth and Marianne will be the two winners there. If Marianne had gotten into Heroes before CYL 5, whether it was as a New or Special hero, then maybe she wouldn't have as much of a chance. But her fans really want her in, and I think we're all surprised that she isn't in Heroes yet. I'm going to give most of my votes to Brom. I'm dedicated to voting for Brom until he's actually put into Heroes, even though he has no chance of winning. I might throw a vote or two Marth's way, as well.
  4. I never expected Katarina and Kris to be the highlight of a banner for me, but here we are. I'm happy Raphael is at least in the game now, though, even if I'm very confused as to his placement here.
  5. I've seen some people say they think it's Poe from the Cipher game on the left. I definitely see the similarities, but would they really debut Cipher in a Special Heroes banner?
  6. What if the figure on the right is Raphael? The head still looks a little funky, but the body build is kind of similar. And people have been speculating that Three Houses would be on this banner in some capacity.
  7. That's a wrap! The Top 5 Blazing Blade characters have been voted on. Lyn, Hector, Priscilla, Fiora, and Nino are the Top 5 Blazing Blade characters, with each of them having at least 3 votes (Hector, Priscilla, and Fiora with 3, Lyn with 4, and Nino with 5). They will advance to the Elibe finale and join Binding Blade's Top 5. Sain, Canas, and Farina have been removed from the tournament, with all three of them only getting 2 votes each.
  8. The one on the left is definitely either Tharja or Rhajat. As for the right, it looks like there's something on the head, which makes me think Donnel, but the figure looks a bit bulky to be Donnel.
  9. Looking at my old list in the old topic, five of my choices have been added to the game in some playable form. I wish Elice was her own unique unit rather than Marth's partner as a duo unit, but nevertheless, she's in Heroes now. To update my list... I'd have to give the majority of spots to characters who are directly mentioned, by name, by characters in Heroes in their Heroes dialog. Nyna, Midia, Dagdar, Brom, etc. They're considered important enough to mentioned in-game, so, take the next step and actually add them. To add a couple others, I'd add Kent and Sain, Nergal, Raydrik, Meudus, Erinys, and Dedue. I'm not sure if they've been specifically mentioned in-game, but they're all important in some way in their respective games.
  10. I had a similar idea, except my idea was Zihark/Brom/Kieran/Astrid on a PoR banner. A complete color balance, with a red/blue/green/colorless.
  11. I'm very interested to see how that list changes by the time the next CYL finishes.
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