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  1. Binding has 3 Legendary characters. Roy, Lilina, and Fae. And I guess this would be its 2nd Mythic if Bramimond counts for Binding.
  2. Who saw this coming? Neat! Elimine arrives as an Astra Mythic.
  3. My final ballot: Brom (PoR) four times, Brom (RD) three times. Hopefully he has enough votes to actually get noticed and be added to a future banner. Final day prediction is that Chrom, Seliph, and Tiki all keep their winning positions, but Byleth gets usurped by either Bernadetta, Hilda, or Corrin. Most likely Bernadetta. Soren will jump to third place and Felix will fall to fourth.
  4. Looks like Resplendent Deirdre is next, in dark fairy attire.
  5. @Mercakete I'm definitely using my remaining votes for Brom, that's for sure! Chrom in first, Female Byleth in the Top 2, and Seliph, Felix, and Bernadetta all ranking very high is about what I expected this year. What really surprises me is Awakening Tiki being in first in the female division! Wow, people really rallied behind her. I'm also surprised to see Soren being in fourth place for the men. I expected him to be Top 20, maybe even 10, but not 5. I hope Chrom and Seliph keep their placements. I'm very happy to see Lilina, Elincia, Nino, Caeda, and Lyon all ranking in the Top 20.
  6. Day 1: Brom (PoR) Day 2: Brom (RD) Day 3: Brom (PoR) Day 4: Brom (RD) Day 5: Brom (PoR)
  7. I hope the next Resplendent isn't anyone from that list, I like it when it's a bit less predictable.
  8. We should be seeing who the next Resplendent hero is soon. Any guesses? I'm not sure if they'll be the very next one, but I think one of the February Resplendents will be one of the three remaining CYL 1 winners. Probably Brave Lyn. To coincide with the anniversary.
  9. Well, they haven't put out any update to the Top 8 standings, at least not yet. I guess it won't be a daily thing. But I think that's good! Midterms aren't far, anyway.
  10. Whoopdeedoo. It's not my job to convince you. Go be a dick elsewhere.
  11. Huh, very interesting that they'd release the Top 8 for both sides already. I wonder how much this will change things. A lot of people seem to be missing the "listed in alphabetical order" part. For me, personally, still just...voting for Brom. Alternating between Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn. I just want to see him hopefully get enough votes to get into the game on a future Tellius and/or seasonal banner.
  12. Yeah, count me among those that don't like Summoner Duels R. It's just not fun. It's literally just "how long can you go before being CRUSHED by a mega-whale?" And the answer for most people is...not long at all.
  13. Oh please, I wouldn't say anything even remotely similar to that if I hadn't looked into it myself first.
  14. Yes because somehow he's going to reach into the past and remove games. Of course I know that. Minecraft wasn't put under the Microsoft umbrella until 2014, multiple years after it was already out, and already on other systems, namely the PS3. Trade in one horrible Bobby Kotick accused of toxicity, sexual harassment, and known associate of a pedophile for another horrible Phil Spencer accused of toxicity, sexual harassment, and known associate of a pedophile. Love that positive change in the higher-ups gaming world, yep.
  15. I am cursing them and I will continue to curse them, and I will not apologize for it, nor will I be shy about it. Fuck Microsoft. What did they say when they bought Bethesda? That their games would continue to be multiplatform. And how many have been? Outside of Deathloop which was already in the works and had a pre-existing deal with other consoles...none. Will Activision be any different? No. So, fuck Microsoft.
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