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  1. Got a +Spd Takumi with my free pull on this week's revival banner. Not bad, I guess. I just wish the game would be this generous with units I'm ACTUALLY looking for.
  2. I got Takumi with my free pull. I wasn't even really trying to, I just picked an orb and that was it. Now WHY can't you give me more Lyns, game?!
  3. So are these Lull skills going to have any sort of effectiveness on Dull skills and such?
  4. Well I still haven't gotten Summer Lyn, but I did get THREE Reinhardt's so now I finally have enough to +10 him when I have the feathers. So I guess that's cool.
  5. Byleth looks kind of broken. Edelgard looks good. Claude looks okay, don't really like a lot of his base kit though. Dimitri doesn't look as good as I'd hoped.
  6. First time going through the game, I'm gonna pick the Blue Lions.
  7. Yeah thankfully they were at least pretty decent pity-breakers! Nailah, Kliff, and Fallen Berkut. That Kliff was actually what gave me the last bit of Dragon Flowers I needed for my Legendary Lyn.
  8. Not yet, unfortunately. Since I've been pity-broken three times already, I'm gonna save up a few orbs to do a full summoning circle or two and hopefully get here then.
  9. Just wanted to show her off. I finally finished my Legendary Lyn!
  10. 191. Laegjarn: Burning Sun 192. Kliff: Curious Spirit 193. Fiora: Defrosted Illian 194. Berkut: Purgatorial Prince 195. Raigh: Dark Child
  11. OH MY GOSH ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I used some orbs from the Tempest to try for Summer Lyn again and I was IMMEDIATELY pity-broken, AGAIN, this time by Fallen Berkut. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS.
  12. I think I'm gonna go with the Blue Lions. I'm the most curious about them.
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