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  1. My voting ballot is now finished. All seven of my votes went to Brom, of course. My *ahem* "shadow votes" were alternated between Brom, Marth, Eirika, and Seliph.
  2. I like the way he plays in all the Smash games he's in. It's as simple as that for me. He's always done well for me.
  3. Oh heck yeah, Fiora is one of my favorite characters in Blazing Blade, and my personal favorite pegasus unit! Nice job on that +10! I got mine to +10 and got the maximum number of flowers, I'm just waiting for some skills to come my way before posting her up here. I'm pretty eager to, she's so great!
  4. Team Caineghis all the way, baby! Gotta support one of my Top 3 Tellius characters!
  5. I think I'd do this: -Marth (with Lucina echo) -Roy (with Chrom echo) -Ike -Lyn -Ephraim -Robin -Corrin (sorry Azura, Corrin actually had a pretty decent moveset) -Byleth (hey they look fun!) So, basically, keep everyone while including Lyn and Ephraim.
  6. Man, the Twitter cues are getting a lot harder to read. When they released the midterm results, I saw a lot of support for Eirika and Marianne, and Marth and Seliph. Now, though, I'm seeing a lot less Marianne posts, and a TON of Seliph posts. Claude and Marth are about the same, and of course I'm seeing lots of Edelgard and Dimitri support.
  7. Everyone saying "well, no point in voting Marth/Eirika now..." THAT'S how Eliwood managed to get 2nd place last year. Just vote for Marth/Eirika if you want, leave the "no point now" stuff at the door! 😛
  8. Just gonna rank the ones released outside Japan. FE7: 10/10 FE8: 9.75/10 FE9: 9.25/10 FE10: 8.25/10 FE11: 8.5/10 FE13: 9.5/10 FE14: 8.25/10 FE15: 9/10 FE16: 9.25/10
  9. If anyone, it'd really only be Micaiah, maybe Conquest Corrin, Edelgard, and Dimitri.
  10. I'd argue that Marth deserves it since he technically already should have won CYL 2. IS really screwed him over by separating his Shadow Dragon and New Mystery votes. In total, he had MORE votes than Ephraim.
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