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  1. I like all of these characters, but this is probably a pass for me. Nothing that really makes me wanna start spending my orbs. Overall, it's a nice banner, but I am a little annoyed Male Byleth was kinda pushed aside here. Also, I think Marianne and Felix are the last two "high profile" Three Houses characters left, yes? I'd bet they're on the next New heroes 3H banner.
  2. I can't say much about Forrest as I haven't really used him, but I can say that Heath has been very good for me! I've experimented with quite a few builds for him and he's proven to be a very effective defensive tank, with a lot of attack power to back it up. But, like mostly all fliers, keep him away from arrows.
  3. Decided to do one more pull on Seliph's Legendary banner just for the heck of it, and got another Mirabilis, AND Legendary Seliph with +Atk. I'm super happy with that, I call this banner a success for me.
  4. Oh yeah, those silhouettes are Sylvain and Ingrid. I will be SHOCKED if they're someone else. This one seems like a purposefully obvious one.
  5. This time, I didn't space out on Mareeta's final hour multiplier. Yay! On to the final match, hopefully Mareeta can win it all.
  6. I totally spaced out on the last (and only?) multiplyer for Mareeta last round, but I've been keeping up better this round! Glad she won and moved on to face Annette.
  7. I don't want the next Mythic to be colorless, since we just got a couple of those, but yeah, I kinda feel like it's gonna be colorless just because of the way the schedule looks. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say just because I actually think they'll try something BIG to drain orbs and tempt people to buy more orbs for the CYL 4 banner.
  8. I think I'd agree that one of those remaining Wind slots this year is Claude. I don't see them waiting until next year to give us another Three Houses Legendary. And as much as I'd like that last Water slot for this year to be Dimitri, it's definitely gonna be a Fates character; we'll see if they finally give us Corrin, or if they decided to just give us Ryoma's Nohr counterpart, Xander. As for the last Wind slot, I'm not really sure of anyone for it. Elincia could fit the bill, but I could see them using someone like Caeda; it's very unlikely, but possible. They could even pull a big surprise like they did with Eliwood and make it someone you'd expect to be a different element, like Micaiah.
  9. This batch of refines is probably a skip for me, no one I really use much. Reinhardt (it'll happen!), Cecilia, Fae, and Joshua are the Book 1 units I'm waiting for.
  10. I got Mirabilis on my free summon for Legendary Seliph's banner. I think she might be the first free focus unit I've ever gotten on a Legendary banner? Maybe? Either way, nice!
  11. Eh, I honestly don't really agree that they have. I've never agreed with anyone that Azura or Tiki are out of the norm or unexpected or "not main enough" or whatever. Azura has always been considered the co-protagonist of Fates since Day 1, she was always getting a Legendary. And Tiki has always been deeply rooted in the story and lore of three stories (Marth's two-part story and Awakening), and is connected to a fourth by proxy of sharing the same world (Echoes...she's basically a relative of Duma and Mila); she was always getting a Legendary. Personally, I think only Ryoma and Julia could be argued to be extensions, and I'm not sure they really are (Ryoma was done super early and likely before they had any concrete plans and Julia just seems to be a developer favorite, like Sanaki). More needs to happen for me to think they're extending it.
  12. It didn't say anything should happen. I said "if they extend." Basically, if they keep going with Legendary units ("if they extend") then everyone left is a non-swordie.
  13. I'm aware. Doesn't change my statement. We don't know how long they're actually going to keep Legendary units going, they could stop after they finish the 3H house leaders for all we know. The number of possible candidates is dwindling.
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