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  1. Wanting Crash in Smash does not equal excusing and/or agreeing with and/or accepting anything Activision-Blizzard has done, nor would Crash getting into Smash somehow validate and/or excuse anything they've done. Crash existed long before Activision had the rights to the series, and he'll exist after the rights pass on to another studio (should that ever happen). That's all I'm gonna say about it.
  2. Bolded is probably where most people disagree with you. For me, personally, I find Jakob far more abrasive than any other Frederick/Sothe/Soren type character, by a very significant degree and with very few exceptions. Jakob takes things way beyond what most any of those other characters do.
  3. They could go the super dumb route and make the Fire Emblem a person, a "chosen one" of sorts. You call hamburgers 'Fire Hamblems'? (I understood that reference 😛 )
  4. For my much less imaginatively tiered tier list, with just the main playable cast... S. Dimitri, Marianne, Ashe, Mercedes A. Claude, Seteth, Yuri, Alois, Dorothea, Felix, Flayn, Petra B. Balthus, Lysithea, Bernadetta, Raphael, Ignatz, Annette, Hanneman, Manuela, Ferdinand, Caspar, Linhardt, Hilda, Sylvain C. Byleth, Edelgard, Ingrid, Leonie, Lorenz, Constance, Shamir, Gilbert, Cyril, Hapi, Anna D. Dedue, Catherine, Hubert, Jeritza
  5. Talk about an art improvement. Resplendent Raven looks great! Definitely one of the high-end ones they've given us.
  6. Well, one of Dancer Nephenee's lines does specifically say that Brom dances.
  7. 343. Ninian: Bright-Eyed Bride 344. Leonie: Relentless Rays 345. Dheginsea: Harvest Goldoan 346. Dagr: Sun's Radiance 347. Norne: Seaside Volunteer 348. Dimitri: The Protector
  8. So, with Fates being the focus of the next New Heroes banner and with us now having every single Nohrian character minus two (Percy and Ignatius), is Fates in a similar position to Echoes now? They could probably make one more second gen banner and maybe one for Scarlet/Mozu, I suppose.
  9. That's the thing, though. Crash is a massively successful series, especially if you're looking solely at sales. Not just successful. Massively so. You made it sound like it was closer to a niche title or something. Another fun fact is that Crash Bandicoot was the first non-Japanese game to get a "Gold Prize" in Japan for its sales, and is one of the few non-Japanese franchises that actually found success in Japan. You're right, though, that he's certainly not a shoe-in just because of sales or popularity. It is silly to think that. There's many characters that also have success that are yet to be added, and those with less success that have been added. Who knows what Nintendo considers when they pick a character?
  10. This is honestly a pretty misleading statement to make. 50 million units is a lot (a LOT). And several of the series that have sold more are things like Madden, FIFA, and Just Dance; things a lot of people buy for big parties and gatherings, of course they're going to sell like hot cakes. Crash's sales are comparable and close to Tekken, God of War, Mortal Kombat, and Metal Gear. All of which are considered massively successful series. Crash is very popular and certainly in that same successful category. Especially given the history of the franchise, how huge it was in the 90s and early 2000s, and the continuous and HUGE demand for a revival for several years before the N. Sane Trilogy. To compare sales further, it has sold more units than Street Fighter (although not by a huge amount), Pac-Man, Uncharted, Kirby, Guitar Hero, BioShock, Fallout, Mega Man, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, Castlevania, Spyro, and more.
  11. I'm gonna refrain from saying anything about Ultimate until we know who the final DLC character is. But, if that character isn't Crash Bandicoot, then Crash Bandicoot is absolutely the one I fear may have missed the train in Ultimate. Which sucks more than I can put into words. Anyway. 64: Meowth Melee: Dixie Kong Brawl: Lyn Wii U/3DS: Azura
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