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  1. The problem with that is that it is difficult to implement permadeath and larger casts, there needs to be a leader of sorts, or a go to character to be the primary driving force behind the party, I am all for having more characters be important in the story, but not having a protagonist in general can make things feel off in the context of plot progression. This isn't a four man team like final fantasy 3 where the guy you start with slowly integrates into a small party and everyone feels important, this is a large group of 14 to 50 where someone needs to drive the story along, not everyone can be important without reducing team numbers to below 10 and even then not everyone can be seen as equally important.
  2. @EdelgardHresvelgTargaryen Ok, well, this is awkward, admittedly I'd like to get involved again, but it seems that I somewhat ended up botching up my timing by going radio silent for like a month, all the same I guess I'll need to resubmit, I would like to play early manakete recruit again since corra and emiri seems to be late game more likely than not. Name: Crimson Forum name: thecrimsonflash Class: manakete Affiliation: protagonist Recruitment: Protagonist talks to her Recruitment time: late part 1 or early to mid part 2 Face portrait: I'll see what I can do on that front, I really don't know what exactly to use due to my rather generic style of pfp. Other notes: Crimson is a fairly upbeat character just trying to enjoy herself, this can get her in trouble due to not thinking too much about her actions or words before saying them, she has a fear of confrontation and tends to avoid people she feels she has slighted (regardless of how her "victims" actually feel on the matter), this problem can also lead to her inadvertently slacking off of her duties. Crimson is also one of Emiri's retainers alongside corra and is close to both, she apologises to them often due to feeling bad for being difficult sometimes. Crimson has a tendency to grow attached to people easily. She also tries to sound smart by explaining things to people, to varying results. Crimson could be recruited long before Emiri due to getting distracted and lost after being sent off on an errand and deciding that joining the protagonist would help her return to Emiri and would at least be a better idea than going alone. Age: 1500 (15) Boon: atk Bane: def As for the general starting stat spread, high atk(mag or str whichever is the primary attack stat) and res, moderate skl, hp, and def, and low spd and the unused atk stat.
  3. I recall hearing that they were not going to add any new classes through DLC and visuals aside, given the way that weapons work there really is little need for master variants of classes I find. Honestly this whole list is a mess, they aren't meant to be upgrades, but they actually are upgrades in some cases.
  4. Chrom easily gets the boot in favor of young tiki. Though even goomba would be better than chrom in the grand scheme of things.
  5. the generics in general have a bit more to them, some have facial hair and different face shapes, I don't yet know how if it is random or not (most likely is), especially armored knights they have so many different possibilities I couldn't even describe them to you. though in the grand scheme of things I am indifferent to varied enemies, but at least it helps the guys without helmets seem less uncanny.
  6. Admittedly it does have issues, convenience isn't my issue as much as us somehow going from the monastery to enbarr in roughly 2 days, not too bad for a teacher who actively ignored the riding skill.
  7. Death knight is killable in his first appearance, he is totally optional every time he shows up, but he is beatable, rupture/sublime heaven is a lifesaver in these moments.
  8. It us also necessary to get byleth's hidden talent in faith in NG+ if you cap it with the logbook I realized.
  9. that is incredibly odd late part 1 spoilers speculation aside, this is strange and if anyone else encounters this let me know.
  10. most fire emblems did not have a base number of stat ups per level, I am unaware of any that did that actually, more recently growths have seen increases compared to most old FEs however, I recall nowi in awakening having a 120% hp growth. it may be that you haven't reached the point in which you would be able to see the conversation, most or all the byleth supports are time sensitive and can be missed if you never check, they may also require some waiting beforehand, you can check if you missed it by selecting the support and it will tell you if you missed it or not.
  11. I will preface by saying that given that updates are planned for three houses it is in our best intrest to take note of any bugs present in three houses and confirm them where possible, a bug is much more likely to be fixed when it is documented and well known. For the first bug I have encountered personally, the fortify spell seems to cause crashes, the given circumstances behind my encounter of the bug had flayn as a dancer using fortify in the paralogue eternal guardian, this happened twice, I can confirm that healing in general worked fine including physic, other AOEs did not result in crashes this included meteor, gambits, and restore so I believe it is a problem with the one spell. This is still being investigated, please let me know if you encounter this yourself. Another bug to document is weird issues with the physics engine, I will not claim that they are at all distracting, but if they can be fixed that would be beneficial. It appears to be caused by the game interpreting camera movements as movement in general causing parts of some character models to move, again, no real issue, just odd and notable I have some clips saved and can upload them if there is demand. List of bugs Feel free to mention or PM me to get something added to the tracker, I tend to forget stuff easily and may still be playing three houses so the time I will likely allocate to bug tracking is minimal unfortunately. I would also like it if we could test the bugs after the next update just to check what has been fixed.
  12. I actually really don't like what they did with alm and micaiah, compared to camilla and eliwood they put no effort into the designs, alm is just his gaiden armor (which is already very close to his SoV armor celica was fine because her gaiden design is heavily disconnected from her SoV appearance) with a more regal cape and falchion again and micaiah is literally just a class change, I thought we were past this personally, but it seems like they couldn't be bothered to put any real effort into these, much like lucina and lyn (though at least lyn had that peld hanging off her shoulder). Brave alts are supposed to be something special and different from other alts, lucina only gets a free pass because they didn't think into the next year otherwise this is unacceptable. lyn's legendary outfit is actually based on her blade lord class where her dress only has one slit.
  13. Assassin marisa with shamshir has offered some pretty solid results in my experience (roughly 25% silencer rate) as for colm, don't, he is better as a rogue.
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