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  1. I'm not really one to complain too much with work, most days I don't have a ton to do anyways, at least it makes days go faster waiting for three houses.
  2. honestly, the only thing bad about pre-order culture is pre-order exclusive content, getting exclusive content in any game for pre-ordering is bad, but I don't see anything wrong with securing something that you already intended to purchase, especially in the case of special editions where supplies will likely be dubious at best. edit: oh, right, the topic... Good, good, not too surprising given the amount of press as of late, I still will not forget how we all felt like nintendo was setting this one up for failure due to not shoving as much info down everyone's throat as possible, but all things considered, fire emblem is a big series now, regardless of what detractors may say, even then, I'm not worried for the series' future, they have enough put away for a bomb or two at this point.
  3. he runs off to join the circus (smash bros.) with corrin and uses this to unite all his students in equal disapproval of this decision. sothis is also annoyed due to having her own agendas which byleth is ignoring now.
  4. If m!byleth is ftp that will piss a lot of people off, I mean he had better be 5* exclusive if they are doing a promotion for a free byleth with the purchase of 3H until next year.
  5. so basically a hot spring but even more erotic, nothin' like a bunch of big hairy guys in a room full of steam, snapping each other with towels and wrestling.
  6. admittedly I mainly wanted to show off my tiki moveset because this was fun to make and I thought it couldn't be done for the longest time. That aside, I don't see why that's all it should be. tiki moveset anyone else have any movesets they have that they made. This is always a fun topic so I think there is fun to be had.
  7. probably about as much influence as every previous entry has had on the series thus far, it is not uncommon to see ideas used again, but I do feel that it depends on the general vision for future entries, I think it is too soon to say if we are sitting on a thracia 776 or a genealogy of the holy war with regards to impact on the series proper.
  8. Alright, took me a few days to get around to this one, I did a beast emblem run here, it took a few tries, but it was pretty easy all things considered.
  9. good grief I'm late to this party, even though I cleared within the first 30 mins of release, armor emblem this time, not too hard, but certainly fun, nice showing of my amelia.
  10. that misses my point, I will most likely just ignore the gazebo in it's entirety because it is ultimately pointless, there is no real benefit to using amiibo in this case. I don't see myself dealing with teatime at all because even if it isn't face touching it is still pretty cringe and getting like 10 gold daily isn't exactly going to satiate me in any capacity, this isn't a phone game where those resources that I get for logging in every day can be useful eventually, this is a game where eventually, the story will end and I will have no further use for my 200+ tea leaves.
  11. I don't want to come off as confrontational, but your only precedent for "more female avatars in the main pool" is the fact that F!robin was a GHB, my problem with this is that there isn't exactly an abundance of avatars to begin with, if F!byleth is a GHB I really don't see the harm in it, it would make her accessible enough and would certainly beat her being a 5* exclusive (which would most assuredly be the case), she would at least be a greil project which is way more accessible than most other units. I do not expect the byleths to be in the common summoning pool at all, which just means that they will be difficult to merge in general may as well have one be FTP.
  12. Honestly for me, the problem with just giving you daily resources, I ask why even bother, I got that tiki amiibo regardless of what it did (which may as well have been nothing, tiki's tear is a waste of storage space in FEW at best), taping amiibo is way too much effort for the pittence of resources that it even gives in most cases and music only makes me ask the question, "why don't you give me all the FE music in TH" I mean the file compression on switch is already really good smash bros has over 800 audio tracks, so there is no excuse there, I doubt that the importing couldn't be done in an afternoon. the only thing that makes amiibo worthwhile is the exclusive stuff, the unique weapons and gear in BoTW was what made amiibo good not the 3 carrots and hylian herbs that I got from marth. Just go big or go home, I will not care if you don't do anything, I am perfectly fine with tiki, ike, and robin collecting dust, but please stop teasing us on better things, this is less than nothing because it generates hype and speculation, I mean I would have been fine with special weapons if characters were too much.
  13. don't expect anything like conquest vs birthright, but there may be a situation where you have a 3-13 and you get either to be the dawn brigade or the greil mercenaries or since it is three paths you get to be kurthnaga depending on which path you choose, so it may be painfully simple on some routes, but rather difficult on others, this would not be intentional of course.
  14. I love reusing battle animations, really dropped the ball there, they border on awakening levels of repetition, given that this is the first console FE in a while, I will give them the benefit of the doubt, but when the next game comes out I will be out for blood. the great knight is not a proper armor promotion, they wear even less armor than the regular armor knight. yeah, not diggin the overuse of mounts, really hurts the general class variety, my guess is that caps will not be so definitely tied to classes as other games, because there are classes in advanced tier which have no master equivalent like hero. naturally I expect other special classes are likely not being shown to prevent spoilers, unless they don't want lords having unique master level classes.
  15. dude broke embargo by mentioning new game+ I bet, that is likely why. Also, I wish they wouldn't even bother with amiibo, such a tease.
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