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Found 23 results

  1. So, we all know Raven, right? Mercenary, redhead, kinda weird, but a really good unit. Well, I was playing recently, grinding arenas with him, and when he hit level 20 I thought his defense was rather low. Sitting at a 6 (see picture) and starting at a 5 at level 5, I thought he must surely have bad odds for gaining it, but never thought this bad. He has a 25% chance at a defense gain each level, and across 15 levels, that would be (1/4)^15 chance for only one point to be gained. That's a 0.0000000093% chance of happening! Literally lower odds than winning the lottery. Am I that unlucky or has anyone else gotten super stat screwed?
  2. We have a brand new mode, and I'm still figuring out how the scoring works, but thought it would be nice to have one place to talk about this, since i didn't see a thread up. I managed to do pretty well with the above team, and it looks like @Johann is in the top 3 of my friend list. I've been using some peeps' units, and it looks like we can only use them once a day (or season?). I hadn't used the pair-up before, and not limiting it to new legendaries is nice. I finished all the quests and the tickets are a nice bonus. Has anyone used my Titania or found her useful? If anyone would like me to change, let me know.
  3. This is the tricks that I have found while playing Tearing Saga. You can perform it at anytime but you'll probably fail unless you do it after clearing map 19. You can get rare weapons, spears, axes and magic spells but you can't get rare bows. Here is how you do it: (I will try my best to minimize spoiler) * Recommend step: You should recruit the bishop and Plum before completing Map 2 because you are given a staff that can halve damage by 50%. Or else your chance of restarting the game is very high. But it's optional. *** Important: Don't trade Yuni to Runan's group in the first part. There is no good reason to any way, she can't fight and will be killed by the enemies easily. *** (In your first control of Holmes) In Map 15, let Attrom visit the house near the Inn that looks like a church to recruit Lyria. You must do this before reaching the next map but before Map 16. You will be given a staff that increases STR by 10. - Step 1: After you are taken control of Holmes' group the second time. Go to the Zombie Swamp and train Yuni (the female thief) to level 30. She has good Speed, and Luck, but her STR can't increase (It is 1 in my case). So the staff is a must for her to be able to defeat someone in combat. Here is my stat: STR 1 - MAG 11 SKL 20 - LUCK 17 SPD 25 - WLV 12 DEF 1 * Why use Yuni? Because she has the Steal skill that can take an item or a weapon from an enemy. * You can buy the Gladiator skill for Yuni in the same place you recruit Lyria for 8000G. - Step 2: Go to the map when there are 4 archers and you are given an option to use your allies as shopkeepers. Put Lyria and Yuni into your team. You can put Xeno in too. Put Yuni in the arena and put Katri and Xeno near her so that she can gain the Critical Hit Support Bonus. * It is recommeded that you put someone in the item shop. Because you can buy the Repair Hammer at a cheaper price. - Step 3: Use the STR+10 staff on Yuni and choose the highest hitting weapon you might have currently. I chose the Scimitar then the Steel Sword. If you have the 1/2 damage halves wand, use it on her too! You can try buying her shield to boost her weak DEFs. - Step 4: Go to the arena and fight. At first pick someone with a low class such as Sword Knight, Axe Knight, Lance Knight, Chief,... and defeats them. If you are lucky she will steal a weapon from him/her after you succeed. ( Marchen can steal all enemies' weapon upon defeat, but his growth is the worst and he isn't allowed in arena.) Here are the following rare weapons you can still in the Arena: + Master/Brave Sword: 2x attack. If you stole this and Yuni's WLV is high enough (12), use this from now on as your Arena weapon + Master/Brave Spear: 2x attack + Master/Brave Axe: 2x attack + Wardblade: Raide MDEF by 8, has slow use. It's not useful but you are not able to get that one often + Silver Sword/ Spear/ Axe: This one is useful to steal but the opponent will 1 hit Yuni unless she has the 1/2 damage stat bonus. + Levin Sword: You can use this one and Mel's MAG+8 staff combo but you can't bring Roger to Runan's team if you do that. + Shield Sword: Randomly increase DEF on his + Shield Axes: Always increase DEF + 10 on his + Swordbreaker + Killer Axes/ Sword: +20 Critical + Thoron Magic + Hellfire * If you are not leaving the map your stat bonus will not get reset. So it's the best way to get those rare weapon as early as chapter 20. * Alternatively, use Repair Hammer on the weapon. If you gets at least 51 kill it will be added CRT hit to your weapon. But at CRT+49 stop, make a save. If you get a red star, restart because the character might kill himself in the attack. If you get a green start, good. With this you can farm item from the arena easier. Good luck
  4. In almost every Fire Emblem it has been accompanied by an arena. As we all know the arena has a high-risk high reward type deal but this is not the case for Genealogy, rather you get a huge reward for very little risk. In the other FE games, your units will die if they reach 0 HP in the arena but in Genealogy your units are left at 1 HP. This allows you to heal that unit back to full HP and send them back into the arena for another chance to clear the arena and come out bags full of gold. There's really no reason not to send your units into the arena seeing as how you get nothing but gold and exp from it and it doesn't even handicap you when going into battle since you can heal all your units back to full before anyone even comes close to an enemy. This wouldn't be that bad were it not for the ridiculous amount of gold you get from the arena. In my first playthrough of Genealogy, I was easily able to cap everyone's gold and trade the paragon band amongst my army. By the time I was finished with the arena, all my units were wayy stronger than most enemies. What I would like to know is if IS were to remake Genealogy how would you change the arena to balance the game OR would you argue that the arena is balanced and shouldn't be changed. Some ideas I had in order to balance the arena was to have the enemies scale in level depending on the average level of your army. Another was to simply increase the arenas difficulty either by giving higher stats to the opponent as well as getting less gold from the arena. Thanks and would love to hear your thoughts.
  5. My question is coming because I realize that for a lot of modes I have to shift my focus. I have been working on getting a wide variety of characters 5*, level 40. I am realizing that for some of these modes I really need to be focusing more getting a few specific units as plus 10s. So, I am back in feather mode and trying to collect these units to be killing machines. It just makes me wonder what other people are working on - your arena teams? Finishing all of the auxiliary story modes? Pestering developers about a trading mode like Pokémon? Just curious. I feel like I learn a lot about how many of you are successful in what you do. I think if I can get a few great units I can move out of this Arena 17-18 loop I have been in.
  6. With the newest update, there is another item added to the game Arena Crowns. I wonder in the future what will be the purpose of this one? Considering that potentially is going to be the rarest collectibles in the game. For me I'm unsure for the purpose of them, since a minority of players can have gain them. But it must be something grand for the amount of effort put in.
  7. Im playing Fe4 for the first time and I was wondering if i should use arenas and how much I should use them? Im asking this because I don't want to make my army massively over powered and steam roll the whole game. Also I would like to know: are there any named units in the arena and does the arena reset every chapter?
  8. I have two questions, one of which is for fun and the other is about your experience. First, the fun question: A lot of people have suggested working on a good "triad" for the arena and to plug in a bonus unit as you see fit. Who is your triad? What is your all purpose team? The second question is, especially for those of you making videos to help others, who are the 5-10 characters that we, your viewers, (or that you see in these videos) that everyone should have on deck?
  9. Hi everyone, i'm new to Serenes Forest but have been on the Cipher discord.I have been playing Heroes since release and f2p. So far I have 25 five star heroes, with one being a duplicate Ninian. I also have been using Camus and Xander as four stars on my horse team. Here's the list: Alfonse: Neutral Marth: +Spd -Res Saber: +Atk -Spd Zephiel: Neutral Young Tiki: +HP -Res Celica: +Res -Def Leo: +Res -Atk Sharena: Neutral Brave Lucina: Neutral Free Choice Azura: Neutral Effie: +Res -HP Clive: Neutral Mathilda: +HP -Res Tana: +Atk -Spd Hinoka: +Res -Def Ninian: +Atk -Spd and +HP -Res Delthea: +Atk -Def Raven: +Spd -Res Hawkeye: +Res -Atk Hector: +Res -Atk Nino: +Spd -HP Takumi: +Res -Def Brave Lyn: +Def -Atk Maria: +HP -Atk (really only good for grinding, as well as my 1st 5 star summon) Overall the only bad things about my selection is the number of blue units compared to others as well as some IV's. I'll throw out some of my ideas and see what everyone thinks: Quadstrike Infantry Buffed Raven, Brave Lucina, Delthea, Azura/Ninian Pros: High Damage, Brave Lucina and Delthea can be good in battle as well Cons: Low defense, someone will die in Arena Tana or Dancer Armor Emblem Tana or Ninian/Azura, Hector, Zephiel, Effie Never tried this team out but could work, though Tana could die due to needing to fly ahead for Guidance. Horse Emblem Brave Lyn, Leo, Xander 4 star, Camus 4 star I have the buffs they want, but upgrading them and getting Raurblade+ for Leo is 60k feathers though the regular version works fine. This team could survive with Xander and Leo defending, maybe Camus having Renewal and Reciprocal Aid for Quick Riposte Leo. I can level a Reinhardt but my 2 aren't +Atk. Dragon Emblem Young Tiki, 4 star Nowi, 4 star Fae, Ninian Fortify Dagons sadly doesn't stack, but Ninian doesn't need the buff herself. My dragons don't have optimal IV's but would work. Renewal and Reciprocal Aid/Ardent Sacrifice? Hone Nino Nino, Alfonse, Sharena, Rallier Focusing on Gronnblade+, Nino could be pretty impressive, but not a Cecelia on Horse Emblem My Old Arena Team Delthea, Hector, Azura, Yong Tiki, swap one for bonus unit I lose against some Horse Emblem, especially Brave Lyn. Overall i'm happy with my units and this has opened me up to choices I've never thought about. I've been wanting to use Leo since I got him early on but never did. Wish I got Summer Leo but Celica showed up instead. I'd love to hear everyone's suggestions and their own personal teams as well. :)
  10. Currently, my team is Sharena, Takumi, and Nino. As the title implies, I'm wondering whether Eldigan or Marth has better synergy with my team. Thoughts?
  11. I have not seen anyone posting a relatively consistent method of reaching 3,001+ scores, or at least not recently, so I want to post mine out. I was super lucky and got Hector without spending money, but I did spend about $120 later trying to get Camilla, Ryoma, and Takumi. I only got a Camilla 4* from that $120.00. I did get other good units, but nothing overpowered. — — — — — — — My team currently consists of: Narcian [N/A, Lancebreaker 2, Savage Blow — Steel Axe, N/A, Retribution] 3* Lv. 20 HP 28 Atk 24 Spd 15 Def 16 Res 14 Julia [N/A, N/A, N/A — Naga, N/A, Dragon Gaze] 5* Lv. 01 HP 15 Atk 23 Spd 07 Def 05 Res 08 Hector [Distant Counter, N/A, Spur Atk 2 — Armads, N/A, Pavise] 5* Lv. 40 HP 49 Atk 52 Spd 24 Def 40 Res19 Serra [N/A, N/A, Hone Atk 2 — Absorb, Recover, Imbue] 4* Lv. 40 HP 31 Atk 28 Spd 29 Def 19 Res 34 Based on my experience it is important to place Hector in the third or fourth slot on the team, because he is an armored unit and he is very, very slow to get into position. The third and fourth slot will land him closer to the middle of the map usually. I personally prefer the third slot since it is easier for other units to hide behind him. The enemies in the arena will come after you right from the start rather than wait for you to get into their attack range. Hector should get into enemy range as soon as possible, preferably with only one or two enemies being able to reach him per turn, and preferably at a choke point. Hector is not invincible, so he can get swarmed. This strategy may or may not work using other units with counter, because Armads allows him to make "...a guaranteed follow-up attack when attacked at HP ≥ 80%" which is metaphorically insane. Make sure your healer is close behind to keep Hector's health as high as possible. Any healer will work, but I prefer one that has both Recover and Imbue for a large amount of healing. Narcian and Julia are just there to keep my rating low and boost my score. I tried using four high-level units before, but the risk of losing to a stronger team and losing the chain bonus is not worth the meager increase in score. Hector is overpowered, but not invincible. — — — — — — — So what does this mean? When you go into the Arena and face my team, my team will mindlessly rush you. The double attack from Armads will only work if Hector is being attacked, so you do not have to worry about my Hector doubling your Hector as long as you do not initiate the attack. Basically, if everyone has just one Hector, one healer, and two weak bonus heroes, everyone will have an easy time earning the maximum amount of feathers. However, if you want to ruin my life, put adult Tiki from Awakening on your team. She alone can and will slaughter Hector and massacre my team. I feel pretty lucky because I do not see her very often. I tried countering Tiki with Kagero, Oboro, Peri, and Robin, but all that did was increase my rating and Tiki still manages to kill my Hector. This team is also vulnerable to a combination of dancer/singer and certain red units that can take a double whammy from Armads. However, they are usually not a big problem because the dancer/singer is often out of position, or they choose the wrong unit to dance/sing to. I hope this helps everyone with Hector out there who did not know about this. I do already see a lot of Hector players with similar setups, so that is perfect. If you have Ryoma, Takumi, or any other units with counter, what are your strategies? Is my strategy similar to yours? What about people who do not have units with counter, how do you manage to get the max score?
  12. Well, the only ultimate profit of this is trying to figure how much of a bonus you get for "bonus" characters. Still, i've started a google table to gather some extensive statistics and, probably, break down the formula later. If you're in - feel free to help me gather some statistics by putting down information about your winning games. I'm going to fill that thing anyway. To do that just copy the blank or already existing table and fill as much "greyed" fields as you'd like. You can neglect filling the stats for your team and fill the "total rank" instead. As of now it seems to me that HP left doesn't affect anything, but I still made that field to be sure. The max points are very close to the total enemy team rank, but I can't yet devise a formula to describe the deviation from it. It probably depends on the bonus chars but i'm not sure. The difference between min and max points is probably based on units left, but that needs further confirmation. The link: Google Table btw: if you see fields filled with 1 and 0, 1 means "True", 0 means "False".
  13. You win 7 times in a row and get stacked up bonus points. But what happens on the 8th win? Is it worth it for me to win 14 matches per week? Or is it pointless to go beyond 7?
  14. You win 7 times in a row and get stacked up bonus points. But what happens on the 8th win? Is it worth it for me to win 14 matches per week? Or is it pointless to go beyond 7?
  15. Since when can you beat an arena with zero HP? Also what happened: Ulster used sol (Dew's son). But he didn't absorb enough HP to take another hit. The swordmaster hit him fatally... but despite having no HP this fight still continues. Does anyone know about this glitch? Or is there a hidden skill activated... I'm not aware of?
  16. Just wondering if this is possible/if anyone has done it. ~50,000 EXP is a lot to pick up without grinding. I mean I guess you can just staff spam for a bunch of turns without doing anything, but that's not what I mean either.
  17. Just wondering what's the arena theme for New Mystery of the Emblem? If you could lead me to a YouTube video that would be great
  18. So, in your opinion, which arena in the series was the best? Yeah, some allowed you to grind to your heart's content, but it gave you money. Plus, risk vs reward is a great way to have players really consider whether or not grinding is good for them. In other words, which Fire Emblem arena is the best, and which alteration would you like to see return to the series? For example, consider the GBA ones giving you X ammount of money back after you won, or the first one giving you back your money X10 as alterations, or something like that. Fates's my castle arena is included in the discussion as well. Thanks!
  19. Just a few things I've observed as I try to push arena rates to 100%: As far as I can tell, the Arena Shield is always respected in your own castle provided you only have it on one person. To make it even more certain, putting it on two members of a couple will guarantee one of them shows up. Your Arena Shield is completely ignored when visitors come to your castle, as is any given character's support partner. If your goal is to have units that fight well for visitors, you cannot force one in and have to be mindful of that. At high levels and in later rounds, the enemy relentlessly cheats with its stats. Expect enemies with improbable Defense (Xander with capped Str runs up against GK with 50+ Def) and Speed (Onmyojis with 50+ Spd, etc.). For this reason, I think Wary Fighter and proc skills are the way to go in the arena: The enemy's overkill Spd is irrelevant if they cannot double, and you get proc skills while the enemy never does. Rend Heaven or Luna and Wary Fighter are huge boosts to survivability and damage output. The arena counts as initiated combat, meaning Blow skills are always active. I believe that the arena also always counts as My Castle for the purpose of Dwyer's personal. Warding Blow is -20 magical damage taken at effectively all times in the arena. Certain Blow can also be a huge help as enemy Avoid rates are often absurd. I haven't tested this but I've also been told that if Selena is the partner her personal will activate every time she attacks after her lead unit crits once. While partner units cannot activate skills, they can use damage boosting skills and Blow skills. Life and Death, Death Blow, and Certain Blow are really fantastic to have on the secondary unit. They can also serve as a Nohrian Trust bot, but I find the contribution of the partner is pretty important in terms of reliably beating arena enemies. You do not seem to get inventory boosts (stat-boosting weapons, Battle/Visitation Seal boosts, etc.) while in the arena, as your inventory is replaced by a Bronze (if E rank in your class's primary weapon) or Iron weapon corresponding to the origin of the class (i.e. Hoshidan classes get Katanas/Naginatas/Clubs/Shuriken/Yumi/Scrolls and the reverse for Nohrians). However, you do get your class boosts. Any class with innate Crit has a pretty significant advantage in the arena because a critical with a proc almost always allows for a kill on the opponent. The game seems to choose valid opponents -- that is, opponents who could engage the unit in regular combat at any particular range your unit could engage them -- with a bias toward having WTA against you. There seem to be two ways to exploit this: Bow units appear to only be matched against Hidden Weapons, other Bows, and Tomes; additionally, Stones are outside the weapon triangle. The arena generates units based on the main unit and its chosen partner, before you choose which unit to send in. Having a very high-level unit partnered with a very low-level one can allow for shenanigans. As far as I've been able to tell from experimentation, the best arena unit is probably a Sniper with Warding Blow and Bowbreaker (plus at least one activation like Aether, Luna, or Rend Heaven). You'll have WTA on Hidden Weapons, Breaker advantage on other Bows, and you'll take vastly less damage from Tomes which the game will select a lot as it's the only valid weapon that can get WTA on your arena lead. A partner with LaD / Certain Blow / Death Blow and a high-crit class like Berserker / Swordmaster / Master Ninja allows them to contribute significant damage through crits, which erases the damage penalty from support attacks; Berserker is one you'd have to be careful with as WTD could cause hit issues, so a Spear Master partner might be a better pick. The other option would be a Wolfssenger or Nine-Tails since they're off the weapon triangle and will always get their weapon rank bonus. My only concern there is they'd probably be matched up against units with extremely high Def, so you'll want Aether or Luna to break through that. I haven't experimented enough to see whether other beast units can appear as arena opponents; if they do, I'm not sure if they get Beastbane or not. If they don't, you're pretty much safe because only Iron weapons appear in the arena. Same logic applies for using armored or dragon classes, you won't see Hammers or Wyrmslayers. You will however see bows matched up against fliers, so I don't recommend that. If you're trying to make your castle's arena pretty reliable for visitors, you need to make sure every character who could show up in the arena is relatively self-sufficient. They don't get their partner so no support boosts (which sucks) and they can't use Nohrian Trust. Armored/Warding Blow and an activation skill are a big help; the arena seems to go a little easier on visitors but you still want to end fights fast because the enemy will tend to have a damage/hitrate advantage that skews victory odds in their favor. tl;dr: Use Wary Fighter, Blow skills, and at least one activated battle skill in the arena and you'll win even high-level third rounds fairly consistently. Also Bows seem to only get matched against other 2 range weapons. Has anyone else observed trends in the arena that might be exploited to help win it, even with very high-level units?
  20. so this has been bugging me since I got my import copy back in June of last year heck I even speculated that one of the GBA games battle themes would make it into the arena over a year ago take a listen I plan on uploading my own video tommorow listen to the background music I also find it kind of weird that I can't find this paticular piece in the offical ost or in the game's sound test if you can link me to a video that has the music playing in it I will edit it in now listen to this having a somewhat music skilled background I honestly believe that the arena's theme after 2 months of listening and comparing is FE6's battle theme. though you may say it's not the exact same go back and listen to all of the other arena themes and tell say that they sound the exact same as the original piece. I find it to be much more subtle than what the other games did
  21. If you're like me, you like getting characters to Level 99. Which is great... until you get into Arena and fight Level 99 enemies. So be careful when maxing characters.
  22. As we know My Castle has its spot on the Nohr side, too. This got me a little worried, because Nohr is supposed to be harder and is said to have limited amount of exp. However the My Castle features different types of building as well as an arena like pic related: http://postimg.org/image/7fplh9blz/ You have to pay with resources to start a duell, but you also win double the amount. You get where I'm going with this. Could lead to: - infinite resources - blood for the rngod - broken reset buttons As the image suggests you can spend different resources for different opponents. This + the fact that you can boost your stats temporally with food, gives a hugh advantage over the arena meat. Past arenas worked similarily. The more meat you sliced, the thicker the meat got. In this case it would be rather impractical, because that way only very few very strong units could benefit from the feature. Thoughts?
  23. How do I calculate which enemy I'll be fighting? I heard "Gambled gold minus 40 times (level minus 1) - Enemy Class (Enemy Weapon)," but I'm lost as to what that means.
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