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  1. Probably barely counts as fan works but didn't know where else to post it, just a psuedo-collage using promotional materials from the series I made. Also sorry if the picture quality is bad. IMG_E5688.HEIC
  2. Since WarioWare Move It! has been released and I did saw some YouTubers did posted some of the Nintendo Microgames and Fire Emblem Engage was included in one of the Microgames in 9-Volt's Stage similar to like WarioWare Gold has the Awakening Microgame where it showed Chrom & the FEA Boss Victor and WarioWare Let's Get It Together has the Three Houses Microgame that features the Tea Time Management that only features the Three Houses leaders Claude, Edelgard, and Dimitri (no Byleth was shown on screen in that game). I did look at some of the footages about that Fire Emblem Engage Microgame has Alear (both genders are random) gets the ring put on and also shows the Regular Rings as well. I did saw Marth, Celica, Female Corrin, and Byleth were shown in gameplay footages when Alear does the Emblem Engage in the microgames. I have to ask this as a Fire Emblem related content for the thread if anyone who owns a copy of WarioWare Move It! played the Fire Emblem Engage Microgame. I got three questions about the Fire Emblem Engage microgame that was featured in WarioWare Move It! Are there any other main Emblem Ring characters appear in the microgame that I haven't mentioned like Roy, Ike, Eirika, etc. Does any of the DLC Emblem Bracelet characters from the Fire Emblem DLC appear in this microgame can changes up like changes up the play style like say "Wear the Bracelet!" instead of "Wear the Ring" or it only shows up the Emblem Ring Characters only in this microgame? What happens if you let Alear wear the non-Emblem Ring? Does that make the player loses a point in the microgame or would Alear might still be little bit unpleased and still wants to fights?
  3. I wanted to share off my Stream that I'm going to be playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook. I wanted to start off playing #1 today on Chapter 1 through 3 today. I'm planning on adding #2 somewhere in my YouTube schedule in the future. I'm going to complete Chapter 4 in the next one.
  4. Hello, everyone! Here I am, once again delivering a one-shot fic. Another Engage one. This one's about an idea I thought up recently. A possible headcanon, if you will, considering the game doesn't say anything about the matter. At least, that I know of. So then... enjoy! To Fabricate a Miracle
  5. So far, both Marth and Celica have different titles: the Emblem of Beginning and the Echoing Emblem respectively, so it's apparent that every other Emblem will have a title based on their game in some way as well. There were some fun suggestions in the JP tweets thread, but I thought it may be fun to make this its own conversation. So, what do you think? UPDATE: Now that we know what half of the Emblems do, I thought it'd be time to give this thread an update to now also ask what you think they'll do and what weapons they may have. The ones we've seen so far are already plenty powerful after all and pay homage to their home titles: how do you think the rest will homage their past selves and origins? Also, do you think there'll be any duds in the batch? P.S. As of this update, we're still missing info on Corrin, Lyn and Byleth and know nothing at all about Leif, Roy, Eirika, Ike, Micaiah or Lucina.
  6. I did remembered that back at Super Smash Bros. Melee that Marth and Roy didn't have a Stage available, while Castle Siege that is from Daein is the truely first Fire Emblem stage in SSB series that appeared in Brawl and later that we got Arena Ferox from Ylisse and Coliseum (possibly from one of the Fire Emblem Arenas) in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U (but when Corrin was added in that he/she became the third Fire Emblem rep that to not receive his/her own stage based off from his/her continent and the only DLC newcomer in For Nintendo 3DS / Wii U to not receive his/her own stage as well) and finally when Byleth came in Ultimate that comes with Garreg Mach Monastery. I do remembered that the development back in Melee that Marth and Roy were originally going to have Archanea stage planned before it became scrapped and Elibe stage was never been mentioned in the works in Melee (presumably that I think Elibe stage wasn't planned to exist since Roy was existed around 1 year before his first canonical debut in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade at 2002). If Marth had an Archanea stage, Roy has an Elibe stage, and Corrin has his/her own stage based off from his/her unnamed continent. Which of the three stages based around in the locations do you think it would fit in Marth's, Roy's, and Corrin's own stage? I was thinking Marth's would might be around a battlefield somewhere in Dohlr, Roy's might be somewhere in Pherae, and Corrin's stage would might be a traveling stage to travel to Nohr and Hoshido similar to like Delfino Plaza, Prism Tower, and Garreg Mach Monastery.
  7. I thought we start a Topic where we post Legendary hero battle Marth clears. I am ashamed i had to pull out my recently built +10 Reinhardt >.< Starting to work on a clear with the Askr trio, but i just started and it seems near impossible lol.
  8. (((Starting note, please ignore any typos that require a capital "o". Please and thank you )) Hello and welcome to this project that I've been working on for a while. I'm not too good with intros, but here we go. You can read the hub here; https://imgur.com/gallery/EtN9dFQ Twitter mommnent: https://twitter.com/i/moments/1059121332959539200 *New!* Feedback room: I am still fine with you in posting in this thread and somewhat would prefer it. But ill just give a basic run down of what this thing is. This project is a continuation of my FE11 image LP that I originally started to document for a friend of mine who does not play videogames. And soon it spiraled into a Visual Novel inspired reinterpretation of FE12's plot. The continuity of the story follows the FE11 LP, but I write with the intention that reading the first LP Is not a requirement. My goal of this project is two things; Firstly; Remixing elements to make the fan translation of FE12 to be more coherent, focused on Marth, add more character interactions, and I add new twists along Marth's journey through the War of Heroes, and to start there is a new MU. Replacing Kris is a traveler named Pearl, a sailor who has a knack for dark magic. They plot to get into the knighting academy to retrieve the Falchion for their own ritual to bring someone they love dear. Secondly; is to analyze and commentate on the player interactions within the game universe. By treating the actions I take to always be "canon" you see then the ripple effect of how my actions impact the characters in the world psychologically and physically. This can be as direct as evidence of this being an "iron man" run, and when friends die – characters take time to lament over my own player incompetence. Yet, on the other hand, the impact of this player controlling characters relationship can be taken to its logical extreme; some questioning the fact of "is Naga the true god here"?, characters with cannon "future sight" abilities horrified that things are not / will not go "by the in-game script", "save stating" and then "reloading" makes characters feel as if they're taken out of their own bodies or violated mentally, to something as little as our own spotless "goodie two-shoes Prince Marth being aware of how easy it is for any character to kill their friends they know canonically if and when the own gameplay allows for it. And not only knowing that he can but having the baseline motivation to do so in the first place, because the gameplay allows both him and you the player to shank your friends. In short; every deviation from "the sparse canon script" is to be heavily noted for it was done intentionally because of player interaction with the stories fate itself. It is called a "rewrite". It's this balance between both "bumping up" the script and bringing in meta-commentary which has made it somewhat difficult to find a platform to showcase this work, but I think you guys would quite enjoy this. Here are the links to the individual chapters, all hosted on Imgur due to the visual style format. If this list is not updated check the hub URL at the top of the post 1) Prologue 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/3H7ZiyQ [gameplay] 2) Prologue 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/ordtlxb [gameplay] [Cover found on the hub] 3) Prologue 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/hQUrMfa [gameplay] [Cover found on the hub] 4) Prologue 4: https://imgur.com/gallery/jEXEO8f [gameplay] [Cover found on the hub] 5) Prologue 4 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/rqMJy7t [Cover found on the hub] 6) Prologue 4 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/iQeGwxu 7) Prologue 4 . 3 https://imgur.com/gallery/ZFbCiQU 😎 Prologue 5: https://imgur.com/gallery/metxz5T [gameplay] 9) Prologue 5 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/i8jKK8E 10) Prologue 5 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/YzFrOd0 11) Prologue 6 . 0: https://imgur.com/gallery/MUUGCNx 12) Prologue 6 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/TODyeLc 13) Prologue 6 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/XW7JgpP 14) Prologue 6 . 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/S5OC6BN 15) Prologue 6 . 4: https://imgur.com/gallery/t0jxpZz [gameplay] 16) Prologue 7: https://imgur.com/gallery/03zFsJX 17) Prologue 7 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/qDPocr0 18) Prologue 7 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/NXPWZeH [gameplay] 19) Prologue 8 . 0: https://imgur.com/gallery/1NfhpoL [+4 illustrations] [gameplay] 20) Prologue 8 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/W4au1BO 21) Prologue 8 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/YohbGuU 22) Prologue 8 . 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/FI6kglZ 23) Chapter 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/LlsEL6o 24) Chapter 1 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/1G2gd3R 25) Chapter 1 . 2 https://imgur.com/gallery/FGoA2Qf [4 illustrations] 26) Chapter 1 . 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/OkgQRms 27) Chapter 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/NAeK66K [Gameplay] 28) Chapter 2 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/MfhVzY5 29) Chapter 2 . 2 https://imgur.com/gallery/2pbs5Fh 30) Chapter 2 . 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/2pbs5Fh [many illistrations] I would absolutely adore feedback, both just comments/reactions/ to raw criticism. This is my first time seriously writing, and I'm considering making this more than just a hobby at the end of this project. But I would much rather have the feedback be in the main thread. I love the conversations! Additionally, shout outs to any of the editors who translated the original FE12 script and put it up on the our wiki. Seriously, this couldn't have been made without you.
  9. I don't know, if Marth haves birthday date, I was investigated in Fire Emblem Wiki, but, his birthday date hasn't shown. Unlike Lucina's birthday is in April 20th, Edelgard's birthday is in June 22, and/or Sakura's birthday is in April 9th. We don't know if Marth's doesn't have birthday date, or his birthday is unknown........
  10. Chapter one in a nutshell I made this on top a different vid because I'm lazy com.bongasoft.overlayvideoimage_kH3MEJVMYuJQPWo9.mp4
  11. Since it's been nearly two years since Banryu did his post on the Lodestar, I thought I'd try my hand, since I recently gave him a full build. I will go on his base stats, but remember that those can have 6 or 7 added to them easily through merges (which are cheap for a 3/4* unit you probably have loads of in your barracks) and Dragon Flowers. Also, before I begin, shoutout to @BANRYU, who did a build of this man back in 2018. You can find his thread here. Marth, the Hero-King of Altea, the Star and Savior, and the slayer of the Shadow Dragon, is unfortunately rough to use these days due to his generation one stats. He has a BST of 158 at neutral IVs, though his speed stat (with a boon) is still respectable even for Gen 4 standards. He also comes in with a salvagable defense and a decent HP and ATK. His RES, however, is hopeless. He does come with a PRF weapon - Falchion (Mystery). Like all Falchions, his is effective against Dragon units, and gives him an innate Renewal skill, which can be really nice, and led to a full build template focused around this specific weapon. His refine, however, is what put him on the map as one of the best buffers of Generation 1, by giving a spectrum bonus of +2 to allies within two spaces during combat. Even today, that bonus is nothing to sniff at. It's a very easy condition to meet, and any unit who needs buffs could make use of it. * Level 40 Stats: HP: 37 / 41 / 44 Atk: 28 / 31 / 34 Spd: 31 / 34 / 37 Def: 25 / 29 / 32 Res: 20 / 23 / 26 BST: 157~158 Default Skills: Weapon: Falchion Assist: Pivot Special: -- A-Skill: -- B-Skill: Escape Route 3 C-Skill: Spur Speed 3 Star and Savior - Physical Tank
  12. I heard that Kris or MU was a very controversial character i wanted to ask fans of this game if it is true and if so... How would you change him?
  13. Sooo, despite FE11 lacking actual conversations, there were support bonuses. Anyone who gives or receives a bonus from Marth counts. Me... I'm oddly fond of Marth/Tiki. Please tell me I missed no one.
  14. Hello! This is me more so testing out the file share function on this place, but I wanted to share something to you all! There's this project I've been working on called FE12REWRITE which has a lot of edits for sprites needed to work. I've worked out a preset of facial expressions that I then edit on top of to add more facial variety to my artwork. I only do this though with two characters; the MU (the "Kris") and Marth. Although the MU's file is too big to share, Marth is slim enough to shave down his main file and give with you all, and half-ironic since he has the most face edits when I work off of these bases. I've included the PDS file for you to see and play around with and a gif showcasing some of the expressions. Underneath I'll be posting some of the face edits done in the episodes that have been published. The PDF includes… Several different facial expressions. Custom edits. An eyepatch, found in the MU character creation eye options, augmented slightly to be friendlier to Marth's hair. A scrapped concept of an arrow coming out of Marth's shoulder. Marth without his cape. A custom edit. Marth wearing a Male mage uniform found in the Male!Kris character creation options based off of your starter class. A sword, ripped from M!Kris's splash artwork. Marth wearing a monocle, found in the Male!Kris character creation eye options. Tiaraless Marth, created from several Female and Male!MU hair options. Marth with a slash on his cheek, found in the Male!Kris character creation eye options. I hope you enjoy your Marth edits! Image examples from future / present parts of these edits in motion: FE12 New Mystery REWRITE: Prologue 4.2 (((Note the mouth edit combo present in this one is not found on the PSD file for it was added in post.))) FE12 New Mystery REWRITE: Prologue 4.3 FE12 New Mystery REWRITE: Prologue 8.3 ((Custom sweatdrop added in post)) A few from VERY future chapter ((Custom sweatdrop added in post, Cecil not included in PDF)) ((Custom lighting added in post)) I am open for critic and comments in my thread. FE12 Marth mastercopy_serenesforest.psd
  15. Fire Emblem: Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken translation project Hakoda Maki Map 13 onwards As this manga has been licensed, this translation project was founded on and intended for educational purposes only. We fully support the official translation (assuming there will be one at some point). Manga synopsis Before the release of Shadow Dragon, the manga was released in accordance to FE1. This follows the story of Marth and his quest of reclaiming his homeland, although most may know Marth from the Super Smash Bros. series. This manga does not strictly follow the events of the original FE1 game or its remake, but it provides a good insight into the characters and how they behave towards one another during the time of a great war. Familiar faces are seen, although please note not all characters of Shadow Dragon are in the manga. Overall, the series vary on dark and humorous notes. The story follows the general path of the game, however there are turns that are unique to the artist and not present in Shadow Dragon. This series also has an accompanying CD Drama that spans 4 volumes. Downloads and more information about it can be found HERE. Where we stand In terms of translation, Volumes 1, 2 and part of 3 have been translated by a third party HERE as well as raws of the other volumes. There are 12 volumes altogether, with 5 maps to each one. Some may have more to include 'gaiden' chapters, which are basically in-depth flashbacks. This project aims to translate from Map 13 (Volume 3) onwards following the radio silence on the first team's end. As of May, the translation project has two teams involved to speed up the translation process and integrate fully with CalculusWhiz's independent project (...no pun intended). Their translations can be viewed online HERE, but volumes 3-6 have been translated from Chinese, not the original Japanese. As this is a translation of a translation, there are several aspects that fall short, such as the original puns. We appreciate any and all support for the project. Just give us a shout to let us know you're out there and that all this work is making someone in the world happy. Trust me, it's a lot quicker to read than to be behind the scenes. Please also take the time to visit CalculusWhiz's Facebook group for updates, stalker reasons, comments or to support him/us with a like. This is also the first point of release. We also had our website HERE, but we are now no longer able to upload to it. For third party users, this is also a good place to leave comments without having a SF account or disclosing your identity using FB. We hope you continue to follow our progress and thank you for taking the time to read through all this. We will try to update frequently and keep you posted as and when a new map is available. As always, thank you for your patience, hope you enjoy reading and please spread the word! Important announcements May 2012 - The project has branched into two teams. The original team will continue from Volume 3 and CalculusWhiz and I will continue from Volume 7. 1 October 2012 - Maps 13-16 and 31-34 have been enhanced and reuploaded. Please download the relevant files for a more fulfilling experience of Fire Emblem reading. November 7 2012 - Maps will no longer be uploaded singly for download. Instead, files will be uploaded to my SkyDrive, which enables online viewing as well as file downloads. Volume downloads are still available. August 2013 - For no apparent reason, the ddsol site no longer wants us to upload maps onto there. Please note that future maps will be hosted onto SkyDrives, the download links for full volumes and various manga sites such as Animea and MangaFox. 22 May 2014 - Volumes 3,4,5,7,8,9,10 and 11 have been reuploaded for insane consistency and reformatting purposes. Edits include but are not limited to those listed here. Maps 1-12 and CW's maps 29-30.2 will also become available on the SkyDrive for overall easy access of the manga. 11 April 2015 - After over 3 years on this project, final chapter is released. Downloads Maps 1-12 can be downloaded on the Serenes Forest manga page. These are also uploaded on SkyDrive but we do not take credit for them. This was done by the original team some years back. Hakoda notes Volumes 1 and 2 All files from map 13 onwards are available on SkyDrive for online reading and/or download. Volume 3 | 4shared | Mediafire | (this also includes the pre-translated maps 11 and 12) Volume 4 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 5 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 6 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 7 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 8 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 9 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 10 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 11 | 4shared | Mediafire | Volume 12 | 4shared | Mediafire | Should you want to upload these elsewhere, please go ahead but please keep the credits pages intact! Thank you for your cooperation. Members Volumes 3-6 Jeorge - Translator and Editor Dokutayuu - Proof-reader Darros - Proof-reader Ike-Mike - Editor Volumes 7 onwards Crazy Foxie (still Jeorge) - Translator and Second Editor CalculusWhiz - Translator and First Editor Other manga translation projects you may like FE4 Genealogy of the Holy War by O-sawa Mitsuki (In progress, credits to Tomoyo) FE4 Seisen no Keifu by Fujimori Nuts (Complete part 1, credits to AceNoctali) FE4 Seisen no Keifu by Fujimori Nuts (Complete part 2, credits to TheEnd) FE4 Light Inheritor by Fuyuki Nea (Complete, credits to TheEnd) Miscellaneous material you may like FE3 All of Fire Emblem Guidebook FE1 Ankokuryuu to Hikari no Ken CD Drama (Hakoda Maki) FE1 CD Drama (Masaki Sano, Kyo Watanabe)
  16. Marth: Altean Prince The mascot of the Fire Emblem series, Marth himself, is frankly one of the best support and utility units in the entirety of Heroes. In terms of healing capabilities as a non-staff unit, sheer quantity of passive boosts (or field buffs, as they're known), and availability/ease of use, the Archanean Hero-King of Legend is second to none, providing all of this in a single package on top of dragon-effective damage to boot. He's also notable for being the best healer unit in the upper eschelons of Arena scores, since staff units inherently possess a lower BST than a melee infantry, making Marth the best and highest-scoring healing and support unit when merged to completion. While he may not pack Alm or Chrom's raw power or Lucina's powerful sweeping capabilities, Marth can safely lay claim to a niche all his own thanks to the numerous boons he can grant his allies, being both common and extremely easy to build with no exceptionally rare skills required, and the ease of use with which he can provide assistance for any team composition. 5* Level 40 Stats: HP: 37 / 41 / 44 Atk: 28 / 31 / 34 Spd: 31 / 34 / 37 Def: 25 / 29 / 32 Res: 20 / 23 / 26 BST: 157~158 Default Skills: Weapon: Falchion Assist: Pivot Special: -- A-Skill: -- B-Skill: Escape Route 3 C-Skill: Spur Speed 3 The Lodestar (utility support) **Optimal Build** General use, Arena modes, Chain modes, Assault modes Other Options: Marth's competent defenses and balanced stats make him a decent unit when built for dedicated combat, though there are other sword units available who can outcompete him in this field with little substantial effort. He can still definitely be good when built for combat, though his sole and primary claim to fame is his support utility via Falchion's unique refine. (if folks deem it necessary, I can run calcs for some combat builds for him too, but for now was planning to just stick with this)
  17. Hi everyone! I'm new to this, so I'm kind of figuring how things work on here. I know my name may be a bit questionable, but I thought it would be funny if I called myself that (haha please don't be weirded out). I'm an avid fan (and a somewhat new one) of the Fire Emblem franchise, and I've played a couple of the games, but I would also like recommendations for a few of the older games. Other than Fire Emblem, I enjoy video games like Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, CS:GO Undertale, SSB, Persona, and I play a lot of MMOs. This community seems pretty friendly and I hope I don't regret joining, cuz there are lots of helpful tips on here... One question for you guys: Am I the only one hopelessly in love with Marth? Like as a character? He was the first Fire Emblem character that I knew of, and it brings back a lot of memories so he's quite..special to me. ANyways, have a nice day!
  18. Please do not use this thread to speculate on whether a character will get into Smash or not. That is a discussion for one of the other threads. This is merely a hypothetical for if every FE character in Smash returns. So, as we know, since Melee, Marth and Roy have been limited to speaking in Japanese in the Smash games for three installments. In addition, Ike has been voiced by Jason Adkins for all his appearances, Lucina was played by Laura Bailey, and Lyn has been voiced by Lani Minella. However, things have changed VA-wise for these characters. Marth, starting in Codename Steam and more prevalently in Warriors, has recently been voiced by the likes of Yuri Lowenthal. Roy has gotten Ray Chase (who was a fan of Roy even in the Melee days) in Heroes, his only English-voiced appearance, Lyn now has been voiced by the likes of Wendee Lee, and Lucina and Ike both have gotten new VAs in the form of Alexis Tipton and Greg Chun, both of them presumably due to some legal stuff (I'm guessing). With this in mind, do you think that, in the hypothetical situation that all these characters return, they will have their VA work updated for the next Smash? Personally, I think at least Marth and Roy will get their English voice actors. I feel like while some will argue tradition to avoid giving them English voice acting, there will just be a Japanese voice pack and we'll get them in both languages. I'm guessing Lucina and Ike may keep their voices unless new voice lines need to be recorded or they have to, but Lyn likely will have a new voice recorded since her old voice isn't really fitting much.
  19. So recently we now have the Valentian Accordion reveal the details of the lore and the full story of the Valentian Revelations. And boy is it a doozy. However, this particular part of the Revelations is where I feel holds incredible potential for controversy: The arguments that I have encountered is that this is strictly for the Valentian Falchion only. However, the Valentian Falchion and the Archanean Falchion are both still the same type of weapon. Ultimately, they are weapons meant for humans to have the ability to defend themselves against the dragons. In that case, would that not mean the Archanean Falchion is the same? Blood of a Divine Dragon and a Brand? Of course, everyone knows that Anri, the first user of the Archanean Falchion, and his indirect descendant Marth, have no mentioned Brand, nor Divine Dragon Blood. However, Marth has been implied connection with someone that does have Divine Dragon Blood. In Tiki's B support with Male Robin, she mentions this: Tiki mentions that Chrom resembles a man 1000 years before Marth. Except there's only ONE character that can fit that description 1000 years before Marth, and that man is Sigurd. Sigurd also has a son, Seliph, who has Major Baldr Blood as well as Minor Naga Blood. Given that Genealogy and Shadow Dragon have a 1000 year gap, the assumption is clearly made that one of Seliph's descendants could have gone to Archanea. It's used and before its fun, but it isn't anything conclusive. But now this new information about Falchion opens up a whole can of worms. If the Archanean Falchion functions the same way as the Valentian Falchion, requiring the blood of a Divine Dragon and a Brand, that would mean that Seliph's descendants, and possibly Julia's, would need to actually create a Major Bloodline for Naga likely, and that somehow got to Anri and Marcelus. Anri could wield Falchion, but Marcelus had to also possess the trait, as otherwise, Marth would never get that trait. This is where I believe the potential possibility of a new remake can take place, where we can have a new remake of the Archanea series, as well as the a remake of the Jugdral series. The latter can possibly open the possibility of Seliph's descendants heading to Archanea, and the Archanea remake can possibly reveal to have a retcon that Marth and Anri do have the Brands. Some would argue that this undermines the feats they have done, since Anri was this mere peasant and rose to greatness. Personally, I don't think so, since Holy Blood by itself has nothing truly special until they get a Holy Weapon. So Anri's journey through Anri's Way, being a desert, a volcano, and a mountain, is still all Anri in the end. And Marth only ever gets Falchion at the endgame mostly, so his feats are still well earned and not dictated by any Holy Blood. So what do you guys think? You think the remake will happen and there will be retcons made for the series to fit the new lores being added into it?
  20. One of the things I always did in all my Shadow Dragon playthroughs was to intentionally build Marth up more than the other units; just until he took Hyman down. Then I'd start balancing out everyone's levels agan. I know that there's already the Ogma!Killer Sword + Barst!Devil Axe strat...but I always found that annoyingly unreliable; and I usually don't like using the Map Saves just for beating up bosses. So instead, I'd build Marth up until he got at least 11 SPD; then let HIM be the one to kick Hyman's butt (or even Gomer, the C2 boss; provided he was strong enough by that point). I always liked that, for multiple reasons... --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) I've never found Ogma to be THAT terribly good, outside of the early chapters. He's locked to 30% Speed, even in the Mercenary class; and this is a game riddled with enemy cavaliers and other lance users. While Marth also faces WTD, he, at least, has the Rapier to help with that. 2) Marth is a unit you're required to field in every chapter; so it's in your best interest to make him as good as he can be. 3) Marth, at base level, is too weak to survive a hit from Gazzack (C1 boss). So he at least wants +1 extra point in HP and/or DEF so he can help the others grind him down. 4) He's got a higher STR growth than Ogma, and more levels with which to raise said STR. Get him to B Swords and 11+ SPD before Hyman, give him the Killer Edge, and he (IMO) actually does a pretty decent job of killing Hyman by himself. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Of course, the downsides to this are that the others aren't getting as much EXP. Marth will be entering Chapter 3 at something like...LVL 8-9, while most of the others will be 3-4. Still...I always found it worth it . Anyone else ever try this? Any efficiency runners that'd like to weigh in on this? If so, please weigh in! I LOVE talking strategy!
  21. Ignore the fact that he checks all dragons, has a solid stat spread and is a better healer than any staff user- he has the potential to give 26 points of stats in non-panicable spurs to whomever he supports. He fits into any team makeup and turns all his teammates into tanks, and there's no way to adverse the effect. this video basically showcases exactly what im talking about. None of his supports take any damage when they're next to him. I'm not sure how IS (or the entire FEH community) could overlook this.
  22. I believe the best lord in my opinion is Lucina, and Kris is the worst. (I counted the avatars as Lords, because they are relevant to the story and they can't die, or you lose.) Image Below indicates my favorite and least favorite lords.
  23. I finished this up today in Photoshop, it's based off of the Awakening and Fates rubber keychains that they were selling a while back. I used Chrom as a template, and worked from there. What do you guys think? Also, if anyone knows a reliable website where I can make a custom two-sided rubber keychain and order it, I'd love to know. I just don't know where to look!
  24. Basically, this. When I got Awakening I pronounced it "Fall-key-on", but Rey in his LP of the game pronounced it as "Fall-shee-on". In Japanese it's "Farushion", but things get adapted, so... "Fall-shee-on" feel so weird to me, but I actually believe it's the right one. I thought it had to do with birds (an adaptation of "falcon", of course), but it's probably wrong as it's linked to dragons instead.
  25. I am curious how you are building your new masked Marth/Lucina. What is your approach. I'll put mine below and would love some feedback as well!
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