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SF Hunger Games cont. ~ Game Over

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That went a lot quicker than I expected, sorry for no live in-thread appearances.

That's okay balbal c:

Nooo, no QQ!

Yeeeaaaah people weren't offering opinions on it and even more they just kept signing up (I'm sure it didn't help that this wasn't very organized~)

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I'm all for having FE characters in here.

But then we'd have Fates characters, and that's nooooooooooo good.

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If we are doing Quarter Quell with Fire Emblem characters, I nominate the dashingly handsome and statistically amazing Percival.

If we're not doing that, then ignore this post.

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man, this one was awesome

Hurricane save attempts and kill attempts were my favorites. Though, like me, Euk should have stabbed someone instead

Jedi was OP as heck and deserved to win (he fended off against 3)

Kinumi and Koneko dying on same night was sad (cause no chances of revenge)

and poor Refa dies young again

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Ok I have had idea which is hopefully a good one

I will change the title to reflect these changes

People who want a FE character game, vote your characters, I'll save a list of them

If I get 24 by the deadline I will turn this into an FE character game

If I don't get enough, well I've already got enough tributes to run a normal person game and will do that instead.

I guess people's votes on FE characters will just determine on its own how popular this idea is to them

Or actually I'll extend the deadline a day as well (rather than just restart the whole countdown)

OKAY SO YEAH nominate a FE character and if I reach 24 by late friday evening (I believe it was nearly 10pm EST/GMT-5) this will be a FE character game (I guess even if we get over 24 and under 36 I'll just stick in some more)

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The Black Knight.

Well I'm kinda taking this more as like.... just putting somebody in rather than like a poll

So the black knight is already in

unless you knew that and just have nobody else you'd vote~

then that's fine too c:

Also the FE list is in the op now

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