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What is your unpopular Fire Emblem opinion?

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  • I like Wolt.
  • Binding Blade is the best Fire Emblem
  • I don't mind the GBA support system aside from Binding Blade's arbitrary limit on point gains per chapter.
  • Roy and Micaiah are my favorite lords.
  • Robin is no better than the other avatars, in terms of stuishness and spotlight hogging.
  • Eliwood >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hector and Lyn
  • Path of Radiance is a boring game, both plotwise and gameplaywise.  The only reasons I ever have to play it are Soren and Rolf existing, and even then I can just play FE10 which is significantly less of a slog and has Micaiah too.  It doesn't help that FE9's graphics have aged incredibly poorly for a late Gamecube game.
  • Speaking of Tellius, I hate Ike.  Micaiah should have been the only main character in Radiant Dawn.
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Not sure how unpopular this is, if it all, but I hate con and weight. I've always thought it was unnecessary, and that the games could live without it, as shown in Awakening and Fates. If it were to stay in the games, I'd prefer it be like the way it is in SoV, where it just subtracts speed. Maybe it's because I never even tried to understand how it worked. But whatever happened, I ended up hating weight and con.

Oh, also I love Faye. I think she's adorable.

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A very broad one: Sacred Stones is one of the worst games in the franchise.

A more specific one: While I don't really give a shit about the Dawn Brigade, they have the best chapters in Radiant Dawn.

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I guess the old thread got knocked off the front page.


My opinion: I hate Sanaki.

Conquest had a better story than Birthright.  The first half of Revelation was good, until the second half ruined it.

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i am generally not a fan of this kind of thread, and I have avoided it the other 23 times people made it, but this time I have one thing to say

slayde was the best villain in echoes

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Radiant Dawn is a mediocre game, and everything outside the Dawn Brigade chapters is just boring. It has some of the worst maps in Fire Emblem.

Shadow Dragon is a great game.

While still good, Shadow of Valencia has the worst soundtrack among the 3ds fire emblem games.

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-Part 2 of RD is the best in the game.

-Miccy should have been the main protagonist for all of RD. Ike should not have taken her spotlight and should have been relegated to a supporting character.

-Eirika>Ephraim (Not sure if this is necessarily unpopular)


-Dismounting was a cool feature and I wish they would bring it back.

-Conquest was better than Birthright and Revelation in every way, gameplay, characters and story. While the story was not well executed, it had a better premise than the boring Birthright or contrived Revelation.

-Kaga leaving was the best thing for the franchise

I'm probably gonna get butchered for that last one.

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It took a couple minutes for me to come up with one but here's mine: Roy is an awesome lord, and the binding blade is way better than path of radiance and radiant dawn.

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Elincia should have been the main lord in PoR and her and Micaiah should have been the main lords in RD.

I think Ike is overrated and is a lesser version of Alm.


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It's pretty hard to come up with these but here I go:

  • I find Conquest maps annoying and unfun to play while I love SoV and Awakening open maps.
  • I like Kris and his interactions with Katarina.
  • I don't find RD part 2 very interesting, in fact everything but the endgame is a snoozefest to me.
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-Brom is the best armored unit in the Tellius games.

-Bartre is a good unit in FE7.

-Archers are not bad in the GBA games.

-Lyn is one of the best lords in the series.

-Ike is among the middle of the pack for lords, nowhere near the top.

-Tobin is fantastic.

-Roy is awesome.

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Let's see:

  • I like Faye. I think she's cute, a pretty decent unit and, while I understand the dislike for her character, I thought her unrequited feelings for Alm was refreshing.
  • I was never a fan of Oboro. Her design is about the only thing I really like about her. And that she has a support with Mozu my precious cinnamon roll.
  • While I like Soren, I don't think he's that great of a character. It could be a lack of supports - which the lack of them is justified - but I felt he needed more characterization.
  • I hate manaketes. I don't want a manakete lord. Give me a lord that can transform into a bird. Just bring back laguz in general, to be honest.
  • I don't like Lucina. I still don't really see the charm about her, either.
  • I like Avatars in FE. I realize they haven't been executed in the best manner, but I still enjoy them.
  • My favorite part of RD was Part 2. The shortest part of the game managed to have more politics, character development and action than the rest of the game.
  • I like that weapon durability is gone. I hope it doesn't come back. I don't mind weight coming back, though.
  • Virion is one of the better archers in terms of personality and design.
  • Arthur is a good character.
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New thread, and I actually finished Fates since!

-Odin can actually be a decent mage, and is more fitting as a Dark Knight than Leo.

-Fates somehow made Armour and Archer units some of the best units in game, and I'll take them if I do drafts over mage units any day.

-Gaiden has got some great bosses to face, despite the level design, and Duma is one of the best final bosses in the series.

-Revelations has my favourite gimmick in Fates.... The box map in Chapter 13. I legit want that to come back more than any other map gimmick, and to allow other things to be moved too like Ballistae. #MBMA

-I do think Heirs of Fate is the best story overall from Fates (not necessarily particularly good, but I prefer its concept and how it's executed overall versus the other paths)

-Anankos is an overrated boss: Just rescue Corrin around and have the other .... holy weapon users? Yeah, those guys attack as well while the rest of your army supports, heals and rescue chain. (Meanwhile, the final bosses in Conquest are easier than Iago + Hans)

-Boa is a good unit.

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FE4 is horrible all around, both gameplay and story-wise. Sigurd is also insanely boring and bland and I felt no pity for him during his death/betrayal since the game's political focus made it so hard for me to feel sympathy for him on a personal level. And Sigurd's nowhere close to being the strongest lord since he couldn't even defeat one world-threatening villain/monster while practically every other FE lord did. 

I find the Fire/Thunder/Wind magic triangle to be a ridiculous idea, and dedicated Fire/Thunder/Wind mages to be even more ridiculous. I mean, fiction in general has mages/magicians able to control a variety of elements.

On that note, I like the Anima/Dark/Light magic triangle quite a lot and hope it returns. I mean, at least that magic triangle represents the categories/specialization of magic in fiction much better than restricting it to Fire/Thunder/Wind.

Lucina isn't as important as everyone makes her out to be, especially since she's allowed to die without triggering a game over. As for her being a good and interesting character, I would say she's horrible, but she usually gets plenty of bashing in these kind of threads, so I won't directly say it.

I'd rather have characters/FE casts be with little to no lines than have personalities as cringeworthy as characters like Sain's, Owain's, Vaike's, or Peri's.

Faye is nowhere near as bad as Tharja or Camilla and people shouldn't even compare Faye to being as psychotic as them. At least Faye doesn't cast curses on her kids or try to kill Alm as an "act of love" for him. Her obsession may be bad (and for those who find her to be too "one-note", I won't argue against that), but at least she's not physically hurting people from her obsessive habits/weird personality.

I really dislike how certain characters in Fire Emblem Echoes were drastically changed from their Gaiden counterparts, visually. I mean, I'm fine with outfit changes like Celica's and Saber's changes, but characters like Clair and Atlas were changed to the point where they're essentially new characters with no resemblance to their Gaiden counterparts. At least have them keep the same hair colour or something, or one of their hair colours from their various official Gaiden artworks. If FE3/11/12 was able to differentiate character designs while staying true to hair colours, so could've Echoes.

Though on a lighter note for Echoes, I did find Alm and Celica's quirkiness in their "examine" quotes really helped humanize them and make them seem much more real, human, and "flawed" (in a sense) compared to most FE lords.

Merlinus is the most powerful FE character ever since he always comes back whenever he dies and regardless of how many times he dies. Let's see Sigurd do that.

3 hours ago, Etrurian emperor said:

My unpopular opinion would be that almost all Archenean characters have nothing to them and that they should stop getting special treatment over their much better successors. There's just not a whole lot you can do with them so its a waste to keep using them.


For an "unpopular" opinion, I sure see it posted way too often, even outside of threads like these (especially in TMS and Fire Emblem Warrior boards online).  

I'll definitely admit that a good chunk of the Archanea cast isn't deep, but with how big of a legacy and impact they have in terms of defining archetypes that are used in practically every FE (and how most archetypes are even named off of Archanea characters), I'd say they deserve that tribute/acknowledgement, even if other characters did it "better" (at least, that's how you put it. I personally find characters like Abel much better than Sain due to reasons I posted above). I mean, even if you erased characters like Kieran, Oscar, or Marcus from existance, that would hardly change FE too much, even if they were "better". Erasing Cain, Abel, and Jagen? That would mess up FE as we know it a lot. It's thanks to the Archanea/FE1 characters forming those archetypes that FE has been so good at staying true to its roots and hasn't been alienating its fans as badly as game series like Final Fantasy (where they even changed the genre of the mainstream games part-way from command RPG to action RPG, but that's another discussion altogether). I mean, if FE1's legacy was as small as Street Fighter 1's in terms of very little character related elements being carried over from the first game to future games, I'd have to agree with you. But when people are still throwing around terms like "Cain and Abel equivalent" or "the Gharnef of Echoes" to this day, that's objectively a strong legacy if people are mentioning character names from the first game 15 games later. Whether they're truly "better" or not, characters like Kent and Sain will never have the impact or fame behind their names that characters like Cain and Abel have been able to establish. Based on name fame and legacy alone, it makes far more sense to stick in characters like Abel and Tiki over whoever is considered the "best" character-wise which is a much bigger can of worms to open due to that being subjective (like I said with Sain, many people do find him unlikeable and cringeworthy). I'd much rather have a game series stay too true/devoted to its roots than to heavily abandon its roots from the first game and make drastic changes even in its mainstream titles and alienate fans. *cough*Final Fantasy*cough*

I suppose you can count my above paragraph as another unpopular opinion, since I've seen too many posts arguing otherwise and I've literally never seen any posts explaining and supporting Archanea's/FE1's importance.

Though I will sympathize with you in regards to wanting other FE continents to get more attention. I myself would have definitely been down for all FE continents/games being represented in TMS/FE Warriors the same way Dissidia Final Fantasy represented all of their mainstream games (with each represented with the main hero and main villain). Though in terms of only representing two or three games for feasibility reasons or whatever reasons IS has, picking the oldest and newest game seems like the fairest way to go.

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The only one I can think of is that I am just genuinely baffled by Cordelia's apparent popularity. Maybe it's just because I find pegasus knights in general pretty meh, but even with all the supports and everything I've read about her I fail to see why she has ended up so popular. Maybe it's partly because of Severa? I don't know, and it's kind of soured me to her.

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hmmm let me think...

  • Sword of Seals is a much better name than Binding Blade, and the new translation patch is worse than the old one
  • Midir is a better Unit than Jamka and Yulia sucks
  • Ilia Route > Sacae Route
  • FE7 EHM is better than HHM
  • Eirika's Route > Ephraim's Route
  • Ike is boring and incredibly overrated
  • FE10 is a bad game, and the Dawn Brigade Chapters are the only good Part in it
  • Shadow Dragon is a decent game
  • Frederick and Donnel are bad Units and Sumia is awesome. Also Miriel is a great Unit
  • Fates is one of the better games in the series, and by far better than the overrated SoV
  • I like Peri and hate Azura
  • SoV is one of the worst games in the series, next to RD
  • I don't like Celica at all
  • Faye is a good Character and doesn't deserve the hate she gets
  • Berkut is a bad Villain
  • Heroes Bridelia and Reinhardt are as overrated as Hector is
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-The Jugdral games aren't that good

-Sigurd is the worst Lord in the series, character-wise. I could not give a damn about him or anything he did and didn't even care when he got one-shot by Arvis. I cared more about Izana's death in Revelation.

-Faye is a decent character. She's nowhere near as bad as people say she is and she is much, much better than Tharja and Camilla.

-Revelation isn't that bad.

-Sophia is a viable unit.

-Actually, most Est-types are viable units and can be some of the best units in the game.

-There isn't really a reason to play Hector Mode, since it's just Eliwood Mode but with slightly new things and viewed from Hector's perspective.

-I'm glad Weapon Durability is gone. That being said, i personally prefer Echoes' way of handling it.

-Roy is a good Lord, character-wise, and a decent unit.

-The desert and swamps in Echoes aren't that bad.

-It's understandable why Celica fell for Jedah's trap

-It's understandable why Eirika fell for Lyon's trap

-Fire/Thunder/Wind Mages are unnecesary, especially since the regular Mage exists. This also applies to Sword/Lance/Axe Cavaliers. Why have them when the regular Cavalier also exists?

-Unit-wise, Leif is the worst Lord.

-The child units in Fates are a nice addition to the cast. Though i will agree that the Deeprealms are stupid.

-Azura is a good character (she's actually my favorite character in Fates)



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Mage!Kliff is a garbage unit, both in Gaiden and SoV.

Deirdre is a better unit than Jamke.

Dew is a top tier unit.

Ephraim route is just as braindead easy as Eirika route.

Crossing the Desert is the worst map of all time, not Battle Before Dawn.

FE6 is a fun game and dweebs should stop crying it's too hard. 

FE1 is the easiest game in the series, not Easy Stones.

FE3 Linde is overrated. Elrean, Wendell and Merric are all better.

15 minutes ago, Armagon said:

-Sophia is worth using over Raigh and Niime.

-Actually, most Est-types are worth using and are some of the best units in the game.

-Unit-wise, Leif is the worst Lord.

Sorry, but these are factually wrong. 

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2 hours ago, Elincia said:

Elincia should have been the main lord in PoR and her and Micaiah should have been the main lords in RD.

I think Ike is overrated and is a lesser version of Alm.


There's so much I agree with in this thread that I'm not sure if they're unpopular opinions or not. XD (Or maybe my opinions were just unpopular all along.) But I especially agree with this. Elinicia as a lord would have been absolutely amazing. The synergy between her and RD would have been even greater.

Let me add a few of my opinions into the mix and hope there's something new:

-There aren't really that many AMAZING villains in FE. There are a handful of incredibly interesting ones, but the majority of them always seem to look evil, sound evil, and talk about how evil they are. (Of course this is an exaggeration. But there is some truth.) And their motivation is always super generic. Power. Revenge. Greed. Not bad motives, but it doesn't really make for a very complex plot.

-I can't stand using pegasus knights, armored knights, or axes. (I actually don't know if this is unpopular or not, but these are my beau's two favorite classes.) I make exceptions for some favorite characters here and there.

-I actually like the characters from Altea (beyond the popular ones). If they were given a better remake, they could easily be one of the more interesting casts.

-While I don't hate Ike, I just don't like how popular he is. (This has already been said a few times. lol)  You don't have to be smart to be a good leader, but people give him way too much credit for his accomplishments. I would have been more interested in seeing Shinon or Soren become the leader of the mercenaries. Shinon would have had to struggle with his selfishness and alcoholism before he grew into a great leader. Soren would have had the smarts to make decisions on his own while relying on his friends to be a moral compass.

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Oh boy. I have a lot of different Fire Emblem opinions, but for some reason they're hard to remember right now. So I'll just write a few that come to my head as I'm writing them.

  • I hate Pegasus knights, with an exception of a few select characters. I just feel like, even though they have SOME good stats, they don't do a lot of damage, and don't add anything to the game. I think that there's definitely much better classes out there then to waste a slot on a unit like that.
  • I'm not a big fan of Cavaliers, in Echoes or in any game. Hey, Mathilda was great, both stat wise and personality and all, but I didn't use her, and even though I regret it, I still beat Echoes no problem. Zeke was pretty good too, and I actually used him. Cavaliers aren't really a big deal for me, and they don't really change the game in any way. I just bench them halfway, or until I  recruit a better unit. There are way too many Cavaliers in Fire Emblem, and most of them are bad units or are overshadowed by much better units.
  • I have no problem with admitting that I like Faye. Who cares if she's a totally new unit who wasn't in the original Gaiden? I feel like she was needed in the game to add something that was greatly missing from Alm's side. She's nowhere as bad as Camilla and Tharja. Faye's nice to everyone in Echoes, even Celica, and even I thought that they would hate each other. I don't think that her so called "obsession" with Alm gets in the way. She's not the only character to be obsessed with something. Peri is obsessed with killing, Felicia and Jakob were obsessed with their job and the Avatar, but I understand that since that was what they were hired to do. So Faye shouldn't be singled out because of that, and there's more to her than Alm. I just can't believe how much negativity she gets.
  • Lyn is a horrible Lord. She starts off with decent stats in Strength and Skill, but that's all there is to her. She is a super fragile unit, with low Defense and almost no Resistance. Even though I didn't finish FE7, I'm pretty sure that Eliwood and Hector would have turned much better than her.
  • I can't stand Azama. For some reason, I just don't like him. I feel like he's a bland character, especially since he got stuck in Birthright, and he takes so much work to actually make him a decent unit. He's annoying, rude, and disrespectful to everyone.
  • The only royals in Fates that I somewhat cared about were Leo, Takumi, Elise, and Sakura. The other royals were okay, I guess, but it didn't matter to me what they did, their type of character was already set in stone, while Leo, Takumi, Elise and Sakura had a bit more flexibility in which you could see how they grow as a person as the story progressed. Xander and Ryoma are overrated, Hinoka is just boring and a Pegasus Knight, and you already know how I feel about them, Camilla is, well, Camilla. The four royals that I care about turn out to be some of the best units in their respected games, and grow into better units the minute you start training them. Not only that, but I also think that you need these units to have a better shot at beating the game with these units, even though you can solo Birthright with just the Avatar and Ryoma.
  • Gray is the worst Villager in Echoes. He doesn't really have a true "canon" class set out for him, like Faye, Tobin, and Kliff do. You could through anyone into the Merc line, and they'd turn out pretty good due to the way Echoes is. Gray doesn't really fit for any class besides Merc, which means that he has the least flexibility.
  • Ike is an overrated unit. I just don't understand why he's so popular. I mean, he's a cool unit, but he definitely doesn't deserve all that attention that should go to other units.

I have so many more opinions, but here were the ones that came to mind. I started writing this almost 1 hour ago lol, so please don't think that I stole anyone's opinions, I didn't mean to make it sound like that. These are just my opinions, please don't get mad at these.

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- Seth is not the best unit in the game. He has lower HP than other cavs and that matters in the finale when the final boss and dragons deal fixed 30-40 damage. If I rated him on a tier list, he would be High Tier under Bishop Tier.

- Lute is a gimmick character in terms of personality. And the least funny gimmick character in FE8.

- Among lords, Ephraim is the most in need of a takedown by fans, not his sister and certainly not Ike.

-Lyn popularity is owed to "first girl" syndrome as we in the west played FE7 as our entry into the series. Her popularity is no more warranted than Lucina's.

- Lyn mode is a three hour long tutorial that not enough people point to as the worst, unskippable part of any fire emblem game. And it doesn't even resolve her subplot with the Taliver bandits. 

-Shozo Kaga is not a good director if his idea of a "for the fans" experience was Thraccia 776.

-almost Ten years later I still hold no respect for FE11.

- Tharja is not that bad. Daughter abuse is really shitty, but I don't think she was written to be likable to all audiences save for the ones that dig the uncomfortable stalker fetish. She treats everybody like garbage, and doesn't see much transformation through romantic supports, so her treatment of Noire in a post apocalyptic, alternate universe hellscape makes plenty sense.

- Robin is the best avatar. The other three are just that terrible.

- I prefer story-based promotions to letting lords use master seals. I just admit that this series has a lot of bad implementations of story based promotions. They should symbolize a lord's new resolve and strength after an important event. For instance, Eliwood should have promoted the minute he got over his father's death.

- I wasn't impressed by dungeons in Echoes. Their only saving grace being just short enough for me not to care overall. If later Fire Emblems have dungeons to explore, they had better be way more nuanced and necessary to the experience.

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