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  1. Being able to make meaningful choices is the best way. Having a character that is supposed to be representing you make choices that you wouldn't personally make is frustrating, but having a self-insert be absolutely meaningless is not the way to go either. I remember playing a game called White Knight Chronicles for the PS3 that had a pretty extensive character creator. That's cool, but all the avatar would do is stand around and be useless, never pitching in action wise or dialogue wise. It just made them a nuisance.
  2. I gotta say thank you very much for all of your hard work on this patch. I eagerly await to see your work on Berwick Saga.
  3. A lot of people don't seem surprised but Ike in top 3 is a great surprise to me. Incredibly pleased with that, I figured it was gonna be Lucina, Tharja, and Camilla.
  4. They just showed off a trailer that showed Azura refreshing units so utility units seem to still be a thing.
  5. On the Japanese box art Echoes is in English along with the Fire Emblem title itself so I'm pretty sure it's a naming scheme for a sub-series.
  6. It's a good art style and I like how the armor actually somewhat resembles armor.
  7. I voted Holyn/Chulainn. I plan on voting for Finn, Ike, Leif, Machyua, Zihark, Ogma, Hinata, Arthur (FE14), Ced, and Nolan.
  8. This was an awesome thing to do. Did anyone else notice FE7 finally got an official subtitle? None of the name changes really made upset at all and even corrected shitty ones like Raquesis and Ferry. Even some drastic ones like Holyn to Chulainn I kinda like.
  9. Looks pretty sweet. Finally a return to 3d since Nocturne. I just hope it actually looks like the trailer did unlike TMS which I still have trouble believing is a real thing.
  10. Ratchet and Clank-Good solid platforming/shooting and genuine fun. Until Dawn-Playable slasher film that's really entertaining. I was enthralled enough that I finished it in 2 sessions. Bloodborne-Good challenging gameplay if you like souls-type games. Last of Us Remastered- Great all around game Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection- All great games for before you play the 4th one. Infamous: Second son is decent fun and it's cheap as hell now. Same goes for Killzone: Shadow Fall
  11. If you're using Miranda, remove Sleuf and Amalda, but also Eyrios and Misha as they are unobtainable if you go B route as well.
  12. Thanks. I'd personally like to find a higher disparity in the offensive capabilities between foot units and mounted/flyer units so the games don't devolve into Wyvern and Paladin stomps. Being completely unable to double would be pretty harsh, but I think changing the requirements or thresholds of doubling could really make a foot unit's sometimes superfluous combat more desirable.
  13. Could you do Holyn? I don't think I've ever seen a single piece of fanart of him.
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