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*sets the forest on fire*

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You picked the wrong time to do this, rival. I am here already to stop you!

inb4 crushed tangerine emote

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Hm. That was a strategy I wasn't expecting.

Of course, there's trickery there; if I then extinguish your fire because it's bigger than mine, I will work against my own goal of burning everything down.

Therefore... clearly I will just do nothing, and let everything burn.

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um excuse me translators notes go at the TOP you uncultured swine

maybe you should broaden your field of view and WATCH AN ANIME IN ITS UNCENSORED GLORY!!!

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But the fire just makes me hungry. I eat fire for breakfast.

You are not Metal Rabbit and never will be near as awesome.

and whimsicott is 897908798709 times better than trapinch

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